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  1. Harry Potter and the case of the vanishing DVDs
  2. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 10/23/11
  3. Optical (Blu-ray/DVD) and Digital (EST/UV) Sales Thread
  4. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 10/16/11
  5. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 10/9/11
  6. Picked up new Blu-Ray Films this weekend..
  7. Netflix subtitle streaming
  8. Netflix issues with PS3?
  9. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 10/2/11
  10. Shaky HD shooting..
  11. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 9/25/11
  12. HDMI vs NTSC - PAL
  13. High quality dvd ripping using handbrake
  14. Streaming movies from pc to TV
  15. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 9/18/11
  16. Netflix to Split Business in Two
  17. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 9/11/11
  18. DTS vs DTS-HD MA vs Dolby Digital vs Dolby TrueHD
  19. How to see subtitles watching movies on TV from a USB port
  20. BluRay Concert's Recommendations not critique's
  21. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 9-5-11
  22. Easy Question
  23. Confused?
  24. New titles on Blu-ray week ending 8-28-11
  25. Can this be done ?
  26. Blu Ray Digital Copy?!?!
  27. There is a movie called Dream---Rio 3D Blu-ray Movies.
  28. 12 Angry Men
  29. New Titles on Blu-ray for week ending 8/21/11
  30. mp4 on usb
  31. New Titles on Blu-ray for week ending 8/7/11
  32. HD Quality Halo Reach Stream!
  33. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 7/31/11
  34. New Titles on Blu-ray for week ending 7/24/11
  35. Avatar
  36. High Def house!
  37. New Titles on Blu-ray for week ending 7/16/11
  38. Blockbuster vs Netflix
  39. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 7/10/11
  40. Netflix raising their rates
  41. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 7/3/11
  42. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 6/26/11
  43. So what sources can be remastered in high def?
  44. HMV sells Canadian stores
  45. LOTR EE Blu Ray SHIPPED.
  46. BD rentals vs purchase
  47. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 6/19/11
  48. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 6/12/11
  49. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 6/5/11
  50. 2011 Vudu Impressions Thread
  51. Sony Pictures Hacked, passwords and more customer data stolen
  52. Bad Blu Ray disk's (Netflix)
  53. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 5/29/11
  54. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 5/22/11
  55. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 5/15/11
  56. Blockbuster Used BD Sale
  57. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 5/8/11
  58. Please i need ur knowledge
  59. Star Wars Blu Ray Collection to hit the streets in September.
  60. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 5/1/11
  61. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 4/24/11
  62. IMAX versions of films on BluRay
  63. Traveling with NetFlix and Roku
  64. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 4/17/11
  65. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 4/10/11
  66. Incredibles Blu-Ray Pricing Sales & Deals
  67. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 4/3/11
  68. Disney's Incredibles Blu-Ray coming 4/12 and $10 exchange for Disney
  69. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 3/27/11
  70. Older BD's looking grainy on my plasma
