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  1. OT I know but i found this quite funny! enjoy Apple Fans
  2. Redbox Q4 profit, rental share jumps
  3. Viacom’s Dauman Blames Economy for Soft Disc Sales
  4. BLOG: Straight from video
  5. Blu-Ray Region Code Info
  6. Need your guys Help (buying Blu-ray Movie)
  7. Saturday Night Fever Cleared to Dance on Blu-ray
  8. RUMOR: Braveheart This Summer On BD
  9. Blu-ray Price Drop: Studios Slash Movie Prices
  10. Watchmen movie cash in seven catalog titles
  11. HDDVDBOXSETS.COM Still has great deals
  12. Blu-ray/videogame discs to be released for PS3
  13. Fox Reveals Final Specs For X Men Trilogy
  14. Analysts Debate Blu-ray Significance
  15. It's Here
  16. Kroger has HD DVDs for $2
  17. Marley & Me Coming March 31st (with a digital copy and a DVD copy)
  18. The Day the Earth Stood Still Remake on Blu-ray in April
  19. Classic Alaska Charters HD DVD wins 3 Telly Awards and 2 Emmy Awards
  20. The 100 Club
  21. Do you think you'll end up buying more BDs than DVDs?
  22. Sony Releases New Stupid Piece Of S*** That Doesn't F****** Work[Onion]-language warn
  23. Good prices on HD-DVDs
  24. Cable Tech Execs Bullish On Internet Video Set-Top
  25. Panasonic open 3D Blu-ray labs
  26. Disney Inks DreamWorks Studios Distribution Deal
  27. CSI's Next Stop is on Blu-ray
  28. I got Downfall on BD!
  29. Consumer Reports: Netflix Subscription Service is Tops in Survey of Home Video Rental
  30. Amazon.co.uk update their 3 for 2 titles
  31. What BD's are you waiting to buy?
  32. Mike's Jack Ryan Collection listing. Sad times :(
  33. Blu-Ray Players Set to Be Most Popular Internet Connected Devices.
  34. In regards to the Amazon sale...
  35. Universal, Fox, Summit shut VOD-DVD window
  36. Screen Media goes low on Blu-ray pricing
  37. Universal bundles Blu-ray catalog titles
  38. "Taken" on Blu Ray Feb. 9th
  39. True Blood: Season One Blu-ray Details and Cover Art
  40. Wierd channel reception? Not what you think
  41. DVDs still preferable over downloads
  42. Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick Escape onto Blu-ray
  43. Tried to backup Ironman on BD but it came out in French
  44. Fox Mutates ‘X-Men’ for Blu-ray
  45. The Princess Bride BD will include a DVD also
  46. New Challenges Faced at Future of Packaged Media Conference
  47. I'm really getting sick of Fox and their low sloading BDs
  48. hdcp
  49. Is June 12th the final date for the DTV transition?
  50. Congress Changes DTV 'Hard' Date to June 12
  51. Super Bowl Coming to Blu
  52. SNL Kagan Expects Blu-ray to Drive Growth in Home Video Revenue over the Next Decade
  53. Study Predicts Blu-ray Cannot Save Disc-Based Media
  54. Another shaft from Warner!
  55. Dark Knight BD sells 2 million in the US, 2.8m worldwide
  56. Disney’s Q1 studio unit profit falls 64%
  57. Conference Touts Packaged Media Prowess
  58. Amazon BD Movie Sale
  59. US$150 white-box Blu-ray Disc players available in 2009, paper says
  60. PLANET EARTH: BD set $29.99 Today Only
  61. Anyone with a netflix streaming capable machine...
  62. The Time is Right for a 3D Content Delivery Standard
  63. Streaming video cannibalizing DVD rentals, says Netflix
  64. Sorry DreamWorks, But Your 3D Super Bowl Trailer Sucked!
  65. Freinds i am sad?
  66. POLL: How long do you expect the mfg of your BD player to keep doing updates?
  67. Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen; Next Big Blu-ray Release?
