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  1. BLOOD DIAMOND From WB - Different Extras For HD DVD versus BD
  2. How Amazon Sales Rankings Work
  3. Buying HD DVDs from sendit.com, Need Help
  4. Why is HD-DVD more money??
  5. HD Titles On Amazon For Future Release?
  6. Upgrade 3 free HD DVDS to 5
  7. HD on older titles ?? Future of HD ?
  8. M$ vs. Hollywwod (Very Good Strategy)
  9. Kudos, to Toshiba for fixinf saome of these disc issues with the latest
  10. Best Site for Purchasing HD-DVDs?
  11. HD-DVD Sales Clog Amazon?
  12. Will the Universal players mean that Universal stays HD DVD exclusive forever?
  13. Videoscan sales
  14. Possible to check for downgraded HD?
  15. Samsung BD-UP5000 combo player! YES!!!
  16. Which DVD player - PM fr bakwoodsthug
  17. VC-1 on Standard DVD
  18. Toshiba 5 free hd dvd offer an value electronics. pls help
  19. 300 dvd
  20. The Departed on BD?
  21. What the heck is it with SD DVD prices?!?
  22. New Studio - First Look - Goes With HD DVD
  23. Grrrr... Hollywoodland combo disk!
  24. ON Bluray or HD-DVD? - Jesus on Nazareth
  25. HD DVD is Beating Blu-Ray In Europe
  26. Happy Feet picture is stunning
  27. Sony Releases Data On Hd Disc Sales By Title
  28. A Great Place To Buy Used HD DVD and BD Movies
  29. Warner discounts
  30. HD Disc Is Only 1% Of Netfix's Rental Business
  31. Article - Why Some Of The HD Disc's Aren't Making It Day And Date
  32. Discovery "Planet Earth" Coming to Both Formats
  33. Miami Vice Question?
  34. HD movies compared to HD demos
  35. Warner finally bring TrueHD to Blu-Ray
  36. Porn industry may settle this once and for all
  37. To showcase Dolby TrueHD.....
  38. Good news keeps coming in!
  39. Cinderella Man on Blu-Ray
  40. Children of Men setting records
  41. Blockbuster
  42. any recommendations for a good portable dvd player?
  43. I just got The Matric Trilogy for $57.56. And you can too
  44. Hang on, I thought JB Hi Fi was BD Only?
  45. HD DVD version of DVE FINALLY coming out!
  46. It appears that Universal will release non-combos for some previous combos
  47. Release schedule about even for both formats
  48. Great Reviews for Children of Men
  49. HD DVD touts 2007 spring lineup
  50. hd-dvd rentals?
  51. BluRay In The News
  52. 'Casino Royale' Blu-ray Breaks 100,000
  53. Children of Men $16.99 at Fry's
  54. The Matrix: The Complete Trilogy Up For Preorder!!
  55. CLICK on BLU-RAY.... I need some INFO....
  56. BuyHDOnline.... Matrix Trilogy Sale
  57. First Blu Ray Title Released With Blu Ray Java Environment
  58. April
  59. The PS3 Effect
  60. HD DVD with three titles in top 100
  61. Mission Imposible 3
  62. The MATRIX on HD DVD is up for preorder on Amazon.com!
  63. Happy 10th Birthday DVD
  64. Triple Layer HD DVD discs
  65. How many have read the BR/HD-DVD Wiki notes?
  66. Browsing at Target
  67. The Matrx Trilogy .......... Hd In May!!!.........but.......
  68. what are you pick up tuesday?
  69. "The World's Fastest Indian" on HD DVD
  70. need info on 1080i
  71. Tired of browsing HD DVD for no good titles!
  72. Matrix coming to HD-DVD first then blu-ray
  73. Looking to trade King Kong for Mummy Returns
  74. Circuit City Price Match for HD/Blu?
  75. Would you say this is true or false ?
  76. good news from Paramount on movies
  77. HD DVD loses an exclusive
  78. Lots of new HDDVD titles under coming soon section at play.com
  79. Why aren't more new releases coming out in HD?
  80. HD DVD and Blu-ray checklists??
  81. if anyone wants constantine, or Riddick cheap...I just got my
  82. ? How many HD DVD and/or BluRay Disc do you OWN ?
