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  1. UFO or What the heck is that Black Area?
  2. Senators seek ban on texting while driving
  3. When it snows in Seattle...
  4. Butt Implants That Dont Work
  5. Kuroshio Sea - 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world
  6. Crazy Russian Sukhoi Su-35 Pilot Ejects For a Hollywood Movie at Mach 2
  7. Would you buy a Fake Animated Cat for your kid?
  8. I wish I was this cool!!
  9. 2 way radio questions
  10. Anyone getting nervous about this new Swine Flu vaccine and skipping much testing?
  11. SPACE 1999 becomes SPACE 2099 HD Plus Effects!
  12. Why are we giving illegal aliens amnesty?
  13. Be sure to check your brakes regularly
  14. Is the "King" still with us?
  15. 100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About
  16. ABC - New! Dating in the Dark (Dumb Idea?)
  17. Well, Yo STILL quiero Taco Bell anyway!!!
  18. Is This A Good Ole' Boys Forum?
  19. Michael Jacksons Legs Vitiligo (Pictures)
  20. Health Care wait times in Canada
  21. Obama creates Pacific Northwest Trail
  22. Share your Drive-Thru Order Experiences
  23. HDTV on the Beyond Side of Real
  24. Peace and Harmony for our members
  25. Hello!
  26. The Roswell Incident et al
  27. introduction :D
  28. Adam PacMan Jones & Nelly Makes It Rain Video Never Before Released-nsfw
  29. Walter Cronkite dies at 92
  30. Raccoon becomes my buddy...
  31. Letter to Husband....make sure to read the p.s.!
  32. Learn English!
  33. Do You Clean the Inside of Your Screen?
  34. Michael Jacksons Famous Hair Fire: Exclusive Video
  35. There is hope for America......
  36. What's going on at BURLINGTON, WI?
  37. Do you believe we landed on the moon?
  38. Talking Clock MOSHI 3
  39. Crazy gun laws
  40. Erasing floppy disks
  41. Junk Science
  42. Help for homeless vet who ran over son
  43. The Government Way
  44. Bigfoot has boobs.
  45. XM Radio thread
  46. Hip-Hop music sucks !!
  47. Government Accountablility Office is accountable for:
  48. Jennifer Hudson Bids Farewell Video to Michael Jackson
  49. Date: 11/11/11 plus 11:11:11 am/pm
  50. July 8th 2009
  51. Movie Guns
  52. Anyone here had a Grand Dad who was in WWI
  53. Little People of America File Complaint With FCC
  54. Former defense secretary McNamara is dead
  55. Hilary Clinton adopts alien baby...
  56. Chuck Norris had a Siamese twin!
  57. Dick Cheney a robot!
  58. Leprechan not a myth anymore
  59. Mermaid Found After Hurricane Ike
  60. Yeti.........!
  61. Does Batboy exist?
  62. Woman jailded for Bunny fetish
  63. Antartica: Nazi Base
  64. Gone to 3D Movie Cost and Arm and Leg!
  65. Sarah Palin quitting... Will not run again...
  66. "We the people stimulus package"
