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  1. Nearly 5 million are getting unemployment benefits
  2. onetime 14.25% tax to clear debt?
  3. Woman Allegedly Adds Poison to Baby Food (video)
  4. 911 Call Screaming Chimp, Frantic Owner (Graphic Audio)
  5. Power Inverter
  6. 17,000 U.S. troops ordered to Afghanistan
  7. Wife pleads Guilty in Death by Exercise Case
  8. Michael Jackson Has an Auction (nose for sale)
  9. funny craigslist ad
  10. How do you get rid kerosene oil smell in the trunk?
  11. Police Shoot Chimp After It Attacks Woman
  12. Make Windows XP Pro SP3 into Windows 7
  13. Bladder Pacemaker (WTF)
  14. Calif to layoff 20,000
  15. Scene from Training Day-Alonzo schools Jake
  16. Deleted Scene from Donnie Brasco- Lion
  17. Have you ever order a Beverage and when you get it?
  18. Two Nuclear Submarines Collide in the Atlantic
  19. What a Sad Time for Led Zeppelin Fans
  20. BEASTIE movies?????????????????
  21. What's under your hood?
  22. movie downloads
  23. Florida lawsuits brought by smokers agains the tobacco companies
  24. Do you Buy or Drink Milk?
  25. Body Dragged for 20 Miles on NYC Highways
  26. Raw Video: Home Invasion Ends in Shootout
  27. Sony releases new stupid piece of....
  28. Late Show Wheres Joaquin Phoenix ?
  29. What do you think of the octuplet woman with 14 kids now?
  30. No $15,000 tax credit for homebuyers, but...
  31. It Finally Happened: Two Satellites Crash In Space
  32. Wal-Mart to Cut 800 Corporate Jobs
  33. Judge Suspended For Racial Slurs
  34. Exotic Animals Become Drug Dealers Prey
  35. Illegal Immigrant Question
  36. Why is Toilet Paper Taxed?
  37. Stimulus Package- Real world?
  38. Chris Brown Charged, Arrested After Alleged Rihanna Assault
  39. Deleted Scene from Old School
  40. Can homebuyers and auto buyers help the economy?
  41. 15 Companies That Might Not Survive 2009
  42. We Need More of This!
  43. Colonoscopy - Dave Barry
  44. Swagga Like Us Grammy Performance
  45. Christian Bale + David After Dentist = Mash-up of the week
  46. Should Cocaine be legalized ?
  47. Are Reality Shows Setting Unrealistic Standards For Skanks?
  48. If Mr.B plays Wii, what about Mr.M ?
  49. Police Officer Killing Neighbor Caught on Voicemail
  50. Historic Trivia
  51. Teen Blackmails Classmates for Sex
  52. Senate is handing homebuyers a $15,000 tax break
  53. Vegas trip
  54. The Birthday Paradox....
  55. Prisoner Puzzle...
  56. Deleted scene from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
  57. Man dies after mobile phone explodes in his pocket
  58. Raw Video: Car Slams Into Dollar Store
  59. Tips on retiring?
  60. Iran Launches Its First Satellite (Worried?)
  61. Christian Bale Goes Ballistic (Explicit)
  62. Necklace puzzle
  63. Should Marijuana be legalized, taxed, and regulated
  64. Netflix might start weekend distribution
  65. Where the heck did I place my car keys?
  66. Buddy Holly (Sept. 7, 1936-Feb. 3, 1959)
  67. Ari Golds Best Lines ( Ari Speaks His Mind)
  68. Super Boel Porn In Arizona!
  69. File your taxes yet ?
  70. Long Beach, CA History Question
  71. Anybody want to buy Jenny's number?
  72. New Bag Trend at the Supermarket
  73. Customer Service Humor
  74. WWII Veteran freezes to death in his home
  75. Ice cube in water puzzle
  76. Buy American?
  77. Choose Your Wiping Medium
  78. Illinois senate ousts Bagojevich
  79. Dont Try the Mexican Stew! (Graphic Content)
  80. How tough of a man are you?
  81. Not sure where to post this: Online auctions/classified section for AV equipment
  82. Marbles and boxes puzzle
  83. Wow, that's a fast fly puzzle!
  84. Light switch puzzle
  85. A Births puzzle
  86. Do You Pee In The Shower?
  87. State Farm dumps Florida property insurance customers
  88. A prisioner puzzle