  83. Children of Men and Smokin Aces HDi support
  84. HD DVD to have 600 titles on shelves by end 07
  85. Universal 13 HD DVD's in June
  86. For Those Waiting For Digital Video Essentials HD DVD . . .
  87. The Road Warrior and Battle of the Bulge on HD Disc 5/8
  88. Nine Inch Nails- Beside You In Time HD DVD
  89. First Total HD Combo Disc's Could be Ready By Early Summer
  90. What is up with Blu-ray?
  91. Requesting Advice!
  92. If Blu-Ray and HD DVD cost the same...
  93. Casino Royale: Best Selling HD Disc?
  94. FT: HD DVDs
  95. Casino Royale $22.99 Casino Royale [Blu-Ray] at Fry's
  96. Good HD-DVD Cartoon
  97. HD DVD 1 Year anniversary
  98. What advertising would help HD DVD the most?
  99. High Noon For HD-DVD
  100. miami vice
  101. IGN Unbiased BluRay Vs. HD Article
  102. I just saw the movie 300, if Warner puts that one in
  103. Physical measurements of HD DVD case
  104. Comp USA Closing sales for HD AND BD
  105. Hollywoodland - difficulty playing
  106. Whats your favorite HD DVD and why??
  107. Seinfeld SD for trade
  108. TV Season Box Sets in High Def?
  109. FYI - What PS3 Error code (80029940) means
  110. Amazon BD Sale
  111. Spider-Man 3 Trailer Online For Limited Time Only
  112. Will Blu Ray Re-Relase early DVDs?
  113. I have to say this, all you morons who think the
  114. South Park in HD!?
  115. HD-DVD/DVD Combo - One More Sucky Thing About It
  116. First Casino Royale (Blu-ray exclusive) review up!!!
  117. HD Anime?
  118. Blu-ray / HD DVD mastering and other topics
  119. What do gamers think about HD DVD vs Blu-ray and choice?
  120. Target Hurting the Cause?
  121. has HD-DVD (or blu-ray) changed your viewing habits?
  122. Children of Men
  123. Creating Hi-Def DVDs Using Regular 4.7GB Type 5 DVDs
  124. For BULLITT Fans
  125. Universal summer release slate.
  126. Universal summer release slate.
  127. Display setting for HDMI DVD player
  128. HD DVD announces 51GB disks
  129. SD looks great on my XA1!
  130. Universal To Release 3 HD DVD's on 5/22
  131. 1.3 upgrade for the A2/XA2 here's what you get.
