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High Definition Programming and Shows

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  1. TV recordings
  2. 4K 8k what’s the point?
  3. Black Monday, Showtime Networks!
  4. 4k ota
  5. tvguide.Watchlist email newsletter ?
  6. Me TV in Atlanta
  7. The X Files.
  8. tcm and sony hd movie channels have video problems
  9. Q: Are There Different HD Resolutions Broadcast on the Same HD Feed?
  10. Netflix or. What is best for movies
  11. OTA TV Guide
  12. I wish people would shut up about SPORTS
  13. The Following Season 2 on Uverse
  14. Some HD channels not working
  15. Hash tag on Banshee
  16. Can we finally kill 4:3 broadcasts already - PLEASE??
  17. Should I be getting all of the OTA channels listed on TV Guide?
  18. New Superman in a New HD Video
  19. 1080i T.V. format.
  20. ESPN to televise college playoff
  21. ESPN ?? Discovery??
  22. Haven Renewed By Syfy For Season 4
  23. AMC & Netflix Revive "The Killing"
  24. Battlestar: Blood and Chrome
  25. Michael Connelly, ‘Treme’ Producer Eric Overmyer to Develop ‘Harry Bosch’ TV Series
  26. finding NBA, football HD from 2003-2008
  27. Help on figuring which providers get certain movies?
  28. Old News?
  29. Remember Voom?
  30. Does CBS stream its shows in HD online?
  31. Important
  32. Sound Drop Outs on One Specific Show
  33. HD channels run off the screen
  34. Video Quality Changes at end of CBS Shows
  35. "Person of Interest" - good new show on CBS
  36. What's the take on 2 1/2 men this year?
  37. Reality TV, just when you thought....
  38. Why is ABC in the USA only offering Spanish Versions?
  39. Info on use of Netflix
  40. Antenna TV in Duluth, Fargo and Sioux Falls?
  41. Where's the closed captions on AMCHD?
  42. CBS prime time start times
  43. HBO's Game of Thrones
  44. ABC Family HD
  45. Amplifiers or pre-amps???
  46. Is local programming be better suited to the web than terrestrial TV?
  47. HD provider??
  48. Is it just me, or does the Weather Channel suck lately?
  49. bravia sound
  50. div vs hdmi
  51. Spartacus: gods of the arena
  52. HGTV Reality Series
  53. CBS Sports
  54. CBS HD vs ABC HD?
  55. Walking Dead thread
  56. Netflix on Viera Cast looks GOOOOOD!
  57. NBC Sunday Night Football Is Low Quality HD
  58. ESPN Sportscenter - Colors Too Hot, Bad Skin Tones
  59. Tcm hd
  60. House!
  61. The Ultimate Dexter Thread!
  62. HD networks that show movies...
  63. HBO onDemand no HD,why?
  64. and here I go again...
  65. Bad Tuner?
  66. is possible to connect to youtube wifi
  67. Tnt hd
  68. The Hills is a nice show....
  69. can you get 7.1 on movies on HBO,STARZ...etc?
