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  1. Multi Region PS3?
  2. Can we all agree on this?
  3. Casablanca HD DVD out of stock at amazon.com
  4. Question for the techies
  5. Toshiba to exit HD DVD, end format war
  6. High-def discs lag standard, but gaining momentum
  7. Living in denial
  8. So are the HD DVD players on Clearance yet?
  9. Wal-Mart Nixes HD DVD
  10. What BluRay movie are you looking forward to most?
  11. What 5 HD DVDS Should I pick?
  12. I will go purple when....
  13. What we won't like about being Blu
  14. No chance for a good combo player now?
  15. Blu-Ray "wins" and so do I!
  16. It's been a great ride, guys.
  17. No Wonder HD DVD Failed, With Pricing Like This!
  18. Serious, non-fanboy question: Isn't Sony the real loser?
  19. How will the second major war go?
  20. Now that the format war is over......
  21. Should Universal & Paramount play the HD VMD card?
  22. Ok i feel bad.....
  23. The Rise and Fall of HD-DVD
  24. If you ever thought hd dvd had a chance in the pillow fight
  25. Wake up and smell the electroshock therapy
  26. My Farewell to Highdef media, for what it's worth...
  27. The New Swami: Bruceames
  28. Wal-mart and BD
  29. Toshiba Lost because of Yakuza?
  30. Is Toshiba dropping HD DVD or no longer making future players? Big difference!
  31. Food for thought
  32. The HD DVD disk clearance thread!
  33. Toshiba Your A FAILURE
  34. Which HD DVD titles will become collectable?
  35. Lessons learned? HD DVD needed a level playing field!
  36. It's officially over!
  37. Time to embrace the winning format!
  38. Japanese News Broadcast the Format War is over
  39. So Toshiba lose this round, can they put HD DVD on the sidelines?
  40. HD DVD's future outside the USA
  41. Did you like the Blu and Red boxes?
  42. Wow, so what all did I miss while I was away?
  43. Conspiracy Theory: Did Toshiba know HD DVD was toast before CES?
  44. Why is blu-ray the Consumers Choice?
  45. The economy will kill Blu-ray
  46. My thoughts of the end of this war
  47. Mr. HD DVD, Kosty, calls for group hug around BD!
  48. Toshiba's Press Conference
  49. Red Only People: What Next?
  50. PS3 Sound with what? help
  51. What about the $150 Mill?
  52. Exclusively non-Region 1 HD-DVDs?
  53. HDM...what does it all mean?
  54. Hilarious Toshiba customer support message
  55. Blu Ray sales JR Music ($11.99 titles)
  56. A Visit to the Barber
  57. Poll: Is it only a matter of time before HD-DVD is dead?
  58. Wal-Mart Goes Blu (Now Official)
  59. Did Microsoft fail HD DVD?
  60. Apology
  61. Wal-mart goes Blu Rumor?
  62. USAToday Article: Is Tug of War Over?
  63. Best buy 10% off till Feb 18
  64. Channel 4 DVD start HD DVD support.
  65. New 768p sets accepting 1080p from HD DVD & BD
  66. Full HD or HD ready
  67. Best Buy Canada to treat HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc as equals
  68. Indy box set and Gofather Box set Coming to HD DVD!
  69. Save 50% on HD-DVD's @ Amazon.com
  70. How'd this forum turn so pro-HDDVD?
  71. Price, not format war fears, holds back Blu-ray, says survey
  72. Where is SuperXP?
  73. Disney $10 DVD/Blu-ray rebate - will it work with Amazon?
  74. Rumor: Toshiba to drop HD DVD, sources say Company says no decision has been made
  75. Feb 10 Neilsen Numbers
