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Blu-Ray and Ultra HD Blu-Ray Players

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  1. Sony UHD Blu-ray with Dolby Vision
  2. Introducing Panasonic’s UB450 and UB150 Blu-ray Players with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision™
  3. HD audio Streaming issue Oppo BDP-105D
  4. Oppo releases HDR10+ update for its UHD Blu-Ray players
  5. Sony UBP-X700 vs X800
  6. Analysts: Ultra HD Blu-ray Player Sales Continue To Advance In 2018
  7. LG launches UBK90 & UBK80 UHD Blu-ray players
  8. OPPO Digital Says Farewell
  9. Panasonic DP-UB9000
  10. Samsung To Add HDR10+ Playback To 2017 4K Blu-ray Players
  11. Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
  12. Panasonic DP-UB820 Supports HDR10+ and Dolby Vision
  13. Cambridge Audio's CXUHD UHD-BD Player
  14. What is the Blu Ray Player Software?
  15. LG Launches UP970 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player with Dolby Vision
  16. Cambridge Audio’s New 4K Blu-Ray Player With Dolby Vision, The CXUHD
  17. OPPO 203 Firmware update
  18. 2017 Ultra HD Blu-ray Players
  19. New Phillips BDP7502 and BDP5502 UHD BD Players
  20. Sony UBP-X800 UHD BD Player
  21. Samsung Unveils Pair of 2nd Gen. Ultra HD Blu-ray Players
  22. New Panasonic DMP UB400 & UB300 UHD BD Players
  23. LG UP970 UHD Blu-ray Player
  24. Oppo UDP-203 Player With Dolby Vision Support
  25. Overview Of Current UHD-BD Players
  26. Panasonic puts the new 4K BD player on sale
  27. Choosing a UHD player
  28. Panasonic UB700 Coming Soon
  29. This will make a huge difference LG BD390 ......!!!
  30. Oppo BDP 103 Zooming Mess ........
  31. Phillips BDP7501 UHD-BD Player
  32. Sony UHD-BD Player: Only If Format Takes Off
  33. Panasonic To Release UHD-BD Player This Year
  34. 4K upscale blu ray player necessary?
  35. Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player Announced
  36. PS3 strange vertical white lines.
  37. Need Blu Ray Player 5 GHZ capable
  38. Worth fixing a Pioneer BDP-53fd, or just get a new one?
  39. New bluray player?
  40. Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD audio issue
  41. How to play blu-ray files on Windows?
  42. Playing BluRay content on the Mac?
  43. Blu-ray player to play "X-Men: Days of Future Past" blu-ray
  44. Samsung BD-F6500 question about bookmarks
  45. question
  46. connections
  47. need a blu ray player
  48. Grainy scenes on newer blurays on my player
  49. Bad Blu-ray Quality - Please Help
  50. Samsung BD 6500 vs Sony BDP S5100
  51. Any list of Blu-Ray players with Netflix 5.1?
  52. Panasonic DMP-BD89 Amazon Instant?
  53. HDMI vs S-Video vs DVI-HDTV?
  54. LG BH6730S "No Disc" error on 2 players
  55. Regionless Blu Ray player?
  56. Advantages of using SD memory card in Blu Ray Player
  57. blu ray player problems....
