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  1. My Samsung s7 Display Glitch
  2. I need your help !!!
  3. Is anyone else alive here?
  4. Display cases
  5. Burt Reynolds dead at the age of 82
  6. Too Funny!
  7. The Official Youtube Video Thread
  8. Battery eating dish remotes
  9. What is the mail server for Roadrunner webmail?
  10. I Saw This On The Internet
  11. Xfinity router modem help
  12. Different Colored Lobsters
  13. Total Solar Eclipse 8/21/17 across the USA
  14. DNA Editor
  15. Suggestions for Invoice app
  16. Samsung 55" OLED 4K flat panel super pricing
  17. 3d printed electronics?
  18. Urgent News
  19. Two Nuclear Submarines
  20. Now That's A Motorcycle!
  21. forgot Windows 10 sing-in password
  22. Pun
  23. Any other guitar players here,tell us ur rigs
  24. Donations needed
  25. Lyft + Shell + FuelRewards
  26. Capitalone + Uber
  27. Aerial videos of fortresses, churches and landscapes
  28. US Employment
  29. John Boehner Resigns as Speaker
  30. Amazon 1 day prime membership sale fri.9/25
  31. Things I Remember Growing Up
  32. iPhone 6S
  33. What Have You Bought Lately thread?
  34. Rizzo's little known 'Pearls of Wisdom'
  35. Rate the song above you. V.2
  36. A tribute to my dear friend Kris.
  37. parabolic antennas
  38. Any random things to buy on amazon
  39. Save Money in your Cable , Internet , Cell phone bills
  40. Cable TV meets the internet
  41. Top emerging technologies 2013
  42. Lightening hits a pick up
  43. Voice to text
  44. Vance Miller Kitchens
  45. HAPPY BIRTHDAY rbinck
  46. Organ Donors
  47. Wow! What a great concept: Growing vaginas
  48. Technological innovation in oil sands collaboration to benefit environment
  49. Air waves being sold
  50. Can an early termination fee affect your credit?
  51. Who else is snowed in today?
  52. financial question
  53. Loss of hearing affected visual enjoyment
  54. Quality of Walmart DVD discs
  55. Day light savings time pros and cons
  56. Insurance Company – Kemper?
  57. Missing member
  58. What's your current desktop wallpaper?
  59. Nokia to launch Phablets - Phones + Tablets
  60. Should I bother with FM Radio ? What equipment ?
  61. Are you intresting in bagpipe music..?
  62. Hey
  63. Joey Chestnut retains Hot dog title!
  64. Nice pictures of jet engines in test facility
  65. unscientific poll on mary jane
  66. Trailer Park Boys episodes...,
  67. Bachelor of Computer Application
  68. Custom paint for my Harley
  69. OT How Obama Is Sidestepping Congress On Gun Control
  70. The Art of Steadicam
  71. Tubrotax
  72. Gallstones, my own experience to rid them
  73. Holy Crap !! 30.5" of snow here
  74. How to Identify Wideband Network Antenna
  75. Is your kid's bunny feasting on your new car?
  76. This violence just has to stop!
  77. HAPPY NEW YEAR'S, to All our members and Friends at HDF Forum
  78. Merry Christmas and Happiest of New years
  79. December 22 and no Nibiru
  80. Black Hawk Mines - Be Present In Every Photo with Tripod Multi-tool
  81. A letter to Santa
  82. 12 Days to the Mayan end
  83. NASA says Mercury has lots of ice
  84. Anyone seen this? Very Funny.
  85. Whatever Happened
  86. Any comic book readers?
  87. Who are you voting for tomorrow?
  88. fire alarm in hotel too noisy
  89. Need suggestion for videocap software?
  90. Turntable Needle HELP!
  91. Top 4 Hollywood director
  92. Power Seller College Newbie
  93. 10 MBA institutes in Punjab
  94. Ever See a White Lobster?
  95. 2012 Upcoming movies ?
