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  1. Amazon.com drastically lowers prices on blu-ray titles
  2. what will be the first HD DVD or BluRay studio to go neutral
  3. Ocean's Boxset Coming Soon
  4. Disney Announces Four Classics for 2008
  5. Blu-ray discs sales figures are higher then HD DVD discs this year
  6. I'm officially against combo releases.
  7. UK Matrix Trilogy Mis Priced? £23.99
  8. HD DVD: The format of choice for geek TV
  9. Cost To Build An HD Movie Plaer - Going down.
  10. Joe Kane (DVE) Forms HD Education Joint Venture
  11. WB To Release Some Former Combo's As HD Singles
  12. HD DVD Picking up speed in Australia!
  13. More info about what is/isn't included in the Nielsen Videoscan numbers
  14. Blu-ray Outselling HD DVD By 2-1
  15. Xbox 360 Games to be 'HDD Required'
  16. 'Battlestar Galactica' Coming to HD DVD in December
  17. Retailers . . . . Oops!
  18. This is what the general public is getting about the format wars.
  19. First Fox Blockbuster confirmed for Dec Release
  20. Hybrid Player Price War? Bring it on!
  21. Help on HDXA2 ... Question
  22. Be Properly wary of Netflix
  23. HD DVD "exclusives" on Blu Ray...
  24. How is the format war hurting things for consumers?
  25. Memo To Microsoft and Sony: Game Consoles Are For Playing Games
  26. LG BH100 Question
  27. Question/ Silicon Optix processing
  28. the (alleged) secret agendas of sony and microsoft
  29. Petition to boycott Universal Studios
  30. If this rumour is true, GOODBYE Blu Ray
  31. Question to knowledgeable folks about PAL format HD DVDs
  32. Watch out for these HD DVD trolls.
  33. Weird 'going ons' are my local Blockbuster
  34. I now remember why I don't go to the movies anymore!
  35. How Much Will This Hurt The Formats?
  36. Matrix Ult/Tril HDDVD sells nearly 100,000 to zero Blu Ray!
  37. When is fox going to release more Discs
  38. region free players
  39. Xpolited Cinema - Now 39 HD DVD's That Are BD Exclusives
  40. Disney's Gordon Ho on Blu-ray technology
  41. Why blue ray will win.
  42. Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery warns it may be out of time
  43. WAR movies....
  44. Star wars movies......
  45. Will You Stop Bickering/Fightings/Trolling Here At HDF?
  46. Evan Almighty confirmed early October HD DVD
  47. Retailers report sales gap closing between two formats
  48. HDMI 1.3 - Is It Necessary?
  49. 160k 300 blu sales
  50. Two kinds of lies in the format war- lies and damn lies.
  51. 'Knocked Up' Confirmed For HD DVD this September
  52. Ratatouile
  53. Lethal Weapon box set?
  54. Heroes, Lost and 24 on either format?
  55. sopranos.smallvile seasons 1-5,and 1-4 on HD dvd
  56. Amazon Blu-ray SALE up to 50% off from Disney
  57. Battle of high-definition DVDs predicted for holidays
  58. hd "300 vs. blue ray "300"
  59. Onkyo readies their first HD-DVD player
  60. Are these facts true?
  61. Confessions of an HD DVD Owner
  62. Are people really this stupid??
  63. Hot Fuzz non combo version pics
  64. Blockbuster gets new ammo in Netflix battle
  65. Universal's Kornblau Wants Format War to Continue
  66. 300 on blu-ray stomps it's hdd counterpart
  67. Spider-man Trilogy on Blu-ray for less than $70 at Amazon
  68. Format growth rate is the most important stat!
  69. Which one has better IQ? .Ts files downloaded or Actual HDDVD?
  70. My local Blockbuster puts up sign in front of Blu Rays...
  71. Why don't the release more titles??
  72. 300 sells more than 250K on HD DVD and Blu-ray
  73. New all-time biggest seller on HD disc is 300
  74. Sony Sues Toshiba!
  75. Sony launches Blu-ray disc releases iCalendar
  76. HD-DVD and Target
  77. HD DVD Movies List
  78. HD format wars, some facts
  79. What will Happen...
  80. So what to do about "300" locking up on chapter 17?
  81. Anyone else notice this at Amazon?
  82. Truth about 300 on HD DVD and BluRay?
  83. blockbuster and bj's
  84. Completely Sold Out. . .
  85. The 19.99 sale at Best buy is also in store.
  86. Crash on Blu-Ray
  87. Swanni TV: Microsoft On HD DVD's Interactive 300
  88. New Firmware updates for Toshiba HD DVD players
  89. best hd movie for now ?
