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  1. Blu ray player - electricity consumption
  2. BD Weekly Unit Sales - YTD Ending 5/4/08
  3. Blu Ray Boxsets??
  4. Roll Call if You have Not Gone Blu Yet.
  5. 37" Lcd Hdtv For Sale
  6. Article: Blu Skies Ahead?
  7. Blu-ray capacity to hit 47 million per month at SonyDADC by October
  8. Fans can expect 70 Minutes of Additional Footage on the INCREDIBLE HULK BD
  9. Summit, Concert Hot Spot Team for Concert Blu-rays
  10. Lonesome Dove (mini-series) coming to Blu-ray
  11. [B] WALMART $15 BLU-RAY DVD's [B]
  12. Article: BluRay porn: first-hand test
  13. Paramount Creates BD Support Website
  14. Can I get software to back-up my video files from my ipod?????
  15. Amazon B2G1 BLU sale
  16. 5 Shortcuts to Blu-ray Release
  17. PS3 vs Toshiba A3 on SD upconversion
  18. BD Live for All Disney Blu-ray Releases after October
  19. Steven Spielberg has $1 billion dream
  20. BD-R Media
  21. Post your HDM Collections!
  22. Bewkes: Warner to Cut Film Production 50% by 2009
  23. Wal-Mart's $100 Gift Card Boosts PS3 Sales - shoppers may be ignoring the standalone
  24. "3 Reasons to Avoid Blu-ray (For Now)"
  25. OT: Hardware for super resolution in real time
  26. OT: What is your "affordable" home theater dream system?
  27. The official today is anythingwt's birthday thread.
  28. First Cross Studio High Def Colaboration?
  29. Singulus says Blu-ray take-up faster than DVD [for them]
  30. Has anyone noticed? (slightly off topic)
  31. I am officially Purple!
  32. Recording HD Video to DVD for playback in Blu-ray or HD DVD player possible?
  33. Samsung 1500 or PS3?
  34. Your opinion: If we only had one format would HDM be better off or worse?
  35. J&R Blu-Ray Movie Sale
  36. 'Star is Born' Blu-ray to Receive 6k Restoration
  37. The Godfather restored
  38. A Poll Concerning Toshiba's SRT and QL DVD
  39. Amazon - Blu-ray Starter Pack deal of the day - 8 movies $109.99
  40. Ulead Video studio 11 plus
  41. Sony's Stringer: Downloads Can't Compete With Blu-ray
  42. Off Topic: Universal fire a hot topic among film archivists
  43. Has Universal Released Any Blu's Yet?
  44. DeepDiscout Sale
  45. Your Opinion: How Would HD DVD Be Doing Today Had it Won?
  46. Toshiba’s New BD Attack Vector: Modify DVD for HD Content
  47. Rumor: MGM Readying Bond Titles for Blu-ray Release?
  48. Well, add me to the list of new blu-ray owners.
  49. Blue Underground unveils Blu-ray roadmap
  50. The Omen Collection Coming to Blu-ray
  51. Poll: Who here knows of someone with an HDTV with no HD content, period?
  52. Paramount Unboxes Jack Ryan Films for Blu-ray
  53. NetFlix: 20 More Years For Blu-ray & DVDs
  54. SAL Blu-Ray Recorders Coming to the West. DVR Included.
  55. Internet brands has posted a WARNING @ HighDefDigest
  56. 1080i de-interlacing question... (OT but need help)
  57. Rolling Stones to 'Shine a Light' on Blu-ray
  58. Report: Universal Plotting 'Back to the Future' Blu-ray
  59. Wal-Mart Boosts Volume of Blu-ray and Hi Def Among More New Electronics Enhancements
  60. The NPD Group: Consumer Awareness and Potential for Blu-ray Disc Devices Rising
  61. Region B: Play.com Preorder Pirates Of The Caribbean Trilogy £10.99 / EUR 15.49
  62. Chart Of The Royalities That Are Collected From DVD
  63. Ritek Becomes World`s Top-3 Blu-ray Disc Maker This Year
  64. Blu-ray Disc Sales Hit 11 Million
  65. The UK HD DVD clearout is in full swing :D
  66. What is your favorite SD for HD TV
  67. blog: 3D movies and games are coming to your PS3!
