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Local HDTV Info and Reception

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  1. ATSC bandwith formula or table
  2. Twin antennas pointed different directions
  3. Question about my setup
  4. Antennas Direct 0-20dB TV Antenna Variable Attenuator Discontinued
  5. Scratching my head with Fox 23 in Tulsa...
  6. Antenna Selection Recommendation
  7. Stacking Two CM 4221HD to Get CM4228HD
  8. TV jack resistance
  9. Trouble getting PBS near Berryville, VA
  10. Indoor TV Antenna
  11. HD7000R vs CM Masterpiece 45
  12. Anybody recognize this antenna
  13. Anybody Test the New Channel Master CM-7778HD Dual Input?
  14. Winegard HD 7080P having trouble with one station
  15. Finco G-210
  16. Some Recent Antenna Finds.
  17. Do any TV stations in the U.S. stream all the time?
  18. Antenna Choice Help
  19. Ditching Brighthouse/Spectrum
  20. Combining two amplified antennas
  21. Can A Antenna Be Too Strong?
  22. Long time listener, first time.....Hi-V?
  23. Should I combine or go solo?
  24. Looking for a good indoor antenna
  25. what's the deal with WVIR Charlottesville VA?
  26. Lost OTA Channels
  27. Tv Broadcasting station's low vhf ANTENNA'S
  28. what's the deal with WWBT Richmond?
  29. My Weekend Project - DB8e
  30. what to buy and where to point it?
  31. I want to install OTA TV antenna
  32. HDTV station disappears around noon
  33. Winegard items
  34. Belden Silver plated RG6
  35. Blonder Tongue Galaxy III Series Plus?
  36. Anybody mod a DB8E to good effect?
  37. Seeking guidance for OTA
  38. PLANS to make homemade balums & T combiner?
  39. Channel master NEW!!Box!!!7004
  40. im losing channels
  41. Sky Blue Antenna
  42. Possible to rebuild/repair/modify busted antenna?
  43. CM-4228-HD continuity test - short?
  44. Lafayette, TN seeking Nashville stations
  45. Reusing old wiring..
  46. Need OTA TV guide LINK that shows all the stations
  47. Big range antenna + two small = less work?
  48. Distribution Amp Help Needed
  49. Lost a Channel
  50. Definitive Thread Concerning Splitters/Combiners?
  51. Antenna Help to Replace Old Channel Master 4228
  52. HD8200U Mod.
  53. Channel Master CM-7475 Super Titan Pre-amp
  54. Local transmitter
  55. Clueless about antenna and need guidance
  56. Winegard HD8200U questions.
  57. Atsc ota what kind of antennas and top box too use too receive it
  58. Nashville OTA antenna
  59. 1edge, 2edge?
  60. Help with antenna selection
  61. Grounding
  62. channel master 3414
  63. Tough One in Spartanburg,SC
  64. REPACKING channels?
  65. You remember
  66. What type of box too use too receive ATSc,03
  67. Help with new antenna setup
  68. Combining 2 or 4 DB8e antennas
  69. best attic antenna mast? 2x4?
  70. Repeater Antenna for Cape Cod?
  71. Need advice on how to fine tune OTA reception
  72. No Channels without Pre-Amp in Central IL / Big Antenna
  73. Looking for antenna advice Long Island, NY
  74. Looking for antenna advice Long Island, NY
  75. combining antennas.
  76. Change antenna or not?
  77. Antenna Recommendation for Strong 2edge Signals
  78. In-town Atlanta: Need help with WSB reception
  79. Help me choose an outdoor antenna
  80. Trouble receiving consistent reception on some channels (Western Massachusetts)
  81. New to OTA - Pleasant Prairie WI
  82. Antenna Option and Setup Recommendations Please
  83. It's a big one
  84. new OTA - signal improvement
  85. another antenna problem
  86. Hitting the H-VHF wall in Orlando?
  87. Antenna Decision
  88. Looking for antenna advice for Tucson, AZ.
  89. New Antenna User Here
  90. Compass App & Antenna Pointing App.?
  91. help selecting OTA antenna
  92. Built in Signal Strength Meters
  93. Why does this work?
  94. Help deciding on an antenna
  95. Need help with Hi-VHF in Northern Colorado
  96. antenna
  97. antenna clearstream
  98. antenna problems?
  99. post 5?