  67. I'm Proud To Be An American
  68. Cash-poor California turns to IOUs
  69. Hacking Documentary Exposes Cybercriminal Methods
  70. Pinto accident
  71. Hot Girls Wearing Flag Bikinis
  72. Karl Malden Dead Too!
  73. Computer Protection
  74. Celebrities who died so far in 2009
  76. Profit in death.....
  77. PSA anti fart sniffing add (me and son)
  78. record player help
  79. Billy Mays dies at 50
  80. Tips of the day: Simple fixes for high-tech troubles
  81. That new car smell....
  82. Remakable, Incredible, Uplifitng
  83. Happy 35th Birthday Bar Code
  84. Bibilical Planet Nibiru in 12/21/12
  85. Do you laugh alot ?
  86. BREAKING: Michael Jackson dies in LA
  87. Farrah Fawcett has passed away
  88. SC Gov. Sanford admits affair after going AWOL
  89. Crist vetoes property insurance bill
  90. # WATCH: Obama's 'Uniquely American' Health Care Plan
  91. COMSEC Assistance request
  92. Dishwasher question?
  93. Can you trust that online review? FTC prepares to crack down on bloggers compensated
  94. What Kind of Gifts Did You Dad's Get Yesterday?
  95. The new 'good' job: 12 bucks an hour
  96. Are you into the 70's Music and life style still?
  97. Happy Father's Day!
  98. Do you pay PEW RENT ?
  99. Young Raccoons Saved from Pepsi Machine!
  100. Happy fathers day dad's
  101. Dangerous Warning about Brita Facet Filter!!
  102. Pixar grants girl's dying wish to see 'Up'
  103. Iran - People Dieing To Be Free (GRAPHIC)
  104. Operation House Projects!
  105. Father's Day: Share your memories
  106. Weird story from the L.A. Times~
  107. Are you careful when crossing a street?
  108. Pixar: An amazing company
  109. TV Shows From The 90s That Never Get Old
  110. any doctors here? Uranium 238 in body
  111. Is SS a "pyramid scheme"?
  112. The I need 5 posts so I can put up a URL Thread
  113. Mind reading puzzle game
  114. Mr. T arrived this morning
  115. The health care thread
  116. Happy Birthday Good To Go KC!
  117. What is your problem ? ? ?
  118. Doghouse
  119. Swine flu pandemic has begun!
  120. Did you dream last night?
  121. Have You Had Incredible Sex With Someone, You Wouldn't Introduce To Your Friends?
  122. If you could go back in time what year would pick?
  123. You know you've been on HDF for a long time if........
  124. Birds at the Window!
  125. Owning a Dog!
  126. Have you taken out your anger on your cell phone before?
  127. So, like I registered, and I'm saying 'ello, 'ello!
  128. Leftovers again? Are you tired of them?
  129. So, I was just given like 20 boxes of tofu hotdogs....
  130. What timezone do you live in?
  131. I don't love cats
  132. Webcastr threads
  133. On a good note.....
  134. Would you marry a pornstar?
  135. Distraction
  136. How many hours of sleep do you average per night?
  137. Do you LIKE stories like this, or are you envious?
  138. Anyone consider buying an all electric auto?
  139. Share your recipes with us!
  140. Do you get all pissy because you don't like some of the threads here ?
  141. Are you a post whore?
  142. surprise in the Mt. today!
  143. What's your favorite Doritos favor?
  144. How many bathrooms to you have in your house or apt?
  145. Is your master bedroom located on the street (main) or upper floor levels?
  146. Do you sleep with the night light on?
  147. Do you clean off your remote controls?
  148. Would you buy new or dented major appliances?
  149. Horrible airbag usage
  150. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
  151. Do you love yourself?
  152. What is your favorite sandwich?
  153. Do you put your Debit and Credit Cards in Protected Sleeve?
  154. Do you have several finger prints on your monitor screen right now?
  155. Do you eat and type on your PC at the same time?
  156. The look-alike thread
  157. Do you yank out or trim your nose hairs?
  158. Is the HDTV on when no one is at home?
  159. Do you have money in your walet?
  160. What's your favorite line to pick up a girl in a bar?
  161. Do you follow or lead?
  162. Do you ever wet your hair down and add hair gel instead of washing it ?
  163. Do you ever tell the significant other you're....
  164. Do you bite your fingernails ? toenails ?
  165. Do you shave everyday ?
  166. Do you keep a dollar if you find it on a sidewalk ?
  167. Do you break any of the 10 commandments ?
  168. Do you swear ?
  169. Do you smoke cigarettes ?
  170. Do you drink alcoholic beverages ?
  171. Do you sit down more than you stand up?
  172. Do you drink enough water in your daily diet?
  173. Do you eat the wrong foods?
  174. Do you exercise?
  175. New Moon OFFICIAL Trailer!!
  176. newbie
  177. Which Office Suite are you using now?
  178. Movie Collection Game
  179. Grey Alien filmed in Arrest Cell?
  180. Which Internet Browser are you using now?
  181. Which OS are you running?
  182. DOES YOUR DOG LOOK LIKE YOU? Pizars Disney Contest
  183. When was the last time you took a shower ?
  184. Members Feuds with Members in Forums
  185. Did you watch the Sexy Jill Wagner on Wipe Out on ABC?
  186. When you brush your teeth
  187. When was the last time you had a haircut?
  188. how much do your nails grow in a 24 hour period?
