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  1. Guild Wars 2 - The Thread
  2. Decent budget PC headsets?
  3. OT - ATV footage plus crash...
  4. Finally Upgraded my card..
  5. Effing Mase Tried To Ruin Dark Souls, But Modders Are Thwarting Him
  6. Ghostly/Blocky lines on Xbox 360 slim
  7. Best CPU/Mobo/Ram for ~$250
  8. Gamestop on list of worst companies to work for
  9. Ubisoft exec: 93% PC piracy rate
  10. Thinking about an upgrade...
  11. OT: HTPC CPU question
  12. Borderlands 2 Four-Pack Steam preorder?
  13. Wireless MS pc gamepad $42.99 today on Newegg
  14. Question(s) about DA/DA2/ME
  15. Can I Even Install A GTX 260 In My PC?
  16. Borderlands 2 Gameplay
  17. On-Live - dead???
  18. SLI / Crossfire question
  19. Ubisoft Uplay PC (A couple of nice deals)
  20. PhysX Card Recommendation
  21. Looking For Computer Help (I Do Not Pay In Laptops)
  22. Borderlands 2 PhysX Implementation
  23. Nvidia 660ti Announced
  24. Should I stand my nintendo wii upwards without it's stand?
  25. Metal Gear Rising - Revengeance
  26. Hardware Fairy came by...
  27. OT: Have any of you guys seen Jaws BD for sale yet?
  28. Is There an Ideal Hard Drive Upgrade for PS3 Slim?
  29. Online PC gaming: voice chat, sound, private chat, etc
  30. My GTX 680 Can't Max Sleeping Dogs On Max Settings!
  31. Madden 13
  32. The Official HDF Console Gaming Thread
  33. CryEngine 3 tech demo video
  34. Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Now On Steam
  35. Eff you Mase and your damn Arizona weather...
  36. Witcher 2 mod tools debuting at Gamescom
  37. Steam To Start Selling Non-Game Software
  38. OUYA now taking pre-orders for expected delivery of April 2013
  39. Wanna feel like a man? Strap on 100TONS of Steel.
  40. Sleeping Dogs: PC Showcase
  41. Computer Case Cooling: Suggestions needed
  42. AMD Launches new FirePro GPUs
  43. Judgement day is coming!!!!
  44. New challenger for GTA 5!!
  45. 360 Died, Should I Just Wait Until Next-Gen?
