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Blu-Ray and Ultra HD Blu-Ray Players

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  1. Panasonic Blu-Ray players ever planning on having Netflix ?
  2. Denon DBP-4010UDCI Universal Player
  3. BH200 won't play New Disney Blu
  4. Panny BD65 vs. BD85?
  5. Samsung BD-P1000 Support Odyssey
  6. Question about black bars on top and bottom
  7. Considering Panny BD 65.
  8. PS3/Onkyo607 question...
  9. Pana DMP-BD70VK Opinions
  10. Panasonic's DMP-BDT350 & BDT300 3D BD Players
  11. Is the great Panny BD 35 obsolete already?
  12. is a blue ray player worth buying if you have a samsung 720p plasma?
  13. So all blu-ray players have glitches and problems?
  14. cheapest player with analog audio outputs?
  15. Blue ray will not obtain IP address
  16. BD format question
  17. Oppo or LG Blu Ray Player ???
  18. new panasonic 65 blu ray player first impressions!
  19. Sony BDP-S360 vs S370?
  20. Equalizer and bookmark buttons??
  21. connection question
  22. Netgear to Bow New Wireless Devices for Blu-ray Players
  23. Help selecting a blu-ray player
  24. Unknown disc?? Oppo bdp-83
  25. Streaming question regarding the sony SDP-S570
  26. Problem with Onkyo DVBD507
  27. Rec For Panasonic DMP-BD60 Wireless Connection
  28. Having a Problem
  29. Blu-Ray Firmware Updates, Are They Really Necessary?
  30. Sony BDP-S570 questions
  31. In pictures: Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player
  32. Panasonic Combo Player
  33. Samsung BD-P1600
  34. Regza Link Help
  35. hooking a blue ray player to a 720p television
  36. Someone with an OPPO bdp83 and law abiding citizen blu please help..
  37. need a blu ray
  38. why does my blu-ray player work better with component cables
  39. SONY BDP-S300-newbie here, pls help!!
  40. Samsung HT-BD1250 ipod problems...
  41. Sony's Blu-ray players do 3D in 1080p even with HDMI 1.3
  42. Back to PS3? + questions
  43. Advice for blu-ray player/media center
  44. Thinking of OPPO BDP-83
  45. Is the Samsung BD-P1600 any good?
  46. Help with a new Blu-Ray player
  47. Sony's $200 BDP-S470 is company's first 3D-ready Blu-ray player
  48. Samsung BD-p3600
  49. Adivce needed, looking to get into Blu-Ray
  50. Widescreen Blu-Ray Movies w/o Bars?
  51. Cleaning blu ray lens
  52. LG BD 390 is freaking out
  53. Sony BDP-N460 w/Samsung LCD 42 inch Weak or No Signal
  54. Blu-ray newbie looking to buy 1st player
  55. bdp-s350 sound skipping
  56. Denon blu ray players
  57. Basic BD Question
  58. Samsung BD-P1200 Firmware v. 2.7
  59. Pioneer Blu - Ray for a Tad Over $100
  60. Will Panasonic P54G10 remote work with PS3
  61. S1Digital Introduces Blu-ray Disc Changer
  62. Please help blu-ray noob with black bars
  63. Could I just hook it into my PCs ethernet jack, it has a wifi card?
  64. Audio clipping with Terminator Salvation and others
  65. WiFi Netflix & blu-ray dvd via component cables...
  66. Help with BD Live on Panny BD-60
  67. Netflix streaming with Sony N460
  68. Panasonic BD-60
  69. Netgear XAVB2001 Powerline Wireless adapter
  70. Ok biting the bullet, gonna get a PS3
  71. Blu Ray Player via composite?
  72. Wi-Fi streaming
  73. HZ Setting???
  74. Audio delay with New DVD player and TV
  75. Good/low cost blu-ray player possible?
  76. I cannot make a decision on what to get...
  77. P1600 is GREAT!
  78. Oppo BDP-80
  79. Best BD player with NetFlix streaming for under $150?
  80. PS3 and Logitech Harmony 890
  81. Sharp BD-HP21U Problems?
  82. Wireless Connection?
  83. Buying new setup help with blu ray
  84. PS3 Netflix Streaming