  90. Buying another A2... read the fine print.
  91. Worthy Blu-Ray movie Purchases...
  92. Circuit City does not want to sell HD DVD
  93. Spider-Man Trilogy Officially announced
  94. Why Did We Complicate HD Disc So Much?
  95. Paramount . . . 2 Tier Pricing?
  96. Tranformers
  97. Found this on another forum. . .
  98. HD DVD from 960x540 footage
  99. Best Buy.ca HD DVD sale
  100. Panasonic Wants You in "Live in HD"
  101. Hot Fuzz scores High Def Digests first 5* rating
  102. Question about DVD forum & HD DVD
  103. Planet Earth from Amazon
  104. So... I buy Con Air...
  105. Sony Puts 'Starship Troopers' Blu-ray on Hold
  106. Universal VP adds fuel to HD format war
  107. Mr and Mrs Smith
  108. Is dialog normalization inherent to TrueHD audio?
  109. who ordered 300 through buy.com
  110. FaceOff Blu-ray to have more extras than hdd...
  111. A purely economic view of the format war
  112. Now that I got BD, is it just me...??
  113. Cheaper to manufacture HD DVD's
  114. Anyone interested in helping with a Blu-ray/HD DVD comparison?
  115. Adanced Audio Formats - Which Player Plays What Format
  116. Japan Porn Biz Backs Blu-ray
  117. Has anyone seen this Blu-ray commercial yet?
  118. Has anyone seen the King Kong 1976 HD DVD Import?
  119. HD DVD Ads in theaters
  120. Engadget: Target is NOT Blu-ray exclusive
  121. Increased my HD DVD spending after all this Blu-news...
  122. Is it me or is highdefdigest very blu these days?
  123. Is Blu Rays PS3 charge running out of steam?
  124. Sony just caters to ignorance
  125. Listing the "Blu-ray knockouts"
  126. BD rant.
  127. True or not???
  128. Blockbuster Avalanche in Q4.
  129. Fry's Sells Hi-Def Formats for $11.99
  130. A List of Inaccurate Info So Far For HD Disc
  131. Optimum Announces Blu-ray Support
  132. Paramount Shifts Focus to Blu-ray
  133. First gen disks
  134. BJ's Wholesale Club stores to carry Blu-ray exclusively
  135. Blockbuster changes Total Access terms after loss
  136. Official Blade Runner Release Info - 12/18
  137. How Do You Acquire Your HD Movies On Disc?
  138. 300 was awesome!
  139. Blu-ray Lands Close Encounters/Pirates 3
  140. Breakdown of sales between studios?
  141. Advice for a friend needed
  142. Can HD DVD do more to win than Blu-ray?
  143. Warner Announces Quartet of Kubrick Classics for Blu-ray, HD DVD
  144. Warner THD Plus?
  145. Close encounters of the 3rd kind on Blu-ray??
  146. star wars?
  147. Finally received the 5 free HD DVDs.
  148. POLL: Is it the end for HD DVD?
  149. Is it the end for HD DVD?
  150. Twilight Zone:The movie coming to DVD,HD DVD and Blu Ray Oct 9
  151. universal is holding up the show
  152. Target stores to give boost to Blu-ray DVD format
  153. More info on Samsungs Universal Player and pic
  154. Dragon Ball Z Hits Blu-Ray Disc
  155. Sony Cuts Blu-ray Profit Sharing Deal with Rentrak
  156. Tons and tons of Blu-ray and HD DVD stats (Awesome links inside!)
  157. 300 - New York City
  158. HD DVD and Blu ray via SD projector
  159. 4:3 MOVIES OR TV on bluray or HD-DVD --- any pseudo widescreen blunders?
  160. swear to meeee
  161. My Darkest Hour... I got a PS3
  162. Cnet's David Carnoy: Why I was wrong about HD DVD
  163. HM Expo - Where's the Hi Def?
  164. Paramount is stepping up the Audio side on both formats
  165. Will we see 'Scarface' in HD?
  166. HD DVD outselling Blu-ray in Europe
  167. HD DVD growth, Blu-ray in decline?
  168. Concerts in HD ?
  169. So much for Universal not releasing Blockbusters...
  170. The BD+ Architecture: 100 lines of code and 60 different instructions
  171. What are all the differences between HD DVD and Blu Ray? Huh?
  172. 360/PS3 Combo - or - Samsung Combo Player
  173. DVD Stats Since Launch
  174. Planet Earth damaged?
  175. Peace possible?
  176. The Release of 300 HD DVD/Blu Ray Video I done...
  177. '300' HD DVD gets perfect 10 out of 10 review.
