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  1. HD DVD returns and kicks Blu-ray to the gutter
  2. Optical and 5.1 Surround???
  3. Question for a netflix subscriber
  4. Singulus Says Blu-Ray Sales to Slump as Old Machines Improved
  5. Are you satisfied with Blu-ray's growth so far: July 31 2009 Edition
  6. PS3 Manufacturing Costs Reduced By 70%
  7. Has the BDA released standalone BD player sales numbers yet?
  8. Star Wars on Blu-ray
  9. Happy Birthday Unotis!
  10. 2009 Total Consumer Spending By Format
  11. HDMI 1.4 FAQ's
  12. NEW INFO - Panasonic's Proposed 3D for BD
  13. Warner Suit Alleges Massive DVD Destruction Fraud
  14. Paramount puts Blu-ray first in staggered release
  15. Watchman does 36% first week Blu-ray unit marketshare
  16. Sonic encoding system promises Blu-ray resolution via Web
  17. 'The Brothers Bloom' Blu-ray Rental Exclusive
  18. Blu-ray Releases for July 29, 2009
  19. Retailers feel optimistic about Q4 slate
  20. How do we know it trully is 1080p?
  21. Saphire Edition Blu-ray movies
  22. Happy Birthday Sigill
  23. Halo Legends Coming to Blu-ray in 2010
  24. Rentrak Adds Blu-ray to Screen Media
  25. Wrong Turn Blu-rays Detailed
  26. `Watchmen' Movie/Game Bundles Hit Street
  27. J&R Blu-ray Movie Sale
  28. Blu-ray Bargain Barn 7/21/09
  29. Heat, The Negotiator & Logan's Run (US BD) in November!!
  30. The Negotiator goes Blu Nov 3
  31. Best Buy BR Demo
  32. Blu-ray Releases for July 21, 2009
  33. Harry Potter "Hogwarts" Years 1-6 Blu-ray Set
  34. CEA: Blu-ray Player Shipments to Jump 112% in 2009, Despite Recession
  35. Universal Bows iPod Touch/iPhone Apps for Blu-ray
  36. Analysts Say DEG Data Underscores Rental and Digital Strength
  37. Star Trek: The Next Generation Films Coming to Blu-ray
  38. Fourth Quarter Promises Top-Heavy Slate
  39. GOLD BOX DEAL OF THE DAY: Austin Powers Collection for $32.99
  40. VB: (SPHE) Sony President David Bishop Interview on Home Media Sales
  41. Select Blu-ray Discs 50% off at Amazon
  42. Are all HDMI cables created equal?
  43. Monsters Inc. coming to the UK on July 27th
  44. Toshiba finally going Blu?
  45. Next Gen DVD Players (Blu-ray) outsell Home DVD players in latest NPD $ sales report
  46. Blu-ray Bargain Barn, July 17, 2009
  47. Star Trek flies out with space-age box
  48. GOLD BOX Deal of the Day: Blade Runner for $18.99, July 17, 2009
  49. Studios raising Blu-ray MSRP prices?
  50. Blockbuster Extends OnDemand to Samsung Devices
  51. Dell: SHARP BD-HP21U $119
  52. Great deal on speakers to play HDM with
  53. High-Def Digest's Mid-year Blu-ray Report Card
  54. Home entertainment revenue slips 3.9% in first half
  55. Amazon Gold Box: $169.99 Pioneer BDP-120 1080p Blu-ray Disc Player
  56. Blu-ray Bargain Barn July 16, 2009
  57. DEAL OF THE DAY (7/16/09): Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition $56.99
  58. Samsung upgrades Netflix BD players for high-def
  59. Blu-ray Bargain Barn July 15, 2009
  60. Mitsubishi TVs Coming With Free Vudu Boxes
  61. DEAL OF THE DAY: Harry Potter Years 1-5 [Blu-ray] $56.99
  62. 5 Best Movies
  63. Update on Blu-ray Players
  64. DVD, Blu-ray rental resurges in first half
  65. Amazon buying Netflix?
  66. Blu-ray Bargain Barn 7.14.2009
  67. Blockbuster OnDemand coming to online-enabled Samsung TVs and BD home theater product
  68. Blu-ray Releases for July 14, 2009
  69. VLC Media Player Goes Gold
  70. Mitsubishi, Vudu To Kick Off Joint TV Promotion
  71. The Green Mile - UK BD in November
  72. IMPORTANT poll on subtitle positioning
  73. Sherwood BDP5003 bluray player for $50.09 (before shipping)
  74. Wal-mart rolls back cheap Blu-ray player price to $98
  75. Digital copy deadlines could be problematic
  76. Streaming HD - is it pseudo HD?
  77. Analyst Upbeat on Warner DVD Biz
  78. "Disc Producers’ Work Grows" - (Increased Blu-ray content workload keeping them busy)
  79. Disc Producers’ Work Grows
  80. 5-Disc DVD/Blu-ray Watchmen: Ultimate Collectors Edition Confirmed!
  81. Comic-Con attracts DVD, Blu-ray on smaller scale
  82. Hollywood Finds Depth: 3-D Boom
  83. Content Holders Need to Better Online User Experience OR 85% of downloads are illegal
  84. Bright Stage develops e-commerce app for BD Live
  85. Price rollback on Mag BD players.
  86. Toshiba Chief Hints At Launching Blu-Ray Disc Ops
  87. Engadget goes behind the Dolby logo
  88. No 3-D Version in Monsters vs. Aliens Blu-ray
  89. Blu-ray Bargain Barn 7.8.2009
  90. Report: Price Cuts Undermine CE Recovery
  91. Mid-Year Theatrical vs. Packaged Media
  92. Anyone watch movies on moviefather.com or any other
  93. Are Blu-ray Netflix Customers Paying Extra Because The Discs Keep Cracking?
  94. Report: Content Holders Need to Better Online User Experience
  95. UFC DVDs distributed by Anchor Bay
  96. You know you're a videophile if...
  97. More Blue Underground Releases
  98. Blu-ray Releases for July 7, 2009
  99. Blu-ray Bargain Barn 7.7.2009
  100. Another Blu-Ray sale at the Discovery Store!
  101. Blu-Ray Sale at Discovery.com
  102. DVD + Blu-ray combined revenues were up in 2Q 2008 to 2Q 2009 YTY numbers
  103. High Definition Television – Are You Getting What You Pay For?
  104. 4 July Blu-ray “If you’re buying a disc player it’s going to be a Blu-ray player"
