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Verizon FiOS

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  1. Whats the difference between QIP6416-1 & QIP6416-2
  2. I think i fixed my sizing problem
  3. I activated my 7216 STB
  4. Still Have Premium Channels
  5. Verizon FIOS update
  6. HD channels
  7. haggling with verizon..
  8. Hows your SD PQ on IPTV?
  9. Hd stb question
  10. Questions about FIOS TV & HD DVR
  11. Well, I now have Verizon FIOS
  12. FIOS Soon!!
  13. Does anyone know when FIOS will be available for the West Side of Manhattan,NY?
  14. Fios Speed
  15. The Swap Feature Is Back Bay-bee!!
  16. Next Gen Routers
  17. Response time of HD DVR compared to HD STB
  18. Best customer service
  19. Problem with DVR reverting to 720p
  20. what are the REAL speeds people are seeing with FIOS
  21. Single phone number
  22. When will FIOS be available in Irvine?
  23. Is QVC HD available in NY ( Long Island)
  24. Correction, i meant 2/09
  25. The fios man is coming 1/09
  26. New HD Channels coming soon?
  27. Gaming question (PSP)
  28. Using Internal Volume Control on 6416 and external speakers
  29. You people with FIOS Suck!!!
  30. Help I changed the sd format in the video setting and the picture won't change back!
  31. My FiOS battery backup just died!
  32. Golf HD
  33. Verizon 4th Q earnings
  34. copy dvr to disc
  35. Options other than a fios router?? DLink N router?
  36. No program guide until Sunday sometime...
  37. Making the switch to fios
  38. FIOS in my neiborhood
  39. Channel unavailable...
  40. Hdtv
  41. Retro Television Network in RI
  42. Current Deal for those with Premier and all current HD channels
  43. Lose Center Channel Sound With HD
  44. HBO/Movies Package
  45. FiOS/Onkyo Problems
  46. Clock Brightness Adjustment?
  47. Random Power Off
  48. Fios TV Install ?'s
  49. Fios On Demand Movie Reviews and Star Ratings
  50. Verizon's definition of coming soon
  51. popping noise
  52. 2nd DVR Question
  53. Color Shift
  54. FIOS STB vs Tivo S3 and Vudu
  55. Think FiOS is ever coming to apartments?
  56. Losing picture - TV or box?
  57. Channel Guide Question
  58. 16:9 Guide
  59. No CNN HD?
  60. DVR Oddity
  61. Jitter, pause or hesitation on hd fios 6416dvr and live
  62. On Demand-how to get rid of previously viewed station list
  63. FIOS M Card On Long Island?
  64. Channel 1479
  65. Looking for codes
  66. HD Signal - 2 TV's 1 box?
  67. cablevision cables vs fios installation .
  68. issues with verizon internet and wireless connections
  69. channel pixelation
  70. FiOS Triple Play Rates
  71. MLB Network HD??
  72. Remote DVR Feature
  73. hd channels
  74. .TV HD Channels
  75. International Channels
  76. Remote not working well
  77. 4:3 Override on DVR
  78. Have Internet. Thinking about TV Service Soon.
  79. why cant you dvr hd net channel 631 on verizon fios
  80. Today is the Day
  81. FiOS and HDMI: Help
  82. Digital Converter
  83. Fios Service Change Question
  84. Setanta Sports, FIOS, & PPV
  85. So, what cables does verizon use in the house
  86. My box keep reverting to 720p output
  87. Encore hd ch 850
  88. TiVo HD and cable cards
  89. Programing DCT700 Digital Adapter
  90. Intermittent loss of HD signal
  91. FiOS Cable Card
  92. mlb network
  93. Does FIOS in Seattle have MSNBC?
  94. 6 channels of MSG?
