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  1. Bill Hunt confirms rumour that Universal is "sniffing around BD"
  2. Recording DVDs
  3. Atonement comming soon to HD DVD
  4. If Blu wins, what's the chance Toshiba...
  5. "Cloverfield" Getting Great Reviews!
  6. DO NOT waste your money on Cloverfield
  7. Disc Space a Problem for Universal?
  8. Great Place to get HD DVD's cheap!
  9. Blu-Ray Disc Sale - 53 Drama Titles
  10. Retailers adjust high-def space (in favor of Blu-Ray)
  11. Saw - German HD DVD 2-8-08 (Kinowelt)
  12. FS Canada price matching policy
  13. Has anyone noticed there has been virtually no insider activity today?
  14. So how many high deff dvds do we all own (bluray/hddvd)
  15. How long before MS tries to buy a movie studio?
  16. Paramount releasing Jack Ryan Collection
  17. Future of the HDM poll - Please read first post before voting
  18. News anchorman hits it right!
  19. My UK peeps welcome to the club (price drop)
  20. Toshiba - a lamb among wolves?
  21. Are we paying for an already dead product?
  22. Cloverfield (spoiler free)
  23. Disney to release Movies on HD DVD format (Petition)
  24. Blu-Ray Exclusive Titles on HD DVD - I love Region Free!
  25. CLOVERFIELD review! (kinda wrong section i know)
  26. Steve Jobs (Apple) : "Blu-Ray won"
  27. OCC to build HD DVD bike to save the format
  28. How many people do you know that would buy either format if the other didn't exist?
  29. Countdown to DOOMSDAY - Looks Cool
  30. Bend Over, Fellow Canadians
  31. New Blu-ray player
  32. Pornographic Film Industry Still Firmly Behind HD DVD
  33. Don't Underestimate The Power Of HD DVD
  34. What kind of BD player do you own?
  35. HD DVD is better
  36. Paramount's Big Release Announcement.
  37. Article: Don't Underestimate The Power Of HD DVD
  38. BBC cites Planet Earth success on HD DVD as reason to maintain support
  39. Why the PS3 is called a toy by some people.
  40. I SnowMan told me to switch to Blu Ray today, He said to tell friends!
  41. Target and Walmart dropping prices for BR and HD DVD software
  42. Any idea as to how long it might be before King Kong (2005) is released on Blu-Ray?
  43. To All HD DVD Owners: How Many HD DVD Titles do you own per Studio?
  44. Blu supporters protest too much.
  45. Where did all the HD DVD heavy hitters go!
  46. Comanche Moon
  47. What Would it Take...
  48. OMG Blu Ray software outselling HD DVD 5.6 to 1
  49. BD Profile issue. Apology.
  50. Blu-Ray 2008 Exclusives
  51. "Digital Playground" is NOT going Blu afterall
  52. HDDVD movies coming
  53. 5 studios going Blu exclusive in just over a week
  54. OMG HDDVD Players Outselling Blu 6 to 1 ...
  55. Netflix?? On Line Viewing??
  56. Check Out This Promotional HD DVD Ad ...
  57. Eastern Promises sound problem. . .
  58. Toshiba HD-XA2 HD DVD player awarded by Sound & Vision
  59. New HD DVD's and Blu-Ray disks won't play properly for many users?
  60. American Idol, HD-DVD Commercial
  61. I Am Legend coming to HD DVD/Blu Ray
  62. Received Warner Brother Order after Canceling
  63. Blu-ray discs as low as $14.99 at Amazon
  64. The War obviously is not over so stop saying so!
  65. American Gangster on DVD and HD DVD
  66. Disney Open to HD DVD - Disney Votes for 51GB HD DVD Media Approval.
  67. Beowulf Announced for HD DVD
  68. Blu Ray craps on customers
  69. Real Reason Warner Went Blu - MUST READ!!!
  70. People With BD 1.0 SALs
  71. Universal Titles on the Universal HD Channel but not released on HD-DVD?
  72. I Am Legend HD DVD, Blu Ray, and DVD
  73. Look at this (Knock It Off)
  74. BBC Will NOT Follow Warner Bros since "HD DVD sales are much better"
  75. I would Buy HD-DVD if the Price is right
  76. Blu Ray is Catching up to HD-DVD
  77. "I Am Legend" coming to Blu-ray and HD DVD
  78. $620 to go Blu?