  105. ITV HD refuses to play ball with Blu-ray recorder launch, still flags HD shows as Cop
  106. DIGITAL: Slow broadband connections, Blu-ray quality might be obstacles
  107. AACS License Fees Slashed
  108. Services speed HD downloads
  109. Amazon Fights Back Against Taxes
  110. Happy Birthday Mytime!
  111. Blu-ray Bargain Barn 7.1.2009
  112. BD Recorder Launch from Panasonic - Scientists Discover the Value of Family Memories
  113. Fans Pick Top Classics For BD 3-D
  114. UK: 3.1 million Blu-ray discs sold in 2009
  115. Broadcast DTV May Poach Cable Customers
  116. Joe Jackson Gives Exclusive Details Of New Blu-Ray Company To Hollywood Today
  117. DIRECTV 1080p movies the same stunning HD quality as Blu-ray?
  118. Inetvideo Free Shipping For Canada Day
  119. Blu-ray Bargain Barn; 6.30.2009
  120. Need some info on Netflix
  121. Digital-media sales stalled in Q1
  122. Blockbuster Kiosk To Charge $2/night for Blu-ray
  123. Matrix 10th Anniv issues
  124. GOOGLE is Blu ray biased!
  125. Blu-ray Releases for June 30, 2009
  126. Blockbuster Express Kiosk Rentals Now $1 Per Day
  127. Jackson in Brief: Last rehearsal was 'filmed in HD'
  128. Joe Jackson Making a Pitch for Michael Jackson's Future "Blu-ray" DVD
  129. Netflix Adhesive Strips
  130. Some UK/European/Aus releases coming out in 1080i50
  131. Blu-ray Bargain Barn; 6.28.09
  132. Prepare of Band of Brothers 2 - HBO will air The Pacific next year
  133. Customers use Redbox more
  134. 6 Questions: e-Play’s Kristen Fox
  135. Games to drive home ent. growth through 2013
  136. We'll Pass on 'The Battle at the Bottom' in Blu-ray
  137. New Moviefone poll shows that theater is still top choice for film fans
  138. Pioneer & Sharp Blu-ray joint venture officially official
  139. Industry Researches Disc Activation Against Theft
  140. Image reverses most of its losses
  141. BDA, Adams Dispute Harris Survey on Blu-ray
  142. InetVideo Sale = 50% Shipping (USA + Canada) - Ends 7/2
  143. The African Queen, coming to DVD and possibly BD?
  144. Blockbuster Kiosks Offer $1.99 New Releases, Including Blu-ray
  145. Free ‘Transformers' Movie Ticket Offer at Amazon
  146. ESCA: 3D will take longer to arrive in homes
  147. Michael Bay Talks Transformers 2 Blu-ray
  148. ESCA: Blu-ray will be 50% of market by 2012
  149. Blu-ray Releases for June 23, 2009
  150. Toshiba Chief Hints At Launching Blu-Ray Disc Ops
  151. For Most at ESCA the Future is Blu
  152. Zoran Corporation Settles Outstanding Litigation With DTS and Obtains Blu-ray License
  153. Vizio Blu-ray Player Coming Exclusively to Walmart: $188
  154. DVD, games to benefit from anti-theft technology
  155. Poll: Your Expectation for Blu-ray’s Future
  156. New Trailer for HBO's WWII Miniseries The Pacific
  157. National Geographic Bows First 3-D Title
  158. Harris Poll: A year later, HD DVD as popular as Blu-ray!! WOW!!
  159. Highlander. At last!
  160. New Line Reveals Info and Box Art for 'Lord of the Rings' Blu-ray
  161. Braveheart and Gladiator blu ray details
  162. This Harry Potter Blu-Ray Set Requires A HD-DVD Player
  163. Happy Father's Day!
  164. Happy Birthday Awol!
  165. Complete Battlestar Galactica $165 + Shipping at Amazon.co.uk
  166. Why Doesn't Anyone Want a Blu-ray Player?
