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  1. Hoping to get a Blu-Ray Burner
  2. OT: You fellow Southerners will be proud of this
  3. Blu Ray to be featured in USA Today Friday
  4. In Depth: Everything you need to know about upscaling
  5. Why Are You Buying/NOT Buying Blu-ray/DVD movies
  6. what are some DVD's w/great gret picture quality??
  7. new blue rays coming out soon....
  8. Almost Had A Copy Of Dark Knight....
  9. A Little Humor
  10. Anime Makes Up 64% of BD Sales in Japan in September
  11. Ps3 80gb 249.99 160gb 349.99
  12. Netflix Streaming HD Question
  13. Pioneer showcases 16-layer 400GB optical disc
  14. 3D still years away for home theaters
  15. Buying Versus Renting BD's - which do you do more of?
  16. These Movie "Downloading" BD Players - Is This A Good Thing?
  17. Possible Confirmation of Next 6 Bond Blu-ray Titles
  18. Sony Wants It Both Ways
  19. Criterion launches Online Cinematheque for online movie rentals
  20. Blockbuster OnDemand Download Service Coming to Blu-ray Players, Soon
  21. amazon - band of brothers blu 44.99
  22. inetvideo.com cybermonday: Transformers HD DVD 1 (one) Dollar
  23. What do you think the prices should be for HDM
  24. Big Blu-ray movie sale at J&Rs as low as $4.99
  25. Cyber Monday: 10 Best HDTV Deals
  26. PriceGrabber.com(R) Releases 2008 Black Friday Online Shopping Statistics
  27. $199 Not the Magic Blu-ray Price After All
  28. Buy 3 Save $20, Buy 6 Save $50, Buy 10 Save $100
  29. tons of blu-ray movies for really cheap on amazon
  30. Blu-ray Release Moves: 8 Mile Postponed, Spinal Tap Pushed Back, House Bunny Earlier
  31. Sony S350 $149 At Sony Style
  32. Panasonic BD35 For $199 w/free shipping and 2 movies
  33. Blu-ray Disc Builds Strong Base in Europe
  34. Studios Lay Out Holiday Sets
  35. Black Friday 2008 roundup: HD deals
  36. Blu-ray players still scarce in Europe
  37. A Christmas miracle? Movie execs hope Blu-ray can save Hollywood's holiday
  38. Street fighter the movie on Blu-ray!
  39. Criterion releases first wave of Blu-ray titles
  40. Cautious Consumers Eye DVD for Holiday Gifts
  41. "Made of Honor" (Sony title) won't play in PS3?
  42. Consumers Continue to Buy HDTV Sets at Strong Rate, But Many Pass On HD Service
  43. Blackfeet Initiative Helped Land Blu-Ray Plant
  44. inetvideo $50 free shipping and $10 off Google Checkout
  45. Holy Cow - HD Movie still in theaters available on Vudu!
  46. Cable's Future 'Gigabits' Networks
  47. Warner Readying 'Quo Vadis' for Blu-ray Battle
  48. Play Nabisco's magical cracker game and.....
  49. Panasonic Proposes Blu-ray Disc Standard for 3D Imagery
  50. Family Video Black Friday Blu-ray Movie Sale
  51. PS3 price cut coming in March?
  52. Weinstein Co. lays off 11% of staff
  53. Redbox kiosks stock Blu-ray discs
  54. The Dark Knight Blu-ray disc leaking out, complaints already rolling in
  55. Happy thanksgiving!
  56. Possible new PS3 bundle comes with free game, Blu-Ray
  57. hhgregg On Black Friday: HDTV Deals
  58. Best of the BD players: Money Magazine
  59. The video wars continue (economist.com)
  60. Best Buy Exclusive - The Dark Knight: Collector's Edition on DVD and Blu-ray
  61. Anyone see the trailers for the NEW Star Trek movie coming?
  62. Happy Birthday SOBAY310
  63. Blu-ray player price rises in UK?
  64. to be 1080P or not?