  71. Scarface on Blu Ray
  72. HD DVDs With Better PQ Than Their BD Counterpart
  73. MPEG-2 BDs
  74. BD/DVDs Packaged Together
  75. BDs with 7.1 Audio
  76. HD DVDs Yet to Be Released on BD
  77. Netflix site fall down and go boom
  78. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 3/20/11
  79. Happy Birthday Gosmosis
  80. Streaming Netflix via Blu-Ray or BD Player
  81. Disney blu-ray Upgrade
  82. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 3/13/11
  83. Bambi on Blu Ray
  84. Double pack Blu Rays
  85. Disney CFO: Movie Windows Will Change ‘Dramatically’
  86. WB offers movies via FaceBook
  87. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 3/6/11
  88. Long awaited Incredibles (Pixar) is on it's way 4/
  89. Warner Bros DVD to BluRay Exchange offer.
  90. Bluray movies also on DVD?
  91. How to transfer HD movies on flash drive to PS3?
  92. Can a 1080i DVD-R be viewed on an old SDTV?
  93. New titles on Blu-ray for week ending 2/27/11
  94. Help/Advice with wireless settings
  95. Question about Blu Rays (Please)
  96. Report: Amazon Out of Texas Over Taxes
  97. Blu-ray releases week of February 9th
  98. AVCHD capture
  99. Copying avchd discs
  100. Using PC for HD Question
  101. Warner Brothers tired of getting money from Netflix, prefer people pirate instead
  102. The movie Red on Blu-ray question
  103. EASTER EGGS Hidden gems on Blu Ray disc with hidden info & material
  104. BluRay HD Music Concert disc, Reviews and Recommendations.
  105. OOP Titles list
  106. Lord of the Rings EE's on Blu Ray
  107. Nintendo chief clarifies how dangerous 3DS is
  108. VUDU buffers too much..I have 10mb connection
  109. UltraViolet Could Mean You'll Really 'own' That Movie
  110. 6 big reasons why 3D TV doesn't suck and will catch on...
  111. Pre-order Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray Now!
  112. Vudu to Begin Streaming 3D Movies Next Week
  113. 10 reasons why 3D TV sucks, and why it will never catch on…
  114. Happy Christmas to everyone at HDF!
  115. Router + Blu Ray or Wii or Is Router Enough
  116. Downloading HD
  117. What were your best Blu-ray's of 2010?
  118. File type ts stream channel
  119. why doesn't my wife "get it" about HD?
  120. Do You Want Picture Quality or Convenience?
  121. Wtf
  122. Problem with blu ray discs on my pc
  123. Help me about Inception Blu-ray edition Please!
  124. Blu-ray movies released week ending 12/26/10
  125. Blockbuster Express Tests Premium-Priced New Releases
  126. Free Streaming for Amazon Prime Members
  127. Advice on Planet Earth and Life Blue Ray DVD
  128. Slingbox... anyone use this thing?
  129. Arnold Schwarzenegger's Running Man - 3D Blu-ray
  130. Bluray deals
  131. Netflix formally launches $7.99 streaming-only plan, bumps unlimited DVD plans by a b
  132. Are there any $$$HD DVD titles?
  133. Transformers; Rise of the Fallen...IMAX version?
  134. A lot of good THAT did
  135. TV being tapped
  136. DLNA and Media Streaming software
  137. Structure of a Blue Ray Disc?
  138. I think I'm over 3D already
  139. Broadcast flag, television and internet
  140. Broadcast Flag (Restriction on Recording)
  141. tv data file
  142. Warner will now accept ANY DVD for trad-in to Blu-ray
  143. Panasonic to start Avatar 3D Blu-ray promotion December 1
  144. Chuck cowers in the HD DVD graveyard
  145. Netflix Slowing or Stopping Blu-Ray Disc Purchasing?
  146. Capture color of photo
  147. whats the best playstation3 media source?