  68. Fox Blu-ray Titles 56% Off at Amazon
  69. SoBe's 3D Super Bowl commercial available now on YouTube HD
  70. Dolby and DTS Get High
  71. Blu-ray takes off as prices drop
  72. DVD Plunge May Force Studios to Write Down Movies
  73. We Were Soldiers- Looked Horrible
  74. Ferris Bueller's Day Off going Blu sometime in the spring (per digibalbits)
  75. Rumor: Indiana Jones Trilogy Coming This Year to Blu-ray
  76. Do you feel uncomfortable knowing that BD is becoming much more mainstream?
  77. Blu-ray Release Rumors: The Wrestler, Marley & Me and Many More
  78. More James Bond Than You Know What To Do With
  79. Sony BDP-S550 for $299
  80. DVD, Blu-ray Boost Amazon Q4
  81. Packaged media to remain flat through 2012
  82. Blu-ray gets post-holiday push
  83. King Kong HD-DVD vs. King Kong Blu-Ray
  84. Solving 3-D on Blu-ray
  85. Component/ HDMI issue
  86. Netflix - Blu-Ray Adoption Slower Than Internet Movie Streaming Adoption
  87. Analyst: Blockbuster An ‘Undead Zombie’ in 2009
  88. Oh my GOD! I'm in a state of shock!
  89. Article: 360 is Netflix Goldmine
  90. Blu-ray Projected to Surpass Digital Dollars
  91. 15 and $10 Blu-ray Disc Titles at Amazon
  92. Studio 3 Networks' epix is the new home of Lionsgate, MGM & Paramount movies
  93. Rumored Paramount Catalog Titles Coming To BD
  94. Blu-ray to Finally Visit "Sin City"
  95. Clive Barker's Hellraiser Coming to Blu-ray
  96. OT: Name that Movie!
  97. Games Outsell Them All
  98. Cost of market domination (Screen Digest / Videobusiness)
  99. DVD Forum Adopts Sensio 3-D as DVD Standard
  100. Amazon PS3/S350 Sale Unlocks BD BOGO
  101. Dr. Strangelove Comes to Blu-ray on June 16th
  102. Vudu's sleek and sexy set-top box: five years later (opinion)
  103. Godfather Trilogy Blu-ray for $49.99 at Amazon
  104. Netflix: Blu-ray Subscribers Up 30% Since September (NFLX)
  105. Star Trek VI's Original Cut Finally Comes Out On Blu-ray
  106. Blu-ray Penetration Over DVD Holding Steady
  107. WORLDS FIRST Multiregion BLU-RAY MOD!
  108. The Fast and the Furious Blu-ray Trilogy Announced
  109. In-Stat: HDTV Homes Still Missing HD Pictures
  110. HD DVD's versus BR DVD's
  111. Is Blu-ray's 'BD Live' Dead?
  112. Disney releasing BOLT on Blu-Ray before DVD
  113. 120 HD DVD titles at Amazon under $6 with free supersaver shipping
  114. IMAX films cropped on Blu ray
  115. Taking bets - when will Iron Man get double dipped?
  116. Paramount HD DVD Titles, $6.99 At Zellers Canada
  117. This Ones Got Me By The Go Nads...Any Ideas..??
  118. HDsr tape 24 frames per second also NTSC?
  119. Video games outsell DVD/Blu-ray for the first time
  120. The Best Accessory for ANY Home Theater
  121. Retailers look forward to strong Q1 slate
  122. No Country For Old Men Revisited on Blu-ray
  123. European Releases
  124. 3D: is this the resurgence that counts?
  125. Watchmen Comic on Blu-ray Includes Movie Sneak Peek
  126. LG DVD player unit's profit falls 85%
  127. Blu-Ray Disc Drives for Personal Computers Still Not Popular in UK – GfK
  128. Streaming past Blu-ray?
  129. Get an Xbox HD DVD player for $49.99
  130. Star Trek: TOS & Star Trek The Motion Picture Trilogy Blu-ray boxes decloak in Norway
  131. Platoon On MGM HD sunday 1-25-09 at 6:45pm est.
  132. GenAudio bringing 4D sound to 3D / 2D films
  133. Ghosts of mars to haunt Blu-ray
  134. Worldwide packaged media up 6% in 2008
  135. DTS Pares Master Audio Down to Essentials
  136. Xploited Cinema still has HD DVD's for sale
  137. thoughts on iNetvideo?