  68. Cheap Blu-rays ???
  69. Flexpay Disposable DVD Revived at Staples
  70. Who's going SRT exclusive?
  71. Blu-ray DVD format may not dominate for years
  72. Damn that Zodiac's picture is PURDEE!!
  73. Off Topic: Universal On Fire
  74. Where is Lost Season 1 and 2!?!?!
  75. 'Shrek the Third' Headed to Blu-Ray This September
  76. Paramount Sets July Blu-Ray Bow for 'Beowulf'
  77. Save 45% on Exclusive Blu-Ray Bundles - Amazon
  78. Current Paramount day&date Blu-rays are region free
  79. Both Harold & Kumar Movies coming to Blu-ray
  80. Help
  81. PANASONIC PT-AE900 LCD projector HD
  82. Texas Chainsaw, Argento and More Go Blu-Ray
  83. First Blu-ray record, Divertimenti, released
  84. VOD And DVD Releases Will Soon Come On Same Day
  85. DVDPlay Rental Kiosks to Add Blu-ray in June
  86. Anyone Been To Wal-Mart Lately?
  87. Paramount Enlists DTS-HD MA & True HD for Top Gun Blu-ray
  88. Blu-ray’s Birthday Blues
  89. Summer Blu-ray Blowout: Save up to 50%
  90. Article: Sony unveils new HD DVD player
  91. 'Super’ buyers 80% of electronics sales
  92. Jack Ryan arrives on Blu-ray
  93. Blu-ray Bashing Blues Blog
  94. Riding Giants and Step into Liquid on Blu Ray?
  95. Just got a great deal on a 1080p Panasonic plasma
  96. LoTR Being Worked on Now! Confirmed by Peter Jackson
  97. Beetlejuice Coming to BD September 16th!
  98. Amazon 50% off Summer Bluray Blowout
  99. Want to build up your HD library....cheap???
  100. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder, Trilogy Set Coming to Blu-ray
  101. Blu-ray Pushing Daisies in september
  102. Dreier LLP - Settlement Agreements with Sony, Sanyoin Landmark LED Patent Case
  103. OK, Here are the Blu-Rays
  104. Memorial Day Thanks
  105. HD DVDs pricing has spoiled BD for me!
  106. So? What did the latest A3 Update do?
  107. Raiders of the Lost Ark - Anyone seen the DVD?
  108. Blu Transformers In September?
  109. 30% off 2 or more WB titles
  110. Warner moves to 6k resolution for A Star is Born (1954) restoration!
  111. "Electronics specialists expect Blu-ray to outpace DVD sales"
  112. HMV sale on UK HD DVDs
  113. "Chinese Companies Authorized To Produce Blu-Ray Products"
  114. That one Movie .
  115. Universal Sets Specs, Adds U-Control to 'Mummy Returns' Blu-ray
  116. Huge selection of HD DVDs for $5.99
  117. Hollywood Studios Are Removing Grain For Blu-Ray Movie Reissues
  118. 3 more Terminator movies coming?
  119. Report: Studios’ digital revenue will grow 15% a year
  120. How Much Have You Spent On Your All-Time Favorite Movie(s)
  121. 'The Doors' Coming to Blu-ray with 7.1 DTS-HD Master Audio
  122. Shinobi - Heart Under Blade BD $10.95 Amazon.com
  123. Watched my first dvd in over a year and DAMMM
  124. Amazon HDM prices at a glance
  125. New Blu-Ray Titles Today
  126. The Drunk Thread: Part II
  127. I'm sad
  128. "TDVision Systems to Showcase Optimum HD-3D"
  129. Top 100 CE Retailers’ Sales Hit $125 Billion
  130. What is the most noticable advantage of HD over SD?
  131. Samsung demos 82” 2160p HDTV
  132. Netflix boxes for streaming video
  133. Warner Brings Digi-Book 'Cuckoo's Nest' to Blu-ray
  134. Article : Blu Will Dominate DVD
  135. 'Universal Soldier' 'Angel Heart' 'Sarah Connor Chronicles' Coming to Blu-ray
  136. "InfoSmart continues developing BD business"
  137. "Blu-ray growth depends on HDTV clarity"