  148. Am I Expecting Too Much from BD's?
  149. Man who took three days to set up Blu-ray player is allowed to write newspaper articl
  150. Sony bars Netflix from 28-day access to some films
  151. Restrictions on Recording
  152. Movie studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc. is in the final stages of bankruptcy filing
  153. Why................
  154. HDMI to DVI Issue...No Picture
  155. Netflix apologizes for launch theatrics
  156. "Star Trek" (2009) static issue
  157. Is there a fix to get my Blu Ray to work over HDMI
  158. Sky+ waorks over HDMI but sony VBlu Ray does not
  159. Movie Sales Continue to Decline; Studios Explore Alternative Revenue Streams
  160. Theatrical Blu-ray catalog lists by studio
  161. Screwed up eBay auction trying to sell HD DVD
  162. Lucas Announces Stars Wars Blu-ray for 2011
  163. Complete Blu-ray theatrical catalog movie list and links
  164. Indy releases on Blu-ray
  165. RCA BRC3108 portable Blu-ray ships to Target
  166. Happy Belated Birthday To Sigil
  167. Which titles have Maximum Movie Mode?
  168. Are you excited about 3D BD?
  169. How I Met Your Mother Disc 1 won't play in PS3 :(
  170. Find Redbox Blu-ray locations near you!
  171. Sharp launches first 100GB Blu-ray disks and drives
  172. Green Zone Blu Won't Play in PS3
  173. High Def Pictures
  174. Blu Ray + Ultraviolet = No more competition?
  175. Alien Anthology - What's Included
  176. i would die if i didnt have it
  177. YouTube to Support, Host '4K'-Format Videos
  178. A day of silence in honor of L2W
  179. NYSE to boot Blockbuster from Big Board
  180. Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage BD
  181. Blu-Ray sale
  182. s-video to component/HDMI + upscale/downscale
  183. The 3D PS3 Games List
  184. Blu ray/digital copy
  185. Question about current blu ray 3d movies already released?
  186. First 3D Blu-ray Available 6/22
  187. Serious help needed here...
  188. Question about current blu ray 3d movies already released?
  189. DNR & EE On Zulu Blu-Ray release!
  190. Hot Tub Time Machine
  191. HD-DVD LIVES! New title, "Smokers" Available for Pre-Order
  192. Under Siege on Blu Ray
  193. Video GRID ?
  194. Avatar vs. The Dark Knight
  195. Avatar 3D Blu only avail w/purchase of 3D bundle?
  196. Converting Blu-Ray to DVD
  197. Convert dvd 2 Blu
  198. Planet Earth HDD or BD?
  199. Should I buy Top Gun Blu Ray?
  200. Saving Private Ryan Blu-ray recalled
  201. Life (a 10 part BBC documentary)
  202. Anyone else notice that Amazon is not cheaper for movies anymore?
  203. Reference 7.1 audio tracks????
  204. Lord of The Rings Trilogy with Digital Copies discontinued...
  205. Great FS deal if anyone looking to buy Avatar
  206. Iron Man (blu ray) freezes in PS3
  207. Screen Digest Report: Digital Movie Revenue Declining only $200 M 2009 20% below est
  208. What are some Awesomely Awesome Blu-Rays?
  209. Star Wars on Blu-ray
  210. Someone please tell me why they make java based bluray discs!!!
  211. DEG 1Q 2010 HOME ENTERTAINMENT REPORT Blu-ray Disc +74% BD Hardware +125%
  212. US Government admits piracy claims ARE bogus
  213. PS3 Download vs Blu Ray vs DTV 1080P movies
  214. Universal's back with more DVD / Blu-ray flip discs later this month
  215. Does letterbox reduce disk size?
  216. MGM & Fox Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Discs (DVD Size)
  217. Netflix Signs New Deals With Fox and Universal
  218. Studios Line Up Father’s Day Product
  219. OMFG, This Is A First, They Finally Gave Away A Bluray!
  220. Blu-ray sales 16% of videodisc sales
  221. Blockbuster Inks Distribution Deals With Sony and Fox
  222. Happy Birthday tvine2000!
  223. Sony HDV Tape stock question
  224. Anyone using D-VHS to record HD content from Direct TV?
  225. Is this the end of television as we know it?
  226. Blu-ray: Licensed to be killed
  227. Fess up, how do you watch your 4:3 DVDs?
  228. Blu-Ray movie prices suck in Canada!
  229. HD Goofnut's Blu-ray Screen Capture Thread
  230. Screen Capture Question
  231. Xbox 360 doesn't need Blu-ray, says Microsoft
  232. Watching movies online, anyway to get the screen full or
  233. mkv to dl dvd software?????
