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  1. New CNBC Poll: Show Your Support For HD DVD
  2. black friday and hd-dvds?
  3. LMFAO! Funny fan made HD DVD adverts
  4. Happy Thanksgiving To All HD Movie Lovers!
  5. 3 copies of Children of Men won't play
  6. tried Bluray for the first time at work today...
  7. Go Shrek Go!!!
  8. HP order of the Phoenix -HD DVD- will have web enabled features
  9. Why would Disney say this??
  10. thought sony were starting to show signs of humility...think again!
  11. Toshiba see's both formats coexisting!!!
  12. Lord of the rings trilogy on blu-ray
  13. 3:10 to Yuma' Blu-ray Goes Profile 1.1
  14. HD DVD has ruined my coveted SD collection
  15. LOTR TRILOGY ON HD-DVD - Sign Up Now!!!
  16. HDScape HD DVD's only $9.99!
  17. PS3 Sales For 11/17 - Last Place Again.
  18. Planet Earth back on top on Amazon. What's up?
  19. Star Trek: TOS DVD/HD DVD Combo in Costco for $127.95
  20. Shrek the III won't play!
  21. How To Get The Star Trek Phaser Remote
  22. Tweaked Star Trek Shines in New HD DVD Set
  23. HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray Battles Decided, Black Friday Advice
  24. SoC supports both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray codes
  25. Blu-Ray answers the HD-A2 $99.98 deal.
  26. Enlarged Triple Layer HD DVD Finally Gets Approved. - NOV 18/2007
  27. Another Nail In Blockbusters Coffin?
  28. How is a 720p HDTV able to accept a 1080p signal?
  29. Disney Votes for 51GB HD DVD Media Approval
  30. 'Star Trek' Season Two HD DVD Gets a Date
  31. Surf's Up Blu-Ray help
  32. An Interview With Bandi Visual (Japanese Anime)
  33. Macrovision to Acquire Blu-ray Disc Sec. Tech. (BD+) from Cryptography Research, I
  34. Where are the HD DVDs?
  35. 1 DAY ONLY!!! 55% off select Fox/MGM catalogue Blu-rays!
  36. Something you can do with Blu-ray that you can't with HD DVD
  37. RUMOUR Godfather Trilogy and Indiana Jones Movies on HD DVD in 2008
  38. Sony cuts fees for PS3 game developers
  39. HD DVD Rules on Amazon.
  40. Circuit city Buy 2 get 1 free HDDVD
  41. Bundled Movies
  42. Amazing Walmart/PS3 deal!
  43. can somone help who has shrek III?
