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Ultra High Definition TVs

  1. Technicolor, NAB Celebrate Successful ATSC 3.0 Tes
  2. continue 1080tvs production
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  13. Lg 6090
  14. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Explained
  15. Versatile Video Coding (VVC)Is Coming
  16. World’s First 100 Inch 16Kx8K S-UHD Display
  17. New 70 & 78" 4K RCA-branded TVs starting at $1130
  18. The 8K Association Is Formed
  19. Sony Electronics Adds Super-large Sized 8K TVs and OLED 4K TVs to the MASTER Series L
  20. Hisense's new ULED XD has two panels, instead of one
  21. TCL Readies 8K, Quantum Dots, Ultra Contrast
  22. LG Rolls Out Roll Up TV
  23. New Samsung MicroLED 75″ 4K TV at CES 2019
  24. VIZIO 2019 TV Collection
  25. LG unveils 2019 4K OLED TVs with HDMI 2.1
  26. Vizio P55 F1 annoying lines
  27. Needing help with teching plasma TV!
  28. Framed TV with best quality display
  29. New Tv
  30. UHD-TVs Reach Mainstream Status
  31. Vizio P55 C1 or P55 F1
  32. LG's 8K OLED TV expected to launch in June 2019
  33. Replace Plasma with LED
  34. Replacing Plasma with OLED
  35. Samsung 8K Q900R QLED: Why More Pixels Matter
  36. TCL showcases 8K TVs
  37. Samsung unveils Q900R line-up of 8K TVs
  38. LG unveils 8K OLED TV
  39. 5K monitors
  40. Sony Officially Announce the 2018.5 OLED A9F and LCD/LED Z9F TVs
  41. Do I Need New HDMI Cables for 4K UHD TV?
  42. Who Supports Which HDR Format
  43. Maybe my first lg???????
  44. lg 75UK6570PUB
  45. 8K OLED Two Years Behind 8K LCD, Claims Analyst
  46. Lg 75uk6570pub
  47. LG's Flexible 77 inch 4K UHD OLED
  48. Value Electronics 2018 TV Shootout
  49. Bad Sony Customer Service Experience
  50. IHS: 4K Ultra HDTVs, Big Screens Up In A Down TV Market
  51. 2018 LG C8P OLED TVs
  52. Samsung's 2018 49"/55"/65" NU8000 Series UHD TVs
  53. Report: 8K TV Sales Set for Steady Growth Thru 2022
  54. Successor to HEVC expected by 2021
  55. UHD TV - HDR and WCG
  56. Sony 2018 TVs X900F Back-lit LED and A8F OLED
  57. The Future Of Quantum Dot Technology
  58. Stream TV Glasses-Free 3D at CES 2018
  59. Dolby Touts Expansion of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos at CES
  60. Samsung Intros MicroLED TV @ CES
  61. Panasonic's New OLEDs Support HDR10+
  62. LG to unveil 88" 8K OLED TV at CES 2018
  63. 4K UHD w HDR Question
  64. Sony to Roll Out Dolby Vision TV Update in January
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  66. Amazon Launches First Content Using Samsung’s HDR10+
  67. RCA surround sound?
  68. HDMI 2.1 Specification Released
  69. Vudu launches HDR10 streaming support
  70. FCC Approves 4K Broadcast TV Standard
  71. Ready to upgrade to a 4k 65in after years. Need help deciding which one...
  72. Ready to upgrade to a 65in after years. Need help deciding which one...
  73. LG Display: 80" 8K OLED TVs in 2019
  74. Dolby Demos New Color-Representation Model at SMPTE 2017
  75. HDR Support Status - UHD BD Players & TVs
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  82. OLED Art Gallery to be hosted by Value Electronics
  83. 8K is Closer than You Think
  84. New OLED TV 55 LG C7
  85. 1 Day Flash Sale on Sony 75" X900E & 75" X940E ends 9/20/17
  86. OLED industry update
  87. Sharp’s New 8K HDR TV
  88. Help with some information,
  89. HDR10+ News
  90. What is a good 55-60" 4k tv between $600 and $850?
  91. Unusual viewing experience
  92. 8K Tech Moves Forward but Will We Be Ready for It?
