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  1. Universal Sets December Date For 'Cat People' HD DVD
  2. Fox's New Feature; D-Box Enhanced - The Rebirth Of Sensurround!
  3. Proof that there is A LONG way to go for HD outside the US...
  4. From Amazon.com: Live the High-Def Life with HD DVD Players and Discs
  5. Universal Debuts HD DVD Interactive Web Store
  6. HD DVD info & Links!
  7. Universal Demos "U-Shop" Functionality on 'Evan Almighty' HD DVD
  8. Happy Feet HD DVD #99 on Amazon
  9. Who owns 2008???
  10. Universal to Close Out 2007 with 'Timecop' HD DVD
  11. More Problems For Blu-ray Discs - CRACKS
  12. Resident Evil: Extinction - Sony's First DS PIP Title
  13. BD+ on New Titles Causes Problems for Consumers
  14. HD DVD's Interactive Features Take a New Leap
  15. Which is better?
  16. Stamper Quality: the secret of efficient replication
  17. Nine Free HD DVDs With Toshiba HD DVD Player at Best Buy
  18. The Numbers/Ratios Are Meaningless!
  19. Casino Royale - file size, interesting
  20. Wow, now I see where Paramount's "advertising incentive" went
  21. Netflix Format Preference: HD-DVD 2.4 to 1 over Blu-ray
  22. Sony DADC Produces 10 Millionth 50 Gigabyte Blu-ray Disc
  23. New HD DVD Titles Announced For Q4
  24. Are TL Twin discs really a big deal?
  25. usefull format war info. read now
  26. Target To Sell Venturer On Line
  27. Halloween Pq?
  28. Does anyone think that........
  29. BLU RAY Title Knocks Transformers Out of 1st
  30. Samsung delays dual-fromat player- More bad news for HD DVD
  31. Blu-ray beating HD DVD 4 to 1 in Europe
  32. Samsung cancel BD player - More bad news for Bluray.
  33. So If Warner are starting TL next year...does this mean...
  34. HD DVD Selling well in leading UK Electronics Store!
  35. Paramount and Universal Titles coming, watch the Trailers!!!
  36. Paramount Disc Sales By Title - Pitiful
  37. According to Robert at VE, Warner is going to start using the TL TWIN discs Spring 08
  38. DVD formats Blu-ray, HD square off
  39. The better format is Blu-Ray
  40. HD DVD's better picture quality
  41. Kris Deering (A/V expert) says HD DVD's bitrate can (and has) limited video quality
  42. Format Warrior No More
  43. Cheapest Possible Gear?
  44. Record low DVD prices at retail
  45. Blockbuster lays off 145 employees
  46. Hastings expands Blu-ray rental with sharing
  47. BDA Downplays Impact Of Profiles Issue
  48. High-Def FAQ: What's the Big Deal About 1080p24? (BLOG)
  49. Wondering why Warner hasn't released the BD version of movies?
  50. SPIDERMAN3 Trilogy
  51. Transformers HD DVD for $18.19 + s/h
  52. HD Goes Wireless - Connect With No Wires
  53. Rogers video and Toshiba team up for HD DVD promo with Transformers
  54. Warner discontinues Combo Discs for now.
  55. Resident Evil: Extinction Blu-ray to be profile 1.1?
  56. The Year's Biggest Comedy Premieres on DVD and HD DVD Tuesday, November 13th
  57. Best Buy Survey: Consumers Still Confused About HD
  58. Collector's Edition of Braveheart on HD DVD "in the works"
  59. Blu-Ray.com funny quotes. They never give up LOLOLOL
  60. Is this a hoax?
  61. SONY do NOT release HD DVDs!!! >_< (someone please tell them!)
  62. Beware film purists: Halloween (Blu-ray exclusive) doesn't have proper color timing