  100. 4 post
  101. 3 post
  102. Adding 110Volt to Antenna location
  103. Clearstream 4v Willimantic Eastern Connecticut?
  104. Channelmaster 7777hd
  105. Considering Putting Up an Antenna
  106. Channelmaster 7777hd
  107. Will an Antenna Work for Us?
  108. Need TV with EPG Guide for RV
  109. Deep fringe Mostly UHF
  110. Help With Antenna Report/Selection
  111. Analog to digital adapter?
  112. lost sound on one channel only
  113. Would an attic install work for my situation?
  114. SoCal Desert -- best OTA DIY design
  115. ATSC3.0 what do I use to receive it
  116. Hi-V how can I get it?
  117. Need Help With Interference
  118. First set-up; need assistance
  119. Mobile TV for camping which type of antennas to use
  120. Low band VHF Antenna
  121. Cant find a CM-7777HD amp
  122. phasing 4 stack anteannas
  123. Questions for the ANTENNA PRO's
  124. looking to cut the cord and use antenna need advice
  125. Solved my reception problem with an $85.00 antenna
  126. I'm Worried I'm not getting HD
  127. Coax type and application for newbie.
  128. Looking at getting more serious about an OTA antenna setup
  129. Televes Diginova Boss Orientation
  130. Strange behavior after installing powered amp/splitter
  131. Antenna Advice for a Newbie
  132. Want to cut cable. Need guidance
  133. Looking buy an antnna
  134. FCC low vhf
  135. Wrong channel numbers after scanning
  136. Antenna Reception Issue
  137. Combining antenna's
  138. Advice on one VHF-H station
  139. Antenna advice for a tough rural north GA location?
  140. Samsung UE49KS700 & BT TV UHD
  141. Looking to get rid of cable TV, antenna recommendations?
  142. sorry prob the most asked question
  143. Site analysis and antenna recommendation
  144. ota pixelation problems, needs some advise please
  145. Cutting Cable what HD Antenna?
  146. New TV, no longer receiving local digital channels.
  147. Antenna Selection - Time to drop Cable!
  148. Local NBC, ABC, CBS OTA with HD antenna?
  149. Suggestions for antenna
  150. Antenna selection assistance
  151. OTA signal drop Buffalo NY 14139
  152. Coaxial cable loss
  153. Redoing my whole home setup, and YOU are in charge! Prize for posters advice I use!
  154. Help with OTA Setup
  155. HD Home Run 2 RF input.
  156. Antenna selection for my area
  157. KARE 11 Minneapolis signal
  158. Help needed for best HD antenna
  159. OTA antenna selection help
  160. OTA TV in Seattle - Close to Towers but 2Edge Paths
  161. Reception Help in NH
  162. Newbie help for antenna info
  163. Eliminate Multipath with Strong and Moderate Signals
  164. What is the difference between 4k & HD ?
  165. Somethings gone wrong
  166. Helping father in law at 44805
  167. Hartford CT Channel 3 CBS breaking up and "no signal"
  168. First time user..Just purchased new digital antenna-have a question please
  169. Juice with Eagle Aspen ROTR100
  170. My antenna works GOOD with no tower.
  171. Problem getting NBC OTA in Gainesville, FL
  172. Any UHF antenna designers out there?
  173. 2 questions about reception
  174. Can I get a recommendation for antenna
  175. Intermittent HDTV and radio signal interference
  176. 1960's TV Antenna Identification Help Please.
