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Wall Mounting a 52" Sony XBR9

11-08-2009, 08:44 PM

I am planning to have my 52" Sony LCD wall mounted. The area I am planning to mount it on is above the fireplace. I did a rough check with a stud finder and found studs around 14" (?? is that a standard spec?) apart.

I am mainly looking for the swivel movement (not particular about tilt) but all swivel models seem to come with the Tilt. I was also planning to call an economical installer for this task.

I was considering the following mount from Monoprice since it seems to be specd for a large sized TV (up to 60") and I dont want to take a chance by going for one of those moutns spec'd exactly for a 52"

Item ID 3725 (not allowed to post URL)

The spec for the above model says it has solid Aluminium arms. There is a similar model (previous to this one - 3724) with hollow steel arms. I felt that this one (3725 that i selected) would be stronger.

1) I would appreciate any comments on the stability and durabilty of this mount (ID 3725) and also any comparisions to the mount with hollow steel arms (ID 372). Is there usually some sag expected with these mounts? Does swivel motion degrade performance over time?

2) Are there any other measurements (apart from the 14" stud spacing) that I should take and be prepared with before calling an installer?

3) I was considering having the cables installed "in-wall" and wanted some opinion from the users and experts here on the advantages/disadvantages of doing in-wall wiring versus just running the cables outside and shielding the same? The cabinet with the cable box, Blue-ray/home theater box/Wii console will be located below the TV to the right of the fireplace and the TV itself will be around 3-4 ft from the floor (cables along right border of fireplace).

I would appreciate any advise on the above.

11-09-2009, 10:29 AM
Studs are generally 16" center to center. 2x4 lumber is about 1 3/4 by 3 1/2 -- so the distance between the studs is about 14 1/4 inches.

I have a 58" plasma on the wall over a fireplace-- mine is just mounted with 4 lag screws: 2 each in 2 studs. No problem; however, mine is a static mount-- it just hangs there. When one uses a swivel mount that moves the weight away from the wall, the loads increase dramatically.

I would think any mount designed and advertised to work up to 60" would be fine. The place to use utmost attention is the attachment of the mount to the wall.

dj funktacular
11-20-2009, 06:08 PM
You should have the 16" on center, meaning the center of one stud to the center of the other stud should be 16".

The 3725 looks like a good mount. I you go to the reviews, it shows some pics and some ideas what you can do to mount it.
That's a great price too.
I have a 3900 mount on the way, but it looks like it's not getting here until the 30th! I ordered it Tuesday!

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