  138. Does anyone actually watch the same movie more than twice?
  139. "Blu-Ray Market Overview"
  140. Truth in Blu Ray player shortages?
  141. Fry's Blu-ray Sale
  142. 'Life Before Her Eyes' Headed to Blu-ray
  143. Rambo II and III region free
  144. Amazon 2 for $30.00 Sale
  145. Studios take steps toward an early high-def VOD window
  146. Topics soars with Over Blu-ray sales
  147. Six Reasons you Shouldn't use the PS3 as a Blu Ray Player
  148. Insignia BluRay Players @ $349.99 Coming Soon
  149. Blu ray/HD DVD Junkie Support thread
  150. Is there a chance that if Blu-Ray doesn't take off that certain titles
  151. Evidence Mounts That Blu-ray Will Struggle
  152. Blu-ray Wins the Format Battle, but Consumers Don’t Buy it
  153. HD-DVD-R External USB Burner - But do we need them?
  154. Sony Posts FY Sales, Net Income Records
  155. "Blu-ray interactivity enlivens 'Sleeping Beauty' "
  156. Disney: Blu-ray's a Sleeping Beauty
  157. Red Pill Blu Pill can't we just all get along?
  158. A Power Center Saved My HT Today
  159. Article: Toshiba in the Blu-Ray business?
  160. Libraries' video offerings on the rise but little interest for Blu-ray
  161. Persepolis heading to Blu
  162. 3D to save BD
  163. LG to stop production of combo players later this year
  164. Blog: Wal-Mart Carrying $298 Blu-ray Players?
  165. If film is higher resolution than SD, why is the picture not better in theaters?
  166. bestbuy BOGO
  167. List your Double-Dips!
  168. Off Topic: Iron Man rocks!
  169. Sony to start HD TV price war
  170. Cool Hand Luke coming to Blu 9/9/08
  171. First Look: 'Men in Black' Blu-Ray Box Art
  172. Blu-Ray sales tank for good reasons
  173. Cheap HD DVDs
  174. Warner returns to rev-sharing, limits used sales
  175. Echo Bridge Announces Next Wave of Low-Priced Blu-rays
  176. Charlie Wilsons War
  177. Blu-ray Isn't Getting Much Traction [Businessweek]
  178. Cinram International (DVD/BD manufacturer) reports Q1 financials
  179. Amazon selling Jack Ryan Collection HD DVD for $69.95
  180. What you doing with the $600 Rebate!
  181. Butch Cassidy-- looks like a BD to pass on :(
  182. 41st DVD Forum Steering Committee Details
  183. When will you be buying a BD player (what kind)?
  184. Stop Uwe Boll !!!....get free gum
  185. News Corp. president Chernin: Player Scarcity Holding Back Blu-ray Adoption
  186. Paramount to Re-Issue Entire Blu-Ray Back Catalog
  187. "BD takes centre stage at busy Expo"
  188. Short Circuit on BD for only $10.95
  189. Critereon is going Blu-Ray
  190. Did the format war also affect the console market?
  191. 'Otis' Blu-ray Delayed Four Months
  192. Amazon Fox Sale
  193. Disney: Blu-ray Needs Lower Player Prices [tvpredictions.com/swanni]
  194. Neil Young to release archive on Blu-ray discs
  195. Viacom/Paramount financials: mention "payout" from Toshiba
  196. Can anyone provide a better DVD copier???
  197. BLOG: "Blu-ray Sales Surging On All Fronts"
  198. "New head of supply chain at Netflix"