  95. toshiba problems with verizon hdmi wire
  96. TIVO,maybe?
  97. STB Resets
  98. Verizon STB
  99. Remote DVR control
  100. Customer Advisory Panel
  101. What to do?
  102. NHL network now live
  103. Problem with Motorola DVR
  104. Free HBO/Cinemax preview
  105. sd channels
  106. Extreme???
  107. music sound problems
  108. Help - HDMI no signal
  109. Phill Area: DVR Internet Remote Control
  110. hd channels
  111. Is it FIOS or my MOTO 6416???
  112. setop resloution
  113. Sound cuts out, is it the Fios or my tv
  114. fios with samsung 52" lcd and samsung dvd
  115. sd channels
  116. Comcast Sportsnet N. E.
  117. DTV vs FIOS
  118. PIP with Verizon FIOS with a Motorola QIP6416-2 and a Vizo VX37L HDTV
  119. video
  120. fios for phone ringer
  121. NHL Network in Jersey yet???
  122. New Hd Panasonic Plasma...HELP!!!
  123. fios hd pictures
  124. VOD Most Recent
  125. Nasa tv
  126. HBO HD On Demand
  127. Too many HD channels for the HD DVR!!!!!
  128. Freezing Picture?
  129. Fios DVR tech support is pathetic
  130. Verizon FiOS cable card compatibility issue
  131. Guide Enhancement
  132. FIOS signal?
  133. Do I need a box for each tv?
  134. Verizon FIOS HD and intermitent HD reception failure
  135. "tv giude"
  136. Spike HD?
  137. Pause live TV issues
  138. New Channels in Philly
  139. FIOS DVR Stinks! Just plain stinks!
  140. I got cold feet
  141. Fios in apartment buildings
  142. Subscribed channels only
  143. NHL Network NJ roll out...
  144. More HD channels coming soon!
  145. Holding makes me angry... :(
  146. If Verizon is so anal about their channel lineup, then why.........
  147. From DVR to DVD?
  148. Verizon Fios Samsumg LCD w/HDMI cable
  149. Poor HD Picture Quality
  150. MLB Network TV and MLB Extra Innings coming !!!
  151. [HDMI] Not Sure If This Is A Fios Problem - Audio
  152. Does FioS Display In Coming Phone Calls
  153. No audio channel 103
  154. FIOS Oddity and a Question
  155. FiOS Referral program
  156. Remote DVR
  157. Home media DVR problem
  158. !
  159. New HD Channels In Richmond
  160. Currently unavailble and channel switching problem
  161. TWC=>FiOS: Want to understand Res switching hesitation
  162. Im Afraid ! Fios or TWC ??
  163. Changed from cablevision to Fios- Bill is too HIgh
  164. Where are the good HD channels on FIOS?
  165. Cablevision to FiOS & DCT700 Boxes
  166. Hd dvr
  167. I Figured Out The Fios PIP Dillema!
  168. HDMI Vs. component
  169. Gremlins in FiOS TV
  170. One step closer to MSGHD on FiOS
  171. Surprize! Washington Metro
  172. Connect DVR to 2 TV's
  173. DVR questions
  174. Question about WHDVR
  175. Starz Play Internet Movies
  176. Fios Tiling and Audio Drop
  177. Verizon delivers fast-forward-disabled HD VOD content from ABC
  178. Actiontec Firmware Address
  179. Zoom
  180. FIOS adding customers in Forbes.com
  181. HD Box Now Gets DVR
  182. tileing on fios , they want $75 to try to fix it !!
