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  1. Blu-ray T.V.
  2. Off-topic: MY TV DIED!!!! AAAAA!!!!!!
  3. PS3 is Now Officialy BD 2.0, Earth Continues to Rotate
  4. BestBuy pulling remaining HD DVD stock?
  5. Buy.com BD sale...
  6. PS3 Firmware 2.20 to enable "Portable Copy" for PSP... Make SD versions of BD movies
  7. ARTICLE:Verdi's 'Il trovatore' Set for HD DVD 3/25
  8. IMO: Can You Really Compare HDM to DVD?
  9. Inside Look At DVE's HD Basics Disc
  10. SALE:Blu-ray National Treasure 1 & 2 Bundle Sale: $39.99
  11. BLOG:Should You Buy a Blu-ray Player?
  12. ARTICLE:Sharp aims for 8X Blu-ray laser diode by 2010
  13. Canadian Retailers: Are they ripping people off?
  14. Scanning & Colorspace For HDM and Broadcast HD
  15. HDF Suggested Code of Conduct
  16. No HI-DEF release for "The Mist"??
  17. What I Want Out of SUC
  18. BD movie sales doing MUCH better compared to last year
  19. NPD estimates two million will buy Blu-ray within six months
  20. What size tv do u need to get the true benefit of hd?
  21. HD disc sales figs for UK 2007
  22. Can DVD fight back?
  23. Do u still buy SD DVD?
  24. HD DVD Players Vanishing Fast
  25. The Exorcist - The Complete Anthology (DVD)
  26. BD Supporters, Fans, Fanboys and Zealots . . .
  27. AQ on Shooter hd-dvd
  28. PacificDisc (A BD Replicator) Answers Members Questions
  29. What BD-Live features can we look forward to?
  30. Blu-ray's future looks bright
  31. Off Topic Thread
  32. buy.com Blu-ray sale on select titles
  33. How Long before Blu-ray is Considered an HD DVD?
  34. Toshiba, MS, and Panasonic work on DVD 2.0. To battle Sony & Blu-Ray.
  35. 'Passage to India' Kicks Off Sony's BD "Columbia Classics" Line
  36. Study: Supplier/retailer data flow problems causing lost sales
  37. Blu-ray Players Trigger U.S. Patent Probe
  38. J&R Blu Ray Sale
  39. March 25th HDMedia Releases
  40. If You Could Only Have One....
  41. Whats gonna be 2008 Best Selling HD Movie?
  42. To Lee, Stew, Super, and you who disrespect them
  43. The 10 Video Formats HD DVD Will Meet in Heaven
  44. My home theater has spoiled going out to theaters
  45. Why Does Eastern Promises Look So Good and American G Look So Meh?
  46. Toshiba HD-A2 for sale
  47. Kamspy - Just For U - Sony Pictures schedules two BD-Live releases for April
  48. PS3 first 2.0 Profile Blu Ray Player
  49. Official Lee vs. HiDefRealist, ssjLancer Thread
  50. What is the BEST movie release available in high-def?
  51. My PS3 Rulez
  52. The truth about 1080p24
  53. Japanese stores go for Blu-ray
  54. Are you happy that HD DUD failed?
  55. BD+ defeated - this time for real
  56. Poll: Does BD have too many problems to buy right now?
  57. BD50 and BD25 Final Scanner & Machine Performance
  58. 'Freedom: 6' Comes to HD DVD This June
  59. Best Buy Offers HD DVD Owners $50 Gift Card
  60. Toshiba Free Movies Hhelp