  199. Star Trek HD DVD $60 shipped from Amazon.ca
  200. Panasonic Unveils New $699 Blu-ray Player
  201. Amazon.com: Blu-ray Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale with Fox titles
  202. Francis Ford Coppola’s Youth Without Youth comes to Blu-ray
  203. Universal Goes Day-and-Date on Blu-ray with 'Doomsday'
  204. BOGO at Costco - IN STORE ONLY
  205. Speed Racer
  206. Blu-ray: The Resentment Factor
  207. What Happened To The BD Live/Bonus View Titles?
  208. Random Article: Sony President doesn't see $200 players this year, next year MAYBE
  209. Blu-ray Pricing Is a Point of Contention :Blog
  210. Indiana Jones KCS on blu?
  211. Ps3 ?
  212. WB Study Finds That More PS3 Owners Are Buying BD Movies
  213. I never got my Star Trek Phaser, is there a number I can call?
  214. First Look: 'Tinker Bell' Blu-ray Box Art
  215. Paramount Reschedules 'Blades of Glory' Blu-ray for May
  216. Firefly BluRay Pre-orders - Starting!
  217. Blu-Ray Quality Downloads A Near-term Fantasy?
  218. Blu-Ray Xbox
  219. Risky Business on Blu Ray!!
  220. $14.99 Fox Blu-ray sale at Frys.com
  221. Blu-ray Dvd"s Prices
  222. Pale Rider goes Blu , Agust 26
  223. Exclusive: Universal Talks Blu-ray Audio Plans
  224. Justice League Season One Blu-Ray announced
  225. Blu-ray player sales down despite end of format war
  226. Time Warner earnings fall 36%
  227. France's QOL (French independent replicator) receives BD50 certification
  228. Any chance HD DVD could ever be re-introduced?
  229. TV SHOWS - what's on Blu-ray?
  230. Need to encrypt the DVDS for copying!!!
  231. HD Scams And Lies
  232. Paramount announces first Blu-Ray titles since August
  233. Question about Planet Earth (blu-ray)
  234. Sony Blu [email protected] Amazon
  235. "Sony Creative upgrades authoring software"
  236. Cargo adopts Blu-ray for high-def makeup
  237. Blu-ray momentum slow, consumers wait for lower prices, better features
  238. Kinowelt: Fall/Winter 2008 on BD
  239. Wal-Mart Pulling DVD Dump Bins
  240. 'How the West Was Won' Coming to Blu-ray
  241. New Line Announces 'Dark City' Director's Cut Blu-ray
  242. Blu-Ray win largely benefits Sony, says analyst
  243. Reference Blu-Ray Discs
  244. Samsung bullish on Blu-ray market
  245. I'm Back Baby!!!!
  246. Freedom 1-3 on sale $64.95 at Discountanimedvd
  247. The best BD-Live player?
  248. DTS HD-MA Question
  249. Does anybody have Purple Rain?
  250. Disney Preview Offers First News on 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Blu-ray
  251. Jack Ryan Collection HD
  252. Studios vary pricing for Blu-ray releases
  253. Two great music releases announced for BD - ZZ Top & John Mayer
  254. Netflix HD-DVD already on the way out?
  255. 2L set to release SACD/Blu-ray release (DSD & 24-Bit/192KHz)
  256. Warner to Release "Be Kind Rewind" Blu-ray before DVD
  257. Why I'm happy about the slow Blu ray release schedule
  258. HMV HD DVD Clearanc UK £4.99
  259. "Excitement surrounds Blu-ray At NAB"
  260. Can Someone please check their copy of Close Encounters for an Audio Glitch...
  261. DVD Forum To Explore 3D Technology.
  262. rumor: Back to the Future on BD in 2009
  263. NPD: Entertainment spending to drop in 2008
  264. Format War May Be Over, but High-Definition DVD Still Faces Challenges [ABI Research]
  265. Blu-ray boom not enough to rescue DVD sales [Scientific American/Reuters]
  266. Blu ray titles that are cheaper than the DVD (on amazon)
  267. "Posting Articles - Please Read"