  96. Emilie Da vinci Newbie here!
  97. Happy birthday, mytime!
  98. Mark of the Beast . . . ?
  99. Hello to all junior member here adam joyce chimney..
  100. Obama's Literary Agent: Born In Kenya
  101. Survivor Finale
  102. What is Link Baiting?
  103. Which is the Best Chopping Cart?
  104. Amerparel Newbie here !!!
  105. What is mean by B2C and B2B business?
  106. Lauren Elkaabi Newbie!!!
  107. Which site is safe for online shopping?
  108. Every shot in 'Children of Men' that is 45 seconds or longer.
  109. Hello I am Isabelle Bichindaritz Newbie!!!
  110. Gutters - Flex Seal
  111. Hello i am new here
  112. You can go to JAIL for posting on FACEBOOK or TWITTER
  113. Obama agency rules Pepsi's use of aborted fetal cells in drinks OK
  114. Genetically modified cows could fart less
  115. Is this fox?!?
  116. Text 1720 to 383838 daily to vote for icherry 16gb!
  117. Do I Need a Property Tax Lawyer?
  118. Dolphins deserve same rights as humans
  119. Racism Question / Sports related
  120. Survivor!
  121. Gilligan's Island trivia
  122. Peeping Tom Arrested in Cheny
  123. Hi Friends
  124. Check out these vids!
  125. Anonymous Listens in on FBI-Scotland Yard Hacking Call
  126. What a difference a year makes...
  127. $0.22 for salt
  128. 4x4 truck vs 4x2 questions
  129. US Gov't shuts down megaupload, Hackers retaliate
  130. Fat kid drives skinny kid through shelf at store and knocks everything down.
  131. Melthing down Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx...
  132. I found my potatoe chips
  133. Trolls Post Here!!!!
  134. photography pics
  135. 100-120 Sears/Kmart stores to close
  136. U.S. District Court Rules Iran Behind 9/11 Attacks
  137. Canada/US oil dispute?
  138. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Il Dead
  139. Merry Christmas HDF
  140. Fox lies..?
  141. SR-71 Blackbird "Reunion" Photo
  142. Mancave Air freshners, smell goods????????
  143. Pizza is now a vegetable...(for school lunches)
  144. Do They Practice What They Preach?
  145. Fun websites to go on. anyone?
  146. Andy Rooney dead at 92
  147. Are these people nuts ???????
  148. Wifebeaters Unite! = Epic Fail
  149. We have friends downunder!
  150. Happy Birthday: ac130uatd, rcrick, , dobyblue, Atrayu, & word2yamother.
  151. Amanda Knox's murder conviction in Italy overturned.
  152. 9 US cities going broke
  153. Kesari Tours - Providing Wholesome Travel Experience
  154. Toolbar Icons and Desktop Icon bug.
  155. Rick Perry - A BLR Soundbite
  156. The secret of the $100 gov't. hammer
  157. Occupy wall street protest
  158. Question about residential VOIP service
  159. Records
  160. Hypocrisy At Its Best
  161. What Browser do you use?
  162. Europe’s banks get a lifeline - for now
  163. ColorPlace semi gloss exterior paint for my sheds
  164. The Peter Tweeter's congressional district goes red
  165. Just a friendly hello.
  166. The truth about 9/11
  167. Advice on turntables to play vinyl records
  168. Jet Blue Sucks
  169. Prez address to congress
  170. Calif City Councilman gunned down after finding pot field
  171. Can someone tell me what this move is
  172. Happy Birthday drbrosco
  173. Complete stranger called me an a-hole this weekend
  174. Feds Raid Gibson Guitar Company
  175. Anyone here use Magic Jack, or other VOIP?
  176. Anyone here into electronics? I need to make a spark.
  177. Massachussetts Governor Patrick with more blood on his hands..
  178. Apple CEO steps down.....
  179. Scare tactics.......
  180. Why do I even bother????????
  181. Sheriff Joe (Arizona) does it again ....KUDO's ! Joe, way to go !
  182. Anon posts personal info of 2000 BART customers
  183. Mortgage Advice
  184. Nine Things That Will Disappear in Our Life Time....
  185. S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating
  186. What are you doing to weather the economic issues?
  187. Job killing companies
  188. Hackers are harmless right?
  189. Housing market continues to suffer
  190. Cat broke her leg, can't seem to get her into the carrier
  191. Obama's job czar creates jobs...in china
  192. "How to troll a dating website"
  193. Taxpayers to foot Casey Anthony legal bill
  194. Modern Poverty Includes AC & An Xbox
  195. Why the US (and NATO) invaded libya...
  196. spectacular MX crash
  197. Restaurant to ban kids under 6
  198. US ATF agents watch Mexican drug gangs buy weapons
  199. June jobs report: Hiring slows, unemployment rises
  200. 50 Crime Stories “Ripped from the headlines of the Los Angeles Times”
  201. Coincidence or is there something to the Doomsday Theories
  202. Casey Anthony found not guilty
  203. Happy birthday, mytime!
  204. Did Airport Scanners Give Boston TSA Agents Cancer?
  205. Octomom: My babies disgust me
  206. MSNBC suspends host over comments... (again)
  207. Texas Vets Told Not to Use 'God' During Services
  208. This guy likes Lions
  209. Bigfoot Mystery Solved?
  210. Two idiots
  211. new marijuana laws????
