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07-29-2005, 04:16 PM
About 2 weeks ago I bought a 55" mitz crt. When I got it i hated it!! It had no built in tunner and no hdmi input. So I traded it in for a hitachi 57" crt with a built in tunner and hdmi inputs. Know Im back to should I go for cable, DirecTtv or dishnetwork? I have cable now but then damn analog channels really suck. Anyone know if I will have to buy an HD tunner from directv if I go with them or can I get the HD channels with my built in tunner? Any comments on the tv or what company to go with is what I am looking for!!!!!

07-30-2005, 05:04 PM
We just had Direct TV installed, and it cleared up all the analog chanels- We have a beautiful pictures on all the stations provided with the Total Choice Plus package, but we didn't get the HD tuner - just the SD one. The HD tuner can be purchased for like $299. with the HD 'package' for an extra 10.99 per month. I thought we'd get the HD because of our JVC HD-ILA w/built in tuner (there are two separate jacks on the back - 1 for cable/dish input, the other for OTA/ATSC. BUT, we have yet to see HD on any of the channels - so I'm thinking we should've gotten the HD reciever for our Big screen HDTV. Someone told me that we may pick up some of the HD reception if we install an exterior antenna (hooked up to the ATSC jack), but we'd have to keep auto-detecting signals, and switching from the DirectTV reciever to the TV. It seems like if you want HD, you gotta pay the extra -
they got us where they want us.

07-31-2005, 04:25 PM
Yes if you want to get HD channels with any satellite you will need the hd receiver. I had Dish and I also had to have a receiver. You will also need a ota antenna to get your local channels in hd. If you have cable you may pick up some channels that are sent in clear qam. I gave up dish and went with cable and I pick up a few extra channels.
good luck

07-31-2005, 05:44 PM
Dish Network usually let's you sign up for their packages without an agreement and you do not have to buy anything. They give you the equipment to use (rent it to you whatever you want to call it) and HD does require an HD receiver from the dish or cable company or over the air tuner from your set if it is equipped. Dish and direct are comparably priced for the most part, however dish usually has a better deal for new customers, just get everything you would want up front from whichever you go with because they will rip you off over anything after that. I just switched from Dish back to cable and I really don't notice much difference on my Sony 60"LCD. The non HD channels are not very good when going through the cable box and a lot better when going through my TV's tuner. HD channels are equally nice on satellite or cable through my provider anyway. By the way my cable provider is analog not digital from this standpoint satellite has to be better for me.. I just don't see a tremendous difference. If your TV has the cable card feature and a built in HD tuner you may be able to do without a box for HD you would have to check with your cable company.. this is not available with the satellite companies. Hope this helps.