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  1. Sound Bar Compatibility??
  2. Best plastic Bass Recorder???
  3. Attaching old turntable to new Denon AVR-X1400H
  4. Onkyo DTR80.3 advice needed
  5. STR DN1080 settings
  6. Denon AVR-4311CI Receiver low audio output
  7. using RGB component inputs on Denon AVR-791
  8. Denon AVR-4200W Speakers not powering on
  9. Sony Grans Vega 50WE610
  10. Toshiba DR430KU player recorder
  11. What Should I look for in a New Receiver
  12. Limited Audio Volume on Sony STR-DN1000 Receiver
  13. Where to place an AV Reciever
  14. Video loss Onkyo TX-SR805
  15. In the market for a new receiver - questions
  16. Question about audio HTIB passthrough
  17. DTV I want to Upgrade to HD
  18. yamaha rx v563 sirius issue
  19. DVR ePVision PHD-VRX
  20. Questions on DVR
  21. My left and right speakers are not working?
  22. Channel Master DVR+
  23. AV Receiver HDMI Pass Through Video Degradation
  24. Still confused - What Receiver to Buy
  25. STRDH550 Good Enough?
  26. No sound from Yamaha HTR-6130
  27. Help picking out 2 channel receiver for 60 inch plasma
  28. 7.1 discrete or 5.1.2 atmos
  29. HELP: Yamaha Receiver not producing sound
  30. Help! I lose sound and get spark sounds in the speakers
  31. Denon x2100w. Is it dual frequency IR?
  32. HDMI issue with avr247
  33. Marantz SR5010 vs Denon X3200
  34. onkyo ht-r358 hdmi problem
  35. Yamaha RXV 671 how to delete memory stations
  36. Please, help me with Magnavox MDR535H
  37. Onkyo TX-NR535 vs Denon 510BT
  38. Pioneer Receiver VSX-43 Quit-Please Help
  39. Center Speaker ?
  40. Going To Audition NAD 752 And
  41. Cambridge Audio AVR
  42. Advice on a new compact system
  43. Help me too, please - Smart TV hookup -
  44. Explorer 8300HDC Recorder/Cable Box
  45. Advice on DVR for over the air TV
  46. Motorola DCT 3416 keeps recording shows after they are canceld
  47. Pioneer VSX-43 HDMI Out Setup Challenges
  48. Black Spots on 4k TV With Dish Hopper
  49. Help hooking up new smart tv to other components
  50. LG Home-theatre-in-a-box Receiver Issue
  51. Onkyo Tx-8050 W Dish Audio Cutting Out
  52. speakers wont work with netflix and smart hub?
  53. Speaker wire connectors
  54. How to make 2.1 sound play through all 5 speakers.
  55. Chromecast Audio Help with home theater setup
  56. Yamaha V377
  57. Onkyo txsr508
  58. If you were in the Market for a new AVR
  59. Yamaha RX-V477 vs Vizio S5451W-C2
  60. zone 3 with a wireless interface?
  61. Cheap surround sound for existing blu ray
  62. What to replace my HTPC with? ADVICE PLEASE? (Does anyone make this?)
  63. 1st Dolby Atmos Demo at Value Electronics 9/30/14
  64. Onkyo NR515 WPC ?
  65. Best HD DVR For Qam?
  66. New TV reception using antenna
  67. Sony STR-DH520 not receiving 7.1 signal from BDP-S3200 Bluray
  68. Channel Master CM7500 or something else?
  69. connecting
  70. Can I purchase and set up a DVR or HD receiver for my existing fiber TV service?
  71. yamaha advantage series and thumbdrive
  72. Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A1000
  73. Strance, Random, Receiver Protection Issues
  74. Onkyo htr550 audio help please!!
  75. possible 2nd sub?
