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Comcast guide enhancements feature wishlist

11-15-2009, 01:49 PM
I've created a multiple choice poll over at Broadband Reports for anyone interested in checking off or contributing features they would like to see on Comcast's TV platform.

The post is here:

Please feel free to pass this link around. After a lot of participants vote, the results will be sent to the Comcastcares team, which is interested in this real time customer data.

Thanks again for your participation.

The feature wish list currently includes:

User Interface / Guide:
• Revamped 16:9 HD interface.
• User interface enhancements (Drop shadows, alpha blending, animated windows, smooth scrolling, anti-aliasing, transparencies, fades and other element transition effects).
• Channel logos on guide / info bar for easy identification purposes
• In depth program information – click on actor/actress names and find related content.
• Sound effects (configurable on/off) for user element confirmations.
• Smart searching by keywords, including on demand results and search through program descriptions, not just titles.
• When selecting a show in search to record, if it is available in HD ask to record it in HD.
• Option to map HD channels to Standard numbers. IE) if Ch 3 is available in HD, then show it in HD when on 3.
• Setup multi user profiles (IE, Husband, Wife, Kids all have their own favorites and recording lists).
• Ability to save settings / preferences on server. Useful for equipment swaps so you don’t have to setup all of your series recordings / personalization elements again.
• Ability to transfer personalization elements from one box to another within your home. (Server based, or USB stick backup based).
• Ability to set program reminders or ‘bookmarks’ to VOD content on the web, and retrieve this information on the set top box.
• Downloadable “Themes” or “Screen Savers”. Could even be show promo themes. Want your guide to look like ABC’s Lost? Want it to look like Family Guy? Want it to look like your favorite NFL football team?
• Ability to recommend shows (TV or On Demand) to friends.
• Ability to continue to browse the guide, alter system settings, and perform searches even when playing VOD content.
• Web based programming (not only DVR, but setting up favorite’s lists, parental controls, etc…)
• On screen help and remote code database to walk you through the most common questions, and look up remote codes for TV’s, DVD Players, Audio Equipment, etc…
• Ability to connect to home network and share content from PC’s (Pictures, Music, Videos). DLNA, PlayON, etc…
• Ability to bring in web video content (YouTube, Vimeo, Google video, etc…).
• Ability to stream On Demand content over DOCSIS tuner, so you can still play VOD programs when dual tuners are busy recording.
• Start Over feature (Like Time Warner’s).
• Ability to playback MP3’s, pictures and video from USB sticks.
• Cell phone style predictive text entry with number keys (as an option).
• Pull guide data over the much faster DOCSIS channel. For DVR’s store the data on Hard Drive, to help avoid the hours of “To Be Announced” after minor power inconsistencies.
• Add Native display mode to HD DCT and DCH set tops.
• If set top is off display a screen saver on the video output (See Dish Network).
• Movie cover art in information screen, or browse VOD by cover art (Similar to Boxee).
• See top 5 programs in your neighborhood (VOD, and real time). Requires anonymous usage statistics collection.

DVR Specific:
• Recommendations based on what you currently record. IE) If you record Grey’s Anatomy, it might recommend Mercy or Trauma.
• Multi-Room DVR. Both playback, and manage series recordings list. Intelligently Pool multiple DVR’s storage space and available tuners if you have more than one DVR in the home.
• Ability to pool unused tuners from other rooms to supplement dual tuner DVR. (Live as well)
• If second tuner is available, ability to utilize it for picture in picture functionality.
• Ability to expand DVR storage with eSATA or USB 2.0 external Hard Drives.
• Intelligent monitoring of recording repeated shows, or duplicate recordings.
• Ability to setup DVR recordings (at low priority) based on keywords or interests. They will be deleted first however, as these recordings are only suggestions. Also live tuning requests always take priority.