  44. Select HD DVD Titles 47% Off On Amazon.com!
  45. WB having 25% off sale on Blu-Rays's
  46. HDA3 with 10 movies $199 free shipping at Amazon!
  47. Got Banned from Blu-Ray.com AGAIN???
  48. Select HD DVD titles 47% off!
  49. How To Choose HD-DVD Or Blu-Ray Disc System
  50. BestBuy.com Misinformation regarding Hi-Def Formats!
  51. HD VMD = 1080p, HDMI 1.3 etc.? Should we be concerned?
  52. Twister [HD-DVD]
  53. sales figures FACTS
  54. Nice ads.
  55. WB having 25% off sale on HD DVD's
  56. What to do with your HD DVDs? Use them as drink coasters.
  57. Oceans 13
  58. Does anybody know if....
  59. DreamWorks negotiating to leave Paramount ..
  60. BluRay "software sales"....
  61. HD DVD camp updates web site
  62. Where are the HD DVD Sales?
  63. The Brave One coming to HD DVD/Blu-ray this February
  64. BCI to pick based on Demographic?
  65. BluRay Deals:Amazon BOGO (Sony, Disney) and Fry's sale (Fox!)
  66. 2008 CES to focus on content
  67. Don't Worry About German T2: Aussie Version coming Feb!
  68. Canada: Select HD DVD Titles For $19.99 at Future Shop!
  69. And now a word from your friendly, neighbourhood, samcan
  70. 51GB HD-DVD discs not compatible with current hardware
  71. Amazon's Deals (Voting is up)
  72. DVD Forum approves 51GB triple-layer HD DVD spec
  73. The Packaging on HD/BD Movies
  74. Best Buy screwed me over on my $99.00 HD-A2 player deal
  75. Eproduct Wars hacked?
  76. Sony claims 100K PS3 sales since price drop
  77. Blu-rays profile problem, solved?
  78. Yet another director that likes Blu ... Sam Raimi
  79. Universal Says No to 'Jason Bourne Collection' HD DVD
  80. 'HD DVD prices 'not subsidised'
