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  1. Leadtek Japan to launch Toshiba's SpursEngine for its add-on card
  2. VUDU readying Blu-ray quality rentals
  3. Tower
  4. OT (not really since it will end up on Blu): FRINGE IS THE BEST SHOW ON TV!
  5. Cinerama is back -- on Blu-ray
  6. Which format transition did YOU find bigger?
  7. Blue Ray Technologies and CDC Reach Exclusive Agreement for Super Blu-Ray Discs
  8. Adjusting to a Blu-ray-Only World: HD Authors in Transition
  9. High Def Acronyms - What does it all mean?
  10. CEDIA Day 3: The Return of 3D
  11. Updated HDM player poll!
  12. What's The Lowest Price a BD Player Will See This Year?
  13. Blu-Ray to become more popular
  14. Cedia Bd Update Thread
  15. International Titles
  16. J&R Blu-ray Movie Sale
  17. Kudos HDF Members
  18. The Kingdom, Jarhead Coming to Blu-ray
  19. CEDIA Expo 2008: Sim2 Slates Better-Than-Blu-ray Systems
  20. Hopefully Trend Starting Deal on BD.
  21. Blu-ray Disc Association: Disc Still Rules
  22. Anyone able to find Transformers?? (BD)
  23. Police Reunion Tour coming to Blu-ray
  24. iTunes 8 to bring HD TV downloads
  25. Who's who?
  26. Sony CREAS: BD players/recorders with "Toshiba Killer" inside?
  27. Is There A Spot To Nab BDs Real Cheap?
  28. On Topic BD pricing rumors
  29. Andy Griffiths (Samsung UK): "Blu-ray has 5 years left"
  30. Venturer HD DVD Player + 2 HD DVD Movies $60
  31. Discs Meet the Internet in Next-Gen Blu-ray Players
  32. Blu-ray Hardware, Software Prices Inch Lower
  33. Discs Meet the Internet in Next-Gen Blu-ray Players
  34. Studios set street dates for Q4 tentpoles
  35. New Funai BD player.
  36. Little Help With HDMI Receivers
  37. Dungeon Seize Movie on Blu-ray Signals Fox Price Drop?
  38. Criterion BDs Get A Release Date
  39. Sony at IFA: Blu-Ray is the final format for the optical disc
  40. Resident Evil: Degeneration Headed to Blu-ray
  41. Shawshank Getting Another Shot At Blu-Ray
  42. Best Buy price cuts Blu-ray player to $249
  43. Is Walmart Completely Mad?
  44. Hi-def Forum's Comedy Club Funniest Video Clips
  45. IFA 2008: Blu-ray Disc Assc. Press Conference
  46. Hollywood movie studios not supporting China-developed CBHD
  47. Blu-ray: "impossible to stop mass-market success now"
  48. Toshiba's XDE DVD players won't hurt Blu-ray Disc
  49. Mongol Blu-ray in October; Cover Art Sneak Peek
  50. Hancock on Blu-ray November 25
  51. SRT TV With Cell Officially Announced by Toshiba
  52. CVI Component
  53. Stringer Jokes About PS3 Debt
  54. Parsons: Blu-ray Key to Pioneer's HD Strategy
  55. Ordina call for immediate halt of all Blu-ray playing devices
  56. What Is The DVD Forum Doing With HD DVD, Gaming Perhaps?
  57. Blu-ray Sales Drift
  58. DEG launches digital copy logo for DVD, Blu-ray
  59. Frys Electronics HD DVD Sale
  60. Toshiba declines to sell HD DVD patents to Taiwan makers, says newspaper (rumor)
  61. Baraka on high-quality Blu - Film to be transferred in 8K Ultradigital HD
  62. NPD: CE Growth Will Be Slow
  63. Sports, NBA and Boston Celtics Arrive on Blu-ray
  64. Philips shows off 3D on Blu-ray
  65. New Line Updates Specs, Adds Exclusives to 'Sex and the City' Blu-ray
  66. Why some boxsets still using single layered 25GB Blu-ray discs?
  67. Superman Doomsday Confirmed for Blu-ray
  68. At Disney, Blu-ray Sales Team Is a Cast of Characters
  69. Need help with a samsung LN46A530