  70. wb68 with ota antenna
  71. Royal Pains
  72. South Park episodes in HD quality
  73. the boondocks season 3
  74. The Early Show (CBS morning news) now in HD
  75. Using my Wii to stream Netflix in 480i or 480p?
  76. Help? How would I play HDMI on panasonic plasma
  77. Best solution for a slingbox setup?
  78. Spartacus: Blood and Sand
  79. Fox Cancels '24'
  80. The Pacific, A HBO 10 Part Mini Series!
  81. better quality for standard cable hd shows on hdtv
  82. Sparticus
  83. Southland, Now On TNT!
  84. Commercials in Less than Full Screen
  85. 24
  86. speed & pbs HD
  87. Discovery To Launch 3D Channel With Sony, Imax: Source
  88. ESPN to launch 3D network in June
  89. Heroes thread
  90. Star Wars on SPIKE Christmas Eve
  91. Casablanca Print Quality
  92. HD Wings - yay or nay
  93. EuroNews in US
  94. Why the lack of HD shows on CBS mornings?
  95. BUGs on the screen
  96. CNN Newsroom in HD?
  97. White Collar on USA
  98. Those with HD receivers and NHL Center Ice Package
  99. What does a commercial in your favorite show cost?
  100. Supertruck Using Two Heavy Trucks As Roller Skates
  101. Deputy Sheriff Steven Seagal Lawman Reality Show
  102. Markup Planned For Commercial Loudness Bill
  103. Sons Of Anarchy, Season 2 Is Off Da Chain!
  104. Bbca hd?
  105. Family Guy and The Cleveland Show In Widescreen?
  106. Looking for a list of which HD format (720p or 1080i) networks transmit in
  107. Problems with local RTV PSIP
  108. Why Glut of Fiction Programming on Thursday Night?
  109. NFL Red Zone for Comcast and Dish
  110. Is an HDTV really worth it for me??
  111. FX picks up two comedy series
  112. problem when switching from hdtv to sdtv
  113. Where's the High Def?
  114. SDTV Via an HD Tv set
  115. Television Fall 2009
  116. Any stations broadcasting 288p channels?
  117. Hockey in High Def
  118. Syfy in 2009
  119. What studios produce CW and MYTV
  120. What is up with FX HD and Fantastic Four?
  121. Broadcasters' HD Squeeze Play
  122. New Shows - Mid 2009
  123. The True Blood Thread!
  124. Program Listing
  125. Picture doesn't fit screen all the time
  126. Why a small 16x9 picture
  127. Nurse Jackie Show HD/DT 101 network
  128. Defining High-Definition TV
  129. How did you rate the finale of prison break?
  130. ABC pretend HD programs
  131. "V: The Series"
  132. The unusuals, life, canceled. Smallville Moving to Fridays???
  133. 16X9 and or 4x3 who decides
  134. Rappelz:Strider Guide
  135. My Network TV (OTA)
  136. So what did you think of Chuck and Heroes Season Finales??? ( spoilers )
  137. OTA Question
  138. Bad Sound Synch
  139. HD Shows Guide
  140. No HD on Fox HD
  141. Breaking Bad On AMC
  142. the sarah connor chronicles
  143. The Ten Commandments
  144. LCD tv & HDTV ....
  145. mlb extra innings on TWC NYC
  146. Possible new uses for OTA digital TV.
  147. Fta
  148. Last Episode of ER
  149. Questions about HD TV shows!
  150. "free HD programming"
  151. sound on smallville
  152. ION started service in 720p HD
  153. Need more HD channels!
  154. mlb hd network.Dolby digital 5.1????
  155. Led Zeppelin Song Remains The Same HD
  156. Classic TV shows
  157. Airplane! on HBO Comedy HD...
  158. espn hd,espn2 hd
  159. HD Digital Tuner or HD Antenna?
  160. HD, TV and sports related questions.
  161. DFW-Fox 4 News in HD Finally
  162. High definition Television--new business models.
  163. MLB Network
  164. what provider has the most HD channels?
  165. This-tv
  166. HD Television Programing Audio
  167. Time Warner Queens Brooklyn Channel
  168. Chuck in 3D, where to get the glasses?
  169. Comcast Airs Porn During Super Bowl
  170. Showtimes HD Programming!
  171. Hockey in HD on Center Ice
  172. Leverage on TNTHD
  173. 24
  174. Burn Notice coming back on USA
  175. Discovery aims for big splash with slate
  176. Same show, two networks noticeable differences
  177. FX HD, It Pauses All The Time
  178. "Up In Smoke Tour" (2000) HD?
  179. NBC Goes 3-D With Chuck, Super Bowl Ad
  180. Sharp LC-42SB45U
  181. HBS director scolds European broadcasters for shunning of HD
  182. Fox To Go All HD, All the Time
  183. High-def is driving up ratings for sports
  184. New to the site...quick question
  185. HD off air vs sat/cable HD
  186. Seinfeld in HD?
  187. Regis & Kelly Going High-Def
  188. Fox Needs More HD Consistency
  189. Season Finale Tonight!!!
  190. Discovery series set to explode
  191. USA Network/HD in SoCal
  192. MGM HD Eyes Mojo's HD Position
  193. Is This The Future, Intergrating Commercials?
  194. Videotron vs. Expressvu
  195. HDTV black frame
  196. Comcast MSG HD ?
  197. Hbo
  198. Noobi splitter question.
  199. rappelz gold ?