  63. Anyone know that the new HD DVD release of Top Gun has a 3mbps DtHD soundtrack?
  64. Could Underworld outsell Knocked Up?
  65. Why Blu-Ray should never win this Hi Def Format War.
  66. The Simpsons Movie Announced for Blu-ray
  67. $399 PS3 could be announced this week
  68. Should Micro$oft bundle a $20 off Coupon with all HALO 3's?
  69. Jessica Biel to be next Wonder Woman?
  70. Latest disc sales...HD-DVD = 47.47% & Blu-ray =52.53%
  71. Blu-crew.com Launches!
  72. Forrester: Format War is Blu-ray's to Lose
  73. Q4 critical for competing HD formats
  74. Apparently Sony pressured Adobe for exclusive BD support in Premeire
  75. Band of Brothers HD-DVD Warning price not for faint of heart
  76. UK HD DVD update
  77. Blu-Ray Player Flawed and Pricey
  78. Another New Line film to be exclusive to BD in 2007.
  79. Blu-ray/HD DVD war to run another 18 months: report
  80. POLL: Do you plan on purchasing Transformers?
  81. HTSA Confirms Blu-ray Support
  82. The REAL Format War - HD vs. SD DVD!
  83. is Blu Ray STILL really leading 2:1 ??
  84. Knocked Up and Superbad? Pah!
  85. Transformers Cover Art
  86. Star Trek: TOS (season 1)) HD DVD reduced to $129.95 on Amazon
  87. Disturbia/The Untouchables Blu-ray sold out at Amazon.
  88. Who is Amir?
  89. '300' HD DVD only
  90. Don't know if anyone has seen this, found it funny!
  91. JB HI FI forced to Stock HD DVD!
  92. Spider-Man 3: How it should have ended
  93. Anyone notice the latest from Bill Blu-ray Hunt?
  94. HD DVD outshines Blu-ray Disc with a better version of "300"
  95. Promotions - The Key To Jump Starting HD Disc?
  96. Sound problem
  97. HD DVD 1080p/24 update now available
  98. Using HDTV as PC monitor
  99. Smaller suppliers wrestle with high-def
  100. What movie would make you switch formats or go neutral?
  101. Image Entertainment Reveals New Mini-Wave of HD DVD Concert Discs
  102. Help knock out Deceptive Bluray Advertising !
  103. Paramount's shift to HD DVD causes big lead for HD DVD!
  104. MS announces use of HDi logo ...
  105. Nielsen Full Detailed Report - What The Studios/Retailers See.
  106. Studio Support Percentage Question
  107. Can someone pleas check The Bourne Supremacy and tell me if it has Bookmarks feature.
  108. New Xbox 360 HD DVD drive next year
  109. Blu-ray Fans Inadvertently Complement HD DVD's PQ
  110. HD DVD/BD conference
  111. Production Delay for Smallville - The Complete 6th Season on Blu-ray Disc
  112. Debating between 2 disks.
  113. superbad BD 2-disc? why?
  114. My local Best Buy appears to have done a complete 180 towards HD DVD
  115. Why the recent surge on Amazon for HD DVD?
  116. Screen Digest predicts more studios will go format neutral
  117. The Sorry State Of Affairs - Blu-ray Disc Interactivity and You
  118. Walmart wont carry $199 HD DVD player
  119. New Blu-ray exclusive movies announced on HD DVD
  120. Debbie Loves Dallas Blu exclusive!!
  121. How long shold it take to get my 5 free BDs?
  122. Fox Confirms Delay For 'Master & Commander,' 'Amityville Horror' Blu-ray
  123. Newly Developed BD-R Disc . . . Incompatible With Existing Drives!
  124. Cheapest method....
  125. Disney Chief Rips Blu-ray Defectors
  126. Anyone else noticing the trend favoring HD DVD now with movie purchases?
  127. "Equilibrium" on BD. When?
