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  1. 'Robin Hood' is first UHD BD disc to include both Dolby Vision & HDR10+
  2. 2018 Year End DEG Report
  3. 3rd Quarter DEG Report
  4. First IMAX Enhanced 4K Blu-rays Announced with HDR10+
  5. HDMI Devices when you have no HDMI ports
  6. DEG 2018 Mid-Year Report
  7. Netflix’s DVD business is still alive . . .
  8. Strong Theatricals Boost Consumer Spending in Q1, DEG Says
  9. Redbox to Roll-Out 4K UHD BD Rentals
  10. Research Report: 4K UHD to Buttress Blu-ray
  11. Hollywood doesn't really want you to buy Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs
  12. BDA Starts Licensing of 8k/4K Broadcast Recordable Blu-ray
  13. BDA: 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Format Making Big Strides
  14. Streaming "HD" is a scam!
  15. High Definition Music Cards
  16. An update on UHD Blu-ray sales
  17. DEG Reports Mid-Year 2017 Gains for Home Entertainment
  18. New Redbox Deal With Warner Shortens Rental Delay to One Week
  19. DEG Q1 2017 Report
  20. Futuresource: 8.4 Million 4K Blu-ray Discs to be Sold in 2017
  21. Global Disc Sales Fell 17% in 2016
  22. BDA Details 4K Plans for 2017
  23. DEG 2016 Year End Report
  24. Where Are The Disney UHD Blu Rays?
  25. Studios, Dolby Reaffirm Commitment to Ultra HD Blu-ray
  26. BDA: Ultra HD Blu-Ray Sales Looking Strong
  27. DEG Q2 Home Entertainment Report
  28. Dolby Vision Coming To UHD-BD
  29. 1st 100 GB UHD-BD: Batman vs Superman DOJ
  30. Universal Unveils 4K UHD Blu-ray Slate
  31. Sony DADC Adding Dolby Vision to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Authoring Tools
  32. Cnet Article: HDR is TV's next big format war
  33. Slysoft shut down?
  34. Warner Bros. Exec Discusses UHD - We're "bullish" on Ultra High Def
  35. Lionsgate UHD Blu-rays Coming March 1
  36. You Can Preorder Fox UHD-BD Titles @ Best Buy
  37. Shout! Factory Announces First Slate of 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Titles
  38. WB Announces UHD-BD Titles
  39. BDA's Webite On UHD-BD
  40. Sony's first 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray releases will arrive early next year
  41. Getting rid of physical media, few questions. Please help if you can
  42. BDA Roundtable Adds Color To Ultra HD Blu-ray Launch
  43. Dolby Vision HDR Movies
  44. Industry Gears for UHD Blu-ray
  45. Sony's all set to bring Dolby Vision HDR into the home
  46. Will UHD BD Really Be UHD?
  47. Dolby Announces New Partnerships for Dolby Vision Ultra HD Video Chipsets
  48. Ultra HD Blu-Ray Combo Pack - No More DVD?
  49. Amazon 4K HDR Streams Come To LG TVs
  50. Samsung and Fox Announce First Ultra HD Blu-ray Player and Software
  51. Samsung embraces 4K with a new Ultra HD Blu-ray Player
  52. Where to watch 4K TV shows and movies
  53. Netflix 4K content leak: One episode of Breaking Bad weighs in at 18GB
  54. New 'Enabling Technology' Expected to Give Boost to 4K Ultra HD Movie Ownership
  55. Digital Movies Offer Pricing Conundrum
  56. 4K UHD Movies on a thumb drive for sale
  57. DEG Home Video Q2 Report
  58. Blu-ray at 10: A Gateway to the Future
  59. Blu-ray Producers Say Studios Should 'Shift Expectations' About Physical Media
  60. Fox Unwraps First Four Ultra HD Titles With High Dynamic Range
  61. Remastering: Why many companies don't do it?
  62. Fox to stop releasing The Simpsons on DVD and Blu-ray
  63. 2014 Year-End DEG report
  64. 2015 - The year I buy no Blu-rays?
  65. 3D TV's pretty much a big disappointment for manufacturers?