  58. Gray Diagonal Lines On Screen
  59. Oppo 103 vs playstation
  60. Blu-Ray Player With A 720p TV
  61. No sound when i play blu-ray discs.
  62. My own mini review of the BDP-S5100
  63. Sony Blu-Ray S5100
  64. Samsung BD-F5900 Blu-ray 3D Player Review
  65. Samsung HT-C6530 Home Theater not able to play 1080p DTS MKV files, but..
  66. Sony S5100 Setup Advice Please
  67. Sony BDP-S5100 3D Blu-ray Disc Player
  68. Blu-ray Player Advice
  69. Firmware upgrade
  70. Looking to buy first blu-ray player.
  71. LG Blu ray player--only 2 channel audio outputted
  72. i want letterboxing
  73. Sharp BD-AMS20 problems
  74. Movie streaming question
  75. Samsung BD-E6500 or Pioneer BDP 450?
  76. Getting sound but no picture
  77. Using flash drive with blu ray player
  78. image quality of DVD disks with BR Panasonic DMP-BDT500
  79. How to Hook up Blu-ray tonon HMDI television?
  80. Problem with Oppo BDP-105
  81. Trouble with bluray toshiba BDK21KU
  82. Help! Samsung Blu-Ray player acting up
  83. Can Oppo BDP-93 play PAL format
  84. Connect HDMI Blu Ray player to older HDTV
  85. Sony blu ray audio output problem
  86. No voices or sound effects through 5.1 ch audio
  87. Blu Ray with dead network
  88. "mode not supported" on my new Samsung Blu Ray
  89. Bluray players Wireless network capabilities?
  90. Do standard DVDs display black bars when played on a BluRay player?
  91. Onkyo HTS3300 sync up with Phillips BDP2600 failing
  92. blu ray connection issue
  93. help choosing blu ray
  94. Which 2D Wifi Blu Ray Player For Sammy LN40D630?
  95. Best Buy Selling $39.99 Toshiba Blu-ray Player on Black Friday
  96. Need advice for 3D Blue Ray Player
  97. How good is the Sony BDP-S500?
  98. Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray 3D Player - Review
  99. help with static line issue
  100. 1080p to 7201 issues
  101. Prometheus (2012)
  102. Looking for a BR player for a Panasonic TX-P50VT50E
  103. BluRay w/older receiver
  104. Viera Link Issue. Please help!
  105. Subtitle wont show while playing mkv file on my blu ray through a usb Drive
  106. Picture "shudder"_Cambridge Bluray to Panasonic Plasma
  107. Mini review of the Marantz UD5007 Universal 3D Player
  108. Get an Oppo 93/95 while you can!
  109. Anyone aware of a player with a >2x zoom function?
  110. Panasonic DMP-BD75 Firmware and Cinavia
  111. SONY BDP-S790 3D player reviewed and Top Pick at Home Theater
  112. Thanks to Oppo
  113. Is my blu ray player a QUALITY player?
  114. BluRay Multichannel Music
  115. Panasonic BDT-220
  116. Panasonic DMP-BD871 and DLNA
  117. 7.1 or PLII ???
  118. dvd player for netflix viewing
  119. Blu-ray connection for listening to music only
  120. Blue Ray and WMV
  121. 32bit or 12bit 4X2 Matrix Switcher?
  122. brand compatibility
  123. Chapter marks
  124. Blu-ray Player Recommendation in terms of DVD Error Correction Ability?
  125. Sony BDP-BX59 3D question
  126. Closed Captioning
  127. Blue Ray/Netflix/5.1
  128. Horizontal Bars
  129. Ble Ray-Netflix
  130. Sony BDPS 480
  131. Best bang for 200$
  132. New BD Player
  133. Blue Ray Reccomendations
  134. samsung link stick , whick router??
  135. Does the PS3 play NTSC DVD imports like other Blue-Ray players?
  136. Samsung DVD Bluray BD-D6500 Volume question
  137. What am I missing, if anything?........
  138. Is this the right setting for my ps3?
  139. Whats The Difference Between Wi-Fi Enabled and Ready?
  140. LG BD690 on sale
  141. Input on a region free blu ray player
  142. Panasonic DMP-BDT210 Screen Saver Issue
  143. Blu-Ray disc "The Help"
  144. New Format Player
  145. Pioneer Lx 70 A
  146. what is a good plain jane blu-ray player
  147. My panasonic BDT 210 won't play 1080i disk
  148. Blu-ray player with DVD recorder - is there such a thing?
  149. Connectify or Hotspot Iphone Hotel etc
  150. Just got a Samsung 46inch lcd 1080 120 tv, having problems with dvd, please help
  151. Blu-Ray player wont play Blu-Ray discs.
  152. Buying my first Blu-Ray player (Sony BDP-BX18)
  153. Review Nokia Lumia 800 V.S. iPhone 4S: Convert DVD/Video to mobile phone devices.
  154. Info on blu ray players
  155. Oppo BDP 93 VS HD DVD XA2
  156. ps3 picture quality
  157. Netflix Windowboxing on Sony Blu-ray - can it be fixed?
  158. Which One??
  159. anyone happen to know of a player with the following features?