  138. Home Media Expo 2009 canceled
  139. 3D standardization necessary for growth
  140. DivX 7: H.264 w00tage and Blu-ray p0wnage
  141. Shanghai Epic And Sony DADC Begin Blu-ray Disc Manufacturing In China
  142. John Adams and Generation Kill Miniseries On Blu-Ray In June 09?
  143. Disney releasing Bolt on Blu-ray before DVD [two days]
  144. Blu-ray thieves have high definition but low intelligence
  145. No City of Ember on Blu-ray?
  146. Jack Ryan and Band of Brothers HD DVD's on Ebay
  147. YoY Comparison - The Studios Slice Of The Pie
  148. Engadget's Netflix HD streaming shootout
  149. Next Wave of Bond Titles Due In March
  150. What do we have to do to get Pink Floyd's Pulse on blu-ray with DTS-MA
  151. Dish Network Airs The Beast In 1080p
  152. Democrats look to push net neutrality in 2009
  153. Buy a BD Player and Unlock a BOGOF Sale
  154. Blu-ray Player With Netflix Streaming: A Bridge To Future
  155. Two Criterion Titles Scheduled for April
  156. Taiwan maker Kenmec to start shipping Blu-ray Disc players
  157. Brokeback Mountain coming to Blu-ray
  158. Toshiba Develops Hybrid Blu-ray Disc ?
  159. 2008 Home entertainment spending down 5.7%
  160. Used DVDs a growing business
  161. X-Men and X2 Headed to Blu-ray
  162. Retailers on guard against Blu-ray theft
  163. 2009 Blu-ray players applauded by retailers
  164. Circuit City To Liquidate
  165. Will the studios reduce the price of BD's?
  166. HD-DVDs at 5.49
  167. Star Wars The Clone Wars on Blu-ray Later this Year
  168. How Porn Will Shape our HD Future
  169. The Star Wars Trilogy, As Told By Someone Who's Never Seen It
  170. Analyst Projects Movie Income Surge at News Corp.
  171. I'm looking to do some double dipping from Hd dvd to blu ray.
  172. HD DVD Movies for $3.99 at iNetVideo.com
  173. Blu-ray Movies at $6.99 at iNetVideo.com
  174. Philips Ultra-Widescreen 21:9 Cinema LCD Moves the Letterbox Bars To the Side
  175. 2 reasons why HD DVD will not succeed.
  176. 6 reasons why Blu-ray won't succeed
  177. Second-Generation PlayStation 3 Features Cost Reduction, Supplier Shifts
  178. Quick guide to Blu-ray
  179. 9 reasons why Blu-ray will succeed
  180. The LD Is Dead... Finally
  181. Arcam Blu-ray player snapped at CES
  182. Pioneer SD > "Near HD" solution (FUGA)
  183. Blu-ray disc sales soar
  184. How do you think an (expected) price drop of the PS3 would affect the HDM market?
  185. Amazon.uk: Film4 HD DVD exclusives on sale
  186. Blockbuster to expand digitally with CinemaNow
  187. Brand new Crank blu-ray case was discless...
  188. Amex Digital launches $239 BD-P1 Blu-ray player
  189. Quantum of Solace on Blu-ray Dated; First Details
  190. Circuit City Auction Begins Today
  191. Toshiba To Post 1st Operating Loss In 7 Yrs
  192. Quantum of Solace BD/DVD Gets Release Dates
  193. Who's going to double dip on the new Transformers Blu?
  194. Amazon: Blu-ray 3-pack bundles $34.45 each
  195. Blu-ray Disc content market almost tripled in US in 2008
  196. Value-priced Blu-ray Disc Players Gain Net Connections
  197. Twilight falls on DVD March 21 - Most retailers required to stock two-DVD version
  198. Sony likely to post first op loss in 14 yrs
  199. HDi introduced MKV and Torrent supporting Blu-ray players
  200. The Grudge Coming to Blu-ray
  201. What will be the YoY % of growth for BD revenue (2008 vs. 2009)
  202. Samsung executive HDTV/Blu-ray roundtable discussion
  203. Once your HDDVD players break what will you do???
  204. CES: Panasonic Exec Sees 3D HD As The Next Big Thing
  205. Shoplifters: Blu-ray Is a Winner
  206. CES 2009 - which companies products impressed you the most?
  207. Recession Stalls The Spoils Of High-Definition Video War
  208. Blu-ray discs seen as bright spot in glum season (AP)
  209. CES: BDA Celebrates Record 2008, Looks Forward to Even Better 2009
  210. CES 2009: Blu-ray Player Announcements
  211. Opening the Jason Bourne Trilogy Blu-ray Set
  212. CES 2009: P&F Unveils Philips Blu-ray Player Lineup
  213. 100 HD movies on an SD card!!