  76. Recordable Freeview Box: HDMI, picture but no sound!
  77. TX SR-706 changed out caps hdmi video works No Sound!
  78. Hdmi?
  79. Programming an XR2 (U2) remote to work with an a/v receiver?
  80. Onkyo SR 805 - speakers popping
  81. samsung led tv has no audio output
  82. which compasitors do i replace onkyo tx rn5008
  83. onkyo tx nr5008
  84. Motorola DCT6412III pin code?
  85. Sony STR DN 840- Question about manually setting up speakers
  86. subwoofer out of sony mhc gx450 system
  87. Pioneer VSX-72TXV and Scientific Atlanta 8300HD
  88. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD PVR skipping on playback - fixed
  89. Exchanging FiOS DVRs, would like to save recordings...
  90. Dresden Acoustics DS-9
  91. ARC with yamaha 673 and blu ray issues
  92. Onkyo HT-S5100 7.1 HELP with setup Please
  93. Need Help: Yamaha RX-V473 HDMI video out problem
  94. HDMI Multi viewer
  95. Pvr
  96. Pioneer VSX-03 THX Sub Woofer Problem
  97. Loud pops during loud movie scenes
  98. Which tuner/cable box? Please help!
  99. Onkyo HT-R667 Loud Popping and Overheating
  100. Pioneer vs yamaha
  101. Looking for HDMI to component/toslink converter
  102. Connecting a Razer Chimaera wireless headset to Yamaha RX 1020 receiver
  103. Recommend a PC Blu-Ray Player Software without a Sleazy EULA
  104. HDMI Inputs in Receiver-Connection Options for a Newbie Question
  105. Home theater setup
  106. Toslink Question
  107. HD in apartment that only offers basic cable?
  108. Newbi question re: Onkyo TX-SR876 repair
  109. New AV Receiver Owner Questions
  110. AVR Newbie Questions
  111. Home Theater Advice
  112. First Home Theater System! Need Advice
  113. Need to upgrade home theater.
  114. Need help with my whole setup.
  115. flash drive adapter for stereo
  116. Need help with my Sound System
  117. Samsung Sound Bar
  118. Need to upgrade to digital receiver
  119. In-wall speakers what type of receiver and amp do I need?
  120. Onkyo HT-R670 Problems
  121. A very, very cheap upgrade
  122. onkyo 709 settings
  123. Yamaha RX-V540 No Display/Doesn't Light Up
  124. DVR problem may come to you
  125. Yamaha Question
  126. connecting HDMI and external audio to same line?