  132. Universal releases its first Blu-Ray title
  133. 480i vs 480P
  134. Weinstein Serves Up 4 Horror Movies for HD DVD
  135. Movies You Would *NOT* want to see on high definition disc
  136. HD-DVD outsells Blu-ray in the UK. 4:1
  137. Review of an HD DVD Porn Title
  138. What Ever Happened To The Sneak Preview For Up And Coming HD DVD's?
  139. BD outsells HD DVD! . . . . By 1.3%
  140. Blu-Ray surpasses HD-DVD in total sales sinch launch
  141. My Prediction For The Outcome Of The Format War
  142. Alpha Dog and The Hitcher Coming to HD DVD
  143. National Geographic's Relentless Enemies coming to HD DVD, BD and DVD
  144. Combo prices on Amazon
  145. "The Prestige" Blu-ray Disc--The Case
  146. Sopranos: Blu-Ray (Flawless)
  147. HD DVD IS Getting With The Program!!
  148. "The Trouble With Sony" . . .interesting article
  149. Dreamworks Off The Fence . . .supporting BOTH HD DVD and BD
  150. Statistical Comparison of HD DVD vs. Blu Ray Reviews
  151. URGH!! Having Trouble Justifying HD DVD Combo's
  152. Citizen Kane??
  153. Hey HDDVD Get With The Program!
  154. Why Not 3DTV...Next Step For HDTV?
  155. How Can We Get Some Accurate Numbers?
  156. Kiss of the Dragon PQ worse than SD!
  157. Interesting Article On Red Laser Based HD DVD
  158. Yikes...Maybe Another HDDVD Format!
  159. Interesting WB ad in Home Media Retailing
  160. They can't even get the joke right...
  161. Hello A Newby Here.......
  162. Star Wars on Blu-Ray
  163. Something Is Wrong With X-Men 3!
  164. Import HDDVD's
  165. question about T2 extreme DVD edition
  166. Amazon.com shortcomings/slow to update system and other musings...
  167. BD Terminator 2
  168. Bill Hunt Is At It Again!
  169. How much DVD sales does porn really generate?
  170. Blu-Ray to get Sin City
  171. Studio Canal to support Blu-Ray
  172. Blu-ray/HD DVD Dual format discs
  173. Titles you want on HD DVD
  174. HD-DVD backups
  175. A few facts that you might not know
  176. Hackers discover HD DVD and Blu-ray "processing key" -- all HD titles now exposed
  177. Jaws may be coming to HD DVD afterall...
  178. Anyone have the Fifth Element on Blu Disk?
  179. having a change of thought now
  180. Interesting video on Format War..
  181. The Departed HD-DVD
  182. Hackers discover HD-DVD and BD Processing Key
  183. Are HD DVD's generally quieter than SD DVD
  184. Any 7.1 Audio on HD/DVD or SD/DVD?
  185. Fox trims their release roster
  186. I'm not buying the Combo thing...
  187. Crank unplayable out of the box. Blu-Ray: Standards?
  188. What's with Circuit City?
  189. When is BJ's selling HD DVD's
  190. Very strange Netflix experience...
  191. Departed Excellent
  192. Ohh Noooo!! Tier threads crumbling..
  193. First Blood: Australia HD DVD release ahs DTS-HD?
  194. High def dvd question
  195. Whats better? Bitstream audio (optical/coax) OR Multichannel inputs (5.1 PCM)
  196. NBC/Universal up for sale?
  197. So what is true HD?
  198. More light on the VideoScan numbers... A lot of BD movies sales were due to discounts
  199. Warner Brother's Total HD Discs
  200. Email from WB (more HD DVD coming)
  201. Having problem with The Matador!!Help pls.
  202. No "Hollywoodland" HD-DVD @ Best Buy
  203. NIN HD DVD/BD Info
  204. Anyone interested in swapping HD-DVD title for same BD title?
  205. What do you do with your SD DVDs?
  206. Target getting in on the HD game?
  207. Anyone get DtHD to play 5.1 with the Heart HD-DVD?
  208. PS3 attach ratio formula
  209. Is Combo HD-DVD/DVD format really neccessary?
  210. Lucky Number Slevin
  211. Sony to release Spiderman 2.1 - but not on Blu-Ray?
  212. Scorpion King: Worth a buy or rent?
  213. Digital Video Essentials coming this month
  214. Black Rain
  215. What's with the love for HD-DVD? Why?
  216. sony movies in hd dvd
  217. Videoscan numbers for January show Blu-ray with 2:1 lead
  218. Has Best Buy ever offered a buy on, get one free sale for HD DVD?
  219. Another reason not to trust Sony (OT)
  220. WB holding back HD DVD releases because of BD-J?
  221. Fox only promoting The Marine DVD, not Blu-ray
  222. HD DVD Promotions Group Touts Spielberg Classics 'Jaws,' 'Jurassic Park,' 'E.T.'
  223. Netflix and HD-DVD
  224. LOTR HD BOX Set Extras
  225. LOTR HD BOX Set Extras
  226. NIN - Live: Beside You In Time Now Available For Pre-Order on Amazon
  227. Blu-ray or HD DVD, a toss up
  228. HD is meant for the big screen
  229. IGN Interview: Joone, Digital Playground founder
  230. Black Rain
  231. Just watched Behind Enemy Lines on BD
  232. Pitch Black & Van Helsing
  233. Darn it! Netflix sent me a SD Fantastic 4 disc in a BD sleeve!
  234. Should HD-DVD owners buy Blu-ray movies?
  235. Sony and blu-ray
  236. Just Watched BD House of flying Daggers
  237. Universal to deliver 100 exclusive HD DVD movies in 2007
  238. Total overall consumer spending 2006, broken down by movie studio
  239. Why I love this site
  240. T2 Coming to HD DVD
  241. POTC 1/2 and Cars coming to BR
  242. Open Season Review
  243. Blu-ray sales go up while HD DVD sales go down
  244. Full Metal Jacket HD-DVD is a ripoff!
  245. Universal to release The Jerk and The Game April 17
  246. Best Buy Disappointment
  247. Still sealed HD-DVDs for trade
  248. Bluray supports and HD-DVD supports - can't we all just get along?
  249. Sony against P0rn = Blu-ray Tombstone....
  250. HD DVD's and Blu-ray disc For Sale
  251. Borat
  252. Wide selection of movies
  254. Blu-ray vs. HD DVD sales at DVDEmpire
  255. Warner's The Departed- uncompressed PCM for Blu-ray, TrueHD for HD DVD
  256. HD DVD and BR releases
  257. The guy who hacked HD DVD hacks Blu-Ray in less than 24 hours. Without BD equipment
  258. hd dvd showing bad signs...