  200. Cinemax subliminal messages
  201. Broadcast versus Cable
  202. Clone Wars TV series stretched for anyone else?
  203. [TWC] HD TV in my area
  204. Why HD in 4:3?
  205. Source programming signal vs. Satellite
  206. Survivor hd, wow!!
  207. Road HD for the Rangers, Devils, and Islanders?
  208. Cable and OTA HD
  209. Greek (ABC Family)
  210. progressive and interlaced analyzer
  211. UFC in HD
  212. When is Comedy Central going HD?
  213. Why is the Toinght Show in SD?
  214. HD Programming picture quality & performance question
  215. ABC Nighly News Finally
  216. ESPN Game Plan - HD or not?
  217. SAT HD decoder: 720p or 1080i ?
  218. History of the NFL in High Definition
  219. Aspect Ratio Rant
  220. Cinemax Going 100 Percent HD on September 1st 2008
  221. The Olympics on VOD much better then Live!
  222. Advertising Question
  223. olympics pixelation?
  224. sharp 46d82u
  225. Christie Selected for Beijing Summer Games
  226. TNA Wrestling nears completion of HD TNAtv studio
  227. 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Night
  228. 720p or 1080i?
  229. IndyCar Series Drives TV Pacts With Versus, ABC
  230. Weather Channel Hi-Def
  231. Flashpoint on CBS
  232. CBS News with Katie not in Hi Def in Baltimore
  233. SciFi HD with Eureka
  234. The Weather Channel's IntelliStar HD
  235. Manhattan HD Programming
  236. prime time cable shows in HD?
  237. The Shield entering its final season!
  238. HDTV Programming Schedule
  239. CBS News fleshes out high-def plans
  240. Starz's Hannah Montana Concert In 3D HDTV
  241. NBC: Olympics 24 Hours a Day In HD
  242. Shreveport, LA Comcast unscrambled digital channels
  243. panasonic TH- 42PZ77U HD question
  244. BBC vision box
  245. WOW!!! TNT HD Does a Awesome Job!!!
  246. When We Left The Earth Tonite!
  247. Hdtv Denied! Help!
  248. BBC America HD to Launch This Fall
  249. Local news in HD?
  250. Post a picture of a HD program you are watching on your HDTV. Any HD Program.!!!
  251. Feds to Test Digital TV Switch In North Carolina
  252. When Is HDTV Going to Catch Up?
  253. Fox yells "cut" on commercials
  254. Disney HD...Toon Disney HD...any HD content?
  255. SciFi HD - WTF?
  256. Aspect Ratio
  257. Discovery to Air Early NASA Footage In HD
  258. A&E to Launch New HD Network
  259. Is your local news in HD?
  260. Closed Captions KING TV & KOMO TV Seattle
  261. where is hd?
