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HD DVD Players and Discs

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  1. my new HD-A1 but I have a few questions....
  2. HD-A1 and Hd-A2 no audio on 4k sets
  3. trying to minimize the quality loss when burning high definition video from camcorder
  4. Play Blu-ray/DVD Movies on iPad Pro
  5. dvd / vcr with digital " atsc" tuners
  6. Blue Ray Players
  7. THL w11 Octa Core smart Phone IPS Screen Android MTK6589T
  8. imuse electronics, Polestar
  9. No Sound from HD-A20 HD-DVD's
  10. DVD Playing All Formats
  11. I have a Toshiba HD-A35 brand new, sealed in box - how much could I get for it?
  12. Need DVD and live Netflix streaming help
  13. Anybody have a list of hddvd music related titles?
  14. Can someone please answer a question about DolbyTrueHD audio?
  15. Bose 321 skipping
  16. Dvd playback only !!!?
  17. Hooking up DVD/TV/TunerAmp
  18. Justified: The Complete Second Season (2011)
  19. HD-XA2 No HDMI signal
  20. what the hell ? This blu ray dvd is making my
  21. Thousands of HD DVD's for Sale Soon
  22. HD DVD's Won't Work ?
  23. How To Download and Watch Dvdrip Movies With Subtitles
  24. first movie off flash drive
  25. which dvd player should i buy??
  26. How to Merge MTS files into one big file without recoding or conversion?
  27. Reports of Warner HD DVDs Going Bad After Years
  28. HD DVDs and Players Question
  29. Moto Xoom V.S. iPad2: how to convert DVD/Video to android and other mobile devices.
  30. TV Stopped reading signal for blu-ray
  31. DVD Recoder
  32. Sony DVD Changer DVP-NC665P - Help!
  33. Selling HD DVDs
  34. Help! I lost my HD A3 Remote.
  35. Oh no......disc rot :(
  36. Noontec GV3311
  37. Looks like they are adding HD DVD format to the China CBHD (their BD version)
  38. HEY !! RedBox guys LQQKee here ....
  39. Add Blu Ray Support To Xbox 360 HDDVD
  40. I want to take my sledgehammer to my HD-A3
  41. Standard DVD player recomendations
  42. Toshiba hd dvd
  43. Are upconvert DVD Players worth it?
  44. Missing disc for XBOX HD DVD player
  45. Reaper
  46. Hacked xbox360 HD drive on PC
  47. Toshiba Blu-ray Disc Player is it any good?
  48. Where can I get an HD DVD player or drive?
  49. Blood Diamond playback failure.
  50. HD-A2 Problem
  51. HD A-2 question
  52. HD A-30 question....
  53. Suddenly no audio w. samsung dvd player
  54. No Audio from Optical Out Toshiba HD A3
  55. HDA30 Good or bad?
  56. dvd
  57. Toshiba A20 - No Audio when playing HDDVD
  58. Lg bh200
  59. Has anyone used the REd to Blue exchange offered by WB?
  60. Toshiba HD DVD A2 and Yamaha RX V765 - Dolby TrueHD
  61. What do you think is better? HD DvD or Blue Ray Disc players?
  62. Got A New A30 Thanks To The Warrenty
  63. "HDMI Audio Not Supported" What does this mean? Help!
  64. Bad HD DVD (Brand new)
  65. where to get a good DVD Ripper
  66. Toshiba A30 firmware help
  67. New HD-DVD disc coming in October 2009
  68. A new HD-DVD release is coming! Honest!
  69. Pioneer Blu-ray (BDP-120) plays HD DVD's w/firmware upcoming Firmware Update?
  70. PLEASE Help Me Find One! Going Nuts Here!
  71. dvd player to play avi files?