  79. HD-DVD and Blu-ray briefly mentioned on Howard Stern today
  80. Spiderman UK deal
  81. I Love Region Free - Do You?
  82. Abbreviations you may see in this section of the High Def Forum
  83. Hitler Gets banned from Xbox Live! Buy's a Wii
  84. XBOX 360 Add On Increased Sales
  85. Apple has sold more movies online than HD DVD and Blu-ray combined
  86. Apple Offers HD downloads
  87. Hitler and the downfall of HD DVD
  88. Retail remains unchanged even after warner's announcement
  89. Ideas for Blu-Ray Commercials
  90. 5 million + HD DVD Drives? WHat will Toshiba do?
  91. A Plea for a Unified, Blu Future
  92. Ideas for Toshiba HD-DVD Commercials
  93. BluRay from Netflix
  94. We Wanted A Winner In The HDM Wars, Now We Procrastinate!
  95. How can I tell if an HD-DVD is a 1080p/24?
  96. PS3 upscaling vs. 360 or stand alone
  97. Smurfs 50th Anniversary
  98. What's the Worst Hi-Def Transfer (Either format) you've ever bought?
  99. Buy None Get 100 free (Bluray/HDDVD)
  100. Funny Format War Video
  101. do you think sony will buy up superbowl add-time for to push blu-ray?
