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Blu-Ray and Ultra HD Blu-Ray Players

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  1. Sony BDP-BX1 Auto Start
  2. Component/ HDMI issue
  3. Marantz's pricey BD8002 Blu-ray player on sale in UK
  4. New Magnavox NB530MGX Blu-ray Player Surfaces At Wal-Mart
  5. Interested in LG BH200
  6. Bdp-s550
  7. Monster cables vs generic?
  8. Uncompressed PCM 5.1
  9. Panasonic BD35 or Sony BDP-S550
  10. Blu-ray HD Audio Vs. Non-HD Audio...is there a difference??
  11. weird audio issue on my Sony S300
  12. What Blu-Ray player for my dad?
  13. I don't want to see fireworks after plugging this in...
  14. Pioneer prices latest trio of Blu-ray players
  15. Upconvert via hdmi only or component cables too?
  16. sony s550 $329 at bestbuy
  17. Difference between movies on Blu-Ray or FIOS?
  18. having trouble watching some blu-rays on bd1500
  19. Panasonic DMP BD55K
  20. Help with BD audio set up?
  21. Will Not Memorize BD Movies
  22. Latest PS3 firmware update hits consoles (FW 2.60)
  23. Memorex Blu-ray Player for $99.99
  24. help, BD wont play some movies...
  25. BluRay with a 720P LCD TV...should I get one?
  26. Newbie question about BD players set up...
  27. Got my bd-s350 today
  28. Panny BD35 vs. Sony S350
  29. Where are the Panasonic DMP-BD 35 and 55
  30. Can I get to Blu-Ray Nirvana with an old ...
  31. If I Were To Ask Right Now, At This Very Moment, Straight Up...
  32. Sony 400 BD Mega Changer - Photo
  33. Insignia NS-BRDVD picture?
  34. Blu-Ray Jitter on the PS3
  35. BDP-1500 audio problem
  36. Samsung BD1500 Bluray 1080P?
  37. Sony bdv-is1000
  38. El Cheapo Blu-Ray v.2 Player?
  39. Twiddling my thumbs
  40. Get a Blu Ray free.......
  41. Panasonic BD 35 and 55 Firmware
  42. Denon vs Pioneer
  43. Standard DVD looks awful on Panasonic BD55k
  44. Anyone else have problems download BD-Live from The Dark Knight DVD?
  45. BDP-2500/2550 now resumes non java enabled discs...
  46. Insignia NS-2BRDVD vs Samsung BD-P1500
  47. 2 questions about Bonus View
  48. Is it safe to use this download?
  49. DVD Player - Panasonic DMP-BD35 HD-SDI, Price: $ 1,129.00
  50. Samsung updates the BD-P2500/2550 with DTS-HD HRA/MA
  51. Sony bdp-s 350 Question
  52. Samsung BD-P1500 going cheap!
  53. Searching for Codes
  54. Sony BDP-S350 not that impressed!
  55. How to use PS3 as BlueRay player as well as media center connecting with iPod?
  56. Leaning Toward the BD35
  57. Sony 350 question
  58. Sony BDS350
  59. Samsung BDP-2500/2550 2.4 firmware update adds DTS-HDMA/HR...
  60. Need a blu-ray player for under $229
  61. sony bdp s350 vs s550 whats the dif besides price
  62. Anyone Have Any Info On The Onkyo BD Player?
  63. Panny BD35 and a nasty surprise...
  64. Samsung to Launch Thin Blu-ray Disc Player at CES
  65. 5.1 w/ S350 Via Coaxial
  66. About BDP-S350 Firmware
  67. Has anybody gotten either of these 2 movies to play on a BDP-S300/S301
  68. Leave resolution set to auto?
  69. I need help!
  70. sony bdp s300 with onkyo 604,best way to get best sound
  71. Why Do Panny Players Auto-Stretch Some Non-16X9 DVDs?
  72. Are PCM Tracks Being Processed Correctly Based On This Setup?
  73. Just got samsung 1500- cant find receptical for RF remote
  74. Getting ready to hook up my 350, a few ?'s.
  75. Weird Severe problem with Samsung BDP-1500 (Video included)
  76. Sony BDP-S350 / TrueHD question
  77. Simple Question, maybe
  78. BD Player Recommendation / Sound Question
  79. Panasonic BD35
  80. Just a few blu-ray questions
  81. Sammy BDP-1500 Pioneer VSX-82TXS PCM Audio Issue
  82. Looking for a BDP that's right for me
  83. audio sync problem
  84. A player that bitstreams everything?
  85. BP at Costco
  86. Watching DVDs with my Sony BDP-s350
  87. will ps3 ever upconvert over component?