  61. Blu-ray Shoots Itself In the Foot -- Again
  62. What titles are being re-released/double-dipped
  63. Thoughts on I Am Legend Alternate Verion: SPOILERS
  64. Bourne Ultimatum
  65. OT Again: Anthony Minghella RIP
  66. Blu Ray recorders capable of storage on DVDs; bruce, take a look
  67. Band of Brothers in stock at Xploited!
  68. HD DVD Movies-Prices not falling
  69. Are The Studios Serious About BD?
  70. Sony to Invest Over $100M into Blu-ray Plant
  71. Mitsubishi's AVCREC Blu-ray recorders stuff HD content onto standard DVDs
  72. Terminator 2 (Steelbook) still being released on HD DVD
  73. Circuit City - B2G1 (blu-ray)
  74. I Am Legend - Planet Earth; Good Buys
  75. Did WOMEN kill RPTVs?
  76. Writer’s strike may force Blu-ray prices down?
  77. I have "The BeastMaster" DVD in Hi Definition!
  78. Reasonably priced Blu-Ray in Toronto?
  79. Beowulf Blu V Red which should I go for?
  80. OT: A movie for you guys to keep am eye out for
  81. Who is the "king" or "queen" of high-def?
  82. HITMAN BluRay & the 25gb disc....
  83. Bluray Disc . . . Niche Or Mainstream Format?
  84. I Remember When . . .
  85. Are the Menus on WB Blu-ray films the same as HD DVD?
  86. Philips: $349 Blu-ray Player Going to $399
  87. Play.com: 3 HD DVDs for £20 Sale
  88. Do You Want Blu-Ray to Fail?
  89. M$:HD DL in 12 to 18 months
  90. Ken Graffeo Parts Company With Universal
  91. So, who is on your ban list? :-D
  92. HDM and You. Your Story.
  93. I am Legend Blu-ray for 18.95 at Amazon
  94. Are Universal and Paramount holding back announcements until most HD-DVDs are sold?
  95. Help with DVD R
  96. Bladerunner
  97. Equilibrium back in stock at Exploited
  98. Bare Bones disks all going cheap, why...?
  99. The Fifth Element - With Extras?
  100. Sky Captain Blu Ray $6.95 at Amazon
  101. BLOG:Whole Blu World: The Format War's Bloody Aftermath
  102. Canadian survey sez half of HDTV buyers are clueless about high-def
  103. HD DVD owns again with top selling HDM title in Beowulf
  104. Batman Begins coming to Blu-ray on July 8th
  105. blahdvd.com (UK): Blu-ray titles for £9.39
  106. The Matrix Part 1 Only?
  107. Fox lowers MSRP for some Catalog Titles
  108. Best Buy, what a joke
  109. Best place to get HDDVD's Overseas ???
  110. How long will BM's stop carrying HD DVD movies?
  111. Where is Profile 2.0?
  112. Toshiba: $1 Billion In HD DVD Losses In 2007
  113. Xbox 360 not adopting Blu-ray
  114. Interested In Purchasing Torino Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony Of 2006
  115. Blu-ray BOGO at Target (3/16-3/22)
  116. CE Sales Expectations Low
  117. Netflix's Blu-ray Headache
  118. Phoenix Goes Blu, Announces First Title 'Naked Beneath the Water'
  119. HD Disc with HDTV - HDF members - Have you . . .
  120. Flat Panel Blu Ray & Receivers Set To Boom
  121. Whole New Meaning To . . . Dinner And A Movie