  268. My free HD DVDs finally arrived!
  269. News title "Managed copy to be sorely absent from finalized AACS specifications?
  270. Samsung chairman resigns in wake of indictment
  271. Article: 2.35 Widecreen HT
  272. Blu-ray Disc sales swell by 351% year-to-year [tgdaily.com]
  273. Indie Film Suppliers See Green In Blu-ray [tvpredictions.com]
  274. Advice needed on shopping for BD movies
  275. Best site/sites for blu-ray movie reviews
  276. Blade Runner Blu @ Amazon 19.95
  277. Panasonic to Bolster Tie-up With Samsung in Blu-ray
  278. Netflix CEO: Will Charge 'premium' For Blu-ray Discs
  279. Report: Sony to unveil PS3 video service in July
  280. Is Cloverfield in HD even worth it?
  281. What the??? Where'd the threads go??
  282. New Emoticons
  283. notice the difference between 720 versus 1080, not tech junkies
  284. Death at a Funeral (2007) HD DVD any cop?
  285. This could help BD, Cable cos. are compressing more
  286. Taking Lives HD DVD Rare?
  287. 10 titles I want on blu ray above any others (add your own list)
  288. What older movies have "WOWED" you???
  289. Apocalypto HD DVD - Buy it here
  290. BlueRay Technologies Sued For Financial Data:
  291. Hi-Def Calibration Disc
  292. Whats my HDDVD collection worth?
  293. ghostbusters on bd
  294. BLOG:Which way BD pricing?
  295. When King Kong comes around, will it most likely be the EE or the theatrical cut?
  296. 'Starship Troopers' x2 Deploys on Blu-ray This Summer
  297. How exactly is SD converted to HD?
  298. BD Live Platform promises savings in time, money
  299. I'm a "movie lover" not a HDM lover - BS
  300. What I have come to realize
  301. Off-topic:The Official Funny Picture Thread
  302. How successful will Bluray be?
  303. Star Trek HD DVDs - what's on them?
  304. Pesky locking tabs!!
  305. Denon for Sale- Best Buy and Kenwood Bidding
  306. First Look: 'Sleeping Beauty' Blu-ray Box Art
  307. Universal joining Blu-ray bandwagon in the summer [reuters]
  308. Help me to get a DVD Format!!!
  309. March electronics sales drop
  310. Parsons Refutes Blu-Ray Fallacies
  311. Singulus to supply Russian replicator
  312. Battlestar Galactica Packaging different in the UK?
  313. Juno Has Digital Copy Feature
  314. YouTube - Format War Veteran
  315. What screen size for maximum Blu ray goodness?
  316. When will we see the first Rambo Box set reviews online?
  317. No-name Blu-ray players available September [australian rumor]
  318. Are all HD movies 'cleaned up?'
  319. BLOG:LG Dual Format Player BD-ized
  320. MPO moves to BD production
  321. BD in 30 million homes by end of 2008
  322. Damn You Warner Bros!!!!
  323. Now that the PS3 can decode it list all Blu-Ray movies that utilize DTS-HDMA
  324. CC ad April 20-26th
  325. I'm a Blu ray GEEK
  326. PS3 dts-MA is Here. In Case You Were Wondering
  327. Ground-breaking horror film Night of the Living Dead to be released on BD in '08
  328. Circuit City still promoting HD DVD?
  329. Blockbuster Offers $1B For Circuit City
  330. What's your Favorite Live Concert BD?
  331. The Small Things
  332. New Star Wars Clone Wars Trailer leaked
  333. The 'Be all and End all' of storage media storage to come in 10 years?
  334. NY "Amazon Tax" Back to BM?
  335. Many titles dropped in price (1-2 dollars) at amazon.com
  336. New Releases: Upconverted DVD vs. HD VOD. Which is Better?
  337. Blu-ray rentals
  338. Upconverted: The Empire Strikes Back
  339. Blade Runner Blu question
  340. FOX lagging behing in Blu-Ray movie Quality!!!
  341. Are we nearing the end...
  342. there will be blood, whats the deal?