  85. Samsung BD-P1500 player and LN46A500T1F TV No DVD disc menu
  86. troubleshooting a blu-ray/receiver issue
  87. Best Blu-ray Player With A Panny G10 Plasma?
  88. Internet access for a Panasonic blu-ray player via Mac Mini - any experience?
  89. Can not get video from my PS3 to work thru Denon AVR-2308CI
  90. Oppo on the Inside, Lexicon on the Outside
  91. Upconvert in Blu-ray player, or TV?
  92. Blu Ray Periodically Cuts Out
  93. Surround effects brilliant, dialogue terrible
  94. PS3 to accept AD-Hoc internet connection
  95. Sony BD 460 Turns Pro-510 off
  96. Netflix Streaming/Dolby True-HD
  97. Sony BDP-S300 and Netflix
  98. WiFi Blu-ray Player List
  99. Sony BDP-S560 Blu-Ray software corrupted?
  100. Need Help With Decision
  101. Audio settings for the LG BD390?
  102. Oppo BDP-83 or Another for my "Needs"???
  103. New Sony Blu-ray players do 3D, WiFi, iPhone remote, more
  104. Samsung's 2010 Blu-ray players bring 3D, transparency & thinness
  105. Sharp's BD-HP70U Blu-ray player adds a little red with Netflix support
  106. Toshiba BDX3000 Blu-ray player does 3D, BDX2700 and BDX2500 do... other stuff
  107. LG BD590 Is the First Blu-ray Player With an Integrated Hard Drive
  108. Blu-ray for newbie.
  109. Blu-Ray Player for Panasonic G10?
  110. Oppo/Onkyo DAC opinions...
  111. ESPN360 Support
  112. PS3 not up converting?
  113. No BD5/BD9 playback on Panasonic BD35
  114. Looking for a Blu-ray player with avi playback?
  115. Audio How-To
  116. Which wireless adapter with a Sony N460 do you use?
  117. BluTV to be introduced at CES, some players will get an upgrade to add it.
  118. Playstation 3 Bluray playback frustrating...???
  119. Vizio Blu Ray
  120. Bose to Blu-Ray
  121. Panasonic DMP-BD605
  122. Does wireless Netflix streaming work as good as an ethernet cable?
  123. Playing dvds on Blu-ray
  124. First time buying HDTV and Blue-Ray player. Need help connecting to internet.
  125. Cinema Conversion Mode
  126. General question about bluray
  127. It has come gentelmen, It has come.
  128. Icon on Blu-ray movie menu
  129. Philips BDP 7200
  130. PS-3 downloading, streaming etc questions ???
  131. Here is what I am looking for in a Blu-Ray player - what do you experts think?
  132. My full Oppo BDP-83SE review
  133. BD390 and Netgear WNDR3700 Router
  134. sony bdp-s300
  135. Blu-Ray Quality Question
  136. BD-Internet Hard Wire ?
  137. Connecting BD1600 to HT-TX75
  138. HDMI - Component question/issue
  139. Samsung 3600 interface to Olevia 52 lcd issues
  140. Does the Panasonic DMP-BD60 have a film/video mode?
  141. Can I hook up the LG BD390 Blu-Ray to my Pioneer SD-533HD5?
  142. Connecting to Internet
  143. Sony BDP-S560 to Phillips 32PFL TV Problem
  144. Sony BDP-S300 wont play IG, but It'll play everything else...?
  145. Blu-Ray with long HDMI Cable questions???
  146. Sony BDP-S300
  147. Suggestions for a Bluray player < $200
  148. Oppo to add a lower cost Blu-ray player to its lineup
  149. Best BD Player, given these priorities?
  150. My Oppo BDP-83 is on the way. 2 questions
  151. Oppo BDP-83 (&SE) 2ch analog output question
  152. Sony BDP-S360 Problems
  153. Sony BDP S350 versus DBP N460
  154. couple of questions for a newbie to blu-rays
  155. Sony S360 vs. Panny BD60?
  156. Interesting Article
  157. PlayStation 3 Nears Break-Even Point, Says Report
  158. Sony Blu-ray BDP-S360 question...
  159. playing a burned movie on blu ray/upconverter
  160. good upconverter with sp/dif? my tv isn't a good upscaler
  161. Samsung BD-P3600 wireless streaming on Windows 7?
  162. upconverting?