  167. Warner releases more Blu-ray, drops price
  168. A sub-$100 BD player....
  169. HBO Selling Well During Amazon Sale
  170. Sony Pictures Bows MovieIQ BD Live Feature
  171. While HDTV Resides in More Households, Interest in Blu-ray Remains Lukewarm
  172. Blu-ray sales up, but homevideo rev dip
  173. Blu-ray Bargain Barn
  174. Barnes & Noble sets Blu-ray bait in Manhattan
  175. Valentine gets 3D treatment on VOD
  176. Game consoles most popular Web-video player
  177. Get an Insignia Blu-ray player for $129.99
  178. VOD Orders Climbed 21% In 2008: Report
  179. 1080p Wasted on Most Viewers
  180. Blu-ray Releases for June 16, 2009
  181. The Biggest Bombed Movie In 2008 is Coming . . .
  182. Netflix to add captions to video streams next year
  183. Mr. Overly Addicted HDGoofnut, Please restraint yourself if you get this urge
  184. Report: Global Blu-ray Sales Jump, But Not Quite Enough to Offset DVD Decline
  185. What is your interest level in copying your optical discs
  186. AMAZON "Drama Days" Blu-ray Sale
  187. Bookstores Split on Disc
  188. SDXC set to blow your mind next year, with 64GB capacity out of the gate
  189. May Sales Fell 13% For CE/Majap Stores; Outlook Dim For Father's Day
  190. BD Managed Copy Launches in 2010, New Player Required
  191. Managed Copy Due Next Year
  192. Paramount loads Transformers with sequel specials
  193. Wal-Mart Lowers Blu-ray Player to $128
  194. Family Video Blu-ray Movie Sale
  195. Surveys: More than 2M households unready for DTV
  196. OT Bot invasions
  197. Analogue connections on Blu-ray players to be phased out, first HD then SD
  198. Assorted Blu-ray Titles with Decent prices at Amazon
  199. Overly Addicted to BD!
  200. PS3 price cut coming in August?
  201. Disney sees opportunity in Blu-ray growth
  202. Blu-ray Releases for June 9, 2009
  203. Blu ray Releases
  204. Survey: VOD, 3-D Pique Consumer Home Video Interest
  205. AMAZON GOLD BOX DEALS; On-going HiDef Week
  206. Economy Drives ‘Risky’ Studio Embrace of Electronic Rental
  207. Epix: 720p streaming movies before they hit on DVD
  208. IFC Takes VOD High-Def
  209. Amazon Gold Box Sale: Rambo 1-3 Boxset for $23.49, Limited Time!
  210. Warner adds Facebook feature to BD Live
  211. DTV Transition One Week Away
  212. Sonic Teams With Best Buy on Downloads
  213. Pioneer sets trio of Blu-ray players loose; $299 to $599
  214. Study: DTV Transition Good News for Pay TV, HDTV Sellers
  215. New Media Format Coming
  216. Vudu Has First Disney HD Downloads
  217. Has anyone changed from Netflix to Blockbuster Online after the price increase?
  218. OT: R.I.P. David Carradine
  219. Buena Vista and Vudu to sell HD titles day-and-date with Blu-ray
  220. HAPPY BIRTHDAY "MEMORIAL" for ImRizzo AKA Da Rizz
  221. Pioneer brings more affordable Blu-ray options to UK
  222. First portable Blu-ray player packs in the extras
  223. When will the "Alien" series come to Blu-Ray?
  224. Comcast stretches VOD rentals to two days
  225. E3: Starz titles to download on PS3, PSP
  226. Acorn Media to distribute ITV Global DVD, BD titles
  227. Optimum Unleashes Blu-ray Deluge
  228. Blu-ray Releases on June 2, 2009
  229. Xbox Live Enhances TV, Film Viewing