  89. 4 cards puzzle
  90. a math series puzzle
  91. HR-45 Blair Holt's Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009
  92. Over 70,000 job cuts announced today....
  93. Is there Really A Gay Mafia? (LOL)
  94. Federal scientists release study on carbon dioxide and global warming
  95. Cookies N Milk
  96. Stimulus Payment Info.
  97. Space heater recommendations?
  98. Word series puzzle
  99. not sure if anyone will be of help
  100. Doctor Who Fans
  101. Clock chiming puzzle
  102. Steam radiator valve stripped - help?
  103. Another chess puzzle
  104. 'The Source' stores go up for auction
  105. SEARS, K-MART, GAP, Pep-boys, Might go Bust?
  106. Forbes: Where You Won't Shop in 2009
  107. Worlds Largest Cow (NSF VEGETARIANS)
  108. glennb1 you selling your equipment?....
  109. The Beer Can Celebrates 50 Years of Metallic Aftertaste
  110. Is Obama President?
  111. Dog Rides Bike!!! (VERY FUNNY)
  112. Obama's full of crap!
  113. Everyone Enjoying 01/20/09
  114. Did we Really Choose Hope Over Fear? (Barack Obama Inaugural Speech)
  115. A Binary problem
  116. Marbles in a bag puzzle
  117. I plan on having my flag out tomorrow
  118. Raw Video: High School Student Beaten
  119. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT RE: Cel phone no-call list
  120. Dozens of Bodies Found in Rubble(Explicit)
  121. Physics puzzle
  122. Hello 2009: Chan Lowe's "Hard Times" Calendar
  123. What's your Experience with Rope Caulk?
  124. Heatpumps.... Who knows about them? Few questions
  125. Stupid Unions!!!
  126. Where The Hell is Matt's Girlfriend?
  127. -4^2
  128. bottle of wine puzzle
  129. Airplane in Hudson River
  130. Biggest loser trainer's temper tantrum caught on tape
  131. Who's in IT?
  132. Marksman puzzle
  133. Crawling through a narrow tunnel puzzle
  134. Deleted Scene From Revenge Of The Nerds
  135. Flying Car Unveiled in London
  136. An oldie but goodie puzzle
  137. Go East, young man? Californians look for the exit
  138. Favorite bands/artists?
  139. Someone walks up to your home then what do they do?
  140. Jealous Teacher Arrested (sex with student 300 times)
  141. Interesting Take
  142. Hasselhoff Knight Rider The Night Rider
  143. A puzzle! And it isn't mine!
  144. Wow
  145. Profile Pic upload says unable to upload?
  146. Marcus Schrenker Fakes Own Death
  147. Free Federal Ride For Fox Sports
  148. Teenage Girl Sends 14,528 Text Messages in One Month
  149. In your life have you ever fell on ice or slip and fall on ice?
  150. An infinity conundrum I just came up with
  151. Lottery puzzle!
  152. Earth on the Brink of an Ice Age
  153. Do you remember the 3 Sci-Fi Movie/TV Robots from 50s to 60s?
  154. Ideas to save money #2: Make a Green Dog Scoop!
  155. Ideas to save money #1: Make a laptop stand with a coat hanger!
  156. So How Great is Sex?
  157. Iranian Cleric Sex Tape
  158. Woman Sues Google over blogger's comments.
  159. Do you change your undies daily or weekly?
  160. Green Bags
  161. California...bankrupt by Feb??
  162. Husband Wants Kidney Back From His Cheating Wife!
  163. Cop Fatally Shot Handcuffed Man (CLEAR VIDEO)
  164. Word group puzzle
  165. What's the best Glue out there for Water Temps Over 160F
  166. Age puzzle
  167. Record Flooding in Western Washington
  168. Punk rockers unite?
  169. Dont F With The Drug Cartel!
  170. Our Ocean WildLife is Saved!
  171. Roland Burris Denied Entry At US Senate
  172. You can blame the government and Bush for the house bubble!
  173. Officer Caught on Tape Giving Advice to Drug Dealers
  174. How do you all clear a clogged drain?
  175. So you have CableTV, Internet and Digital Phone then no line..
  176. U.S. car sales in tailspin
  177. $1,000 for family and $500 for single tax payers is that enough?