  163. Sony BD updates
  164. Panasonic BD55 U73 error message
  165. Component or HDMI hookup
  166. No sound coming some of my speakers ??
  167. BLU-RAY on 720P
  168. Sony 360 and Panasonic BD60 questions
  169. Wireless Adapter ( Ethernet) for my BD80 & Netgear Router ??
  170. Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-ray & keyboard/mouse
  171. Lg bd390
  172. Difference between PS3 Blu-Ray player and a dedicated Blu-Ray player?
  173. Decent BD player in the $150 or less range?
  174. sony s350
  175. Panasonic DMP-BD70VK
  176. Sony BDPN460, worth buying?????
  177. New BD60/80 Firmware May Fix Random Freezing
  178. PannyBD35 no BD disc play
  179. Blu-Ray players -no sound
  180. bd60 bluray player not playing video via usb
  181. Insignia Wireless BlueRay; bad experience
  182. Blu-Ray with Motorola HD DVR QIP 72161 STB and RCA MM36100 TV
  183. Panasonic D60 & D80 for
  184. Best Site to get the Oppo?
  185. Ps3
  186. sony or samsung
  187. Known issues with BDP S-550 firmware 020?
  188. Denon 3800 - Which Cd Creator tool to use for updates
  189. HHGREGG black friday doorbuster
  190. Best Buy Insignia NS-WBRDVD ($129.00)
  191. BD-370 Audio Out Confusion
  192. LG BD370 $129 BB Deal of the day
  193. Netflix BDP wireless security
  194. Panasonic BD-60 low volume level on playback
  195. upscaling question, please help
  196. What to buy?
  197. Good Player for $100-$200
  198. another common question for you
  199. How To Confirm BD80 Firmware Update Completed Correctly
  200. Who makes the fastest boot player?
  201. Netflix Blu-Ray Players
  202. New Cars freezing in PS3
  203. Oppo Digital BDP-83 Special Edition/Upgrade
  204. Wondering if I Bought Correct Player - Pana BD60K
  205. Display issue with my blu-ray player, help needed:)
  206. Which is better deal on BR Player?
  207. PS3 Blu-Ray vs. DMP-BD60K
  208. Blu-Ray Player - Internet???
  209. odd question
  210. aspect ratio problem
  211. generic blu ray question
  212. PS3 and 1080i compatibility.
  213. Sears lowers pricing of Blu-ray players
  214. Oppo postpones BDP-831 universal Blu-ray deck indefinitely
  215. CDs in Blu-ray players
  216. BluRay player .. small size (compact height)
  217. pioneer blu ray hdmi problem
  218. Oppo BDP-83 vs. PS3 (60 GB)
  219. Sony BD-350 Great Performance.. Short Life
  220. Sony BDP-N460 and internet download
  221. AQ on Blu/Bram Stoker Dracul/BD 1400 player
  222. BD P-4600 streaming services problem
  223. Problems playing 4:3 on PS3?
  224. Panasonic Blu-ray Home Theater SC-BT303
  225. Sony bd s350
  226. Fake blu ray players?
  227. Blu Ray help for a new guy.....
  228. PS3's and Regions
  229. Latest Official Firmware Update for Oppo BDP-83
  230. Samsung HT-BD8200 sound bar
  231. LG BD300 Blu-ray player warranty repair
  232. Intermittent sound problem Panny bd60
  233. Possible cure for the panasonic 60/80 freezing problem??
  234. The Denon 2010CI...The Marantz BD7004...or the Oppo?
  235. PS3 3.0 / 3.01 firmware update making Blu-ray drive unusable?
  236. Best Blu Ray with Wifi?
  237. Samsung BD-P1400 New Firmware
  238. Another MisPrint
  239. Time to buy Panny BD60
  240. OPPO Digital
  241. Best HDTV for Sony PS3 Slim
  242. When will the Toshiba Blu-Ray be available?
  243. Problem with Samsung blu-ray player
  244. Why is the P3 so good?
  245. No Signal PS3 Onkyo 606
  246. Ps3 said need to update software??
  247. Ps3 or Sony BDP-S360 ??
  248. Panasonic 60 and 80 new firmware update 9/14/09
  249. Hello friends, best dvd player