  234. Coinstar CEO: Blu-rays Won’t Replace DVDs in Redbox Kiosks
  235. A way to skip the forced trailers with SD DVD, but may work with BDs too
  236. New Blu ray movie which needs to come out...what is it?
  237. "2012" does 41% Blu-ray marketshare for week ending 3/07/10
  238. Will The Porn Industry Embrace Bluray 3-D Technology?
  239. problem with mbps of downloaded hd movie
  240. New Price point: $8 Blurays at WalMart
  241. 12 concurrent DVD/BD releases had 50% or more Blu-ray unit marketshare for 2/28/10
  242. Best HD DVD Media Player Wholesaler
  243. 2012
  244. Up Coming Eastwood Blu-ray Collections
  245. Blockbuster Brings Back Late Fees
  246. Is there (ever going to be) a Bluray Release of GrandPrix (1966)?
  247. World's first 3D Blu-ray disc gets UK release date
  248. Wal-Mart acquires online movie service Vudu
  249. Managed Copy a Work in Progress
  250. Blu-ray movies a scam???
  251. Coinstar CEO: Blu-ray Rentals Likely by Mid-Year, at Higher Price
  252. Blu-ray supporting the overall health of US Home Entertainment Industry- Futuresoure
  253. 'Transformers 2', 'Star Trek' DVD/Blu-ray Discs Drive Q4 Paramount Income Surge - HMM
  254. Amazon 3 for 2 Sale
  255. Available Studio Library Catalog Title Listings with the Blu-ray Releases Highlighted
  256. Website with Blu-Ray stats?
  257. Magnavox Blu-ray Disc Player for $68
  258. Analyst: In-Home 3D Evolving Quickly
  259. OT: 2010 Oscar Nominations
  260. Here you go PFC5!
  261. Need an all in one video converter software!
  262. The Samsung BD-C6900 3D Blu-ray player will cost $400
  263. Weak Slate Results in Universal Posting $200M Decline in Q4 Profit
  264. Question about blueray 3d movies??
  265. Is youtube HD BS?
  266. Why doesn't resume work on some titles?
  267. Format of Choice
  268. Retailers Overwhelmed by Mid-Range Releases
  269. Old formats fight on
  270. What to look for when Purcasing BR DVD's
  271. Lexi-CON pulls fast one, gets PWNED!
  272. Bad news for BD/DVD collectors in South Australia
  273. Two Amazon Blu-ray Sales
  274. Its official!
  275. Universal's Blu-ray/DVD flipper disc gets reviewed
  276. WSJ: Movie Gallery to Shutter 1,000 Stores
  277. Exclusive First Look: Tombstone and Armageddon Blu-ray Cover Art
  278. Why didn't ZOOM mode cut off the black bars on this movie?
  279. films recorded in 1930's compared to today
  280. If a movie is listed with more than one aspect ratio, how do you choose?
  281. CBHD Bears HD DVD Logo
  282. CES2010 - Where are . . .
  283. Netflix Delay?
  284. Hdmi confusion
  285. Avatar sparks 3-D makeover for action classics
  286. Will A/V Receivers Need to Be 3D Compatible?
  287. "Star Trek" 2009 juttering problem
  288. Blu-Ray 3D Limitations
  289. CES 2010: Panasonic CTO: We Need 3DTV To Pull Out Of Slump
  290. Sony Bowing First 3D Movies on Blu-ray
  291. DEG: Home Entertainment Fares Better Than Retailing Overall
  292. Disney's first 3D Blu-ray release to hit in the fourth quarter
  293. Whats the best Blueray movie to show off a plasma to friends?
  294. Panasonic makes 3D HD official with VT25
  295. Sharp QuadPixel Promises Better HDTV Color
  296. Toshiba to release three Blu-ray players in 2010
  297. where do you guys buy your blurays?
  298. Samsung, DreamWorks Animation and Technicolor Form a Global Strategic Alliance for 3D
  299. Netflix, Warner Bros. Reach New DVD, Blu-Ray Rental deal
  300. Toshiba’s Cell TV will convert 2-D images to 3-D
  301. The official 3D BD logos
  302. ESPN 3D to show soccer, football, more
  303. blur issues with new samsung tv/bluray
  304. 3D Blu-ray services started at Trailer Park
  305. Mitsubishi Launches 3D BD Adaptor
  306. Where to buy bd-r for less $
  307. Yea! More DRM. DECE
  308. Americans Spending More On Theater Than DVDs
  309. Panasonic TH42PZ80B and PS3
  310. 2009, the year of the PS3 Blu-Ray?
