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  1. Calling All Future-Eaters (Stop Fast Forwarding to the End)
  2. Is anyone else avoiding a Mexican vacation with the latest drug war?
  3. French lawmakers pass bill to ban 'burqa' in public spaces
  4. Life @ Guantanamo Bay: video games, live TV
  5. I got robbed in my home last night
  6. New polls show people have lost faith in Obama and think he's a Socialist .
  7. Oil Exec's Wife Hospitalized After 'Box of Chocolates' Explodes
  8. Felons Voting Illegally May Have Put Franken Over The Top In Minnesota
  9. Lamestream media didn't cover this????
  10. A day of silence in honor of L2W
  11. You Never Ever Have To buy Another Razor!
  12. Soaps.......Which brands need no help with body sprays
  13. Hi guys! recommend a Free FLV Converter
  14. L2W You Will Be Missed
  15. Adios, High Def Forum
  16. What are you doing tonight (4th of July)?
  17. Apple AppStore/itunes hacked
  18. Avoid Youtube today guys
  19. Mel Gibson Needs Help
  20. Calif state employees pay dropped to $7.25 per hour
  21. 7.9 million jobs lost - many forever
  22. Dumbest comment? You be the judge.
  23. Happy birthday mytime!
  24. Should fireworks be allowed everywhere?
  25. Gun law challenges likely after high court ruling
  26. Step Up 3D
  27. Damn, Sucks To Be The Driver Of This Vehicle!
  28. Has Anyone Here Purchased The New IPhone 4?
  29. Would you wait overnight for a product?
  30. Condoms to first graders? WTF!
  31. Next Muslims will be in an uproar over searching women's Burqas
  32. Hope our friends to the north were not hurt by this rare earthquake there
  33. Cellphone radiation posting law passed in U.S.
  34. General's future in the balance after remarks
  35. Las Vegas Downturn
  36. Happy Father's Day
  37. Newbie here
  38. WSJ:BP Relied on Cheaper Wells
  39. Don't you just love Jon Stewart?
  40. Against Gov. Jindal's Wishes, Crude-Sucking Barges Stopped by Coast Guard
  41. GOP Senator Apologizes to BP
  42. My son is not a terrorist, he is just stupid
  43. Tea party politician provoking violence?
  44. Feds bust 7200 pounds of pot
  45. Republican Congressman Suggests BP Exec Commit 'Hari-Kari'
  46. Obama Issues Executive Order Mandating “Lifestyle Behavior Modification”
  47. Massage with Happy Ending
  48. I think I will skip going to Mexico for vacation for a while with the latest problems
  49. Democrat Congressman Assaults Student on Washington Sidewalk
  50. First 3DTVs due in November
  51. Google accused of criminal intent over StreetView data
  52. The real violence comes from the left.
  53. Monster
  54. dental emergancy?
  55. The Darwin Awards Video thread
  56. Planting Grass seeds, few questions
  57. yet, we expect to win?????????
  58. YouTube Buzz Words in 2009
  59. ? about AT&T's new data plan
  60. Helen Thomas fired after comments...
  61. I wrote myself a news article.
  62. Joran van der Sloot (remember girl in Aruba 5 years ago to the day) a serial killer?
  63. 'Sack Tapping" on the rise - OUCH!