  128. Zodiac directors cut finally coming
  129. Non copyright HD Content Available?
  130. For Those That Think UP DVD Look As Good As HD Disc - Look At This Image
  131. Paramount Home Entertainment Announces 'Shrek the Third' on HD DVD
  132. Release Dates For HD-DVD
  133. Release Dates For BRD
  134. Warner to Bow 'That's Entertainment' Collection on HD DVD, Blu-ray
  135. Harry Potter favors HD-DVD
  136. Variety: Blu-ray, HD DVD will co-exist
  137. The Jason Bourne Collection
  138. Disney to Close Out 2007 with 'Underdog' Blu-ray
  139. Winner Of The Most Subtitles Award!
  140. Australian Spider-man boxset (Blu-ray exclusive) is out... REGION-FREE!!!
  141. Hollywood Studios - Their History & Films
  142. OPINION: One posters observations from CEDIA & TL HD DVD discs
  143. Toshiba's free movies and which studio they're from
  144. Best Buy Canada has big love for HD DVD/Blu Ray
  145. O/T: Colin McRae and son die in Helicopter crash...
  146. Where are all of the chicks?
  147. The Debate to end all Debates
  148. HD DVD has many advantages over Blu-Ray - Wake Up Everbody!!!
  149. Question about disc size
  150. Tarantino films - which format?
  151. What Might Warner be considering? GOOD READ!!!
  152. Sony selling their Cell chip production fab business to Toshiba
  153. Bitrate--that important?
  154. Blu-Ray.com hilarity--enjoy!
  155. Funny Make Up Names For HD Disc Sellers
  156. OPINION: Holding a mirror up to high-def (BLOG)
  157. HD DVD Combo's - What Went Wrong?
  158. Apocalypto HD DVD ??
  159. Blockbuster versus Blockbuster Breakdown: HD DVD vs. Blu-ray
  160. The HUGE problems Blu-Ray needs to overcome
  161. The Polar Express on HD DVD
  162. Target shelves in favor of Blu-ray
  163. BDA Responds To TL51 Announcement
  164. So if TwinLayer Works, what will the covers be like?
  165. What the hell? Star Trek HD DVD's are STANDARD DEFINITION
  166. 25% off HD discs at the WB store thru September
  167. Get ready for an Ultimatum on December 11th
  168. Check out DVDempire's Movie sales tally for the last few weeks
  169. Why some over seas HD DVD's and some not?
  170. What's the best HD movie you've seen? Either format.
  171. HD-DVD Fights Off Blu-ray With a Phaser Gun
  172. Iron Man (2008) and The Incredible Hulk (2008) coming to Blu-ray Region A and B
  173. When are they going to stop with the HD DVD/DVD combo discs?
  174. Oh, poor Bill
  175. Iron Man Trailer Out - Comin to HD DVD!
  176. Value Electronics prefers the HD DVD format over Blu-ray.
  177. The Adventures of Indiana Jones - The Complete Movie Collection HD DVD!
  178. HDMI 1.3a and b and so on
  179. HD DVD movies outsell Blu-ray by 7 to 1 (03 Sep 2007) LOL
  180. Best movie you've seen this year?
  181. Worst movie you've seen this year?
  182. Warner: We're Staying With HD DVD & Blu-ray
  183. Don't feed the trolls.
  184. TL51 Should Work With ALL HD DVD Players!
  185. Region-free just BACKFIRED on HD DVD! Most New Line HD DVD's will get delayed release
  186. BD Titles In The News
  187. Denon says "1.1 discs may not play on 1.0 players"
  188. We Really Need To Discuss HD-VMD
  189. Blu Ray Hairspray Nov 20th, HD DVD 2008
  190. ViXS Launches New HD AVC Video Processor Family (SoC)
  191. HP to launch computers with HD DVD/BR Dual-format Burners
  192. Blockbusters response to having hd-dvd
  193. Hairspray being released on Blu-ray exclusively in Q4
  194. One way it would be better for blu-ray to fail.
  195. Warner Bros. mulling over a Lucrative offer from HD DVD & Blu-Ray - Exclusive HD DVD?
  196. PS3 Used As Example of Over Priced Electronics
  197. HD VMD release list?
  198. LOL, Glow ratted this forum out
  199. Hypothetical question for BD fans
  200. Neat HD DVD site (nothing groundbreaking)
  201. ANOTHER HD disc format????
  202. Let's say the BDA throws in the towel today...
