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  1. Who's buying the Pianist on January 8th?
  2. What do you want for your format this CES?
  3. New word on major HD-DVD studio going neutral.
  4. New HD DVD Box Art style for Universal?
  5. LOTR Trilogy announced for Blu-ray March 2008 (w/English TrueHD)
  6. HDD's Best and Worst of 2007 (HD DVD/BD)
  7. Is WB Underestimating The Demand For It's Titles?
  8. HD DVD pulling ahead in disk sales at amazon
  9. Question re: HD-DVD rebate (5 free)
  10. HD DVD vs Blu-ray heats up as Panasonic ships ultra-thin sample drives for computers
  11. Best buy add 12/30........
  12. HD DVD sale like crazy on Amazon
  13. New word on major Blu Ray Studio going neutral.
  14. HDMI cable$
  15. Wal-Mart cancels online video download service
  16. CMC chairman: Blu-ray yet to be mainstream
  17. Eastern Promise feeling Blu!
  18. Blade Runner on Backorder @ BestBuy.com
  19. WHV online delivers my canceled HP boxset on Christmas Eve
  20. Bluray dead? Or the winner?
  21. Why haven't more manufacturers joined HD DVD?
  22. Obscure horro double feature on Blu-ray, pretty cool if you ask me
  23. Recalled Jack Ryan Collection Question
  24. Amazon.com vs Amazon.ca
  25. Does The Rumor aout WB going exclusive to blu-ray at CES hold any truth???
  26. Wow! HD titles in the top 4 amazon bestsellers!
  27. Best Buy covered up with HDM demos
  28. If there aren't 1M red SAL players...
  29. Why Does DD+ Exist?
  30. Hell Freezes Over....Picture At 9PM!
  31. Amazon posts best season ever - Other retailers - not so good
  32. Samsung BD-UP5000 available Now on CC
  33. New Amazon.com HD DVD BOGO
  34. Wrestling Comes to HD DVD with 'UFC: Best of 2007'
  35. Is HD DVD shortchanging us?
  36. Is Terminator 3 recropped?
  37. Returns without a Receipt...Best Place?
  38. HD DVD & BLU RAY Overrated?
  39. Future Shops Boxing Day Sale, Need Advice
  40. So What Did Santa Bring You
  41. Guys its me HD VHS... help pleeasse~~
  42. ?? about CES
  43. 51 Gigabyte Disks will play in all current players?
  44. Almost bought a BDPS300
  45. Any one seen Moody Blues?
  46. Happy Holidays To All HDF Members!
  47. Are Blu-ray fans satisfied with the discs?
  48. New 3-For-2 Deal on HD DVDs at Best Buy - 200 Titles
  49. The high cost of archiving all-digital productions
  50. HDDVD/BLURAY combo Disc
  51. New DVD Forum Steering Committee Elected
  52. WTF is up with Warner Home Video?
  53. The Bar Has Been Raised
  54. Circuit City 12/30 Buy 3 Get 2
  55. The real deal with Independence Day's delay?
  56. With The Suspension Of Some Of The Members, Last Week, Do You Want Them Re-Instated?
  57. Moving Up The Release Date For The Kingdom Seems Suspicious
  58. Game Stop Buy 2, Get 2.
  59. Total sales of stand-alone HD DVD & Blu-Ray players
  60. are all CD-R discs the same? for burning Blu Ray/HD DVD player updates ISO files?