  122. Discovery Channel offers rock bottom prices on HD DVDs
  123. AMAZON; Blu-ray Movie Sale, up to 50% Off
  124. Warner Plans Ten Blu-ray "Book" Releases for 2008
  125. "Nervous" Sony Facing PS3 Price Pressure
  126. Cinram and BlueRay Technologies Discuss BD Replication
  127. Warner Reveals 'Dirty Harry Ultimate Collection' Blu-ray Details
  128. Hollywood looks to help finance shift to digital theaters
  129. Blu Ray bargains
  130. LCD Owners, You've Just Killed HD.
  131. Lionsgate Adding iTunes Digital Copy on DVD and Blu-ray Discs
  132. Every high quality new release and major re-release is on a BD50
  133. Weeds Season 3 coming to Bluray
  134. Anger Management coming to Bluray
  135. Firesales not Selling?
  136. HD VMD format not dead - To cost 1/2 of what SD DVD's cost.
  137. Blu-ray is doomed according to Don Reisinger
  138. Across the Universe
  139. Is Zulu coming to HD?
  140. Microsoft to put a Blu-Ray player in the 360 - How can this be?
  141. I am legend still pre-order on Amazon
  142. Has Anyone Done This
  143. Why I'm jealous of HD-DVD owners
  144. I'm not sure that Canadian Retailers know the format war is over!
  145. Download HD Movies
  146. Show us your System
  147. Father of Java" talks Blu-ray 2.0
  148. Sweeney Todd cuts blu blood
  149. GameStop gets into films with MovieStop
  150. Joe Kane offers upgrade pricing for forthcoming DVE: HD Basics
  151. Hey! BB Jack Up their Hddvd Prices
  152. I have a problem....
  153. I've gone back to buying standard DVDs
  154. Better than Blu ray?
  155. What IF Warner Switched Back. LOL
  156. So How Important Really Is $100?
  157. How To Behave On An Internet Forum
  158. Panasonic Divx-Certified Blu Ray player
  159. A good time to invade Germany!
  160. Samsung kills HD DVD/Blu-ray combo player
  161. Anyone know when "24" is coming to Blu-Ray?
  162. How can I tell if I have a legit BR?
  163. Name change.
  164. XA1 - any good?
  165. Future Shop offers trade-in credit for HD DVD players, will donate old decks to chari
  166. Image Entertainment has canceled its entire remaining HD DVD release slate
  167. All HD DVDs at Best Buy 30% off
  168. Rachmaninov's 'Piano Concertos' Multichannel Audio HD DVD Announced
  169. Kubrick Box Set HD DVD 45 euros!
  170. Ignore double thread :(
  171. What Blu Ray Has to do for You?
  172. Walmart blu-ray
  173. Bill Hunt says "Blu-ray needs to improve"
  174. A Meeting Of The Minds - HDF Members PLEASE Respond.
  175. Sony, Microsoft discuss Blu-ray for Xbox 360
  176. PS I Love You Blu-ray and HD DVD in MAy
  177. Fox lowers MSRP for several catalog Blu-ray titles
  178. March 11,.. You buying any HDM?
  179. Super Resolution players, question
  180. BLOG - One Second Film Downloads: BD's Worst Nightmare?
  181. Jack Ryan Collection
  182. did Naked Beneath the Water come out?
  183. does anyone know about loseless audio?