  214. fyretv the best streaming tv porn box goes wireless (gizmodo)
  215. Regarding Downloads
  216. Pea Soup On A Priest May Be Coming This Fall...FINALLY
  217. OT: Clock is ticking for Circuit City
  218. CES 2009: Dolby, DTS Add Height To Surround Playback
  219. XStreamHD still kicking, showing off updated hardware
  220. Blu-ray is in jeopardy - the future is bright for Blu-ray!
  221. BDA: Blu-ray's future is bright
  222. Sony looks to expand on Blu-ray players
  223. Live from the CES 2009 Blu-ray Disc Association press conference
  224. CES Shows Resolve as 2009 Sales Forecast Dims
  225. CES 2009: Sony’s Stringer Gives Peek At 3-D Entertainment
  226. Next3D makes completely far-reaching claim of bringing 3D to the home
  227. DEG Honors ‘Dark Knight’
  228. CES 2009: Blu-ray format could be in jeopardy, might bring down PS3 with it
  229. Warner, Paramount put titles on SD cards
  230. Get a BD-Live-ready Blu-ray player for $169.99
  231. Blu-Ray, Now with portable option....
  232. Obama Asks Congress for Analog TV Shutdown Delay
  233. Disney embraces Blu-ray/DVD combos
  234. CES 2009: Broadcom Doubles 'Wideband' Bonds
  235. Panasonic SC-BT300 Flagship Blu-ray Home Theater In a Box Is Loaded
  236. ‘Madagascar 2’ to Get Companion Disc
  237. CES: Blu-ray Players, Web-enabled TVs and 3D Dominate Media Day
  238. Three new Blu-ray players from Panasonic: BD60, BD80 and BD70V
  239. Samsung to launch Blu-ray players with Wi-Fi
  240. Carl Zeiss pushes 3D with updated Cinemizer "video eyeware"
  241. $250 Pioneer 2.0 BD Player Announced (along with other players)
  242. Sharp LC-BD80U LCDs have built-in Blu-ray
  243. VIZIO jumps into the sub-$200 Blu-ray player ring with its VBR100
  244. Batman Anthology Blu-ray Announced with Cover Art
  245. CES 2009: Cell TV to take Toshiba beyond HD
  246. Ghostbusters’ on Blu-ray June 16
  247. $199 MSRP 2.0 BD Player (Memorex)
  248. JVC XV-BP1 Blu-ray Player announced at CES
  249. Buy 2 BDs get one free at Amazon.com
  250. CES Press Conference Schedule (Wed.& Thurs.)
  251. Sigma Introduces Media Processor Optimized for Mainstream Blu-ray Players
  252. Star Trek (TOS) season 1 on Blu ray
  253. Toshiba to Bring New Levels of Leading Edge Technologies at CES 2009
  254. Homevideo biz takes a hit in '08 (Variety)
  255. The next generation of HDMI actually adds some welcomed features
  256. Disney Teases 2009 Blu-ray Slate
  257. Dark Knight an all-time bestseller at retailers
  258. Seinfeld coming to Blu-ray?
  259. 7.1?
  260. Amazon France BOGO sale
  261. Do we actually need a disc? Blu-Ray's future uncertain
  262. Blu-ray Disc Exceeds Expectations
  263. Companies join to enhance BD Live functionality
  264. Amazon BD Sale; B2G1F
  265. Amazon scam!
  266. Consumers To Cut Their CE Spending: Forrester
  267. Samsung to launch thin Blu-ray Disc player at CES
  268. Chucking those hideous baby Blu cases
  269. LG Streams Netflix Content Without a Box
  270. Comcast's Internet Slowdown System Fully Armed and Operational (and Avoidable)
  271. Very Best BD Movie
  272. Dolby bringing 3-D to Blu-ray
  273. World exclusive: Toshiba on the future of XDE DVD upscaling tech, next-gen kit plans
  274. Is Blu-ray For Guys Only?
  275. Blu-ray’s Fuzzy Future (nytimes.com)
  276. HDTV at CES: 10 Big Questions
  277. HD Upconvert, telling the difference
  278. I love it when highly educated writers write about HD
  279. IMAX vs BD - aspect changes comparisons
  280. Morons giving tech and buying advice on Blu-ray
  281. Vudu HD Catalog vs. BR HD Catalog
  282. Home Theater presentation video
  283. 2008 - A Good Year For High Definition?