  178. HD DVD's for $11.99
  179. Consumer education key to hi-def sales
  180. Why Universal Doesn't Matter
  181. Harryhausen classics coming to Blu-Ray
  182. 5th Element in stores - New or old version?
  183. Blu Ray beats HD-DVD in... oh who cares!
  184. Entertainment in Video UK releases
  185. 'Wyatt Earp,' 'Gods and Generals,' 'Gothika' and 'The Wild Bunch' Coming to HDD
  186. So HD Movie fans... Where y'all from?
  187. Futurists: Both formats will grow
  188. Bill Hunt Shows How Much Of An Idiot He Really Is
  189. Cars
  190. So when does the end of theaters come?
  191. Not fond of Circuit City right now...
  192. Confirmed: New Line to Launch Blu-ray, HD DVD Support with 'Hairspray'
  193. Why hasn't Universal released their best titles?
  194. New Warner Title Has 96 Story Lines
  195. HD DVD Gets Microsoft HDi Boost
  196. Harry Potter & Blade Runner
  197. Format war solved
  198. HD DVD Outpacing All Next-Gen Formats in Sales Growth
  199. great asian site for hd bikini, movie, documentary, MTV ...
  200. What is blu-ray thinking with its prices??
  201. How many think Combo DVDs will help if priced right?
  202. Sony to revenue-share Blu-ray through Rentrak
  203. Aussie HD DVD Fans, Very good news!
  204. Disney hits the road!!!
  205. Some Blu news
  206. Doovde ready for the hd :P
  207. When (or if) The Big Day Finally Arrives...
  208. Most expensive single-movie release since the LD days and a BD combo
  209. Hi Def Formats Overtake VHS! WooHoo!
  210. HD-DVD vs Blu-ray Survey
  211. Weak home video spending blamed on weak movies
  212. Pressure mounts on U to turn Blu
  213. Wow, got banned again from Blu-ray.com
  214. Will Sony embrace TotalHD if we have a draw by 2009?
  215. Wow! Blu-ray player sales up 700% after PS3 price cut
  216. DVD Release Report: Blu-ray has more titles available in the US
  217. So Who Has the Most Titles In Release?
  218. BD+ (not a cracking thread)
  219. Why?
  220. HD DVD group says outselling Blu-ray in Europe
  221. Sony will meet the needs of consumers for both PS3 models
  222. Tartan Video for Blu ray
  223. Sony SVP - "HD DVD Will Be Dead In A Few Months"
  224. Sony's $499 "price-reduction" is really a fire sale
  225. HD DVD/BRD Disc Replication Costs
  226. Which version of 300 will you be getting?
  227. Wal-Mart: Sony Blu-ray For $488 & Get 7 Movies
  228. What's the best Quality 1080P Movie?
  229. Aussie Melbournians, go to Virgin Megastore!
  230. Is Pirates of the Caribbean PQ really all that great?
  231. Neutral Titles: Audio Format Comparison of HD DVD and Blu-ray
  232. If Blu-ray wins, we'll all be forced to double-dip, won't we?
  233. Disney to go Neutral??? .........
  234. S300 Profile 1.1?
  235. Navigational Cinema on Haunted Hill BD Release
  236. Another title no longer exclusive to Blu-ray
  237. STAR TREK - TOS-Re-Mastered On HD DVD
  238. New Releases for July 10th...Both Formats if available
  239. I wan't Blu Ray, now...
  240. Up to 37% off Beuna Vista bluray
  241. Get an additional 5% off Heroes HD DVD on Amazon.com
  242. Play-asia.com Summer Smoothie Sale: 20% off Blu-ray
  243. Save $10 on these HD DVD's at Best Buy!!
  244. End of Year Predictions for Bruceames.
  245. The Rock Blu-ray
  246. A nice one for Blu ray from Warner!!!
  247. Retailers Are Embracing Both Formats
  248. How bad is it for Blu Ray?
  249. By the end of 2007
  250. Will a winner replace DVD?
  251. Heat on HighDef?
  252. Blu Ray up-conversion compared to HD DVD.
  253. Silicon Optics HQV HD Discs
  254. Just wondering, what excites Blu-Ray camp?
  255. Columbia House has 300 & Blades of glory for HD!!
  256. Halloween, Evil Dead II, Dawn/Day of the Dead coming to Blu-ray this fall
  257. New HD DVD Milestone ...
  258. UK ASDA online HD offers! (HD DVD/Blu Ray)
  259. '300' HD DVD back up for pre-order on Amazon.com!