  66. Redbox raising prices
  67. Minor Differences between Convert MKV to M2TS and MKV to AVCHD
  68. Netflix: closing the barn door after the horses bolted?
  69. Does anyone care about 4KBD?
  70. Dolby Atmos Sound Coming to Blu-ray Disc, Vudu Movies
  71. Harry Potter HD-DVDs have bit the dust.
  72. Blank screen issues
  73. Digital Home Entertainment to Exceed Physical by 2016, Study Finds
  74. Happy Birthday Rizz!
  75. NPD: Most Digital Sales Catalog, Not New Release Movies
  76. Digital Copy (and/or UV) redemption code validation
  77. The Verge: Sony's in a 'bag of hurt' because of Blu-ray
  78. DEG: Digital Sellthrough Up 43%, But Disc Sales Drop in Q1
  79. Just got an Amazon email selling a HD-DVD
  80. A competitor to Chromecast ?
  81. Spears_Munsil_High_Definition_Benchmark_Blu-Ray
  82. CBS going "nuclear" over Aereo ?
  83. 4K Blu-Ray By The End Of 2014?
  84. Disappointing 2013 xmas sales for Best Buy.
  85. Happy thanks giving all!
  86. Dumping Netflix stock.
  87. Netflix original content: new subs vs. retaining subs.
  88. Amusing study on the after effects of Megaupload shutdown.
  89. Netflix closes dvd distribution center.
  90. Is 4K really marketable?
  91. Sony/Panasonic 300GB optical discs.
  92. Redbox controls more than 50% of home video rental biz
  93. 1080i viewing problems via PS3 HDMI to DVI
  94. Forbes:Six Reasons Why DVDs Still Make Money -- And Won't Die Anytime Soon
  95. Spielberg, Lucas: Internet TV is the future of entertainment
  96. Comcast going 4k.
  97. Sleepless in Hollywood
  98. Upcoming Sony 4K download service.
  99. Vudu disc-to-digital home Ultraviolet conversion software leaves beta
  100. 4K computer monitors
  101. Microsoft’s New 'Xbox One' Includes Blu-ray Drive
  102. Netflix's open connect program.
  103. BitTorrent attempting to go legit.
  104. control the volume of the external speakers from the TV?