  250. New Panasonic BD Player with Red 3D Glasses
  251. Cheapest 7.1 BD Player
  252. Meet the $135,000 Blu-ray Player That's Missing Features $200 Players Have
  253. NAD Adds Wi-Fi Blu-ray Players
  254. Sharp Unveils Next-Gen Blu-ray Player
  255. New Sherwood BDP-5004 Blu-ray Player
  256. ps3 sending pcm vs. dts hd
  257. Sony readies first streaming Blu-ray Disc player
  258. VUDU equips LG's BD390 Blu-ray player with movie streaming abilities
  259. What is wrong with this picture?
  260. What's Wrong?
  261. Need some help with Audio problem
  262. Looking to Spend between $150-300
  263. Cambridge Audio AZUR 650BD Blu-ray Player
  264. Anyone tried one of thoes $98 BluRay DVD Players? at Walmart?
  265. Aspect Ratio Problems on PS3
  266. Sony BDP-S300 audio problems
  267. Blu-Ray -vs- Upconverting HDMI DVD
  268. LG BD300 Connection question
  269. Playstation 3 and my 720p tv
  270. Sony BDP-S560 Picture Settings?
  271. Okay, So Given the Choice of the OPPO or a New Panny...
  272. Sony 350 bluray
  273. With HDMI 1.4 on the Way...Is It Wise to Wait to Buy a New Player?
  274. Sharp BD-HP20 problem
  275. LG Super Blu Problems
  276. McIntosh Blu-ray player MVP881BR
  277. Samsung BD-P1500 Question
  278. Well, It Looks Like The OPPO Got Great Marks in Home Theater...
  279. Cambridge Audio azur 650BD
  280. Aspect Ratio
  281. PS3 or Samsung BD-P1600
  282. PS3 fan noise
  283. Panasonic DMP-BD60- amazon on demand now live!!!!!!!!!!
  284. whats so great about blue ray?
  285. Insignia NS-BDLIVE01 $99.99
  286. Vizio VBR 100 Blu-Ray
  287. Panny playback is fast???
  288. Blu-Ray: Component or HDMI on 720p?
  289. Blu-Ray for 50" 1080i Pioneer over upconvert?
  290. BD compatibility issues....
  291. Samsung BD-P3600
  292. Lexicon to offer high-end Blu-ray player
  293. DMP-BD60 (K) Update Channel Scan Question
  294. Cheap BluRay player
  295. BD60 firmware update
  296. Best Blu Ray Player with WiFi
  297. Question about Panasonic DMP-BD80
  298. Sony BDP-S1000ES
  299. BD picture quality
  300. Sony Adds Blu-ray MegaChangers, Single-Disc ES Player
  301. How can I connect my Sony BDP-S350 blu-ray player to the internet?
  302. Newbie needs advice for audio connections on OPPO BDP-83
  303. Firmware Update for the Oppo BDP-83
  304. 1080p blu-ray on a 1080i hdtv?
  305. Pioneer BDP-51FD on Clearance at Best Buy
  306. Standalone Blu-ray recorders: When?
  307. Problem with a video on the Oppo BDP-83
  308. Standard DVD on Blu-Ray
  309. Marantz BD7004 is awesome
  310. Blu-Ray via Component not HDMI -- inferior?
  311. What seperates Blu-Ray from regular DVD?
  312. BD-605K at Costco
  313. DEAL: Pioneer 2.0 BDP-120 Blu-ray player - $169
  314. Marantz preps BD5004, BD7004 Blu-ray players, NR1501 amplifier for launch
  315. DMP-BD60K vs DMP-BD60
  316. Which Blu Ray Player would play raw mts from Sony SR7
  317. m2ts + Dolby TrueHD + Ps3
  318. buying movies; Blu-Ray or regular dvd
  319. BD Live on Panny BD-35
  320. Insignia
  321. Best dual format player
  322. Panasonic BD60K
  323. Blu-ray and 24P
  324. PS3 Audio Problems
  325. Blu-Ray Worth It?
  326. Does brand matter in terms of image quality?
  327. Good value blu-ray player?
  328. Blu-ray -v- DVD
  329. Buy now or hope for a July 4th sale?
  330. U.K. lands new Panasonic Blu-ray HD recorders
  331. PS3 firmware 3.0 to be 'completely new system'?
  332. Link to why we sometimes have black bars with a HDTV
  333. Panasonic DMP-60K or DMP-80K?
  334. black bars at top and bottom of tv.