  46. Somebody Please Suggest Me a Game Until Borderlands 2/Dark Souls
  47. OT: Basement Bar image dump, 125 images
  48. very funny spiderman drive thru snatch
  49. Dark Souls
  50. Oculus Rift, Virtual Reality, and Doom BFG
  51. Any news on KAms?
  52. SW:TOR Goes Free to Play
  53. EA release first quarter financial results: how much did they make from PC?
  54. Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalker 2013
  55. 2nd OCZ SSD Failing
  56. News Anchor Has Something Else on Her Mind...
  57. GF's interpretation of an HDF Thread...
  58. Next-generation Xbox developer hardware leak may reveal Xbox 720 specs
  59. Another feature EA jacked up with NCAA/Madden 13
  60. Razer's new mouse... Ouroboross
  61. ot: air can get you drunk now
  62. OT: I'm Rooting for Australia for our Olympics.
  63. What is your Philosophy on Double Dipping?
  64. OT:President of Ghana Abruptly dies
  65. Bastion
  66. Nhl 13
  67. Worth buying used ps2 for 4.5k?
  68. Tony hawk hd
  69. OT - F*cking truck problems..
  70. OT: Going On A Much-Needed Vacation
  71. Developer won't patch XBLA game, Microsoft would charge tens of thousands of dollars
  72. Doom 3 BFG Edition
  73. OT I Hate Seeing This
  74. Battlefield 3′s NEW biggest map “re-discovering the classic Battlefield” say DICE
  75. Nvidia Forums are Down – Hack
  76. Looking To Upgrade HDD; Advice Wanted
  77. Report: Nvidia To Launch GK104-based GTX 660Ti in August
  78. Alice Madness Returns ($9.99 on Steam Summer Sale)
  79. Eff You L.A. Noire
  80. Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn Full-length Trailer
  81. AMD Announces New Pricing Structure for 7000 Series Cards
  82. Halo 4 Pre-Order $45 Newegg
  83. Why is there a scary mii on my wii game?
  84. Is L.A. Noire (PC) Worth Ten Bucks?
  85. Borderlands 2: New Trailier.
  86. Steam Summer Sale 2012 is LIVE!!!
  87. OT: Galaxy S III = Wow
  88. HDF Peeps: Post Your SteamIDs (and Gtags).
  89. New console...what?
  90. 2 problems with NCAA 13
  91. More PC help! (Stupid Dell XPS!!!)
  92. MS to buy activ stock?
  93. On Topic: Lollipop Chainsaw
  94. PC game sales up 230%. Console game sales down 28%
  95. So.... Does anyone Discuss Gaming Here Anymore?
  96. OT:Bloomberg Launches Program to Test 300 Sq. Ft. Apartments
  97. Steam Greenlight!
  98. OT: Anyone have a Kindle?
  99. OT: Friend just got MD; What is a nice low-maintenance luxury car?
  100. Walking Dead: The Video Game
  101. Fassbender to star in and produce AC movie
  102. PS3 problem with trying to restore files and " Preparing please wait " problems. HEL
  103. CD Projekt RED's Working on Futuristic RPG Called "Cyberpunk"
  104. OT - Holy cow! .500 magnum hurts!
  105. 343 Working on Halo2: Anniversary
  106. Eff you T-Mobile
  107. Does The Witcher 1 Ever Get Good?
  108. The last game we'll ever need
  109. Radeon HD 7990 in July ?
  110. Green Man Gaming 25% off everything this weekend
  111. OT: I Feel Like a New Person, Better Than Ever
  112. Railven's Rant Thread
  113. Pay to play online
  114. OT: Higgs-like particle found! (marcallo called it!!)
  115. Eff You Mase
  116. Help Me Squander More Money On PC Gaming
  117. Halo 4 MP - 8Gb install needed to play
  118. OT: How Much Mathematics Does The "Average American" Know? (ACTUAL POLLl)
  119. OT: How Much Mathematics Does The "Average American" Know? (Poll)
  120. Rumor: Star Wars: KOTOR annoucement
  121. NHL 13 pre-order $44.99 + free shipping @ ToysRus
  122. Sony buys Gaikai cloud gaming service for $380 million
  123. Eff You The Witcher 1
  124. Eff You CivV Gods and Kings
  125. Dishonored - Golden Cat Demo
  126. Vivendi Possibly Selling Activision Blizzard
  127. I Am So Sick of R* Garbage DRM
  128. Eff you Minecraft
  129. Want to make Skyrim look awesome? Best GFX mod yet.
  130. OT - Epic Rap Battle Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs
  131. Activision Shuts Down Radical Entertainment
  132. OT: Getting Sued for Child Support Today
  133. Atari Turns 40 Years Old - 100 Games Free on iOS App Store
  134. Driver San Francisco is flipping awesome.
  135. OT: On Sale - 15" MacBook Pro (Signature *Required* Upon Delivery! Lol)
  136. Schilling talks about 38 Studios crash
  137. EA Origin: 'Our aim is to be a better version of Steam'
  138. So my eyes suck, how is everyone elses?
  139. What is a good PS3 game for my 11 year old brother?
  140. New PC Build
  141. Help! PC gaming surround sound setup
  142. OT: What *Exactly* Is Apple Retina Display?
  143. Screen saver stops coming on?
  144. Help me decide on a surround sound system
  145. Got a new Avatar and Motto
  146. Polish Up Those Mass Effect 3 Discs Fellas...
  147. What Other Diablo Class Is Fun To Play??
  148. Need help (PC trouble shooting)
  149. AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition (takes the GPU crown back?)
  150. OT: External HD suggestions
  151. OT - ATV Riding
  152. Joining the Nvidia 6xx Croud As Well
  153. Games on Demand Blowout Sale
  154. Black Ops II Getting Dedicated PC Servers
  155. Microsoft "Leak" Allegedly Details Xbox Tablet
  156. MS Xbox 720 roadmap "leaked"
  157. Help me decide on a TV part 2
  158. Audiophiles can't tell the difference between coat hanger and monster cable
  159. OT: Gone Mathin' (for ~ a year)
  160. Updating the Coolers, and realized Newegg are crooks!
  161. OT: White on White Racism?
  162. Steam issue....
  163. I'm not 2+2 but....
  164. 680 Benching Results
  165. Diablo III runs great...
  166. Waveform - Steam game
  167. How do you delete programs in Windows 7?
  168. Former NFL Player Making a Comeback After Overcoming Gaming Addiction
  169. RAGE $10 | Amazon | 360 & PS3
  170. Great Steam Bundle today! Mac owners, look here (GLOW)
  171. Halo 4 - UK TV Ad
  172. Diablo 3 to be updated for new MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  173. The Diablo Tradin Thread (click here kams!)