  311. Happy Birthday GymBrat98!
  312. Another reason to buy BD movies from Amazon over Best Buy, etc
  313. New standard could pave way for higher capacity Blu-ray discs
  314. Pics of your Blu-ray/HD DVD Collection!
  315. Kosty is going to the Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas Jan 7-10) Any wish lists?
  316. Where are all the old regulars? Any of you guys still around?
  317. Gangs of New York Remastered Blu-ray in February
  318. Blu-ray discounts continue at retail
  319. Amazon sold about 100K Blu-ray players over holiday
  320. Blu-ray sets new record of $86.09 M for WE 12/20/09 The Hangover/Inglorious Basterds
  321. Anybody know any companies etc. that make solid documentaries?
  322. Stupid newbie question about blu ray...
  323. Owner of a Tobisha D-R400
  324. Happy Holidays
  325. WSJ: Dreaming of a Blu Christmas (includes DVD vs BD player annual pricing trends)
  326. Scarface on Blu Ray???
  327. Spielberg and Lucas blu-rays?
  328. XStreamHD Names Manufacturing Partner
  329. Free Shipping From iNetVideo (over $50) 12/18 to 12/21
  330. NPD: Walmart Bridges ‘Blu’ Divide to Best Buy
  331. Hey Lee, BD 3D standard was released today.
  332. I want to buy many movies only available on DVD, but should I or wait for bluray?
  333. Warner to release all new theatrical movies as combo BD/DVD packs starting next year
  334. blu ray and audio.
  335. The Major Catalog Titles You Want On Blu-ray Coming . . .
  336. HD 1080p editing help
  337. ‘Lord of the Rings’ Hits Blu-ray April 6
  338. Technicolor ready for 3D at home
  339. Happy Belated Birthday, Dsskid!
  340. BD-RE version 2.1
  341. Problem connecting my bru-ray lap top to HDTV
  342. Iger: 2009 ‘Awful’ Year for Disney Live-Action Movies
  343. Walmart continues Blu-ray price discounts
  344. A Blu-ray wave hits us all
  345. Blu-ray sales suddenly take off
  346. Amazon Gold Box deal: "Lost" Blu-ray seasons 1-5 $108.99
  347. Some TV series go from Blu-ray to DVD only
  348. Happy Birthday PFC5!
  349. Costco increases its Blu-ray merchandising- Retailer's BD player sales up 450%
  350. HD Movie downloads....
  351. Blockbuster touts multi-channel strategy
  352. Wizard of oz copyright
  353. Looking for a good test/demo blu ray
  354. BD managed copy implementation delayed
  355. The Blu-ray/DVD Flipper Disc is Coming!
  356. Experts Say Blu-ray Players are Here to Stay
  357. Dirty Harry Collection Announced for February
  358. Best Buy prices Blu-ray at $6.99 for Cyber Monday
  359. Fox gives rental window to Adam, Cold Souls
  360. Blu-ray Bets 'All In' on Black Friday
  361. Q about merging orders at amazon
  362. China Blue HD crosses over to the UK - WOW!
  363. Dark Knight Amazing!
  364. Question About Blue-Ray
  365. Why are HD movies not as tall as specified?
  366. Pixar movie resolution
  367. trade your DVD's in for Bluray
  368. John Adams $24.99 at Best Buy
  369. Great Amazon Pixar BD Deal ($11 each)
  370. Happy birthday Farout777!!!!
  371. Best Buy Boosts Blu: Home Media Magazine Article
  372. UP Blu Ray for ~$11.50
  373. Blu-ray discs get Managed Copy; hardware support nonexistent
  374. Netflix likes price-window tradeoff
  375. 4Q 2009 off to a great start, DVD + Blu-ray revenues up substantially from last year
