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35mm adapter for sale

10-27-2009, 03:10 AM
Up for sale is the GT35pro Elite 35mm Adapter. The Elite version of the adapter is a vibrating adapter and comes complete with achromat. The gt35pro Elite is made for larger camcorders with 55mm filter threads and above. Compatible camcorders are Sony FX1, Z1, FX7, V1, FX1000, Canon XH-A1, SL2, GL1, XH-G1, Panasonic DVX100, HVX200, now fine tuned for DVX100B. It also works well with the new Panasonic HMC150 which is wide angled at 28mm equivalent of the 35mm format. Also available is the gt35pro Advanced for smaller camcorders like the HV30 and HF S100 series with the use of step down rings......These are new and hand crafted by me, the manufacturer. As you can see in the footages below, this adapter produces beautiful 35mm film like footage which is chromatic abberation and distortion free. I only make these Nikon mount of Canon mount. If you want one with Canon FD mount, there is an extra cost of $20. Please go to my blog site at www.gt35pro.blogspot.com to find out more about the gt35pro 35mm adapters. Thanks for reading