  81. 40th DVD Forum Steering Committee Meeting Results
  82. Blu Ray player at $199
  83. Warner shelves Total HD
  84. Bluray Player at Target
  85. New Free Blu-ray Offer From Sony
  86. Best Buy selling HDA3 for $199
  87. Girls Gone Wild - on HD DVD and Blu-ray
  88. Digital Video Essentials-HD Basics HD DVD
  89. Oceans box set 27.99 CDN at blockbuster
  90. I'm done with HD DVD (primarily). . .
  91. Blu-ray 1.1: A Lawsuit Waiting To Happen?
  92. The Bourne Trilogy for $52.99 at Amazon.com
  93. a $319 BD player... with coupon.. KMART PS3
  94. Did Transformers actually sell 190.000?
  95. What is HDDVD doing about retail visibility?
  96. Lions Gate reports highest quarterly revenue ever = $56 M Loss - Still + About BD.
  97. Lets talk about the oceans trilogy
  98. BBC screw up their Combo Disc "instructions"
  99. UK Planet Earth is the version to get!
  100. Some questions about HD-DVD, Toshiba, WalMart
  101. HD DVD 300 for sale
  102. Bought 2 A2s, now how to for the 5 free movies?
  103. Lionsgate Goes Profile 1.1 with 'War' Blu-ray
  104. Report: DVD sales no longer covering rising studio costs
  105. Everything you need to know about Dolby Digital etc.
  106. Bill Hunt's new words on Sony "Stalemate" up...
  107. The Bourne Trilogy HD-DVD
  108. A Reason For The BOGO's And Nielsen Supremacy?
  109. What's with BB and Target?
  110. Lookee what just popped up at Amazon!
  111. HD DVD Group release European attach rate figures
  112. Did Sony's CEO dig Blu-ray's grave?
  113. HD-DVD/Blu Ray racks??
  114. "Best Of" HD-DVD Collections
  115. Disney BOGO sale part 2.......
  116. Who Is Really The 800 Lb. Gorilla?
  117. dvd to hd-dvd
  118. How Sony Screwed Up
  119. What HD DVDs will be 14.99 at Walmart on black friday?
  120. HD DVD Better value than Blu-ray
  121. Newbie saying hello!
  122. If I buy the Star Trek season 1 collection, how many discs sales does that count for?
  123. Sound Advice: HD DVD leaves Blu-ray in the dust
  124. Any news from Nov. 1 DVD forum about HD-DVD?
  125. Starz HD = Blu ray
  126. Sony CEO considers HD format war to be in a “stalemate”
  127. Mission Impossible Trilogy
  128. PaidGeek confirms Sony's 130,000 number included Boxset
  129. UK HD DVD guys some help please.
  130. Buying Online
  131. Why can't Warner just announce at CES? Well they aren't apparently...
  132. An odd tidbit from Amazon HD sales.
  133. Interview with Universals executive vice president, Ken Graffeo.
  134. A little more insite as to why Sony might sell it's chip fab
  135. LOTR and God Father
  136. Disney's Blu-Ray Tour
  137. The "New" Blockbuster Inc.
  138. Disney BOGO in Canada at Futureshop again for next week.
  139. November DVD Sales.......
  140. MGM Yanks 'Ronin,' 'Red Dawn' Blu-ray Releases
  141. Website For Black Friday Ads
  142. No good BB or CC HDM sales for Black Friday
  143. New AVS rules a major win for Blu-Ray fans
  144. Sony CEO sees 'stalemate' in disc fight
  145. The Jason Bourne Collection (HD DVD) releasing Dec 11
  146. Shrek characters in HD DVD promotion
  147. What's the status of the German T2 HD-DVD
  148. UPDATED: The Official Toshiba 5 Free HD DVD Perfect Offer -- Details Here!
  149. 5 Free HD-DVD Rebate title suggections
  150. Question about in store free HD DVD's with purchase of HD DVD players at Best Buy
  151. Who will win the week? Spiderman 3 or $99 A2s?
  152. HD DVD / Blu-ray disc Comparison - Before You Buy - You Need To Know!!!
  153. Software released that can remove BD+
  154. Studios - Their Reaction To; "The Shoe is Now On The Other Foot.:
  155. What happens if the PS3 ISN'T 1.1/2.0 compatible
  156. Did Sony have anything to do with the $99 HD DVD players? Read This?
  157. Spider-man 3 sells 130,000 copies, ships 400,000
  158. blu ray as a storage disc
  159. BD+ copy protection cracked
  160. Number-crunching the Format War
  161. HD DVD: Selected Universal Titles 45% Off On Amazon.com!
  162. HD DVD: Evan Almighty and Knocked Up 50% Off At Amazon.com!
  163. Do all hd-dvds come with both?
  164. Grindhouse: Death Proof and Planet Terror coming to HD DVD
  165. Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof coming to Blu-ray Disc 1/8/2008
  166. 5 Free Movies via mail-in: Will Wal Mart take them for store credit?
  167. What comes next from Disney?
  168. Knocked Up HD/DVD combo $20 at Amazon
  169. How do you feel the 90,000 new HD DVD players will affect HD DVD software sales?
  170. Small Retailer Promotions For ST-TOS Season 1
  171. Microsoft defends HD DVD support
  172. eproductwars graphs kind of stupid--who agrees?
  173. AVS closes HD Sections down!
  174. Interesting article about Universal
  175. Interesting author's take on some of this stuff at VB.com
  176. HD DVD picks up another studio.
  177. Blu-Ray.com - What a waist of Internet Space - They SUCK!!!
  178. Toshiba HD-A2 sells over 90,000 over the weekend!
  179. Bluray titles tanking
  180. Underworld Evolution Spanish HD DVD
  181. Terminator 3 BD delayed. . . IME issues?
  182. few questions on upcoming hd-dvd releases
  183. HD-A2 for $699 ???
  184. 8 Free HD DVD instead of 7
  185. Oceans 11, 12 and 13 now availible in HD
  186. Time to show Best Buy they need to improve their prices!
  187. Buy a toshiba HDTV and HD DVD player, save a further $200
  188. Harry Potter 1-5 HD Pre-order on Amazon
  189. Blu-Ray yields are bad & expensive - Is Warner Bros. Reconsidering for Q1 2008?
  190. So I bought me an HD-A2...
  191. Beowulf looks good
  192. Warner states no format exclusive announcements until 2008.
  193. Got samcan's player...
  194. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy HD DVD - Cover Art...
  195. the 5 free hdvd movie ???
