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Mitsubishi DLP 52-725 problems - Originally blinking timer issue

11-03-2009, 02:24 PM
So my issue is with my Mitsubishi WD 52-725 DLP TV.
Ok..So about a month ago I replaced the dlp bulb..
After plugging back in, I got the dreaded green blinking timer light. So I did my homework and got the service manual and purchased a bunch of replacement 16volt 1000uh capacitors.
Since I had already bought a new TV, I figured I would give the replacement a go even though others have warned against this model..
Needless to say, got the thing open, found all the bad capacitates and replaced them. I didnít decide to change all the 16 volt ones out..
Put it all back together and still was getting the green blinking timer light.
So the 2nd attempt I decided to replace all the 16volt 1000uh capacitors on the DM board. Put it all back together and got the TV to fire up! I plugged in my xbox360 and went to turn it on and then the tv froze and was stuck.. Upon restart, the tv went through the boot sequence and the green timer light stopped blinking. Hitting the power button, the lights came on the panel, but got a black screen on the tv..
The 3rd attempt I replaced all the 16 volt 1000uh capacitors on the power board. Tv turns on now, and I get the blue screen and now can access all the menuís. I plugged in my xbox 360 and fired it up to get distorted gray and black snowy lines. I tried all the other connections with the same result. By the 5th attempt on the hdmi slot I was only getting a black screen that would hang around for 15 seconds or so and then the tv would return to the blue screen. All the while I can still access the menu buttons.

I was hoping someone would have a good explanation, but I know for sure that I still have at least 2 old jamicon 16 volt capacitors that looked good that I didnít replace on the FMT board( the one on the outside right-top view- of the 3 sandwiched boards). So I am planning on replacing these. Any other suggestions?
I was also wondering if the bulb was bad, would this cause the screen to go black? I was thinking it could, but would I still get the blue screen on turn on and be able to access all the menu items?
Any help?