  174. iPad Gaming - It's actually awesome!
  175. HDF Topic: The "Like" Button and Your PM Box
  176. On Topic Video Game Thread
  177. Vivendi Considering Selling Activision Blizzard
  178. Joining The 680 Club, anyone want a 580?
  179. OT (Humor): Professor to English Translator
  180. On Topic! Prometheus.
  181. Price Wars...
  182. God of War sampled right in a rap beat
  183. OT: How Do You Prepare For An Extremely Important "Job Interview?"
  184. Wii-u specs revealed...sorta
  185. KRATER anyone?
  186. Anyone Know How Long Battle.net Will Be Down?
  187. Holy Hell, did you guys see the PSN+ Free games of the month yet?
  188. Xbox Live Account Hacked
  189. Diablo MP Is Fun As Hell
  190. NCAA 13: Demo Out Now
  191. Batman AC: Harley's Revenge is kinda a let down...
  192. Dead Island: Riptide.
  193. Star Wars 1313
  194. New DMC (Devil May Cry) E3 Trailer
  195. SimCity E3 Trailer
  196. Gears of War Judgement - Gameplay
  197. South Park: The Stick of Truth
  198. UFC Goes to EA – THQ Closes San Diego Studio
  199. ot testing something
  200. The Physicist Challenge
  201. Is There ANY Way To Play Diablo OFFLINE??
  202. Sony share price falls below 1,000 yen for first time since 1980
  203. New Tomb Raider Crossroads trailer
  204. Wii U - Pre E3 kick off
  205. Epic Games Saves Kingdoms of Amalur Developer
  206. I just started Skyrim...any tips?
  207. E3 2012 Thread...
  208. "Pay what you want" Steam sale for Charity. Great game line-up!
  209. So.. I want to upgrade..
  210. PC Version of Max Payne 3 Has Mindblowing Graphics (Wow!)
  211. EVGA Customer Support Rocks...I Am Now an EVGA Fanboy
  212. Dishonored Gameplay Trailer
  213. Bulletstorm Developers Are Making that New Gears of War
  214. Intel Core i7 3930K (HexCore CPU)
  215. Prepare to Die!
  216. OT: A Dark Day in Seattle.
  217. Noctua developing noise-cancelling PC fan, will demo at Computex
  218. HEALTH Scored Max Payne 3. Huh.
  219. Crysis 2 is once again available on Steam
  220. rumor: Battlefield Premium leaked
  221. Sony Patents Commercials that will Pause Your Game
  222. OT: Goldbox Deal of Day "Aliens Anthology"
  223. Microsoft Kinect Will be Used in Satellite Docking Operations
  224. The Witcher 1, coming to consoles?
  225. Happy Memorial Day
  226. 2AM, almost spit my coffee at my screen...