  259. Why no HD DVD release sticky?
  260. Cover art for Total HD
  261. Sony says there is no room for naked midgets on Blu-Ray discs
  262. Where are all the movies?
  263. Studio Choices that make no sense
  264. HD-DVD Repeat
  265. Brokeback,Alien
  266. Make Your HD DVD Wishlist
  267. US Film Catalog counts
  268. What is the Netflix HD DVD queue wait time?
  269. The Criterion Collection
  270. What resolution are HD movies mastered at?
  271. Van Helsing
  272. Blu-ray Disc Association Refutes Claims of Porn Ban, Vivid plans first BD
  273. Star Trek movies ONLY coming to HD-DVD in 2007 plus LOTS more
  274. This War Has To Stop
  275. What's up with Employee of the Month's list price?
  276. Asking TO Learn. HD DVD - Blue Ray
  277. HD DVD Releases?
  278. Updated List of Blu-ray Releases
  279. Digital Video Essentials HD-DVD - Release Postponed
  280. Codec Information
  281. King Kong, 12 Monkeys, Serenity HD DVD's cracked and distributed
  282. Can rent HD or BD??
  283. HD movie sales tracking on dvdempire.com
  284. Is it true that New Line is only support THD?
  285. The Dangers of a Best Buy Gift Card.
  286. Where to get HD DVD/Blu Rays
  287. Poseidon Great Picture
  288. HD-DVD needs to get DreamWorks on board
  289. Ps3 blueray on 720p ??
  290. DTS mandatory/optional specs on Blu-ray and HD DVD
  291. Blu-ray at breakneck speed
  292. Looks like porn studios will be backing HD DVD exclusively
  293. I found where to get replacement cases FYI
  294. Speculative Answer to the Question: Why don't Warner Blu-Ray Releases Include DTHD?
  295. Blu-ray Software Sales Surpass HD-DVD
  296. Read this before importing Studio Canal HD DVD's
  297. Land of the Dead HD DVD Question
  298. HD DVD Software Outsold BD 2:1 According to Numbers Released At CES
  299. what are these HD disks from other countries?
  300. The Almighty Crank?
  301. Warner Bros goes Dual-Format Disk
  302. TVPredictions.com - Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD: No Winner at CES
  303. The OFFICIAL post PICS of your HiDef movie collection thread
  304. Combo discs, love em' or hate em'?
  305. What is the best PQ you have seen on HD-DVD so far?
  306. How many HD-DVDs do you own?
  307. No new HD DVD announcements from Universal @ CES
  308. HD DVDs for cheap!!
  309. Extra Features Poll 2, take 2
  310. Extra Features Poll Part 2 :)
  311. How much are studios losing...
  312. DVD Special Features
  313. Pirates of the Caribbean 1 & 2 to be released exclusively on Blu-ray Disc in May
  314. Anyone do any HD-DVD trading?
  315. BD/HD DVD/DVD combo disc in the works
  316. Blade Runner in High Def?
  317. Superman returns in BD player
  318. For viewers of adult content-HD DVD not Blu-Ray?News.....
  319. CES HD-DVD/Blu-Ray anouncements
  320. Akira Kurosawa movies?
  321. Total HD
  322. LG may end Blu-Ray/HD-DVD war with Dual Player at CES!!
  323. What is the Matrix?
  324. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray Releases?