  230. Microsoft Attacks Blu-ray with 1080p streaming on Xbox 360
  231. Report: 30 Million Connected Blu-ray Players by 2013
  232. Netflix Lets You Add to Queue on Xbox, Video Store Gets 1080p
  233. Amazon Sale on Blu-ray Titles
  234. Time Warner CEO: DVD Market Descent Slowing
  235. Meet the new digital pioneer: Neil Young
  236. Netflix Blu-ray question
  237. Post Your Movie Collections!
  238. New HDMI standard
  239. Amazon Movie Trade-in Center
  240. $5 off Ghostbusters Blu
  241. Panasonic DMP-BD60; $223.97 at Amazon
  242. Assorted Titles headed to Blu-ray
  243. Report: TV Consumption Immune to Recession
  244. Disc Sales Slip, But Don't Blame Digital
  245. OT: I'm a Dad!
  246. Blu-ray rental stores go high, low on prices
  247. Netflix stacks up streaming share
  248. Happy Belated 4th Anniversary PFC5!
  249. Warner to package game with Watchmen Blu-ray
  250. Save $125 on Select Samsung Blu-ray Players and Four Qualifying Blu-ray Discs
  251. Happy Birthday Bigloww!
  252. Happy Birthday to Stew, and Happy Birthday to Pete!
  253. Happy Birthday Stew4HD!
  254. Rocky films boxset finally coming to blu-ray
  255. Blu-ray Disc Assn. takes on 3D home standards
  256. Inside Man BD: audio problem
  257. Some Concerns Regarding Trek: The Original Series (Season 1)...
  258. Another Inetvideo sale on HD DVD's - Free Shipping on orders over $50
  259. Blu-ray hardware not big retail driver
  260. Wal-Mart Steps Up Its Game in Electronics Aisle -WSJ
  261. Studios Speed Up Launch Dates For VOD
  262. Just postin to say i'm back... :)
  263. T2 Skynet Edition - Bill Hunt says PQ worse than previous release
  264. 720p AVI files
  265. Blockbuster: 2 for $25 Used Blu-Ray
  266. What war movie would you most like to see released on BD?
  267. Any thoughts on Underworld: Rise of The Lycans?
  268. On Guard: Kid-Friendly Discs Under Federal Microscope
  269. Tuesday street dates return, for now
  270. Disc Sales Hard Hit Online
  271. When will The Indiana Jones Movies come out in Blu ray!
  272. Star Trek: Motion Picture Trilogy $39.99 at Amazon
  273. Blu-ray is really the product!
  274. Adobe
  275. The Sopranos Season 1 on Blu-ray is coming
  276. Hybrid sacd/blu-ray?
  277. HMM Article "DVD and Blu-ray Disc Still Heavy Favorites With Consumers"
  278. Warners teams with Facebook for 'Watchmen'
  279. save green / go blu
  280. Indie retailers embrace Blu-ray revenue-sharing
  281. Best Buy, Amazon maintain large Blu-ray market share
  282. Happy Birthday Superman!
  283. MOD Shows Off SD Card Technology
  284. Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray
  285. Just for fun now that the war is more than a year behind us....
  286. 3D Blu-ray discs to go on sale in 2011
  287. U.S. Blu-ray Disc player sales leap in Q1
  288. Virgin Launches 200-Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 Pilot
  289. Dr. Strangelove or: Sony starts using Warner-style digi-books?
  290. Digital Hollywood: 3D needs to make money on DVD
  291. MPEG group working on AVC replacement for Ultra High Definition video of the future
  292. Bluray.com deleting posts about dodgy vendor inetvideo.com
  293. Gamera coming to Blu
  294. Samsung BD-P1590 Blu-ray Player: $238 @ Walmart
  295. Cinram Q1 Loss Tops $17M