  105. VoD Satisfaction on the Rise
  106. Redbox Q1 sales revenue down 5 percent YoY
  107. Best Blu-Ray player for the money?
  108. Blu-ray, Digital Up Q1 Home Entertainment Spending 5%
  109. Netflix's Reed Hastings' 11-page manifesto
  110. Hours per user watching Netflix
  111. James Cameron, Vince Pace Throw Support Behind Dolby Glasses-free 3D
  112. Audio Quality on BD of "Tommy" (1975)
  113. Top Blu-ray Deals and Price Drops @ Blu-ray.com
  114. Parks: After Broadcast TV, Most People Watch Movies on Disc
  115. Netflix #2 on worst customer service list.
  116. Repeal of 1988 law via Netflix lobbying.
  117. Netflix's plans for 4k.
  118. 2012 tv on dvd figures
  119. Analyst: Netflix 'Worse Today' Than Two Years Ago
  120. VOD ‘Definitely Not Offsetting Decline on DVD’
  121. New movies being released direct through Xbox.
  122. Netflix margins.
  123. Nielsen to begin counting broadband viewing homes
  124. Why “House of Cards” Could Signal the Decline of Cable Television
  125. Coinstar's stock sinks on Redbox growth worries
  126. Redbox Market Share Hits 45%; Kiosks to Hold More Discs
  127. Sony trims quarterly loss to $115 million
  128. NPD: Discs Still Top Earners For Hollywood
  129. Microsoft Xbox scores console exclusivity deal for Verizon’s Redbox Instant
  130. Time Warner Cable Loses 129,000 Video Subs in Q4
  131. Philips Exits Consumer Electronics
  132. Catalog title announcements - Paramount and Sony ZERO, Universal ONE.
  133. Sony, Universal, Fox and Paramount hit with class-action lawsuits over HV rentals
  134. Lee Stewart
  135. HMV closes shop
  136. Netflix to carry more Time Warner shows
  137. U.S. Home Entertainment Spending Dips 1.5% on Falling DVD Sales
  138. Grainy Picture on BluRays
  139. Happy New Year all!
  140. Warner $10 Triple Packs and Millcreek $5 Double Packs
  141. Casablanca: 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition' Blu-ray $29.99
  142. HMM: Gift Sets Keep Giving
  143. Darbee Darblet..DARBEE Visual Presence (Video Processor)
  144. Blu-Ray Players Coming to Minivans
  145. Lower Sound on Rear Surround Speakers. Pls Help :)
  146. Netflix to get Disney films in TV distribution deal
  147. Analyst: Movie Rental Revenue to Decline Heading into Christmas
  148. Sony Bows 4K Ultra HD Video Player With Movies
  149. Huge discounts on Blu-ray TV shows at Amazon.com
  150. Disney Movies Online is Closing
  151. UK Supermarkets control around 40% of the dvd market.
  152. Amazons Black Friday List
  153. Warner iOS streaming/downloading app.
  154. Sale - The Godfather Collection (The Coppola Restoration)
  155. Warner bluray MOD.
  156. The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy Ext. Editions On Sale
  157. Alien Anthology on sale
  158. Just bought a new Toshiba. I can read only FAT32??
  159. Dolby Laboratories' comments on dvd/bluray.
  160. Panasonic cutbacks.
  161. Lionsgate's Steve Beeks: ‘We’ve Seen Retailers Re-Embrace the Packaged Media Business
  162. Mel Brooks Collection on sale
  163. Bewkes: Warner to Expand Early Electronic Sellthrough for Theatrical Titles
  164. Bluray just became obsolete boys!
  165. Big studios selling off foreign rights.
  166. Blu-ray shows up at the Dollar Tree
  167. Universal woes
  168. Disney to Buy Lucasfilm for $4.05 Billion - New Star Wars Movie 2015
  169. Netflix Spikes On Rumors Of Possible Microsoft Bid
  170. Hollywood home video sales rise for 3rd straight Qtr
  171. iMac sounds death knell for DVD drives?
  172. Warner Dropping 28-Day Embargo to Brick-and-Mortar Video Stores
  173. Prometheus Sets New Record
  174. Netflix Q3 2012 Results - Loss Of 650,000 Disc Subs Predicted
  175. Best Buy will (or have) re-orgazine media section - DVDs and Blu-rays together
  176. Retailer exclusive digibooks (and digibooks in general)
  177. Warner to Take Over Distribution of Part of Paramount Library
  178. New Physical format for UV? muvichip: movies anytime, anywhere, on any device
  179. 3D Blu Ray from the UK
  180. Latest Lionsgate BD Titles - No HD Audio On Rental Copies
  181. Redbox Instant Coming By Christmas
  182. Syndication vs. Netflix
  183. IHS: Delivery Costs of Streaming Video Could Undermine Wider Rollout
  184. NPD: 40 percent decline in the number of discs rented
  185. Amazon to charge sales tax to California residents as of tomorrow (9/15)
  186. Netflix’s New Aim: Exclusives
  187. Blockbuster Ups In-Store Rental Options With ‘Blue Ticket’
  188. Fox to Sell Movies Online Before Blu-ray Release
  189. Amazon Signs ‘Epix’ Streaming Deal
  190. Is 2012 the last 'big' year for Blu-ray before it's all downhill?
  191. Forget 3D. Your dream TV should be 4K
  192. Analysis: Disc’s ‘Blu’ Ace
  193. Netflix Offers One Month of Free Disc Rentals to Streaming Subs
  194. Sony to leave disc drive market, nears end of restructuring
  195. HEVC - H.265 codec
  196. Best Buy - Sharp Q2 Decline
  197. DVDs and Blu-ray Discs Still Consumers’ Choice for Feature-Length Movie Rentals
  198. Discs Help Image Narrow Q1 Fiscal Loss Packaged media revenue increases 12% to $19.6
  199. Warner Shuttering Warner Premiere Direct-to-Video Unit
  200. NPD: Rental Discs Still Preferred Over Digital
  201. Report: Streamers Buying Connected Blu-ray Disc Players
  202. Report: 'No Reason for Netflix to Exist in the Future'
  203. 3D and 2D on the same disk - effect on PQ?