  196. Black Friday: The HD DVD Barbarian Attack
  197. Underworld Evolution-Spanish HD DVD
  198. Warner Bros - The VP Was Misquoted - Business AS USUAL!
  199. Catalog your collection
  200. Microsoft targets gamers with HD DVD promos
  201. So confused.....
  202. So confused.....
  203. Virgin says Transformers outsold Spider-man 3 by a 3:1 ratio on day one
  204. HMV HDDVD-Blu-ray well over priced in UK
  205. New Panasonic BD player question.
  206. Warner's blu-ray license?
  207. Guess Warner has a sense of humor
  208. Which way will the end up going Blue-Ray or HD-DVD?
  209. Purchasing HD DVD's from websites
  210. Whom do you think is the best studio releasing in HD?
  211. 1080p and prices
  212. HD DVD Region coding?
  213. Wal-Mart Canada Price Matched (HD DVD) w/ Wal-Mart USA...
  214. Local WallyMart a pathetic excuse for HD
  215. Bourne Ultimatum will be the biggest HD release to date...here's why
  216. Thedigitalbits.com - Bill Hunt's web site has been HACKED!!
  217. Best Buy HD DVD movie sale
  218. Importing from US to Aus
  219. HDA3........... $99 At BB
  220. Blu-ray Begging For a Beating... good read.
  221. Blockbuster is d00med
  222. After less than one week, Spider-man no longer #1 on Amazon.
  223. Bee as in Bust.
  224. Surrounded by Ignorance........
  225. Most Blu-Ray supporters are a credit to the forum!
  226. I thought Jack Ryan Collection was recalled?
  227. Xbox 360 add-on outsells ALL stand alone Blu Ray players COMBINED
  228. Shrek 3 next HD DVD killer app I think not!
  229. For all those who bought a A2 for $99.....
  230. Microsoft answers Fox as to why they support HD DVD
  231. Toshiba A3 for $199.00
  232. bluray fanboy smackdown...LOL.. must read
  233. Circut City and Amazon selling A2 for $129
  234. So much for Spiderman saving the day for bluray...
  235. Blu-ray announces Price Drop; Profile 1.2 coming?
  236. Kmart supporting both formats. Toshiba caught in a lie
  237. Another HD vs BD post
  238. I will be getting samcans player next week... do me a favour?
  239. JB Hi Fi stunned at HD DVD quality...
  240. Oh! The Humanity of it all!
  241. 28 Days Later
  242. Shrek promotes HD DVD
  243. OMFG look whut the bloo-boyz are saying over at blurry dot com
  244. Vote HD DVD at the Hi-Def media poll on CNBC!
  245. Warner Bros. has no plans to drop HD neutrality
  246. Is HD DVD going to win this war this Christmas?
  247. Funny quote regarding format war..
  248. Bill Hunt tries to dismiss the $99 players...
  249. bluray.com claims warner considering Blu exclusivity!
  250. Star Trek TOS HD-DVD
  251. Holy Sh^t BB has the A2 for $99
  252. Trekkie Virgins in NYC
  253. Its very clear $99 players have blu-ray fans feeling very insecure today!!
  254. HD DVD need a New Advertising team!
  255. If you can't make it down to wallmart tomorrow...
  256. Anyone know if the "free heroes with add-on" counted towards Nielsen?
  257. I smell fear over at nutcasesesrus.com!!!
  258. Wal-mart HD DVD Commercial: "It's going to be a good Christmas."
  259. So...what happened?
  260. Wal-Mart Jump-Starts Black Friday . . . And . . .
  261. Blu-ray states the truth...well kinda
  262. Predict: Will Warner stay neutral, go HD exclusive, or go Blu exclusive?
  263. HD DVD brings on the sales
  264. Disney Shovels on the FUD
  265. UK Universal HD DVD Delays?
  266. Warner Bros. Can't Go Blu-Ray Exclusive....This is why....
  267. "Retailers prompted this price drop"
  268. Bloody Hell! Warner Just Announced Blu-ray Exclusivity!
  269. HD-DVD Toshiba HDA3 player for $169.99
  270. Toshiba, Microsoft forming consortium for HD DVD products!!!
  271. Best HD DVD Prices Online???
  272. K Mart to sale HD DVD players only
  273. If Nothing Happens Today - WB Press Conference
  274. Somethings up over at Home Media Mag
  275. Movie Transformers HDTV DVD does not play on DV-490V
  276. Sony, no wait Fox confirms PS3 will be profile 1.1
  277. Harry Potter 1-5 UK
  278. Why is Shrek The Third only being advertised as DVD
  279. The BDA is Doing It! - 3 Different Players Profiles
  280. BD and HD DVD Sales Charts - Where to Find?
  281. Indy Studio Films on the HD formats?
  282. HD-DVD region coding
  283. Panasonic spews the same garbage Sony does..
  284. Fox could release up to 100 Blu-ray Discs in 2008
  285. HD DVD may not have won transformers week, but...
  286. First BD 1.1 DS PIP Title Announced - From Fox
  287. "Blu-ray takes off the gloves"