  64. WTFFF:In at least three states, it is now illegal to record any on-duty police office
  65. Telonu.com
  66. Need Help Sending Heavy Package From USA to UK!
  67. Does Anyone in here like to be in Movie Premieres?
  68. Trillion dollar WAR
  69. How long does a full propane tank last; Might do a Hog
  70. 2 Year Old Smokes Cigarettes, Dad Gave Him His First Butt At 18 Months
  71. Something sad
  72. 'Diff'rent Strokes' star Gary Coleman dies
  73. Get Him to The Greek Trailer
  74. Hypersonic aircraft shatters aviation records
  75. Top 10 must have software in your computer
  76. Hi Yield number 38 termite control for fleas??
  77. Promoted to Associate Professor!!
  78. About one-third of employers may be subject to $3,000. penalty for Health Ins.
  79. Obama nominates Medical Rationing Czar
  80. Running asian 240-250 volt appliances in the US 110 volt outlet
  81. Costner's Cleanup Machines To Be Tested In Gulf
  82. Senators press for National Guard troops on border
  83. Whether to file insurance claim to repair front windscreen
  84. Students Asked For 'Citizen Status' Before Obama Commencement
  85. U.S. grants asylum to President Obama's aunt (who is/was here illegally)
  86. Metal legend Ronnie James Dio dead at 67
  87. You Cut - Brilliant or not?
  88. Ordering a TV from Amazon.com in Canada
  89. Picture of the Gulf Oil Disaster
  90. The hidden cost of War
  91. New coverage for young adults (until 26) will raise premiums (says the US govt)
  92. 3 Cheers for BP!
  93. eyjafjallajokull volcano erupting again live
  94. American Soldiers in Red Square
  95. Charcoal of gas?
  96. Charcoal or Gas?
  97. Bill aims to strip certain Americans of their citizenship
  98. Some random scenery pics from my trip to the grass flats
  99. Mosque going up in NYC building damaged on 9/11 - good or bad idea?
  100. Grandmother Having Baby With Her Grandson!
  101. Students introuble for American Flag
  102. Greek issues, prelude to US?
  103. Congress, where 44 percent are millionaires, freezes pay
  104. New Taxes needed or not needed
  105. Plan to CHANGE horses
  106. Iran becoming interested in women's rights.
  107. Collecting Vacation on temp layoff?
  108. Alternate Energy sources that will help us off use of petroleum production
  109. American Idol
  110. Florida govt to run as independent
  111. Let's See How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens
  112. Alabama Gov. candidate "SPEAK ENGLISH"
  113. More good news for seniors.
  114. Air Compressors and Air tools
  115. Reccomendations for a decent coffee bean grinder
  116. Burning Oil Rig Sinks, Setting Stage For Big Spill
  117. SEC Employees Jerking Off To Porn, What A Big Surprise!
  118. Nearly 4M to pay health insurance penalty by 2016
  119. Cap & trade bill makes you upgrade your house to sell it??
  120. NSFW? optical illusion
  121. Arizona get's it right...
  122. The Test
  123. Hot Dog Brands..................
  124. Interesting Obama bumper sticker
  125. True Good News for the US
  126. Post your desktop.
  127. More good news for the U.S.
  128. Fun with Photoshop
  129. 33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits
  130. my intro
  131. Nurse Fired For Accepting Groceries From Patient!
  132. Evil 8-Bit Forces Destroy New York
  133. how to hook 5.1 PC speakers to HDTV
  134. Vat (value added tax) good or bad idea?
  135. The Thrill of Flying the SR-71 Blackbird
  136. International Ghillie Suit Day
  137. Fox news - biased???
  138. Boogie woogie Movie
  139. Getting my 5 posts so I can post my real post!
  140. Did You Know 20 States Still Paddle Students?
  141. John Forsythe (Dynasty/Charlies Angels fame) dies at 92 R.I.P.
  142. feel good music
  143. Checking cellphone voice mail
  144. Alert: Guam in danger of tipping over.
  145. U.S. Government To Save Billions By Cutting Wasteful Senator Program
  146. Rot in Hell
  147. Some things are So wrong..........
  148. Had Anyone Here Connected To Chatroulette?
  149. Are you sick of buying $20 razor blade replacements?
  150. Do your pets enjoy tv?
  151. Should Bullies Be Reported To The Police?
  152. Prayers for Mandy ~ Have been answered in her favor ~Update
  153. ECU Group's Philip Manduca: EU survival is predicated on US' demise
  154. Here are some things people have said about President Obama
  155. Duh, There Are Consequences To Posting Your Every Move On The Internet!
  156. Hare Pie, LOL!
  157. Health Care Bill is Racist!!
  158. Just bought 2 new laptops for a steal IMO
  159. Wall St. = Obama's Next Target
  160. High Def in High Fashion
  161. R.I.P. Robert M. White - First Human To Break Mach 6
  162. Check out my songs.
  163. a joke. Care for you health!