  343. 3-D TV: Already in your home
  344. How do you read a thread (3 pages or more) here at HDF?
  345. Expect BR disk prices to remain high
  346. Many HD DVD titles at Amazon UK under $10
  347. BD Live launch starts with a whisper
  348. What's The Better Investment for HDM?
  349. Blu-ray Awareness Up; HD Players Hit 10M
  350. Besy Buy gave me 100.00 for buying hd dvd?
  351. Does HDF Need More Mods?
  352. Blockbuster: Blu-ray In Almost 5,000 Stores
  353. BD-Live On PLAYSTATION 3 With 'The 6th Day' [screenshots]
  354. Stats on BD prices since HD DVD dropped out
  355. Anyone else having trouble with High Def Digest forums???
  356. Blu ray will succeed! Reasons Why...
  357. Where are all the Blu-ray discs? [blog]
  358. Looking for a Good AVR That Can Handle Lossless via PCM
  359. Why is Wal-Mart the Only Retailer Requiring That You Return the Player to Get the $50
  360. PS3 Getting DTS MA Support!!
  361. Need help Toshiba Cannot find server
  362. Amazon just gave me $200: what's the catch?
  363. Should Bluray be compared to DVD?
  364. BD's Goals For 2008 . . . if it wants to beat DVD's performance:
  365. Will Blu-ray have 10%+ Marketshare by Jan 2009?
  366. Bee Movie HD DVD should come in late April 2008
  367. Signs coming to blu-ray: 06/03/08
  368. List Your HDM Collection! For Purposes of Recommendations!
  369. What comedy TV show and what comedy movie would you most like to see on HDM?
  370. Netflix Finally Get A Larger BD Stock?
  371. BLOG:Blu For Retail Merchandise Exclusives
  372. Firefly Coming to Blu-ray! Wooohooo!
  373. Best Buy is Blu Ray exclusive now?
  374. Hi Def Digest slams PQ on The Assassination of Jesse James
  375. World Wide BD Release Schedules
  376. BD [pc] drive prices may not fall as quickly as expected (...) [digitimes]
  377. PC to HDTV
  378. Amazon.com Blu-ray sale: Buy Two, Get One Free
  379. Wal-mart offers up HD DVD returns
  380. Sony Plots 'MIB' Blu-ray for June
  381. Eye Candy for Blu Batman Fans PIC Inside
  382. Does the Audio quality matter on the "Super Upconverting" 960p DVD player?
  383. Natural Born Killers Coming to BD. Getting "Book Treatment" PICS Inside
  384. Are Warner Bros gunning for VoD?
  385. Is Mystery of the Nile coming out on HD?
  386. [blog, compares Beowulf lossy/lossless] True HD vs. Dolby Digital: Who's Wins?
  387. [economictimes] Blu-ray discs get a Bangalore boost
  388. [Digitimes] Sony looks to 50% global market share for its Blu-ray products in 2008