  65. Offtopic: 4x PS3 = 3840 x 2160 at 240fps
  66. Retail Execs Expect Slim Gains On Black Friday
  67. Best Buy Black Friday Blu-ray Deals
  68. 1,000th Blu-ray Disc Title Announced in Time for Holiday Season
  69. Why You Probably Won't Find Amazing Sony Deals for Christmas
  70. BB has a BD drive for PC for$99.99 on Black Friday
  71. MGM Confirms 'Ronin' Blu-ray for February
  72. Two-thirds of OTA households have requested DTV coupons
  73. Warner Home Video Prez: “We think this is a do-or-die time for Blu-ray”
  74. Sony says Blu-ray sales short of forecasts
  75. DVDs, Hollywood’s Profit Source, Are Sagging
  76. Amazon to offer $199 PS3, Blu-ray bundle Black Friday - [In Drawing]
  77. J&R; Black Friday BD Movie Sale
  78. Denon BD Promotion Offers Batman Titles
  79. Pics of your HDM collection
  80. Stop wasting money - Consoles sucking up energy
  81. How many HD Movies Do You Have That You Have Yet To Watch?
  82. Circuit City, Meijer slash Blu-ray, DVD prices for Black Friday
  83. Funai Gets Boost From Blu-ray, Converter Boxes
  84. Wal-Mart to offer a highly rated Blu-ray player for $128 on Black Friday
  85. Cheap Blu-ray Players: A Concern for PS3?
  86. High Definition TV Owners Ready For 3-D TV
  87. Bourne Movies On Blu-Ray Jan 27
  88. Sony premieres Blu-ray in China
  89. Blu-ray to increase holiday electronics sales slightly, says NRF
  90. Blu-ray Boosts DTS’ Q3
  91. Sears sells out of $179 Blu-ray player
  92. hdguru: Don’t Buy A DVD Player For Your HDTV!
  93. Oscilloscope Readies First Blu-ray
  94. Microsoft exec touts HD streaming over discs, suggests Xbox 360 will outlast PS3
  95. Philips licenses video lines to Funai
  96. Redbox Goes Blu
  97. Pirates Prey on Blu-Ray DVD [sic] Format
  98. Memorex MVBD-2510 Blu-ray player hits $139.99 (but not for long)
  99. HDTV market penetration at all-time high
  100. Target offers $50 gift card with Blu-ray player
  101. Can Blu-ray save Christmas for Hollywood?
  102. JRIA Predicts Strong Demand For Blu-ray Discs ???
  103. HDTV owners hooked on high-def, say DEG
  104. Study finds that users prefer discs to streaming 10-to-1
  105. Blu-Ray Being Adopted Faster Than DVD
  106. Blu-ray sales projections lowered due to economy
  107. Wal-Mart Black Friday Sales
  108. Web-enabled components will triple in five years, says ABI
  109. PS3 U.S. sales up 56 percent year-over-year
  110. Blu-ray earns high marks from consumers
  111. New low on Blu-ray prices for Black Friday
  112. Blu-ray player sales not rising with lower prices
  113. Amazon James Bond BD/DVD Gold Box Deal
  114. Economy takes its toll on Hollywood
  115. Nortel Brings BD-Live To Cellphones
  116. invite
  117. Amazon.com Deal of the Day: All six Bond movies $64.95
  118. Netflix to officially phase out HD DVD on December 15
  119. AMAZON: HD-DVD Sale for $7.99
  120. "Early Black Friday Sale at iNetVideo.com
  121. has anyone seen this movie?