  88. Blu-Ray not looking so hot; any suggestions?
  89. 1080i vs 1080p what is the difference
  90. 720p vs 1080p with ps3
  91. Which BD Player ??
  92. Sony BDP-S350 HDMI Question.
  93. BD connection suggestions
  94. Anybody have any Ideas
  95. Best Blu ray for Westinghouse TV's
  96. Something wrong with the decoding...
  97. I know its here but I cant find it:firmware update.
  98. Help me find a BP........
  99. Samsung HL-R5688W 1080p and PS3 BluRay
  100. Red Tint via HDMI
  101. sony BDP S350 audio Output Signals page 62
  102. PS3 audio question
  103. blu-ray rant
  104. Hooking up BDP-S550 Wireless
  105. PCM 48 ??? No blue indicator light on Sony Receiver
  106. Olevia BDP-110 vs Sony S350
  107. Panny BD-35 version number?
  108. Blu Ray not filling screen
  109. Curtis Mathes Blu-ray Disc Player - Black (CMMBX72)
  110. Surround Sound question...
  111. BDs350 and samsung 40 inch 530 series black bars.
  112. no sound
  113. BD55 Setup Questions
  114. Panny BD55 analog vs digital coax
  115. Bluray vs. upscaling DVD
  116. Sony Bluray DVD BDP-S550 for $249 @ Fry's
  117. Panasonic BD30
  118. weird blu-ray problem
  119. witch one????
  120. lip sync problem with BD55
  121. PCM or Bitstream
  122. Blu-Ray on 720p DLP
  123. Old DVD improvement on Blu-Ray Player
  124. Blu-Ray vs. upconvert DVD
  125. a little audio help please
  126. Onkyo 805 and Pany DMP BD35 Question?
  127. Keep ps3 or buy new blu ray player...
  128. normal blu ray vs. ps3 blu ray
  129. A decent Blu Ray Player for HD sound
  130. BD Live, please humor a newbie...
  131. Zoom Feature
  132. PS3 cable to Hitachi 51g500
  133. BD30 vs BD35
  134. Sony 350 and Onkyo 706
  135. Blu-ray player audio 3.1/5.1 help
  136. USB memory for the BDP-S350
  137. Sony BDP-BX1 Blu-ray Player from sams club
  138. Sharp BD player & Batman Begins-$230.00 until 12/20/08 deal
  139. Anyone own the Sony 350??? Need help.
  140. NOTE to Non-HDMI analog users of Panasonic BD55K players
  141. blu ray audio
  142. Blue Ray DVD player outputs
  143. Cannot get audio from my PS3 through my Denon AVR-2308CI
  144. Panny - BD35
  145. Onkyo 5100- Sony bdp350 or Pan bd55?
  146. No Ethernet connection where my blu-ray player
  147. Just bought the Denon 2500btci
  148. Please HELP! DVD's look worse on bluray player!
  149. BD10A wont play Horton Hears A Who
  150. 42" 1080p + BR player for $860
  151. Quick HDMI Question, Please help......
  152. Just got my Panasonic BD35
  153. PS3 compatible with dolby HD?
  154. Panny DB55 problem
  155. Panny BD-55 7.1 analog outputs
  156. How Can We Be Sure Video Is Passing Straight Through A Receiver?
  157. My 'BD10A Does A Strange Thing With Some Non-Anamorphic DVDs...
  158. Has anyone tried this "my commentary" stuff yet?
  159. Oppo preps early adoption program, beta BDP-83 Blu-ray player available in few weeks
  160. HELP Please Panasonic bd35 Networking problems
  161. Sony BDP-S550 set-up question
  162. New Firmware for Panny BD35 and 55 released 12/8/08
  163. Which BD player for older high end theater?
  164. Sherwood Begins Shipping Its BDP-5003 Blu-ray Player
  165. Sony S550 Output Question
  166. rich color on ps3
  167. Why should I get a PS3?
  168. bd 1400 Samsung firmware vs. audio
  169. Panasonic Blue-Ray BD-35 - U73 ERROR
  170. PS3 Or Panasonic DMP BD35
  171. Broadcom's latest SoC finds a home in 2009 Samsung Blu-ray lineup
  172. blu-ray newbie needs advice........