  262. TV Programming Set to debut in HD this year
  263. My9HD & CWHD
  264. Jurassic Park on TNT Last night
  265. What's the Best Show In HDTV?
  266. Lifetime Television HD Launches
  267. FOX News High Def?
  268. Burn Notice returns
  269. Digital Television Transition and Public Safety Act
  270. Survivor in HD...finally
  271. NCIS marathon on USA
  272. Discovery to Launch Planet Green HD
  273. Starz
  274. SNY in HD but not 5.1
  275. Food Network HD...
  276. Vistavision in HD
  277. Bridge over the river Kwai on HDNET movies
  278. Ax Men!
  279. Is ESPNHD to carry the Masters.......
  280. dtv vs. hdtv
  281. DishHD Ultimate
  282. Favorites from the new channels.
  283. How can my TV not be HDCP
  284. Problems with TBS/TNT and sometimes HBO in HD
  285. Simpsons or Family Guy ever going widescreen?
  286. RFID4U brings World's largest RFID eLearning portal TEAMRFID.COM
  287. No Signal OTA Vista
  288. High Def Sports programming
  289. Price is Right in HD
  290. HD Closed Caption?
  291. HD soccer programming from TSN and RSN
  292. Home Theatre Audio Problems with CBS CSI Miami.
  293. What is the deal with TBS HD?
  294. Crossing Jordan on A&E
  295. What HD televisions shows look best?
  296. Black Lines on either side of HD picture...help Please!
  297. Bad picture quality for Sci Fi channel HD?
  298. Sci-Fi Channel HD
  299. Confused about HD
  300. HDNet Sundays!
  301. Daytona 500 on FOX HD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now
  302. SDTV broadcast in widescreen?
  303. for sale brand new sidekick 3 lx......$200usd [email protected]
  304. Eli Stone in HD? Or not.
  305. Confused -- 1080, 720 or ? for Standard Broadcast
  306. All local channel except one...
  307. HDTV on old non box cable
  308. Indy Car 2008 in HD
  309. CSI Miami on A&E HD
  310. Comcast SportsNet Chicago HD in Fort Wayne
  311. Weather Channel: Studio HD In June
  312. I'm sure it's been asked before but..
  313. HD Question
  314. vcr player recording problem
  315. which is better?
  316. which is better?
  317. Broadcasting In 1080P
  318. Media Guide Channels with OTA Houston
  319. Problem w/ Vizio VX32L Tuner & Cablevision Service
  320. HD channels appear with a glitch?
  321. Cable System Upconverting Question
  322. HD question from Noob about HD signal over cable?
  323. SciFi HD sound issues?
  324. Help with hdtv plz
  325. Save the 4400!
  326. Anyone Going To CES 2008?
  327. New to HD, Stations in 720p???
  328. QAM Problems! AH!
  329. My 4 Favorite Channels
  330. Patriots vs. Giants on 3 networks...which one looks best?
  331. I'm Emabarrased to Ask this Question
  332. Man on the Moon on Universal HD
  333. Dish Network Sports Package HD
  334. "Crossing Jordan" on A&E HD
  336. grinch stole christmas in HD?
  337. I know this is a STUPID question but......
  338. Over the Air Programming
  339. Tonight - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - In HD!
  340. Yule Log
  341. Who has the best HD signal right now?
  342. Just purchased HD 942 DVR needs Dish Connection?
  343. SD in HD What Gives??
  344. Shrek Christmas Special
  345. Thanksgiving Day Parade
  346. Is the CBS and ABC evening news in HD yet?
  347. Want more proof TBS HD is a joke?
  348. Origins of HD and Early 16 by 9
  349. USAHD not too bad looking
  350. Cbs 5.1
  351. Cinemax HD
  352. Braveheart on HD!
  353. FSN Bay Area HD
  354. WGN-HD Update
  355. World Series in HD
  356. HD in Space?
  357. CSI tonight...
  358. MHD's Nissan Live Sets
  359. Viva Laugh-in (Laughlin)
  360. Mgm Hd
  361. Pushing Daisies on ABC - Best looking HD ever!
  362. Help/suggestions
  363. CBS Programming
  364. I am trying to find the name of a video I saw on inHD on Comcast
  365. good method for WOW playing--PVPSALE.com
  366. good method for WOW playing
  367. Beijing 2008, HD Broadcast rights
  368. Tbs-hd
  369. The Sopranos in HD
  370. NASA HD videos
  371. SPEED Goes High-Def, Starting with 100 Hours of NASCAR Coverage from 50th Anniversary
  372. Does Comcast have a HDMI Receiver/DVR?
  373. Tnt Hd
  374. Searching For Sat Signal On Some New Channels
  375. House=wow!!!
  376. Ken Burns 'The War' on PBS
  377. Upgrading or changing to HD
  378. DTV or Dish?
  379. HD Reception
  380. 16% Of HDTV Owners Are Watching HD On Their HDTV (?)