  102. What's the best audio format to look for...
  103. Cloverfield Monster
  104. "The fountain" on blu ray
  105. Toshiba Deploys New HD DVD Marketing Initiatives ...
  106. Netflix: Unlimited Streaming Downloads.
  107. Firmware question
  108. Wal-Mart's Blu-Ray Commercial
  109. New Line's Mr.Woodcock
  110. Batman Begins Blu-Ray preview pics!!!!
  111. Todays Circuitcity Add
  112. 5 Free BLU RAY offer checking info
  113. HD DVD execs call BS on Warner's consumer has decided statement
  114. How many of the new BluRay players have on board lossless audio decoders?
  115. Chinese HD DVD
  116. Open letter to the Judas Bros.
  117. The nerve of these people!
  118. SD DVDs that looks the most like HD?
  119. Blu-ray players to "punish" users who hack their gear?
  120. CES Trend #1: If the format war is over, what has Blu-ray really won?
  121. HD-A30 vs. HD-A35
  122. BLOG: Mark my words, Sony may well regret its victory in the video disc war
  123. Toshiba lowers MSRP on HD-DVD players?
  124. People still seem to be buying HDDVD players
  125. Circuit City sale on HD DVDs and BDs... $17.99 each
  126. Will the recent HD DVD player price cuts help Toshiba keep Uni/Para exlusive?
  127. NO MORE FREE HD-DVDs!!!!
  128. Sound Advice: Blu-ray wins in format war, but at what cost?
  129. Attention Canadians: Any Amazon customers?
  130. Broke My Movie Buying Record Today
  131. What's the Deal with BD's Size?
  132. New Blu-ray Sale on Amazon
  133. New DVD forum approvals since Warner went Blu.
  134. Currently available 1.1 BD Players?
  135. If a format loses (big deal)
  136. OT: Hahahah Amazon electronics topsellers
  137. Ritek puts both Blu-ray and HD-DVD burning on one disk
  138. To those who said Blu-Ray sales we're over. 229 titles 50% off!
  139. Business Week:PS3 Production Cost Halved
  140. Just bought several HD DVDs
  141. Toshiba 5 Free movie offer timeframe
  142. Biggest '07 movie disappointments
  143. Cool "Extra/ Bonus" features on HD-DVD
  144. Blu-ray going mainstream?
  145. Bluray Combo (Just a Poll)
  146. No Matrix on Blu until Pip and bdj
  147. Variety: Universal is Neutral
  148. Just for fun: Your Top 10 Movies for 2007
  149. PS3 HDMI and firmware upgrade options
  150. What is Bollywood???
  151. HDM and HDF Fans . . . How Can We Improve This Forum?
  152. Toshiba Super Up Conversion
  153. Why is Blu-ray getting all these TrueHD soundtracks now?
  154. Warner Delays HD DVD Titles By 3 Weeks
  155. Time for Disney to Blackmail the BDA?
  156. Will you continue recommending HD DVD to other people?
  157. Amazon slashes prices on many prominent HD DVDs
  158. Warner Delays Invasion HD DVD By 3 Weeks
  159. Xbox 360 HD DVD Add-on $72.00 at Sams Club.
  160. Blade Runner question.
  161. Next wave of HDTV adopters may lean towards HD DVD!!!
  162. Blu-ray Profile Question?
  163. 5 free Hd dvds offer............anyone get them???Yet???