  127. Box Home Theater or Piece Meal High End?
  128. Harman/Kardon AVR 1565 No Sound
  129. DVR skip's on Playing
  130. Harman Kardon AVR 1565 Headphone Jack?
  131. Deciding between 2 3D Receivers
  132. Question HD live ouput recording.
  133. Onkyo TX-SR706 handshake problem or bigger problem?
  134. Starting my own Onkyo HDMI Capacitor Replace on NEW receiver--how to interpret markis
  135. Surround Sound Help
  136. Need help - dialogue WAY softer than FX/music
  137. Onkyo Cooling mod (606)
  138. PHD VRX Media Server
  139. Recommend me a good USB Wireless adapter for Onkyo HT-RC460
  140. HT-RC460 and Scientific Atlanta 8300HD
  141. Any Tivo Users Out There (New Set Up) ???
  142. Receiver help
  143. Recording HD from Satellite to PC
  144. denon 2807, 3806, 4306, 987 question
  145. question about yamaha recievers
  146. More sources than AVR has inputs... Any good solutions
  147. multi channel PCM in Windows 7 not working
  148. Denon AVR-3805 not as loud as Yamaha?
  149. How to increase front speakers with Integra DTR 30.4...
  150. Bought a Denon 590 what do you think?
  151. HDMI and Component at Same Time
  152. Problem with my receiver and my ps3
  153. Onkyo 606 cant get analog sources to work
  154. Best Video capture devices?
  155. sony str dh 520 connecting to a magnavox zv427mg9 a dvr-vcr
  156. Looking for a good setup
  157. Onkyo TX-SR806 signal display problem!!!
  158. Ipad - download movies and tv, how?
  159. cable box to DVD/VCR to HDTV
  160. Can I record TV (digital cable) without a DVR monthly subscription or HTPC?
  161. Do I need fibre optic?
  162. Odd problem with Surround sound system and Blu Ray player
  163. Help needed! My tv input jack on my TV broke
  164. Need TV Tuner
  165. New Surround Sound
  166. Obvious Question About Tuner-Recorder Card for PC
  167. Getting HDTV 1080 thru DVD?
  168. Looking for advice on HTIB purchase
  169. Need Recommendations for 1080i DVR with Tuner, without Contracted Services
  170. Help out the spaceman.
  171. HDMI to HDMI Analog + Surround Sound
  172. Onkyo SR674 HDMI handshake problems
  173. Cannot Get HDMI from my Yamaha reveiver to my Panasonic Tv
  174. Onkyo HTP-590 signal cutting out
  175. Dch6200
  176. Screen turns on and off, when connecting surround system.
  177. please help me
  178. Toslink to Coaxial Cable
  179. Composite inputs on Onkyo TX-SR606
  180. Wanting to purchase new receiver
  181. onkyo tx-sr806 no sound
  182. PC OTA tuners.
  183. Switching Between TV and Surround Receiver
  184. Can listen to movies in DTS or PLII Movie with Onkyo Receiver
  185. switching between surround sound to tv speakers
  186. OTA recording with Scientific Atlanta 8300HD
  187. DVR Recommendations
  188. Problem with Comcast's HD recorder switching to non HD
  189. Looking to buy a new receiver; need advice!
  190. Playback my hd video camera recordings
  191. Need help please..... editing recordings from an HD Tivo
  192. Volume control between TV and home theater system.
  193. Help with pioneer vsx52
  194. Onkyo TX-NR717 Multiple Issues
  195. Yamaha RX-V461 and 1080p?
  196. 2 DVRs connected to 2 different TVs
  197. Dual HDMI Output
  198. DVR for Broadcast TV?
  199. Onkyo tx-nr 3009 sound issue
  200. Best receiver for $200
  201. Loosing Picture when Adjusting Volume
  202. Wireless Accessories For Pioneer VSX-1021
  203. Need help with my Samsung reciever
  204. Best HD capture device with small output files?
  205. Passing coax signal to my TV through HDMI. Which box?
  206. New Home Theater System - No 5.1 from Netflix on Roku? I'm such a noob...
  207. Receiving audio from av receiver with hdmi connected to tv
  208. Home Theater on the cheap
  209. Why do Onkyos seem to keep breaking??
  210. Sony VRD-MC6 DVD Recorder
  211. Onkyo 606 switching problem
  212. Denon 1612 Receiver
  213. Need information regarding a new HTS
  214. Which Onkyo to Replace My Present One
  215. Onkyo 606 Remote
  216. my own vhs&dvd
  217. Onkyo Tx L55
  218. Zone 2 TV Sound on Pioneer vsx-1021
  219. SAT/CBL default on Denon AVR-1611
  220. Onkyo 606 audio button
  221. New to HD. Please give feedback on this Yamaha receiver.
  222. ePVision PHD-VRX DVR: OTA & CATV capibility, Input Switcher, Media Player
  223. Denon Avr 1312 no signal?
  224. Onkyo 674: Loss of sound
  225. Onkyo NR515 OR ?