  288. SlySoft: "We already found a way to crack BD+
  289. New york Area Toshiba hda3 hd dvd player
  290. Blu-ray backers launch promotional campaign
  291. Paramount are big fat liars
  292. battlestar fans: razor in select theaters nov 12
  293. Xploited Cinema
  294. After less than two weeks, Transformers is no longer #1 on Amazon
  295. Rumour: future WB title HD DVD exclusive??
  296. Lost Season 3 HD DVD?
  297. Spiderman Trilogy $60?
  298. Who made the cover design first?
  299. Circuit City $198
  300. Has Nielsen lied to us??????????????
  301. Sony Has To release The 1.1 Upgrade - Or Include It In Their New PS3 40 GB Player
  302. Interview with Alan Bell part 2
  303. Can anyone please give me links to vids of Troy: Director's Cut?
  304. What Is Going On With Studio Support?
  305. New Sony HDTV/Blu Ray add touts 1000 titles
  306. Is blu-ray really dominating the format war?
  307. Specs vs reality. Lossless vs lossy
  308. Check the status of your 5 free blu-ray movies!
  309. More Fox Cancellations
  310. If Warner goes Blu-Ray exclusive, would HD DVD die in 2008?
  311. My plan to enter the HD world
  312. Paramounts relationship with BDA
  313. New Nikki Finke story on the Format War
  314. changes happening again at Warner!
  315. Blood Diamond HD-DVD at Wal-Mart
  316. Any idea when these titles might hit the US in HD?
  317. walmart says $198 hd dvd player stock is not limited
  318. Blu-ray bandwidth the only advantage over HD DVD?
  319. If Warner went HD DVD exclusive, would Blu-Ray die in 2008?
  320. Paramount Pictures' Alan Bell discussing the HD DVD Decision
  321. My 10 Halloween HD Movie Recommendations (HD DVD & Blu-ray Disc)
  322. Why cheap HD DVD Players don't matter..
  323. Blu-ray outsells HD DVD during Transformers Week by 51:49 ratio
  324. Bob Hope/Bing Crosby 'Road' Flicks Bound For HD DVD
  325. Sony will not meet sales goal for Playstation 3
  326. Consumer acceptance of Next generation DVD Formats - uphill climb
  327. HD DVD Backer Weinstein Goes MIA; Speculation Mounts
  328. Resident Evil box set out in January
  329. Michael Bay to host HD format debate
  330. Blade Runner - The Final Cut - Expands To Additional Theaters
  331. Got Banned Again From AVS
  332. Question to PS3 owners
  333. It's official: $179 add-on at Best Buy with free Heroes AND two movies of your choic
  334. WalMart-Hell Yeah!
  335. Pirates 1 + 2 back on top of the BD sales charts
  336. PS3 and Knocked up
  337. Blu-ray extends YTD sales lead, Q4 to be an all-out battle with major title releases
  338. What A Surprise: Toshiba Denies HD-DVD X-BOX
  339. Strong 2008 for HD DVD (Blu Ray?)
  340. Rumor: Universal to buy dreamworks?
  341. Why is Blu-rays menus so slow? and a little blog from me.
  342. Galaxina - Only On HD DVD - Jan. 8th
  343. Transformers HD DVD web enabled content?
  344. Heroes HD DVD vs ATSC Quality Comparison
  345. HD DVD manufacturing video
  346. I Got Banned on Blu-Ray.com ?? What Wimps LOL
  347. HD DVD Discs and HDCP
  348. Spiderman 3 looks like the next big hit, but how well will it do?
  349. Spiderman 3 looks like the next big hit, but how well will it do?
  350. Michael Bay's at it again
  351. Heroes Bundled with XBOX 360 HD DVD Player!!!!!
  352. Blu-Ray Movies sales continue crushing HD-DVD's
  353. TRANSFORMERS HD DVD sold over 190,000 in its first week!
  354. PS3 sales on par with Xbox 360's, launches aligned
  355. Console holiday outlook: 360- "mediocre", PS3- "moderate to strong"
  356. So whats on Disc 5 of Planet Earth? (UK)
  357. Sales, rentals still slow in Q3
  358. Alternate HD DVD covers here!
  359. TMNT for Australia???
  360. UK sites that sell HD-DVD
  361. More High Definition Surround Music Titles comming to HD DVD
  362. Blu-Ray TV Ad in UK
  363. 1080p Resolution Question
  364. Transformers HD DVD vs. Upsampled DVD Comparison (HD DVD KILLS Big Time)
  365. 2.40:1 1080p -- Is somebody lying???