  76. Some Rumors are turning True: Warner is Neutral
  77. What happened to the "Big News"???
  78. Opus-Arte adding Blu-ray
  79. OFF TOPIC Knight Rider coming back
  80. Indiana Jones and the Kindgom of the Crystal Skull Trailer
  81. Paramount's Indiana Jones 4 Coming to Blu Ray
  82. Blu-Ray Movie Prices at Best Buy
  83. HD DVD movie Price's at best buy
  84. WB: additional HD DVD titles after May 31st "may be created"
  85. my Blue Ray movies don't fill my screen
  86. Cheap BD player coming to Europe this spring (Sigmatek)
  87. Toshiba release new firmware update for HD DVD players
  88. $10 Rebate on Disney Blu Ray
  89. Should I dump Blu Ray and go HD DVD?
  90. Blu-Ray Group Touts Euro Growth
  91. "Studio Support" knocks "SuperXP" of his Perch as No.1 HD-DVD Fanatic
  92. Yahoo attempts to stave off Microsoft.
  93. Say hello to CH-DVD and a 51GB HD DVD
  94. Toshiba Launches New HD DVD Recorder in Japan!
  95. You know, I finally banned someone from my site because of the horsesh!t about BD
  96. HD DVD Is Still Standing, The Format War Not Over Yet – Says HD DVD Promo Group.
  97. 59% off HD DVD sale at Deepdiscount.com
  98. AVS Finally Dealing With the Trolls Head-On and re-opening Netflix & Best Buy Threads
  99. MikeRox Dumps the Paramount HD-DVD Fan Avatar - What does this mean?
  100. Semp1 Check your Inbox
  101. Wal-mart.com: A3 no longer listed
  102. Harman Kardon backs Blu-ray - announces BD player for IFA 2008 release
  103. Paramount's Star Trek Season 2 HD DVD's pushed back
  104. How long will DVD still be alive?
  105. What are you going to do if Universal & Paramount stay put?
  106. MSNBC - The Format War is Over
  107. Michael Bay Praises Blu-ray's Success
  108. Bourne Supremacy Lip Sync Issues
  109. Happy Valentines Day!
  110. XStreamHD WOW
  111. List of HD-DVDs available?...
  112. I'm purple!!!
  113. 'Don't fall for the BD hype,' says the HD DVD front man
  114. Blu-ray.com funny
  115. Initial D on Bluray
  116. Toshiba to release Blu-ray player
  117. The 1st STAR WARS product to go Blu???
  118. Why did you choose your format?
  119. Paramount's 'The Kite Runner' Coming to HD DVD
  120. What to do with HD DVD collection
  121. It's all about the VS.
  122. Amazon Buy 2 get 1 HD-DVD
  123. Amazon.com: Blu-ray B2G1F (BuyTwoGetOneFree)
  124. Long Been Idle... No Longer
  125. Panasonic HD DVD player now SELLING!!!!!
  126. How Popular is the Blu-Ray Name?
  127. HD DVD Promo Group Speaks
  128. Which was the bigger day in the Format War? 1/4/08 or 2/11/08?
  129. Sonuva...
  130. Looking for good software!
  131. Trainspotting and Shallow Grave Coming To HD DVD
  132. NPD: Tepid Consumer Interest in Blu-ray
  133. Blue-laser alternative to Blu-ray, HD DVD launched
  134. Blu-ray Sales Slide Following Warner Backing
  135. Non-flame? If blu-ray wins????
  136. Blu ray and HD DVD
  137. OMG you crack me up Blu....
  138. Why did you choose HD DVD or Blu ray?
  139. Lionsgate DVD revenue falls 7.5%
  140. End of the Line for New Line Cinema?
  141. If BD had been the only choice...
  142. Would Bluray be as successful if it were called Sony HD?
  143. Sony postpones "Godzilla" - Blu-ray is DEAD
  144. Best Buy to Recommend Blu-ray
  145. Best Buy now Blu Ray exclusive?
  146. Who will go Blu Ray Exclusive Next?