  204. Any other current or former Netflix subscribers get this email?
  205. Katzenberg Sees ‘Stabilization’ in DVD Market
  206. Consumer Spending on Home Entertainment Up in First Half of 2012
  207. Warner Goes Big, and Small for Blu-ray
  208. Consumer Reports Joins the Netflix Pile-On
  209. Coinstar Grows Revenue, Profit on Redbox Gains in Q2
  210. Hugo 3D cures mans stereoblindness
  211. Here is a link of HDMI connectivity by Home Theater Magazine
  212. Analysist Projects Netflix Loss of 740K to 1.14M Disc Subs for Q2 2012
  213. Lawrence of Arabia - Nov. 13 - three-disc Blu-ray set
  214. Creature from the Black Lagoon (only) on 3D BD - Amazon UK
  215. DTS Announces Preliminary Second Quarter 2012 Financial Results
  216. Report: DreamWorks Animation in Distribution Talks with Sony
  217. 4-D Movies: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
  218. Strong Q3 lineup of Blu-ray titles
  219. Crazy Bluray pricing!
  220. Company Launches OD Movie Rental Home Delivery Service
  221. Is Netflix Embracing Disc Rental as Redbox/Verizon JV Looms?
  222. Pre-order Movie X on Blu-ray and get a free ticket to see it in Theaters!
  223. SD BluRay
  224. Netflix Subscribers Watched 1 Billion Hours Of Video In June
  225. Happy 4th of July everyone!
  226. Vizio announces $100 Google TV Box with OnLive Gaming Built-in
  227. Najafi Companies to Acquire Assets and Business of Cinram
  228. Warner Restoring Vintage 3D Films for Blu-ray
  229. FRIENDS Coming to Blu-ray this November in Completely Remastered Box Set
  230. NPD: 80% of Connected Blu-ray Players Stream Content
  231. Survey: Voters Still Prefer Disc to Streaming
  232. Leaked Microsoft XBox 720 document 2013 launch
  233. Coinstar is kicking Netflix's butt
  234. Will DOJ's cable probe end up hurting streaming?
  235. Roku CEO: Blu-ray is going to peak soon
  236. Blu-ray pricing thread
  237. Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Blu-ray $12.99--$2.00 cheaper than the DVD.