  226. IntegraDTR 30.3 - sound from wireless headphones and speakers at same time
  227. Do I need a new Receiver?
  228. crash corse in wiring and recievers
  229. When switching from SD to HD channels loses audio
  230. Explorer 8300HD and external hard drive
  231. onkyo ht-r667 replacement
  232. onkyo tx-sr707
  233. Integra DTR AVR's
  234. onkyo ht r-550
  235. ARC question
  236. Denon 2930 receiver problem - loud clicks/bangs on speakers
  237. Replacement for Denon 2809Ci?
  238. Denon 1911 question
  239. Onkyo 809 & Onkyo wifi dongle
  240. Replacing Yamaha HTR-6240--HELP!
  241. Yamaha RX-V2600 not powering up?? Just Start Updater 2600
  242. Onkyo Tx-Sr 875 No HDMI Output??
  243. Repairing Onkyo TX-NR708
  244. Elite VSX-94TXH Audio Decoding Issue
  245. Optical VS HDMI ?
  246. Pink screen with Onkyo TXNR509 receiver
  247. copy VHS to dvd
  248. Onkyo NR-709 Sound Output Settings
  249. Scientific Atlanta 8300HD
  250. Resolve Issue If You Have Onkyo Sudden Shut Down and/or Static Noise From Speaker
  251. Yamaha HTR 6130
  252. Is there a HD VCR?
  253. Yamaha AX-870?
  254. Onkyo TX-NR709 Questions
  255. New Recv Wanted
  256. Need help. which 7.1 receiver best around $4-500?
  257. How to hook up wii to receiver
  258. Strange Issue With Onkyo 709
  259. Best hookup for avr, tv, dvd
  260. Is it Possible to restore deleted programs
  261. How can I conect my HD Sat-Terrestial receiver to my old stereo amplifier? ?
  262. Samsung AV-R720 Problem
  263. HELP!!!!!? Lost Sound on my home theater
  264. Yamaha vs. Onkyo & Others for Home Theater Upgrade
  265. Found an Onkyo tx sr606 HDMI Board!!!
  266. Need help
  267. Recomendations between Onkyo Tx-NR3009 vs. Denon 4311 CI
  268. Onkyo NR 709 vs. 809
  269. Need help with an HD capture purchase
  270. Your Quick Opinions Please * Need to Order ASAP
  271. Mixing 6ohm center channel with 8ohm speakers (NHT SuperOne, M5, SuperZero)
  272. Full HD 3D Through My VSX 921 K - Won't Work
  273. Updating Pioneer Elite VSX-21 Receiver and Adding more speakers
  274. Video problems with Onkyo TX-NR3007
  275. Onkyo HT-S3400 Setup and Questions
  276. Replacement Receiver
  277. New AV Receiver and Blu-Ray Question
  278. Speakers
  279. Denon 3312 CI vs Onkyo TX-NR809?
  280. Sony BDPS580 Blu-Ray and Onkyo TX NR609
  281. Yamaha 6063 lost remote
  282. denon 1912
  283. ARC Onkyo with Toshiba
  284. sony 5es receiver,no sound
  285. Help me choose
  286. ARC and HDMI pass through - Help!
  287. Best method to save my VHS and TV to DVR
  288. top Resolution on set top recorder?
  289. Problems with Onkyo TX-NR509 AV Receiver
  290. Onkyo HT-S5400 And Dish Recevier
  291. Onkyo HT-S8400 and Samsung HDTV Help
  292. tivo premiere worth it?
  293. HD Recording
  294. PC speakers for HDTV audio boost
  295. Does HD go over cable-box-coax-out?
  296. Why am I getting no digi signal here? Source to HDMI to TV to Optical Out to Reciev.
  297. Volume Level with Pioneer VSX-1021
  298. Xbox to Computer Streaming
  299. How to do HD setup with Xfinity receiver and Dynex HDTV
  300. DVI to component or USB?
  301. Onkyo 606 and HD audio
  302. HDMI to 5 RCA component AV Converter
  303. Colorstream HD input on Toshiba 55" LED HDTV
  304. Sony HD Receiver not Playing FIOS audio correctly
  305. Looking to buy first AV Receiver - Which one of these?
  306. Video lag onkyo 9300hthx
  307. Video lag onkyo 9300hthx
  308. Phonograph connection?
  309. Digital Audio Splitter
  310. Samsung dvd recorder, will it play blue ray
  311. B&K to Pioneer, what to expect?
  312. HDMI Audio from HP Pavilion to TX-SR605
  313. Sony Bravia stopped receiving channels!
  314. DCX 3400/3200 wont turn off
  315. Looking For DVD Recorder
  316. Panny A/V Problem
  317. Connecting Bose Speakers to Onkyo TX-NR809 Receiver
  318. onkyo tx sr 608 doesnt work with imation media player
  319. Good receiver on a budget...
  320. CableCard firmware problem
  321. hdmi splitter??
  322. onkyo tx-sr 707 picture no sound
  323. HDTV / Receiver / DISH INSTALLATION
  324. AVR recommendations PLEASE
  325. Sony STR-DG820 with Sony BDP-BX2 audio problem
  326. problem about sony bravia kdl40p3000
  327. Hauppauge 1212 Recording issues
  328. Pioneer VSX-1021 & iPod Touch
  329. lag question
  330. Please help
  331. Any experience with the Denon AVR-1912?
  332. what should I do?