  203. Are HD DVD/Blu-ray much bigger than Laserdisc ever was at any point?
  204. Mistakes you feel your format of choice has made in the War.
  205. HD DVD guys, here's a poll for you.
  206. Transformers HD-DVD #5 on Amazon.
  207. Is the war now going to stretch to which stores carry which format?
  208. Disney announces new 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse' 3-disc set for Blu-Ray
  209. Imuse introduces new triple threat DVD player
  210. Confusion about formats--will it sort itself out?
  211. Underworld, Fantastic Four, Resident Evil (Apocalypse), Silent Hill etc. HD DVD
  212. WB pondering going HD DVD Exclusive (Rumor)
  213. Harry potter : OotP {HD DVD}
  214. The Aviator Soars on HD DVD and Blu-ray November 6
  215. BLOCKBUSTER Canada & HD DVD. What they had to say via e-Mail?
  216. Paramount indefinitely delays Saturday Night Fever
  217. Biggest news this year!? (Rumor)
  218. News flash about Profile 1.1 & 2.0 BD players
  219. Why buy a blu-ray player now?
  220. For Jimmy about DD+ info by a filmmixer with "golden ears"
  221. Lot's of Warner HD DVD and BD coming
  222. So who do you think has better studio support?
  223. DVD Forum Approves Triple Layer HD DVD Disc!
  224. Battlestar Galactica
  225. HARRY POTTER 1 - 5 out in December
  226. One on one with Paramount's Alan Bell
  227. Transformers HD DVD Up For Pre-Order On Amazon.com!
  228. Pictorial - How HD DVD's Are Made
  229. WB's MSRP For Ocean's 13 - BD & HD DVD Combo - Same Price!
  230. New Chinese Involvement Could Trigger HD DVD Price Plunge
  231. Denon confirms Euro Blu-ray set-back
  232. If this one is good and we have a winner in the high def war....
  233. E mail reply I recieved from Blockbuster.
  234. Disney Investigating Reported Framing Issues on 'POTC' Blu-ray ...
  235. HD DVD talks big game at CEDIA
  236. The High Definition DVD Studio Support Petition Campaign!
  237. A History Lesson on why Blu-Ray should have failed!
  238. Toshiba Refutes Sony's Claims of Blu-ray Stand-Alone Player Dominance
  239. Venturer SHD7000 HD DVD player: $199 Coming Soon!
  240. Sony Inadvertedly Reveals Declining BD Sales: CEDIA 2007
  241. ACER joins HD DVD Promo group
  242. Sony Inadvertedly Reveals Declining BD Sales
  243. HD-DVD, Blu-ray sow high-definition 'confusion'
  244. Buy HD-DVD day on Tuesday October 16th
  245. Harry Potter Series & LOTR Trilogy - HD DVD Exclusive!!!
  246. Samsung pimp HD DVD
  247. IFA 2007: all new Players + Pictures
  248. Yippee! Matrix Trilogy shipped...
  249. Your View Of The Format War - Macro Or Micro?
  250. Sony says BD players outselling HD DVD players!
  251. Path to 9/11
  252. 125 domestic HD DVD titles to be released in Q4 2007
  253. The Ultimate Ver of Terminator 2 (HD DVD)
  254. Pans Labyrinth preorder up on Amazon.UK
  255. Universal Says "I Do" to 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' on HD DVD
  256. Ebert: Sony is Being Bullied
  257. Prison Break Season One Blu-ray Details
  258. Panasonic Announces Living in HD Truck Tour
  259. HD DVD exlclusive or misquote.
  260. CEDIA: HD VMD to Make US Debut This Fall
  261. Digital Video Essentials coming to Blu-ray disc 10/30/07
  262. Three Sheets Blunder
  263. Transformers Hits DVD and HD DVD on Oct. 16!
  264. Specs in for 'Die Hard' Releases; Fox Says No to Unrated 'Live Free' Blu-ray
  265. Batman Begins HD DVD for Aussies in Stock!
  266. LG's 2G Dual Format Player
  267. Blu-ray is going to win.. its over!
  268. The Office Season 3 HD/Blu Ray?
  269. HD DVD/BD - Doomed To Niche Status?
  270. Star Trek HD-DVD Preview
  271. The MORE official, OFFICIAL CEDIA Thread than the other Official CEDIA thread!
  272. The ONE and ONLY Official CEDIA Thread
  273. Help From UK Forum Members
  274. Blockbuster response to why they only carry blu-ray!
  275. Buy Matrix Trilogy box set, get free Toshiba HD DVD player