  389. Forum Name Changed!
  390. HD DVD is dead!!
  391. Comcast launches 50Mbps broadband...
  392. Convert DVD to Blu-ray
  393. Disney-Pixlar on HD DVD - Monsters Inc. & The Incredibles!!!
  394. (OT) Charlton Heston dies at 84
  395. I'd like to hear your choice for BLU-RAY Reference Disc
  396. Who is getting Commando?
  397. Here is a review of the HD DVD/BD versions of the new DVE HD Basics calibration discs
  398. Best Buy Marking Up BD Prices?
  399. Your Others....
  400. Godfather Trilogy Coming ot Blu-Ray? Evidence Inside
  401. OFF TOPIC: battlestar speculation
  402. Is HDM Really 6X Greater Than DVD?
  403. 2K, 4K, Digital Cinema - Digital Cinema's Special K
  404. Lancer was right.
  405. Store rentals down by 2010
  406. Amazon UK has 3 for 2 deal - ENDS 4/6
  407. No Shortage of BD disc supply!
  408. Deep Discount Blu-Ray Sale (Anchor Bay titles)
  409. Blu-ray disc awareness on rise: survey [Reuters]
  410. Lionsgate roars in format war
  411. 60% Off Selected HD DVD Titles At Amazon
  412. InfoSmart Group Is First Company to Bring Blu-Ray Production to Hong Kong and China
  413. Platinum Disc and Echo Bridge label Blu-ray releases
  414. Hannah Montana Goes 3-D with 'Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour' Blu-ray
  415. ARTICLE:Sabic Develops New Blu-ray Materials
  416. What have you bought recently?
  417. Is The BDA Behind The Rash Of Retail Pullbacks on HD DVD?
  418. Videobusiness: Alvin sells 2.6 million on DVD, Blu-ray on first day
  419. Blu ray piracy???
  420. High-Def Digest Acquired by Internet Brands
  421. Blu-ray Re-Targeted for MGM WWII Classics
  422. High Def Forum Change of Ownership
  423. New Line to give AVC a try?
  424. CC to pull remaining HD DVD stock after Sat.
  425. Microsoft hoses down latest Xbox 360 Blu-ray rumor
  426. Two Blu-ray titles in top 10 Amazon DVD sales
  427. Best Buy devotes HD DVD shelves to Blu-ray
  428. Blu-ray prices continue to climb
  429. Blog - With HD Dead, Blu-ray Takes Off
  430. Sony joins HD DVD+ Promotional Group!
  431. Betamax to HD-DVD Converter
  432. Will The Studios Offer "Zoomed" 2.40 AR Movies?
  433. Band of Brothers confirmed for Blu-ray
  434. Are there any movies that look better on HD-DVD than on Blu-Ray?
  435. New Companion Format to Blu-ray
  436. Eyes Wide Shut Recall
  437. Jack Ryan HD DVD Rarity
  438. Toshiba and NEC are BACK with HD DVD+! The War is Not Over!
  439. Universal and Paramount to back HD VMD due to lower replication costs
  440. Top 100 Corporate Brand Names
  441. Universal and Paramount are some bitches
  442. Cheaper Blu-ray disc support ready for PlayStation 3
  443. Sony Westerns Ride Onto Blu-ray in June
  444. New HD commercials on TV....
  445. IR to Bluetooth Convertor
  446. BLOG:CE Prices Are Going Up, As Costs In China Rise
  447. THX Believes in Blu-Ray, Clarifies Comments by Scientist
  448. New Blu Haters Category
  449. Paramount and Universal Announce BD Titles for 2008
  450. Rocky Balboa fans in region B rejoice!
  451. Blade Runner Suitcase Edition
  452. CNet's Top Five Most Wanted Gadgets
  453. HDM longevity- how long will one format last?
  454. The Next Technology For A Format?
  455. The New Nielsen Pie Chart
  456. Knew it was bound to happen...but so soon?!?!
  457. BLOG:Replicators Are Experiencing Growing Pains in Going Blu
  458. *The Official PFC5 You've Got Mail Thread*
  459. After format war, number of Blu-ray ads drop
  460. HD DVD Promotional Group Officially Dissolved
  461. Blu-ray Disc Movie Sales Top 9 Million
  462. BCI drops HD DVD
  463. Future Features demo videos for dvd2/blu
  464. Amazon $14 Blu Sale
  465. Will we see 1 more "Tripple A" title on HD DVD?
  466. Left out in the cold.
  467. If you had your choice...............
  468. Alien vs. Predator / Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem Blu-Ray $27.95
  469. Fox Plots 'Point Break' Blu-ray for Summer
  470. Circuit City 50% of HD-DVD next week
  471. THX Backpedals, Decides They Want to Have Their Logos on BDs Too.
  472. Hollywood Reporter article: With HD DVD out, Blu-ray sales on the rise
  473. Vanguard Ends HD DVD Support with 'Disco Pigs,' Makes Move to Blu
  474. T2 Steelbook now available domestically (from Xploited)
  475. Film 4 HD DVDs make it out!
  476. Article: Analyst: Blu-ray Sales to Triple In 2008
  477. 320kbps or 128kbps, Can you tell...
  478. Netflix or Blockbuster?
  479. Walmart Canada, HD DVD's Vanish
  480. ARTICLE:Graffeo to leave high-def post at Universal
  481. Did You Know . . .
  482. LG BH200 for under $600 on Amazon
  483. Some nice theatre setups on this guys site.
  484. Celtic Thunder SD DVD Problem
  485. What Happened to Netflix?
  486. BLOG: Why The Searchers May be The Best Looking HD Movie On Disc
  487. Best Buy pulls HD DVD from Shelves
  488. Strategy Analytics: As Format War Ends, 29 Million Blu-ray Homes Expected This Year
  489. ARTICLE:Batman: The Movie makes a Blu-ray first
  490. BLOG:Samsung and LG Cautious About The Blu
  491. (?): Some Blu-Ray Sales Numbers
  492. HD DVD resolution question
  493. HD DVD resolution question
  494. ANNOUNCEMENT:South Park goes digital, and for free
  495. I'm making my own HD DVDs from now on.
  496. ARTICLE:THX Chief Scientist: "It's too late for Blu-ray"
  497. BEST BUY Hd dvd's gone
  498. A bunch of Disney and Fox/MGM Titles Announced/Rumored for Blu-ray
  499. IMO: We Should All Be Very Happy We have HDF . . .
  500. How Will Hollywood Adjust To HDM Buying Habits?