  122. Black Friday: More HDTV Deals
  123. Blu-ray TV Tops November's Wish-list
  124. Rumor Rumor Rumor.... Get the hint? Cheap BD players....
  125. Sony Blu-ray Player: Amazon's #4 Best Seller (Swanni)
  126. Happy Birthday Farout777!
  127. Trivia tracks, PiP features.. more awesome than you originally thought?
  128. Sony Blu-ray Sale Up to 54 Percent Off
  129. LG, Sharp, Chunghwa Fined $585M For LCD Price Fixing
  130. Everyone and Their Brother Has an HDTV: Study
  131. Poll: Do you think, we will see a BOGO sale until the end of the year?
  132. Cinram Profit Plummets
  133. Fears revealed over economic impact on Blu-ray during the holidays
  134. ‘Godfather’ Rules High-Def Awards
  135. Low-priced Blu-ray players should spur adoption
  136. At HD-3, Myths Dispelled About Blu-ray Disc
  137. VIZIO America's HDTV Brand Gains Market Share in Tough Economy
  138. An Evolution in HDTV
  139. King Kong Climbing onto Blu-ray in January
  140. Amazon.com Blu-ray B2G1 sale - 114 titles
  141. 2Wire introduces HD capable set-top box
  142. Home entertainment tech not just for the young says analyst
  143. Rumor Mill : More Info on The Original Series Movies in Blu-Ray
  144. VUDU Soars to Over 1,100 HD Titles, Offering Viewers Largest HD Library in Existence
  145. Would you like movie collections on Hard Drives?
  146. Panasonic 1080p HDTV: $947 with Free BD35 Blu-ray Player
  147. Singulus CEO sees Blu-Ray delivery peak in 5-6 yrs
  148. Circuit City Files Chapter 11
  149. LOTR Bluray coming soon
  150. 1.85 vs 2.40 An argument for a wider vertical field of view
  151. BD-Live-capable Blu-ray players get offered in multi-region form
  152. Blockbuster to Launch Set-Top Box for the Holidays
  153. Dark Knight to break Blu-ray shipping record
  154. Deepdiscount.com 25% Off Annual Sale
  155. WALL-E Blu-ray ‘exactly represents’ Pixar’s vision
  156. ABI Research points out the obvious: Blu-ray prices prices heading downward
  157. Serenity Coming to Blu-ray with New Features
  158. NEC Super Resolution Technology LSI
  159. Wal-Mart PS3 sale and more!
  160. Will Blu-ray Companies Ever Learn?
  161. 28 Days and 28 Weeks Later - UK
  162. $100 GC On 80GB PS3 On Nov8
  163. Will hi-def movie downloads steal Blu-ray's thunder?
  164. Netflix to Stream in HD
  165. Fox Planning February Bow for 'Vanishing Point'
  166. Sony Introduces Blu-Spec CD: All discs to be one sided hybrid
  167. Report: Wal-Mart Replacing Music with Blu-ray
  168. Amazon adds Sony players to PS3, Blu-ray $100 promo
  169. Rumor: Paramount titles in 2009
  170. Blockbuster - Netflix
  171. Verifying Blu-ray Disc
  172. Levels of Blu-ray Disc Authoring
  173. Why Has Toshiba Not Released A Blu Ray Player Yet?
  174. DVD being pushed aside by failing BD format.
  175. Infinity Resources retailers offer 25% off titles
  176. How Many HDTV's Are In Your Household?
  177. Plexifilm postpones Wilco Blu-ray release after band discourages fans from purchasing
  178. Frontier Imposing 5GB Download Caps. More to follow?
  179. BD+ busted [once again]- Blu-ray on Linux one step closer?
  180. Roku's Netflix Player handling HD content "by the end of the year"
  181. TV Makers May Need to Slash Holiday Prices
  182. Rumor (not a rumor now): Circuit City closing 155 stores?
  183. Sweeney Todd vs. Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-ray
  184. Blu ray's time may be limited
  185. Vudu's HD selection now outnumbers Apple TV's, Blu-ray might be next
  186. DVD sales down in October
  187. Critics give Blu-ray thumbs up
  188. Rumor: Sherwood might cancel Blu-ray players due to competitive prices
  189. The rumors of HD DVD's death are greatly exaggerated
  190. Giant Interactive launches Blu-ray production
  191. The rumors of Blu-ray's death are greatly exaggerated
  192. Strike.tv brings new, original Hollywood produced shows streaming home in HD
  193. BD-Live Workflow: A Three-Dimensional Authoring Challenge
  194. Even God hates Blu-ray?
  195. Australia: Blu ray Sales Start To Wobble
  196. Fox Has 'Seven Year Itch' for Blu-ray (aka: Marilyn Monroe in HD...)