  333. Best Upper-Middle-End Camorder with Time Lapse (Noob)
  334. HDCP / Audio Sync Issues
  335. Is this home theater system (complete) worth buying?
  336. Onkyo TX-SR508 Question?
  337. samsung hp-bd1250 confused about dolby settings?
  338. First time owner, need a little help/advice please:
  339. Newb question - hardware and installation
  340. Pioneer VSX-921-K?
  341. Pioneer Elite VSX 51 vs VSX 1021
  342. HDMI splitter
  343. No HDMI on a Vizio SV420M
  344. Sound but no picture, HDMI
  345. dvr pay per view sports?
  346. Onyko NR708 Audyssey set up 7.1
  347. Desperate please help!! ONKYO SR-805 DTS MASTER AUDIO
  348. Motorola dcx3400 cox hangs up while recording
  349. please help I have no sound
  350. sony str-k7000
  351. Onkyo TX-NR609 7.2 Receiver Listening Modes Issue
  352. Best way to expand DVR capacity or to replace the DVR.
  353. Help!!! Cannot get audio for Sat/Cab thru HDMI; Denon AVR 312
  354. Pace HD/PVR
  355. cisco explorer 8642hdc to dvd burner
  356. Noobie questions audit set up
  357. AM Radio Interference with Plasma TV
  358. Onkyo HT-667 Receiver Loses PS3 HDMI Signal
  359. Receiver recommendations
  360. HDMI splitter/repeaters need help
  361. any receivers that can play aac compressed format
  362. Comcast SA 8300HD
  363. trying to hook up ps3 through receiver and surround sound to tv
  364. HDMI Splitter
  365. Onkyo TX-NR509 Can't get HDMI output
  366. Denon avr-2808 issue
  367. Samsung HW-C700 set up
  368. Review of LG 42LK450 42-inch LCD TV
  369. explorer 8300hd problem ...help please!
  370. Onlyo Frustrations #2: HTR606 Upconvert?
  371. HDMI Ports Struck by Lightening
  372. Onlyo Frustrations: Remote not responding Onkyo HTR606
  373. HDCP Handshake issue
  374. Needing some help and advice....
  375. Comcast Receivers
  376. denon 3310ci internet problems
  377. Denon 1611 and Samsung UN46C8000: HDMI handshake problems
  378. HDI Dune Duo problems with HDMI matrix switches
  379. Home Theatre in a Box
  380. BD recorder with firewire 6 pin or 4 pin input
  381. Im confused and need help with settings for Onkyo 706
  382. Cablevision DVR
  383. wd-62825 built in dvr not working
  384. scientific atlanta explorer 8240HDC
  385. Onyko (Home Theatre) set up service
  386. HR20-700 disk drive
  387. The Hauppauge 1212 HD PVR component cable
  388. Sony Bravia KDL40EX700, wont play through receiver?
  389. Scientific Atlanta Explorer8300HDC won't boot!!
  390. onkyo 609 vs harman avr2600
  391. Onkyo PRSSC885
  392. onkyo r680
  393. Onkyo txsr608 displays xbox but not cable
  394. converter box info please
  395. Logitech Revue with Moto STB
  396. Right or Left or..........?!
  397. Long distance booster
  398. New Drift Innovation camera
  399. Onkyo NR609 2nd zone no lineout
  400. Previous
  401. In dire need sos
  402. HDMI port not working
  403. Help!!! Need Help Getting Surround Sound Sytems To Work?
  404. Sony VRD MC6
  405. Looking to Buy HD Antenna and Dump Cable
  406. HDMI switching AVR versus External
  407. Hauppauge issue with my PS3, PS1 games and Wii?
  408. 3311Ci Crossover frequency setting?