  164. 13 states, including Utah file lawsuit against federal government over health care
  165. OMG, This Lady Is Lucky To Be Alive!
  166. I finally threw it out!
  167. The dangers of 36 hour Cialis (funny)
  168. test
  169. Got a new toy! Love it!
  170. Interesting take on trade deficit...
  171. SNL Sergio Song
  172. How many of you use Foil on your grills while cooking
  173. The Science of Flatulence, Farts, Oops Poops, and Toots
  174. Do You Wear Right and Left Socks?
  175. Obama Talks Health Care & Asks Fox News to Stop Interrupting
  176. Happy St. Pat's Day!
  177. 2010 Census
  178. Katrinas 100,000 Toxic Trailers Are No Bargain
  179. No. 1 Single the Day You Were Born?
  180. Are you happy today ?
  181. Yesterday I amost late for work,the bus is ...
  182. IRS Crackdown.
  183. Well the time is now here where Social Security pays out more than they take in!!
  184. Daylight-Saving Time: It's Back
  185. A fun joke .Have you encountered in life ?
  186. Court OKs Reciting Pledge Of Allegiance
  187. More public school madness.
  188. LifeLock to pay $12 million settlement
  189. Rahm Emanuel Thugs Around Gym Showers Naked
  190. Happy belated birthday Cass (site founder)!!!!!!
  191. Is this a GREAT display or what?
  192. EDITORIAL: Save the SEALs
  193. Another Hall of Shamer
  194. Presidents reunion...... This Is Hillarious!
  195. Picture under name
  196. What Was The Air Traffic Controller Thinking?
  197. Wisconsin Teen Gets 15 Year Sentence For Sex Blackmail via Facebook!
  198. How could we make out with no Sat. mail?
  199. Mass. Activists Want Lawmakers to Ban Word 'Retard'
  200. Fred, a Smoker!
  201. Woman Loses Home Over $68 Dental Bill
  202. Land in Hiers , few questions
  203. My wife...the red light runner....CAUGHT!!!
  204. Head of IMF Proposes New Reserve Currency
  205. Robin Hood Hacker - Keeping the Banks Honest
  206. Did this happen to you when you proposed.....
  207. Blue Angels Driving Cadillacs
  208. Superman's Debut Comic Book Issue Sells For $1M
  209. The Edge on BD May-11-2010
  210. It's Time To Play, Name That Boobage!!!
  211. Epic Beard Man!
  212. New One
  213. Kevin Trudeau sentenced to jail for 30 days for comtempt of court
  214. how to beat those sneaky ebay snipers?
  215. Disguised weapons
  216. Robber Gets A Beaten From Granny With A Price Scanner!
  217. Weather Man, Attacked By A Pelican!
  218. Too fat to fly?
  219. Can You Name Those Lips?
  220. Gas filled Lighters for lighting things, I got a question
  221. Proposed 28th Amendment
  222. Who said the GM Hummer was bad for the enviroment?
  223. Is Anyone Nervous, When A Toyota Is Behind You In Traffic?
  224. Iran Anniversary 'Punch' Will Stun The West On Thursday Feb 11TH
  225. The Future according to Al Gore.
  226. Do you have the GPS in your truck?
  227. Are we really safer?
  228. Lawyers needed!
  229. Game Crazy Closing Stores as Movie Gallery Files for Chapter 11
  230. Oh my...
  231. The two inch long gun.
  232. Johnny Pumpkin Seed Could Make Your Health Better!
  233. Rush Limbaugh Says 250,000 Isnt Wealthy
  234. Paulson Says Russia Urged China to Dump Fannie, Freddie Bonds
  235. President Obama, And Scott Brown Are Cousins!
  236. Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling.....