  70. Dreamer and L2Digital Partner to Bring BD-Live Features to Blu-Ray Discs
  71. Strategy Analytics: Blu-ray Not Threatened By Full HD Broadcasting
  72. Anchor Bay Touts BD-Live Exclusives, MP3 Score on 'Dead Space' Blu-ray
  73. Frys' HD DVD (Clearance?) Sale
  74. BD Comes Alive
  75. Amazon Blu-ray Sale
  76. Rumor: Blu-ray support finally coming from Apple?
  77. Update: Paramount rebate will include HD DVD
  78. BD Player Price Drop Coming Soon??
  79. Star Trek TOS Season 1 HD DVD from UK packaging condition
  80. Downloads to TV spending to hit $5 billion by 2013
  81. Economy stunts e-commerce growth
  82. NetFlix Blu-Rays Are Coming Cracked!
  83. Hellboy II: The Golden Army Invading Blu-ray: First Details
  84. More Evidence L.C.D. TV Prices Will Drop Soon
  85. Universal to Go 'Green-Ray' with 'Incredible Hulk'
  86. Girls Gone Wild: Spring Break Orgy to Splash on Blu-ray
  87. Fox Details 'Stone,' 'Jewel' Blu-ray Specs
  88. 'Superman Returns' to Blu-ray with High-Res Audio
  89. "#3: The Dale Earnhardt Story” is coming to Blu-ray Disc this November
  90. Report: Dark Night of the Scarecrow on Blu-ray in 2009
  91. Criterion Answers Blu-ray Questions
  92. 42nd DVD Forum Steering Committe Meeting Details
  93. EETimes: Group peers into 3-D future for Blu-Ray
  94. Razor Digital Entertainment Together With MagicPlay Announces New Blu-ray Documentary
  95. Big Buck Bunny Blu-ray disc busts out 3 PiP streams, BD-Live
  96. DVD will fail? Sounds a lot like Blu-ray
  97. Kung Fu Panda Blu-ray in November; Pre-Orders Commence
  98. Panasonic BD30 $299 At Amazon
  99. Fry's has a ton of HD DVD's onsale for $10
  100. Going Blu in Suburbia (Writer's Opinion)
  101. POP Sound Restores Audio for 'The Godfather Trilogy'
  102. Article: Knowledge Networks Names HDTV as 'Game-Changing Media Technology of 2008'
  103. iMuse to Debut Blu-ray support at CEDIA 2008
  104. Disney to Debut Two Versions of 'Prince Caspian' on Blu-ray
  105. Report: U.S. Blu-ray Sales to Top DVD Sales by 2012
  106. OT: is it just me or is this site moving at a snails pace tonight?
  107. BSG Season 1 for $20 at inetvideo
  108. Amazon Blu-ray sale (aug. 19)
  109. Blu-ray Driving HDTV and PC Sales Says the BDA
  110. Haier to make BD players?
  111. What's The Most "Effective" Track On Spidey 3?
  112. North American LCD TV sales up 50 percent for Q2
  113. Blu-ray sales are impressive for 2008
  114. So did anyone else laugh?
  115. Polar Express re-released on Blu-ray in 3D
  116. American Gangster Extended in October
  117. Star Trek: TOS HD DVD under $30 shipped from Amazon.co.uk
  118. NON-SRT DVD Player from Toshiba coming NEXT WEEK for $149!!!!
  119. HD DVD Purchase Motivation Survey!
  120. No Sin City till 2009
  121. Microsoft claims first with native Blu-ray support
  122. The Proposition - great film, and cheap as chips
  123. Australian "Rambo" has more special features?
  124. Transformers revisited
  125. Interesting observation about Toshiba/BD
  126. HD DVDs cheap at deepdiscount.com
  127. First Criterion Blu-rays show up on Criterion site
  128. Wall-E on Blu-ray in November 18th
  129. Groovy Baby! Austin Powers Set coming to Blu-ray
  130. Lawyers Gone Wild: Blu-ray Companies Sued Over Alleged Patent Violations
  131. Amazon offers Pre-Order Blu-Ray Ultimate Matrix Collection
  132. Image Gets Who Concert DVD/Blu-ray Rights
  133. Report: Online Video Revenue to Soar; Packaged Media to Remain Strong