  72. Xbox HD DVD player- secure hdcp link lost while playing Paramount movies...
  73. How to setup the xbox hd-dvd player on your computer:
  74. 8x dvd+r dl discs
  75. Do you want HD-DVD Back or Not
  76. Hdcp
  77. Transfer movies from HD DVD to Flash Drive?
  78. HD D3 player appears to be toast
  79. Burning HD DVD discs using DVD recorder?
  80. Free HD DVD add on w/purchase of Xbox at Fry's this week
  81. Winx Club [Italian import]
  82. Toshiba HD-DVD HD-A20 Firmware?
  83. HD-DVD Network Port Settings
  84. Index of HD DVD user reviews
  85. HD DVD Rom Drive, Do You Have One?
  86. Is it worth to purchase HD DVD
  87. Online Streaming Movies channels in PC
  88. Is it worth it?
  89. True HD DVD Players: recommended models? + Procession Progressive Cinema...
  90. Amazed at the upscaling quality on the HD A2
  91. HD DVD: a great deal? (newbie questions)
  92. upscaling to 1080p
  93. Shouldn't the HD A2 upscale all DVDs?
  94. Complete list of HD DVD titles (exclusives shown in red)
  95. Why does HD DVD look and sound...
  96. Rare HD DVD titles
  97. calibration disc
  98. No more TrueHD w/ HD-A35?
  99. No picture with HDMI hook up on HD A2
  100. 0 for 2 so far on Ebay.
  101. What's the use? Dump my HD-D1 ??
  102. Any new HD DVD Firmware updates available?
  103. Torchwood?
  104. Which HD DVD player is the best???
  105. i like HD DVDs
  106. PS3 very low volume with dvds
  107. A20 - No sound with HD-DVDs
  108. 360 HD Player not recognizing disks.....
  109. Inet Video takes forever and Year to get your stuff!!
  110. HD DVDs with HD Audio
  111. XA2 or A35
  112. Toshiba A35 handshaking issue with HDMI
  113. What player should I get to replace my HD - A2
  114. Which Player?? Dumb Newbie
  115. Inglorious Spoilers For You Greedy Basterds
  116. Just purcahsed a lot of hd dvd from Inet.
  117. Toshiba HD - A2 problems
  118. Rate my newest purchases
  119. Battlestar Galactica Disk Freeze
  120. What Movie if released now on Blu-Ray and on HD DVD would make you buy the HD DVD one
  121. Default Remote control code for Toshiba A3
  122. Cheapest places to buy hd dvd now?
  123. Do the online features still work for HD DVDs?
  124. What would you say is a must have in an HD DVD collection?
  125. Weird Issues playing Transformers and other new HD DVD's!!??
  126. AVCHD (.MTS.MT2S) >External HD (USB 2.0) > Xbox 360
  127. Bars on sides while watching widescreen movies?
  128. Need advice on an HD DVD player..
  129. I found $6 new HDDVD movies.
  130. Durability of Xbox 360 Hd Dvd player???
  131. Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
  132. HD audio codecs
  133. HD-A35 or HD-XA2?
  134. THX Optimzer in Dinasour Movie
  135. Trade my Blu Ray for your Hd Dvd
  136. Got a good deal on hd dvd player I think $50?
  137. Tosh A-20 HDMI to DVI yes or no??
  138. Where to get good deals on hd dvd's?????
  139. Some Help Needed forHD A-20
  140. HD-A3 HDMI Audio output Q...
  141. Assistance required from DVE Combo owners.
  142. HDMI Versions on Toshiba players?
  143. XA1 - "Audio Format Not Supported" Message
  144. HD DVD is it still worth it?
  145. Just got an email from Frys for HDDVD sale
  146. HD - A30 Cannot read Update Disc 4.0
  147. What's the latest HD DVD update dated at?
  148. Should I buy an HD DVD player?
  149. Kraft including HD-DVD players as one of the "big" prizes in a sweekstakes
  150. Make a Blue Laser Gun Out of the Corpse of an HD-DVD Drive
  151. True HD with XA1??
  152. how do i get tru hd/dd+ etc on my sony 7.1 str-dg820.with the A2
  153. HD-XA2 refurb for only $199.99
  154. Dvd player to hd
  155. I have decided NOT to buy a Blu-ray player - need suggestions on regular DVD player
  156. Can I buy a player now?
  157. The punisher war zone 2008
  158. What is the best DVD software for burning large compilations?
  159. Which is the better upscaler?
  160. HD-A2 or HD-A3?
  161. 1 HD dvd question and 1 HDMI question!