  227. RL Jokes
  228. OT: Rambo, how is the new bar coming along?
  229. OT: Music For A Song
  230. PC Game sales!
  231. Battlefield Friends
  232. Not spam i give up
  233. OT RL: TwoPlusTwo Is Going To The Dump
  234. Diablo III fastest selling PC game of all time
  235. Metro 2033 $4.99
  236. Diablo hack alert! ?
  237. Sleeping Dogs - 101 trailer
  238. Report: 38 Studios Lays Off Entire Staff
  239. Shopping for a new motherboard and CPU
  240. OT - If Anyone Cares......
  241. How Curt Schilling's video game dreams turned toxic
  242. Epic Games Thinks Next-Gen Consoles Aren't Powerful Enough
  243. Kung Fu Superstar Announcement Trailer
  244. MLB 2K Cancelled
  245. Getting strange interference on my TV from PC.
  246. Bungie's new game may be xbox exclusive
  247. Diablo III accounts being hacked - Get the Authenticator App for your Cell phone!
  248. Developers see costs double for Durango sequels to Xbox 360 titles
  249. THanks Marcus!
  250. 23 minutes of Planetside 2
  251. Sony PlayStation 3D Display Bundle $199.99 AC + Free Shipping With EXTRAS!
  252. Wow noone is talking about max payne 3 yet
  253. GTX 680 Benchmarking Numbers ("Out of the Box")
  254. GTX 680 Installation Question
  255. Diablo 3 | Find-A-Friend Thread
  256. buy Max Payne 3 from Wal-Mart get Max Payne 1
  257. Help!
  258. 38 Studios Possibly in Financial Trouble
  259. CD Projekt making a new IP. Guns and RPG
  260. My first montage
  261. Resident Evil 2 HD Remake. PC Exclusive
  262. For Sale - Now Even Cheaper!! GTX 580
  263. Browser on 360? (finally)
  264. Alright Mase, you win. I eat my words with shame...
  265. Sony FY2012 financials
  266. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 review round-up
  267. Steam Mid-Week Deal:
  268. Interesting article about Xfinity and Net Neutrality
  269. Bioshock Infinite Delayed to Feb. '13
  270. All Starhawk map packs will be free.
  271. Aperture Science buys Black Mesa
  272. Resident Evil Operation Racoon City is the worst game ever
  273. OT: What Would You Guys Do If You Didn't Have To Go To Work For Weeks/Months?
  274. GREAT Deals on the best racing games on PC. Activate on Origin
  275. How to to Downscale on AMD cards - Best Anti Aliasing - New Feature to AMD users
  276. Great Article about what is going on in the industry...
  277. Xbox 720 on Sale Early?
  278. Has anyone installed an SSD in a PS3?
  279. The Elder Scrolls Online is Real
  280. EA Indie bundle on Steam...
  281. Is Dungeon Siege 3 awful?
  282. MS May Launch $99 Xbox 360 With Monthly Payment Plan
  283. German Court Orders MS To Stop Selling Xbox 360's
  284. MS Cancels Inside Xbox Video Series
  285. Bayonetta 2 cancelled?
  286. where did II SAL II go?
  287. XB360 question...
  288. "The Walking Dead" The Game
  289. Found Warhammer: Space Marine in a clearance bin for $9.
  290. Nvidia PC Specialists (AKA Kamspy most likely) - Question about Control Panel
  291. Binary Domain (X360, PS3, PC) Seriously this time!
  292. Terminator 5 - Gears of Japan Effect: Solidfield 3 aka SHELLZ N CHEEZE
  293. Nintendo Suffers First Annual Loss in Three Decades
  294. NVIDIA Adaptive V Sync Technology - Available Now
  295. Does Max Payne 2 Hold Up Today? -or- kamspy shows HDF how to play MP2 on PC
  296. Come to IGN Friday For A Huge PS3 Announcement
  297. Steam is coming to Linux: All 5 users Rejoice!
  298. Call of Duty May be 'Future Warfare. We'll Find Out May 1st.
  299. Crysis 3 first gamplay footage and PC graphics info
  300. How did you play Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory?
  301. Who's the most bad ass Protaganist?
  302. NVIDIA says 'it's coming,' won't say what 'it' is
  303. Trials Evolution
  304. HDF Diablo 3 Meet Up Thread
  305. Can You Run Max Payne 3 on the PC?
  306. Suprise! I Need PC Help Again. :p
  307. OT: A Plea for Help
  308. For Sale - Cheap! - EVGA nVidia GTX 580
  309. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta
  310. Best Upgrade path?
  311. God Of War: Ascension Art Leaks Along With Trailer
  312. Darksiders II Delayed to August
  313. Any other consoles coming out before Christmas?
  314. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  315. Dishonored - Debut Trailer