  134. 75% of Survey Respondents Say They'll Go Blu by 2009
  135. Packaged Media Helps Drive Record Wal-Mart Q2 Earnings
  136. Paramount Offers $10 Discount for Blu-ray Upgrade
  137. Netflix pricing goign up for Blu-Ray subs.
  138. 007: Casino Royale Collector's Edition first Blu-ray Disc to double-dip
  139. Ritek ramps up BD-R production
  140. Mitsubishi Chemical to produce high-power laser diodes used in Blu-ray pick-up heads
  141. 1 Day sale Fam Vid First Blood Blu 11.85
  142. BLU-RAY - tv shows available on BD Disc
  143. Warner Adds 85 Classic Movies to HD VOD
  144. Rumor: Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn on Blu-ray in October?
  145. Funai aims to bring LCD HDTV / Blu-ray combo units to North America
  146. Inetvideo Has Paramonkey HD DVD's On Sale For $7.99 + Free Shipping.
  147. 2 HD DVD's For $10.00 Part Deux
  148. The Dark Knight on Blu-ray: December 9
  149. Amazon; Buy 2, Get 1 Free Blu-ray Sale
  150. Criterion Collection's reference Blu-ray player is a PS3
  151. Green Street Hooligans HD DVD
  152. Conclusive proof, HD DVD to return! *joke*
  153. Disney Sets 'Kill Bill' Blu-ray Specs, Adds Bundle
  154. PC vendors asking for reductions in ODM/OEM quotes for Blu-ray drives
  155. Record HD video to hard drive, BD, and flash
  156. What happy memories do you have of watching movies with your kids?
  157. Blu-ray Discs Go On Sale In China
  158. Sleeping Beauty Blu-ray - comes with SD DVD?
  159. Cinram Preps For More Blu-ray Replication
  160. Dish network customers who own I am Legend on Blu, a question.
  161. Poll: Falling oil prices/ Strengthing dollar, good or bad for BD?
  162. [Article] Blu-Ray Player prices Stagnant
  163. BD player prices continue to fall
  164. Casablanca coming to Blu-ray
  165. Lionsgate Q1 DVD, Blu-ray sales jump 47%
  166. Matching Case Size Solution?
  167. Best Buy preview discs
  168. Universal Prepping 'Wanted' Blu-ray for December (rumor)
  169. Funai back to operating profit (partially due to bluray)
  170. New Blu-ray Releases
  171. Music & movie legend Isaac Hays Dies
  172. Universal HD DVD Titles $6.88 At Giant Tiger Stores, In Canada
  173. Comedian Bernie Mac dies @ age 50
  174. Attention Mike Rox - Probs with Strarship Troopers BD?
  175. OT Olympics
  176. Band of Brothers -Blu ray pre-order. $69.95
  177. HD-DVDs...2 for $10
  178. Warner Study Shows Nontheatrical Home Video Spending Up
  179. What upcoming releases are you most looking forward too?
  180. Channel 4 Announces Future HD DVD Releases?
  181. Blockbuster Leading Blu-ray Charge [Home Media Magazine]
  182. Iron Man Goes Blu-ray On Sept. 30
  183. Rumor: The Dark Knight Could Coax Warner into BD-Live Release
  184. Daredevil: DC coming to BD September 30
  185. How Long Will it Take "The Dark Knight" to Sell 1 Million Copies on BD?
  186. When Will BD CEM's Make A BD Only Player?
  187. Warner Celebrates 40 Years of Woodstock
  188. CEA Group To Explore 3-D Video Standard
  189. Mummy 3 Will Look and Sound Better on Blu-ray
  190. Starship Troopers BD Sold Out for 3 days now!
  191. Simple question about SRT
  192. Blu-ray gaining more acceptance/exposure even at IMDB
  193. Any word on upcoming Disney releases
  194. CH DVD Details Revealed, Warner On Board?
  195. Happy Birthday Super XP
  196. Off Topic - Well my stepson will "official" become my son tomorrow
  197. First Toshiba SRT Laptop Review
  198. NEC Electronics Announces the World's First Single-Chip LSI for Blu-ray Disc Players