  61. If you're on the fence, which would you choose?
  62. What is the purpose of HD DVD/Blu ray?
  63. When faced with the tough decision?
  64. Can One Contintent Win the War?
  65. HD DVD vs Blu-ray in title numbers - Interesting Read!
  66. Assume Warner Goes Neutral: Who Wins?
  67. HD Screen Saver Question!
  68. Partial 1080i?
  69. Videobusiness: Bourne, Harry Potter HD DVDs outpacing Blu-ray titles [says Universal]
  70. Bourne Ultimatum Problems
  71. HD DVD (HD-A3) for $99 at Future Shop - BOXING DAY SPECIAL
  72. Bourne, Harry Potter outpacing Blu-ray Titles
  73. Anyone want to trade HD DVDs?
  74. High Def DVD - Better than satellite HD movies?
  75. Problem with Playing Bourne Ultimatum
  76. Plasma Owners Help!!!
  77. Warner's Problematic Blu-Ray discs
  78. BLU Ray Disk Assn site hacked
  79. DVD makes comeback (my prediction wins format war by 2012)
  80. Blockbuster price hike will send customers packing
  81. Prediction: Blu-ray blows away HD DVD (vote in poll)
  82. Warner Confirms 'T3' Blu-ray Problems; Replacement Program Expected
  83. another Glimpse into the future
  84. I'd go format neutral if...
  85. New Release HD DVD Cover-Art, Kudos Paramount
  86. {UK} 3 for 2
  87. Cracked Blu-Ray discs
  88. Ellen Degeneres today
  89. New Years Resolution
  90. 'Goblet of Fire' Blu-ray Disc Replacement Details
  91. recommend some good HD DVDs, best place in Little Rock to buy them?
  92. Amazon.com is the place to buy all your High Def Titles!!
  93. Curage Under Fire Blu Ray won't play
  94. Movies That You Think Would Look Good On HDM
  95. Bourne outsells Potter 2 to 1 on HD DVD
  96. I think Harry Seldon may be an up and coming star!
  97. HD-DVD is Cramping my Space!
  98. Blade Runner Bluray
  99. Kingdom Of Heaven Commercial
  100. Oh no! Shakira on Blu-ray only.
  101. The mystery deepens.
  102. I Am Legend - On HD DVD or BD or Both?
  103. onslaught of HD DVD titles to be announced at CES?
  104. BOGOs and Price Matching
  105. Price war could break DVD deadlock
  106. If you've got a CompUsa in your area....
  107. Happy Holidays! GLOW's Top Ten HD movies for the holiday season
  108. Woo hoo got my 5 free movies today
  109. Official New Years resolution thread.
  110. Mail in or Instant rebates?
  111. The Bourne Conspiracy
  112. 30-Hour Sale: Toshiba HD-A30 with 7 Free HD DVD Movies Only $199 SHIPPED
  113. Where is the Christmas Spirit ?O/T
  114. Amazon Offering Free One-Day Shipping and Free Movies on HD DVD Players
  115. How can HD-DVD win if its selling less disks?
  116. 'Black Pearl' Blu-ray Disc Exchange Details Revealed
  117. Which version of Blade Runner should I watch first?
  118. Microsoft and Viacom Partner Up
  119. If Your Format Were To Lose, How Would You Handle It?
  120. Warner Bros To Remain Neutral - So Say Their Top Executives
  121. Give the warner rumor a rest
  122. DVDEmpire has HD DVD winning 58.14% to 41.86% for Bluray
  123. Are there 2 versions of Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix on HDDVD???
  124. Aussies, Sony giving you a PS3 for buying a bravia!!!
  125. Microsoft 360 Blu Ray add-on?
  126. Do You Drink The Dolby Kool-Aid?
  127. Just picked up 4 more movies for 75 bucks
  128. The Days are Numbered...Will Bruce hit 300 titles before Jan. 1st?
  129. What are some marketing myths?
  130. HD movies in 2008?
  131. HD DVD Fire Sale at BB 12/23-12/29
  132. BD title playback getting worse with time-why?
  133. A quick and efficient way to add Blu-ray Discs to your Blockbuster Online queue
  134. Time Warner is not impressed w/ a gaming console as a movie player!
  135. Screen Digest forecasts Best-selling Blu-ray player will get a big boost in 2008
  136. Looks like Peter Jackson will produce and direct The Hobbitt for New Line with the
  137. Screen Digest forecasts end to high-def format battle - next year
  138. With Blu-ray looking certain to win now, what exit strategies do HD-DVD fans have?
  139. Bought STARDUST HDDVD Blind... thoughts?
  140. Odd visual issue with Dawn of the Dead
  141. 'Beowulf' Likely to Appear on HD DVD in February
  142. China to block American films from their cinemas
  143. Why DF players cost so much??
  144. Warning !! Blu-ray - The New Betamax?
  145. WTF: Weinstein Blocks Overseas HD Releases?
  146. Is High-Def Digest a bluray site?
  147. Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics - ANY GOOD?