  189. Banzai Titan Blast Rocket
  190. Dog Does Squats With His Owner, Video
  191. Do you Recycle Cans, Plastic Bottles, Glass?
  192. Cottonelle Commercial Puppy Gets Pampered
  193. Behind my back attack......
  194. Palm Readings
  195. Moved today..
  196. This Is Funny!
  197. Intel New TV Ad!
  198. Memorial Day 2009
  199. Shockjock mancow waterboarded
  200. pappylap message to scottnot about to tipstir
  201. Jesse Ventura and Sean Hannity War of Words
  202. 2 Girls, 1 Tree (NSFW) Lesbian Love
  203. 44 states lost jobs in April
  204. YouTube - Girls in Limo
  205. Memorial Day Weekend Plans
  206. Police Officer Run Over By Speeding Driver
  207. Supermarket Slashes Prices on Thousands of Items
  208. What do you do for a living?
  209. Whoopi Goldberg to Glenn Beck: You're a Lying Sack of Dog Mess
  210. If I Made a Commercial for Trader Joe's
  211. Ellen DeGeneres Graduation Speech - Good Speech
  212. Charlie the Amazing Spider Cat
  213. search engine optimization
  214. Daddy Ate My Eyes - Dad Bit 4 Year Old Son's Eye Out
  215. The Crystal Ball All Seeing Eye into the Future!
  216. Sympathy Sex is - Eugene the Librarian - Britains Got More Talent 2009
  217. 2 Girls, 1 Sub (NSFW) - Playboy
  218. Cop calls 911 high on pot brownies
  219. Anyone here have the 20,000 Gallon Water Tap Filter
  220. UCLA Paying $220K to Tasered Student
  221. 14 year old beat and choked by Police - Caught On Tape
  222. SNL - Celebrity Jeopardy 2009 - Will Ferrell
  223. 5.0 Earthquake in the 310
  224. 802.11n Standard in Sept 2009 Rumor!
  225. Yard Project 2009
  226. Memories of the first color TVís
  227. Arizona State Says No to Obama Degree (Daily Show)
  228. What movies should our government study?
  229. Best Slushee Commercial - He Loves the Taste
  230. 2009 Samsung / NFL Shop $200 Rebate?