  199. 'Poltergeist' to Haunt Blu-ray this October
  200. Pioneer: 500GB Blu-ray Disc now feasible
  201. Current UK BD release schedule (some interesting additions!)
  202. Animatrix in HD
  203. Thunderbirds are Blu!
  204. Football Factory goes Blu :D
  205. Toshiba says, Blu-ray is only a storage medium!
  206. More of the Same regarding Blu-Ray in the Press
  207. Cliffhanger Blu-Ray Version
  208. Sony BDP-S350; #1 in Best Seller Electronics on Amazon
  209. Final Fantasy Advent Children on Blu in 2009 (at least in Japan)
  210. Panasonic Exec: Blu-ray at Center of HD Universe
  211. Studios load Blu-ray releases with extras
  212. Retailers credit bad economy with rental upturn
  213. Study: Blu-ray players still facing obstacles
  214. HD DVD Questions...
  215. Star Trek The Original Series - The Complete Second Season (Remastered) (1966)
  216. How HD DVD can still win format war (or at least sue for peace)
  217. Sony: Blu-ray to Outsell DVD By 2011
  218. Happy Birthday venomxr8!
  219. Details of Netflix's Blu-ray premium emerges: $1.00 per month
  220. Will Satellite's 1080p HD Really Be 1080p?
  221. Happy Birthday Unotis!
  222. A Discussion On This (HDM) Forums Sticky's
  223. How to open H.264 .cmp file from ISO website?
  224. Be sure to avoid the Starship Troopers Boxset!
  225. Kubrick's 'Dr. Strangelove' on Blu-ray this December
  226. Date and Specs in for Firefly on Blu-ray
  227. LG's BD300 Network Blu-ray player to stream Netflix in September
  228. Holy Crap, anyone seen whats become of CBS HD online?
  229. HDF Community: Any Interest in a "Great Deals Found" thread? *Beta*
  230. Disney Blu-ray Discs on Sale at Amazon
  231. DreamWorks Q2 Down, Kung Fu Panda Kicking Off BD Releases
  232. Toshiba master plan unveiled - Breaking News - SRT/SONY?
  233. The Great Escape coming to Blu ray?
  234. Bell Canada launches video download service
  235. Best Buy Primed for 'Blu' Fourth Quarter
  236. Kubric films on blu - please advise
  237. How Sony Tried To Kill Toshiba's HD DVD
  238. Can Blu Ray succeed where DVD-A and SACD failed?
  239. Should HD Goofnut Buy This?
  240. Universal Blu-Ray FAQ and Impressions; Kamspy Eats a Crow
  241. New Universal bluray site
  242. Sony profit plunges 50 pct from year ago
  243. Amazon has a Blu ray EXLUSIVE
  244. Blu-ray Double-Dip thread to track them in ONLY this thread
  245. What brand is your primary HDTV or HD Projector?
  246. DirecTV To Offer 1080P Movies
  247. Disney's Chapek re-elected to lead DEG board
  248. On-Demand big in Warner's corner
  249. Futurama Soars onto Blu-ray in November
  250. Anyone else get this Netflix notice?
  251. Here are two posts that HDM members/posters MUST read!
  252. The Dark Knight on HD-DVD?
  253. How much have you spent on HDM?
  254. Robert A. Harris lists his "quality" Blu-ray discs
  255. What do you consider your best HDM blind buy?
  256. HD DVD's 2 for $10.00
  257. Notice To All Members On This Forum
  258. Impulse, Frugal, or Both...which are you?
  259. Where have all the Blu sales gone?
  260. Forbes Article: It Takes a Crisis
  261. How many HD DVD's & Blu Ray's do you own?
  262. DVD Producers Panel Discusses Possibilities, Challenges of Blu-ray
  263. NetFlix: Blu-ray Rental Prices to Rise 'Shortly'
  264. How Many DVD's Do You own?
  265. Young Frankenstein coming to Blu-Ray...
  266. inetvideo.com's free shipping is back.. (over $50)