  160. HDMI blu ray connection problem
  161. LG BD670 How to stop Auto Updates??
  162. Would love info on a new Blu Ray Player
  163. How do you delete Blu-ray player history?
  164. Help needed
  165. Blu Ray Cleaners Need Help finding a good one.
  166. Please help me understand my blue ray player options.
  167. warning, dont buy SACD products.
  168. swapping my lg dvd surround sound to blu ray player
  169. Dreaded Netflix Black Flicker
  170. HD DVD should have won freakin firmware!
  171. How to upgrade browser on Blu Ray player?
  172. watched some movies on our new oppo93
  173. Panasonic DMP-BDT210 with Mitsubishi DLP
  174. Recommendations for a non 3D blu-ray?
  175. The Spears & Muncil testing disc,your opinion?
  176. any news about the oppo 93, streaming or other info
  177. Pop Quiz!
  178. Best blue ray player for 100.00 or less ???
  179. Denon Blue Ray Players?
  180. Sony BDP-S780 or Oppo BDP-93
  181. any new 3d system for net year?
  182. what can the oppo93 stream from the wireless
  183. Is there any way I can take this $40 Blu-Ray player online without spending $50?
  184. Blu-ray problem?
  185. help, either player going bad or movies are bad
  186. optical audio out on BDT310, is it 7.1 digital
  187. whats the best sounding blue ray player for audio CD's
  188. wanting to use new blue ray player as a good CD player, any opinions?
  189. i heard that streeming blue ray is a waste of time
  190. Panasonic Avatar Rebate Question
  191. Sound out of sync on blu-ray player
  192. blu ray help
  193. Blu Ray with best file support?
  194. Extended Warranties
  195. Input On New Blu Ray Player.
  196. Looking For A Region Free Blu Ray Player
  197. Is web enabled player needed with web enabled tv?
  198. Panasonic DMPBD75
  199. BDPS350 Sound Issues. Please Help.
  200. Blu-ray Ratio Settings
  201. HDMI Connection Type
  202. Lg hr536d
  203. Confusion over upscaling. . .
  204. Oppo BDP 93 vs Playstation 3
  205. Do you need the same brand of blu-ray player as your tv?
  206. Does this audio feature exist?
  207. Please recommend BR player for under $100
  208. LG BD670 youtube function
  209. LG BD670 vs. Pana CT34WX50
  210. Blue ray hdmi connection
  211. Difference Panasonic DMP-BDT110/210
  212. Panasonic blue ray player DMP-BTD100
  213. LG BD630 Blu-ray Player Impressions
  214. Looking for a blu ray
  215. Sony BDP-S580 or Panasonic DMP-BDT210
  216. Bluray on Component cables
  217. External hard drive for media streamer?
  218. Blu-ray player recommendation.....
  219. Dmpbdt210
  220. Blu-Ray Player needs
  221. Possible to go disc-less with Blu-Ray?
  222. Blu ray vs upconverting dvd
  223. BD compatibility with my blu ray external drive
  224. Sound mode question on my Blue ray player???
  225. sony bdp-s360 blue ray player
  226. Any decent Blu Ray player for around $50 yet?
  227. models offered from walmart different then other stores?