  178. PTA Mom & 13 Year Old Found Naked In Car
  179. How much money you have in your walet or pocket?
  180. Another probability problem: a disease!
  181. "Clean Coal" spill in Kansas?
  182. This guy has balls!
  183. Any Chefs in the Forum?
  184. Mini Net Notebooks - Do you have one?
  185. $75,000 houses exist in Palm Bay, FL!
  186. Forbes 400 Richest - pictorial - 23 of them
  187. Caught On Camera: Dog Sleds Down Hill
  188. Bar bet - red and silver cards
  189. Watered-down Wine puzzle
  190. A little math problem for 2009
  191. Best Way to Fix Housing Market: Let Prices Fall (Fast)
  192. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, happy new year!
  193. Howard Stern's health:Public or Private ?
  194. Barbara Walters health: Public or Private ?
  195. Steve Jobs health: public or private
  196. Six word stories
  197. A horse race puzzle
  198. Interactive Flash Girls at Tropicana Orange Juice!
  199. PSP on the Cheap! Really Cheap Clone Model!
  200. U.S. home prices drop 18% in October
  201. Do you pivot?
  202. How to remove ipod - itune crap off your HDD
  203. Two buddies make a bet...
  204. Girl on a train puzzle
  205. a marble in a bag puzzle
  206. Got the nephew and two nices over with ipod and psp
  207. Do you still have the comics you collected as a kid?
  208. A chess problem
  209. Would you take $20 million in pennies or $10 million in $20 bills?
  210. Digital Blurring Overkill.
  211. Biz week: The Worst Predictions About 2008
  212. Two boys probability problem
  213. Raw Video: 14 Afghan Children Killed By Car Bomb
  214. Anybody seen Norbit?
  215. Internet or Sex? You Decide
  216. OTA Antennas
  217. Does anyone here remember Starlost TV Series (1973)?
  218. Raw Video: Drivers Rescued
  219. Trojan-horse was shipped in CDs for Samsung Digital Frames
  220. Preview Lawsuit against Google, Appple and Microsoft filed!
  221. .999(repeating)=1
  222. Chess!
  223. So what did Santa bring you all for Christmas?
  224. Peace on Earth
  225. School Aide Was a Porn Star
  226. Do You pick your nose with right hand or left?
  227. Tender Loving Chimp (2 Tigers cubs)
  228. Man Melting Snow With Blow Torch Sets His House On Fire!
  229. How To Start A Fire With A Battery
  230. Seattle Refuses To Salt Roads; Snow Packed By Design
  231. I'll be home for Christmas! As the song goes how about you?
  232. Raw Video: Aftermath Of Denver Plane Accident
  233. Do you use Rock Salt, Table Salt or Cat litter on Snow/Ice?
  234. Bleeding Heart Tightwads
  235. Man feels like a pervert for his urges to touch her breasts.
  236. You meet a witch who casts a spell on you but gives you a choice of animal to become?
  237. I got an email from this woman and answered her questions.
  238. The economy
  239. A golf forum: The Hacker's Paradise
  240. Are you a coffee man or tea man or hot choc guy?
  241. Freak show (TREE MAN)
  242. Will you shovel or use a blower on snow?
  243. 'Deep Throat' Mark Felt Dies at 95
  244. Median home price tumbles to 6-year low
  245. Gang Slayings Soar In Mexico (Graphic)
  246. Bush considering "orderly" auto bankruptcy
  247. Unlocked the Mail Box to find..
  248. Raw Video: Lawmakers Brawl In Mexico
  249. What's your Download and Upload Speeds
  250. Are you finished shopping for others for Christmas or holiday?
  251. GPS questions
  252. Cuddling for recreation as a means of demonstrating romantic affection.
  253. Started The Drywall Family Room Project Today
  254. Boy Allegedly Shot Parents Who Took Halo 3 Away
  255. $900k+ house short sells for $375k in my city!