  93. Audio sync issues while watching HDR content
  94. Lg oled77g7p
  95. LG 55C7 My take...
  96. how to turn off smart hub on Samsung pf 8500 4 k tv
  97. HDR10+ at Samsung QLED/HDR10 Summit
  98. 65", 70" or 75" ?
  99. Expert: New TVs Require Separate Day And Night Calibration Settings
  100. lg w7-10% off at best buy
  101. The best 4K TV for £2k
  102. Would like purchase advice.
  103. REC 2100: HDR/WCG For 1080P HD
  104. (PIP) picture in picture HDMI
  105. LG's 2017 77" G7 OLED TVs are launching at select dealers
  106. Sony's A1E showcases fine art at the Westwood Gallery NYC
  107. One Connect for Samsung JU7100
  108. Amazon & Samsung will offer the advanced HDR technology
  109. VA Display vs. IPS Display in 4K HDR TVs
  110. Question about Vizio M50-D1/D55u-D1 and motion blur settings
  111. Final close-out sale of LG's 65" E6 and 55" C6 and 55" B6.
  112. Dolby Vision in Netflix is a broken scam.
  113. 60" LG 60UH6035 Soap Opera Effect
  114. Dolby Vision Software Version Coming
  115. Question on hooking up TV volume to surround sound
  116. Lowering Brightness and Color Temperature on Smart TV Apps
  117. Sony's X940E, X930E and the new X900E series
  118. Vizio Rolls Out HDR10 Firmware Update
  119. Most Sony 4K TVs Are Getting a Hybrid Log Gamma HDR Update
  120. Avoid These 8 Major Mistakes When Buying a New 4K TV
  121. ATSC 3.0 Chooses Hybrid Log Gamma HDR
  122. Color Volume vs Color Gamut
  123. HDR Demystified
  124. Panasonic EZ1000
  125. LG Intros First ATSC 3.0 4KTVs
  126. Understanding The 4 Different HDR Formats
  127. Philips Unveils 3 Series of Dolby Vision 4K Ultra HDTVs
  128. Sony’s XBR-65A1E 4K Ultra OLED TV
  129. 2017 Sharp 4K Ultra HDTV Line Goes Large
  130. Hisense Expands 4K Ultra HD Lineup, Adds 4K Roku Dolby Vision TV
  131. TCL Unveils 4K Ultra HD Roku TVs With HDR10, Dolby Vision
  132. New HDMI 2.1 Version Announced
  133. LGs New UHD LCD TVs
  134. LG's New 4K OLED TVs
  135. Samsung's QLED UHD TVs Announced
  136. Best value in 70-75" displays
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  141. Input lag question about hdtvs.
  142. [Request For Help] 4K TV
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  145. Please help
  146. When and what to buy right now?
  147. Black Friday
  148. Big Sale on UHD Disc Player
  149. Need some help
  150. Uhd/hdr calibration is now available
  151. UHD 4K TV Screen Size
  152. Why buy a 4k TV if it will be years before TV stations broadcast in 4k?
  153. Do All 4K TVs Upscale?
  154. LG's 77" G6 Signature Series is in the house and will be on display at the
  155. LG Slashes all 4K OLED TV Prices
  156. Should I keep this Samsung un65ku7000 of 60hz
  157. Need Advice on the Samsung UN65KU7000
  158. Sony or Samsung 4K UHD, Need Help!!!!
  159. My TV (Samsung UN40JU7100) just updated its firmware, and I have no idea what change
  160. 4K TVs now comprise of nearly 50% of all TV sales
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  162. TCL or Hisense??
  163. 4K 32" monitors: LG 31MU97-B vs Dell UP3216Q
  164. Black Friday this year?
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  167. Vizio P55-C1
  168. Is the dealer full of BS?
  169. TV giants look to 8K
  170. Better on 4K: Blu Ray or Digital
  171. Japan’s NHK Forges Ahead with 8K Broadcasts at Olympics
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  174. Is there a BEST provider for HD/UHD output?
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  176. ITU Sets New HDR Standard: BT.2100
  177. What to buy with $5,000
  178. Sony Bravia 55" LED 4K UHD X81C
  179. LG 55EF9500 vs. LG 55UH8500
  180. digital tuner
  181. UHD and NetFlix...
  182. 2016 Samsung UHD TVs.