  184. Here Comes the Reaming: Blu-ray Movie Rereleases Coming with BD-Live
  185. Microsoft make their HD DVD emulator free to all!
  186. Why Super Up Convert (960p) Will Fail
  187. Better Upconvert: PS3 or A3/A30/A35?
  188. Samsung Cancels BD-UP5500
  189. Cheaper $200.00 BD players are coming....in 2009, not 2008 via Sony
  190. Is This The First Answer To Red Laser HD Back Up?
  191. Is Amazon breaking the law?
  192. Circuit City will Take your HD-DVD Player back if you ask....
  193. No Country for Old Men $10 off coupon
  194. HD DVDs demise seem to push Blu-ray prices up
  195. Recommending a HD-A3 to a friend ... Good Plan?
  196. Great Movie Scenes to Test Your Home Theater
  197. Sony Switzerland gives rebate for HD DVD player
  198. B2G1 Blu Ray/HD DVD @ Warner Home Video
  199. Is Bee Movie actually coming out next week in HD DVD?
  200. Anyone Get Their Star Trek Phaser Remote?
  201. Fourth Rambo Joins Sequels on Blu-ray in May
  202. Star Trek - TOS, HD-DVD Question
  203. Holy Crap I Finally Got My 5 Free Hd Dvds
  204. EzyDVD "Beat the Bomb" back for another 18 hours! CHEAP HD DVDS!
  205. Which titles do you think will become *[email protected]!!!* on HD DVD?
  206. Sony to Release 100 Blu-ray Titles In 2008
  207. Amazon.com drops Universal HD DVD prices, Bourne Trilogy $30
  208. I think my copy of Planet Earth was stolen--suggestions?
  209. Are there redeeming qualities of BD/Sony?
  210. Super Resolution Coming To DVD Players (960P)
  211. No Indiana Jones Announcement for Blu-Ray... :(
  212. Michael Bay Thinks downloading is AWESOME
  213. OFFTOPIC game related*Blu-ray too Small for Metal Gear Solid 4
  214. WSJ-Online: Toshiba's Plan for Life After HD DVD (interview with CEO Nishida)
  215. Nine Inch Nails: new album Ghosts I-IV will also be available on Blu-ray Disc
  216. How do I know if a HD DVD has a SD DVD layer?
  217. Can Blu-ray drives be software-upgraded to read HD DVD?
  218. Please stop resurrecting old threads with useless infomation
  219. 'Atonement' Concludes Universal's HD DVD Support
  220. Crank in HD for a UKer?
  221. (HD VMD) HD Leader NME Signs Exclusive Worldwide Deal for Award-Winning Films
  222. How many of you purchased your first HD -DVD player after the format died?
  223. Do you get HD when HD-DVD player is connected via component video?
  224. Elephant's Dream import: a great HD demo disc!
  225. New Blu-Ray Players 2.0 Compliant
  226. Curious - Is HD DVD dead Worldwide?
  227. Blu Ray still having special sales!
  228. Will Toshiba Still Honor Rebate ?
  229. No Country for Old Men...I have serious questions?
  230. where to find 5 free voucher
  231. where to find 5 free voucher
  232. HD DVD Combo Discs ???
  233. Deeper Purple
  234. Time for PS3 yet??
  235. Another release question
  236. Signs you're an HD junkie (yeah, like the other thread about HDM)
  237. Don't Hold Your Breath for iTunes to Kill Blu-ray
  238. A new DVE out?
  239. Toshiba HD DVD-R notebook on The Price Is Right Game Show!!!!
  240. Consumer Perspective On The War
  241. Blu-Ray power hungry?
  242. Universal to cut MSRP disc prices $10-15 starting March 4th
  243. 'Short Circuit' Headed to Blu-ray May 20th
  244. Universal's 'American Gangster' wins week in Nielsons
  245. CC Buy 3 get 2 free next week
  246. OT: No Indiana Jones in digital theatres
  247. What's gonna happen to China HD DVD now?
  248. 41st DVD Forum Steering Committee Meeting Approved Resolutions
  249. SEMICON REPORT: Losers And Winners In Blu-ray Victory
  250. Any NY Giant fans?
  251. Universal Clinches Billion-Dollar Deal
  252. No Godfather Trilogy on HD DVD per Amazon
  253. Dirty Harry coming to HD DVD after all?
  254. Does Anyone Have Any Spare HD DVD Cases?
  255. Paramount Cancels Future HDDVD releases?
  256. What good HD-DVD titles are there that haven't been released to Blu-Ray yet?
  257. Question about Disc capacity
  258. HD Defuncked...
  259. Is there a chance King Kong (2005) will not look quite as good on Blu-Ray as HD-DVD?
  260. Sony to promote PS3 as a Blu-ray player in Europe with new bundle.
  261. June 3rd - The Longest Day, Patton, and The Sand Pebbles on Blu-ray Disc
  262. Terminator 2 Ultimate Ed. Steelbook (Ger. Import)
  263. Amazon's post-order price guarantee
  264. Cheap HD DVD'S
  265. For those worried about Blu Ray Region Encoding
  266. $200 Blu Ray Players
  267. Dts Ma
  268. A $17,000 Blu-Ray player?
  269. When is Blockbuster dumping their HD movies?!?
  270. No HD DVD burners for the USA!!!! Toshiba e-mail
  271. Analyst says consumers didn't end Hi Def format war
  272. Wait a minute...
  273. Toshiba launches "NEW" DVD players and recorders R Us
  274. Oh My Gosh! Deep Discount $9.98
  275. just a random thought.