  237. King Kong 1976 BD..anyone have it?
  238. Are You Doing Your Own Taxes This Year?
  239. mia
  240. Where were you 24 years ago today?
  241. BD's for Sale..9 of them
  242. Model?
  243. I did, did You?
  244. Oprah Regains Her Position as America's Favorite Television Personality
  245. Avatar moves past Titanic to #1 Worldwide All-Time Box Office
  246. What are you doing for Valentine's Day?
  247. This or That
  248. Hugo Chavez Mouthpiece Says U.S. Hit Haiti With 'Earthquake Weapon'
  249. Bridezillas
  250. Rogue: Aussie croc movie
  251. Truck Wrecks
  252. Pigeon: Impossible - Awesome animation !!!
  253. Question about Red Hott ChillPepper song "Under the bridge"
  254. List of BD movies in 1:78 and 1:85
  255. List of BD
  256. My vote may actually help decide whether Health care "reform" gets passed today
  257. Word Association Game
  258. The "HOLY" Rifle
  259. SHIRI APPLEBY - man time flies (Life Unexpected) (Roswell)
  260. Haiti, a great place to be an elite.
  261. Cool re-creation of Flight 1549 with actual audio
  262. What is the best american tv show?
  263. Only conservatives can be racist I guess?????
  264. "Love at first sight" is really love or its lost ?