  296. War Blu-ray 2-Pack $25.99 at Amazon
  297. "License And Registration, Please!": Blu-ray Disc Publishing and AACS
  298. Transformers Question
  299. Disney to remove all extras from rental DVDs as well
  300. What ever happened to the HD audio only format?
  301. Happy birthday Lee Stewart!
  302. Online video revenue to top $12 billion by 2012
  303. GE Showcases a 500GB Holographic Disc!
  304. SMPTE Makes Blu-ray Mandatory for 3-D
  305. Vote For the Next Blu-ray Release From the Criterion Collection
  306. Amazon 50%+ BD Sale ends 5/11/09
  307. Paramount Home Entertainment Licenses Macrovision’s Protection Technologies
  308. Some Oldies But Goodies Coming To BD
  309. Blu ray on my 37 inch 720p TV
  310. ACA Summit: Metered Bandwidth Pricing Is Coming
  311. Warner charges for digital copy on Friday the 13th DVD
  312. The Tudors on Blu-ray!
  313. Can 3D save Blu-ray?
  314. Amazon offers Blu-ray exclusives
  315. Home entertainment down, but Blu-ray lifts 100%
  316. GE microholographic storage promises cheap 500GB discs, Blu-ray and DVD compatibility
  317. HDMI scams...
  318. Red Ray @4k
  319. Netflix and Saturday Shipping
  320. Laguna Releases Its First Blu-ray
  321. HDDVD titles @ $1.99 + Shipping
  322. Warner launch Buy 5 Get 1 Free Blu-ray program
  323. Sony Pictures CEO Says DVD Tough to Replace
  324. Warner Bros: Trade in your HD DVDs for Blu-ray editions
  325. China officially released Blu-ray high-definition products CBHD players
  326. NCR acquires kiosk operator TNR/MovieCube
  327. Australia: Samsung Boss Tips $99 Blu ray Player By Xmas [?]
  328. Bill Hunt's review of Star Trek TOS: Season 1
  329. Blu-ray sales double over last year. But don’t celebrate yet.
  330. NAB 2009: Panasonic Pledges End-To-End 3D Technology
  331. NAB probes future of 3-D
  332. Blu-ray on track to taking over DVD
  333. Retailers split Blu-ray/DVD combo sets for rental
  334. Don't hold your breath for 3D Blu-ray, no players expected before 2011
  335. Fox reverses separate rental, sale DVDs for libraries
  336. Get 6 Star Trek Movies on Blu-ray For Under $80 at Wal-Mart
  337. Whats a GREAT horror flick for BD??
  338. Do you think Blu-ray will be the last 2-D format?
  339. BruceAmes - our newest MOD.
  340. DirecTV Offers 30 1080p PPV Titles
  341. NPD: More than 50% of Consumers Bought DVD, Blu-ray in Past 90 Days
  342. [email protected] group marks first year
  343. How much do you budget for monthly Blu-ray/DVD spending?
  344. So Much For Replication Issues?
  345. Wedbush: Netflix Spending $100M on Streaming in 2009
  346. Warner bows Inkheart Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy combo
  347. OT 6Th. AVE Name your own price sale!
  348. EXCELLENT 3 for 2 sale!
  349. Disney saying Disney DVDs "Plays On Your Blu-ray Player As Well as Your DVD Player"
  350. Indies price Blu-ray close to standard DVD
  351. Ancillary Business a Mixed Bag
  352. N.Y. Congressman Plans Bill Banning Internet-Usage Billing
  353. In recession, used discs fly faster
  354. Amazon BD sale
  355. OT: Disney cheats?
  356. Art work for blu ray case
  357. HELP Please
  358. Stores expect slow Blu-ray player sales
  359. iNetVideo.com - Free Shipping (order over $50) + Other deals..