  177. MOHU sky 60 and a lightning strike
  178. newbie and HDB8X
  179. Reception help in Perham, MN 56573
  180. XG91 Vs. HDB91X Vs 30-2370
  181. Ethernet TV Tuner?
  182. Problem keeping TV channels using outdoor antenna
  183. Thinking about ditching Directv
  184. New to HD Antenna World, looking to pursue it further
  185. Help needed to choose hardware for an antenna install in Maryland
  186. Can't get reliable signal with roof antenna in Houston
  187. Milwaukee signals drop off with Chicago antenna combined
  188. A couple Pre-amp Questions
  189. To Rabbit 73
  190. Stellar,labs antennas what do you think of them
  191. Antenna setup in Katonah, NY - Will this work?
  192. Am/fm raido
  193. New CM Pre Amp
  194. Signal Diagnostic Information from my Sony HDTV
  195. Antennae Suggestions (Like guy under me)
  196. New Antenna suggestions
  197. Director Spacing When Extending Boom
  198. guy wires/ windy area
  199. Should I use a preamp?
  200. Discone Question
  201. New guy made a 4-bay antenna and.....
  202. Tv's outdoor antennas ROTOR sistom
  203. An antenna 700Ft
  204. Simple Preamp Power Supply/Inserter Question
  205. HDB8200u or a antennas Direct 91Xg
  206. Requesting antenna advice
  207. Channel master
  208. DB8e vs. CM-4228HD
  209. New set-up of antennas
  210. Antenna Rotator System
  211. Please help me with VHF reception
  212. Cutting the cord, some noob questions
  213. First time New to Antenna Shopping
  214. What is the stacking distance for VHF antennas?
  215. antenna help!
  216. Advice for pixelation even with strong signals
  217. Lexington, Ky (Antenna Help)
  218. need some assistance with reception.
  219. Improving reception for Real Channel 8
  220. tv fool is no help,need info nh recption in nh please
  221. Wanting to drop Dish need info for antenna
  222. Amplifier Advice
  223. Improve HD7694P Reception - NW Atlanta
  224. East Texas Deep Fringe
  225. Problem with 1 channel on long cable run
  226. Help choosing antenna set up for a tough reception location
  227. Southeastern MA; why some, not others??
  228. Attic Antenna Question
  229. CM4228 Hz range, wire resistance, skin effect?
  230. Deep fringe antenna help
  231. Help Choosing Antenna - Camarillo, CA
  232. Antenna Advice in Bowie, MD
  233. Why can't I get 36.2 OTA in Austin TX?
  234. Antenna Help
  235. Problem with one station
  236. Worthless $10 antennas giving OTA bad name.
  237. Sudden Antenna Woes
  238. Troubleshooting Help
  239. Antenna recommendation for zip 32164
  240. Signal Issues in chicago northwest suburbs
  241. CT reception issue
  242. OTA signal dropout issue Louisa, VA 23093
  243. OTA HDTV Antenna Problems
  244. Tvgos
  245. Splitter bandwidth required
  246. Vizio hdmi
  247. Antenna selection help 18210
  248. signal issues
  249. signal drop issues
  250. Signal Dropout- Recommendations?
  251. what antenna & equip to get OTA in area 08753
  252. reception issues with abc and nbc
  253. Wooden antenna tower.
  254. Roof Top Antenna Installers
  255. New antenna with a metal roof...
  256. AD DB8e Owners
  257. 4228HD Hack?
  258. Antenna Reception Chart Source
  259. OTA antennas vs 4G Let signals
  260. 8 Bay Antennas for UHF
  261. Antenna spread
  262. HD Stacker
  263. OTA repeater?
  264. Wheres The Juice
  265. Dead Horse! Fox 2 Detroit.
  266. Need RCA preamp explanation
  267. I'm in Los Angeles and lost my signal for KCAL 9
  268. Antenna selection help please
  269. looking for recommendations for an antenna
  270. Hellish OTA experience in Southbury CT
  271. Recommendation to Replace a CM7777
  272. Antenna and Amp Question
  273. What are my chances of reception?
  274. Ideas to get westerly stations. Maybe 2nd antenna?
  275. Over air stations gone after storm.
  276. Help choosing an antenna and amp
  277. whole house antenna
  278. KFMB OTA Reception
  279. Indoor antenna setup for local NH/MA stations?
  280. Need Equipment Advise
  281. Receive coax OTA on 1 TV, Not the Other?!?!
  282. What Can I Do With a Dish
  283. helical for 14-69
  284. Deep Fringe
  285. What's the Best VHF antenna?
  286. Surrounded by 3 cities
  287. Pre-amp recommendations
  288. 2 antennas connected in parallel?
  289. Stacking Y10-7-13 and Y5-7-13
  290. Wtnh reception issue in hartford, ct
  291. Need Advice On Selecting an Antenna
  292. best lightning arrestor for outside antenna?
  293. Need big help on OTA antenna
  294. substitute for antenna 300 ohms to 75 connection.