  238. Sony’s Marty, BDA’s Parsons Talk Blu-ray
  239. Apple continues to kill off the Optical Disc Drive - New Mac Book Pro Retina
  240. Warner now bundling DVDs and UV Copies with every TV on BD Release - Uh oh
  241. Disney Implements 28-Day Embargo on All Physical Rentals
  242. DISNEY PIXAR is releasing Nemo 3D Amazon taking pre-orders with $8. coupon
  243. WSJ - Sony "PS4" to have optical drive to be launched in 2013 download only rejected
  244. Coinstar (Redbox) CEO selected as Fortune's 2012 Business Visionaries
  245. NPD: 3D HDTV units up +74% 1Q YoY ( 22% of 40"+ sold were 3D HDTV) content not driver
  246. WB Next To Try BD/DVD/UV Combo Release First
  247. Paramount not releasing remaining F13 Films on BD because of financial viability
  248. Redbox Analyst Day - 38.6 M users +17.6% YoY 38,000 kiosks, more Blu-ray & movie tix?
  249. Consumers View Video Via More Platforms, But HDTVs Most Popular, CEA Study Finds
  250. Netflix CFO: Multiple Stream Sub Plan Coming This Year
  251. Bewkes: Disc Prices ‘May’ Have to Come Down
  252. New Government Warnings on DVDs and Blu-rays
  253. Disney CEO Bob Iger Talks Earnings, 'Avengers,' and International Growth
  254. Sony posts record annual loss of $5.7 billion
  255. Flicker Alley releases "Windjammer" and "This is Cinerama" on Blu-ray and DVD
  256. Nielsen: 1.5M U.S. households cut the cord in 2011
  257. We bought a zoo
  258. Paramount Makes Money Off ‘Avengers’ Too
  259. Windows 8 loses Media Player support for DVD
  260. Big change at Hulu+??
  261. DEG Q1 2012 Report
  262. Coinstar Q1 Tops Estimates; Full Year Outlook Slightly Light
  263. My computer DVD played Blu Ray
  264. Sony Ships 4K Blu-ray Player - MSRP only $250
  265. Mill Creek Licenses 250 Sony Titles
  266. Six Questions: Craig Kornblau, President of Universal Studios Home Entertainment
  267. Netflix Q1 Results - Loss of another 1 million Disc Subs
  268. Best Buy Offers Blu-ray Movies at DVD Prices
  269. Ratio dilemma...
  270. Designo Series of 24/96 CD's.....
  271. Hulu Plus at 2 million subs
  272. HD footage compressed to dvd level is a disapointment
  273. Best Buy CEO Resigns: Is the Company Going Under?
  274. Pay TV costing a pretty penny, and rising
  275. Copying an avhcd disk
  276. Sony To Cut 10,000 More Jobs
  277. Troma - "...losing money on blu-ray releases or producing new films"
  278. The Story of 2012 - DVD Sell Through Revenue
  279. Blu-ray quality still the best but online services getting better
  280. New Offer The YouTube Collection on DVD New April 1st 2011 offer (Note the Date)
  281. Warner Bros. to release Samuel Goldwyn film library on DVD
  282. Netflix buys dvd.com domain
  283. Best Buy closing stores
  284. Are optical drives making a comeback in Ultrabooks?
  285. Rentrak - 2011 $5.6 B DVD/BD rentals (still a lot more than SVOD streaming rentals)
  286. Report: Google Close to Selling Digital Movies
  287. Americans now watch more online movies than DVDs
  288. AppleTV (1080p) Review: Can you Hear Blu-ray's Death Rattle?
  289. Equilibrium...Finally!
  290. Centris: Blu-ray Player Household Penetration Reaches 26%
  291. Disney Preps 30-Plus Movies for First-Time Blu-ray Release
  292. Prelude to movie piracy? RIAA and ISPs to police your traffic starting July 12
  293. issue on onkyo tx-nr609 with arc
  294. SKU-ed Perspective - Studio and Retailer Reasons for Multiple Disc Versions of Titles
  295. Why was the ULTRAVIOLET thread closed?
  296. Apple Press Event March 2012
  297. Wal-Mart set to join UltraViolet digital movie group
  298. Help ! Looking for Blu-disc cataloging program (perferrably FREE)
  299. New iMacs May Include “Bag of Hurt” Option
  300. Universal Sticks With 28-Day Delay In New Disc Rental Deal With Redbox
  301. h.265 40% better than h.264
  302. Once Film-Focused, Netflix Transitions to TV Shows
  303. Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes: TV And Movie Industries “Need To Fix” On Demand