  147. Now is the best time to buy an HDTV.
  148. WB's new "Blu-ray Exclusive" Releases SUCK!
  149. HD DVD Rental alternatives
  150. Samsung Sued Over "Defective" Blu-ray Players
  151. Universal dropping HD DVD?
  152. Just out of Curiousity if I put my A30 and 40-45 movies on ebay for 550 will it sell?
  153. End of Days!
  154. When will the last HD DVD disc be released?
  155. Netflix goes Bluray only
  156. Which do you think will win, bluray or hd-dvd?
  157. How have HD movies changed you?
  158. IS HD-DVD dot COM a sham?
  159. Time to say goodbye
  160. CNET's Blu-ray bias exposed.
  161. What Films do you Want Released?
  162. HD DVD Burners & Drives? Where to buy one?
  163. Buy.com has 10.00 off any BD purchase using google check out
  164. What are the best Blu Ray Titles?
  165. Where is the 51GB disc?
  166. Free A30 at BB
  167. Circuit City unloads 1080p (A20) HD DVD player for $112
  168. Did I Miss Something?
  169. Getting dirty........
  170. Filmax Go Blu-Ray Exclusive
  171. Please stop ressurecting threads from 2007
  172. Study: Consumer Interest In Blu-ray Growing
  173. Are all Hd-DVD in widescreen format?
  174. HDA3 NTSC Region Free?
  175. HD DVD Imports from Exploited Cinema
  176. Rumor: UK leading electronics retailer Currys dropping HD DVD
  177. Rumor: UK retailer Currys dropping HD DVD!
  178. Blu supporters only - have you recently gone purple?
  179. Barnes and Noble 50% Universal HD DVDs
  180. What Should I Get Off the New List?
  181. PFC clear your pm box!!!
  182. Amazon HD DVD discounted movies
  183. Amazon HD DVD discounted movies
  184. Upcoming HD DVD Movie Releases
  185. Samsung Sued Over Defective Blu-ray Players
  186. Sony's new PS4???
  187. Is Blu-ray afraid of HD DVD’s price point?
  188. The enviromental impact of Blu-Ray
  189. San Antonio BB has XA2, OB for $300
  190. Kampsy, this is for you
  191. HD DVD search traffic clobbers Blu-ray’s in HD DVD vs Blu-ray war
  192. Blu I Am Legend to have more extras
  193. Are Nielson unbiased or not?
  194. Universal Cancels 'Dazed & Confused,' 'Land of the Dead' HD DVD Re-Issues
  195. Matrix IS coming to Blu
  196. Tell me why Universal & Paramount haven't gone Blu!
  197. Amazon.com: 50% off Paramount HD DVD titles
  198. National Film Registry?
  199. Dirty Harry NOT coming to HD DVD afterall
  200. 5 free HD DVD offer: anybody do 2 of these?
  201. Circuit City Prices: February 17 - February 23, 2008
  202. Free Movies
  203. Analyst Gives Toshiba Positive Mark for Super Bowl Ad
  204. Does anyone else think international loopholes make this war REALLY stupid?
  205. If your very lucky run to your local sears!!!
  206. where to buy ps3 40 gb to get free dvd?
  207. Are 360 HD downloads near Bluray/HDDVD quality?
  208. A treat for Beatle Fans that have Blu Ray
  209. Feb 3 Nielsens - 74:26
  210. StudioCanal Acquires Kinowelt: What does this mean for HD DVD?
  211. Zodiac: Directors Cut coming to Blu-ray (UK)
  212. Beowuld HD DVD Dumping Lossless
  213. Warner Announces More Titles for Blu-ray
  214. Blu-ray Planet Earth outselling HD DVD version by 14:1 ratio.
  215. Netflix CFO hints at higher HD rental prices
  216. Just an observation...
  217. CNET:Crave - Five reasons you SHOULDN'T buy a Blu Ray player.
  218. why are there 2 Versions of Lost Season 3 on blu-ray???