  148. ??Led Zeppelin Release date??
  149. Real world format debate stories? ON DEADLINE
  150. Out of spec BD players fall below $300
  151. Happy Birthday Mike Rox
  152. The Yearly Fees For Being A HD DVD Promotional Group Member
  153. Out on DVD and High Def
  154. Buy an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player, Get the Bourne Trilogy on HD for Free
  155. December 18th 2007: The PS3 Update for Profile 1.1 is out
  156. Toshiba unwraps 'world's first' HD DVD-RW laptop
  157. "28 Weeks Later" Blu-ray
  158. This is the Zodiac speaking
  159. OT: Dark Knight Trailer out in HD and to Download
  160. Where's the advertising?
  161. Microsoft GM Rebuts Michael Bay Claims
  162. Home video forecast remains partly cloudy for the next year
  163. OK. Now I'm Sold on IME but....
  164. I seriously hope a Decision will be [email protected]
  165. Why no Raiders of the Lost Ark?
  166. Blu-ray BOGO @ Amazon with many Fox titles (dec 16)
  167. 12/23 BB deal; Buy 2 get 1
  168. HD DVD and Region 2 PAL
  169. Question about blu ray players/ps3
  170. Sunday 12/16/07 - BB is Having an HD DVD BOGO Sale
  171. Sunday 12/16/07 - BB is Having a BD BOGO Sale
  172. Why did Paramount go HD DVD exclusive?
  173. What is “Deep Color” and why is Deep Color so important?
  174. "UFC - The Best of 2007" Coming To HD DVD
  175. Fox President Makes Bold Prediction
  176. LOL, PS3 TV commercial advertising ONLY Blu-ray playback!
  177. Amazon snapshots!
  178. Sony Dominating Blu-ray Sales
  179. Transformers audio problem???
  180. The Onkyo HD DVD player has NOT been canceled!
  181. Looking to Trade Movies
  182. Would You Be Happy With A Dual Format End?
  183. Why Me Worry?
  184. Fox's Dunn: “I think by CES it will be pretty clear there will be one format.”
  185. Is HDM Ready For Mass Adoption?
  186. Intead of buying for next movie....
  187. Top 10 Sellers - Week Of 12/9 - Data From Rentrack
  188. M$ Releases Xbox 360 HD DVD Emulator
  189. Make them all Go neutral...
  190. Retailers: Xbox 360 to win next-gen console war
  191. Venturer's SHD7001 Goes 1/2 Price: now with seven free HD DVDs
  192. OT: TDK trailer leaked to youtube
  193. Press (Yahoo) share my view on Format War
  194. How well do most people hear sutle sound differences in music/movies?
  195. HD DVD Player Scorecard - SI - 296,000 AO's & 454,000 SAL's
  196. eProductWars hacked again.
  197. Universal Moves Up 'The Kingdom,' 'Eastern Promises' HD DVDs
  198. Sony to start PS3 HD downloads - PS3 attach rate to get worse!?
  199. Warner Deliver on HD Bladerunner
  200. First Decent PS3 Blu-Ray GUI Theme
  201. Blu-ray and HD-DVD Join Forces
  202. "V for Vendetta" not playing on Toshiba Qosmio G30
  203. HDM Special Features WTF?
  204. Anyone else get their hands on the Led Zep BD/HD?
  205. HD DVD Fans - Enter The HD DVD Simulator - Take Best Guess - Which Movies "R" These?
  206. HD NOW Online letter I received....
  207. Microsft is starting to flex their muscles with HD DVD
  208. Amazon BOGO HD DVD Sale a Hit
  209. Reminder to all new HD-DVD owners
  210. I just got some info about a studio going neutral
  211. Did I slip into a coma during the announcement that microsoft controls HD DVD or what
  212. I think HD DVD might win this week using the videoscan sampling data
  213. Venturer's cheap HD DVD player now with five HD DVD movies (UK)
  214. Universal Reveals Early 'American Gangster' HD DVD Details
  215. POTC 3 Sells 160K in the first week
  216. AMAZON BOGO Continues
  217. Where the Heck did all these Warner Rumors come from?
  218. Where is the Bio-Dome BD?
  219. HD DVD Owners: Cast Your Vote!
  220. 360 addon with out hdmi difference?