  304. Wal-Mart to Give Hollywood a Hand - In Store Registration of DVDs into UltraViolet
  305. LOTR Extended Editions $34.96 on Wal-Mart.com
  306. As Good As It Gets getting the Twilight Time treatment - Sony hates catalog
  307. NYT- Web Deals Cheer Hollywood, Despite Drop in Moviegoers
  308. Disney and the BDA talk Blu-ray Streaming and UltraViolet
  309. Blockbuster to Close 500 Stores in the First Half of the Year
  310. Netflix Brings Back DVD-Only Plan Signup
  311. 2012 Box office tracking thread
  312. High Resolution multi-channel music
  313. Please Help Me Interpret Lionsgate's Home Entertainment Report
  314. News Corp. COO: ‘DVD Business Continues to Have Legs’ 8 Feb, 2012
  315. Time Warner Chief Urges Investors To Focus On Digital Growth Instead Of Rising Costs
  316. Disney May Impose a 28-Day Wait on DVD Rental Services
  317. Judge Denies Initial Effort To Shut Down 'Used' Digital Music Seller ReDigi
  318. Strong Coinstar earnings - acquiring NCR DVD Biz
  319. Verizon Teams With Redbox for a Netflix-Style Video Service
  320. Sony see's a 2.9 Billion dollar Loss!
  321. HDMI Splitter Audio Issues
  322. What format is best for family movies
  323. Amazon Profit Down Nearly 60%
  324. Morgan Stanley: Blu-ray a ‘Net Positive’ for Home Video Industry
  325. Analyst: 'Stop Worrying About DVD' Sluggishness
  326. Redbox, Warner Agreement Ends
  327. What will 'Star Wars 3D - Phantom Menace' gross next weekend?
  328. Terminator 2 Blu ray no HD audio or special features?
  329. Analysis: Disc Rental Profits Don’t Lie at Netflix
  330. Interesting BB survey
  331. Warner parties likes it's 2006 and brings back Combo ("Flipper") Discs!
  332. Real Steel
  333. Streaming Held Back...
  334. TV has digital audio output, External Speakers RCA input. Help?
  335. Law firm Hagens Berman continues Netflix investigation
  336. Netflix deal with Warner Bros. includes delay in queues
  337. DEG 2011 Year End Report
  338. Next Xbox rumored to use Blu-ray, lock out used games
  339. Netflix Earnings Today
  340. Sundance 2012: MPAA's Chris Dodd Calls Piracy Defeat a 'Watershed Event'
  341. NPD: U.S. consumer rental of movies in DVD/BD formats fell 11 percent in 2011
  342. Blockbuster's Loss Should Be Coinstar and Netflix's Gain
  343. Class-action Lawsuit Filed Against Netflix
  344. I just watched......on Blu-ray.
  345. Blu-ray deals thread
  346. No Slump Yet: ‘Contraband’ And ‘Beauty & Beast 3D’ Overperform For Big MLK Holiday
  347. NPD: 2011 Video Game Spending Declines 9%
  348. Dish to shut more Blockbuster stores than planned
  349. Analyst: Home Video Biz In Trouble Despite Industry Claim That It Has “Stabilized”
  350. Disney Vs Exhibitors Over Fact That ‘Beauty & Beast 3D’ DVD Already Selling In Stores
  351. General streaming news thread
  352. Hulu Boasts 60% Growth, HuluPlus Soars
  353. Target Confirms Plans to Bring Dedicated Apple Shops to 25 Stores
  354. Automakers shedding CD players (optical drives)
  355. BDA Sees Blu-ray Growth For Years To Come
  356. POLL: Blu-ray sell through up 19% in 2011: What will 2012 be?
  357. The decline of OD rental
  358. Don't trust DEG
  359. Blu-ray grows, but DVD slide nips home video sales
  360. 4K2K Ultra Definition Blu-ray expected in 2013
  361. Samsung Electronics announced an innovative Disc to Digital feature on BD players
  362. Panasonic Will Add Flixster App To Web Connected TVs And Blu-ray Players
  363. Dish to close many more (maybe all?) Blockbuster stores in 2012
  364. 2012 CES Wishlist
  365. Dish Gets Ready to Serve Up Broadband, and a Giant DVR
  366. Gratitude
  367. Lionsgate About To Clinch $700M Deal For ‘Twilight’-Studio Summit
  368. Why 3D TV Went From CES Darling to Consumer Reject
  369. Redbox, Warner Bros. headed to war over new DVD delay
  370. Will Amazon announce UltraViolet support at CES?
  371. Time Warner CFO: Q4 Home Entertainment Sales ‘Challenged’
  372. HBO to Netflix: Buy Your Own Darn Discs!
  373. Warner Brothers Will Make Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Wait Longer For New Movies
  374. Will retailers shrink OD (DVD and Blu-ray) space in 2012?
  375. Why Best Buy is going out of Business...Gradually
  376. Happy New Years to all!
  377. Fast Five Tops List of 2011′s Most Pirated Films
  378. WSJ: For Hollywood, There's No Happy Ending
  379. Blu-ray & the Top 20 title market share depreciation after week 1
  380. 'Just Go With It' tops 2011 Redbox rentals
  381. Christmas Day Sees Huge Spike in Digital Content & Subscription Sales
  382. Interesting Warner Archive on Facebook quote about BluRay
  383. Redbox Hurting ‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ Sellthrough?
  384. Supply Chain Chatter Has Two Apple TVs Targeted for Midyear Launch
  385. The Year of the Turnaround?
  386. New Rules for the Ways We Watch
  387. Home Video Windows Info