  212. Liquor laws in your state?
  213. Happy Fathers Day
  214. 11 year old girl shot for playing in neighbors yard
  215. US Video CD information?
  216. If You Could Change Gender For A Day, Would You?
  217. Should Rep. Anthony Weiner resign?
  218. Fake CNN news coverage?!?
  219. Kind of Oil filter for my Huskvarna riding mower?
  220. Goodbye jobs, hello QE3?
  221. Love Pam
  222. John Edwards indicted by North Carolina grand jury
  223. Embedding YouTube Videos May Soon Be A Felony
  224. Help me identify this TV show from way back
  225. Casey Anthony Trial
  226. Rep Weiner blames hack for lewd tweet
  227. Wife wakes you up saying a masked man is creeping outside your son's window...
  228. 1 in 4 Lap Dancers Is a College Grad
  229. MSNBC suspends host over comments...
  230. Nation Down To Last Hundred Grown-Ups
  231. Dogs rule.....
  232. Wonder Woman unpatriotic?
  233. Do you think Osama Bin Laden is really dead?
  234. Deadly EQ hits Spain...
  235. May 20th Doomsday Solar eclipse
  236. Florida Cuts Jobless Aid With Unemployment Above 11%
  237. Cutting sideways with a Chainsaw
  238. * Express our Thank's, To all Members of the Armed Forces for their Sacrifices
  239. Obama Turns His Back On 9/11 Family Member
  240. Osama Bin Laden Death Photo's ..... Should they be released ?
  241. Obama roasts Trump at white house
  242. Osama Bin Laden is Dead
  243. OT - Looking For An Alternative To Spreadsheets
  244. A Lizzard To Stop Oil Production???
  245. MIA Members , Where are they, are they O.K. ?
  246. New Passport Application
  247. What am i missing here?
  248. Ductless Ac(mini split)?
  249. What would the Tea party cut?
  250. "Houston, We have a problem"
  251. Army Pay withheld if shutdown happens
  252. Portugal needs EU bailout
  253. Special Address on Libya, from Obama
  254. Are you ready???
  255. FAUX News ....Does it again and get ripped by CNN
  256. y isn't he band yet?
  257. French takes lead over Libya issue
  258. 5 posts
  259. Outdoor antenna
  260. New antenna
  261. Toshiba 40E210U
  262. First HDTV
  263. CB radios?
  264. I saw you.
  265. US backing for world currency stuns markets
  266. how to get a dog to eat out of an automatic feeder
  267. Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami will affect on our HD-Passion
  268. Earthquake Warning From Russian Institute
  269. Should the USA Phase Out Nuclear Power?
  270. Will Japan Catastrophe Cause Prices to Increase?
  271. Blue Light Special in aisle 3 WALMART SHOPPERS
  272. Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggers tsunami
  273. Protests build across Saudi Arabia
  274. Ohio Union CBA Protest
  275. I think I may have proper ventilation already for the roof
  276. For those who Insulated the garage door............What with?
  277. Portable AC question in regards to moving it around
  278. What Am I?
  279. A post for site moderators\admins\owner . . .
  280. One of my favorite song/videos
  281. Relax......it's just a joke.
  282. A revolution agaisnt neoliberalism
  283. Mainstream media bias?????
  284. Anyway to beat the Heat in my garage without a window AC or central air
  285. Using Bump as recommendation tool
  286. Economy faces new threats
  287. Troubled banks rise to highest level in 18 years
  288. Michigan orders DPS to make huge cuts
  289. A debt free city? Quite an inspiration
  290. NNTP News server question
  291. Fortune: How inflation is turning breakfast into a luxury item
  292. Philly homeowner forecloses on Wells fargo
  293. What’s next after touchscreens? Touchless devices.
  294. Would you vote for this guy?
  295. Home Intruder Kicks in door to get in the house and is choked to death by homeowner
  296. Most recent edition of dietary guidelines from government accessible
  297. What's your speed reading
  298. Borders in bankruptcy, will close 200 stores
  299. Mil Gov Says National Guard could Respond to Unrest, as State Employees Learn of his
  300. Bye, bye Symbian… bye, bye Nokia?
  301. Alcohol kills more than AIDS, TB or violence: WHO
  302. Rooster Kills Man in Cockfight
  303. Banned?
  304. R.I.P. Gary Moore 1952-2011
  305. In the clouds, nature
  306. opinion: U.S. should stop criminalizing sex trafficking victims
  307. TSA granted Union admission
  308. Terrestrial Octopus
  309. Roku adds Al-Jazeera channel...
  310. barbara bush..a lib?