• App store environment (Free apps, and paid apps up to 4.99). Store apps on DVR hard drive. User decides what he/she wants.
• Interactive games to pass long commercial breaks, or boredom moments.
• Advanced Caller ID functions. Caller logs, check voicemail through TV’s speakers. Setup call forwarding. Pull Caller ID name from Plaxio contacts list.
• Advanced Information lookup. (Yellowpages phone numbers, imdb information)
• Web based applications such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Myspace, ESPN, CNN. etc…
• Polling with real time results (American Idol, Reality Shows, News channel debates, etc.)
• Interactive E-Learning applications for Children. Could be based on polling application.
• Ability to check and write Comcast.net e-mail on TV screen.
• Ability to check Comcast account balance (useful if you order a lot of paid VOD content). Possibly even pay bill.
• Widgets (Yahoo, Traffic, Sports and News tickers, rss feeds).
• Ability to order goods and services straight from the guide. (Pizza delivery, Flowers, Home Shopping, infomercial products, etc…)
• Connection with online music services (Pandora, Last.fm, Shoutcast)

Hardware / Service enhancements:
• Backlit remotes with more than 3 device programmability.
• One touch “TV Power” on remote. “All On” is not reliable if DVR is currently recording.
• Larger Internal Hard Drives (500GB, 750GB).
• VOD Movie package. For $xx dollars a month, give the customer 5 or 10 credits for movie allotments (like a Netflix subscription). Ability to save money over retail ala-carte costs, as some customers may not use all credits each month.
• Longer movie retention times in “VOD Saved Programs” list. Example: 48-72 hours from initial purchase.
• Use of REC2 light on newer DVR’s. This frees up the main display for time or channel even when both tuners are recording.
• Triple tuner DVR’s.
• Sirius/XM package through TV.

• Series recording does not work right, especially for non-network daily shows.
• The DVR records in SD when you've set it to an HD channel (Not an issue in all areas).
• Some channels can't be rewound or fast forwarded or has other problems with recording.
• Simultaneous series recording cancellation problem, aka whack-a-mole.
• "To Be Announced" displayed instead of program information when the Info button is pressed.
• Program guide listings for the second week have few descriptions; many are listed as "To Be Announced".
• The DVR records endlessly until all space is full.
• When I turn the DVR off, the Record light turns on, but there is no recording going on.
• The DVR menu erroneously states the DVR hard drive is 100% full.
• The DVR stops responding to the remote for several seconds.
• On some display screens, you only see a corner of the video instead of it being scaled to fit.
• Reports of local commercial insertion switching resolutions on HD channels when Native Mode is set on DCX. (Not an issue in all areas).
• Firewire issues on DCX, and DCT boxes.
• Screen saver not filling (and protecting) the entire screen on HD channels.

11-15-2009, 07:39 PM
Mr Comcast,,you forgot a few important ones;

1. More HD. pretty simple. And quit counting HBO West and HBO East as two different HD channels. As long as you send out the same signal,,,it's one channel.

2. More quality HD content. In your world, QVC HD counts as a channel. In the real world,,,that crap is low def.

3. Dump the fine print. You are what you are, why muck it up. Tell people up front in bold print - this is what you pay, buy it, or go elsewhere. Pretty simple.

4. How about innovation. Instead of home phone service (so '80's) how about a pay-per-channel tier???? Me best guess is that you would have a lot of takers paying a premium.

Mr Comcast,,,me best guess at your post is one where comcast is out to re-do their torrid customer service image. What are you guys this month, #1 or #2 on the crap-o-meter? pretty simple to shorten your list and do what makes the customer happy. After all,,,without the customer,,,,what do you have?

11-15-2009, 07:59 PM
More HD.. I think its BS, that I can't watch a UFC fight on PPV in HD.. WTF, COMCAST...:mad::mad::mad:

No Spike HD channel either.. WTF..


Marcus Carr
11-16-2009, 07:38 AM
Yeah, let's get more HD before we worry about guide enhancements.

11-16-2009, 10:10 PM
Remove all of the incessant ads from the guides and such, really. People do pay their hard earned money yet Comcast continues to SHOVE ads down their throats. If they want to keep customers they had better change their faulty business model.

11-18-2009, 04:42 PM
More ads in the guide! More freezes in the guide. Glad I got rid of crapcast ;)