  173. Best stereo output from Panny BD35 or Sony S350?
  174. Panasonic 35 HDMI problem fixed
  175. sony blue ray player model bdp s300 on my vizio VW32L
  176. What's up with the "stop" feature?
  177. LINK - Panasonic Mail in Rebate
  178. Did I make a mistake?!?!?
  179. Should i let the blu-ray player do the upconversion or the Onkyo receiver?
  180. ???Buying a Blue Ray player???
  181. Good Blue Ray Good Price...?
  182. You Guyz Suck!
  183. Damn...There's Just So Many Models to Choose From...
  184. Good Deal on PS3?
  185. Resource Page for Samsung BluRay Players
  186. Samsung BD-P1200 Firmware ver. 2.5
  187. No sound on my PS3
  188. Decent Deals on Panasonic DMP 35 and 55 on Amazon.com
  189. Samsung BD-P1500 won't play normal DVDs!
  190. Blu-Ray, Sony STRDG820 Receiver and HDMI
  191. Denon Announces Flagship Blu-ray Player
  192. Help with picture on a Blue ray player
  193. The CNET UK Blu-ray player speed challenge
  194. DVD-Audio plays in BD-55; why?
  195. blue ray player
  196. Bought a Blue Ray finally - Review
  197. Blu-Ray player ethernet connection
  198. DMP-BD35K versus BDP-S350
  199. HELP..Panasonic dmp-bd35
  200. 1080P (Blu-Ray) on a 1080I Display?