  276. What to do with four copies of 300 and the Bourne Identity?
  277. Dumb Conversion Question
  278. Mrs. Doubtfire to hit blu-ray May 13th
  279. What box set/complete series of HD movies do you have?
  280. Future HD DVD availability
  281. DreamWorks waiting for cue from Toshiba on Blu-ray
  282. Reuters: DreamWorks waiting for cue from Toshiba on Blu-ray
  283. Two Great Movies Got Released Today. . .
  284. I get a good deal?
  285. Player Comparison Help
  286. Beowulf: The Director's Cut (HD DVD) 5 Star Review!
  287. Blu- Ray news msnbc.com
  288. How to avoid a format war in the future
  289. Can I get some opinions on the quality of these HDs?
  290. Edion Reveals Trade-Up Plan
  291. Blu-Ray player Recommendation
  292. Sony Adds New Blu-Ray Disc Players With Advanced Interactivity
  293. Has anyone noticed...
  294. Just purchased an LG BH200
  295. Godfather Trilogy HD DVD [no joke!]
  296. Payout Rumours
  297. Just a rant
  298. Amazon sale: $11.99 many HD DVD titles
  299. Is 'There will be blood' coming out on HD dvd?
  300. Paramount cancels four upcoming releases?
  301. Sony HDTV/PS3 movies-and-gaming package at Best buy
  302. HD DVD embedded animatronic control
  303. Batman Gotham Knight
  304. High Def Digest
  305. Must have Warner Videos to own before there gone?
  306. Cheaper players but no cheat movies
  307. 360 HD-DVD Add on now $50
  308. First WB BD Exclusive Title Announced - Sea Monsters (IMAX)
  309. Casino Royale - Are you all aware it's cut?
  310. Now that Blu-Ray has won, can BD fans admit the following?
  311. Ugly DVDs: Upscaling People: Stay Away!
  312. HD-DVD people. Toshiba or Microsoft?
  313. DUMB QUESTION (nothing to do with hd or movies)
  314. No deals to be had at CC and BB?
  315. OT: Who's your favorite Oscar nominee for Best Picture?
  316. Beowulf: To HD DVD or not...
  317. Rumour: Ghostbusters going Blu in San Diego?
  318. Microsoft says farewell to HD DVD
  319. Okay folks, it's time for this question
  320. DLNA compliant HD DVD players? Are They?
  321. Toshiba and Sony and IBM join Forces to Battle Microsoft
  322. After HD DVD Drop, Toshiba Spends $835M to Back PS3
  323. Anybody have the Freedom anime series?
  324. OT: CBC's Marketplace exposes HDMI cables!
  325. The Godfather Trilogy HD DVD for Pre-Order in UK
  326. Best Upconverter
  327. back up HD DVD players for UK owners go to play
  328. CompUSA is dead
  329. Retailer warns Sony not to abuse its newfound Blu-ray position: DVD's Good Enough
  330. Hidden Extras on HDM?
  331. All 7 HDscape combo discs plus sampler only $39.95
  332. Who Are You?