  284. OT: Some people don't like a big home theater?
  285. Blockbuster's HD DVD Purge
  286. Happy birthday gymbrat98
  287. How Do You Alphabetize Your Collections?
  288. CES 2009 Rampant Wild Speculation Thread
  289. Buying movies sight unseen
  290. TDVision to Mesh 3D/2D with Blu-ray
  291. Brits Love Blu-ray
  292. What Are The Chances? Or am I cursed :)
  293. Death Race BD Feature Cost Universal $750K
  294. Die Hard Blu Collection for $46 on Amazon now
  295. Home entertainment market is "alive and kicking" - surge in bluray sales
  296. 10 predictions for 09 from Engadget
  297. Another Hit on Blu-ray: Toshiba Backs Movies on Memory Cards
  298. Death Proof Steelbook
  299. Blu-ray buyers still support cheaper DVD
  300. Happy New Year!
  301. 2008 in Review: Post Pics of Your HDM
  302. Blu-ray boon for digital copy
  303. New website for BD news, reviews and deals
  304. Blues and Blu at CES
  305. OPINION: Next for Blu (BLOG)
  306. LG further diversifies its Blu-ray players with online content
  307. Netflix makes pro-consumer shipping adjustment to deal with long waits
  308. Blu ray and paypal
  309. HighDefDigest: Most Impressive Titles of 2008
  310. 10 Reasons Why Physical Media Owns!
