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Game and TV Calibration Settings for Sony KDL-52XBR9

08-31-2009, 08:28 AM

Just got a Sony KDL-52XBR9. I went ahead and set it up using C-Net's calibration settings, which are optimized for viewing "Film based material". Didn't wait 24 hours to run it on factory settings. Is that a problem? Anyway, here is the link:

This looks good on movies, both on blu-ray and DVR (maybe just a touch too dark). But news programs seem to be a bit red and of course it is completely wrong for gaming.

The tv comes with a bunch of presets for different kinds of viewing (I know gaming is one of them), but I generally like to play around with them a bit anyway.

I was wondering if anyone had picture settings for tv and games that they use and like. Suggestions are much appreciated.