  366. "Blu-Ray DVDs" and confusion in the market
  367. Heroes to be bundled with the HD-DVD drive?
  368. Opinions on 5 Free HD DVD Movies?
  369. Toshiba teaming up with MS for new HD DVD Xbox 360?
  370. UK Blu-ray advert
  371. blu-ray/HD DVD
  372. What is the best High Def Series Set Coming to HD/BD soon?
  373. HD DVD Flaw?
  374. Pan's Labyrinth available on HD DVD
  375. 5 Blue Ray Movies
  376. Spiderman gets 2 stars for PQ from DVD Talk
  377. Retailers push next-gen DVD with HDTV sales
  378. Details Of 9/12 DVD Forum Steering Committee Meeting
  379. Harry Potter 5
  380. To anyone Who has had problems with Transformers Disc 2...
  381. Bourne Ultimatum Specs Are In; Includes TrueHD Soundtrack & PiP Commentary
  382. samcan07's gift fund - donate if you wish...
  383. HD DVD language track!
  384. Transformers disc filesize w/o lossless audio and IME
  385. Next: Blu Ray or HD DVD version?
  386. JB HI FI, to officially hard launch HD DVD November 1st!
  387. Problems with Transformers Disc 2- "Not DVD Content"...HELP???
  388. How are Transformers HD DVD sales going?
  389. Microsoft: Xbox 360 with Built In HD-DVD Drive On The Way
  390. Bad news about our friend samcan07
  391. Paramount recalls "Jack Ryan HD DVD Collection" - street date postponed
  392. SONY movies on HD DVD
  393. Sony Execs Said To Be Stunned By Australian Retailer's Move!!
  394. The Rock and Con-Air re-dated - on Blu-ray January 8th, 2007
  395. Intresting article
  396. PS3 is now $399
  397. Netflix - HD-DVD Availability?
  398. Breaking News: JB HI FI to STOCK HD DVD!!!
  399. Price Drop: Sub-$200 HD DVD Player from Toshiba?
  400. I really wish HD-DVD had the scratch protection layer BD has...
  401. Bruceames IS THE MAN!!!
  402. Problem with Transformers web content on 360 HD-DVD drive.
  403. No way... Bourne?
  404. Transformers Disc 2 will not play?
  405. The Ultimate Quote from the Bluray forum
  406. What the heck is Universal doing?
  407. HDMI only from DVD
  408. Reports of Transformers playback issues w/ 360 add-on
  409. Paramount disappoints HD DVD fans again!
  410. ATTN: mods RE: time for Blu-ray to get it's own seperate forum
  411. Sony Yanks 'Life of Brian,' 'I Know Who Killed Me' From '07 Blu-ray Slate
  412. Is Transformers really expected to push overall HD sales?
  413. Select Rogers video stores now renting HD DVD's
  414. How long do pre-orders typically take to ship?
  415. The Official Toshiba 5 Free HD DVD Perfect Offer for the US -- Details Here
  416. Transformers HD DVD Easter eggs
  417. The Official Toshiba 5 Free HD DVD Perfect Offer for CANADA -- Details Here
  418. Why are blu-ray fans so dilusional?
  419. What did you get on HD-DVD buy day?
  420. Transformers HD DVD is not delayed!
  421. Terminator 3 coming to Blu-ray with IME December 4th
  422. Any HD-DVD Deals/Buy1Get1Free/Offers Coming Soon?
  423. Perfect offer now available in europe!!!!!!!
  424. Official: Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer [HD DVD] - Pre Order Right Now!
  425. Harry Potter UK OOOPS from WB?
  426. Buy 1 get 1 free HD DVDs at circuit city
  427. Buy 1 get 1 free Blu-ray at Best Buy
  428. Shoot Em Up coming to Bluray, HD DVD unannounced!
  429. Transformers' DD+ soundtrack gets 5 stars from High Def Digest
  430. I'm not sure if HD DVD is going to win Transformers week anymore...
  431. Walmart carrying Toshiba's HD-A3
  432. Comet predicts HD DVD will be one of the best selling gadgets this year
  433. Not sure if this has been reported...but
  434. close encounters has a $50 msrp... are you kidding me??