  388. The "What Blu-ray titles come with Ultra Violet Codes" Thread
  389. Twilight Time Interview: Disc Returns, Blu-ray Prices on the Rise and More!
  390. Connect HD TV digital out to external speakers
  391. Codec Configuration
  392. Forbes: With Home Entertainment Sales Spiraling Downward, Studios Turn to UltraViolet
  393. Holiday Greetings
  394. Blu-ray market share showing linear growth
  395. I miss VideoBusiness.com
  396. New "Streaming services" subforum
  397. Blockbuster closing more stores?
  398. Redbox: Coming to a Train Station Near You?
  399. Sony Pictures Strikes Exclusive UK Streaming Deal With Amazon’s LOVEFiLM
  400. High Prices for Low Quality Films Keeping Families Away From Theaters, Experts Say R
  401. ‘Paranormal Activity’ Download Bows Before Disc
  402. Western Digital Adds Vudu
  403. A Comic Distributes Himself
  404. Panasonic, Samsung, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba Join Forces on Next Gen Secure Memory
  405. Analyst: Redbox has Leverage Against Warner
  406. Home Video Windows Discussion Thread
  407. Major Hollywood Studios Market Share: 2011
  408. 'Avatar' iTunes 'Extras Special Edition' out Tuesday
  409. 'Sherlock,' 'Alvin,' 'M:I' Sequels Try to Save Box Office
  410. Netflix and Amazon Prime Analyzed: 2011 End Year Streaming Video Comparison
  411. NPD: Few Renting Internet VOD
  412. With Siri TV, Apple Will Dismantle the TV Networks
  413. Holiday sales up, but returns may set a record
  414. Is The SEC Investigating Netflix?
  415. Ultraviolet Seeks To Win Back Movie Buyers
  416. Hollywood Studios Said to Court Amazon in Bid to Boost Online Film Sales
  417. Six Million Kindle Fires Sold in 2011? It Could Happen.
  418. Declining Video Sales Contribute To Lousy 3Q Results At Best Buy
  419. How much do you think OD rental will be down in Q4?
  420. Movie audiences shrink below post-Sept. 11 level
  421. Netflix bullish on their future
  422. Big Media Still Lack Big Ideas; Moguls No Longer Fear Netflix But Worry About Interne
  423. Return of GTV?
  424. Netflix Unveils New Xbox Features
  425. Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns
  426. OFF TOPIC: Comment Moderator, the Dirtiest Job on the Internet
  427. Blu-ray Disc Sales up 35% in 2011
  428. Verizon to take on Netflix with Web service
  429. In other Netflix news....
  430. 5 Brands Most Likely To Be Gone By 2015 (and it includes Netflix)
  431. Postal service looking to end next day mail delivery
  432. Netflix's Hastings Worst Tech CEO of 2011: Poll
  433. Time Warner Bewkes recent comments about Netflix
  434. Is the Subscription Model ‘Broken’?
  435. CBS: “The value of an online viewer is surpassing the value” of traditional TV viewer
  436. Microsoft rolls out Xbox TV platform
  437. Top 20 selling OD (DVD + Blu-ray) titles of ALL TIME (Avatar #21))
  438. Amazon's Kindle Fire Heats Up Streaming Video Fight, Too
  439. Sony To Offer ‘Moneyball’ Via Digital Download Before DVD And Blu-ray
  440. Hot for “Bad Teacher”: Sony Spikes Sales With Early Offers on iTunes, Amazon
  441. Hollywood's Home Entertainment Problem
  442. Swiss Government to Entertainment Industry: Adapt
  443. The 'Bandwidth Hog' is a Myth
  444. Web usage-based billing on its way
  445. Kessler: HBO Go Has Delivered 98 Million Video Streams
  446. DVD gift guide: Discs are not dead
  447. Netflix: ‘Painful Lessons’ Says CFO; Brand Repair Will ‘Take Time’
  448. "We believe the DVD kiosk rental opportunity will be saturated by late 2012,"
  449. Lionsgate, Summit In Talks: Bloomberg
  450. Analyst: Pay TV Industry to Lose 200,000 Subscribers in 2012 

  451. Tom Hardy & Chris Nolan Speak About Bane
  452. Apple’s iTV Could Have a Sharp Picture
  453. Online movie services gear up for UK turf war
  454. “We’ll Lose A Buck On Every One We Sell But Make It Up In Volume”
  455. Black Friday Report thread.
  456. Happy Thanksgiving all!
  457. HBOGO on Mac Mini and 4:3 Full Screen
  458. Analyst: Amazon Eyeing Separate Streaming Service
  459. New Partnership Brings Disney Movies To YouTube Starting Today
  460. Blu-ray cyber deals on Amazon
  461. Major XBox update on Dec 6 - New content and management
  462. Analyst: Netflix’s Sub Drain Equals $160M Redbox Gain
  463. NO TWILIGHT SLUMP! ‘Breaking Dawn’ Surging To $70 Million Friday-$135 million weekend
  464. Vudu To Go - Vudu video service now lets you download files
  465. Time Warner Cable’s Marcus Sees HBO Go Agreement ‘Soon’ for Mobile Devices
  466. Sony Wants Its Own Digital Video Service, But Don’t Count On A War With Cable
  467. Starz CEO: Netflix Became an ‘Albatross’
  468. Is WB And ABC’s New TV Rights Agreement “A Turning Point” For Digital And Syndication
  469. Netflix Redesigns App for iPad, Nook Tablet, and Kindle Fire
  470. $100 million+ movies on Blu-ray
  471. Criterion collection on Blu-ray
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