  311. Blizzard of 2011 thread
  312. Category 5 Hurricane hitting my chocie retirement location
  313. Flawless: Chase the dream
  314. Riots in Egypt
  315. US Debt clock... how does it grow?
  316. The Weird Supersonic Plane That Will Not Boom
  317. New Sony In-Utero TV To Entertain Children In The Womb
  318. Show me the no influence factor
  319. FireFox User's FYI regarding "Report Attack Page!"
  320. South Korea Navy Commandos rescue ship and crew from pirates.
  321. America's China Syndrome
  322. Vote to repeal healthcare ?
  323. Raise national debt limit?
  324. Valentine’s geek
  325. 9 year old victim donates organs
  326. Green Energy
  327. The end of the Fence
  328. Bank of China allows U.S. customers to trade yuan
  329. Ban on picketing at Tucson Funeral
  330. Westboro plans to picket 9 year old girl killed in Arizona
  331. DeLay going to jail
  332. Stumps removed......How long before I can pour the concrete
  333. What Lonestar song is this?
  334. With the coming of Super Bowl XLV TV Sales
  335. Fort Walton Beach, FL what to do today?
  336. Android 2.2 iPad Alternatives
  337. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot In Arizona
  338. Official Introduction and Advise please
  339. Introducing Me
  340. introducing myself properly
  341. Hi I am Stani!
  342. New Introduction From Stephen Colbert
  343. Vote NO on FOX to banning the flag in America!
  344. Exterior Paint Primer question
  345. How long can 12/3 wire be ran and Will I need a junction box
  346. Happy New Year California: 725 New Laws Enacted
  347. Philips Norelco 3D
  348. Happy Birthday House72
  349. Happy New Year!!!!!!!
  350. Feds investigating Christine O'donnell
  351. What republicans have done -- and what they need to do
  352. Snow
  353. Former Shell Oil Chief Predicts $5 Gas by 2012
  354. Number Of Uninsured Americans Soars To Over 50 Million
  355. Counting my Blessings this season
  356. Merry Christmas!!!!!
  357. MaryJane
  358. Smoking
  359. IMF doc on world currency suggestions
  360. Best free firewall for free antivirus?
  361. Obama's Health Care Law Ruled Unconstitutional
  362. 9/11 survivor bill fails in the senate
  363. Free Christmas song by The Temptations :)
  364. Spacecraft splashes into Pacific on demo flight
  365. Anyone from Virginia or know people in Virginia?
  366. Daft Punk's TRON Soundtrack!!!
  367. Will the tax breaks help or hinder
  368. Happy Birthday PFC5!
  369. I told oblioman to stay out of FL.
  370. Crosswalk sign giving people the finger in Spokane, WA
  371. Count
  372. NASA Finds New Life Form
  373. former reagen staff: Palin, you're not Reagen
  374. Government vehicle broken into while driven by Conyer's son
  375. Who/what will wikileaks expose next?
  376. What happened to that commercial they played in movie theaters years ago? Little girl
  377. "Quantatative Easing explained"
  378. China tired of "spoiled" North Korea
  379. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WarEagle34
  380. What are these far left liberals thinking???? lol
  381. Happy Thanksgiving
  382. Moxie DVR
  383. Al Gore Says He Supported 'Not Good' Ethanol Policies
  384. Nicolas Cage losing his shit
  385. Concealed Carry
  386. Happy Birthday SOBAY 310
  387. Alternate Housing, Containers?
  388. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!
  389. Weird stuff people do
  390. Introducing myself.
  391. The TSA New Screening Thread
  392. Happy Birthday FAROUT777
  393. The definition of irony?
  394. Thanks to all the Veterans!!!
  395. Panel Weighs Deep Cuts in Tax Breaks and Spending
  396. Rogue Missle off California
  397. Nielsen: More Than 80% Of Viewing Still In Standard-Def
  398. tron soundtrack anyone?
  399. Fed to monetize US debt...
  400. Greetings & Salutations all
  401. a video question
  402. Help me understand POLITICS
  403. Tsunami In The House
  404. Prop 19 - Stoners Unite!
  405. Happy Halloween!
  406. terrorist attack?????