  183. Long painful productive phone calls
  184. S Video
  185. Upgrading HD Box?
  186. New STBs w/ true 16x9 Guide
  187. Center Ice Package going live
  188. HD Upgrade Dallas - don't get all HD yet
  189. Channel Temporarily Unavailable Problem
  190. Frustrating Favorites Follies
  191. Verizon Fios Billing
  192. Soft SD picture after 1.6 update ?
  193. Email to all of FIOS Media Relations Regarding HD Extreme
  194. parental control
  195. FIOS Pittsburgh install
  196. Verizon FIOS HD DVR Box Question:
  197. Does FIOS HD box come with HDMI cable?
  198. Need Help In Southern Calif.
  199. Verizon incompetent and unfair (new upgrade!?)
  200. Got the new IMG in NJ 10/16
  201. Backup Recordings from DVR to Computer
  202. Hooking up another TV to FIOS by using the wireless router
  203. Southern California - New Channels Added!
  204. MSGHD on FIOS
  205. QIP-6200-2 Firewire Drivers
  206. New HD Channels in Pittsburgh
  207. Pay Extra for Fox News HD???
  208. Enabling the usb ports on a 6416?
  209. Home Media DVR
  210. When they come to install.....
  211. FSN Pittsburgh in HD?
  212. Make changes on the Verizon website ?
  213. QIP6416 HDMI Compatibility Issue
  214. Fios coverage map?
  215. Well wadda you know?!
  216. FiOS Installation Question
  217. Problems in SE PA this morning?
  218. Backup battery and home theater screen
  219. It's here
  220. cablevision vs fios..opinions..
  221. NBA TV/NHL Network/MLB Network
  222. Is there a HD for Spike???
  223. Motorolla 7216 HDDVR Software Glitches
  224. Digital Adapter Question
  225. IP Addresses on my STB's
  226. October and September lineup still coming soon?
  227. pittsburgh pa media center question
  228. Good News for all (I Think) on HD channels.
  229. DVR not recording
  230. New Channel line up in Baltimore
  231. These Guys are Good
  232. FIOS DVR Info Screen during Pause and Playback is unnecessary!
  233. Installation warnings for me?
  234. Is Verizon Skimping on Quality now?
  235. Essentials and Extreme HD packages?
  236. Pros and Cons of FIOS service
  237. Was there anything to sign after initial install?
  238. Fios Free Tv / Activating old STB Question
  239. Fios and Sound Issues
  240. X Channels stay around for how long?
  241. Verizon Fios 7216 DVR Playback issues
  242. Thinking of Moving From Directv :( to FiOS HD TV
  243. Is there a noticeable difference
  244. Some New Things on the Img 1.6
  245. Season Passes Need to be Reprogramed After Transition?
  246. Transition done in NO VA area!!!!
  247. Some new HD channels show but cant tune to them.
  248. "new HD channels"
  249. can i watch Tv on PC ?? how to ?
  250. DVR free for 12 months
  251. Anne Arundel/Howard HD Line Up
  252. No DVR output to STB
  253. Missing some HD Channels
  254. Samsung Uuuggggghh!
  255. Sound cuts out for a sec after fast forwarding
  256. HDMI Handshake/DVI/HDCP Compliance Issue
  257. Steps to program DVR.
  258. Sound sync issues
  259. Pictures Of HD and SD BOxes
  260. when will fios tv be available in my area??
  261. HD Home Media DVR to HD Set-top: Fixed?
  262. skip and replay on dvr
  263. Subscription Channels
  264. Software tuner?
  265. What channel is
  266. No free HD movies on demand?
  267. Southern California HD Upgrade
  268. New Packages and Pricing?
  269. Losing the picture
  270. 2ND router.
  271. Hd Net Movies
  272. ESPNU HD in Tampa area
  273. Recording to tape
  274. link netgear router and fior router
  275. Channel change in Baltimore Sept.17th
  276. Some Fios observations
  277. new fios, how to set proper display on hdtv??
  278. Upgrade DVR?
  279. SE PA Transition on 9/11
  280. New Hd channel in Baltimore
  281. Help...Oh God Help!!!
  282. Old VCRs
  283. FYI New IMG Update
  284. Channel Lineup Question
  285. Cannot record buffered programs???
  286. Fios HD BOXES
  287. Not enough HD space
  288. "they're really pushing my buttons"