  228. LG-BD670 or LG-BD690
  229. Blue Ray Static issues
  230. PS3 (Fat) audio problems with Onkyo 607
  231. Blu-Ray DVD player and Netflix questions
  232. Oppo BDP-93 may be going back
  233. Hz supported by Bluray player
  234. PS3 loses sound when I pause movie
  235. SOLVED connecting Samsung Blue-Ray to Internet
  236. I want Mac Mini w/ BR
  237. Sony BDP-S300 Stuttering Problem
  238. Help me decide on ~$200 BD player
  239. Samsung Blu-Ray audio issues
  240. Pioneer Elite BDP-43FD Wireless Dongle (AS-WL200)
  241. Blu-ray shopping....
  242. router misery
  243. Panasonic BD65 won't load Pandora
  244. Problems with new Blu Ray Player
  245. Sony DVD Player BDP S470 Won't play certain USB external drive?
  246. Oppo BDP-95
  247. Region 2 Questions again....Is this a blu ray?
  248. Any reason...
  249. dvd and netflix question
  250. Region 2 Players
  251. DMP BD 85 Viera cast problems and settings questions
  252. Component compatability, hook up
  253. Odd problem with ps3 and aspect ratio
  254. PANNY BD 85 Wireless problems.
  255. Don't need redundant wireless features
  256. Samsung BD-C5500
  257. OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray Player Review (by HDGURU)
  258. Panasonic DMP-BD85 $139.99 at Sears
  259. PS3 Slim Bitstream Problem
  260. new panasonic 210 can do netflix DD+
  261. another 16:9 question
  262. Blu-Ray player to go with Panasonic GT25
  263. Blu-Ray player that plays DVD audio
  264. Can a SDTV display anything at all from a B-R disc via component cables?
  265. Panasonic delivers the 2011 3D BD player BMP-BDT110P
  266. Any help understanding usb funtions on Sony BDP-s470 please....
  267. Looking for a New Blu Ray Player, Need Some Ideas I Only Know Older Panasonic.
  268. Netflix with BD-390
  269. Best Option for Streaming NetFlix???
  270. Need help with blu-ray selection
  271. Oppo BDP-83 - Will it ever be able to stream Netflix?
  272. blue ray player advice
  273. Best place to sell my blu ray player?
  274. Panasonic 210,310 Checkerboard?
  275. Sony N460 problems with Alien Anthology playback
  276. What upscales better?
  277. Sony BDP-S350
  278. Home theater w/wirless speaker issue.
  279. Pansonic BD45 5.1 issue
  280. Insignia NS-WBRDVD2 BD Region Free player
  281. Blu Ray Recorder?
  282. Pioneer Elite Blu Ray
  283. Sony BDP-570 Dolby Playback Problems
  284. Much help would be appreciated!
  285. Netflix Stream; Blu-Ray vs. Roku??
  286. USB Playback Woes
  287. Volume Fluctuation?
  288. Blu-ray framerate slowdown and glitches?
  289. split blu ray player signal to SD tv
  290. Help..Sony BDP-S570 not outputting HD sound
  291. Which 3D Blu-Ray for Panasonic VT25?
  292. Panasonic SC BT235 Viera Link Help?
  293. Dual hdmi output
  294. SDHC card for Blu-ray player???
  295. New Blu-ray player won't show visuals/video...
  296. Hack for Sony BDP-S570
  297. DMP BD30 Panasonic Blu-Ray Player and no sound!
  298. Panasonic BDT350 ............. Anywhere?
  299. PS3 for BlueRay?
  300. Cheap BR player with good upscaling for older Samsung DLP with overscan?
  301. Help With BD Selection
  302. Need BluRay player, streaming dlna for mp4 and mt2s
  303. WD MyBook will not connect to LG BD570
  304. Internet Connection
  305. Good Wifi Blu Ray for Streaming Netflix
  306. BD-390 (LG) jumpy off-speed playback
  307. Wall Mountable Blu Ray Player
  308. Sony BDP-S570 or PS3
  309. Smallest blu-ray player?
  310. Wireless Stream PC to HDTV via Blu-Ray Player?
  311. rgb connector for bluray
  312. Blu-Ray component to PVR
  313. why would u need a wifi blu ray player???
  314. what blu ray player to get with my g25??
  315. Ghosting problem with Panasonic DMP-BD85K
  316. question about blu ray player?