  162. A-30 + ethernet 4.0 firmware
  163. Having trouble update A3 with 4.0 update
  164. Toshiba still showing luv to HDdvd
  165. iNetvideo.com HD DVDs for $5.99 to $9.99
  167. New Firmware 4.0 HD- X-A2
  168. BluRay/HD DVD combo player
  169. Mystery Of The Nile: HD DVD Spanish Import
  170. Is Toshiba's XDE DVD player any good?
  171. new xbox doesn't recognize hd dvd player
  172. Is now a good time to buy HD DVD players?
  173. Venturer HD DVD player and two HD DVD's for $60 delivered Buy.com
  174. A couple of questions about my Toshiba HD DVD Player Model: HD-A20
  175. HD-A3 Firmware question
  176. Onkyo DV-HD805 HD DVD player back in stock
  177. Update On Toshiba Exchange & Customer Service
  178. Are you an HD geek :)??? I need your help!
  179. Did anyone make a silver HD DVD player?
  180. If you have a large library of HD DVD movies I would consider this...
  181. Toshiba HD DVD Model: HD-A20 Firmware update from PC to the player how?
  182. HD-XA2 remote
  183. firmware update/ problem?
  184. Toshiba Regza-Link
  185. HDMI cable for my Toshiba R419 upcoversion
  186. HDMI cable with the Toshiba upconversion DVD R410
  187. Help!!!!!!!!
  188. A3 with 3.0 firmware update question???
  189. Help: Using Panny 32lx700 RC for Tosh HD-A3
  190. HD-A30 Updated to 3.0.... But
  191. Looking for HD DVD Player for mostly upscaling...
  192. Did I pick up a lemon??
  193. Which would you buy?
  194. Why no sound on regular DVD's with my HD-A20?
  195. Xploited Cinema done?
  196. Will the Tohiba remote for the XA2 work with the Onkyo 805?
  197. How can I make my HD DVD player wireless?
  198. Onkyo rebadged XA2 refurb deal
  199. A-30 Remote ?
  200. lg bh 200 big problem
  201. Cat6 to A35
  202. A3 or Sony Upconverter?
  203. Anybody else picking up customer return HD DVD players?
  204. A2 Problem
  205. Upconverting 1080P DVD player - recommend??
  206. Hd Dvd A35 Firmware
  207. Finally.... 5 free HD dvd's showed up.
  208. Can I still find an external HD DVD player?
  209. help for a newbie
  210. Need one player to support NTSC, PAL, Secam
  211. X-a2
  212. problems playing hd moves
  213. HD-XA2 Black Screen issues? Any ideas?
  214. Internet feature on A-3
  215. hi newbie here have some ?s about purchasing new dvd player
  216. Pany BD30, Onkyo 606 and TrueHD
  217. Hd Dvd is the newest and best tech
  218. HD-DVD drives for under $27
  219. Accepted (Combo HD DVD)
  220. best hook-up for Sony Wega/DTV/HD-A3??