  221. Check your Potter Boxsets CAREFULLY!
  222. ON Blu Ray site it says Universal is a Supporter!
  223. Oh No!
  224. Harry Potter Collection at Best Buy??
  225. Circuit City confused about HDDVD, Blu-ray
  226. Where are the Uni/Para 08 releases?
  227. Warner hires Sony exec as president of Digital Distribution
  228. 200k Playstation 3 Blu-ray players selling each week in Europe!
  229. OOTP sales by format on Amazon
  230. Interesting Game Console Study
  231. WB tries to convert Blu-ray owners:)
  232. Sony: Paramount will come back to Blu-ray camp
  233. Warner Home Video Australia denies switch to Blu-Ray imminent
  234. Sony CEO Damns Blu-ray With Faint Praise -- Again
  235. eProductwars cheating HD DVD out of the ranks?
  236. Toshiba planning to undercut Blu-ray, snip MSRP of HD DVD titles
  237. HD DVD/DVD Twin-Format - Is this the answer to lock in the deal?
  238. Guide: Getting The Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-On Working With Your PC
  239. J&R blue ray sale
  240. Spielberg out at Dreamworks
  241. The *Official* Blade Runner Thread
  242. US HD hardware sales 3:1 in Blu-ray's favour by year end
  243. Next wave of HDTV adopters may lean towards HD DVD
  244. OT: Cheer up everyone, something funny...
  245. Study: New HDTV Owners Lean to HD DVD
  246. CEO: Sony's Next Step Is Innovation
  247. HD DVD BOGO @ Amazon.com (dec 11)
  248. Vote PFC5 For Moderator!
  249. BOGOs, sales numbers, and reality
  250. WB Rumors scaring HD-DVD buyers?
  251. Buy one get one @ best buy HD and BR
  252. How About Another WB Thread . . . . But . .
  253. List of HD DVD Titles
  254. WB Senior VP "No Changes in Present Policy"
  255. Is there really no Bourne trilogy set? The plot thickens...
  256. Warner Bros. going Blu-ray exclusive rumor shot down
  257. STOP with the Warner threads already!
  258. Warner Bros. on HD DVD, Blu-ray: No changes in support for either format
  259. Comments on ‘Warner to back a single HD disc format?’
  260. NYT: In Hi-Def DVD Wars, Warner Bros’ Choice May Tip It in Blu-Ray’s Favor
  261. Warner Bros. & Micro$oft join forces: Canadians ONLY!!!
  262. Best Buy Offers Three-Disc HD DVD "Starter Packs"
  263. Get a free Blu Ray & become Blu Ray Certified!!
  264. If There Is An Xbox 360 With HD DVD Inside In 08
  265. Bill Hunt - Still Shilling For BD
  266. HD DVD Vs. Blu-ray: Handicapping The Holiday Sales Race
  267. How is Planet Earth HD DVD beating out POC3?
  268. Check out AVS newest rule
  269. Pali capital: Blu ray will win in 2008 due to Warner
  270. 2 New BD Players from Panasonic
  271. I do not belive Warner can go Blu
  272. Reason for ID4 beig delayed
  273. HD DVD Only Folk. Which Title of Blu's Do You Want Most
  274. I just went format Neutral...dont tell my wife
  275. Paid Shill Sign-up form.
  276. How is Blu-Ray Going to....
  277. Real men chose red.
  278. Samsung's BD-P1400 Blu-ray player sinks below $300
  279. $14.96 for FourBrothers Hd-dvd at Walmart
  280. Sony HDMI DVD Player
  281. What if??
  282. Any good 20 inch HDTV's?
  283. Rebate Questions...
  284. If WB goes HD DVD and BD fails, how long til you switch?
  285. Has anyone else seen the Walmart commercial?
  286. A thought for Bluray...
  287. If WB goes BD and HD DVD fails, how long til you switch?
  288. FOX, start publishing your titles on HD DVD? Cut out this Crap Now!!!