  197. Blu-ray passes 1,000 mark [of released and announced titles in the US]
  198. Royal Digital Media trots out 100GB-per-disc Blu-ray competitor
  199. Blu-ray, Not the Right Idea In the First Place
  200. Comcast: 7.3M Subs Get HD And/Or DVRs
  201. HD Netflix streaming comes to Xbox 360 first
  202. Things are looking up for VHS!
  203. Few consumers trash disc packaging
  204. Blu-ray unit sales in Europe to triple next year
  205. HMV Blu-rays 2 for £25
  206. Pystar releases Blu-Ray dektop Mac clones
  207. “P2″ The Last HD DVD Released
  208. Excess inventory driving Black Friday Blu-ray sales?
  209. The first "Discontinued" UK blu-ray release!
  210. Get $100 off a Blu-ray Player (PS3 included) with Purchase of Four
  211. Blu-ray Ownership Explodes in Japan
  212. Digital Hollywood Panel Discusses Media in an Economic Downturn
  213. Sears prices Blu-ray, DVD low for Black Friday
  214. TV Pricing Seen Driving Holiday Sales
  215. What HD movie do you regret buying?
  216. It's looking much better for HD DVD
  217. Death Proof HD DVD coming on Dec 15, 2008
  218. Amazon Save $100 on a PS3 or Sylvania 1.1 BD player when you buy 4 Warner BD's.
  219. Amazon UK 3 for 2 sale
  220. Baraka: first ever 8K HD restoration Blu-ray Disc gets ship date, reviewed
  221. For a Few Dollars More HD DVD
  222. Paramount wraps summer hits for Christmas buying
  223. More Growth Seen For HDTV
  224. Studios use different box art for special editions, Blu-ray
  225. Survey sees shift from buying to renting
  226. Long live DVD... for five more years
  227. Asian stocks sink; Sony drops on earnings revision
  228. Is the debate over?
  229. Best online deals on HD DVDs?
  230. Consumers still lukewarm on Blu-ray adoption
  231. $10 off BB blu coupon
  232. WB offers 20% off across the board
  233. Amazon’s Q3 profit rises on electronics - Q4 sales, earnings forecast cut
  234. Battlestar Galactica - Season One (HD DVD Boxset) Now $9.99 + Shipping!
  235. The Godfather On Blu-Ray $49.99
  236. Blazing Fast Broadband to make DL more of a reality??
  237. Netflix and Samsung Partner to Instantly Stream Movies
  238. Amazon Financials Surge, For Now
  239. Other World Computing Launches BD Drives
  240. TV Prices to Drop This Holiday Season
  241. Frys sale: Heroes and Battlestar Galactica HD $14.99
  242. Walmart PS3 Bundle Deal
  243. Young Frankenstein blu-ray uk release?
  244. Exodus at Weinstein Co.
  245. STG Media Corp Rises to the Challenge to Help Increase Blu-ray Sales
  246. Netflix CEO says Mac client and Blu-ray emphasis on the way
  247. I waited until HD DVD was $150, now.....
  248. OT: Let's be Flixfriends
  249. Netflix’s Sarandos to keynote Blu-con
  250. Amazon 3for2 Sale.
  251. Netflix sees half million Blu-ray subs in current qtr
  252. Analyst revises 2008 Blu-ray sales downward by 25%
  253. 2 BDs for $35 on select titles
  254. Disney: Blu-ray “makes the family room relevant again”
  255. Blu-ray report card: Analysts predict record breaking sales
  256. Both Kill Bill movies for $37.43 after tax
  257. AMEX Digital unveils slim Blu-ray writer
  258. DVD drop pales in comparison to market
  259. NPD Report: Movie, Game Spending to Increase This Year
  260. And Optical Media Drop out in favor of DL?
  261. Is that a Blu-Ray movie playing under my my Mug?
  262. DVD, games sales may rise on holiday pullback
  263. Review: Panasonic DMP-BD35 Blu-ray player nabs Editors' Choice award
  264. PS3 FW Update 2.5 Introduces Chroma Upssampling
  265. Spinal Tap Gets Blu-ray Specs and Release Date
  266. VUDU's HDX titles compare to Blu-ray's picture quality
  267. Major broadcasters add HD programming to iTunes
  268. Blu-ray Pricing in Flux
  269. Transformers (Two-Disc Special Edition) (HD DVD) Price: $3.99 (NEW)
  270. BluFocus beefs up Blu-ray Control Labs with BD-J / THX Certification
  271. Amazon Halloween Blu-ray Movie Sale; 10/15/08
  272. D-BOX on Blu-ray Coming Soon: Apes, Indy, Hancock and More
  273. Target expands Blu-ray space for hardware, software
  274. "Sharp Has First TVs With Built-in Blu-ray Disc Recorders"