  164. Off Topic: As one format war finishes, onto the next!
  165. Question about connection help....
  166. Update: Universal is staying with HD DVD
  167. New market for BD
  168. Where Should I Go?
  169. Huge Trouble BD, Warners Switches Back to HD-DVD- from Insider
  170. putting HD DVD content on a Blu Ray Disc
  171. Microsoft backpedals on Blu-ray for Xbox 360 comments
  172. The HD DVD Promotional Group is expected to release a statement
  173. Some old war news, some new
  174. What would you rather have?
  175. What would you rather have?
  176. ToysRuS BD BOGO sale
  177. Get These Blu-rays for $14 on Amazon
  178. Post-Warner Blu-ray 3-for-2 Sale on Amazon UK
  179. Paramount Delays 'Into the Wild,' 'Things We Lost in the Fire' HD DVDs
  180. Why HD DVD will thrive and prosper!!!
  181. Thoughts on the Format War
  182. Universal NOT renewing contract with HDDVD Group
  183. I am now Purple. Bought a PS3
  184. Warner Unleashes 'Twister' Blu-ray, HD DVD Specs
  185. Will BD players handle the High Def DVDs or CH-DVDs?
  186. BD+ has not been compromised says CES
  187. Warner warns 1,000 workers to expect some layoffs
  188. Why movie "downloads" will only be niche for a long long time
  189. Did the BDA & Warner underestimate HD DVD owners loyality?
  190. Toshiba Says Buyers Aren't Returning HD DVD Players for Blu-Ray
  191. Casual HD DVD Owner
  192. Paramount to offer HD movies online
  193. Today I got the blus....
  194. Sony says HD DVD is 1080i on their website
  195. Paramount's "out" clause--deciding within the month
  196. Best Buy w/ Warner HD DVD titles @ $14.99
  197. Could Blu-ray be out before it was in?
  198. Will you continue to purchase HD DVD discs?
  199. Fox Preps 'Predator' Blu-ray
  200. Philips dvd player hilarious misrepresentation
  201. Anyone selling Blade Runner HD?
  202. HBO going Blu-Ray Exclusive
  203. Planet Earth Question
  204. POLL: Keeping or Selling?
  205. More DigitalBits editorial comments on possible Universal/Paramount defection
  206. Stupid free movie crap with HD DVD
  207. Retailers see high-def DVD format war dragging on
  208. Excuse my ignorance please
  209. Who Is Keeping/Selling Their HD-DVD Player Now?
  210. Profile 1.1 Warner discs on the way
  211. Universal and Paramount No Titles Announced at CES
  212. Microsoft stands behind HD DVD for Xbox 360
  213. City Lights says it will bring the star-studded religious satire 'The Ten' to HD DVD
  214. You will soon be able to watch Blu-ray's on planes, trains, buses, etc
  215. Digital Playground moves from neutral to Blu-ray exclusive
  216. What goes around.......
  217. HD Zodiac!! finally here and more than worth the wait!
  218. HD DVD vs. Blu-Ray vs. HD VMD - Links & Info
  219. ROLL CALL: HD DVD supporters that bought Blu
  220. Toshiba loses ground in high-definition DVD battle
  221. When should we expect to hear [properly] from the HD DVD PRG?
  222. Studios/Gamers had the biggest hand in what products are available to A/V enthusiasts
  223. Doesn't capacity mean everything?
  224. Band of Brothers HD DVD Should I import
  225. What retailers think!
  226. Warner: Rising gas prices drove its Blu-ray decision
  227. "We should have waited another year to introduce Blu-ray to the public"
  228. 3:10 To Yuma on BluRay
  229. MPEG LA Expands Call for HD DVD Patents
  230. Paid downloads a thing of the past
  231. Microsoft will continue to back HD DVD. Confirms blu-ray add on is possible..
  232. "Format war is not the main reason for consumers to stay on the high-def sidelines"
  233. Newline suck.
  234. IMO the only way for HDDVD to stay around in life support mode
  235. Paramount Denies Report It Will Drop Toshiba's HD DVD (Update2)
  236. HD DVD/Blu Ray make Yahoo front page...
  237. Seagate CEO: Blu-ray won the battle but lost the war
  238. Whoa! HD-DVD suing Warners for 4-Billion $$$
  239. Returning Player with no UPC
  240. CES heating up. Rumors so far...
  241. How is Blu-ray less consumer friendly than HD DVD?
  242. Star Trek: Season One, HD DVD will reach 100,000 units sold!!!
  243. HD-DVD : The new Betamax.
  244. Good News - Warner will continue policy of region free encoding!
  245. HD DVD 3 for 2 - Amazon.co.uk - SALE
  246. CES 2008: Warner did not violate HD DVD contract
  247. This may be the end...
  248. Paramount is doing a Warner
  249. What about old WB HD titles?
  250. Free HD DVD Movies
  251. Toshiba - Offer "Enhanced DVD"
  252. Return hd dvd player and get blue ray?
  253. As expected, The Financial Times Paramount report is bogus...
  254. 2008 Universal/Paramount/DreamWorks Releases?