  219. There are still nine million people who use AOL's dial-up service
  220. I've decided
  221. Narnia coming to Blu-Ray
  222. Star Trek: The Original Series Season 1 HD DVD NEW $99
  223. X360 Add-on New MSRP 129.99
  224. Perhaps I will buy blu-ray in 2009...Warner classics set for that year...
  225. XBOX 360 HD DVD Player $119 at Best Buy
  226. Give HD-DVD players for Free?
  227. The Brave One... awesome in HD...
  228. "unable to confirm content" with HD DVD and A35
  229. Echo Bridge Plans Line of Low-Priced Blu-ray Discs
  230. Fresh Delivery Today...
  231. [tvpredictions.com] HD DVD: 5 Ways It Can Survive
  232. Xbox 360 HD-DVD Player $80 @ Amazon. Goldbox Deal...
  233. Giants win over undefeated Patriots* a boost for HD DVD
  234. .
  235. Article: The 'Unreasonable' Stance: HD DVD Will Be Triumphant
  236. Best Buy BOGO Feb 10 - 16
  237. BlahDVD.Com - Great Deals On Import HD DVDs!
  238. Studios switching support since Warner announcement
  239. American Gangster Commercial
  240. Universal Reveals Early 'Charlie Wilson's War' HD DVD Plans
  241. Region code work around for the PS3?
  242. FAQ: What's next in HD video fracas?
  243. Blu-ray Profile Mess = Blu-ray Civil War? ...
  244. Should I exchange my upconverting DVD player for HD-DVD?
  245. Rumor: Some rather interesting titles will be announced from Warner, tonight/tomorrow
  246. HD DVD disc sales spike following 50% off sale
  247. I was wrong about Blu Rays flesh tones.
  248. Onkyo Suspending HD-DVD Support?
  249. Toshiba HD-A3 for $121 w/ Free Shipping - Amazon.com
  250. CES 2008 - Information about HD DVD & it's plans!
  251. The Dirty Harry Collection on HD-DVD
  252. Highlight Video going Bluray Exclusive
  253. Equilibrium on HD DVD
  254. Vudu HD vs. HD DVD comparison
  255. Amazon Sales Chart BR Vs HD
  256. To my Surprise.
  257. Lionsgate Planning 'Rambo' Sequels for Blu-ray
  258. Why is Blu Ray doing this?
  259. Big Name catalog titles coming to Blu-Ray in 2008
  260. Toshiba having Press Conference today?
  261. Universal announces "at least 20 new titles" for Australia in 2008
  262. The Ultimate Star Trek Movie Collection [HD DVD] (1991)
  263. Toshiba HD DVD Super Bowl Ad - Watch It Here
  264. [I]Was[/I] there an HD DVD superbowl ad?