  295. CW 69 WUPA Atlanta Reception Issues
  296. Loss of One Station in One Room
  297. Cut the cable contemplation - antenna advice
  298. Stacking for Dummies
  299. Wanting Canadian TV stations - what equipment do I need.
  300. Equipment/Strategy Suggestions
  301. NEW Antenna + NEW TV
  302. Where to buy a TV Transmitter, video & sound ?
  303. Consistent signal strength, poor signal quality on one station
  304. help with homemade antenna not working
  305. Distant DTV Signals
  306. Can't get some channels from same broadcast tower.
  307. Vegas Channels 5.1, 8.1. 13.1 disappear for days.. why?
  308. Steel roof, chimney mount adjacent structure
  309. Antenna recommendations
  310. connect 3 tv's from antenna using a antenna mounted pre-amp
  311. New in CT
  312. Rural outdoor antenna suggestions needed
  313. KNBC 11.1 signal keeps dropping from OTA.
  314. PreAmp suggestions?
  315. First time antenna user, needs a bit of help
  316. better reception sought
  317. 20 more 4 bay antennas for sale
  318. Combining 91XG and VHF/UHF Ant
  319. Retro TV reception problems in Oklahoma City Okc
  320. better matching transformer?
  321. 41 miles @ 1Edge Pixelation
  322. Grounding 101
  323. Testing an amplifier
  324. Using windows 7 media for tv guide
  325. roof antenna -- Brenham TX
  326. OTA Antenna suggestion
  327. Cheap 8 bay vs channelmaster 4228
  328. grounding the rotator?
  329. Question about uhf antenna
  330. New Antenna works GREAT
  331. Combiner?
  332. Newbie trying to cut his cord.
  333. Sheet Metal Bow Tie Question?
  334. are all converter box's equal
  335. Antenna direcction and digital image break up
  336. Another worthless thread from TVantenna Man
  337. Getting local OTA in Summerville,SC
  338. Help - Looking for a serious fringe antenna! Marble, NC
  339. Use notch filter to combine antennas
  340. Best antenna for ABC22 (Dorval)
  341. Need Suggestions
  342. Combing two different types of antennas
  343. Props to you guys...
  344. Outdoor / attic antenna?
  345. Denny's HD Stacker-
  346. Channel Master 7777 Lifespan-
  347. Weak Signal on CM 4228 VHF-
  348. I'm missing one channel. HELP!
  349. Two stations still broadcasting in analog
  350. OTA over cat5
  351. New to OTA, Looking for suggestions
  352. Signal loss recently
  353. need help with antenna choice
  354. advice on antenna choice. but first...
  355. New from SW Virginia
  356. New Inexperienced User Question on Reception
  357. What's happening in Tallahassee?
  358. Looking for good antenna.
  359. Odd pixelation... signal seems good though... advice welcome
  360. need suggestion on HD tuner
  361. Is it worth it to "upgrade"
  362. Need advice on aircraft flutter: going from indoor to outdoor antenna
  363. Installation Question
  364. WTAJ signal reception
  365. Sun effects TV reception strange phenomena ?
  366. Things to make antenna masts out of ? Poles, etc..
  367. Is this worth doing
  368. KONG TV 16.1, 16.2 What happened?
  369. Happy cord cutter (Cont. of newbie need help)
  370. Default Can't receive Channel 3 WJLP broadcasting from NYC
  371. Tropo in DC, Maryland
  372. OTA Antenna not picking up CBS in Houston, TX
  373. My home in Pinetrees and Mountains
  374. New Cord Cutter- Questions
  375. Reception Rejection
  376. east windsor
  377. (1) Auto scans required when using a rotor? (2) Two antenna set-up question
  378. newbie need help (long post)