  376. Amazon buy more save more bluray sale
  377. Slow Blu-ray Adoption: A Threat to Hollywood's Bottom Line?
  378. Article: Blu-ray Player Makers Embrace Online Movie Delivery
  379. Studios Say Economy Accounts for Majority of Industry Trouble
  380. Best Buy plans movie download service with Sonic
  381. Happy birthday GLOW!
  382. Panasonic BD80 - $154.99 at buy.com
  383. Transformers 2 Sells 1.2M Blu-ray Discs 1st week, 500,000 in 1st day
  384. Blockbuster now has "On Demand" to mimic Netflix "Instant" streaming service?
  385. Netflix movie streaming coming to PlayStation 3
  386. Reed Hastings: DVD ‘Sales Only’ Window Could Benefit Netflix
  387. 2009 Q3 (YTD) Consumer Spending - Home Video
  388. Fox claims top Blu-ray spot for Wolverine
  389. Xbox 360 .................. Blu
  390. A List of Hollywood's Pet Peeves
  391. Im new to all of this...
  392. Disney Touts a Way to Ditch the DVD
  393. Transformers2 Walmart version or Standard Blu ?!?
  394. WOW The Transformers 2 IMAX version blu-ray
  395. Is Blu Ray REALLY all that....observations!
  396. SpursEngine finally shows up... On a BD based machine from Toshiba...
  397. A Crack in the Blu-ray Pot of Gold
  398. Disney BDs BOGOF at Amazon UK - Titles inc Monsters Inc
  399. Planet Earth - The Complete BBC Series
  400. Rental thrives in down economy
  401. Dances With Wolves - delayed (UK)
  402. Public Enemies (UK)
  403. Sony sued over broken PS3 consoles
  404. Snow White Blu-ray $9.99 at Amazon
  405. Study: Consumers Won't Pay Extra For Home 3-D
  406. [CEATEC] TDK Develops 10-layer Optical Disc With 320GB Capacity
  407. The Wizard Of Oz Bluray Question
  408. Sweeney Tood - infringment
  409. Ex-Studio Chief: DVD Retail Downturn ‘Self-Imposed’
  410. Panasonic Corp unveiled Monday a 50 inch high-definition 3D plasma TV
  411. Van Helsing HD-DVD $26.99 vs Blu ray $13.49
  412. Target Blu-ray Exclusives Available September 29
  413. PlayStation 3 price drop helps quadruple sales - Blu-ray capabilities highlighted
  414. Blu-ray Web connection possible without disc
  415. Fox to banish slow Blu-ray disc loading on future discs, more tech improvements promi
  416. Massive Blu-ray sale @ Amazon
  417. The Prisoner BD- Complete Series $50.49 at Amazon
  418. Universal, and National Geographic join CBHD format
  419. Lotsa new HDDVDs under $4 at inetvideo..
  420. Crank 2 Netflix troubles.
  421. 'The Mel Brooks Collection' Announced for Blu-ray
  422. Warner offers Blu-ray revenue-sharing
  423. Happy Birthday hatt!
  424. Blockbuster may close as many as 960 stores
  425. Has anyone done the Red to Blu?
  426. Disney reissue catalogue BD releases with a DVD ver
  427. Disney promotes 3D at consumer show
  428. Netflix expands digital inventory by about 40%
  429. Happy Birthday Bravestime!!!!!
  430. Video: First working Blu-ray Managed Copy demo
  431. Sharp Develops Semiconductor Laser for Triple, Quadruple-layer Blu-ray Discs
  432. Time Warner CFO: Studio ‘Purposely’ Delaying Q4 Titles at Retail
  433. 3D the Hot Technology at CEDIA
  434. Walmart Gets An Exclusive for Wolverine BD
  435. Now the REAL HD Media WAR really begins!
  436. Disney sets more than a dozen Diamonds
  437. JVC brings Blu-ray burning set-tops to the U.S., leaves all the fun overseas