  265. Just For Fun
  266. Superbowl Ads (After the game)
  267. Recommendations on a QUAM receiver
  268. Anyone noticing besides the BD BOGOS being gone, they are higher regular prices too?
  269. feb. 03: HD DVDs 50% off (103 titles) @ Amazon.com
  270. Insider's View on Sonic Solutions Announcement
  271. Question about the movie The Searchers
  272. The Reason We Still Have Black Bars on Our Screens
  273. High Def (Blu-Ray) on a 720p Set
  274. A solution to wireless!
  275. Blu Ray DVD sale up to 53%
  276. Everyone try to stop flamebaiting!
  277. 1408 (Director's Cut) HD DVD
  278. Awesome Price On Some HD DVD Imports At Xploited - $21.95
  279. True Blu Universal?
  280. TDK no longer maker HD DVD re-writables.
  281. Universal Going Blu...
  282. Hd-dvds 53% Off On Amazon.com
  283. Moives on HD DVD being Ignored In Commercials
  284. Moives on HD DVD being Ignored
  285. Uncut version of Sweeney Todd on Blu May 19
  286. Atonement (UK HD DVD) in March
  287. Latest Sales Data Blu Ray 81%; HD DVD 19%
  288. Dolby Q1 Profits Uncompressed
  289. SD DVD statistics, just food for thought.
  290. Sweeey Todd HD DVD Coming In April!
  291. ICv2 News - ADV Will be Blu-ray exclusive
  292. Economist article: Who needs Blu-ray or HD DVD anyway?
  293. Attn: PFC5
  294. Sony: You don't buy it, your loss.
  295. BD 5 Free movies! Expired????
  296. Microsoft has $44 Billion to Blow
  297. Is there another rabbit left in the hat?
  298. What exactly are Blu Ray profiles?
  299. Pulp Fiction would be great on HD DVD or Blu-ray!
  300. HD DVD: Best Buy BOGO Sales!
  301. WMVHD movies for sale on AMAZON
  302. check out your local craigslist for used HD DVDs(and BDs)
  303. Buena Vista Blu-ray 47% Off
  304. 47% off Universal HD DVD (Not a Firesale)
  305. Buy 2 Get 1 Free SONY Blu-ray
  306. I Am Legend HD DVD Box Art
  307. Trade in HD DVD player for discount on Blu Ray Player
  308. Circuit City to back HD DVD; clearance 'inadvertent'
  309. Here's the thing about HDM. . .
  310. Surround Records Announces Dual-Format Support
  311. Great Deal on Tiger Direct for HD DVD
  312. Sony Turns a Profit on the PS3
  313. Poll question: HD DVD wins!
  314. This Week's numbers- Better than 83:17
  315. Blu-ray And HD DVD Support Demystified
  316. HD DVD Current Exclusive Releases PLUS "Potential" Releases!
  317. Predications in this forum defy all logic!
  318. TheLookAndSoundOfPerfect.com Now Featuring HD Trailers For Download!
  319. Yea! FINALLY a David Lean film in high-def!
  320. How confused are people about Blu-Ray!? Look Here!
  321. Blu-ray insiders are hiding something
  322. Is this the future of HD DVD?
  323. Biggest US blockbusters maintain exclusive backing of DVD format
  324. We Own the Night UK HD DVD on 4th April
  325. HD DVD fights back in the US!
  326. Two news bits about HD-DVD, don't kill the messenger..
  327. FS Film going Bluray Exclusive
  328. National Geographic now Bluray Exclusive
  329. Nation Geographic makes move to Blu-Ray exclusivity
  330. Your predictions about the Toshiba SuperBowl ad
  331. 3 Good Reasons to Stick With HD-DVD
  332. Bandai Keeps on Ticking for HD-DVD
  333. Amazon junk mailing pushing Blu-Ray
  334. I'm about to take the plung on an A-35
  335. "If you buy it, they (studios) will come" HD-DVD's field of dreams
  336. It's David & Goliath, The Winner: Goliath
  337. "Waiting" in 7.1....Just What I Always Wanted!?