  221. HD-A3 freezing when using FF/REV on standard DVD
  222. First time with HD DVD!!
  223. I need your recommendation!
  224. compusa.com A3 $79.99 plus 4 movies in box
  225. Toshiba
  226. Firmware update for 1st generation HD DVD players
  227. Is there a New Firmware for the HD-A3 ??
  228. Toshiba pushes firmware 3.0 update to first-gen HD DVD players
  229. Hda30
  230. We were soldiers
  231. Toshiba Satellite X205-S9349 with dead TS-L802A HD-DVD drive
  232. Downloading Firmware
  233. Just scored an XA2
  234. Hd Xa1
  235. Help, cannot play HD DVD on gateway comp
  236. reason for error message on A-30
  237. How long to get firmware thru mail??
  238. HD-A30 firmware upgrade
  239. New firmware update version 3.0 for the 1G HD DVD players here
  240. hd and blu-ray dvd's
  241. Problems with Transformers on my Xbox360 HD Player
  242. Need to copy DVDS!!!
  243. Dual Players
  244. CNET On Toshiba's HD DVD Player: 'Very Good'
  245. Justice League New Frontier
  246. Surround Sound for A2/A20?
  247. Problem with new A-30......
  248. Dallas Area - Any HD-DVD players?
  249. Gods and Generals
  250. What will be the last HD title?
  251. Best 6 HD DVD's based soley on picture quality?
  252. My local Best Buy has new in the box A3's for $99
  253. HD-A30 question
  254. I thought HD DVD players could play PAL SD DVD's???
  255. Audio with the A30
  256. Toshiba HD-A30 Power Cord
  257. XA2 not working with any remote
  258. Help with recording
  259. Just Picked Up a HD-A30 $129
  260. HAs Circuit City Pulled the HD DVD's Yet
  261. A List of Combo HD DVD Titles
  262. Deal, or no Deal? You make the call..
  263. Help With My A20
  264. Amazon giving $50 store credit for every HD DVD purchased there!
  265. HD-xa2 and Denon 2308
  266. Microsoft releases one more Xbox 360 HD DVD player update
  267. Who's got their Best Buy gift cards yet?
  268. Wal-mart offers up HD DVD returns
  269. 300 not working on A2
  270. 1080p/60 v. 1080p/24
  271. A35 -- on some movies, video freezes & audio continues...
  272. have some ?