  267. Zombie Strippers with Jenna Jameson Dancing onto Blu-ray
  268. Planet of the Apes coming to bluray
  269. 'Supernatural' to Make Blu-ray Debut This November
  270. Carrie, Young Frankenstein and Amityville Coming to Blu-ray
  271. Matrix Trilogy on Blu Ray Oct 14
  272. Star Wars coming to 3D
  273. Survey says movie downloads are better for the environment
  274. Any Italian exclusive must have's on HDM?
  275. CH DVD Stole What?
  276. Technicolor speeds digital content delivery
  277. Warner Bros updates specs for Risky Business Blu Ray- True HD included
  278. Comcast's Top 10 HD VOD Ratings
  279. HDM downloads on PS3.
  280. What are You Listening to HDM With?
  281. Dish Network to Offer 1080p VOD?!
  282. Check out the NEW description for this section!!!
  283. Ghostbusters 1 & 2 coming to Blu-ray
  284. Warner Schedules Japanese 'Matrix' Blu-ray Box; U.S. Next?
  285. Sony Releases New Professional Video Encoder for Blu-ray
  286. Chuck: Season One Headed for Blu-ray November 11
  287. Comic Con Panel- "DVD/Blu-ray Producers"
  288. Why did HD DVD lose the Format War!!!
  289. HD DVD - TorchWood Box Art
  290. Acceptable topics in:
  291. Group aims for 3D home video format
  292. Anyone use the Samsung HT-X70?
  293. Run, Fat Boy, Run arrives in region A, finally
  294. DNR debate being censored/deleted on some forums?
  295. OT- Journey to the centre of the earth
  296. E3 Rumor : Toshiba DVD2 player is based on Xbox 360
  297. Watchmen Trailer
  298. PS3 now offers choice of movie downloads, rent or buy...
  299. Universal Brings 'Thing,' 'Dead' Series to Blu-ray this Halloween
  300. Should VC-1 Be Banned From Future BD Releases?
  301. CBS HD video player
  302. Playstation 3 announces price cut on 80GB model
  303. 'Dark Knight' To Bring IMAX Home to Blu-ray
  304. Godfather; Family Video $64.35
  305. MPI to Release 'Baraka' this October
  306. 'UFC: Ultimate Comebacks' Headed to Blu-ray
  307. Hi All
  308. If you can't believe $60 Blu-Ray player royalty, then read this...
  309. From a BD supporter - What BD still needs...
  310. High Def on DVD?
  311. Nixon Comes Back on August 19th
  312. Microsoft reaffirms no Blu-Ray in Xbox 360, ever. Download only strategy.
  313. Sony now pimping HD download for $15(Disc is so yesterday)
  314. Toshiba's SpursEngine Equipped PC Offers 720P from SRT.
  315. List all significant positive BD news since HD DVD passed away
  316. Amazon B2G1Free sale with LOTS of titles
  317. Young Guns on Blu Ray
  318. Eastwood, Schwarzenegger Lead Warner September Blu-ray Action Wave
  319. Who has seen King Kong (2005) on HD-DVD? One last question
  320. New Line Bringing 'Blow' to Blu-ray!
  321. Blu-ray gets a new layer of copy protection
  322. Home video biz holding up - DVD, Blu-ray sales strong despite down economy
  323. PS3 Streaming: TVersity, WM11, Twonky Thread
  324. NEC Announces New BD SoC
  325. Quick question Re: Cars
  326. Every Which Way But Loose and The Gauntlet coming to Blu ray
  327. Great. More crap to sit through before the movie starts
  328. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest - another victim of overzealous DNR?
  329. HD DVD's - Many Less Than $10
  330. Off-Topic: Post Editing
  331. BD Live set-tops make summer debut
  332. Blu-ray Discs Production Surge Expected by December
  333. PS3 2.40/2.41 update adds Blu-ray upscaling, audio playback tweaks
  334. Warner cutting price on some catalog titles.
  335. We can now link to High Def Digest!
  336. HDF Outage Expected - Server Migration Failed
  337. The Longest Day looks like another poor transfer from Fox
  338. Sony CFO declares PS3 would stay at $400 for years.
  339. Sony S350 Available ?
  340. Warner: No BD-Live Blu-ray titles this year
  341. A lot of HD DVD movies for under $12.00 and free shipping here
  342. Fox Asks, 'Dude, Where's My Car?' Answer: On Blu-ray
  343. SRT now Resolution+ ?
  344. Blu-ray in China
  345. Finally, independent Super Upconversion benchmark video. HD vs DVD vs Super Upconvers
  346. What happened to HD VMD?
  347. PS3 WMV Question for Kamspy
  348. Amazon - Buy a BD player, get 8-movie starter pack for $80
  349. Samsung teams up with Blockbuster to promote Blu-ray
  350. 007 Quantum of Solace trailer is Out!