  409. Looking for HD Video Player
  410. Onkyo NR609 HDMI through...no audio
  411. Mac mini hookup to receiver audio issues
  412. Watch HDTV at any PC of your network
  413. Best way to hook up Ipod to receiver?
  414. Onkyo UP-A1 Ipod Dock - no video
  415. LG 60PX950 adjustment
  416. Onkyo audio level
  417. Onkyo 608 setup?
  418. Searching for Dtv modulator
  419. How to wireless connect laptop with HDTV?
  420. Sony Bravia won't scan digital channels anymore
  421. Surround sound from USB HDD via TV?
  422. Problem with sound on SAT/CBl input on 1611
  423. Onkyo ht s3400 for a town house apartment
  424. New Onkyo 608 on the fritz
  425. Hi Speed HDMI cable setup for hdmi switching purposes.
  426. scientific atlanta 8300
  427. Pioneer Elite 92txh hdmi board repair
  428. Sound to TV problem....Please help!
  429. Onkyo 706/panasonic plasma/samsung bluray handshake issue
  430. Help with 16:9 Widescreen Recording with my DVD Recorder
  431. Best reciever for home theater use for $500 MAX!!!
  432. Onkyo 606 HDMI repaired but no 1080p?
  433. Help find a HD Camcorder
  434. Need Techie Help (OTA and DVRs, etc)
  435. my Receiver is not working with samsung UN46D6400 led 3d
  436. 3D receiver??
  437. Motorola Droid X2 compares with Apple iPhone 5 generally
  438. QIP-7232 P2 external drive??
  439. Blu ray player with wifi (Netflix)
  440. need some suggestion for home theater
  441. Denon AVR-1912 or Onkyo TX-NR609?
  442. playroom choices
  443. hdmi / optical switch & sony bdp-s360
  444. heard a pop in stero and video hdmi output is not working
  445. Noob needs a little A/V advice
  446. Onkyo HT-R667 "no signal" msg connecting to PS3
  447. What receiver should be used to use Oppo Bdp 83 SE analog out put to make a differenc
  448. Sony str dg810 hdmi problem
  449. Onkyo HT-S3300 + Standby Issues
  450. Factory Refurbished - any good?
  451. confused londoner needs help
  452. Sony 810
  453. Best Receiver Choice
  454. Who has a ROKU, and how well does it work?
  455. [Newb question] dvr blu-ray configuration?
  456. Denon avr 1911 question
  457. hr20-700 vs hr 21-100
  458. Making my own free dvr from direct TV through my PC
  459. looking for a media player for mkv streaming via dlna
  460. 3 Prong to 2 Prong - Help?
  461. No connection between digital and analog in a receiver??!!!
  462. Goodbye Uverse-Hello OTA! - HD DVR advice
  463. plasma and projector connected via Denon AVR 1611
  464. Zone-2 /TX-SR606 and remote
  465. hook up sony turntable to pioneer vsx23txh receiver
  466. Onkyo 5400
  467. Subwoofer Problem with Yamaha RX-V363
  468. problem with Yamaha RX-v465
  469. Comcast HDDVR Motorola DCT4316
  470. Roku xds
  471. Need help with yamaha receiver and dish network
  472. Record From Antenna
  473. Onkyo HDMI "Flicker"
  474. onkyo 606 ?
  475. Onkyo HT-S7100
  476. I'M Back Bought Onkyo TX-NR509 and can't get a pictre
  477. Audio problems
  478. Hook-up of onkyo TX-NR509 with Direct TV
  479. sony vega and sony hd hdr-sr10 questions
  480. Audio issue with PC connection
  481. Is this a good buy?? Wich of these Denon recievers are better???
  482. Cant get sound out to new Bose Cinemate
  483. Receiver Recommendation
  484. How to Record AIM Video Call and convert video to iPhone, iPod, MP4, etc.
  485. PS3 Slim audio drop with ONKYO amp
  486. Satellite TV Revevier?
  487. What will work?
  488. Need advice for DVR service (Tivo, Comcast or Multimedia PC)
  489. Media player advice....
  490. Best player for the price for dvd upconverison to 1080 p?
  491. How many network components do I need? WIFI?
  492. Digital/Analog PCI Tuner
  493. PC Video Card HDMI output to old TV Composite or Component Input
  494. Please advise on a 3D receiver
  495. Onkyo tx-sp605 hdmi board
  496. Onkyo TX-NR509 Surround Pre out Question
  497. Onkyo receiver and audio problem with directv. Protection mode changing channels.
  498. Recommendations for an HD PVR / Player
  499. Surround 5.1
  500. Motorcoach Media Player