  289. motorola 7216 stb
  290. Pixellation
  291. CBS news in HD on weekends only???
  292. Verizon Zapped: Must Inspect Every N.Y. FiOS Installation For Unsafe Wiring
  293. 1st bill
  294. Verizon Cancels My Install!!!
  295. Guide and recording problems!!!!!!
  296. FIOS DVR Software Update - Sept 18th
  297. I woke up this mornng and..
  298. Multi Room DVR
  299. media center
  300. fios and ps3
  301. Washington, DC Metro Line Up for 9/22
  302. Can I find out when or if FiOS will ever come to my area?
  303. outage in nyc area
  304. New Line Ups
  305. dvr recording problems
  306. viewing dvr recordings
  307. NFL Network Blackouts...Unable to tune in channel message
  308. Weather Channel HD Local Forecasts
  309. Problem with FIOS
  310. Direct TV vs Fios TV
  311. actiontec modem
  312. Channel Realignment in Pittsburgh
  313. DCT 700 converters
  314. Premium HD VOD!
  315. Philly To Be Updated Aug 25 and 26
  316. Tick,Tick,TICK!!!!
  317. "another re-alignment/software problem"???????
  318. Fios Vs. Directv
  319. NY HD Stations/Everybody Else
  320. No HD in Pittsburgh
  321. verizon's own forum
  322. Can anyone figure this HD problem out?
  323. When are the new HD channels comming to northern VA?
  324. Is it just me...
  325. No video on HDMI
  326. What's going on??? 90% of channels not working.
  327. "the last 2/3 minutes???"
  328. Does anyone Know...
  329. FIOS and Tivo
  330. Can't record series' anymore
  331. A positive customer service experience
  332. More HD Channels!
  333. Quality In San Francisco Bay Area
  334. still no hi def on cbs evening news.
  335. USA & Sci FI HD in Baltimore
  336. Amex Gift Cards?
  337. Verizon Accuses Cablevision of Withholding MSG HD
  338. "my mistake"
  339. USA HD and CNBC HD
  340. Verizon FiOS: 100 HD Channels In NY
  341. Hesitation Between HD and Regular Feeds
  342. Verizon Stike
  343. I'm so confused....Comcast vs FIOS Pittsburgh PA
  344. South Jersey 9/8 ?
  345. orange lit on modem ?? Verizon cant figure it out
  346. Currently Unavailable messages
  347. Is the SE Penna upgrade still in November?
  348. Here's Verizon being shiiisters again
  349. New Modems Coming
  350. My router died :-(
  351. PIP- Is it possible on FIOS?
  352. widgets
  353. 2 big question
  354. Remote control programming
  355. New HD channels coming soon to Baltimore
  356. Olympics channels added
  357. Wheres the HD Channels?
  358. HDD Capacity & Other Questions
  359. HDMI problem
  360. HD DVR recording problems
  361. Question for FiOS customers in Maryland
  362. FIOS setup for HD DVR stb
  363. Help With HDTV
  364. NOOB questions - Multi-room DVR and external hard drive
  365. "Favorites" list has a mind of it's own
  366. check your SPs!!!!!
  367. no optical inhouse?
  368. Hd Mr Dvr
  369. Rhode Island is not Listed
  370. SD video formatting on HDDVR
  371. New to Fios- need nelp
  372. View or copy saved FIOS shows to computer
  373. FIOS to Tivo
  374. Football Package
  375. MLB Extra Innings mid season package?
  376. multi room DVR
  377. When will New Lineup In L. A. Begin?
  378. Show members location
  379. "new stuff"