  438. Terminator: Salvation’ Director’s Cut on Blu-ray Only
  439. Gollum still searching for 'his precious' as delay hits The Lord of the Rings Blu-ray
  440. Commentary: Why 3-D HD Doesn't Work For the Home
  441. Blu-ray growing faster than DVD, Color TV, VHS etc.
  442. Deadlands 2 Coming to HD DVD!
  443. Uncompressed LPCM track vs DTS HD MA track
  444. DVD biz still a tricky trade
  445. BD Live usage increases, as more features are added
  446. Tom Petty Live Anthology on Blu-ray coming
  447. Is Blu-ray going to be obsolete in a few years?
  448. 74% of PS3 owners have watched BDs; HD content outsells SD on PlayStation Store
  449. Studios Want Decision From FCC On Cable Waiver For HD Movies
  450. Toshiba Introduces Blu-ray Disc Player
  451. Are .MKV files Natively High Definition
  452. It's the pits: BD Manufacture
  453. Braveheart and Gladiator Blu-ray
  454. I'm Getting Too Old For This Shirt!!
  455. Iron Man 2 in 3D?
  456. Blu-ray Prices Dropping – Retailers Call For More
  457. Sony's Plan for $40 Movies at Home
  458. Red flag for Blu-ray
  459. Best Buy receives Blu-ray exclusives
  460. Blu-ray prices fall, as spending rises
  461. Major studios sign deals for movie burning
  462. Blu-Ray and 3D
  463. U.S. ranks 28th in Internet connection speed
  464. OT - I just saw "The Happening"
  465. Blu-ray tanks in PCs
  466. IP set-top shipments surge on HD, telecom demand
  467. Blu-ray prices dropping in U.K.
  468. Corel WinDVD plus problem...
  469. Netflix Now Open On Saturday?
  470. Updated Historical DVD hardware sales information by quarter now up at new DEG site
  471. Dumbo and Rocky Collection Coming to Blu-ray
  472. Lawyer in Earlier Antitrust Case Against the Studios Recalls a Lost Battle
  473. Confirmed: PS3 Slim bit streams Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio
  474. Slim PS3 will have supply shortages, says Amazon
  475. Survey Report: Netflix Disc Rental Still King, Despite Streaming Option
  476. HD media on dual layer dvd
  477. DEG Restructures, Refocuses
  478. Disney & Panasonic Multi-Million Dollar Campaign to Drive Family Adoption of Blu-ray
  479. Paramount staggers Imagine That release
  480. Slim PS3 Announced - $299 (120GB): Impact on Blu-ray Hardware Software Sales?
  481. Problem playing BD version of Mr. Troop Mom
  482. 'Fight Club' Scheduled for Blu-ray
  483. Warner lines up with Fox, Uni on kiosk window
  484. 3-D for Blu-ray Is Just Around the Corner
  485. Blu-ray revenues for 2009 have now exceeded all of 2008 EOY totals
  486. Blu-ray Still No Bargain (BLOG)
  487. Disney Extends Blu-ray Combo Packs Through 2010
  488. Amazon Blu-ray B2G1
  489. Forrest Gump Blu-ray Gets Detailed
  490. Survey: Majority of American households now have HDTVs
  491. Its Official: Toshiba applies for BDA admission, Blu-ray players and laptops coming
  492. Powerdvd 8 Ultra won't play Live Free or Die Hard
  493. Disney Details Pixar's Up and Monsters, Inc. on Blu-ray
  494. The Ultimate Movie Paradox ? RedBox vs Downloads
  495. Warner Freezes Sales of Three [DVD/VOD/DD] Titles [for future Blu re-release]
  496. OT: John Hughes Dead at 59
  497. Fox seeks 30-day delay for DVDs in kiosks
  498. HD DVD returns and kicks Blu-ray to the gutter
  499. Optical and 5.1 Surround???
  500. Question for a netflix subscriber