  275. Its a Mad mad mad mad world - Blu ray??
  276. Blu-ray player prices dropped 12% in Q3, still in just 1.7% of US homes
  277. Proof that Blu ray is going mainstream
  278. OT: Need PJ Advice from Members. Farout, iDarren, ack
  279. What movie would you most like to see released on HDM?
  280. Steve Jobs Confirms Blu-Ray Macs On the Way
  281. Blu-ray recorders coming to U.S. in 2009?
  282. Circuit City bankruptcy likely in ’09: Analyst
  283. Redbox Sues Universal Over Rental Terms
  284. Neil Young's Archives Blu-ray collection likely axed, will be DVD only
  285. Hancock streaming home to BRAVIA HDTVs ahead of Blu-ray release for $9.99
  286. I have been waiting for this on BLU!!
  287. Hulk Blu-ray Smashes Standard Def
  288. DISH Network's 1080p VOD service gets inspected, looks impressive
  289. No PS3 pricecut for Christmas, says Sony
  290. OFF TOPIC: Why DVD Will Fail!
  291. Dumb & Dumber And The Mask Coming To Blu on Dec 9th
  292. Blu-ray shines at Pusan fest
  293. Download services build in popularity
  294. Rumor: "Death Proof” will be released on HD DVD in Germany in December
  295. Indiana Jones 4 Sales Poll!
  296. decent BD prices at inetvideo.com
  297. "Warner to release VOD pre-DVD in Korea"
  298. BDA Chairman Says BD Sales Up
  299. Blu-ray set-top sales to jump eightfold by 2012
  300. How Many Times Do You Expect To Watch A Movie You Own?
  301. The Dark Knight Blu-ray Pre-Orders Return and Explode
  302. Warner Bros. offers the 'truth' about Blu-ray
  303. Credit Agency Downgrades Circuit City
  304. Universal Unveils Holiday Gift Sets
  305. Wow almost a month since i got my new setup and...
  306. Will Microsoft Offer a 'Blu' XBox?
  307. 2 For $10 HD DVD's At Walmart Canada Is Back!
  308. So what do you think the Iron Man BD ratio SD ratio will be-poll closes Fri. midnight
  309. Amazon Blu-ray Movie Sale
  310. Blu-ray Conference to Examine the Future of High-Def at HD-3
  311. Blu-ray discs to overtake DVDs, Disney says
  312. Netflix to charge $1 for Blu
  313. MOJO Being Cancelled December 1st
  314. Iron Man blasts out on Blu-ray
  315. "Blu-ray 2008: The Studio Report Card"
  316. Despite Economic Pressures, 73 Percent of Non-HDTV Owners Plan to Purchase an HDTV Wi
  317. The Ins and Outs of Blu-ray Disc Replication and Licensing
  318. Why Disney Exec Bob Chapek is Bullish on Blu-ray
  319. NetBlender BD Touch Turns iPhone into Blu-ray Remote Controller
  320. Mamma Mia! Offers a Blu-ray First
  321. Target offers $40 gift card with Blu-ray buy
  322. Dexter 1st Season set arrives on high definition discs right after New Years
  323. Sony launches BD Live rewards program
  324. Blu-Ray a Player in 3-D
  325. Happy Birthday Dobyblue
  326. Article: For Purists, a Cut Above in Movies
  327. James Bond Movies On Blu-Ray Reviewed
  328. Sanyo Laser to Enable Faster, Higher Capacity Blu-ray Discs
  329. Amazon offers Blu-ray titles as low as $7.99
  330. Sony Blu-ray player in top five sales on discount
  331. ESCA Confab Reveals Europeans Slower to Adopt Blu-ray
  332. Paramount says IronMan broke records.
  333. Universal Announces Dual 'Wanted' Blu-rays, Adds U-Control and BD-Live
  334. Converter .mkv
  335. Play.com (UK) has huge 3 for 2 BD offer
  336. Iron Man Shatters Blu-Ray Sales Records
  337. a little RUMOR about upcoming Warner Blu-rays
  338. 'Iron Man' BD-Live servers could not handle demand
  339. The Dark Knight Blu-ray is Up For Pre-Order
  340. Cheapest Blu-ray Player comes from Samsung
  341. Transformers Blu-ray price cut to under $20
  342. iTunes may shut down.... Read on...