  231. Coupon for a FREE Mars Chocolate Product - Every Friday
  232. Print a One Day FREE Pass Coupon to Sam's Club
  233. Sign up for Wendy's Mail get $1.00 off Coupon
  234. Red lobster coupon - free crableg
  235. Fight [email protected]
  236. Woman Goes To A Home Asking For Cigarettes Naked
  237. Best Commercial in The World (NSFW)
  238. Miss Pole Dance World 2009 - Felix Cane
  239. Whatever Works Trailer - Larry Davids New Movie
  240. Trekkies bash new star trek film as fun, watchable (theonion)
  241. Obamtourage - Entourage (Real Funny)
  242. Tase Your Child at Work Day? (FAIL)
  243. YouTube : Keeping Cops Clean (Beating Victim Saved)
  244. The Price is Right
  245. Schwarzenegger Open to Debate on Legalizing, Taxing Pot
  246. Playboy Goes Black For Playmate of the Year
  247. Story About a Big Squirrel And a Baby Squirrel (VERY COOL)
  248. South Park Mac vs. PC vs. Linux
  249. Mac vs PC vs Linux
  250. Microsoft - You Find It You Keep It !
  251. Quentin Tarantino Mashup - Best Movies Mixtape
  252. Free Giveaway Poll
  253. Japanese Kids Fight Back - Zombie Attack
  254. Slap Chop Remix - Vince Shlomi (Love My Nuts)
  255. Who here is a breeder or knows anything about worming puppies , when to start , new
  256. Small Poll, Lots of Input Needed!
  257. May Day Rallies Turn Violent in Europe
  258. Witness Protection Program True Story
  259. Guess whos 50?
  260. Star Wars At Disney? (LMAO!)
  261. Chrysler to get up to $8B from govt for bankruptcy
  262. All HD TV's have hidden camera's and voice detection?
  263. What's everyone doing for the Summer?
  264. Marines were Tasered, Pepper Sprayed by Deputies
  265. Popeyes Runs Out of Chicken !
  266. What is the Best Fried Chicken Chain?
  267. KFC Free Chicken Give Away
  268. Teacher Sends Feces Home With Student
  269. Dog Chewed Off Legs - Getting New Prosthetic Legs
  270. Worlds First Cloned Camel
  271. Specter switching from GOP to Dems
  272. This is DISGUSTING!
  273. Afghan Hash, Heroin, Opium Up In Flames
  274. Fears Over U.S Mexico Swine Flu - US to Close Border
  275. Operation Wetback
  276. Global Warming & Global Cooling; What You Probably Won't See on Television
  277. GM plans major summer shutdown
  278. If you Want To Shake, And Kill A Baby, There's An App for That!
  279. Sean Hannity Offers To Be Waterboarded For Charity
  280. Jobless to Topless - Fair Attracts Hundreds
  281. Slumdog Mothers Fight - Selling Child
  282. For Official Business Only - US Government
  283. Freddie Mac David Kellermann - (Suicide or Gods work ?)
  284. Headlines News!: Another Earth Like Planet Discovered
  285. America Idol cuts into Fringe Programming!
  286. Facebook Users Targeted By Cyber Crooks - Scam 419
  287. Internet Pirates Jailed - Heroes of Internet
  288. Deep Sea - Sea Lions Brush Their Teeth
  289. Crazy Husband Stabs then Runs over Ex-Wife on Camera
  290. CraigsList:Six Men Having Sex with 14 Year Old
  291. "The Pirate's Bay" Owners Get Jail Time
  292. You may be Canadian and don't know it!
  293. Test how good is your system protection?
  294. High-Speed golf cart chase!
  295. Calling All Ho's, Don't Use Craigs List Anymore!
  296. Tampon Prank Gone Wrong - NSFW
  297. Mexican Border Crossing Training Camp
  298. Kill Flea and Ticks on Dog with Front Line Plus or a Pill?
  299. A dream come true
  300. Customer Fights Robber with a Ladder
  301. Arizona Student Killed in Teacher Love Triangle
  302. Somoli's Hijack 4 More Ships - 60 Passengers
  303. Cute Girl Talking Crazy on Pain Meds
  304. Lindsay Lohans eHarmony Profile
  305. Biggest threat to the US?
  306. Police: Students Poison Teachers Coffee
  307. Disgusting Dominos Employees
  308. Fox Noise: owned (figuratively) by the GOP
  309. I love cats
  310. Former pitcher Mark 'the Bird' Fidrych dies at 54
  311. So who's new to the board today?
  312. How Many Chiles Could You Rub In Your Eyes?
  313. Obit: Marilyn Chambers, Porn Star, Found Dead at 56
  314. Phil Spector Is Found Guilty in Retrial
  315. 100 Best Movie Lines in 200 Seconds
  316. Happy Easter weekend Saturday !
  317. Happy Easter Sunday!
  318. Happy Good Friday!
  319. Happy Passover!
  320. Getting the GPS ready for a Easter Trip...
  321. Best idea I have heard in a long time
  322. Sucks
  323. Lift Cabinet is used for all the TV Brands
  324. Sexy lightsaber bar fight in underwear
  325. YouTube Personal Ad from Mr. Crazy
  326. Bruno Disrupting a Prop 8 Rally (hahahaha)
  327. Crazy Mom Kills Son, Then Self at Shooting Range
  328. E-File or File by Mail?
  329. For IT Guru's
  330. Where's the outrage?
  331. CBC Members Praise Castro
  332. Article: Bill Allows Obama Power to Shut Down Internet
  333. If mccain/palin had won....
  334. Is it me or has this forum gone to Hell?
  335. How capitalism is supposed to work
  336. Trace Adkins and the West Point Glee Club
  337. High voltage!
  338. How do you like your toast in the morning?
  339. 911 Call:Mother Stabbing Toddler (Audio)