  276. Can we please keep the video game talk in the video game section?
  277. Sony bleeding cash??
  278. Bomb goes off near Micheal Imperoili's studio
  279. BDA says format war will be over in 18 months
  280. Indiana Jones IV on HD-DVD
  281. Blu Ray's dirty little secret
  282. Universal launched new HD DVD website
  283. Ridley Scott Feeling Blu
  284. What if Warner went HD DVD exclusive?
  285. Blu-ray dirty secret.
  286. TONIGHT is the night to email Paramount
  287. All HD DVD Supporters! New HD NOW "Call to Action" page up!
  288. Why the passion in this war?
  289. A little confused about bit rates...
  290. Defective Heroes HD DVD?
  291. Why Blu-Ray Should Never Have Existed
  292. Looking forward to these new HD DVD's coming soon.
  293. 2 copies of Blades of Glory on Blu-ray found in Toronto
  294. Leno promotes Blu-ray on The Tonight Show
  295. Division over next-generation DVDs deepening
  296. (EU)Blu-rays worldwide first STEELBOOK Panslabyrinth[PIC]
  297. Microsoft and Fox Join Forces for HD Xbox live Marketplace...
  298. Hotel Babylon Series 1 HD DVD
  299. Dynamic HD - Interactivity For HD DVD - Awesome
  300. Myer Australia Pushing HD DVD!!!
  301. Still no word on the Grindhouse films.
  302. Blood Diamond, 40 year old Virgian or Batman Begins?
  303. My case for anamorpic up-conversion
  304. Back to basics.. Can we relist the pros for each format?
  305. Paramount and Dreamworks STILL HD DVD Exclusive!
  306. How would Dual Format DVD players affect the format war?
  307. Blu-ray is STILL dominating HD sales
  308. If Lucifer Himself pressed this Blu-ray Disc in the Pits of Hell?
  309. Internet Interactive - BAH who needs it!
  310. AMAZZZZZZZZZING news......
  311. Format war brings production challenges
  312. Can Toshiba’s HD DVD & Sony’s Blu-Ray Co-Exist? YES? NO?
  313. Give me evidence that the PS3 can't be upgaded to meet profiles 1.1 and 2.0
  314. IT HAPPEND!! HD DVD with Disc Rot [PIC]
  315. Boost for Blu-Ray
  316. Sony just screwed all current Blu-Ray player buyers!!!
  317. Looking for HDMI 1.3 HD-DVD Player
  318. Which is more scratch resistant?
  319. Great article on the Paramount news.
  320. IFA 2007: HD DVD Group Press Conference
  321. Digital Cinema And Super High Definition
  322. What website can I find imported HD DVDs for sale?
  323. IFA HD DVD conference.
  324. POTC on BD has framing issues
  325. 3D - Here It Comes
  326. Another interesting article about 2 winners (formats)
  327. Classic demonstration of Sony FUD
  328. PS3 shoving blu ray down peoples throats
  329. License to Wed. October 30th
  330. Oceans 13 Confirmed
  331. List of "some" HD DVD Imports:
  332. State of Blu-Ray: Not So Good?
  333. User-made special features
  334. 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry' Coming to HD DVD
  335. Lost
  336. Die Hard
  337. New DVD-sized disc to hold 1 to 5 terabytes
  338. Disney: No Interactive Features Till Q2 2008
  339. Could we please refrain from fighting and just discuss topics?
  340. Fox (Blu-ray exclusive movie studio) will continue using DTS-HD MA
  341. Disney and Fox shuffle when asked about getting "sweeteners" to go with BD
  342. HD DVD commercial all over the place!
  343. doesnt Sony partially own Disney???
  344. What's the latest news on the Warner Total HD format discs?
  345. blu-ray.com posters are whack jobs!
  346. studio canal goes neutral
  347. rented the HD DVD essentials disk now what??
  348. Bill Hunt's opinion on the Chinese HD DVD player (you don't want to miss this)
  349. New Universal Site
  350. Wow is right
  351. Venturer HD DVD Player: $199? Wow
  352. Microsoft Denys Paramount Payout.
  353. Spidergrain...Spidergrain...
  354. BD50 yields are STILL under 40% according to this persons 3 sources
  355. Blockbuster to change their minds on Blu Ray?
  356. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - HD DVD Only (?)