  201. Lossless Audio: Analog or HDMI?
  202. Another older receiver with BlueRay
  203. Magnavox NB500MG9 - to keep or upgrade?
  204. BLUE RAY for Cyber Monday???
  205. NAD's BD-Live-enabled T587 Blu-ray deck heads to Canada for $1,600
  206. BD-55 will not restart from where I left off
  207. sony bdp s350 setup menu
  208. No Sound issue
  209. Have Q's -BDP S350 Sony
  210. NAD's Profile 2.0 T587 Blu-ray player coming to UK for £850
  211. Sharp introduces new Blu-ray player
  212. Use on Sony-550 analog 8-connetors, waste of money?
  213. Clarification (Panny BD-35) and bitsteam question
  214. Blu-ray player with Netflix question
  215. Which to buy: Panny BD-35 or BD-55 based on my receiver?
  216. BluRay vs HD VOD
  217. Blu-Ray Help! Quick!
  218. Samsung DLP + Samsung P1400
  219. HDMI Cables?
  220. Blu-ray Question
  221. Panasonic DMP-BD55 audio questions
  222. Wifey on way home with Blu Ray!!
  223. Just got the bdp2500 for $269.00 from Amazon...
  224. What Blu-ray player to match older 5.1 receiver?
  225. Go here for a BD55K
  226. I get more confused by the day
  227. Some more Blu-Ray questions
  228. $149 Insignia® - Blu-ray Disc Player
  229. Onkyo has a BD player?
  230. LG Electronics BD300 Blu-ray Disc Player To Receive High-Definition Streaming
  231. Samsung Blu-ray Players To Get Netflix HD Next Week
  232. Help, can i play movies or music from an external Hard Drive?
  233. Denon's Blu-ray Player Is Too Expensive
  234. How Can I Improve My Blu-Ray Picture?
  235. Can PS3 now bitstream?
  236. Blu ray component or dvi for now!!
  237. PS3 + Onkyo 605 True HD Issue
  238. Zektor HDS4.1
  239. Connection question
  240. What Player to get on Black friday
  241. Sony Firmware Update Reminder
  242. Sony BDP-S350 setup menu
  243. Sony model 350 question...
  244. What do y'all think?/Recommendations (long)
  245. Are All UpConvertors Created Equal
  246. PS 3 & DTS Master Audio
  247. Samsung 2550 Handshaking issue
  248. NO TrueHD audio
  249. Kogan intros AU$349 Profile 1.1 Blu-ray player for Australia
  250. cheap blu-ray player $128 magnavox 1.1 profile
  251. Samsung BDP1500 vs Sony BDPS350
  252. Blu Ray vs Upconvert
  253. Will I have enough adjustment to make analog sound good?
  254. Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player, NB500MG9
  255. Blue Ray Audio connections
  256. Is this shopping guide accurate? Quick help please...
  257. Memorex player $139 today only!
  258. bluray player + external hdd
  259. So what new toy's are you guys wanting to buy this holiday season
  260. Sony Blu Ray BDP300 5.1 Audio Out Volume Control
  261. Reccomend blu-ray player??
  262. Alternative to the Sony BDP-S350 - I don't like the blue
  263. Sharp Aquos BDHP21U for $179.99 *now* at Sears
  264. Sony S350 BD player for only $199.00 NOW, no waiting for Black Friday lines
  265. Sony BDP-S350 179.99 worth it?
  266. Advice on the Sony BDP-S350
  267. Pardon my ignorance
  268. Amazon deal 100 dollars off w/4 warner DVDs
  269. Sony BDP-S350 setup questions
  270. keep it simple blu-ray player
  271. problems with hellboy2 and sammy 1500 player
  272. Will this hurt my equipment? DMP-BD55 Analog Outs
  273. Onkyo finally launches $599 DV-BD606P "pro" Blu-ray player
  274. DTS-HD vs DTS
  275. Panasonic DMP-BD55K or a Sony Playstation 3 for blu-ray?
  276. Does Sony 350 have a zoom feature?
  277. Blue-Ray Player with Built-In Receiver?
  278. Any word on the memorex player?
  279. PS3 Detects 1080p on a 720p TV
  280. New Firmware for Samsung BD-UP5000
  281. lower player prices?
  282. 7.1/6.1 analog outs question...
  283. Blu-Ray audio problems with non hdmi connection
  284. Sony BDP-S300 + 4 Blu-Ray movies for $157.00 at Amazon
  285. NAD Unveils the T 587 High-End Blu-ray Player (T587)
  286. Compatability of Sony BDPS350??
  287. The Authoritative BD FAQ: II. Physical, Logical, and Application Specifications
  288. Bluray worth it for older TV
  289. Panasonic launches BD Live player at $299
  290. The PS3 blu-ray player
  291. Are Black Friday deals likely for new BD player models?
  292. Samsung 65 Series Support 24p?
  293. Bluray player for under $300 please help
  294. Panasonic DMP-BD55 or wait for Oppo??
  295. Sam bd-p1000 on the cheap..
  296. Internal DTS-HD decoding for Samsung Blu-ray players is delayed
  297. Explain the blu-ray audio formats
  298. sorta noob question re: ethernet connectivity for 2.0 BD players
  299. Blu Ray disc with "Deep Color"
  300. Insignia's $250 Profile 2.0 NS-2BRDVD Blu-ray player emerges at Best Buy
  301. Panasonic BD35K
  302. Pioneer Elite BDP-05FD
  303. Panasonic BD55K Blu Ray player question
  304. "DNR" and an "HDMI IN/HDMI OUT" Query...