  256. Should I buy Office: Mac 2008?
  257. Raw Video: Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe At Bush
  258. Iraqi Journalist needs 2 new shoes!!!
  259. They Should Change The No Topic Forum To: The Junk Forum
  260. Bush = Genius?
  261. Would you guys buy a robotic girl made in Japan?
  262. XM Radio would you buy monthly, lifetime or not?
  263. I will never chew gum AGAIN!
  264. It Takes A Female To Bring Up This Subject!
  265. Think you have perfect hearing? Take the online test!
  266. name the dog breed
  267. Do you believe in Aliens, and have you ever been abducted by them ?
  268. How do you think? Do you type before you think?
  269. Soap
  270. Did you get enough sleep yet?
  271. When you open your refrigerator door what do you see?
  272. When it comes to HDTV do you eat with it?
  273. Do you shave it or wax it ?
  274. Do you start a bunch of question threads when you're bored ?
  275. Are you left handed ?
  276. Do you shower alone ?, with spouse ?, with parents?, siblings?
  277. Did you up lights on the exterior of your dwelling?
  278. Do you live on your own or with your, parents, wife, family, or other?
  279. Did you brush your teeth today ?
  280. Blu-ray history in a few years..
  281. David Vitter (R) calls auto bailout...
  282. Do you watch On Demand from your Cable Company?
  283. Boston Vets Reattach Cat's Face (Graphic)
  284. Do you have snow outside?
  285. Did you put up your Christmas Tree up yet?
  286. Mismanagement at The Big Three
  287. Problems with USPS delivery of items I sell
  288. Make your current vehicle have Green Technology?
  289. Are you going to buy Blu-ray player?
  290. How many blu-ray disc did you purchase in 2008?
  291. Elf Video has an air about it
  292. Raw Video: Cell Phone Captures F-18 Crash Blaze
  293. Can this be considered a spam forum?
  294. How many HDTV do you own today?
  295. When it comes to wireless networking how would you rate your knowledge?
  296. White House: Auto bailout deal with Congress "very likely"
  297. Drug raid gone bad.
  298. How to Know if You're a Sex Addict
  299. Sex hastens death?
  300. Employers cut 533,000 jobs in November, most in 34 years
  301. Ask Santa? What do you really want for Christmas?
  302. Big Three Bailout Round Two
  303. How Much Money Should the Family Of Man Trampled by Shoppers Get?
  304. Ghost Spirit Orbs in my trip Photos
  305. Flew back from CO to home base.. Picture time
  306. Husband takes repulsed son to immodest restaurant, wife jumps him!
  307. A Public Service For You Guys.
  308. Using Youtube Videos and more with Rockbox for e200 series
  309. Entire auto industry 'could go down' soon
  310. Do you have an entitlement mentality? Very little for me.
  311. Hitachi 50DX01B
  312. SHOULD HE JUST BE KILLED? Killer Called Most Dangerous Man
  313. Moon, Venus and Jupiter
  314. Footage Of Jewish Mumbai Victim With Son
  315. Economists speak the obvious
  316. Something to Keep In Mind For The Holidays!
  317. Why Are Criminals So Dumb?
  318. Beware Of Charity Scams
  319. Question for carpenters, furniture builders, wood workers
  320. Flew into Denver, CO this weekend but now what?
  321. What are your relationship or dating requirements?
  322. More Black Friday Bloodshed: 2 Dead After Shooting at Toys R Us
  323. Foreclosed? This guy suggests van living!
  324. Mods, delete Treasury's 7 spam posts!
  325. Black Friday death toll
  326. Sansa or ipod owners are you using Rockbox?
  327. How secure do you think you are?
  328. Infrasound may provide clues for predicting volcanoes, tornadoes and earthquakes.
  329. Do you burn wood or duraflame firelogs?
  330. Happy Turkey Day!
  331. Oh no! Feds pledge $800 billion more in bailout
  332. An Alternative Plan For The Auto Industry
  333. The crackdown on pornography with jail sentences!
  334. Raw Video: Man Jumps Canyon With Jet Pack
  335. What's up with the retailers
  336. Automakers leave empty, $250b house bailout, 2012 revolutions!
  337. The 20/20 myth of lasik and other damages!
  338. How To Play Strip Poker
  339. Teachers aide former Porn star
  340. Inmates Sneak Through Ceiling To Have Sex
  341. People on the internet pretend to be someone else!
  342. Ryan, 13 feels store dummy breasts!
  343. Brazil biofuel industry fizzles
  344. Teenager Live Streams Suicide Online
  345. What can you do with Duck Tape?
  346. Post your picture!
  347. Zero-tolerance on cannabis in Amsterdam
  348. Do you look your age? Yes or No
  349. Digital TV switch over and government coupons
  350. I bought two small turkies for 69c a pound!
  351. The Infinity Bookcase
  352. Pirates Highjack The Oil Tankers!
  353. A touchscreen flip phone
  354. 2010 Ford Mustang
  355. Wow! Ojmjakon Russia reports a -52f temperature!
  356. Check this stuff out? - His and Her Pillows!
  357. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  358. Global Warming!