  335. Image quality between camera and blu-ray player
  336. Bluray Players with Variable playback speed?
  337. Volume problem with sony bdp-350?
  339. Need a bluray player that works with my yammy rx-v800?
  340. BD-P1600 and AVCHD
  341. New location on website to get BD35 firmware updates-latest 1.9 now 2.0 (now 2.2)
  342. Philips Launches BDP7300 Blu-ray Player (UK)
  343. Oppo bdp-83
  344. Slowest loading Blu-Ray player of all time...
  345. Need Help Scanning For Over the Air Channels
  346. Can any Movie be Made Blu-Ray?
  347. Firmware upgrade for Pioneer BDP FD-51
  348. The New Pioneer with Dual HDMI Outs...Is This Worth a Look?
  349. Sony BDP-S350 sound problems
  350. Panasonic bd35 hack where is it?
  352. Panasonic BD60K White Dots (Static?) on Screen
  353. AACS finalize, death to analog in 2013
  354. help with my blu ray viewing!
  355. Will BD players play on a 1680x1050 - 22" monitor
  356. WiFi enabled Blu-Ray players?
  357. Help! Issue with Netfilx Streaming & Samsung BD Player 1600
  358. Cheapest BD player with 7.1
  359. Philips Sends Off 09 LCD TV, Blu-ray Lines
  360. Sumsung Blu-Ray Video problem w/Netflix streaming
  361. Panasonic Ships Portable Blu-ray Player
  362. 24p audio problems
  363. Panasonic DMP-BD60 $198.55 - 6ave.com
  364. Subtitle Indicating "On" When "None" Have Been Selected...
  365. Wal-mart lowers the price of Blue-Ray Players
  366. LG BD390: Best standalone Blu-ray player tested
  367. bluray player for marantz receiver w/o hdmi?
  368. SONY BDPS350 Compatible with 720i HDTV
  369. Blu Ray with 1080i
  370. Lg bh200
  371. Why is this a problem with BluRay?
  372. Panasonic Viera Cast Blu-ray Players - What's next?
  373. how is this player???
  374. Just bought new BD and some discs and have problems
  375. LG BD370 Review
  376. Cheapest BD player that plays BD-R?
  377. Demo Disk
  378. Best blu-ray
  379. Denon DVD-1610CI and DVD-2010CI
  380. An Open Letter to the Blu-Ray Association
  381. Denon outs 2009 line of Blu-ray players, AV receivers and headphones
  382. Panasonic DMP BD60 loss of PQ through AVR
  383. BD Audio Setting - Sony BDP-S550
  384. Does TV have to be 24FPS
  385. Harman Kardon intros its first Blu-ray player, the BDP 10
  386. Is my BD player obselete?
  387. BDP-S550 Video settings
  388. Samsung BD-P1500 freezing, help?
  389. When will Amazon next put the BD-60 on sale?
  390. Anyone have the Sharp Aquos BD-HP16U? Can't find any threads...
  391. Dolby Digital v.s Dolby TrueHD
  392. BDP-S550 Ver. 19 update
  393. Sony - BDP-S350- ?
  394. Sony BDP-BX1 problem reading discs
  395. BDP-550 "BD Audio Settings"
  396. hello.. I have returned!