  289. FOX, start publishing your titles on HD DVD? Cut out this Crap Now!!!
  290. Any Australians imported a HD DVD player from USA?
  291. Which discs are more reliable?
  292. Why BluRay??
  293. Addon Compatibility
  294. Transformers On BD In The UK?
  295. Beowulf in 3-D question
  296. HD-DVD software sales 7% above average for 12/2
  297. Amazon and Microsoft join forces for HD DVD....
  298. HD/BD sell 57,000 SAL units on Black Friday; HD scores 62%, BD 37%
  299. HD DVD is Also Incomplete Spec
  300. My observations while at Disney World the last 8 days
  301. Opinion on this weeks BOGO sale.
  302. CES 2008 - Your Expectations?
  303. Amazon.com: 12 Free movies and a HD DVD player for $199.98
  304. HMV offer for UK members
  305. RUMOR: ALL Studios to Abandon HDM - 100% Behind HD-VMD
  306. Rumor: All movie studios planning to go HD-DVD exclusive
  307. Report: Warner Takes Centerstage in High-Def Format War
  308. AVS or bluray.com censorship worse?
  309. Pirates Blu-ray issues and solutions
  310. The WM effect. Part 2.
  311. Videogames trumping DVDs in Q4
  312. JR.com Blu-ray sale!
  313. Why Warner Bros. will go HD DVD exclusive in the end?
  314. Why Warner Bros. will go HD DVD exclusive in the end?
  315. I wonder how the wlamart secret sale is going?
  316. The State of Blu-ray
  317. "the rumor is" WB is going Blu?
  318. The Film Transfer Process - WB's 4K Transfer Of Blade Runner
  319. Is Lossless audio really important?
  320. Bourne Ultimatum to feature brand-new HD DVD Features
  321. The State of HD DVD
  322. pics of your hd collection
  323. 40% Off On 6 WB HD DVD Titles
  324. Blockbuster HD DVD Rentals Being Phased Out?
  325. do u still buy sd dvds?
  326. 12 free HD-DVD's with A3 at Wal-mart!!
  327. Amazon has the onkyo tx-sr605 for $369.97 shipped!
  328. 75% of BD movie sales are due to PS3
  329. HD DVD a no show at 2.0 awards.
  330. "Lawrence of Arabia", "Bridge on the River Kwai" and other classics coming to Blu-ray
  331. PS3 going to be upgradeable to Profile 2.0 & 2.0 Titles coming in January
  332. Blu-ray Buy 1 Get 1 Free @ Amazon.com
  333. Best HD-DVD movie out right now?
  334. Top ten Google searches are two HD DVD exclusives
  335. HD-DVD movies-best and worst for pq?
  336. Having a hard time swallowing PS3's claims...
  337. Blu ray to take on Bourne with new promotions!!!
  338. Anyone else get frustrated having to update firmware?
  339. 'The Heartbreak Kid' Only for HD DVD - 12/26
  340. Xbox 360 HD DVD Player sales jump on price cut
  341. Kevin Smith's 'Dogma' headed exclusively to Blu-ray High Def
  342. First comparable review of Harry Potter in!!!
  343. Lost Season 3 BluRay 34.99!
  344. HMM's High Def Awards
  345. Disney Confirms Packaging Gaffe on 'At World's End' Blu-ray
  346. Web Communities Flourish With New HD DVD Titles
  347. No End To The Format War
  348. Off topic: MPAA caught infringing copyright
  349. Michael Bay Takes on HD DVD
  350. Amazon, Toys R Us discount Xbox 360 HD DVD to $129
  351. OFF TOPIC Court orders Tweety, Mickey to take the stand
  352. King Kong (2005)
  353. Bourne Ultimatum Next Week!
  354. NEW Poll - Your Choosen Format & Player
  355. 10 reason why HD DVD or Blu-ray is here to stay
  356. HD DVD Promotional Group Counters BDA Stats
  357. PS3 or XBox 360 +HD DVD (either format)
  358. Sony CEO Damns Blu-Ray With Faint Praise
  359. (RUMOR) Top 10 Reasons why BluRay will fail?