  333. I still want a combo player
  334. To pre-order or not to pre-order?
  335. Upgrade your HD-DVD to Blu-Ray
  336. Compared Ratatouille between Blu-Ray and SD
  337. Star Trek: TOS phaser remote offer still good till 2/29
  338. Like Comedies and Dramas? Turns out most people like War and Sci-Fi more.
  339. True cost of HD downloads?
  340. Who would you like to meet?
  341. Cheapest Blu-ray title thread
  342. Cheap but good Blu ray titles
  343. Bloomberg Cautions Blu
  344. Why Rob Enderle is a moron.
  345. DVD Upscaled to 1080...what's the difference?
  346. Great format war article
  347. Ready to buy Blu-ray? Better hit pause button
  348. If I Had My Druthers, Now That We Have 50
  349. Indy or Star Wars
  350. Blu-ray sale
  351. HD DVD playback more prone to errors?
  352. Discovery Channel version of Planet Earth $29.95 today only
  353. Universal announces 'Atonement' for HD DVD/DVD March 18
  354. HD DVD pre-orders stay strong amid defeat
  355. I am Officially Purple!!
  356. Warner Unwraps 'Appleseed Ex Machina' Blu-ray, HD DVD Specs
  357. Paramount Goes Blu
  358. Atonement on DVD and HD DVD
  359. Uphill battle ahead for sony
  360. Serious Question about Toshiba.....
  361. Will Blu-Ray Prices Begin to Fall?
  362. Upgrade your HD DVD to Blu-ray for $11.95
  363. Who had the Toughest Job, Jodi Sally or Comical Ali (aka Baghdad Bob)?
  364. HD DVD up 2% Blu-ray down 2%
  365. You can Come out and Play again Weinstein. . .
  366. Deep Discount HD DVD's $12.20
  367. The New War: Blu-Ray VS. DVD
  368. Will Para and UNI follow WB's lead?
  369. Lets Move On/ On behalf of HD-DVD supporters I'm Sorry!
  370. Paramount goes Blu (now official)
  371. Paramount goes Blu
  372. Let's move on/On Behalf of BD supporters I'm sorry
  373. Blu-Ray will be fine in the long run
  374. The real deal with Profile 2.0
  375. A35 for $169 at Tiger Direct--free shipping
  376. Money Talks. Sony & Toshiba work together
  377. HD-DVD Add on 49$
  378. Speculation: Is HDi possible on BD?
  379. Let's make a bluray buy day
  380. Toshiba - Disgraceful attitude
  381. Paramount is now exclusive to HD DVD and head of the HD DVD
  382. Warner Confirms HD-DVD Releases Thru May
  383. Warner to coninue HDDVD until May as stated
  384. The obvious reason why so many (non-PS3 owners) tended to pick Blu-Ray
  385. Player recomendations from Blu owners-NO PS3 Included
  386. We all say this isn't life or death but is it?
  387. Multi Region Blu
  388. Toshiba's next move????
  389. Rumor: BREAKING NEWS: Toshiba Corp. sells HD DVD?
  390. $500 for an HD disc player? Outrageous!