  351. One feature that would make DVD2 kill Blu-Ray
  352. Rob Zombie Confirms October Bow for 'Halloween' Blu-ray
  353. Blu-ray consumers buying more from Amazon, Wal-Mart
  354. inetvideo.com - 10% off shipping on $25 order (HDDvds, games, etc..)
  355. Film Grain, Resolution and Fundamental Film Particles
  356. Blue Underground Announces 'Final Countdown'
  357. Romancing The Stone and Jewel of the Nile coming october 14
  358. Mongol to be released September 9
  359. Will Toshiba EVER make a blu ray player?
  360. HD DVD technology may be "re-used" in another format.
  361. US HDTV owners don't want Blu-ray
  362. Batman on Blu-ray Reigns at Amazon
  363. DreamWorks Animation, Intel form 3-D Alliance
  364. BD offer better PQ to SDTVs?
  365. Singing the Blu's
  366. Further growth for U.K. DVD sales
  367. First Blu-ray Disc testing center established in China
  368. Analyst Whacks Entertainment Industry: Major Cannibalization Set To Begin? Now
  369. Help Me Out Guys!
  370. Off-Topic: Xploited Cinema shutting down
  371. Pioneer says to launch Blu-ray recorders this year
  372. Elvis: Viva Las Vegas Special to Launch This August on DVD & Blu-ray
  373. MPAA approves "military strength" encryption for video streaming
  374. Singulus Blu-ray duplicator sales beat predictions
  375. DF480 (4-hour HD)(12-hour SLP)(40-hour SD) tapes for sale
  376. Play DVD on TV
  377. Pioneer announces backwards compatible 400GB Blu-ray discs
  378. Indiana Jones 4 on bluray 10/28
  379. Producer: Fox Plotting to Bring 'X-Files' Movies to Blu-ray
  380. Film Review: The Dark Knight
  381. Profile 2.1?
  382. Anyone watching the Premiere of ST III tonight on UHD?
  383. PS3 expected to remain the driving force behind Blu-ray sales
  384. just bought a toshiba regza 42rv530u
  385. Disney to start streaming video for free
  386. HD DVD shipping discount, inetvideo.com/"The Bomb Shelter" group
  387. Japan: Latest sales figures show Blu-ray [players incl. recorders] picking up speed
  388. Happy 4th of July. Post your firework or patriotic pics here.
  389. The Best Thing To Happen To Blu-Ray
  390. Sony's Stan Glasgow talks TVs, Blu-ray
  391. Exclusive digital copy on Blu Ray - New movie trend?
  392. 1.2a HDMI or 1.3b HDMI Cables
  393. 'Hellraiser,' 'Children of the Corn' Planned for Blu-ray
  394. 'Adventures of Robin Hood' to Get Blu-ray Release
  395. DF420 and DF300 tapes for D-VHS
  396. Updated: Latest PS3 update is bricking consoles
  397. arvato digital services Certified by Blu-ray Disc Association
  398. The Happy HD DVD Fan Conversation Thread
  399. Blu-ray and HD DVD movie screenshot thread
  400. Blue Ray Technologies Opening Largest Indie BD Mastering Facility
  401. Forget Blu-ray... Hi Def streaming is where it's at
  402. The Happy BD Fan Conversation Thread
  403. Does anyone think some of the moderators at Blu-Ray.com are pricks?
  404. To the HDF OldTimers...
  405. With the increasing quality of DVDs, is it possible Blu-Ray may not flourish?
  406. A look at Batman Begins LE
  407. Talladega Night's PQ?
  408. Would you be happy if every movie had that extreme 'pop' effect?
  409. We need a sticky for all new releases
  410. Blu-ray growing, but needs better retail display
  411. A Movie on Your TV at Home, Before You Can Rent It
  412. Rudy/Jerry Maguire go Blu Sept 9
  413. I see Blu Ray :The Sixth Sense finnaly goes Blu
  414. Netflix keeping profiles
  415. Looks like I won't be buying Gangs of New York on BD
  416. The Godfather hits Blu ray September 23
  417. FAMILY VIDEO; Good Prices on Blu-ray Videos
  418. Caddyshack HD DVD- very impressive