  316. Halo 4 launching November 6th,
  317. Diablo 3 coming out on 3DO?
  318. Diablo III $49.99 pre-order from NewEgg
  319. What's Next for Mass Effect?
  320. Crytek Shows Off the Future of Game Graphics
  321. EA makes me eat crow
  322. Valve starts hiring hardware engineers as Apple CEO tours Valve's HQ
  323. NPD March 2012
  324. Valve hardware?
  325. Another Awesome Amazon Sale
  326. OT: Leaving Cincinnati for Homer Alaska
  327. Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim
  328. Bulletstorm for PC
  329. Rumor: Next Xbox to Sport a 16-Core CPU
  330. Crysis 2 - PC download $7.49
  331. Borderlands ending.... SUCKED.
  332. Sony Not Approving N7 Weekends in ME3
  333. Are we, as gamers, just retards?
  334. ME3 Fiasco might have spoilers
  335. Rumor: Wii U could retail for $300
  336. Sony: Qore is no more
  337. OT: Best movie ever, finally coming to BD.
  338. Halo 4: What we know so far
  339. Sony: Biggest loss ever, sheds 10k jobs
  340. Epic is Developing a PC Exclusive Game
  341. The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition (you already know the update is free on PC)
  342. ATTN all gaming rig builders
  343. SOS for 2+2
  344. Official: PC Thread
  345. MLB 2k12 thoughts?
  346. Calling All Witcher 2 PC Owners...
  347. Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Free DLC Coming in Summer
  348. Insane Amazon Digital Download Sale!
  349. The Voters Have Spoken: EA Is Your Worst Company In America For 2012!
  350. I'm in shock... The greatest RPG ever may well be coming back.
  351. freedom fighter
  352. How to get Xbox 360 working with 5.1 sound? Please help!
  353. star wars kinect dance mode (and its not an april fools joke)
  354. OT: Have You Ever Been To Recall?
  355. PS4:Sony “confident” of pre-Xbox 720 release
  356. Gpu question
  357. Did you guys see Valve's April fools day joke?
  358. SEGA cuts financial forecast in half; cancels games
  359. xbox 360 controllers on Newegg for $27.99+free shipping
  360. Capcom Selling Asura's Wrath's True Ending as DLC
  361. PS3 Control cables damaged!
  362. Have PlayStation 4 Details Emerged?
  363. Sony pulls another game from PlayStation Store after new Vita exploit found
  364. Newest SimCity to require Internet Connection
  365. Sony's PlayMemories Studio now live on PSN, get your Playstation 3 photo-edit on
  366. Paid Unlocks Now Available for PS3 Battlefield 3
  367. OT: Faster than the blink of an eye, your world turns upside down (death)
  368. Rumor: MS to unveil Xbox Lite for late 2013 at E3
  369. Mass Effect: Team Assault prototype video pops up online
  370. Rumor: Prey 2 canned
  371. Rumor: SOCOM Creators Being Shut Down by Sony
  372. OT: The love of my life returns tomorrow.
  373. 30th Birthday Gift?
  374. Sim City is BACK!!!
  375. Rumor: Next Gen Systems to Match Kepler Level of Performance
  376. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Co-Op Walkthrough
  377. GTX 680 launched!
  378. OT: I'm kinda lost... friend is drinking himself to death.
  379. Far Cry 3 trailer..and release date
  380. Holy Crap, EA Owns Everything!
  381. PC won't post, lil help?
  382. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
  383. eVita's Japanese sales stall as third-party 3DS games take off
  384. Hold the f***ing phone; they just made and shipped a Ninja Gaiden without me knowing?
  385. EA Wants Subscription Service for Battlefield
  386. Binary Domain coming to PC April 7th!
  387. Windows 7...
  388. The Last Three Games I Finished...
  389. Capcom details Street Fighter X Tekken DLC plans
  390. Rumor: Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming to PSN and XBLA
  391. ME3 ending discussion (spoilers with no tags, beware)
  392. Serellan LLC (Bringing back the Hardcore tactical shooter). Kickstarter Project
  393. MS: no next-gen talk at E3
  394. So, GiantBomb jumps the shark; how dissapointing...
  395. Anyone played Risen?
  396. New Baldur's Gate Countdown Site...
  397. Holy Hell Capcom, Really?! This is your idea of good DLC?
  398. Who Is Commander Shepard? (aka the ME3 build thread)
  399. Obsidian hit with layoffs; South Park team affected, future nextgen title cancelled
  400. Ys: The Oath in Felghana & Ys: Origins Coming to Steam!
  401. PS3 died, anyway to retrieve game saves?
  402. Former sony boss joining MS...
  403. Apparently people are losing their achievements/gamerscore on XBL right now...
  404. Mass Effect 2 help
  405. HDF: My PC is too loud ## Kamspy: do you play your games muted?
  406. "Operation: Cool the GPU" was a success!