  435. Why I think Blu Ray will win the Format War
  436. What movies would you like to see on HD
  437. Toshiba hd-A3, anyone have an opinion on this model versus the A2?
  438. HDDVD vs BR - Which has the best PQ and AQ
  439. First Review Of Spider-Man Trilogy! (US Version)
  440. Things are looking up for Blu-Ray!
  441. More Warner Blu Ray Delays
  442. Toshiba says HD DVD is winning
  443. First Review Of Transformers!
  444. HD NTSC to PAL SD DVD?
  445. To Die 4 - Adventure Movies for HD DVD - Soon I hope.
  446. Transformers II UPDATE!!
  447. Question for those who pre-order movies from Amazon
  448. Why Blu-Ray should never win this Hi Def Format War.
  449. What HD DVD(s) will you be buying on this Tuesday, 10/16?
  450. HD Media selling badly on Amazon...
  451. High-def adoption 'will roll', albeit slowly, say panelists
  452. 'Star Trek' HD DVD to be Screened in Theaters
  453. New non-combo HD DVD costs $5 less than BR counterpart
  454. Paramount / DreamWorks to Release 30 titles on HD DVD in 2008
  455. HD VMD Players Make US Debut
  456. BD Costs 30% More In Replication Expenses Than HD DVD Does.
  457. Exclusive Interview With Richard J. Casey Regarding The Format War & Nature's Journey
  458. And so it begins...
  459. HD DVD Players Lead in Sales Again
  460. Local BestBuy still favoring Bluray
  461. New HD DVD Demo Disc Bundled With Toshiba Laptop - Finally LOL
  462. RUMOR: Star Wars box set to be HD DVD exclusive
  463. Some people at AVS think Im a BD fanboy
  464. HD DVD with component cable to Amplifier and then HDMI cable?
  465. Rumor:Future Shop dropping HD DVD?
  466. 'Stardust' Bound For HD DVD this December
  467. Disney Blu-Ray Tour
  468. Transformers Delayed - Paramount having production issues?
  469. weinstein co????
  470. I couldnt take itanymore...
  471. YES ! What a nice release.
  472. TV series on BLU RAY
  473. Question to BD fans--why does CE support matter to you?
  474. Spielberg Spokesperson: Universal Japan HD DVD Announcement was "A Mistake"
  475. Smurfville Psycology: Professional Help Suggested
  476. 51gb discs apparently ARE compatible: explanation inside
  477. Panasonic will be lowering it's prices on BD players
  478. Superbad (Blu-ray Disc exclusive) announced
  479. Good Deals?
  480. Planet Earth Technical Questions
  481. Walmart doesn't seem like it's made up it's mind
  482. Where Can I Order "Terminator 2" on HD-DVD?
  483. 100GB Blu Ray to be compatible on current drives
  484. Movie Gallery (Hollywood Video) to file chapter 11, WSJ says
  485. Best HD DVD for Audio Effects
  486. Microsoft is putting 300 HD DVD in Xbox 360's
  487. Best Buy named leading high-def retailer
  488. Red VS. Blue... Is it Political?
  489. [RUMOUR] Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, Jaws etc. HD DVD bound afterall?
  490. Pan's Labryrinth Blu-ray announced!!
  491. Paramount Releasing Special Edition DVD's...
  492. HD DVD the preferred format at Netflix
  493. Favorite Links For News On HD DVD/BD
  494. Question: is Sweeny Todd HD DVD exclusive?
  495. Triple-layer 51GB HD DVD May Be Ready
  496. Playback Problems Reported on 'Silver Surfer,' 'Day After Tomorrow' Blu-ray Discs
  497. HD DVD to get region coding + TL Twin NOT COMPATIBLE
  498. The $400 PlayStation 3 Blu-ray player will include Spider-man 3 (BR exclusive)
  499. Hitachi Showcases 100gb Blu Ray Disc
  500. Universal Sets December Date For 'Cat People' HD DVD