  260. European commission's informal investigation
  261. Can it be done?
  262. Movie Gallery - In Financial Trouble
  263. EU Probes Competing HD Formats
  264. UK HD Movie fans, GameStation loves you!
  265. Blood Diamond HD DVD Unlocks Web Features...
  266. HD DVD is just better than Blu-Ray...
  267. Fry's Electronics Is Running a 4th Of July Sale!
  268. HD DVD with 70% of stand alones. Can Sony win?
  269. Amazon to offer independent films in HD DVD format online
  270. Study - 13% Of Gamers Use Their Console For Video Playback
  271. It looks like i have stolen blu-ray disks...
  272. If they merged, what name? what technology?
  273. "300" HD DVD is up for pre-order on Amazon.com!!
  274. Your Local Library - Another Place To Rent HDD's - Free Too
  275. I have tried, and tried, but damn you Blu ray!
  276. Fox is back!
  277. Toshiba Drops HD-DVD Prices for GOOD, Read!
  278. What are the chances?
  279. Transformers HD DVD or Blu ray? Best movie ever
  280. List Of Exclusive Titles For HD DVD
  281. Oldboy comming to Blu-ray?
  282. Warner Delays Total HD Until 2008
  283. Movie Picks!
  284. Universal announces 2 new titles for HD DVD
  285. Blu-ray Disc Association Offers Five Free Discs...
  286. Never go to Best Buy on New Release Tuesdays....
  287. Code for 20% off WB titles on line
  288. Is It Necessary For Every Thread About HDD Be Turned Into A Format War Thread?
  289. HD Fans... Video or Audio?
  290. "Killer App" Blu-ray/hd dvd releases
  291. Dumped my XA2 for a BD-1200...
  292. dual player?
  293. Black Snake Moan gets 5 stars for PQ: What does this mean for MPEG-4/AVC?
  294. Wake me when there is something worth talking about
  295. ATTN: Horror movie lovers. Is Dead Silence worth owning on HD DVD?
  296. ? Laser Rot in Blue Ray Discs ?