  407. Just got electrocuted by my fridge
  408. New Zeland Government Changes Labor Law at Warner Bros. Prompting
  409. One week to go
  410. Hot Tub Discussion thread
  411. Dems are now eating their young....
  412. HDF Craft Beer Reviews by sprkeng
  413. Bes.t Headline. Ever.
  414. Sears now offers deals to zombies
  415. It's Time For Another Installment Of, Name That Boobage!
  416. UK govt to slash 490K jobs
  417. Looks like another bailout is coming for at least $259 BILLION!
  418. Riots in France over raising the retirement age to 62? lol
  419. Sexy Cat Halloween Costume
  420. 14 states working together on law to stop auto citizenship to children born in USA
  421. NATO official: Bin Laden living comfortably in Pakistan
  422. The Schweeb! Mass Transit that actually makes sense
  423. EPA approves use of upto 15% ethanol in petrol now
  424. Heard something both funny & sad on the radio
  425. Republicans praise Bill Clinton
  426. No COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for SS recepients for a 2nd year in a row
  427. Anyone feel good about a 20 something year old leader controlling nukes?
  428. Miss. Judge Again Asks Courtroom to Say Pledge After Jailing Lawyer for Refusing
  429. Firefighters watch as home burns to the ground
  430. My experience with the new healthcare system
  431. Best Soundtrack on TV?
  432. POLL: Should the Supreme Court rule anything goes with "Free Speech"?
  433. Fox News falls for fake news story
  434. "545 people" by Charlie Reese
  435. What happens when a Mustang hits a parked car at 100+mph
  436. Kitty cat question
  437. Panasonic Fined $49M In Fridge Component Price-Fixing
  438. R.I.P. Tony Curtis
  439. 12 yr old sues father and wins
  440. Goliath
  441. Mexicans.. irreplacable?
  442. Ufl?
  443. It's Kind of a Funny Story
  444. Show someone how much you care today
  445. UAW workers drinking and smoking pot on break
  446. Post your desktop.
  447. GOP pledge to America
  448. "Kill Like A Government" - Underground Hiphop - Support!
  449. Lil' Chub
  450. How old are you?
  451. Looking For 2003 Midas Muffler Commercial
  452. I am not afraid of heights, but this is extreme !
  453. Tea party vs GOP
  454. Help Please. I need advice on buying an engine
  455. Funny pictures thread - 2010 edition
  456. Is This the Reason Why Most Military Projects Go Over Budget?
  457. Coming to a theater near you! -I Want Your Money
  458. Saudis, U.S. near $60 billion arms deal
  459. hi
  460. Tribute to those who died 9 years ago today on 9/11
  461. First LIVING soldier to receive the Medal of Honor from Iraq/Afghan wars -A real hero
  462. "911 happened to us all"
  463. Ten American Industries That Will Never Recover
  464. Where can I get the power supply for my Faze Gauge
  465. Free Speech or Criminal Activity?
  466. No recession here: Election spending sets records
  467. Hidden meanings of 10 professional symbols
  468. SATIRE: Man knows everything he needs to know about muslims
  469. Power Electrical drills and Power Saws
  470. 100-mph Car Crash Caught on Tape - Raw Video
  471. For those who thought I was too young to have a daughter old enough to be married
  472. Well I got sick of long waits and dropped Netflix.
  473. I thought traffic was bad here in Chicago, but dam!
  474. Tort Liability Costs for Small Business
  475. LA Unveils $578M School, Costliest School In the Nation
  476. 75 year old Babies.
  477. Forbes: US most stressed cities
  478. Ground Zero for Tolerance - Robert Scheer on Mosque Demagogues
  479. "Beloit College's Mindset List" for 2014 grads.... prepare to feel old
  480. Run any app off a USB drive?
  481. Bed Bugs, They Aren't Just in your Bed, And House Anymore!
  482. TV Characters you don't care for.
  483. muslim-american leaders go to Auschwitz
  484. 2004 political cartoons
  485. Obama comments on the Ground Zero Mosque
  486. Political Chat
  487. The Rubin Con Goes On - Asking the Devil Questions
  488. Largest peice of ice seperates from greenland since 1964
  489. Married to the Clinton Mob - Goldman Sachs Hustler Joins The Family
  490. Missouri - Prop C passes overwhelmingly
  491. Let tax cuts go on or expire?
  492. Husqvarna Riding Mowers
  493. What a joke. Rep. Charles Rangel is recommended to only get a reprimand
  494. PAYPAL account been hacked
  495. A Soldiers Story, This Is Awesome!
  496. $45 Yard Sale Find Turns Out to Be $200 Million Worth of Lost Ansel Adams' Negatives
  497. My introduction
  498. For When You Guyz Have That Not So Fresh Feeling!
  499. Competing currency being accepted across Mid-Michigan
  500. Calling All Future-Eaters (Stop Fast Forwarding to the End)