  305. How do I get my Blu Player to broadcast in 1080i?
  306. Denon shows off 'reference-quality' Blu-ray player for UK
  307. Expected bass response - blu-ray
  308. New high-end Blu-ray player from Denon
  309. Panny Blu-Ray owners
  310. Will a Blu-ray provide better video than normal DVD player with SD DVD's?
  311. Sony BDP-S350 Audio Problem
  312. Sony BluRay BDPS350 and Dolby Digital
  313. Is Blu-ray Snake Oil?
  314. Panasonic Blu-ray v. upconverting player
  315. Panasonic DMP-BD35 Can't Output YCbCr 4:4:4
  316. Pirates 3 not Playing on BDP-S350
  317. Panny DMP-BD35K and DMP-BD55K now available on corporate perks site
  318. Review of Sony BDP-S550
  319. Samsung BD-P2500 & BD-P2550
  320. Insignia® - Blu-ray Disc Player Model: NS-BRDVD for $100 sorta....
  321. Why does it take so long to get to the menu screen playing the Casino Blu-Ray disc?
  322. Sony bdp-s350 vs Playstation 3
  323. Set-up question
  324. having problem with sony bdp-S350.wont play disk
  325. Sharp's BD-HP21U / BD-HP50U Blu-ray players arrive in Canada
  326. starShip Troopers....Need help.sony bdp-s350
  327. questions about ps3 as a blue ray player
  328. Help Please....BlueRay and Setup question
  329. Ps3 as blu-ray player
  330. PS 3 Playback problem
  331. What BD with analog outs for HD audio?
  332. Panasonic BD55K at Best Buy?
  333. BD-P1500 vs BDP-S350 thoughts?
  334. LG BH200 Blu-ray/HD DVD player $240 clearance priced at some Best Buy stores
  335. Sony BDP-S350 Blu-Ray player internet hookup
  336. Sherwood to Debut $300 Blu-ray Player in November
  337. Boot Up and Load Times
  338. ...What Would YOU Do?
  339. "Jaggies" and Horrible Distortions Through Red Objects/Words On Upscaled DVDs...
  340. Blu-ray player to hit $149 on Black Friday
  341. PS3 Firmware v2.50 is SOCOM Friendly
  342. New to Blu Ray
  343. Best place to buy?
  344. Samsung BDP 1400 issue???
  345. Sony's $400 Profile 2.0 BDP-S550 Blu-ray player now shipping
  346. blu-ray and quality for playing cd's?
  347. PS3 Won't Recognize DVDs
  348. How to make PS3 play Blu-ray in full screen?
  349. Awesome Samsung Repairs Support
  350. PS3 Aspect Ratio Issues-this one is different-please help!
  351. sharp blu ray
  352. Integra Ships $600 Blu-ray Disc Player
  353. PS3/Blu-Ray Audio Problem w/Sony Receiver
  354. Sony bdp-s350 blue-ray HDMI/720p output wont show on Mitsubishi HC1500 projector
  355. Dmp-bd35 & dmp-bd55
  356. samsung problems
  357. got early Xmass present Sony BD-S350 *****
  358. Sony BDP-S350 and Low Iron Man DVD Sound
  359. Problem with Sony BDP-S301
  360. Panasonic DMP-BD30 firmware v2.5
  361. BDPS350 Sound Problem - Need Help
  362. BlueRay 7.1 question
  363. PS3 or Stand Alone Blu-Ray
  364. Panasonic DMP-BD55 (DMP-BD55K) Blu-ray Player Review
  365. Panasonic Blu-Ray Picture Goes out during movie play
  366. Pioneer Introduces Their First DivX Certified® Blu-ray Players
  367. Dad friendly BD player.
  368. Blu-ray questions
  369. Panasonic DMP-BD30K w/Sharp monitor codes
  370. Sony S550 vs. Panasonic BD55
  371. Need New BLU-RAY player
  372. Samsung Firmware Update Status
  373. Denon DVD-2500BCT1 Secrets Benchmark Review
  374. Sony gifts BDP-S350 with BD-Live via firmware update
  375. Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD
  376. Blueray vs apple tv the futur is...
  378. Looking for a Blu-Ray player that ....
  379. Panasonic DMP-BD55K Listed in Amazon
  380. BDP-S300 $199 While supplies last
  381. Panasonic DMP-BD35 set-top priced at $399
  382. Memorex intros $269 MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player
  383. A few blueray questions!
  384. BDP-S301 for $229.99
  385. My thoughts on Sony S350
  386. Olevia Blu-ray Player
  387. Marantz BD Players - $ and Availability
  388. New Pioneer BDP 51fd Sale
  389. Connecting Blu-ray player to theatre surround system
  390. Looking for a new BD player, need help
  391. Panasonic DMP-BD30 $245 at Amazon.com
  392. upconverting DVD via BD
  393. Panasonic DMP-BD30K or PS3
  394. Funai Blu-ray Player Achieves DivX Certification(TM)
  395. Can anyone who has a Samsung BDP 2550 help with an audio setup glitch...
  396. ps3/bluray/receiver problem.