  255. Hd Dvd Site Down
  256. Why do you think Sony will ruin HDM?
  257. Paramount to drop support of HD DVD?
  258. Universal Alone? Paramount Positioning To Go Blu
  259. Mobsters out on HD DVD 1-8-08
  260. New $20 off 3 Blu-Ray Movies @ Best Buy coupon expires 1/14/08 -
  261. To All Those Who Claimed A Unified HDM Format Didn't Matter
  262. Paramount now prepping to abandon HD-DVD exclusivity
  263. What About the 720p DVD?
  264. Funniest Blog From CES!
  265. Toshiba lame PR??
  266. BD Live (2.0) - In Action
  267. The Look and Sound of Perfect Still Paints a Positive Picture for HD DVD, BUT...
  268. Losers if HD-DVD fails
  269. I feel like I've cheated on HD DVD
  270. $300 million for 2007 Hidef sales
  271. In an Ideal world?
  272. Paramount/Dreamworks just said no new HDDVD Movies announced at CES
  273. UMD moving onto Blu Ray
  274. Blu-ray Replication machine bring hope to a small company!
  275. What will we argue about??
  276. How long before Paramount and Universal cut their losses?
  277. Is buying BD still a risky move?
  278. DVD vs Blu Ray
  279. What percent of your HD Media is WB?
  280. I'm interested in the Samsung BD-UP5000
  281. Blu-ray will win format war at end of 2008, predicts research firm
  282. Cheapest DF player on the market...
  283. 1.2 million Blu-ray enabled PlayStation 3's sold since Black Friday
  284. PS3 sells 1.2 Million over hollidays
  285. Retailers not impressed with 2007 HD DVD or Blu-ray numbers
  286. HD DVD's CES Press Release
  287. Good news for the HD DVD supporters
  288. Bill Hunts Olive Branch.
  289. Another Win 4 Blu Ray!
  290. Not so fast, DVD has one hand left to play.
  291. CNBC says d/l the "talk" of CES
  292. A Plan for HD DVD & its backers...
  293. Toshiba states in Computerworld article CES "They're long from finished"?
  294. "Heartbreak Kid" HDDVD issue... HELP?
  295. Well Here is what I ended up doing!!!
  296. 12 months on, lots of money spent, both sides worse off?
  297. Paramount 'has reserved the right to switch its backing to Blu-ray'
  298. This war is once again still on.
  299. Anyone notice the A3 on Amazon
  300. HD DVD supporters....will you ever buy a Bluray player?
  301. Lets not be sore losers
  302. Looks like Target may be first to go Blu-ray exclusive
  303. How to contat studios?
  304. My $199 Upconverting DVD player
  305. I Have Had Enough Of The Format War
  306. Question about HD DVD and Blue Ray
  307. CES: Samsung Bows New Dual-Format Blu-ray/HD DVD Player
  308. Toshiba says HD DVD format isn't dead yet, feels better and might go for a walk
  309. Current HD DVD Supporters.. Do give up!
  310. M$'s CES press conference link
  311. The Future of Combo Players?
  312. HD DVD's last, best hope...
  313. What if Universal or Paramount refuse to release on Blu?
  314. Enough with the WB crap... Which version of Blade Runner should I watch first?
  315. Will all the highly desired classic movies now have their HD releases postponed?
  316. Paramount need to step it up!!
  317. Looks like Paramount may be able to offer BD titles after all
  318. WB HD DVD List, please
  319. According to Philips CEO: Target is going BD exclusive
  320. Our friends at Warner
  321. CES: HD DVD Takes Backseat at Toshiba Press Conference
  322. Idiotic Move From BD CEMs!
  323. Ban The Trolls!!!
  324. Microsoft Could Make BD-Add on for as cheap as..
  325. Todays BESTBUY add
  326. HDM SAL Market Share (No AO)
  327. Until May, what big Warner Brothers movies will be coming on high-def?
  328. Blu-Ray Scores Big in Format War, But It Ain't Over Despite Money and Exaggeration
  329. New Line going Blu
  330. A Great Theme Song For HDDVD
  331. CES - Today's Line Up For Press Releases
  332. Dewd,,Like, bluray is really gnarly,,twaaa
  333. Legal Implications following Warner Announcement
  334. 2 out of 3 aint bad
  335. Studios' size Piechart: interesting
  336. HD DVD Stand Alones Top Ebay Sales!
  337. Look and Sound of Paramount and Universal?
  338. Any Guess as to how Retailers will respond?
  339. 360 Going the Way of HD DVD?