  379. Tulsa High V fluctuation
  380. Greater Richmond metro area seeking advice (TVfool included)
  381. Washington-Baltimore Reception of Channel 2
  382. Reception Issues / Recommendation
  383. Reception good, then no reception - random
  384. Reception Question
  385. ION Network
  386. Attic Mount Antenna Austin Area
  387. Introducing Myself and Newbie Question
  388. Good Morning
  389. Frederick MD
  390. Bounce in Baltimore
  391. Help selecting OTA antenna for my new home w/TV Fool report
  392. I hope AT&T does not put OTA out of buisiness.
  393. Central Pennsylvania
  394. Deep fringe reception and distribution assistance (TV Fool report available)
  395. Connecting an antenna pre-amp & combiner
  396. antenna help: 46 miles from towers, but afraid of wind
  397. Antenna Assistance
  398. posting to delete
  399. question
  400. Can't Get All Stations In Same Direction
  401. Will my idea work?
  402. Advice for a newbie
  403. St Louis area antennae question
  404. Stupid antenna grounding question
  405. Aereo Refugee in CT
  406. Subchannel works, main channel not so much
  407. Houston Area
  408. Looking to get low vhf and fringe uhf reception
  409. new to the neighborhood
  410. I built 10 TV antennas today.
  411. Newbee wants to cut the Cable for our Seniors.
  412. Excellent OTA Reception; Now Noticeably Decreased
  413. unusual situation? getting reception in Yosemite
  414. CM 4250 Parascope parabolic antenna
  415. Antenna Recommendation between SouthBend and Grand Rapids
  416. Home made Balun matching transformer
  417. Antenna Advice
  418. Hi gain UHF antenna
  419. testing tv antennas and long distance reception
  420. What's up with KLCS (CH 58) In Los Angeles?
  421. Home Made Balum = Direct Short
  422. Splitter question
  423. Channel Master 7777 and loss of signal
  424. Hd-8200xl
  425. New guy needing some help please
  426. Free OTA satellite TV
  427. Connecting multiple lines to antenna vs. splitter
  428. My New 4 Bay TV Antenna = 50 channels
  429. 8 bay or 4 bay antenna reflector YES or NO
  430. Question on flat antennes
  431. New Kitz Tech KT-500, what do I have here?
  432. Antenna to preamp distance... Too close?
  433. OTA just quit working
  434. Antennae Recomendation
  435. Weather related reception issue
  436. Need Antenna Advice
  437. DIY tv Antenna Tutorial
  438. Trouble with fox 17 in Mid TN
  439. Coax as antenna experiment
  440. Puzzled by OTA reception issue
  441. Trouble with channel 8 (ABC) in McKinney, TX
  442. Added splitter now no picture
  443. Olympia, WA TV reception during low tide
  444. Problems with KING 5 in Seattle?
  445. Brcxm-03638
  446. !!!Antenna Help Needed!!!
  447. Thoughts from MN
  448. Mixing wire gauge for OTA Antenna
  449. Second opinion on antenna choice
  450. yagi corners are all very similar
  451. Optimized Stealth Hawk design
  452. 4251 gain vs. all others
  453. HD over the Air question
  454. At my wits end in Middle TN-trying to cut the cords
  455. Only getting 2,4,5
  456. Need installer advice from antenna veterans.
  457. Inexpensive Software Defined Radio Spectrum Analyzer < $10.00
  458. Can the old SD Direct TV box to used as a OTA digital tuner?
  459. help Johnny cut the cord too, clueless, and tough industrial apartment
  460. Getting audio but not video when directly connected coaxial cable into tv
  461. Recommendations for Better Reception
  462. wingard 7697 vs 7698
  463. Sports and OTA
  464. Lava hd2605 problems
  465. Problem Receiving Sacramento station in East Bay
  466. Request advice for antenna/amp purchase
  467. RCA TVPRAMP1R problems
  468. Balun shorting out 12V power on coax
  469. Sudden disappearance of KING 5 in Seattle?
  470. Omni directional antenne
  471. Taking my old antenna's with me
  472. Antennas Direct 91XG POCONOS area 18322
  473. Help Eiger Cut the Cable
  474. Why can't I get Fox out of Tucson?
  475. help with antenna selection
  476. Want to use the coax from my unused Direct TV dish
  477. Coax to hdtv
  478. antenna problem?
  479. Mohu Leaf Ultimate reception won't come back
  480. Help with the best antenna
  481. Pole Mount
  482. Cant pick up any anolog stations with my Y-10-7-13 Antenna
  483. Cutting the cable for parents outside Philly
  484. Safe to use?
  485. 50 miles south of Tucson need antenna advice
  486. antenna upgrade?
  487. antenna selection help
  488. OTA Poll
  489. Did you know? HDHomeRun has an Android app signal strength meter.
  490. Weather effects on OTA signals?
  491. recorded ota HD to pc....now I want
  492. Solid Signal Xtreme Signal HDB91x vs 91XG?
  493. Antenna advice for San Diego
  494. any advice would be great
  495. Suggestions for indoor antenna
  496. KNTV reception in Saratoga?
  497. would someone help me please?
  498. Right antenna for my area
  499. Please Help Complete Noob Figure HD Out!
  500. looking for right antenna setup