  397. Samsung BD-UP5000 going cheap!
  398. Sony s350 price?
  399. bdp-1400 and heroes season 2
  400. PS3 options
  401. Please Help Me
  402. Cambridge Audio dips on in, announces 640BD Blu-ray player for 2009
  403. Is THIS The Current Master List of All Available Players?
  404. LG Electronics' BD300 Network Blu-ray Disc Player Available This Fall
  405. A Quick BD Player/Laser Cleaning Question...
  406. Saw The Banner For The New Toshiba DVD Player And It Got Me Thinking...
  407. BDP-S300 issue
  408. Is It Confirmed -- Will Oppo Release a BD Player?
  409. Sharp Unveils BD-HP21H Blu-ray Player with BonusView
  410. Best Buy gift card with purchase of Samsung BD-P1500 or Insignia NS-BRDVD
  411. Please help me decide on a BR player
  412. My Panasonic DMP-BD10A Will Be Up For Sale Soon...
  413. Sony BDP-S1 Firmware version 4.10
  414. Sony BDP-S300: Dolby TrueHD Audio decoding added with firmware update
  415. Sherwood bringing two new Blu-ray players to CEDIA
  416. "2.0," Whazzat?!
  417. Ps3
  418. Wi-Fi BluRay?
  419. Sony introduces high-end BDP-S5000ES BD player
  420. Samsung gets official with BD-Live-ready BD-P2500 Blu-ray player
  421. Sherwood to add Blu-ray players, LCD TVs
  422. BD Live
  424. HDMI cable
  425. Panasonic intros DMR-BR360V Blu-ray / VHS combo player
  426. My Review On The Samsung BD-P2550 Blu-ray Player
  427. Help! System "stuck" after 2.30 software upgrade
  428. HDMI...Suitable For Passing Audio AND Video?
  429. The future of hdtv and blu-ray
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  433. Best Selling Blu Ray Players?
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  435. Uncompressed Audio Issues
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  437. Any Problems With Samsung BD-P1400 Latest Firmware?
  438. Panasonic DMP-BD50K
  439. Engadget; Sony BDP-S350 Reveiw
  440. Bdp-s300
  441. Do You Necessarily "Need" High End Gear to Appreciate the New Formats? And More...
  442. Sony strips some PS3 PlayTV functionality
  443. Samsung BD-UP5000 and John Mayer's Where the Light is Blu-ray disc
  444. Mitsubishi Chemical to produce high-power laser diodes for BD burners
  445. Yamaha to Announce Blu-ray Player
  446. Blu-Ray player with built-in tuner
  447. Hooking up Play Station 3 to a monitor....
  448. So, Is There "DTS-HD Extentions" To Be Found In Master Audio Tracks?
  449. Wait a Minute, Wait a Minute...Do I Have This Hooked Up Right?
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  452. Ps3 Bd-live
  453. Sony BDP-BX1
  454. Sony BDP-S350 $317.99; TheNerds.Net
  455. Amazon Gold Box Deal: Sony BDP-S300 for $299.00 (one day only)
  456. Help, My research has begun for "my" blu ray player.
  457. Connectiong Blu-ray players to the Internet
  458. Audio Problem on Panasonic DMP-BD30K
  459. BD30 No 24fps Option
  460. Do I need an internet connection?
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  462. Samsung announces cheapest Blu-ray home theater system yet
  463. Renting movies on Playstation Store
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  465. What's "Happening" When 1080p/24 Material Isn't Supported?
  466. Verdict:Sony S350
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  468. Finally Took The Plunge
  469. Some BD look really grainy
  470. What "Happens" to a BD When the Display Isn't 1080p?
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  478. The "TRANSFER" Feature on Panasonic BD Players?
  479. Given the Following Criteria...Can Someone Recommend a Blu-ray Player?
  480. "DNR" Feature on Panasonic Blu-ray Players...
  481. new member help please
  482. Longevity of Blu-Ray?
  483. "Mode not supported" ?
  484. Should I use PCM or Bitsream audio?
  485. PS model regrets
  486. Rumor: Best Buy to drop price of BD30
  487. Sony BDP-S350
  488. Bitstream vs. Analog Out
  489. New PS3 update version 2.41
  490. Sony BDP-350 vs samsung bd-p1500
  491. PS3 Upconversion?? How?
  492. PS3 v. Stand alone BD Player
  493. rip an AVCHD Home video DVD to a external hard drive and play the file on my PS3
  494. Insignia 1080p/24
  495. Sony BDP-S300 problem
  496. "Under the Hood" Photo - Panasonic BD-30
  497. which Blue Ray Player & Amazed on amazon's high price
  498. Sony BDP-S350 now on amazon.com
  499. Pioneer set to introduce 4 new Blu-ray players
  500. lg bh 200