  338. Blu-ray is Dead!!!
  339. Lost season 3 39.99 on Amazon today only...
  340. Scott's drunk at the bar thread Part LLX
  341. Lost: The Complete Third Season on Blu-ray: $39.99 on Amazon
  342. Looking for a new Source to HDM News
  343. New Star Trek XI teaser from Paramount
  344. Broadcom's Media PC Technology Enables Toshiba to Feature High Quality HD DVD
  345. Netflix ROCKS!!!
  346. Hopefully this will help some people.....
  347. Wal-Mart Slection of HD DVD and Blu-ray SUCKS
  348. walmart putting hd-dvd players on clearance
  349. Old numbers being Quoted
  350. Good Deals on HD-DVDs
  351. Delete this please
  352. Wired: Hey HDDVD, It's not just a flesh wound
  353. HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray. My Weiner is bigger than Yours
  354. What's next for Blu-Ray? When is the right time to buy a stondalone?
  355. HD DVD author tools
  356. HD DVD Gain In Market Share After Initial "Drop"
  357. Italian Studios go HD DVD Exclusive
  358. The Brave One
  359. Ceramic White PS3??
  360. And HD DVDs "clearanced" to less than $50?
  361. HDM Nerd checklist (let's lighten things up here)
  362. The "Comedic" Format War Thread
  363. Letter to Toshiba: To beat out Blu-Ray completely this is what should be done!
  364. Update on thread"I just went purple, Sorta" Warner ditching blu!!
  365. The remaining 11 months of 2008...
  366. Has AVS Self-Destructed!
  367. HDMI & HDMI Ver. 1.3 (What's the difference?)
  368. Is Blu Ray Running Out of Money?
  369. Toshiba Plans HD DVD Super Bowl Spot
  370. Walmart puts HD DVD player on Clerance
  371. DVDFile and open letter to Toshiba, Paramount and Universal
  372. Sony shrinks Blu-ray lasers, drives cost down
  373. Gartner: Bluray to win in 2008
  374. Woolworth Dumps HDDVD
  375. Saw 4 Bluray..... interesting... 2.0 requirements...
  376. the REAL BLU MAN
  377. Things HD DVD Could Do, To Get Back In The Game
  378. HDM, In Canada, Has Become A Total Ripoff
  379. Home Media Magazine: HD DVD Backers Should Call It A Day
  380. Sold my First HD-DVD player at CC
  381. Most Over/Under Rated PQ on HDM
  382. I say SCORCHED EARTH!!
  383. Looks like Circuit City is dropping hd dvd
  384. Best DVD Entertainment
  385. What sense in dropping HD DVD players?
  386. Question for Europeans
  387. Toshiba's Price Drop = At or Below Margin Prices
  388. Wow Best Buy Ad has A30 for 399 before $100 dollar savings
  389. New Blockbuster Kiosk.. With PS3 "Movie Bundle"
  390. I've just gone red
  391. Well, I went purple. Sorta...
  392. HD-DVD or Blu-ray?
  393. CNET suggest to sell sell sell.
  394. Circuit City puts HD DVD players on Clearance
  395. Best Buy offers 20% off Blu-ray, HD DVD players
  396. Why the hate and arrogance? A sad truth
  397. So what was it like here when Warner went Blu..?
  398. Looking to buy a standalone player
  399. Anyone notice Warner's Invasion?
  400. High Def Bar & Grill
  401. Big Sale for HD DVD and Blu Ray at J+R Music
  402. Must Have HD DVD's for 2008!!!
  403. So who's going to get 'Meet the Spartans' on Bluray?
  404. Amazon now warns HD DVD shoppers about WB
  405. 2 day only online B2G1 blu sale at BB
  406. SUPER BOWL Ad For HD DVD!
  407. HD DVD to display ad during superbowl
  408. Nelison Number 83:17
  409. Tax Rebates (hmmmm)
  410. HD-EP30 #1 on Amazon.co.uk and play.com
  411. The greatest game ever played
  412. Just saw Rambo...and it was AWESOME...
  413. DVD vs. HiDef
  414. HD DVD Combo's no longer at a premium?
  415. Thirst 7.1 Lossless Audio Classical Music Recording Coming to HD DVD
  416. Jodi Sally comment on HD DVD "out of context" to look like NPD Statement in Dailygame
  417. NPD: Sky Isn't Falling for HD-DVD, Blu-ray Isn't Champ Yet
  418. Has anyone else tried Fox videos 'Digital Copy' feature yet?
  419. Finally Got 5 Free HD-DVD from Toshiba!
  420. The Truth Finally comes out: Why Blu-ray players were 93%
  421. Does BD really have most of the studio support?
  422. HD DVD: A Demise Greatly Exaggerated?
  423. Walt Disney Blu Ray Challenge
  424. 'Hitman' Blu-ray to Include First-Ever "Digital Copy"