  360. Both will fail, but why will Blu-Ray fail HARDER?
  361. POC 3 At Worlds End in 1081i?
  362. Which Format(s) do you own?
  363. Blu-ray BOGOF at Amazon (Dec 4th)
  364. HD DVD told: 'you're missing the boat' (Australia)
  365. European Studio Exclusivity?
  366. We Own the Night on Blu-Ray
  367. Blu-ray players reach 2.7 million units sold
  368. Close Encounters of the Third Kind Blu-Ray
  369. Disney's (Blu-ray exclusive studio) discs will now use D-BOX technology
  370. Target deal on Blu-Ray player
  371. SAW III - HD DVD RELEASE - Don't you just love Region Free...
  372. Another fox(searchlight) exclusive available on HD DVD in the uk, and it's a beauty!!
  373. Bad Star Trek HD-DVD Disc 6 ?
  374. What Is The Purpose Of The DF Player?
  375. Sales for blue ray started in the UK
  376. Blu-ray Is Sony's Iraq
  377. What Happened With ST-TOS?
  378. Will Boxing Day ruin BDs clean sheet for 2007?
  379. Warner December DVD sales code
  380. CC is advertising that the new Panasonic BD Player is "Final Profile"
  381. WHICH ONE? HD format do I choose!
  382. Does Neilsen really matter?
  383. $99 HDDVD players, more harm than good???
  384. BDA Marketing Tactics Exposed
  385. What is the big December Must-Have HD DVD?
  386. Happy Birthday PFC5!
  387. Where does Toshiba go if cheap players fail?
  388. PS3 Commercials not in HD on some HD Channels
  389. What regular DVD's cannot be made in HD?
  390. Looking for DVD Burning Software!
  391. Rentals Increasing - Impact on HDM?
  392. attach rates????????
  393. $199 Venturer HD DVD at Wal-Mart exclusive!!!
  394. a note about how the numbers
  395. Doing some cartoons and need some creative names for Bluuray...
  396. The Official Thread for Fanboys of BR and HD-DVD to go at it...please taunt here only
  397. Ferris Bueler on HD DVD??
  398. Wal Mart/Toshiba at it again.
  399. Frys Electronics BOGOF
  400. Pricing descrepency between BB.com and the Local BB
  401. High-def hardware sales jump with Black Friday discounts
  402. Star Trek The Original Series HD DVD - AMAZING REVIEW!!!
  403. Warner to Release 'Bonnie and Clyde' on HD DVD, Blu-ray
  404. HD DVD simulator
  405. Walmart advertises BluRay in their stores...
  406. Another Blu-Ray has won story!
  407. Did Sony actually do that well?
  408. Fox Confirms Delay For 'Independence Day' Blu-ray
  409. Used Hd Dvds
  410. Fox Confirms Delay For 'Independence Day' Blu-ray
  411. another warner title boxed in with the purchase of venturer hd dvd player!