  183. Getting 4k content?
  184. Vizio D UHD series
  185. LG OLED B & C series 4k
  186. Hdr
  187. Futuresource: 4K UHD TV Sales Skyrocketed 160% in 2015
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  191. 16x9
  192. Unexpected 4k HDR issue
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  196. Service plan should I buy?
  197. Hisense
  198. Why 4K TV is STUPID, by Cnet
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  200. Just bought a Samsung 60 " JS8000 SUHD 4K
  201. LG announces 4 new 4K OLED TV series
  202. UltraHD Premium
  203. LG brings a 98" 8K Display to CES 2016
  204. Sony To Sell 4K Streaming Movies for Sony 4K TVs
  205. UHD Alliance Reveals Standards, Logo Program
  206. So is 4k the new standard
  207. Anyone have the Sony X930C 4k TV?
  208. 55" & 65" LG 4K OLED TVs go up $1k each
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  210. Samsung PlasmaTv Exit, now Philips 4k LED with 3way Ambilight Tv.
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  213. anybody buy the unxxju6500 4k samsung tv series
  214. Torn between 3 TVs (help me decide)
  215. Do I need a new receiver (if I buy a 4k tv)
  216. Hey all, new poster. quick question.
  217. 4K TV sales up nearly 500% in the 3rd quarter this year
  218. Survey: Lack of Familiarity & Price Hold Back 4K TV
  219. Samsung UE55JU6800
  220. Best upscaling TV
  221. 84" Seura Storm UHD Outdoor TV
  222. Lg 65uf7700
  223. VIZIO P70 4k UHD problem..have a picture
  224. 8K monitors from Sharp to roll out in October, say reports
  225. 4K TV Shipments Grow 197% Q2 2015 vs Q2 2014
  226. MediaTek Selects Dolby Vision for 4K UHD TV
  227. What to get?
  228. Panasonic"s first 4K OLED television, the TX-65CZ950
  229. Sony Expands High Dynamic Range Support to More 2015 4K Ultra HD TV Models
  230. Quantum Dots - The Tech Behind HDR & WCG For LED/LCD UHD TVs
  231. Samsung Announces HDMI 2.0a Firmware Update
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  235. Jumped into 4k world with Samsung JS8500
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  238. Reported Post by Lee Stewart
  239. Reported Post by Lee Stewart
  240. New patent group threatens to derail 4K HEVC video streaming
  241. $2000 to spend on a TV but don't know what to buy.
  242. Global 8KTV Shipments to Approach 1 Million by 2019
  243. Visio TV
  244. Technicolor 'Magic' Brings HDR 1 Step Closer
  245. LC-70UE30U vs M70-C3
  246. Panasonic TC-65CX850U and TC-55CX850U
  247. 4KTV Shipments Top Record 3 Million Units in April
  248. Any info on UNxxJU6700?
  249. Super Bowl, Major League Baseball to Be Shot in 8K
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  253. Can someone review the current limited 4K content
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  255. Is The Time Now?
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  270. Best 4K TVs for gaming???
  271. YTD 4K TV sales up 800%
  272. Poor picture quality
  273. time for new 3D LED tv
  274. Which of these will be best for gaming?
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  276. My friend is geting an oled
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  283. Interview with Mark Schubin on 4K
  284. Sony 4K advertised at World Cup
  285. why would anyone want a curved screen?
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  287. Ultra HD TV panel shipments expected to reach 17.83 million units in 2014
  288. new samsung UN55HU8550 audio issue
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  298. curved screens?
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  300. IFA 2013, News.
  301. saw a samsund uhdtv today
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  303. Call me silly, but I'm thinking of getting one.
  304. Samsung 85" UHD Full Array Locally Dimmed display
  305. Panasonic Unveils 152 Inch $500,000 TV
  306. Ultra HD cell phone camera
  307. The networks and cable still don't even broadcast in 1080p
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  309. Significant
  310. Will we EVER watch TV on these TV's ?
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  319. Samsung
  320. Hisense jumps into 4K TVs with the XT880
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  322. Toshiba pushes 4K REGZA HDTVs at CEATEC 2012
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  329. 4k?