  391. Costco to have HD-D3 for $79 starting tomorrow
  392. The Best of Blu Ray package
  393. Toshiba going into partnership with Sony
  394. Amazon Names Blu-ray 'Digital Format of Choice'
  395. Marketing a new format - How would you do this now?
  396. BD title reccomendations for potential new owners.
  397. Blu-Ray supporters gloating???
  398. New York wants age limit on films with smoking scenes
  399. LG to continue with Hybirds....
  400. Toshiba's secret HD project!!!!
  401. You can come out now Criterion......
  402. My Question is?
  403. Show Some Class!
  404. Does Anyone Know Blockbuster Phone#
  405. Are the 2 Major studios still switching over to HD-DVD
  406. Pirates, Rejoice: Aleratec Launches Three-Drive Blu-Ray Duplicating Unit!
  407. Buffalo to Unveil 4x External Blu-Ray Recorder!
  408. Plextor to Introduce Internal Blu-Ray and HD DVD Drives!
  409. Testronic Labs Launches Interactive Blu-ray and HD DVD Test Facility!
  410. You know what... I give Toshiba and Universal all the credit in the world... When you
  411. Blu-ray Movie Sale Reminder
  412. Paramount's Going Blu
  413. Interesting Spielberg tidbit
  414. To all you HD DVD and Blu-ray supporters...
  415. Where is Lee Stewart?
  416. There Will Be Blood coming April 8th to HD DVD
  417. WB will release in HD DVD until June.
  418. The Memorial for HD DVD
  419. How many HD DVD supporters are suprised Toshiba pulled the plug this fast?
  420. just got a ps3 settings question
  421. Universal Officially Goes BluRay
  422. For 1.3 Million HD DVD customers: What's next?
  423. Blu ray will continue BOGO's?
  424. Blu-ray.com
  425. Does Universal's switch to Bluray...
  426. HD VMD predicts 500,000 units sold worldwide in '08
  427. Star Trek original series HD DVD Season 2 and 3 confirmed. CSI also possibly coming.
  428. LG to continue HD DVD support in wake of Toshiba's defeat
  429. Toshiba's Vardia RD-A301 writes HD DVD content to DVDs
  430. "The top 10 reasons why Blu-Ray will fail" entirely serious list
  431. Bring on the fire sales!!! Will we see them?
  432. want to get an HD DVD pc drive, but not sure when...
  433. Is Paramount still going to release HD DVD?
  434. Universial goes Blu-like they have a choice
  435. DivX HD playback on HD DVD Players?
  436. American Gangster on Blu-ray?
  437. Universal goes BluRAy!
  438. Who Gives a Fuck about NAND Flash!
  439. No American Gangerster
  440. Over 5000 Viewers here this morning!
  441. How about Universal and Paramount/Dreamworks?
  442. HD A30 Player just £78.00 in the UK
  443. HALF.com HD DVDs for cheap
  444. Today is a great day for High Definition
  445. Time to Move on (for HDM)
  446. What do you suggest we now fight about?
  447. sad day
  448. Now What?
  449. Run Lola Run
  450. The Smurf Dance
  451. Toshiba Officially Dumps HD DVD,.. Ends Format War
  452. Total HD DVD Players sold: 730,000
  453. BD Transformers. Rumor?
  454. Which HD DVD movies will get released...and which canceled?
  455. They made LaserDiscs 'til 2001, or: what HD DVDs will take forever to go BD?
  456. Toshiba thought about suing WB
  457. It's Official!!!!!!!!!!!
  458. The War is Over
  459. What If?
  460. Toshiba may continue HD DVD business
  461. 40 GB PS3 - how many free fims?
  462. The consumer DID NOT choose. A sound comparison of both formats.
  463. Call me crazy, but....
  464. What will Toshiba do next (POLL)
  465. The HD clock ticks...a few hours 'til...something
  466. Toshiba schedules press conference
  467. Breaking: Toshiba Schedules Press Conference, HD DVD Announcement Expected
  468. Toshiba orders HD DVD-RW from RITEK
  469. Microsoft and Paramount team up for digital downloads!!!
  470. Format war ending made National news in the UK.
  471. Microsoft statement from Engadget
  472. Tommorrow is the day?
  473. Sony Does NOT OWN Blu-Ray!!!!!
  474. CNN Headline story: Toshiba may end its HD DVD...
  475. Exclusive picture bhampton, hatt and Jimmy Smith
  476. Toshiba is sticking with HD DVD for now
  477. Toshiba's Share price up 5%
  478. Need iPod Nano Converter!
  479. Rumor: Blu-ray Xbox 360 Planned By Microsoft
  480. THX HD DVD Movies ???
  481. My only MAJOR gripe with Toshiba
  482. Article: Toshiba officially mulls pulling HD DVD
  483. Any good HD DVD deals yet?
  484. Purple For Me
  485. rumor: Toshiba withdrawing?
  486. HD-DVD is NOT Dead!!!
  487. HVD: International Workshop on Holographic Memories 2008
  488. How long before fire sales on HD DVDs?
  489. Blockbuster is going to stop renting HD DVD
  490. mail order bluray hd dvd
  491. Which HD DVD's have online content.
  492. When Should I Go Blu
  493. Multi Region PS3?
  494. Can we all agree on this?
  495. Casablanca HD DVD out of stock at amazon.com
  496. Question for the techies
  497. Toshiba to exit HD DVD, end format war
  498. High-def discs lag standard, but gaining momentum
  499. Living in denial
  500. So are the HD DVD players on Clearance yet?