  381. Jericho...
  382. God, I Love HDTV!
  383. Narrow pictures on 1080i channels
  384. New HD setup recommendations needed!!
  385. USA HD Channels Listing
  386. How long do you think it will be till programming is broadcast in 1080P?
  387. Dirty Jobs in HD / Discovery Channel Question
  388. aquos and fta
  389. Akira Fans - It's On In HD!
  390. OTA HD copy protected
  391. Hallmark to Launch HD Channel
  392. sound of NESN in MA
  393. Mets games ON SNYHD (NY area)Time warner cable
  394. Shuttle Launch in HD?
  395. HDNet Movies no sound ??
  396. Future HD Channels?
  397. Torchwood in HD
  398. POLL DTV or DISH ?
  399. ABC launches streaming HD
  400. ESPN and ESPN2 fall football broadcasts in HD?
  401. MOJO: No MLB Baseball In 2007
  402. ESPN HD Baseball quality
  403. Why does CBS (and others) broadcast in 4:3
  404. upscaling SD programming
  405. New TV! Crappy signal...
  406. CNN Unveils 1st HDTV Documentary
  407. Faint wavy lines moving diagonally on my TV
  408. What TV show has the best Picture Quality you've seen?
  409. Live Earth Concert In HD On UHD - 7/7/07
  410. Future of HD Cameras (Picture Quality)
  411. Syndicated Shows in Widescreen Digital Format?
  412. CBS News - Morning & Evening News
  413. Baseball on ESPN HD or FSN HD (Fuzzy Picture)
  414. Firefly Returns To Universal HD
  415. Big list of HD and Apple TV video podcasts
  416. issues with 129
  417. Only 44% Watch HD On Their HDTV
  418. Dish Network or Direct TV
  419. How About CSPAN Going HD
  420. Aspect Ratios in SD or ED
  421. What Networks & Shows Are You Wanting In HD?
  422. Star Trek IV on Cinemax HD
  423. Charlotte, NC
  424. Should I get an antenna?
  425. A Few Gripes About HD Programming
  426. SPEED Channel in HD?
  427. Star Wars The Clone Wars
  428. HDTV Cable Issue
  429. Will CNN & MSNBC go HD?
  430. Save Jericho
  431. Is it a popular consensus that HD satellite is better than HD cable...
  432. NBA glitches Tuesday night TNT HD
  433. ACM Awards not on HDTV?
  434. DirecTV VS Cablevision
  435. New Sports HD Channel Coming Soon
  436. The List Of Proposed HD Channels DirecTV Will Add This Year
  437. History Channel In HD Coming Sept. 2007
  438. Discovery To Launch 6 HD Channels
  439. Getting HD! help please
  440. Starz To Launch 3 New HD Channels
  441. Universal HD and Geographic HD
  442. baseball in hd
  443. Direct TV vs Dish Net
  444. Directv vs. Cablevision programming
  445. Twc-krla5cw
  446. House M.D. on FOX
  447. Commercial Free programming ?
  448. CARS in HD on 4/28 - Starz HD
  449. Drive
  450. HD Broadcast/Programming Schedule
  451. WCBS is now broadcasting HD News...
  452. Anybody watch "InFocus: Master of Time: A Complex Clockwork World"
  453. ABC Good Morning America
  454. HD content on a DVD-R
  455. New Series From Discovery HD Theater
  456. CBS Early Show in HD?
  457. HDNet Calibration
  458. Any plans for Fox Soccer Channel in HD?
  459. Billy Idol Live in concert (VOOM)
  460. Iron Chef America
  461. NGC HD in lieu of Pacers/Nets
  462. Verizon FIOS - Can't find Planet Earth on Discovery HD
  463. Discovery HD - Planet Earth
  464. For Those With Cinemax HD - Back To The Future Trilogy - 4/3
  465. What subchannels are you getting?
  466. BSG Fans Jump for Joy!
  467. Seattle Mariners Games in HD
  468. Doctor Who may have to wait for HD.
  469. NCAA tourney in HD - CBS
  470. image quality with hd programs
  471. Poor SOUND out of sync
  472. NHL's center ice in HD?
  473. Evening News in HD
  474. Planet Earth In HD - early release for those with On Demand
  475. Advice on DTV HD
  476. NBC's Heros
  477. Ebay + South Park questions
  478. What Is Your Favorite HD Program?
  479. Bu$h won't start WWIII but...
  480. Why Arnold Schwarzegger is sooo good!
  481. Don't Waste Your $$$$$$
  482. Al Gore a hypocrite? Can it be?
  483. What is up with American Idol?
  484. Nascar HD
  485. Time for a "Politics Forum"?
  486. 1/2 hour news hour
  487. Anna Nicole Smith Died Yesterday
  488. Pardon border patrol agents NOW
  489. People in uproar over 24
  491. Poor picture quality of HD Movies on HDNet, UHD...
  492. This just might be a hit!
  493. Sabbam's Execution
  494. Are TV Personalities Afraid of High-Def?
  495. HBO Sux!
  496. TNT & LotRs?
  497. great dolby sound?
  498. Storing Re-mastered Star Trek
  499. What do you pay for Cable/Dish or DirecTV?
  500. DVD Concerts in 16x9 format