  340. I'd tap that, my friends-
  341. Bruno Movie Trailer (NSFW)
  342. Ferrari Tangles with Train and Loses
  343. If you could choose to be rich and famous...
  344. State of Kansas outlaws sex with animals
  345. Police Caught on Tape Beating Homeless Man
  346. Man Engulfed in Flames - Caught on Video
  347. State of Washington begins Ban on Dishwashing Detergents
  348. Another Obama Nominee (Democrat) Fails To Pay Taxes
  349. Real bad fall in the bathroom..
  350. Replacing home heating and air conditioning
  351. HBO 'Real Time' Host Bill Maher Takes Cheap Shots At US Soldiers
  352. Cyber Trojan worm "Conficker" to hit millions of computers April 1st!
  353. Are You Greedy?
  354. My wife wanted a gift that could go from zero to 350 in matter of seconds?
  355. My Wife wanted to go some place expensive?
  356. Now the president can decide who runs corporations in this country
  357. AFI's Top 100 Heros & 100 Villains
  358. Australian F1 Grand Prix...
  359. What position are you in watching TV ?
  360. Teen Faces Porn Charges for Nude MySpace Pictures
  361. Student Pressured Into Sex with Teacher
  362. Does your AVATAR reveal the real you?
  363. obama answers the p0thheadz
  364. Craigs List Murder - 60 Dollars Rough Sex
  365. What will happen with Dave Willams in Desperate Housewives?
  366. Who was the actress that played the female bad lady in the Criminal Minds episode?
  367. Which position do you sleep on? Left/right side or belly down or on your backside?
  368. Predator X
  369. 911 Call: Help, Wife Handcuffed, Biting Me
  370. Thinking out loud on the film and digital subject
  371. Baby Monkey Makes Zoo Debut (lol)
  372. Woman Dies While Cop Writes Ticket
  373. Adding a picture to profile?
  374. Do you wash your car by hand or use an Automatic Car Brush less system?
  375. When was the last time you punched your old lady in the face?
  376. Do you still beat your clothes on a rock to get them clean ?
  377. Do you still send telegrams ?
  378. Do you still have a phone with a dial on it ?
  379. Do you still HAVE to go to a barber to get your hair cut ?
  380. Do you still have a casette deck in your car ?
  381. Do you still have oil lamps in use in your house ?
  382. Do you still have a horse and buggy ?
  383. Do you still have a hand butter churn ?
  384. We The People Stimulus Package
  385. Do you comb your hair or use a brush ?
  386. Do you back in your garage or pull straight in ?
  387. How long are your rain gutter downspouts ?
  388. Do you toss a scrap of paper in the waste basket overhanded or underhanded ?
  389. FedEx Cargo Plane Crashes in Japan
  390. Do you brush your teeth up & down or side to side ?
  391. Lion King - THIS GUY IS AMAZING!
  392. Teen Dies After Police Use Taser on Him
  393. How do you put air in your tires with a 12volt, Compressed Air or Manual Pump?
  394. At 6:30pm what do you do?
  395. Do you have still have Video Cassette Recorder? If so do you still use it?
  396. What did you do with that old CRT TV when you got your new HDTV?
  397. Do you buy more ink for your color printer? Or do you just buy another color printer?
  398. What's the first thing you do when you wake-up in the morning?
  399. Let's talk about getting banned from another website
  400. Question about porcelain mini sink with all-in-one faucet?
  401. India Makes Worlds Cheapest Car
  402. Vampire Killing Case (Stabbed 29 Times)
  403. Obama & Jay Leno (VERY FUNNY)
  404. Teens Organs Stolen While Still Alive
  405. Polar Bears dying From Climate Change
  406. Obey The Moderator!
  407. 74 Year Old Porn King of Japan (SFW)
  408. Natasha Richardson dies at 45
  409. Raw Video:Police Beat Motorist
  410. Does this hurt or help the 'Concensus'
  411. Question about Master Circuit Breaker?
  412. Millions in AIG bonuses ignite bipartisan fire
  413. Vasectomies Hit All Time High:Economy To Blame
  414. Suicide Bomber Attack Caught on Video
  415. Jon Stewart to Jim Cramer: "It's not a F#$#@^g Game!"
  416. (Crap of the Day #2) Free Grant Money Kit!
  417. (House Question #22) Do you use a Water filter?
  418. Joaquin Phoenix Attacks Heckler at Miami Club
  419. Opened the mail - I'm audited
  420. Largest Swimming Pool in the World (PICS)
  421. Cocaine Found in Bell Peppers
  422. The first stage of Alzheimer's
  423. Sony Releases New Stupid Piece of Shit
  424. Teen Commits Suicide Sexting is to Blame?
  425. (Crap of the Day #1) WRFF Snoop Dogg Limited Edition Trike Bike
  426. Carts of Darkness-Extreme LifeStyle
  427. (House Question #21) Does your front yard have light pole?