  325. Private shipping of HD DVD´s to Europe?
  326. Yet another alternative to the high prices for HD movies at BB/CC
  327. 5* title counts
  328. what movie to get out of these 3
  329. How easily do BD-50 get scratched?
  330. just got my xbox 360 HD DVD addon please read
  331. The Descent = First 7.1 lossless soundtrack?
  332. TV Shows in HD
  333. Are these the only TrueHD titles?
  334. HD-DVD biggest possible advantage and benefit
  335. Finally! The ultimate HD-DVD will be released!
  336. For BD fans only which movie has the best PQ?
  337. HD-DVD cracked...Maybe?
  338. Aacs
  339. Dont Any Of You Get It???
  340. A little help
  341. $5.00 Off Coupon For MI-III in Newspaper
  342. Blu-ray is getting better overall PQ and SQ reviews than HD DVD at High-Def Digest
  343. good / bad Picture Quality?
  344. Batman Begins and V for Vendetta on Blu Ray
  345. Can a HD-DVD replace an 6-disc X-files DVD boxset?
  346. Why Does BB Have a Larger BD Selection Than HD-DVD?
  347. $20 Off HDDVD
  348. Are ANY BD movies released with a DtHD soundtrack to test the PS3?
  349. Best and Worst of 2006
  350. Blu-Ray catching up
  351. Maybe the Format war will Never End??
  352. Sony Should Be Sued!!!
  353. Sony....and our buddy Uncle Kenny
  354. I got the Ps3!!!!!
  355. How are HD-DVD's more scratch resistant than regular DVD's?
  356. Spider-Man
  357. Does everything need to be in High def?
  358. World Trade Center region coded?
  359. Casino looks like a must buy HD DVD
  360. A Petition for Universal to Support Blu-ray
  361. Something I noticed over at AVS...
  362. Blu-ray Versions of old films
  363. Just got the A2
  364. End of Days HD-DVD problems on HD-A1?
  365. HD-DVD: World Trade Centre
  366. Best Blu-ray DVD to Showcase 1080P
  367. Is this the end of my DVD collection?
  368. BSG series on HD-DVD
  369. The Hulk
  370. Anyone play the Heart-Alive In Seattle HD-DVD yet?
  371. Not impressed by Goodfellas HD-DVD quality...
  372. Casino Royale on Blu-ray has been confirmed for March 2007
  373. Blu-ray has finally surpassed HD DVD in total releases
  374. Which HD-DVD titles will play w/out Firmware 2.0 upgrade?
  375. What if HD-DVD and Bluray were reversed?
  376. Are there ANY HD-DVD titles that will play via component video?????
  377. MORE bad news for HD DVD, MORE great news for Blu-ray
  378. Problem with Christmas Vacation HD DVD audio...
  379. Superman Returns HD-DVD PQ
  380. Phantom of the Opera ... A must have for your collection
  381. Hd Dvd Audio
  382. HD vs BD catalog
  383. HR-20 Receiver Controlled bt Harmony 880
  384. HD-DVD Or DVD Aquarium, Fireplace
  385. Dukes Of Hazzard Video Quality
  386. HD DVD vs Blu-ray on recent simultaneous releases
  387. Strange problem with King Kong
  388. running 16:9
  389. hd dvd blockbuster online
  390. Any updates on HD-DVD requiring HDMI with HDCP?
  391. Enter The Dragon - Pick it up!
  392. Quad Layer Bluray? 8 layer on the horizon?
  393. Richard Donner Cut
  394. Farewell 1 Tour: Live From Melbourne Anyone seen it?
  395. HD DVD on PC/Notebook
  396. XBOX 360 HD DVD player movie freezes
  397. 1080i/1080P look the same on a good 1080P set? Why?