  343. WAY OT: You Guys Suck
  344. ThirdPlanet Debuts With Spectacular Living Temples DVD & Blu-ray
  345. A few HD-DVD price drops on Amazon
  346. HD DVD Software Sales Still Going Strong
  347. Amazon HD DVD sale
  348. Workaround if Iron Man Blu-ray hanging at loading
  349. First of its kind Blu-ray event to be held Dec. 8
  350. Hall & Oates' 'Live at the Troubador' Coming to Blu-ray
  351. Iron Man Blu-ray 10% off at Best Buy YMMV
  352. Domino to Fall onto Blu-ray in January
  353. Sigma Design SoC SMP 8644 to rival PS3 Blu-Ray loading time
  354. Target Exclusive Iron Man Blu-ray Packaging Revealed
  355. Any word on the lder Indiana Jones films coming to Blu-Ray?
  356. Paul McCartney to Release First Blu-ray with 'Space Within Us'
  357. Thomson's Technicolor Establishes First BDA-Approved Blu-ray Disc(TM) Testing Center
  358. RUMOR: Ironman 2008 coming to HD DVD/DVD combo - High demand perhaps?
  359. Disney Pushes Limits With CircleVision
  360. Rumor: Sony stepping away from gaming one-upmanship
  361. Paramount to Distribute More Marvel Films
  362. Could "Dark Knight" and "Iron Man" give Blu-ray a sales boost?
  363. Blu-ray Replicators Ready for Q4
  364. BD radio ads
  365. Do I live in the dark hole of electronics?
  366. Blu-ray Sales Drop From Previous Week
  367. Giveaway: When We Left Earth – The NASA Missions (4-discs) Blu-ray
  368. Slow Economy Could Mean Slow Blu-ray Sales
  369. AVCHD Editing?
  370. OT: Paul Newman dies today at 83 years old
  371. Is Blu-ray Worth Buying for HDTV without HDMI?
  372. Akira Gets U.S. Blu-Ray Disc in February
  373. TV genre tunes in new shades of Blu
  374. WB Offering Blu-ray Academy Screeners
  375. Happy Birthday Brenner
  376. Headsup: HDDVDs starting at $3.99
  377. OT - AIG Bailout
  378. Blu-ray market share on the decline?
  379. Lower-res TV sales outpace 1080p -- hurting Blu-ray?
  380. The Dark Knight Coming December 9th to Blu-Ray and DVD
  381. Expect Blu-ray to Live on Despite Reports of its Imminent Demise
  382. Panasonic UniPhier Blu-ray platform stamped DivX HD Certified
  383. Happy B-day Kamspy!
  384. So What's Everyone Watching Now?
  385. Blu-ray Player Prices Keep Falling
  386. 'Ghost' to Haunt Blu-ray this December
  387. Criterion Blu-Ray Article (Gizmodo)
  388. 'Live from Abbey Road' to Get 'Best Of' Blu-ray
  389. DvD a plasic xxxx xxxx of info junk
  390. The rumors are true. Toshiba switching to solid state for movie delivery.
  391. OK LETS DO BLUERAY Sony VS Eidos 20 BD
  392. Blueray vs apple tv the futur is...
  393. Comcast, Verizon, or Apple TV???
  394. Did Fox renege on the $20 BD price?
  395. Panasonic BD-35 Pre-order $299 at Amazon
  396. 10 HDTV myths from Yahoo
  397. Tropic Thunder Blazing to Blu-ray in November
  398. Blu-ray stutters in face of tough economy, HD downloads
  399. Home Video . . . . What's Next?
  400. Discounted Blu-ray player yields top sales at Amazon
  401. Time to Declare the Death of Blu-Ray (Again)?
  402. Freedom comes to Blu-ray as a box set
  403. Sad News - Iron Man Blu-Ray recalled!
  404. Blockbuster might hike rental fees to support upgrades
  405. Panasonic bundles 103-inch plasma, Blu-ray player in 3D home theater package
  406. Blockbuster CFO: Blu-ray Success Won't Be Overnight
  407. The Happening Happens Upon DVD And Blu-Ray
  408. Many Paramount and Dreamworks Blu-ray Listings Appear
  409. Hettrick Blogs About Blu-ray's Success; PS3 "The Train"
  410. UMG releases BD music video titles
  411. Sony debuts 8x blu-ray disc writer drive
  412. Amazon offers $50 off Blu-ray player, three disc titles
  413. Blu-ray the very best way
  414. Bad signs for Blu-ray: Free discs, cheap players, and declining market share