  265. Selective executive compensation
  266. Random people better than congress...?
  267. The way it used to be in America
  268. Obama gives Interpol free hand in U.S.
  269. Times Square Attacked By Fart Machine
  270. Samsung's Transparent OLED laptop at CES
  271. The cost of more government
  272. IRSteroids
  273. The Company We Love To Hate . . .
  274. Baby Falls On A Chop Stick, And It Goes Into His Brain!
  275. Obama Reneges on Health Care Transparency
  276. Artic Blast Breaking Records Across the Country
  277. Severe unemployment worsens in cities
  278. Calif bans trans fats
  279. Some Funny jokes
  280. General Motors hy wire
  281. Anyone notice BD scam on TV series?
  282. Ridiculous quote of the day.
  283. Walt Disney's grandson pleads not guilty
  284. DIY website for your Toyota or Honda
  285. Everyday stuff that's radioactive
  286. High Expectations? States Weigh Marijuana Reform
  287. How do U guys like the 8th season of 24 so far?
  288. shows similar to Gilmore Girls
  289. Home Depot's New Day Laborer Policy
  290. I proposed!
  291. This explains alot.....
  292. Merry Christmas to All!
  293. The Treasure Pit of OAK ISLAND
  294. The 50 Worst Gadgets of the Decade
  295. Coffee??
  296. What happened to "The Apprentice"?
  297. Why are weather people useless?
  298. Dan O'Bannon dies at 63
  299. Fake Or Real Xmas Tree?
  300. The Physics of Space Battles
  301. Who Stole Hitler's Corpse? The Truth Revealed
  302. Gov. Richardson (NM) proposes statewide cell phone ban while driving
  303. Gitmo North
  304. Linux vs Windows 7
  305. Christmas Lights, The Brief and Strangely Interesting History Of
  306. Donuts anyone?
  307. Free Apples For Teachers, But Kids Pay?
  308. Anyone Seen This?
  309. Do We Have Any UouTube Experts Here
  310. Thompson Submachine gun
  311. Is Google making us stupid?
  312. 100 Years of Failure: 10 Technologies We Were Promised But Never Got
  313. Who likes little Debbie Oatmeal Pies
  314. General Black Jack Pershing
  315. Now THIS is ridiculous IMO
  316. Is anyone here good at decrypting a .pdf file and adding color?
  317. Best Christmas Lights Display
  319. New device will allow anyone with a cellphone to accept credit card payments!!
  320. Wal-Mart To Pay $40M To Workers In Mass.
  321. In Dubai, a blunt refusal amid a market selloff
  322. The most expensive Dessert
  323. The Sound of Music
  324. Online Personal Finance Sites (Mint, Quicken Online & Buxfer)
  325. Iran gained 5 billion dollars by euro switch: banker
  326. Now this could help get people to use public transportation huh?
  327. Unbelieveable!!!!!
  328. J. C. Penny Employee Rapes A Child , In The Dressing Room, Mom Is A Few Feet Away!
  329. Sodium vapor security light
  330. Man comes out of coma after 23 years and communicates through speech therapist?
  331. Driver's Licenses Won't Be Valid At Airports
  332. Boombox Help Needed
  333. Forget about turkey – get a goat!
  334. Happy Birthday SOBAY!
  335. For Jazz Fans Only
  336. Calif tuition fees to increase 32%
  337. Democrat, Republican, Redneck
  338. A Letter From The Boss
  339. Hot Former Escort, Hires A Hitman To Kill Hubby, So She Thinks!
  340. Dancing With The Stars
  341. Obama givith and then he taketh away.....
  342. A clip from UKRAINE’S GOT TALENT, very moving!
  343. Who plays the Lottery and Scratch Off cards?????????/
  344. Dogs welcome home their soldiers.
  345. Living in Vegas?
  346. New Preamble To The Constitution
  347. What is your personality? Temperment test
  348. This is funny!
  349. A Great Halloween Costume!
  350. Intoxicated Woman Falls Onto The Tracks Of An Oncoming Train, And Lives!
  351. The New PC Term for Illegal Aliens
  352. Bella Pelosi get's my Hipocrit of the year award.
  353. All Hail Queen Nancy Pelosi
  354. Pelosi: Buy A $15,000 Policy Or Go To Jail
  355. Woke Up Dead web series
  356. Carrie Prejean Sex Tape
  357. T mobile service outage
  358. Republicans Take NJ & Virginia Governor Races
  359. R.I.P my fith gen ipod video
  360. Why I cannot get on to a different Message Board, Errors
  361. Septic Tank Question
  362. WalMart has Everything! Including Caskets/Coffins!
  363. Arnolds Veto
  364. I am sick of this sh-t..........
  365. Work Halloween Party ?
  366. Air Force One
  367. Anyone sick of the el cheapo keyboards out there?
  368. Toshiba to sell first Fuel-Cell power source for portable electronics
  369. What age will you die?
  370. Video about Philips incredible OLED installation in London
  371. Soupy Sales Dies at 83
  372. Sam's Changing Return Policy
  373. Anyone who is for Obama but worried about this?
  374. Michael Jackson a legend
  375. PICTURE GALLERY: Most Bizarre Signs
  376. Shooting Anvils 200 Feet In the Air Is as Bloody Crazy as It Sounds
  377. Offended Illegal Aliens
  378. Windows 7
  379. Cable filters and if anyone has used one before?
  380. Kids get owned at bus stop
  381. Moon color
  382. Indian Ocean sent ripples through the college circuit,
  383. Is the economy better?
  384. Polaroid Pulls an About-Face, Decides to Re-Launch Instant Film Next Year
  385. Will Arab countries stop using dollar in oil trading?
  386. Yes, the morons are here from all over the world
  387. Hungary pageant for surgically enhanced beauties