  398. Why won't King Kong play in Toshiaba HDA1?
  399. Amazon Discount for HD DVD's
  400. 2.35 aspect ratio movies that are really 1.33
  401. NEWS FLASH: Blu-ray DVDs ripped via PS3
  402. Pricing of hd dvd format movies.....?
  403. Superman HD DVD combo bought it $23.95
  404. What will Dolby True HD and Plus do with my audio gear?
  405. Why HD and SD movie on same disc?
  406. Looking for demo or any DVD with a WOW factor!
  407. HD looks pretty bad to me
  408. Nobody advertises the resolution of the HD movie !?!?
  409. Just ordered HP Goblets of Fire in HD-DVD
  410. Has anybody picked up Smallville on HD DVD?
  411. Superman the Movie in HD
  412. Lossless audio - Someone help me...
  413. For those BD fans, here is what you are missing out on
  414. Will the A2/XA2 HD DVD players be able to decode DTS-HD Master Audio?
  415. Whats your "Top 5" must have HD-DVD's
  416. The Pioneer Blu-Ray Player Can Not Decode DTS-HD MA
  417. Which movie looks the best on HD that you have seen?
  418. Superman Returns ... combo disc ... disappointed
  419. What made you pick Bluray or HD-DVD as your #1 choice in the new media?
  420. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King Extended Edition on HD DVD- Question
  421. Dr. Strangelove on HD-DVD??
  422. When will HD-DVD support both SD/HD on 1 side?
  423. 1080P movie on 720p TV
  424. What are you guys thankful for?
  425. Will Casino Royale be on HD-DVD?
  426. When will BluRay exclusive studios realise their mistake?
  427. Am I doing this right?
  428. Dvd/HDdvd Technical Issue
  429. Hddvd Haul !
  430. I Still Predict Slow Adoption of HD-DVD & Blu-ray
  431. If you bought the 360 add on, how many HD-DVD titles did you buy?
  432. 1.5 million HD-DVD movie discs sold already!
  433. Where is the layer switch?
  434. for Boby, SLedford and Oblioman
  435. Not understanding this..
  436. Here we go again.
  437. new line cinema hd
  438. Sony website nice prices on BDs
  439. Just used the 10% offer by Amazon
  440. Am I right about 'Kong' on HD-DVD?
  441. Who's paying Best Buy to push BluRay??
  442. Vivid Going Blu First
  443. Do you still purchase DVD's?
  444. Did my Wal-Mart goof with 'Kong'?
  445. Lord Of The Rings?
  446. 'Standard' DVD looks crap on HD TVs??
  447. 3 Free HD DVD offer
  448. microsoft wins hd format war
  449. HD DVDs offer rental space
  450. What are the advantages of hd-dvd over blu-ray?
  451. Farewell 1 Tour: Live From Melbourne
  452. Best discs in either format?
  453. Any chance of a Bourne Identity release?
  454. HBO (entourage) or SHO (weeds) on hd?
  455. Blockbuster
  456. HD region codings
  457. Got a question on HD DVD
  458. Mission Impossible Box Set
  459. Vivid Entertainment Enters HD Market in 2007
  460. When is the HD DVD Drive for the Xbox360 coming out on the UK?
  461. Defective by Design
  462. Smallville season five up for preorder on Amazon
  463. help SHOT in HD
  464. Question for Blu-ray disc experts
  465. What in the world happened to Harry Potter for HD-DVD?
  466. The Thing
  467. New to HD dvd
  468. TRUEHD titles?
  469. Casablanca, Forbidden Planet coming Nov. 14
  470. Gotta laugh today
  471. Tower Records goes bust - HD-DVD's on Sale
  472. High-definition DVDs spark high street war
  473. HD-DVD Batman Begins Review
  474. Poor Quailty with Upconversion DVD!!
  475. Fast & The Furious - Tokyo Drift
  476. When Will Block Buster Or Hollywood Stores Rent Hddvd Or Blu-ray?
  477. Under Seige Amazon Preorder
  478. Charlie's Angels BD?
  479. Polar Express
  480. V for Vendetta?
  481. Batman Begins=Scarecrow Dust
  482. The Ultimate in Ignorance
  483. What happened?
  484. Universal's Casino and The Scorpion King coming to HD DVD
  485. Not All Blu-ray Movies Have Durabis Protective Coating!
  486. Robin Hood movie stretched!
  487. Question concerning HD-DVD & Blu-Ray DVD's
  488. Used HD DVD and Blu Ray Disc Market
  489. Superman 2-Donner's Cut-You'll be blown away!
  490. Magnolia Studios does a 180, goes Blu-ray.
  491. Scratch Resistance of HD-DVD Discs vs Blu-ray Disc
  492. What do internal Blu-ray and hd-dvd drives cost?
  493. Terminator 3 HD-DVD
  494. Tuesday Fast & Furious HD-DVD
  495. HD DVD titles out selling BD 11:1.
  496. Anyone know of another high def pc dvd like T2?
  497. Target to sell HD-DVD & Blu-Ray in store
  498. Anyone else beside me own BD movies on this forum?
  499. An Alternative
  500. whats the sys req for using HD and blue ray Dvd