  359. Would-be homebuyers find themselves in ownership limbo
  360. How much house can you afford and why?
  361. Reject homebuyer $22k tax credit, say NHMC
  362. Cocaine Found On 4 Out Of 9 Bills
  363. Do you find the naked human body repulsive?
  364. After Obama Won
  365. FreeCreditReport Jingle
  366. Stocks plunge as Paulson unveils change in bailout
  367. Tiger Cub Or Chimp (as A Pet)
  368. Weatherwise, where in America or Earth would you live?
  369. GM - Could they Really Go Under?
  370. World's Longest Legs
  371. Mini Van driver looses his front right wheel while turning left
  372. The Attack of the Fall Leaves are more this year..
  373. Job cuts hit every corner
  374. What is your stance on marriage? On strike, never marry?
  375. Need a Snappy Comeback.
  376. 2 Employees Shot by gunman
  377. Scientists Confirm Global Warming at North and South Poles
  378. Porn stars in the mainstream
  379. Michael Crichton Dead at 66
  380. Video Essay: 'Free At Last, Free At Last'
  381. Any Dog Breeders in the house? I have a question on Medicine
  382. Watching Decision 08 in HDTV and Listening in Surround Sound
  383. Any Dog Breeders in the house? I have a question on medicine
  384. Since we will have a new prez...
  385. Circuit City to close 155 stores
  386. World's Tallest Man Has Become A Father
  387. Who won the election?
  388. Sarah Palin gets Pranked!!!
  389. Exxon Mobil posts biggest US quarterly profit ever
  390. What Happens To Seized Guns, Drugs?
  391. Students Protest For Education In Italy
  392. Funniest video ever
  393. What is it about MS that
  394. Vampire Presidential Candidate Arrested
  395. Consumer confidence at all-time low
  396. Bush signs PRO-IP Act into law
  397. Ice Cream Truck Driver Asking Girls To Expose Breasts
  398. Anyone have a problem with imageshack rouge popups?
  399. This is why bears are amazing (cool video)
  400. 99 Words For Boobs
  401. Porn Actor Accused Of College Rape
  402. Funny Palin as President site
  403. Feds Bust 'Hot Kielbasa' Cocaine Ring
  404. Publishing HD video clips
  405. A little break from Politics for some comedy from the Presidential Candidates
  406. Digital TV switch will be messy: FCC official
  407. World's Heaviest Man to Get Married
  408. Car Hits 3 People Waiting at Bus Stop
  409. How do you feel right now about money?
  410. Woman Fed Realtor Tainted marijuana Cake
  411. Facebook Drunks Start New Group
  412. These things are incredible!
  413. Raw Video: Van Flips During Police Chase
  414. More tax free checks are coming again..
  415. Best Buy Reclaims Best National Retailer Title
  416. Dow industrials fall more than 600 points to trade below 9,000 in late afternoon sell
  417. How is the 2nd gen ipod touch better?
  418. And the winner of the presidential debate is.......
  419. Will you watch Tonights Election Coverage?
  420. Circuit City reports $239 million Q2 loss
  421. Federal bailout
  422. 25 Worst TV Shows
  423. Do you know where your beef comes from?
  424. Benny Lava (funny)