  317. LG BD550 wireless?
  318. WD TV Hub Vs. Blu-Ray Players Vs. All others
  319. New Blu-Ray Player Samsung BD-C5500
  320. Oppo BDP-95 Universal Audiophile 3D Blu-ray Player
  321. Sony BDP-S570 - Bizarre judder on DVD playback
  322. Which one would you pick-Sony S570 or Panny 85k
  323. Best router for streaming to BD Player?
  324. frustrated with blu-ray as an over all technology
  325. Are there any Bluray units that let you skip all commercials?
  326. Blu-Ray Upgrade Advice: Panasonic BD85k vs. LG BD570
  327. Panasonic DMP-BD80 ???'s (help)
  328. Avatar wont play on new bd player
  329. Kenwood KR-V8540 and Sony BDP-S570
  330. Do I need another way to stream Netflix?
  331. Question re Samsung 3600 wireless
  332. Help needed with Sony BDPS570
  333. Blu-ray Home Theater (Optical Cable connection problem)
  334. BD Audio MIX Setting on Sony BDP-S370 (BX37)
  335. BR player (bx37) or upscaling dvd player for 37 inch TV at 720P?
  336. my 1st panny product
  337. I'm lost, need help on a new player
  338. Panasonic Blu Ray Player
  339. USB WiFi adapter for Insignia Bluray player?
  340. Do any Blu-Ray Players have more than 1 HDMI ouput?
  341. DLNA Question
  342. $200 to spend on 3D blu ray player
  343. Panasonic 3D Blue Ray Players
  344. Samsung BDP compatibility with Mitsu WS-55511 rear projection
  345. Sony s270??
  346. Panasonic player
  347. Wireless Blu-Ray players and home server options
  348. best black friday deal
  349. Can't update firmware files on my BR player?
  350. BDP w/Netflix & Wifi for under 125.00?
  351. Should I keep this Samsung BD-P3600?
  352. Player?
  353. Which is it, the TV or the BD player?
  354. Surfing youtube with a Panasonic BDT 300
  355. Is this a good player/deal?
  356. Sony S370 SACD problem
  357. New BD Player??
  358. DMP-BD65K or DMP-BD85K?
  359. Panasonic BD65
  360. Sony s370 or PS3
  361. Firmware update failure.
  362. new bluray player?
  363. Help Needed
  364. Green screen of death on Blu Ray Player
  365. The PS3 (& wii) no longer need a Netflix Disc
  366. SONY N 460 great deal
  367. Can I use Samsung BD-P1580 with a Surround Sound?
  368. Sony BDP-S360 HD-DTS trouble
  369. Let player upconvert?
  370. BDP-350 giving me only 1080i what am I doing wrong?
  371. Sony S360?
  372. Some Sound/Some not with VAIO to TV
  373. audio pops on blu-ray disk (Sony BDP-S570)
  374. Panny BD-65 or Sony S370?
  375. Oppo BDP-93 Networking Universal Blu-ray Player
  376. Broadcast Quality Blu Ray
  377. question about blue ray?