  311. HDI Dune BD Prime: world's first hybrid Blu-ray player / HD streamer
  312. AMAZON BD Movie Sale
  313. Serenity Blu-ray Review
  314. Christmas Blu-Ray Roundup
  315. Netflix
  316. Blu-ray Sales Reach Record Marks During Holiday Shopping Season
  317. CE dealers stage post-Christmas sales
  318. 2008 RETAILER OF THE YEAR: Amazon is a giant in Blu-ray
  319. Recommendation Needed please
  320. Iron Man BD Live working?
  321. Several UK exclusive titles going for less that 10 pounds
  322. Online Stores to purchase Blu-ray Movies
  323. Engadget HD's Holiday Giveaway: Help Lee win a Vudu
  324. HDTV Dissapointments
  325. OT:Jurassic Park Fan
  326. Forbes.com’s “Bad Vudu” Hit Piece
  327. Need a little help with surround receiver
  328. Bargains abound as HDTV prices continue to fall
  329. First Sub-£100 Blu Ray Disc Player Available At Argos
  330. What is the most important image parimeter to you? (READ OP)
  331. Pictures: I have joined the High Def Theater Ranks
  332. back to the Future blu-ray
  333. Digital Copies with Blu Rays
  334. Hi. Question...
  335. Home Theater Christmas!
  336. Sopranos on sale at bestbuy
  337. Can Multichannel Music make a come back?
  338. Blu-ray titles to get you started
  339. Microsoft stole Xbox 360 name from Sony
  340. PS3 on Craigslist (Free sort of.)
  341. Cash Back on Blu-ray, PS3 when buy from Amazon
  342. Mad Men blu-ray glitch
  343. How can we expect Blu-ray to succeed?
  344. Happy Holidays!!
  345. OT: New Frank Miller movie: The Spirit
  346. Auzen X-Fi HomeTheater HD - One Word "AWESOME"
  347. Blueray vs. Standard Dvds
  348. A Year in Home Entertainment
  349. Sony Blu Ray printable coupons
  350. When Will Star Wars come out on Blu-ray
  351. When did the Price on BD-R drop so much?
  352. Official Boxing Day sales Thread!!
  353. Amazon $12.99 Blu Rays
  354. Blu-ray to become Mainstream - Discussion
  355. Sony Preloading Top-Selling Music and Movie Titles on Microvault USB Flash Drives
  356. Direct TV vs Getting a blu ray player
  357. Get a Samsung M540 Slyde and Blu-Ray Player for FREE at Future Shop - CANADA
  358. Can a Blu-Ray/DVD Hybrid disc save Blu-Ray?
  359. Vudu on sale - $99 hardware (with $50 movie credit purchase)
  360. Taiwan Unwilling to Support CBHD; Dedicated to Blu-ray
  361. MediaTek, Sunplus poised to offer Blu-ray Disc chipsets in 2Q09
  362. Last major VHS supplier throws in the towel
  363. China's answer to Blu-ray not inciting fear of another format war
  364. Octopuses give eight thumbs up for high-def TV
  365. Roku Adds HD Streaming To Set-Top Player
  366. Audio question
  367. Difference between HDDVD High def transfer vs. BD high def transfer?
  368. Band of Brothers $37.49 @ Amazon.com
  369. Blu-ray Beats Recession Blues Sales Soar in Lead Up to Christmas (..) [Europe]
  370. WHat's more important for BD right now?
  371. Has anyone else noticed the price of BD players has gone up?
  372. I've joined the dark side
  373. old movie..Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  374. Blu-Ray Movie Sale; J&R and Amazon