  412. HDDVD TRUTH: Let the people do something?
  413. Pirates of the Carribean 1 cheap on BD
  414. Got my HDA3 last night
  415. QVC gets exclusive on Venturer budget HD DVD player (UK)
  416. People might think I am a pervert for posting this... but...
  417. How Improtant Is This Issue Of CEM "Support"?
  418. DVD Sales Spin Down
  419. SAL Score: HD = 750,000+ . . . . BD = 200,000-
  420. Why is Nielsen VideoScan the sales authority?
  421. Bluray did way better than hd-dvd in Black Friday week
  422. Will Paramount really let Indina Jones be released on Blu Ray?
  423. Omega Man?
  424. Has Weinstein left the Hi def wars?
  425. Take it OUT
  426. Wal-Mart Now Selling $199 Venturer HD DVD Player
  427. Is this really what BDA thinks?
  428. Love my A2, but hating HDDVD in another way...
  429. Blu Ray and PS3 is Awesome!!!
  430. Are all hd dvd's widescreen??????
  431. Justice League A New Fronteir
  432. Amazon Round 6
  433. Can this format war end peacefully?
  434. Help me choose the 5 free movies that come w/ the toshiba
  435. How many players will HD DVD have to sell to gain an exclusive Warner?
  436. So BiggNewt says Star Trek isn;t really HD since it doesn't fill his screen
  437. Star Trek Season One HD DVD bad disc
  438. Paramount states all remaining blu-ray discs will be destroyed!
  439. Which Studio is doing Rambo 4?
  440. Blu-ray vs HD DVD: A History
  441. The PlayStation 3 Blu-ray player is $399, not $499
  442. HDTV magazine recommends HD DVD
  443. The Smell of Fear: Blu-Ray Backs Out of Open Format War Debate
  444. Are there movies you would not buy in HD?
  445. December 4th and December 11th: Best Two Weeks in HD/BD History.
  446. BD disc sales surpass 1m units across Europe
  447. Blu-ray discs outsell HD DVDs by miles
  448. Heroes only on HD-DVD *dies*
  449. HD-DVD surpasses the 750,000 mark.
  450. Star Trek: The Original Series - New Actors - New Movie - Coming SOON!!
  451. Xbox with Built in HD DVD drive... is coming I think...(hopefully)
  452. 20% off Warner Brother Titles Coupon Code
  453. whats your favorite HD Dvd?
  454. HD DVD at Virgin Megastore, Glasgow
  455. PlayStation 3 Blu-ray player sales up 300% since November 2nd
  456. Does HD DVD play mp3
  457. How new to DVD's have to be to be done in HD
  458. Blade Runner Box Art - Front & Back
  459. The Lawless - ONLY On HD DVD - MSRP $19.98
  460. HD-DVD beats Blu-ray on Amazon Customers Vote
  461. HDVD's hard to find?
  462. Research firm disagrees with High Def Forum, Blu-ray will be the high-def winner!!!
  463. Perfect Blue coming to Blu-ray only, not HD DVD
  464. Which is More Consumer Friendly: HD DVD or Blu-ray?
  465. Harry Potter HD DVD to Feature First-Ever "Community Screening" Function
  466. Why HD-DVD beats Blu-ray
  467. Godfather remastered
  468. WSJ picks HD-DVD due to price
  469. Sony HDNA Marketing ads
  470. Jack Ryan Collection
  471. Ouch! $81.37 for import Bugs! Abenteuer im Regenwald in 3D [HD DVD]!
  472. Futureshop 19.99 HD DVD's
  473. Is Apcalypto on any other HD DVD format besides Polish version??
  474. Xpolited Cinema Up To 69 HD DVD's (Imports)
  475. Why did Disney choose Blu Ray in the First Place?
  476. A niche format just won’t cut it
  477. Another Big HD DVD Exclusive...
  478. PFC5 . . . You Can No Longer Receive PM's
  479. Black Friday survey at Best Buy
  480. HD DVD Statistics And Blu-ray Disc Statistics
  481. Blu-Ray Profiles SUCK - Here is WHY...
  482. Rebate Form - 5 Free Movies - Either Format
  483. Star Trek HD DVD 4.3 .....BS
  484. Amazon 3 Free HD DVD's Counting In Nielsens
  485. Bluray Trashing HD-DVD in Japan by 97% vs 3%
  486. Another Indie film for HD DVD
  487. New WSG article on price war.
  488. BD Exclusive HD DVD Titles.... One More Time....
  489. Yes, another Blu-Ray.com thread
  490. Blu-Ray's BD+ crack released - Slysoft does it right
  491. Pinched Consumers = Cheaper Products = HD DVD
  492. Amazon HD DVD Deal
  493. New Amazon prices for HD DVD players.
  494. HD DVD/BLU-RAY supporter award goes too.......
  495. Buy two get one free on Amazon. HD DVD and Blu-ray
  496. The BetaMakers
  497. Understanding High Definition
  498. An HD DVD in 3D!
  499. Online Black Friday sales for the HD-A3 HD-DVD Player.
  500. Another one of many reasons why not to trust Sony with HDM