  357. Universal To Release TREMORS!
  358. Cheap Chinese HD DVD Players *Confirmed*
  359. DVDFab HD Decrypter released
  360. Beatboy's BIG (?) News . . .?
  361. Xbox 360 HD DVD sales spur on new retail promotion
  362. Facebookers prefer HD DVD
  363. What's the deal with "We Are Marshall"?
  364. Tera from the deep
  365. Interesting piece of hardware
  366. Get up to 8 HD DVDs with Toshiba HD DVD purchase
  367. Amazon.com - HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray sales Rank!!!
  368. www.hdgamedb.com
  369. Star Trek: TOS available for preorder on Amazon
  370. Dogs and Cats living together..
  371. BeatBoy still making promises on big news
  372. 3 for the price of 2 HD DVD's at amazon.com
  373. HD DVD missing from Blockbuster Online
  374. This weeks score: HD DVD 5 Blu-ray 0
  375. buy now or wait to later???
  376. Is the Warner HD exclusive deal still alive?
  377. Life of Brian
  378. "Blu Ray Loses" Article from technewsworld.com
  379. Transformers coming to Blu-ray!!!
  380. So Interactive Features Mean Nothing?
  381. Love my new XA2
  382. Sony push...
  383. Interesting read on Microsoft, Blockbuster, Target, etc.
  384. Toshiba commercial on ESPN tonight
  385. Question for BR owners
  386. just picked up 2 more movies today
  387. Olease list all the reliable sites where I can buy Imported blu-ray's and HDDVD's....
  388. Olease list all the reliable sites where I can buy Imported blu-ray's and HDDVD's....
  389. It's a shame all SD DVD's can't look like Star Wars Episode III...
  390. This Fall's Explosion of HDTV Content??...
  391. 20th Century Fox President: "Blu Ray will grow faster than DVD."