  340. Microsoft "TO" announce XBOX 360 w/ built in HD DVD Drive at CES 2008!!!
  341. Are HD-DVD owners Exaggerating being Poor?
  342. Sony - You Arrogant Prick - Sony Doesn't Want XBox 360 Owners Buying Bravia's!
  343. A Very Nice Gesture From Bill Hunt
  344. WB movies in the box
  345. 300 is the best proof
  346. Cheap Chinese BD players!
  347. The Bill Gates speech
  348. Blu fans
  349. FUNAI to sell under $300 BD Player in NA Q2
  350. Sony vs. Toshiba... It's not Done yet!
  351. How long will our HD-DVD players last?
  352. Sign your name here if you still pick HD DVD as your #1
  353. Current HD DVD Supporters.. Don't give up!
  354. HD DVD Promo Group will apear at CES 2008
  355. Amazon sales of Blu ? something going on
  356. For the blu-ray supporters:
  357. What movies from Warner will actually come out now ?
  358. Why are people so quick to say that HDDVD is finished???
  359. I've heard this from a few friends, has any one else?
  360. They may take WB, they may take our lives, but they'll never take... OUR FREEDOM!!!
  361. All of you Hi Def Supporters remember this:
  362. Tmnt
  363. To HD DVD owners
  364. Why did Fox bow out of going HD DVD exclusive?
  365. Was no region coding by HD DVD a mistake?
  366. Not gonna happen
  367. Warner denies Payoff to blu.
  368. We had signs of this Warner deal
  369. Conspiracy!
  370. BR Add on for xbox360
  371. Walt Disney Studios announces his Blu-ray line-up for 2008
  372. My thoughts. Toshiba has no one to blame but themselves
  373. Blu-Ray, the new Laser Disc!!!
  374. IMO Warner made the right decision.
  375. ANd so the next or possibly many future DRM changes are starting
  376. Is this true?
  377. the HD-DVD Group has cancelled their CES Press Conference
  378. Lucas, Spielberg, Jackson, Bay (haha)...
  379. A Dual Format Epiphany
  380. Its Offical! Blu Ray Won, Hd Dvd Is Done
  381. Warner Bros. Home Video "NOT" dropping HD DVD support anytime soon!?!?!?!
  382. Warner: Where are the Tree-Huggers????
  383. I give up on movie collecting - period.
  384. Not the end to HD!
  385. Report says that Warner was paid $500 Million by BDA !?
  386. It might be over, but we can still dream
  387. NewLine is now Blu Exclusive
  388. Retailers will be FURIOUS
  389. Any Dual format owners Who Lean Red feel like I do?
  390. What about strating an online petition?
  391. Why does the WB announcement mean I shouldn't continue to buy HD DVD?
  392. Time for HD-DVD to put up or shut up
  393. Got a Hd-dvd player for christmas
  394. The Prophetic Cable Guy
  395. The Probable Next Moves
  396. Kevin Tsujihara of WB explains move
  397. Any idea if Sony will extend the 5 free movies
  398. Warner: Short-Term HD DVD Plans Still TBD
  399. Anybody understand this?????
  400. I'll start the obvious thread: Is this War Over?
  401. Jan to May 2008,Open Window
  402. Good article about the events
  403. Toshiba cancels CES event?
  404. Att: Jimmy Smith and Chris Gerhard
  405. Did Warner just open themselves up to a massive lawsuit?
  406. How many of you HD DVD fans feel this way?
  407. If you want to email Warner.
  408. just announced that warner recieved no payoff what so ever...
  409. No payoff for Warner
  410. So what's Toshiba going to do at CES?
  411. the 5 stages Where are you?
  412. Well, Give me some opinions on what you would do...
  413. Toshiba and the DVD Forum at Fault?
  414. Toshiba's Comment on Announcement from Warner Bros. Entertainment of Its Exclusive...
  415. Toshiba's response to the WB move
  416. Does the PS3 upconvert SD movies?
  417. This is not over
  418. We're all friends here. . .
  419. What studio is next to go Blu-ray exclusive?
  420. HD DVD can still win this Hi Def Format War with a BANG – Here’s How.
  421. So What About Universal?
  422. Warner's Decision to back Blu..
  423. WB Blu Ray exclusively
  424. Blu Ray wins Blu Ray
  425. Reuters: WB going Blu-Ray only
  426. Our Friend Samcan07
  427. What are your most re-watched HD titles?
  428. Harry Potter HD Cover Art
  429. DVD Times top 10 HD Transfers of 2007
  430. Your take on the combo discs
  431. Bourne Trilogy Fulfilled by Amazon....
  432. Microsoft touts Xbox sales but laments online woes
  433. Logo/Mark for HD DVD 51GB Discs Approved
  434. New Line: Only one HD DVD release to date?
  435. 52-0
  436. Best Movie Cataloguing Software
  437. Another HD DVD BOGO on Amazon
  438. Does any one else feel Movies playing at 120HZ looks unnatural???
  439. 9 out of 12 Golden Globe Best Pic Nominations on HD DVD
  440. Bb B3-g2-free Hd-dvds
  441. HD-A20 at CC for $249
  442. Apple set to ship Macs with Blu-ray support - report
  443. Studios and their choice of BD/HD
  444. Interesting article about WirelessHD
  445. more evidence of an hd dvd 360?