  380. New update???
  381. Fios not fully giving Triple Play Credits
  382. My Initial Impression of FiOS
  383. Billing Issues Again?
  384. Display Setting Question
  385. Sound Synchronizing problem
  386. Will FIOS have College Football (ESPN Game Plan)
  387. No more SDDVR's????
  388. What is needed to get Verizon FiOS?
  389. Small HD picture ?
  390. Satellite Sucks
  391. New HD DVR?
  392. All Channels in HD?
  393. latest FIOS deal
  394. HD STB issue
  395. Espn 360
  396. Free Preview?
  397. Verizon Plans to Add 25 HD Channels
  398. All digital in NNJ?
  399. signal loss between samsung 1080p & verizon fios tv
  400. Channel realignment!
  401. Verizon cut my sewer line...
  402. Internet scheduling
  403. FIOS Rookie Mistake, Projector with no audio
  404. More HD from Starz....don't know when
  405. HDNet movie early premier
  406. Verizon Amex Rewards Card
  407. Comcast Sports New England
  408. Sharp TV Offer
  409. Motorola DCT700 digital adapter running hot
  410. Know How to Use a Forum and Be On Topic
  411. Know about the signs on DVD discs
  412. about the signs on DVD discs
  413. Know about the signs on DVD discs
  414. Know about the signs on DVD discs
  415. Know about the signs on DVD
  416. Know about the signs on DVD discs
  417. Know about the signs on DVD discs
  418. Know about the signs on DVD discs
  419. New TV website
  420. Univeral Remote
  421. Fios HDTV vs. DirectTV HD
  422. HD-DVR Question
  423. problem with HD reception
  424. State Accuses Verizon Of 'Willful' Service Lapses, Seeks Fines
  425. FIOS article @ Sound and Vision magazine's website
  426. Verizon Confusing FiOS Customers Under Contract
  427. QAM Tuner
  428. New HD STBs
  429. vizio qam tuner vs free sharp tv qam tuner
  430. splitting the signal
  431. Using the converter...
  432. STB Resolution output?
  433. Actiontec Router
  434. Early termination fee?
  435. Camera or Circuit City Gift Card?
  436. Verizon Fios TV sound problems and Fios Internet problems
  437. When do new HD channels hit?
  438. HD Channel lineup?
  439. How long ??
  440. FIOS Free TV - Anyone have an opinion it yet?
  441. FiOS in Chicago?
  442. New installation
  443. New Router Power Adapter, but why?
  444. Swapping Channels w/ Dual Tuner HD DVR
  445. "snapping/popping sound"
  446. MR HD DVR in VA
  447. Managing Account Online
  448. High Definition
  449. newbie question
  450. no 1080 P ? and not many HD :(
  451. Many duplicate channels on my lineup
  452. Switched from TW
  453. Strange error message.
  454. Fios vs copper wire... kiss copper good bye
  455. I'm disappointed with Fios
  456. Volume levels between various channels
  457. HD-STB volume & TV volume problem
  458. No Analog/Digital Channels No Longer Available?
  459. HDMI with FiOS
  460. Fios
  461. Problem since today / every channel shows as HD?
  462. When will FIOS offer PPV in HD?
  463. Interesting Article
  464. DVR missing shows.
  465. Analog cutoff for NJ in June.
  466. Troubleshooting a recent picture quality problem
  467. help connecting dvd player to
  468. HD VOD Finally in NY!
  469. Major IMG Problem
  470. FIOS HD STB, Samsung, HDMI, Component..Oh My!
  471. Looking for info on Motorola 6416
  472. IMG update to 5.76 in Philly area
  473. Anticipated rollout to my area?
  474. IMG update California
  475. a thinner or flatter RG-6 to run under flooring?
  476. Is it just me?
  477. Is there a StarZ HD On Demand??
  478. Having some Real issue with...
  479. Hockey Playoffs
  480. New ONT Box
  481. Envision TV no sound control w/FiOS remote
  482. Toshiba and Fios remote
  483. Reboots!!!
  484. HBO keeps falling off "Favorites"
  485. Help with FiOS setup please...
  486. Hd Vod
  487. Verizon Makes It Official
  488. "I guess it's TIVO time"
  489. Storing Additional Data on External Device
  490. Quick Question
  491. HD DVR - HDD spinning or fan always on??
  492. Help!Can I hook sony dvd vx500 to my verizon fios dvr
  493. No OnDemand
  494. FIOS HD STB won't display time
  495. HD DVR Release?
  496. Does anyone know the # for...
  497. Some more channels in SE PA
  498. FIOS DVR Remote
  499. New, sorry if this has already been answered
  500. Best PQ for 52" lcd - DTV or FiOS?