  392. Question about imported HD DVD's
  393. World Trade Center Blu Ray won't play in PS3
  394. I Can't wait for portable BD & HD-DVD players!!!
  395. HD War: Year in Review.
  396. Spielberg-directed movie on HD-DVD Oct. 9, how come nobody's mentioned this?
  397. If you didnt have a HD machine today, would you still buy a Blu Ray Player?
  398. TWIN Format - HD DVD's H Bomb?
  399. Combo Disk poll
  400. Poll at IMDb
  401. Warner Bros. “had” a secret Agenda!!!
  402. What day would you like for a buy HD-DVD day? POLL
  403. Huh? Continuing HD DVD Puzzlers This Week
  404. Do you think Warner will become HD exclusive, Blu Ray exclusive or stay neutral?
  405. Is there more of a chance of Warner going format exclusive today or yesterday?
  406. Warner Denies Rumors of Shift in High-Def Strategy!!!
  407. Interesting take on Paramount/The War from UltimateAV
  408. Ending the HDTV DVD War
  409. Netflix: Rentals of BD and HD DVD are about the same
  410. Warner Addresses Loss Of Steve Nickerson And Their Position
  411. Dispelling rumors around Paramount/Dreamworks and Microsoft
  412. New To HDTV
  413. The Ultimate Star Trek Collection HD DVD Exclusive!
  414. What effect do you see Wal-Mart $199 Blu-ray players having this Xmas?
  415. We Should Focus On Lionsgate - Not WB.
  416. Could Universal have anything to do with the P/DW announcement?
  417. Help. Help.
  418. Buying Hd Dvd Online
  419. Is a $199 BD or HD DVD player the magic price?
  420. This getting exciting for us? HD DVD and BD fans?
  421. Bit rates on HD DVD's and its limits?
  422. Toshiba Is Going To Win The War
  423. New user saying hello!
  424. Swanni: 3 Ways Blu-Ray Can Win -- Sooner Than Later
  425. Dell could decide "format war"
  426. Rumor: Warner Brothers' Steve Nickerson Steps Down
  427. The rough cost if WB goes exclusive :)
  428. Just thought of this...Walmart vs Target...
  429. How well did Sony take the Paramount loss on a scale of 1 to 10?
  430. Lee's Pictorial Of The Paramount Announcement
  431. Apparently Target and Blockbuster will be completely BD exclusive now
  432. What will your next HD DVD/Blu Ray movie purchases be?
  433. Reasons financial and technical lurk behind Paramount's HD DVD coup
  434. If Universal goes Blu-Ray only...
  435. Bluray is NOT owned by Sony
  436. BREAKING NEWS: The video Paramount and Universal sent to Sony!!!
  437. Where did the Warner HD DVD neutral rumour come from?
  438. POLL - Will Warner Announce HD DVD Exclusive?
  439. Jesus hates Blu-Ray
  440. Toshiba A2 Boot up / Eject Time
  441. Let's have a buy HD-DVD day
  442. It's that time again... Where Scott (Superman) sits at the bar and talks HD...
  443. HD DVD now predicted to be HD winner.
  444. Blu-Ray fanboy who just took the Red Pill!!!
  445. Shahn of the dead made for TVs that overscan...
  446. Blu-Ray still predicted to be High-Def Winner.
  447. Would you go duel for less?
  448. Which player in either format do you prefer? Why?
  449. Paramount: No Recall on Existing Blu-ray Titles, But Supplies Won't Be Replenished
  450. Paramount's CTO gives detailed rationale for HD DVD move.
  451. Michael Bay to produce Trans2
  452. Blades of Glory Blu-Ray
  453. Universal responds to Paramount's decision
  454. Paramount... Does this Mean Godfather Trilogy...
  455. Is Weinstein Neutral? Grindhouse HD DVD?
  456. DURABIS protects Blurays from damage
  457. Who could end the format war in one move?
  458. BD vs. HD DVD Replication Costs From Laser Pacific
  459. Warner Bros. is going to decide when the format wars end.
  460. Apparently Warner and MS are talking HD DVD exclusive
  461. This is too funny!
  462. Paramount says committment is not timed, but 'indefinite'
  463. Michael Bay Now Says He Likes HD DVD!!
  464. Michael Bay RETRACTS earlier statement about "No Transformers 2"
  465. The Godfather trilogy being restored... Could we see an HD DVD release soon?
  466. Could this oddly be good news for all HD consumers
  467. This message for Blu Ray
  468. Current Confirmed and Dated BD/HDD Exclusives
  469. Time to surrender.
  470. Paramount Officially Cancels Blu-Ray SKUs: No Face/Off or Top Gun for BR
  471. Michael Bay is NOT happy with Paramount
  472. HD-DVD is proprietary tech
  473. Steven Spielberg supports Blu-ray - from Spielberg Films.com
  474. JB HI FI and HD DVD....
  475. So...Is there going to be a sales boom?
  476. Bluray is NOT Sony
  477. PS3 is mainly a machine for KIDS, not a movie player
  478. NY Times confirms P/DW paid $150m for 18 months exclusivity to HD DVD
  479. Michael Bay not happy with Paramount.
  480. Paramount, Dreamworks switching ship ?
  481. Portable Hd DVD player at CES 2008?
  482. Funny thread on Blow Ray .com
  483. Just preordered Blades Of Glory in response to the wonderful news...
  484. Ain't It Cool News Response to P/DW
  485. BDA Responds to Paramounts Decision
  486. I Think it's Time For Me To Hang Up The Fan Boy Trunks and Go Format Neutral!!!
  487. Who thinks Fox, Disney, MGM will go neutral IF Warner becomes HD DVD exclusive too?
  488. Surprise Surprise, Fox wake up...
  489. Fox/MGM Blu-ray announcement on the heels of P/DW
  490. Bill Hunt Responds To the Paramount/Dreamworks News:
  491. Paramount and Dreamworks Go HD DVD Exclusive!
  492. Troy Directors Cut same as Troy normal?
  493. True HD DVD BluRay combo players planned?
  494. WDF Best Buy, you Blustards!
  495. At what size of TV is it beneficial to own a Blu Ray / HD DVD player?
  496. Toshiba HD DVD and HDMI question?
  497. Alexander Revisited
  498. 50gb vs 30gb real world differences
  499. The real facts about Blu-ray...
  500. Disk sales or stand alone players? What is more important?