  419. Power Center vs. Surge Protector
  420. Upcovnerting
  421. Disney Bundles 'Pirates' Trilogy on Blu-ray
  422. Warner Bringing Two IMAX Double Features to Blu this October
  423. Japanese researchers devise method for cramming 42GB on a DVD
  424. Sony Yet to Sign PSN Movie Download Deals
  425. A bit confused on converting old movies & tv
  426. Any BD's with a Calibration Program?
  427. First Region Free BD/DVD Player- Any Region, Either Format
  428. Uh-oh, Blu-Ray: Sony looks to streaming movies
  429. 300: Limited Collector's Edition purported for blu
  430. Warner offers iPod digital copy on 10,000 B.C.
  431. Metal Gear Solid 4 includes a Blu-ray plug
  432. Beat the Devil (Bogart) coming to Blu ray
  433. Rumor Microsoft to Allow 3rd Party Xbox 360's with possible blu ray drive
  434. Blockbuster's Keyes Has Big Plans to Transform Chain
  435. Weinstein Co. finally goes Blu-ray
  436. Sony claims PS3 losses = $3.3+ Billion
  437. 'Sweeney Todd' Slashing to Blu-ray this Halloween
  438. Warner Readying 'Goonies' for Blu-ray?
  439. Coffret La mome super collector out of print.
  440. Sony promises BD Live on all Blu-ray releases
  441. Keyes: Studios need to mitigate retailer cost on Blu-ray
  442. EMA report shows games, not Blu-ray with most impressive gain in '07
  443. '300,' 'JFK' Lead Warner Blu-ray Fall Catalog Brigade
  444. Australia: Buy a Sony Bravia TV and receive also a PS3
  445. Show Looks Toward Blu
  446. Studio Exec: Wanted Could Spark Blu-ray Demand
  447. Study: Blu-ray Sales to Pass DVD By 2012
  448. I miss the format war.
  449. 'Metropolis' Coming to Blu-ray in 2009
  450. Samsung launches Blu site
  451. China Prepares "China Blue High-definition Disc" Format - OFFICIAL
  452. REPORT: Consumers getting more savvy about HDTV's...
  453. OT:George Carlin 1937-2008
  454. Headlines - Sony: Disc-based delivery system will fall
  455. Amazon.com: 2 Blu-rays for $30
  456. The double dip list
  457. Oops! HDM Doubles
  458. Study: Hollow victory for Blu-ray? (EE Times)
  459. Planet Earth, next best?
  460. Smile! 'Faces of Death' Coming to Blu-ray
  461. Good deal - starting a Google Checkout account saves $10 on purchase
  462. Blu Ray is Weak---- OMG!!!!
  463. NEC ships samples of SoC for 8x Blu-ray recording
  464. Blu-ray is biggest player at convention
  465. Kaleidescape's new 1080p upscaling DVD player "rivals Blu-ray"?
  466. Circuit City Q1 loss triples on lower same-store sales
  467. Bill "Nostradamus" Hunt reports on Home Media Expo
  468. Where do you go for your sales numbers?
  469. Six Classic Bond Titles To Hit Blu-ray this October
  470. Warner Eyes Winter Holiday BD Live Launch
  471. Questionable purchases.
  472. Article: Sony PlayStation 3 struggles to find support in games console war
  473. A&E Dives into Blu with the History Channel's 'Universe'
  474. Toshiba's new strategy: Connect your laptop to your TV
  475. Interactive TV: Blu-ray's Worst Enemy
  476. Tower.com Blu-ray sales
  477. Need Converter for ASF and SivX to Apple TV format !!
  478. Inside A Digital Cinema Projection Room
  479. Universal Unwraps 'Heroes' Blu-ray Specs
  480. Blu-Ray Prices
  481. Toshiba's first showing of SRT receives mocking from journalists "Fanciful nonsense"
  482. Studios: Blu-ray Sales to Hit $1 Billion In 2008
  483. Movie industry insiders see a bright future for Blu-ray
  484. What has Blu ray achieved, is it now a secure product to buy?
  485. In movie Trivia in HD movies
  486. Best Buy Offers 2 for $25 Blu-ray Promotion Online
  487. Universal Announces a Trio of Action Titles
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