  273. Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai
  274. Are there any SD upconverting players with the Raeon chip???
  275. Terminator 2 anybody?
  276. Time to buy a HD-DVD player.......
  277. New Betamax to HD DVD dual format recorder/player
  278. Best Buy Canada now offering 50 dollar gc
  279. HD-DVD Not Dead?
  280. Zodiac Directors Cut 2 Disc Special Edition
  281. HD DVD darkness issue
  282. Toshiba HD-D3 or HD-D2
  283. A-30 vs. XA-2
  284. Any ideas with this problem?
  285. A3 HD Performance
  286. Holy Sh*t:price Of Hd Dvd Players Off The Chart
  287. Toshiba Satelite P205 S7476 HD DVD drive doesn't play certain movies
  288. Toshiba HD DVD Player Future Firmware Support! What the Future Holds if any?
  289. looking for back uo player
  290. The Ten Commandments
  291. Question about Harry Potter Box set
  292. Help! I need the A3 region free firmware hack!
  293. Unforgiven
  294. Investigation into Sony and others.
  295. Out of sync audio toshiba a3
  296. Amazon offering anything?
  297. Best Buy offers $50 GC to HD-DVD owners
  298. HD A35 ver. 2.0 firmware upgrade.
  299. The Triplettes of Belleville
  300. Samsung BD-UP5000 $380 plus shipping at Refurbdepot.com
  301. Got My 5 Free Movies Today
  302. Is one backup player enough?
  303. Toshiba HDXA2 for $299 at Ubid
  304. Venturer High-Definition DVD Player, SHD7000
  305. Question about Xploited Cinema
  306. Is it the player or the DVD?
  307. Michael Clayton
  308. Request for advise on buying a HD DVD player
  309. Toshiba HD-A20 $99 plus shipping from Newegg.com
  310. Atonement HD DVD
  311. Star Trek the Original Serties One
  312. Has Toshiba stopped making the players?
  313. Would this be Piracy?
  314. Great HD DVD deals at www.hddvdboxsets.com
  315. Top HD-DVD player?
  316. New Samsung BD-UP5000 Dual format player cheap
  317. If anyone has an A2 remote they don't need...
  318. Will a US HD-A3 Play HD Pal discs ?
  319. The Cowboys
  320. Best Buy - HD DVD players back in stock
  321. Firmware hacks or 3rd parties?
  322. Tiger Direct - A35 for $169.99 - GONE!
  323. I am Legend
  324. Best Buy
  325. Best Toshiba HD-DVD player ever built
  326. A30 upconvert working?
  327. Anyone looking for used HD DVDs?
  328. Looking for a Good Backup HDDVD Player??
  329. Into The Wild
  330. Circuit City offers returns to HD-DVD players
  331. The Amateurs
  332. HD DVD looks outstanding even on old 480i set
  333. Hd-xa1
  334. Does the Toshiba HD-A2 have the Reon Chip or not?
  335. HELP! A3-SONY No Sound
  336. Foriegn HD DVD Movies
  337. Remotes work with different models?
  338. Problem Playing Dvd on HD DVD Player?
  339. Toshiba HD EP10 1080P/24hz with v2.8 firmware qu
  340. Puny Persistent Storage
  341. I just recieved my A35 by mail but ordered it the 28th- can I still redeem my free 5?
  342. A2 upvonverter Vs. HLS 5687w upconverter
  343. Anyone got info on this?
  344. question re: web-enabled interactivity
  345. Looking for Video Converter!
  346. Toshiba HD-A2 or A3 which gives best picture
  347. HDDVD MP3/WMA/JPEG Support Petition
  348. Strange DTV problem caused by HD-A3?
  349. I also have a problem with my Toshiba HD-A3 - Stuck on Welcome
  350. Passthru Audio w/ XA-2
  351. Looking for Video Converter!
  352. Firmware Update Question ##
  353. Why is the HD-A2 Better Than the HD-A3 ??
  354. Problem With my Toshiba HD-A3 Please Help.
  355. Advice please:hd-20 OR hd-30
  356. Player says NO DISC
  357. Super Deal at Best Buy on HD-A35, A30, A3 and A20
  358. hd dvd for 10$$$
  359. HD DVD's still produced?
  360. Should I buy OB XA2 at BB for $199.00?
  361. Last second HD DVD player buys before promo ends
  362. Sony, Disney, and Dolby TrueHD
  363. Looking for an A35- anyone have any suggestions?
  364. XA2 or A35 for ONKYO HT-SR800
  365. Animated shows have this distortion, why?
  366. tips for setup of A35 via HDMI & Onkyo 605
  367. Toshiba Hd-A30 freeze-up
  368. DeepDiscount now have movies for 9.98. Let start buying!
  369. Watch your local Hollywood Video stores for clearance on HD-DVDs
  370. Training Day
  371. Newegg
  372. Beowulf
  373. Assasination of Jesse James
  374. Fry's Electronics: $79 A3, $99 A30, $149 A35
  375. any reveiws of beowolf?
  376. Proof that HD-DVD was before its time (and BD's)
  377. HDDVD Toshiba
  378. HD-DVD to TV with HDMI, gets "No Signal"
  379. What's up with Amazon on the hardware front?
  380. The Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on has been officially discontinued.
  381. 2 Port HDMI v1.3 Auto Switch Switcher with Onkyo 605?
  382. 360 HD-DVD Add on now $50
  383. "Paramount Nixes 'There Will Be Blood' HD DVD
  384. To Those that ordered Planet Earth for $29.99
  385. HDMI to VGA
  386. MY A3 is like stuck!!! help!!
  387. How Many Worldwide??
  388. SD DVDs issues in my A3
  389. Toshiba A35 for $149 at best buys
  390. HD A3 and HD A2?
  391. HD DVD Video Specs: What's inside your player?
  392. Connecting HDTV to HD DVD and HD Cable box
  393. HD-A3 No Audio from HDMI
  394. warning re: 5 free HD-DVD offer
  395. american gangster
  396. Planet Earth $29 HD-DVD Only
  397. Ubid XA2 Owners!
  398. 360 HD DVD addon under 50$ retail.
  399. Major HD-DVD titles for $12.20 shipped at DeepDiscount
  400. How long before its truly gone?
  401. LG BH200 Super Blu Blu-Ray HD DVD Combo Player
  402. What's the difference b/w the HD-30 and HD-35?
  403. Looking for DVD ripper software!
  404. Toshiba HD A3 clock
  405. What Really Happened to HD-DVD
  406. Toshiba HD-A3 now $99 at FutureShop
  407. Anyone think they'll extend the 5 free HD-DVD offer?
  408. Ph number to check on 5 free dvd offer
  409. Don't abuse your power High Def Blu-ray Disc!
  410. 5 Free HD DVD Offer Scam?