  446. Will you Still Buy HD-DVD if Warner goes Blu?
  447. Apocalypto - coming out on HD-DVD anytime soon?
  448. Best Buy circular for 1/6/08 - 1/12/08
  449. CES 2008 Central Thread - Put Everything Here Please-
  450. Hollywood Exec's Talk About 2008 And Their Formats
  451. best buy buy 3 get 2 free..bought movies last week..will i get free ones
  452. Six major studios top $1 billion - Paramount leads the billionaires' club
  453. Grading all Blu-Ray studios in 2007
  454. HD-A2 question about sound issue...
  455. Universal Drives to Take Two-Thirds of $2 B MKT
  456. Tesco and High def
  457. LOST Season 3 Review up at highdefdigest 5/5
  458. Does new denon DVD-3800BDCI pump out Dolby TRUE HD and DTS-MASTER ?
  459. Warner/New Line Deliver the First BD Specific VC-1 Encode
  460. Article - CES: 10 Questions For HDTV
  461. WOW, Blu-Ray Makes the TOP 5 on Amazon
  462. If a studio shifts, what will the general public see?
  463. BLU-RAY BOGO 96 Titles!
  464. ABC New Years Eve
  465. Format War - Predictions for 2008
  466. Question about the HDDVD 17GB x 3 layer
  467. CES: 2008 - Microsoft's Xbox: Coming Soon With HD-DVD?
  468. Analysts: Hi Def Format Frustration at CES
  469. In the DVD War Over High Definition, Most Buyers Are Sitting It Out
  470. 20, 25th etc anniversary titles in HD?
  471. BB five for the price of three
  472. Warner not dropping HD DVD!
  473. Thank You Dobyblue!
  474. Happy New Year To All HDF Members!
  475. 'Bee Movie' Buzzes to HD DVD
  476. CES 2008 - NBC Live Broadcast Schedule - 1/7
  477. What is Microsoft up to?
  478. Un-HD-DVD'd
  479. Discussion - What would happen to Blu-ray if the PS3 failed?
  480. In the DVD War Over High Definition, Most Buyers Are Sitting It Out
  481. LOTR HD DVD Screen Shots - Will they release it?
  482. Rumor: Two Blu-Ray exclusive studios to ship HD DVD's B4 end of January
  483. What's this I hear about a meeting between microsoft, Toshiba, Uni, and Warner?
  484. Harry Potter HDDVD disc error
  485. Is there any TV exclusivity for HDM???
  486. Why SD DVD, HD DVD & BD? Why not Flash Media Instead?
  487. Movies - How Do They Effect You?
  488. Planet Earth on HD DVD: Which is the best disc to rent?
  489. BLOG - Next-Gen DVD Format War Wastes Everyone's Time
  490. HD DVD/BD....Wait for HHD DWDD BVD!
  491. Please explain some detail of previous formats
  492. Warner Bros non combo re-releases... still combos?
  493. soprANOS season 6 part I on hd dvd and reg dvd..is thier a big dif..replys asap..
  494. Does it bother any of you that the movies don't default to TrueHD?
  495. Chosing a Movie thet comes in both Formats
  496. QVC UK £169 with 7 dvds
  497. Interesting article at Videobusness.com
  498. Disc Loading problem
  499. Just got 2 more titles tonight
  500. Lord of War Import HD DVD Menu Problem