  297. Robert of VE - HD DVD Has Plans For The Future
  298. Why do some internet sites choose sides?
  299. Where to buy online
  300. 'Planet Earth' looks great in HD — and to the BBC
  301. Neutrality--what does it mean?
  302. Would you still pick HD-DVD or Blu-Ray IF....
  303. WB - HD DVD Exclusive Titles
  304. Ghost Riders on HD-DVD French
  305. HD-DVD or Blu-ray...Ego/pride aside ?
  306. Fox gets Halo movie, this will be verryyy interesting.
  307. Beta and VHS choice VS BD & HD DVD
  308. Universal and Microsoft Respond to Blockbuster Announcement...
  309. Fox Announces 22 Titles for France
  310. Blade Runner - I Minute Promo on "The Final Cut"
  311. Columbiahouse going High Def!!
  312. GalleryPlayer Goes Blu-ray
  313. Disney - Sleeping Beauty in 2008
  314. The Dough Is In The Discs
  315. Have any neutral studios stopped being neutral?
  316. How will HD become Mainstream?
  317. Panasonic VP Declares Blu-ray Winner
  318. Amir M. weighs in on Blockbuster decision
  319. Exclusive News: Immortal Beloved Special Features
  320. DVD Sales Are Down
  321. BD+ Now Available?
  322. Elegant lady limHD200i-H.264? HDD player
  323. HD-DVD's best winning move..
  324. Starz (Anchor Bay) Joins Blu-ray Exclusively
  325. HD DVD has a secret weapon
  326. Starz Home Entertainment Is Going BD - For Now
  327. Road to Avonlea - where to buy cheap?
  328. Let's Evaluate... Is the War over? Can HD DVD still win?
  329. Weinstein Co. to go Blu-Ray? (Speculation Only)
  330. MSNBC Live Vote/Poll - Who will Win - HD DVD or BD?
  331. HDD Releases For 6/19 and 6/26
  332. BD+ titles to arrive in the coming weeks
  333. Sony BD's: Step-by-step instructions for Blu-ray calibration
  334. Bruce Almighty and The Good Shepard on Blu-ray disc
  335. BlockbusterWill Rent Only BD's At Their 1400+ Stores
  336. HD DVD Boys... TMNT
  337. Best buy and Toshiba
  338. HD DVD relaunches in Australia
  339. European Impact on Format War
  340. Never bought an import, need advice
  341. Hero's season one
  342. Face/Off for HD DVD and Blu Ray
  343. Ocean's And Harry Potter Films Coming In 4th Qr
  344. What movie do you wish was in your preferred format
  345. A good read.
  346. The Fifth Element Exchange Program
  347. HD DVD with older technology
  348. HD DVD Group Claims Dominance Over Blu-ray
  349. WB Is Bringing Out 3 Bundles Of 4 HDD Movies - MSRP - $84.99
  350. Pan's Labyrinth on HD DVD... Euro
  351. Good news! Bill Hunt says 90% chance war over in 2008!
  352. Shipped versus Sold
  353. LG Electronics GGW-H10NI dual player
  354. Paramount Announces New Titles
  355. 40% off select HD DVDs and BDs. . .
  356. Terminator 2 in HD-DVD (French Version)
  357. The War Of The Online Rentals!
  358. Ghost Rider Review
  359. "HD DVD Live" or whatever it's called...........
  360. What movies could swing sides?
  361. hd dvd vs. blue ray
  362. Planet Earth #3 on Amazon
  363. Lionsgate will have 50 Blu-ray exclusive discs out by end of 07
  364. Sunshine Comes to Blu-ray
  365. The Prediction Thread...
  366. Fat covers and Skinny covers [HD DVD]
  367. Blood Diamond HD DVD in Aus...
  368. Blockbuster Online
  369. HD DVD Supporters... What's the battle plan / how does HD DVD win?
  370. Older movies in HD (how good?)
  371. Is M$ finally out of the promotional closet?
  372. Why I think HD DVD will win, and why Bluray sucks.
  373. Nielson Videoscan numbers
  374. A Companion To Digital Video Essentials HD DVD ?
  375. Think This Will Be Released in HD?
  376. Sony Offers "Third Disc Free" Blu-ray Promotion
  377. Reign of Fire
  378. Amazon To Acquire Netflix ?
  379. Warner Bros. Survey
  380. Defective HD-DVD discs
  381. Xploited Cinema
  382. HD DVD disk question...
  383. Whats the difference between HD DVD and BluRays interactive features
  384. hd or blue ray
  385. HD DVDs & Blue Ray DVDs?
  386. Blu-Ray Bill Hunt - At It Again - Part 3
  387. Elvis in High Def, Thank you very much.
  388. Depressing sales numbers: POTC and Matrix Collection
  389. Pirates beats The Matrix In First Weeks Sales
  390. 300 Blu-ray and hd dvd specs revealed (high-def extras!)
  391. Aint it Cool News.com picks HD-DVD
  392. Universal Sticks With HD DVD
  393. just pre-ordered 300 on WHV a bit steep, but worth the price
  394. Dragon Heart
  395. Erin Brockovich, Meet the Fockers, Mercury Rising & What Dreams May Come HD DVD
  396. Ext. Warrantee Company
  397. Buena Vista to bring “Badder Santa” & “Scary Movie” to Blu-ray later this year
  398. Sony to bring “Arlington Road” & “Final Fantasy Spirits Within” to Blu-ray August 7th
  399. Lgdvb418 >>> Hdmi >>> Panasonic Tc-26lx70
  400. First HD DVD Surround Music Disc Available Now!
  401. Shawshank Redemption
  402. Wish Lists
  403. The first Underworld?
  404. Buy HD DVD Day
  405. Just got the movie "RAN" in HD DVD
  406. Planet Earth on HD DVD
  407. are hd dvd's in either format regional like standard dvd's
  408. Wow, great week for buying movies. (Blu-ray & HD DVD)
  409. HD DVDs double sided?
  410. News of Star Wars Movies on HD Disc - Doesn't Look Good Any Time Soon
  411. WB will Begin To Transfer Films At 4K Resolution
  412. besides the fist matrix the last 2 suck hard...
  413. HD DVD in DVD Player?
  414. HD DVD in DVD Player
  415. Just Watched Matrix
  416. Are the POTC blu ray versions the same as the regular dvd spec eds?
  417. Pirates BD vs Matrix Trilogy HD-DVD
  418. Wmvhd
  419. Hitachi To Offer 8 Layer 200 GB BD Disc - 2009
  420. "Real Review of Dead Man's Chest (OMG!!) "Perfect transfer" including HidefDigest "
  421. Anyone know what is on this BD discs so most players cannot play it?
  422. Well BD Owners - You Are Finally Going To Get Something For Your 50 GB
  423. We are starting to see HD DVDs for good prices!
  424. No one is "Winning" Hands Down!
  425. Planet Earth Blu Ray
  426. Planet Earth HD DVD Takes HD Top Spot
  427. Getting tired of this forum...
  428. Disney "makes bed" with Blu-Ray? Comments?
  429. 300 Coming in July!