  397. 200-disc Blu-ray changer coming from Creston
  398. Pioneer BDP-F51D
  399. I,m finally buying a blu-ray player!
  400. Vizio Blu-Ray Player Release Date?
  401. Sharp Blue Ray wont upscale, please help
  402. BBC breaks down the new DRM rules for Blu-ray recorders
  403. Top Ten Blu-ray Players
  404. s550 dvd upscaling
  405. Sammy 1500 firmware 2.4
  406. sony BDPS350 vs PS3
  407. question re: AVCHD playback on Panny BD-35
  408. Funai player firmware updates
  409. denon 2500btci
  410. Power Ethernet adapter
  411. Connecting Sony 550 Blu-Ray player to stereo system
  412. Panasonic DMP-BD30 firmware question
  413. dumb question
  414. what do you blu ray experts think of the sony BDPS360 blu ray player
  415. Pioneer, Sharp agree to joint Blu-ray venture
  416. Panasonic DMP-BD35 sound connection
  417. Momitsu releases region-free Blu-ray player
  418. Sony BDP-S350 Question
  419. New Playstation 3 80g question
  420. Using "Laser Lens Cleaners" On Blu-ray Decks?
  421. Samsung 1600 issues?
  422. bluray players
  423. My Experience with Blu-Ray on 720P
  424. Samsung's 2009 Blu-ray player lineup officially priced
  425. Panasonic DMP-BD60; Review by Cnet
  426. Panasonic BD35 / BD55 Firmware Update
  427. Does anyone else feel the PS3 has better sound clarity than SAL blu-ray players...
  428. Are There Any Firmware Updates Left For The Panny 'BD10A?
  429. Need suggestion for a blu ray player
  430. Question about the Sharp Blu ray player
  431. ? about BDP51
  432. Blu-Ray on 1080i TV
  433. Blu-Ray on Sony KDF-E55A20
  434. Harmony Remotes soon to work on PS3
  435. Panasonic SC-BT200 Question
  436. Panasonic 'bullish' on Blu-ray
  437. If You Bought A Panny BD-35 At Christmas Time
  438. Oppo S83 review
  439. help with BD/HD combo player.....
  440. Sony PS3 for $199.
  441. Panasonic BD-35 AVI Playback?
  442. Slight time shift or random distortion on some DVDs
  443. Netflix streaming/Sony
  444. Bitstream (Audiophile)
  445. PS3 Noise
  446. Samsung BD p1600 BD Live
  447. Samsung BD-P2500 plays all SD DVD but . .
  448. insignia 2brdvd help
  449. Samsung BDP-2500 shortage?
  450. An FYI: BDP-BX1 Blu-Ray Showing in 480i Resolution
  451. Computer with Blu Ray used as main player?
  452. Sony Unleashes New Blu-ray Players
  453. Pioneer elite BDP-05fd issue
  454. PS3 Overatted
  455. BD-P1500 Player and the Fox Blu-rays can't play in it...
  456. Insignia Blueray audio setup
  457. Oppo BDP-83 Preliminary Specs
  458. Panny new model blu ray players????
  459. LG BH100 firmware update
  460. Interesting issue. One disc - two different players.
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  462. Jordan's Furniture Free Blu-Ray Player?
  463. how do you get HD audio when you don't have an HDMI out
  464. Sherwood BDP-5003
  465. S550 set up question
  466. Sony BDP-S350 Volume
  467. Could not get Sony 550 to play all with Dolby or DTS
  468. PS3 not playing in fullscreen???
  469. PS3 or other blueray player
  470. Better Video Quality: Samsung BD-P2500 or BDP-S350/BDP-S550?
  471. Sony 550 - can SD disks be set to always 480 ?
  472. sharp bd- hp21
  473. Do HD DVD players upgrade Standard DVDs to 1080?
  474. oppion wanted/go blu?
  475. PS3 and Samsung DLP.....Need Help
  476. Onkyo 805 & BD35 Problem Resolution?
  477. Need Help
  478. LG's BD300 gets new firmware update, YouTube access included
  479. Sony BDP-BX1 - a very likeable player.
  480. Strange HDMI audio issues with Sony BDP-S350 Blu Ray
  481. Voices are very hard to hear on Blu-Ray disc
  482. New 1.7 Firmware Scrwing up my Panny 55
  483. New 1.7 firmware out for BD35
  484. DTS sych problems on Panny BD 35
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  486. Hybrid Discs accounted for in Sony S350 manual
  487. Panasonic discontinues DMP-BD35 Blu-ray player
  488. Blu-Ray player performance disappointing
  489. PS3 & Onkyo 706 On Screen Problem
  490. "Sony BDP-S550" firmware upgrade
  491. New DMP-BD35
  492. what to consider as far as were to convert codecs...
  493. sony s350 playing DTS HD MAster lossless audio with sony str dg820 receiver
  494. Problem with BD35K and national treasure...
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  496. Samsung BD-P 1400
  497. Should I wait till' April for new Panasonic Blu-Ray??
  498. 5.1 via hdmi lossless, LOSTLESS!
  499. PS3 and Surround Sound
  500. SONY BDP-S350 and S550 Firmware Upgrade Version 015-merged