  375. TrueHD, DTS-HD, and DTS-HD Master Audio
  376. If You Could ONLY Buy HDM Titles - Would You Have Jumped In? READ OP!
  377. How much money do you spend on HD Media per month?
  378. Last-Minute Shopping Is the Norm
  379. 30 Blu Ray titles at Walmart for $10 or less
  380. OT: Did anyone See
  381. IFC releases Che to theaters, VOD, DVD nearly simultaneously
  382. PS3 ad: Honey, it's a "movie download machine"
  383. Sharp Launches LCD/Blu-ray Promo
  384. Deal: Olevia BD-100 Blu-ray Player - $149
  385. Over $60 Million spent on Blu Ray last week.
  386. DARK KNIGHT BD-LIVE Chat Dec 18th anybody gonna post results ?
  387. Economy, HD adoption to blame for higher stay-at-home entertainment numbers
  388. BD/DVD Hybrid Disc
  389. Blu-ray transfer:Newer movies vs older movies
  390. Makers of Blu-ray Disc players in Taiwan and China hit by price cuts
  391. The Worst Blu-rays of 2008, from HDD
  392. Bad Vudu [blog on Forbes.com]
  393. Resident Evil: Degeneration.
  394. Online Christmas Shopping Battle Heats Up
  395. Blu-Ray and PS3 going Stereoscopic in 2009.
  396. Criterion creates online cinematheque
  397. Put Dreams Of A New HDTV On Pause
  398. Harry Hausen Movies Hey GOOFNUT: 60% Off on Amazon for Just a Little while
  399. Why do people always compare the price of a BD to the price of a SE DVD?
  400. How do you hook it all up and have it look so good?
  401. Fry’s Xbox HD DVD Add-on Bundle
  402. Netflix to Blu-ray Subs: Screw You!
  403. Report: Poor Economy Will Hit Hard at 2009 Euro DVD, BD Sales
  404. Special PS3/Blu-ray Deal Starts at Midnight Tonight (12/17-12/18)
  405. Holiday gift guide: DVD/Blu-Ray edition
  406. old movies on blu ray
  407. Warner announces ten catalog titles on Blu-ray Discs scheduled for April 2009
  408. Price Watch: Sylvania Blu-ray player, $159.99 shipped
  409. More Than 50 Blu-ray Disc Titles Authored With Ensequence Create Interactive Software
  410. Netflix Sings the Blu-ray Blues
  411. Pixar Planning 'A Bug's Life' for Blu-ray
  412. 'South Park' heading to Blu-ray
  413. Studios (temporarily?) gain upper hand in Blu-ray DRM battle
  414. Will we get any new big online sales before Christmas?
  415. How much bandwidth to stream an episode of South Park
  416. Demon Souls (PS3 trailer)
  417. Blu-Ray Titles
  418. Comcast: 33% of HDTV Owners Don’t Watch HD
  419. Consumers watch VOD more, visit theaters less
  420. Profits Down and Layoffs for Best Buy, Despite Blu-ray Sales Growth
  421. Toshiba's LCD can't make HD wine from SD water
  422. Cheap Deals Drive Blu-ray Black Friday Sales
  423. Blu-ray to Sail in the South Pacific
  424. Blu-ray now takes up more room in movie aisles
  425. Do you still get the "wow" factor?
  426. My personal beef with Digital Copies....
  427. What Unannounced Catalog Title Are You Waiting For?
  428. Sharp To Unveil TVs With Integrated Blu-ray Players Next Month
  429. Blu-ray releases on December 16th 2008
  430. Redbox installs kiosks at 7-Eleven locations
  431. The Matrix 10th Anniversary Beams onto Blu-ray
  432. Trailer Park Merges Groups
  433. HBO Home Entertainment Joins the Digital Copy Ranks
  434. Analyst: Blu-ray Infringes Upon DVD Sales
  435. Amazon starts new 50 percent off Blu-ray promotion
  436. Bizarre survey finds digital copy preferable to downloading
  437. Getting Blurry Over Blu [article about Chungking Express and The Last Emperor]
  438. Best Buy to offer free Blu-ray player with HDMI, disc buy
  439. Video or Audio - Which is more important to you?
  440. Japan: HD Video Download Service Allows Blu-ray Recording
  441. Hey KAMSPY - you bloody Blu ray addict!
  442. J&R Blu-Ray Movie Sale; Great Prices and Good Selection
  443. OT:Something To Do In Between Posts
  444. Criterion Collection Blu-ray Disc review roundup
  445. Blu-ray Sales Off The Charts
  446. If you are having trouble with cracked Netflix discs here is contact info
  447. Popular Mechanics - 20 Must-Have Blu-ray HD Epics
  448. Panasonic DMP-BD35K Blu-ray Player: $200-$220 with 6 Free Movies - STILL ALIVE
  449. Sony's PS3 A Sinking Ship: Sales Plummet (SNE)
  450. Free shipping over $49 is back @ inetvideo.com
  451. AMAZON 3 for 2 Blu-ray Sale
  452. Movie Gallery, Radio Shack team on Blu-ray promo
  453. Dark Knight Director Chris Nolan Live Chat Blu-ray BD Live
  454. Joke Thread - So Which BD Moniker Fits You? (READ OP!)
  455. Australia: Porn & Blu Gear Set To Be Popular This Xmas
  456. So whats Blu Ray's next big title for you?
  457. BD - The Dark Knight - 600,000 First day - "World Wide"
  458. im looking for....
  459. Digital copy a hit with consumers, says NPD survey
  460. Netflix is trying to take over the world :lol:
  461. Amazon starts huge PS3, Blu-ray bundle promotion
  462. Blu-ray sales accelerate to record levels in Japan
  463. Blu-ray player sales triple Black Friday week
  464. BD Announcements: 12/1 to 12/9 - Your Opinion?
  465. Netflix Blu-ray adoption quicker than expected
  466. Is there any content in BD-5 or BD-9
  467. BD-Live Content
  468. Amazon 3 for 2 Blu-ray
  469. British Video Association: Dark Knight sells half a million on first day - 21% bluray
  470. Will The Dark Knight Rescue Blu-ray?
  471. Samsung Selects Broadcom's Third Generation Blu-ray Chipset Solution to Power Blu-ray
  472. Is Blu-ray becoming a commodity?--Ask the Editors
  473. Sony to shed 8,000 jobs, increase prices in bid to bolster profitability
  474. Kill Bill 1 & 2 = 30 dollars
  475. Columbia House blu-ray
  476. Blu-ray player prices rise after Black Friday lows
  477. Sony Pres. Predicts 150% Blu-ray Sales Increase in 2009
  478. BATMAN ..The Dark Knight ..worth the wait
  479. The Way We'll Watch
  480. Does hdmi produce HD content?
  481. 6.88/6.99 HD DVD's at Zellers
  482. Fantasic use for Extra HD DVD Players!
  483. Blu-Con 1.0!!!
  484. OT:Coolness: The Dark Knight Trailer…In Lego!
  485. Hancock Blu-Ray + Sony PS3 Remote = $29.99
  486. Day the Earth Stood Still Blu-ray + 2 Movie Tickets for $21
  487. Select Bluray titles $10 or less at Walmart
  488. I finally went purple
  489. Current Load Times - Do they bother you?
  490. Audio "noise" at startup
  491. Japan: Kurosawa Box Coming to Blu-ray [probably not english friendly though]
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