  388. President Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize
  389. How to Watch the Moon Bombing In Real Time
  390. French Naval Victory!!
  391. GOP trades patriotism for pure spite.....OMG
  392. Method Man, formerly of Wu-Tang Clan, arrested for tax evasion
  393. Old Midas Muffler Commercial
  394. US relinquishes control of the internet
  395. Bully Beatdown..anyone watch this show?
  396. Level 3 Sex Offender Who Sued McDonald's Arrested Again!
  397. GM's Saturn division shutting down
  398. Iranian missile launches.
  399. A Burger Question To All Yanks!
  400. Gore-Backed Car Firm Gets Large U.S. Loan
  401. Cband?
  402. DC aims to jail the working poor?
  403. Liberals Seek Health Care Access for Illegals
  404. America armed, but guns not necessarily loaded
  405. A short lesson in World History
  406. How many places have you been to?
  407. FINALLY!!!! - Swiss arrest Polanski on US request in sex case
  408. Tattoos: WTF were they thinking?
  409. No need to read this.
  410. Man sues BofA for '1,784 billion, trillion dollars'
  411. Charles Manson follower Susan Atkins dies
  412. Political ideology on a scale. What say you?
  413. the "Dead Celebrities" of 2009
  414. Jobless rate tops 12% in 5 states
  415. Where do you live?
  416. AP NewsBreak: Nuke agency says Iran can make bomb
  417. Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary dead at 72
  418. White House collecting & storing data on their accounts at facebook, twitter, you,etc
  419. Not racially motivated?????
  420. Brilliant Career Moves: A Walmart Employee Arrested For Demoing Porn On HDTVs
  421. Alternative disease approach
  422. Million tea-bag march
  423. US to impose tariffs on imports...
  424. Patrick Swayze dies at 57
  425. Kanye West goes idiot again!!
  426. Risk-taking is back for banks 1 year after crisis
  427. Acorn just wants to help......OMG......
  428. I tried to name two new Yorkshire Terriers, Blu-ray and Dolby TrueHD
  429. Patch Perfect Grass Seed------------Anyone try it or any other
  430. Prez speech to kids
  431. Newbie Here!
  432. "Capitalism is evil," says new Michael Moore film
  433. New user
  434. Van Jones resigns.........
  435. Grounding Fees?
  436. Oldest Working "Computer" to Be Rebuilt Sans Windows 7, Dual Core or Wireless
  437. Guns
  438. Is this "fair" for wrongly jailed or too much?
  439. Philips sexes up IFA 2009
  440. Internet addiction center opens in Wash.
  441. And the latest Martial Law from the Soviet Socialist State of Massachusetts
  442. US Broadband Providers Seek Excuses, Stimulus Money to Continue Sucking
  443. Illinois shoppers brace for higher taxes at grocery
  444. Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks.
  445. State with mandatory immunization?
  446. For Those Who Have Home Security Cameras!
  447. How much could i get for a samsung BD1500?
  448. Florida fourth among the states in 2009 bank failures
  449. The d-balling of America continues......
  450. The Drunk Driving PBA!
  451. Ted Kennedy 1932-2009 R.I.P.
  452. Has anybody tried these?
  453. Most red ink ever: $9 trillion over next decade
  454. MS photoshops a black guy out for Poland.
  455. Brooksville/Dade City FL
  456. Calls to tax junk food gain ground
  457. men r so annoyin!!
  458. Mexico decriminalizes all drugs
  459. Cash for Clunkers
  460. Get ready homeowners: County and most cities in Broward propose tax hikes
  461. RadioShack changes its name
  462. Riddle o' the day
  463. Chicago $300 mil in the red, city worker lay-offs, most offices closed tomorrow
  464. How do you spin this to be good??
  465. Two and a Half Men: Question re Jake
  466. HEALTHCARE BS around here
  467. Colonial Bank on the brink of collapse
  468. Seattle pregnant woman swine flu death
  469. speeders
  470. online storage for my HD home videos
  472. Opinions needed: a car temperature conundrum
  473. MS has 60 days to pull MS Word off store shelves in a XML infringement suit lost.
  474. Proposed Healthcare: Yes or No **Private Poll thread only**No posts**
  475. Another way illegals are effecting America...
  476. Americans working much harder – for less pay
  477. Democrats Dispatch Union Thugs to Beat Down "The Angry Mob"
  478. 10 Machines So Huge They Destroy Your Sense of Scale
  479. what would u do?
  480. Become a paid concerned citizen.
  481. AMA Weighs In On Obama Healthcare Plan
  482. Hatt's Emergency Health Reform Act of 2009
  483. Debunking Left wing lies about Healthcare reform
  484. Big Pharma-150 million for pro healthcare reform
  485. 16 year old has the mind/body of a toddler, but may hold key to aging
  486. INTROS: what city you live in, do you like it, why or why not..
  487. Has anyone had or know of anyone that has had the Implantable Contact Lenses procedur
  488. The 1980s have officialy died , so long John Hughes
  489. Google Voice
  490. The Dude Who Killed Women In Gym, Because He Hasn't Been Laid In 20 Years
  491. I know this likely from a right wing site....but
  492. N.korea pardons journalists
  493. Two and a Half Men: Question re Jake
  494. Your favorite family of musicians?
  495. good beer
  496. So much for taxing the rich?
  497. Debunking RW lies about healthcare
  498. Check out my new kicks
  499. The Par-Tay Cooler, That You Can Ride!
  500. UFO or What the heck is that Black Area?