  415. Notebook vendors adjust Blu-ray notebook strategy amid changing economic realities
  416. Amazon Offering Sony BDP-S300 for Under $200
  417. Best Buy Bows Exclusive Elton John’s ‘Red Piano’
  418. What You'll Need for Home Theater PC
  419. Pretec Releases 64GB and 100GB CF Card - Highest Capacity in the World
  420. Toshiba Reaffirms Blu-ray Stance
  421. SRT to affect HDM adoption next year?
  422. All Five Planet of the Apes Blu-ray Covers
  423. Into the Wild, Hot Rod Venturing onto Blu-ray
  424. Updated: Sony's Joan of Arc, More Stranger Than Fiction Coming to Blu-ray?
  425. Buffalo brings out internal / external MediaStation 8x Blu-ray burners
  426. Sony partners with Discovery for Blu-ray promotion
  427. New music delivery system, how far off for movies?
  428. "How the West was Won" - Most stunning blu ray picture Evar?
  429. Samsung 1500 for $199 at Radio Shack
  430. Hey....anybody heard about Star Trek series on Blu-Ray?
  431. 3 for 2 sale on EVERY Blu ray at amazon.com
  432. Fox Introduces New $20 Retail Price Level for [selected] Blu-rays
  433. Theoretical: Which BD SAL Would You Buy?
  434. All About D-BOX and Blu-ray: A Video Presentation
  435. 6x BD-Rs Go On Sale In America
  436. Bad Blockbuster Experience
  437. Off Topic - The poster below me game-Jump in anytime
  438. Toshiba AV Business New Strategy & New Products (September 18, 2008)
  439. Important Blu ray Question
  440. Digital downloads, DVDs and DVRs slowing Blu-ray growth
  441. So I did it and I am not happy LOL
  442. HD DVD sales on Ebay
  443. Toshiba DVD recorders with XDE in Japan
  444. BD Live 2.0 Starting at $119.99
  445. DOWNTIME - Forum Upgrade today, 9/18/08
  446. MagicPlay Entertainment is going 3-D
  447. Memorex to offer Blu-Ray player for $269 (MSRP) in November
  448. 43rd DVD Forum Steering Committee Approvals
  449. Journey to the Center of the Earth Blu-ray Details
  450. Online sites That accept paypal
  451. What Do You Think?
  452. Lack of pan and scan hurting BD adoption?
  453. Blu-Ray Pessimist Or Optimist? The answer is the glass is half full.
  454. You Don't Mess With the Zohan - Oct. 7th
  455. Iron Man BD $25.86 at Tower.com (free shipping) and shipping now!
  456. Blu-ray Disc Association says it’s too early to lower prices
  457. Inlet Technologies and NetBlender Knock Down Barriers to Blu-ray Production
  458. Sonic Dramatically Streamlines BD-J Production
  459. Godfather: The Coppola Restoration $59.86 at Tower
  460. DVD, hard timed ahead?
  461. New Divx Certified Blu-ray chip introduced by Broadcom
  462. Panelists at HDTV Conference Say Digital Not to Blame For Flat DVD Sales
  463. Four BD Production Lines Launched in Europe
  464. Consumers spend most of their movie dollars on discs
  465. DisplaySearch: Blu-ray player sales to double next year
  466. High definition is the way to go
  467. Blu-ray and digital downloads: Best frenemies
  468. Inlet Technologies and NetBlender Knock Down Barriers to Blu-ray Production
  469. Why the Playstation 4 won't have Blu-ray
  470. Average Price of Blu-ray Players Drops, Shows Product Index
  471. Forbidden Kingdom Blu-ray Giveaway
  472. which is better?
  473. Netflix CFO downplays Blu-ray effect
  474. Paramount pushes Panda to Sunday release
  475. ‘X-Files’ Marks Fox’s First BD Live Title
  476. Paramount (inc Transformers, Shrek 3) added to HMV HD DVD Sale
  477. Amazon.co.uk BIG 3 for 2 sale
  478. Retailers: Blu-ray Player Sales to Jump
  479. Chalk up another soon-to-be BD owner!
  480. DVDPlay to add Blu-ray Discs in movie rental kiosks
  481. Newbury Comics 30 Ann Sale (BLU and HD DVDs)
  482. Superman Returns Blu Re-issue?
  483. Amazon 3 for 2 Sale
  484. Good Morning > TEXAS Sign In -
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