  425. Best Buy to offer HD DVD discount next week
  426. BOGO HD DVD at BestBuy
  427. NetFlix: Blu-ray Has the Advantage
  428. T3 Bluray review
  429. Bee Movies Spec 2 Disc HDDVD
  430. Toshiba Tech Support Confirms: TL51 GB Discs WILL Work On Current HD DVD Players
  431. Disney & FOX – Join Universal/Paramount/DreamWorks and Exclusively Back HD DVD!
  432. Will HD DVD Software be as pathetic this week?
  433. Must-Have Blu-Ray titles
  434. This would help with HD adoption!
  435. Atonement HD DVD release March 10th (UK)
  436. The best player - EVER!
  437. No plans for Armageddon Bluray yet???
  438. Blue Ray, Divx, Divx, Blue ray?
  439. Untouchables on hd dvd
  440. Convert HD DVD Production Line to DVD Replication in under 5 minutes.
  441. RUMOR: Paramount/Dreamworks Soon To Be announced Catalog Releases
  442. Toshiba trying to hurt HDM?
  443. Joe Smalls, Daniel Boots, Kim's Pharmacy, LK Black's all ditched HD-DVD
  444. Grant's Appliances reportedly ditching HD DVD
  445. Article from AVRev.com - "HD Disc Format War Not Over By a Long Shot"
  446. The Samsung BD-UP5000 to be discontinued in May
  447. Recent BD ads....
  448. Warner extends HD DVD support
  449. How many of you want this to happen?
  450. It's a two front war now! Time for an alliance.
  451. Meeting Details For 11/15/07 DVD Forum Steering Committee
  452. Where is the HD-DVD advertising in the media?
  453. HDTV Adoption rates and what It means for HDM
  454. Disk firmware update for blu?
  455. Where did this Cost Wins theory come from?
  456. Warner Extends HD DVD Release Delay to Catalog Titles
  457. Senator (Geman distributor) NOT Going Blu Exclusive
  458. Rumor: Heath Ledger dead? (Off Topic)
  459. Blu-ray players grab 93 percent of market after Warner went Blu
  460. $299 Ceramic White PS3
  461. The History of Sony Corp of America - Established 1960
  462. 300 HD DVD Problem "System Error Occured"
  463. Where to buy the best multiple HDMI switch?
  464. The format war cost home entertainment in 2007
  465. No country for old men both Blu And Red?
  466. Blade Runner HD-DVD on Netflix
  467. How feasible is it for HD DVD to "die"....
  468. HD DVD 2008 Exclusives
  469. Thousands Sign Let HD DVD Die Petition
  470. I watched my first Blu film tonight... Very happy!
  471. HD DVD Hardware Sales Numbers Out
  472. Small Labels can help HD DVD to stay in the market (niche)
  473. HD DVD supporter (BD fanboys need not reply)... Given recent rumors on both sides...
  474. HDi on a DVD?
  475. Toshiba cuts prices in Australia
  476. Toshiba Strikes Back With Major HD DVD Promo
  477. An HD Retail Story . . .
  478. Film Four comming to HD DVD?
  479. We Cannot Continue to have 85:15 weeks!!!
  480. Interview with Universal's Ken Graffeo - Continuing to support HD DVD!
  481. Player/Format Choice
  482. Thousands Sign "Save HD DVD" Petition
  483. Univeral and Paramount Blu-Ray Pre-Orders Up on Amazon
  484. Columbia house to offer HD movies??
  485. Be Prepared: Some studios are Switching over to HD-DVD
  486. Holy Hometheater, Batman!
  487. what to get?????
  488. 30 to 51 GB HD DVD improvements
  489. HD-EP30 HD-DVD player 2nd best selling electronics product on play.com
  490. New Rumor Mill!!!!!!! Must Read
  491. Rumor: 2 Major BD Studios shifting their allegiance with HD DVD exclusively?
  492. Free Blu Ray player...sorta
  493. Anyone hear the news about R&B Films?
  494. MPEG LA Expands Call for HD DVD Patents
  495. HD DVD Insider say's Uni/Para/Dream is Escalated release schedule
  496. Canada Loves HD-DVD
  497. Don't believe the hype
  498. Well this add doesn't help.
  499. Best Buy advertising the A3 for $299
  500. Article: Is this the end for Blu-ray?