  360. Major Chain store selling HD DVD players again!
  361. Iron Man Blu Ray not playing
  362. Analyst: 3-D Format to Hurt ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ DVD Sales
  363. Report: 2.5M North American Homes Want Web TV, Blu-ray At Right Price
  364. Pols Blast Time Warner Cable's Bandwidth Metering
  365. Pulp Fiction/Jackie Brown go Blu August 4, per blu ray .com
  366. Why is DareDevil Director's Cut rated PG-13 on blu but R on DVD?
  367. Blockbuster: may not be able to stay in business
  368. Blu-ray Limits Its Growth Rate With Constant Firmware Updates [opinion piece]
  369. Fox Preps 'Dollhouse: Season One' for Blu-ray Release
  370. 5 Catagories (buyers) of Production Adoption
  371. Criterion Cancels BD Release of RAN
  372. UK: BFI Announces Flipside Blu-ray Titles
  373. Mission Impossible - Ultimate Collection for $37.99
  374. Inetvideo Has A Few New Titles On HD DVD
  375. Studios accelerate price drops on releases
  376. Pushing Daisies: Season Two this July
  377. Snow White headed to Blu-ray Oct. 6, DVD follows Nov. 24
  378. The Nature of Color and Film Mastering
  379. Fox rental/sales program has rocky start
  380. New Fox and MGM Blu-ray Tites: Road House, Towering Inferno and More
  381. HMM: Disney to drop Blu-Ray support on classic titles
  382. HD DVD Exclusives Master List
  383. what redbox needs!