  407. PSN "Roots" Your FB Account
  408. UbiSoft PC BOGO
  409. Journey has the strangest MP ever...
  410. Help! My CPU heatsink fan sounds like shit
  411. Feb 2012 sales - NPD
  412. TwoPlusTwo's Top 6 Reasons You Should Play ME3
  413. Wow, PSN+ is doing the one hour free trial... on ME3!
  414. SF X Tekken impressions...
  415. Good Books/Sites To Study Anti-Aliasing??
  416. Three Packs Announced for BF3
  417. LulzSec Hacking Suspects Are Arrested
  418. Any Way To Force Steam Overlay In Mass Effect 3?
  419. SF X Tekken reviews very well.
  420. New Forza announced
  421. Mass Effect 3 | Official Thread
  422. Halo 4 Spring Showcase 2012 ViDoc
  423. Wow, thank you guys for showing me the light for TV's
  424. Looking for a good mmo
  425. Steam working on a console
  426. Thinking about gaming PC...lots of questions
  427. Wow... Journey is getting some of the most glowing reviews I've ever seen.
  428. Best looking STOCK card I've EVER SEEN!
  429. You can finally actually buy the Circle Pad Pro. (3DS)
  430. Activision Blizzard Cuts 600 Jobs
  431. Need Suggation about PCI Card
  432. OT: Where's Marcallo?
  433. OT: It's a girl
  434. Holy Crap Square Enix is Milking Some DLC $$$
  435. Sale: Gigabyte Radeon HD 5870 Eye6 2GB
  436. Grrrr Mice! (the pc type)
  437. Refinancing...
  438. Alan Wake is kind of a mind-****.
  439. Medal of Honor: Warfighter Revealed
  440. (OT) Tax Fun
  441. YES! Jet Set/Grind Radio headed to XBL & PSN! Woo!
  442. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Believe in Ghosts Video #1
  443. The Darkness II – Cheap download at Amazon
  444. Sony Making Kinect Clone
  445. OT I know but this is for Eck, check out the last beer
  446. Borderlands 2 Trailer looks great.
  447. OT: This forum kicks ass lately.
  448. Why does Lego Batman stress my PC?
  449. Kotick's new gig
  450. Far Cry 3 Gameplay footage
  451. Got a Vita!
  452. Pre-Orders from Best Buy (problems)
  453. Starhawk players, want a skin?
  454. Ufc undisputed 3
  455. MK on Vita looks interesting, has AR.
  456. Hey TwoPlusTwo - new KB/M for you...
  457. Third Party GPU coolers
  458. OT: 2012 Might Bring About HUGE Changes For Science
  459. Xbox dashboard update today
  460. The best news I've heard about RE6 yet.
  461. Nice PSN+ this month. (again)
  462. Mass Effect 3 demo live on 360
  463. Crysis...what am I missing here?
  464. PC – Overnight performance drop
  465. Reckoning
  466. Epic: Unreal Engine 4 to be revealed “later this year”
  467. Mod collection websites...
  468. Jan 2012 NPD sales
  469. OT: Please evaluate my website
  470. If You Got "GameStop Points," Cash 'Em In For Posters (Apparently..?)
  471. Playstation Visa card = free PSN $50
  472. Ok need more computer help lol
  473. PS3 firmware 4.10...
  474. Discount XBox Live Gold Sub?
  475. Skyrim and Mods – Now available in Steam Workshop
  476. Sleeping Dogs live action trailer
  477. Windows iOS 8
  478. Binary Domian
  479. PSN+ Delivers Simpsons Arcade and FFV.
  480. Nvidia Kepler Roadmap Leaked (RUMORS)
  481. PSA: PSN accounts changing to Sony Entertainment Network accounts Feb. 8
  482. EA CEO Applauds Call of Duty Elite - Battlefield Subscription Inbound?
  483. OT - RL - OK How The F*ck Does This Work?
  484. Mathematical Optimization of the FFXIII-2 Crystarium, Explained
  485. My top 10 - (and yours?)
  486. The Last of Us - In Game Screen Shots
  487. Metro: Last Light delayed until 2013
  488. THQ Faces Job Cuts, CEO Pay Cut
  489. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Single Player Reveal Trailer
  490. Sony's Q3 earnings are in
  491. Just got in to the Diablo 3 Beta! ;)
  492. OT: The first charity I've ever donated to... Zombies!
  493. ME:3 Voice Cast Trailer
  494. TWISTED METAL demo drop today 1/31
  495. Where's mike rox?
  496. OT: can you get a spam PM?
  497. OT: Oh Wow How Bad Has HDF Forum Actually Gotten??
  498. Final Fantasy XIII-2 | Official Thread | I'm The Only One Who Will Play It
  499. MS shoots down XB720 rumors
  500. Kingdom of Amalur?