  378. SAMSUNG BD-C6900 3D issue
  379. Panasonic or Ps3
  380. Oppo BDP-83 video drop out issue
  381. Official Samsung firmware update notice thread
  382. Should I keep it?
  383. Blu Ray does not work on HDMI but Sky box does
  384. Hardware modded Oppos
  385. Should I get a Blu-Ray
  386. Any good sites comparing Blu-Ray players
  387. Samsung Blu-ray players won't play Warner, Universal movies after firmware update
  388. oppo bdp80 vs panasonic dmp bd30
  389. BDP-x57 problems
  390. BDP-BX57 $190 @Costco
  391. Is a Blu-ray player really worth it?
  392. LG BD390 will not read a DVD after doing a update
  393. Ebay Panny 3d Demo Disc
  394. DMP-BDT300 DEMO Disk
  395. What do you think about this solution?
  396. Sony vs Pany
  397. Samsung BD-P3600
  398. Which is the best way to upgrade my 3D system
  399. Confusion over how a blu ray player plays...
  400. Samsung BD Players
  401. streaming SD a poor experience
  402. Playing 3D Blu Ray on TV from HDD
  403. RCA Portable Blu Ray Player
  404. New Sony Blue Ray S570 Question about WEB TV
  405. PS3 ease of use accessing Internet TV content
  406. 3D Blue Ray
  407. SD playback confusion on blu ray...
  408. Sound Problem
  409. New Blu-Ray player
  410. [Question] Bluray HDD DVR Box
  411. Question
  412. Do I buy another?
  413. LG BD390 won't play particular BD. What to check?
  414. Good Blu-ray Player For Under $200 For The Bedroom
  415. Blu Ray demands it's own HDMI slot.
  416. Where's Yahoo Widgets, Flickr...?
  417. Portable blu ray player? Need small size
  418. Black Bars
  419. Firmware upgrade
  420. Help! LG BD570 won't play .AVI and other filetypes from Hard Drive
  421. Panny DMP-BD65 Internet Failure
  422. panny dmp-bd60k
  423. New to Blu-ray - please advise!
  424. Damn it! BDP S550 is DEAD!
  425. Blu-ray for newbie
  426. bluray player issue
  427. Picture problem with my Blu Ray player
  428. Looking to upgrade from LG BH200
  429. blue ray features
  430. Avatar BR looks great, War of the Worlds BR, not so much
  431. sony bdp-bx1 not outputting 5.1 with blu-ray
  432. PS3 Audio Issue: LPCM Signal Always Processed as Dolby PrologicII
  433. Tropic Thunder Won't Play
  434. need help/advice re audio issue
  435. Netflix VS: New Blu Ray player
  436. looking for BR player - what features to get?
  437. Recording Blu Ray for elderly parents?
  438. Looking for a BD player that is a good match
  439. Black Bars During DVD Playback. / Green Tint Issue.
  440. BD-C6500 vs. BDP-S570
  441. Ns-brdvd3
  442. Hdmi cable does not work on dvd
  443. How exactly can I request a CD-ROM with new firmware updates from the manufacturer?
  444. Sound not in sync with picture with 5.1 speakers
  445. LG BD570 Audio Setup questions
  446. bd-c6500 connects to network but not internet
  447. Just bought a new BluRay system, had a question...
  448. Vizio VBR200W
  449. PS3 power button
  450. Problem with Toshiba blu-ray
  451. LG BD570 My 2 cents!!
  452. Panasonic DMP-BD85K
  453. I'm new to this (Sony bd57X aka BD570)
  454. Doubts on Blue Ray DVD Players
  455. PS3 and Edge of Darkness Blu-Ray
  456. Thx pioneer, oppo83se, ps3?
  457. OPPO 83 and DTV?
  458. Suggestion - 2nd Blu Ray
  459. Slight 'hiccup' in sound on Blu-ray
  460. Intermittent loss of DVD picture on Blu-ray player
  461. LG BD570 or Sony BDP-BX57 (S570)
  462. Oppo 83 online??
  463. Which player - that has Netflix and Pandora
  464. Firmware update for Pioneer BDP51FD
  465. Audio does not match picture
  466. Firmware 2.3 for Samsung BD P1400
  467. 3-D Players
  468. Vizio VBR200W Info
  469. NEED HOOK-UP ADVICE: Sony BDP-BX1 Blu-Ray & Sony STR-DN1000 Recvr
  470. Sony ES BDP-S1000ES questions. Please help
  471. DEAL ALERT Kmart dot com has Magnavox Blu Ray Player for $54.99!!!
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  473. Blu-ray player that can play MKV files
  474. PS3 vs. Sony BDP-570
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  478. Viera cast question - need urgent help
  479. Philips bdp3020
  480. best $150 blu ray player?
  481. LG BH200 New Firmware
  482. Pana DMP-BD85K
  483. Samsung BD-P1400 New Firmware
  484. Sony BDP S1000es for $300 or Sony bdp S570 for $250
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  493. Seeking Guidance . . .
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  498. Which Player?
  499. how good is the ps3 blue ray player?
  500. Panasonic Blu-Ray players ever planning on having Netflix ?