  428. (House Question #20) Do you have a deck porch? If yes? What type?
  429. (House Question #19) Do you have a basement? If Yes? Is it finished?
  430. I am planning to switch to Internet phone.
  431. Diaper Wearing Sex Offender Strikes Again
  432. Pastor Killed in Church Shooting
  433. 1hr ahead for DST Time Change NTP
  434. How do you fix a Washing Machine that doesn't drain the dirty water?
  435. Funniest Movie Line Ever, Historic Obama Supporters?
  436. Bizkit the sleepwalking dog
  437. Social Security Stimulus Question
  438. Economy in 'Free-Fall': Unemployment Rate Surges to 8.1%, Highest in 25 Years
  439. (House Question #18) Do you have popcorn ceilings?
  440. (House Question #17) Do you have ceiling fans? If yes? How many?
  441. (House Question #16) What type of driveway layer do you have?
  442. (House Question #15) What type of roof do you have?
  443. (House Question #14) Do you hang out the Flag?
  444. Teen Attacks School Bus Driver (Graphic)
  445. Tension in the Artic Circle
  446. Judge and Defendant Fight:120 Years In Prison
  447. Tramp Stamp Barbi
  448. Panic attacks = major suckage
  449. Please watch and review my 3D Shortfilm
  450. Cop Say Man Stuffed Cat Into 'Bong'
  451. (House Question #13) Do you have a Welcome Mat? If do, what does it say on it?
  452. Have you ever been to Coney Island Nathan's? Or ate Gabila's Knishes?
  453. What is this GPM button on my calcualor?
  454. need more music!
  455. (Home Question #12) Security (Are you really protected in your home?)
  456. (House Question #11) Beside Kitchen/Bath/Bedroom, name other rooms you use more?
  457. (House Question #10) Do you have an attic? If you do, are you using it?
  458. 10 Killed in India Train Collision
  459. Mamma mia! Terrible drivers wreaking havoc
  460. Fired For Craigslist Personal Ads
  461. GoGirl
  462. Teachers: Schoolyard Drug Sting Goes Bad
  463. Another Huge Snow Storm to Hit New England States
  464. Anger management
  465. Woman breastfeeding while driving
  466. (House Question #10) Are all your Windows and Doors Insulated?
  467. (House Question #9) What's on your house (Paint, Wood, Brick, Stucco, Siding)?
  468. (House Question #8) Do you have Wireless Devices? Network, Phone, X10(RF)?
  469. Service?
  470. (House Question #7) Do you have Central AC+Heat or Gas/Oil/Hot Air Furnace?
  471. Talk radio pioneer Paul Harvey dies
  472. (House Question #6) Do have Energy Star items in the house?
  473. (House Question #5) Do you have a garage? What kind?
  474. (House Question #4) Do you have Flood Lights? What type? Auto Sensor/Manual?
  475. (House Question #3) Are your house numbers on your house?
  476. (House Question #2) Where is your mail box located?
  477. Calif at 10% unemployment
  478. US Attorney: No More Marijuana Raids
  479. 70 Year Old Pan Swinging Grandma
  480. (House Question #1) Which door is use the most the front or rear door?
  481. Megan Fox Needs a New Man
  482. 14 Year Old Accused of Stabbing Brother Over Video Game
  483. Aces card puzzle
  484. Greatest Standup Comedian?
  485. Mango Tree Puzzle....
  486. Slumdog Stars Still Living in Poverty
  487. Ben Stiller at the Oscars
  488. What's your favorite ice cream flavor and brand?
  489. How do you like your eggs?
  490. Woman's Hair Weave Stops Bullet!
  491. Teen Faces Cell Phone Porn Charge
  492. Rihannas Shocking Picture
  493. Top 13 Worst Slogan Translations Ever
  494. 70-Year Old Man Shoots TV, Engages in Standoff With Police Over DTV Transition
  495. FBN Wins Lawsuit Against U.S. Treasury
  496. Great Just GREAT! when office chairs attack!
  497. Florida Bill Would Tax Internet Sales
  498. Do you hose your sidewalk in front of your house?
  499. How to Fix Network Access Denied Error on XP and Vista
  500. How to Save Bandwidth in Firefox