  411. DIY HD-DVD to Blu-Ray conversion
  412. How low will the price of an A35 go?
  413. If we would have known then what we know now...
  414. Toshiba HD-D3 now $79.99 at Costco
  415. Vudu?
  416. Amazon jumps on the boat.
  417. GameStop will no long take Add-on's/HDDVD movies for trade in
  418. Return of HDDVD to Walmart?
  419. where to buy Toshiba A35 now?
  420. Did I get a wrong free DVD?
  421. Toshiba A3 or A30 as upscalers
  422. quick question
  423. LG to continue HD DVD support
  424. Universal waves white flag
  425. Rumor: Samsung likely to drop HD DVD
  426. Where do I rent HD DVD's now?
  427. Will dual format players drop in price
  428. No Blu Ray for me
  429. Converting HD DVD Player to BD Player
  430. Now that its over, will movies still be sold?
  431. Toshiba A-30 upscaling
  432. Official: R.I.P. HD DVD
  433. Toshiba's Firmware Update Server Down
  434. Toshiba may continue HD DVD business: 19 February 2008
  435. A totally unscrupulous company
  436. No season 2 of Star Trek on HD DVD ??
  437. Refurbished Xa2's at Ubid only $228 each!
  438. At what price point would you still buy HD-DVDs?
  439. HD DVD - Don't drop it.
  440. To watch for ...
  441. If Toshiba
  442. Do you rent or buy?
  443. More Conjecture - Tosh. Pres. to announce end oF format tomorrow
  444. Still interested
  445. BD only fans, this is not your FORUM area!
  446. Breaking: Toshiba Claims NO DECISION on HD DVD future
  447. problems with A1 and std dvd
  448. Has Anybody Emailed Toshiba ??
  449. Investors cheer as Toshiba nears HD DVD surrender
  450. Toshiba mulls abandoning HD DVD: industry source
  451. Where the f%[email protected] are my 5 free HD-DVDs???
  452. Updating A3 Question
  453. Hopefully now we see an Xbox with a built-in HD drive format (i.e. Blu-ray)
  454. I own two HD DVD Players, now it's time to get some cheap HD DVDs
  455. IlovemesomeHD, here's another one, just for you!
  456. Now that Toshiba is going away...
  457. BREAKING Report: Toshiba May End HD DVD Format
  458. Digital Video Essentials HD Combo ???
  459. Should I wait to buy an A35, or will they not be going down in price any more?
  460. Honestly, I just see this as win-win for HD-DVD Owners like me:
  461. Toshiba HD DVD Question???
  462. Hd Dvd Dumps Hd Dvd
  463. Channels HD DVD
  464. Tosh HD-A3 audio output options
  465. direct from Toshiba
  466. Hd Dvd Died!!
  467. Netflix dumps HD DVD, opts for Blu-ray
  468. Wal-Mart dumps HD DVDs to back Blu-ray
  469. Ooops...Toshiba Expected to Drop HD DVD?
  470. HD DVD deathwatch: we're making it official
  471. Just heard this on the news....
  472. Huge A3 price drop
  473. Cat People
  474. TOSHIBA should hurry & release a portable HD-DVD player
  475. HD-DVD Changer?
  476. Where can I get the best deal on an A35?
  477. Can add files to Toshiba HD-A3
  478. CHill out HD DVD owners!
  479. HD DVD recordable & erasable media available.
  480. Michael Bay is a winner!
  481. bitstream or pcm?
  482. New 2.0 firmware for Tosh A-3
  483. Deepdiscount has some good prices
  484. Trouble with the HD-A2 over HDMI not component.
  485. Refurb HD-XA2s $228 at Ubid.com
  486. update help
  487. My A3 lost its update
  488. Pip
  489. Question about A30
  490. 1280 x 720 pixel resolution Best Setting ??
  491. Are There Free Calibration Programs Online....
  492. Toshiba Japan site not listing HD DVD players
  493. Firmware 2.0 for A3/A30/A35 is out !
  494. U control
  495. Does the Tosh HD-A30 support DVD-Audio?
  496. Cant play most Net fix HD
  497. HD question
  498. For HD-DVD playback, is the A35 significantly better than the XA2?
  499. My opinion on 2/11/2008
  500. % free dvds