  425. Popcorn anyone..........
  426. POST Titles in bold
  427. Sarah Palin knocks them dead..
  428. Could the world end in nine days?
  429. Amazon no longer price matching?
  430. Pretty Amazing Video--(Gong Show)
  431. Another reason Micheal Moore-on should STFU!
  432. How could I use video email?
  433. Happy B-day joey82083!
  434. Apple admits to iPod nano smoking and sparks, will replace faulty devices
  435. Stargate Continuum
  436. External Hard Drives
  437. AVSForum suffers database failure, loses "tens of thousands" of posts
  438. Invisibility cloak 'step closer'
  439. 2008 has claimed another actor far too early (Bernie Mac)
  440. 50 One hit wonders
  441. Things You Would Never Know Without The Movies
  442. Morgan Freeman in Serious Accident 8/4
  443. In case you haven't noticed
  444. Crown or Qsc?
  445. Party time! Let's DANCE!
  446. [B][I][U]CHEECH & CHONG Light up America[/U][/I][/B]
  447. Sons of Anarchy (FX)
  448. Proposed text msging while walking ticket
  449. Bennigan's files for bankruptcy
  450. LA wants to ban fast food
  451. Oldest Compnay - Making The Same product - In the USA
  452. terror brat takes down cable guy
  453. TiVo Lifetime service plan is back
  454. New $5 Bills a Misprint???
  455. A new game was found
  456. Inventor of heart-bypass passes at age 99
  457. Original Metropolis Found...in Argentina where else !
  458. belrion.com
  459. 'Hancock' dressed in 4K
  460. How do you guys like to eat spam?
  461. Are fireworks allowed in your city?
  462. Prepaid gas locks in price
  463. Sears Is Now Officially Too Incompetent To Even Take Your Money
  464. Love vs Hate
  465. Hunting
  466. Company tests eye-controlled 'wearable' gadgets
  467. Stocks tumble, oil reaches new high
  468. Anybody got a Wii system ?
  469. Japan Imposes "Fine On Fat"
  470. George Carlin Dies
  471. Where do you get your food from?
  472. Food prices expected to rise due to flood
  473. What's everyones favorite fast food joint?
  474. Happy Father's Day HDF Dads!
  475. NBC's Tim Russert dead at 58
  476. Unreal. How can this happen?
  477. Rocky Mountian National Park
  478. Do Not Call Registry
  479. California city files for bankruptcy
  480. Is this what we have come to?
  481. This week - Both Ed McMahon & Evander Holyfield Facing Forclosure
  482. The common problems and solutions for iPOd touch
  483. Apple iPod Classic colorful art protectors highlight your personality
  484. OK so how about a poll about an arcade?
  485. Enough is Enough
  486. The 50th person to post in this thread wins!
  487. How To Sell a Home Online???
  488. Murphy Returns As Axel Foley?
  489. HID Conversion Kits
  490. Usps Help
  491. Trust me! The best comedy
  492. Crappiest Household chore/maintenance
  493. Getting papers for Boston terrier suggestions?
  494. Why we are paying so much for gas these days.........
  495. Nokia N95 tips
  496. Mike Myers in "The Love Guru"
  497. Glam Rock
  498. Digital Camera
  499. The cool methods of iPod
  500. Happy Birthday