  384. WB Announces $6 Price Increase for Blu-Ray Disc
  385. Target Blu-ray BOGO April 5-11
  386. Amazon UK Blu-ray Movie Sale; Buy 3 for 2
  387. Retailers to shelve Bedtime Stories early
  388. GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD RE: Quantum of Solice
  389. Amazon.com: Goldfinger (and a few other Bond films from the last batch) $14.99
  390. Warner Brothers and Paramount to start releasing HD DVD films again
  391. Tenth Anniversary "Matrix" Blu-Ray
  392. Report: 3-D Movies Coming Home, Someday
  393. Bundlemania: Studios Increase DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Copy Combos
  394. Disney to partner on Hulu?
  395. 70th Anniversary Special Edition Wizard of OZ Blu-Ray disc
  396. Kiosks, DVR biggest threats to traditional media revenue
  397. Netflix BD price increase
  398. PCWorld Says Blu-ray's star is rising
  399. Why Blu-ray's Better Than DVD *
  400. Blu ray gets caught in the act.
  401. Universal HD DVD's Back On Sale At Giant Tiger, In Canada
  402. New Media Cabinet
  403. De Niro on Blu Ray
  404. Fox bluray ships cheap James Bond packaging
  405. Book: Microsoft promised Toshiba HD DVD support
  406. UK: Blu-ray added to basket of goods to measure inflation
  407. The Outlaw Josey Wales and Where Eagles Dare coming out on Blu ray in 2010
  408. China's Blu-ray digital coding technology adopted
  409. Warner launches manufacturing-on-demand service (only DVD)
  410. Neil Young's Blu-ray 'Archives' release back on: June 2nd for $299
  411. Who Threw the DVD From the Train?
  412. 3-D Heads to Blu-ray Disc
  413. OT: Movie Collectorz turns into piece of crap!
  414. Intel CE Network Plots Course For IPTV Devices
  415. iTunes Goes High-Def
  416. Region coding strikes again
  417. Cleaning Blu Rays
  418. Adams Media Research: Blu-ray prices drop at retail
  419. Blue Skies for Blu-Ray
  420. Happy belated Birthday to HD Goofnut!!!!!!!!
  421. DVi repeater with HDCP support
  422. Why DVD's Better Than Blu-ray *
  423. Happy Birthday Gosmosis!!!!!
  424. ABC News: Blue Skies for Blu-Ray
  425. Warner to Debut Stand-Alone 'Batman' Blu-ray
  426. Disney Bumps 'Rounders,' 'Monsters, Inc.' Blu-rays
  427. Bye bye to Amazon for now.
  428. Article: Toshiba reveal 'Net Player' streaming device
  429. Fox to remove all extras from rental DVDs
  430. Article: Will the Economic Downturn Be the Death of Blu-ray?
  431. Rental to stay popular through 2013
  432. BlueRay disks price drop across the board!!!
  433. question re: Netflix BD's & new release wait times
  434. Can You Tell Which Pic Is BluRay?
  435. Warner releases extended Woodstock doc on DVD, Blu-ray
  436. My little XDE500 honest review:
  437. Sony is Funny on the Onion News LOL - It's High Def!!!
  438. HD DVD lives again - I Told You So!
  439. Watchmen on Blu-Ray
  440. The Wrestler Blu ray specs (including extra features)
  441. HD DVD at Zellers for 5.99-6.99
  442. Disney spruces up Pinocchio Blu-ray
  443. Fox differentiates sales, rental DVDs by added-value
  444. Startup ZillionTV offering paid and ad-based movies
  445. Redbox installs first Manhattan kiosks
  446. Warner's Bewkes bullish on Blu-ray, VOD
  447. Cinram Q4 sales fall on fewer DVD orders
  448. Blockbuster close to bankruptcy
  449. Amazon goes live with Roku box
  450. Virgin to close by summer
  451. Where are the modern/80's classics?
  452. HD DVD could live again .. go M$
  453. Studios dropping UK Catalogue release RRPs on Blu-ray
  454. Public relations disaster in the making for Netflix?
  455. Just denied on my rebate
  456. cnet: More people renting DVD and Blu-ray Discs?
  457. AVCHD to PC conversion challenge!!
  458. Warner Brothers announced that Chinese independent high-definition format support
  459. Looks like Plasma may not be fading into the sunset afterall.
  460. MGM Adds 'Golden Gun,' 'License to Kill' to Blu-ray Bond Library
  461. Your Feelings About Blu-Rays Growth
  462. Fargo, Force 10 from Navarone and The Good The Bad and The Ugly coming to Blu
  463. Netflix to offer "streaming only" plans in future
  464. Unified Blu-ray licensing is remedy to 'bag of hurt'
  465. 6M Blu-ray Players May Be No Sure Thing
  466. UK: Panasonic Blu-ray Player Has HDD and Freesat Tuners
  467. U.S. Blu-ray Disc Sales Expected to Jump Threefold
  468. DreamWorks Animation Q4 earnings drop 45%
  469. Warner Outlines 'Batman Anthology' Blu-ray Specs
  470. A Blu CD...Huh?
  471. A little gift for the haters
  472. Ratio 2.35
  473. Two-Disc 'Monsters, Inc.' Coming to Blu-ray this May
  474. Blockbuster Selling Pre-Viewed BD
  475. OT: Worst Oscars Ever?
  476. 80% Of Broadband Users In Key European Markets Prefer Traditional Video Viewing
  477. Aussie Pink Floyd
  478. Vudu offering HD/HDX purchase starting Feb 24th
  479. CEA Study: Exposure Key To 3-D TV
  480. Studios release more TV shows on Blu-ray
  481. No Wonder Blu Ray Is Having Trouble Overtaking DVD
  482. SCTE Explores 3-D TV Over Cable
  483. DVD sales plummet, Blu-ray unable to save the day
  484. Today's Gold Box deal on Amazon
  485. Trend Continues - Including A DVD With A BD Release
  486. Uni's Kornblau fights Redbox's $1 DVD rentals
  487. From Hell is now $8.99 on Amazon (70% off)
  488. 'Dr. Strangelove' on Blu-ray
  489. Comcast To Expand Wideband, 'All-Digital' Rollouts
  490. So...what is a Steelbook?
  491. Criterion to Bring 'Ran' to Blu-ray this May
  492. BLOG: Is DVD movie pricing holding Blu-ray back?
  493. Blu About The Slow Release of Classic Titles On Blu-ray? Take Heart!
  494. Official: 'Star Trek' on Blu-ray
  495. What's Wrong With HDTV?
  496. SINGULUS meets 2008 forecast
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