  430. My Matrix Collection shipped yesterday
  431. It would appear that BD is winning in UK now.
  432. A hint at some new interactive features coming for HD DVD
  433. Details On Blade Runner Boxed Set (?)
  434. Matrix collections will have True HD!
  435. Bourne Identity up for Amazon preorder
  436. HD DVD vs blu ray question?
  437. Disney's CEO on The Subject of BD . . . Part 2
  438. HD Video better than Cinema Film??
  439. Alpha Dog in HD DVD
  440. Rumour: Largest HD-DVD studio, Universal, going neutral according to pioneer
  441. HD-DVD catching Up
  442. How to view m2ts files?
  443. Disney's CEO Says Unlikely To Release In Rival HD DVD
  444. Blue Planet coming to HD and BD.
  445. Bluray winning hands down.
  446. HP Unveils Combo Blu-ray Writer, HD DVD Reader Plans - PC World
  447. US$299 HD DVD players unlikely this year - DigiTimes
  448. Casino Royal
  449. Disney Postpones 4 BD Titiles Originally Scheduled For June
  450. How well will Spider-Man 3 do on BD?
  451. Combos Ruining HD DVD Experience
  452. Listen Up, Everybody here is a Fanboy
  453. DVD is good enough, thank you.
  454. Amazon, Ebay? B&M?
  455. Any TV shows released to Bluray or HD-dvd?
  456. Market analysis - Why is Bluray outselling HD-DVD?
  457. MYTH - porn helped VHS win the war (and will do the same for HD-DVD)
  458. Underworld: Evolution now available on HD DVD
  459. Universal Begins Disc Replacement Program
  460. What if Sony only released Spiderman-3 on Bluray?
  461. Dve-hd Dvd
  462. OK, I guess I was wrong about Universal's new transfers
  463. HD DVD can't keep it up for more than 2 weeks?
  464. Good Shephard Not DVD Format?
  465. New online resource for HD DVD purchasing.
  466. First Super High Resolution BD Release "higher than high def" Panavision 75mm Film?
  467. Videoscan weeking ending 4/22: BD-52%, HD-48%
  468. HD-DVD must haves?
  469. I just got DVE for $6.89 and you can too!
  470. Is Microsoft really behind HD DVD?
  471. Lionsgate to release Waiting on BD w/ 7.1 PCM
  472. Letterbox on some dvds and not others
  473. Protection for High-Def DVDs Fixed
  474. Has anyone gotten a copy of BD Planet Earth?
  475. Extremely angry about A Night at The Museum BD release
  476. XBox 360 Update Available For Planet Earth HD DVD!
  477. HD DVD of Planet Earth does not work in Xbox360 HD DVD player?
  478. If Dual Format DVD players become the norm?
  479. Former WB President calls the BDA a "Cartel"
  480. Sony pulls Meatballs from line-up
  481. Blu-Ray disc sales reach 1 million
  482. Curious VideoScan graph...
  483. Samsung HD931 to Panasonic ED Wide Plasma
  484. Smokin' Aces & School for Scoundrels..lookin good!
  485. The Jerk HD DVD -- "A vast improvement over any previous release"
  486. The Jerk HD DVD PQ: "definitely falls in the lower rung of HD DVD releases"
  487. Will This Forum Die if HD-DVD loses?
  488. someone give me an honest answer about expensive hdmi cables
  489. Does any one know if there will be an update for the ps3 to upscale dvd's
  490. The Game HD DVD -- Not perfect, but better than you may think!
  491. What are the best sources for HD DVD imports
  492. Comparing PQ of HD-DVD to HBO-HD
  493. My Dvds still look grainy.
  494. Blood Diamond HD DVD Up For Pre-order on Amazon.com
  495. DVE Playback on X360 HD DVD -- UPDATE
  496. The Game HD DVD PQ: "minute upgrade over standard DVD"
  497. HD DVD DVE and 360 Add-on... NO!!
  498. BD Outsells HD DVD For March
  499. Planet Earth sets new Amazon record!
  500. BLOOD DIAMOND From WB - Different Extras For HD DVD versus BD