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  1. No More UPlay?
  2. The Return of Shaq-Fu (sequel in the making)
  3. LSD used as drug therapy for first time in 40 yrs
  4. Nintendo beating Microsoft in console sales
  5. Another dirt cheap great Indie game
  6. Initial Thoughts on Tomb Raider
  7. Head of bitcoin exchange found dead under mysterious circumstances in Singapore
  8. OT: Right to Work
  9. Kojima wants a PC version of MGSV: The Phantom Pain
  10. OT: Screen flashing
  11. OT: Thread for you foodies
  12. South Park Stick of Truth
  13. OT - Trying to set up third monitor
  14. Diablo 3 "loot 2.0 " patch fixes game (supposedly)
  15. Developers can now discount their own games on Steam
  16. Review Embargos
  17. Monitor upgrade advice
  18. God has touched my internets
  19. Sniper Elite : Nazi Army 2
  20. Android Question
  21. Xboxone to include Titanfall
  22. GTX 770 2gb vs 4gb????
  23. U-Play is not consumer friendly
  24. wtf is video game high school
  25. Better hope nothing happens to your Panasonic
  26. Question about Ubuntu
  27. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
  28. OT: Bitcoin Collapse - (Mt. Gox insolvent)
  29. Dark Souls 2 official thread
  30. Omg!!!
  31. OT: HVAC service
  32. HDD space on newe consoles already becoming an issue
  33. Irrational Games closes its doors
  34. First xbone montage bf4
  35. 72 Hookers - The New Road to Peace
  36. Resident Evil 4 - PC Edition
  37. Is this a good deal on a SSD ???
  38. Thief | Official Thread
  39. Borderlands 3 Isn't in Development, Gearbox Says
  40. OT: Colorado pot revenues exceed expectations
  41. OT - Guaranteed Minimum Income?
  42. OT - Are Trolls jerks IRL?
  43. Future Final Fantasy Games May Come to PC
  44. latest humble bundle some good stuff
  45. Microsoft exploring discounts for digital downloads
  46. Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning
  47. So, I need two new panels.
  48. Fable Anniversary Edition
  49. OT: Memories...
  50. The best possible use for 4K!
  51. Watchdogs delayed again
  52. Sid Meiers Humble Bundle
  53. Borderlands 2 GOTY vs Season Pass
  54. Anybody played Outlast?
  55. How can people supposed to be smart be so dumb??
  56. Eiger Completed His PC Build
  57. Anyone here gonna play in the Titanfall beta?
  58. Final Fantasy VI
  59. The Gaming Drought - Ending February 25?
  60. Bill Nye to defend evolution at Kentucky creationist museum
  61. OT - Cell Phone Upgrade Time
  62. Microsoft's Kinect Is Now Guarding the Korean Border
  63. OT: Best SB Ad
  64. Just scored 16 points in Flappy Bird...
  65. Supporting our 12th Man.
  66. OT:Howard Stern Birthday Bash
  67. XBox One...M$ hates families!
  68. Did you guys see this?
  69. OT - "Gravity" 3D Blu-Ray Up For Pre-order on Amazon
  70. Brother's:A Tale of Two Sons
  71. The new Season of Gaming begins March 14th
  72. The Witcher 3 Has 36 Endings, More Good Stuff
  73. nVidia Rumors: Titan Black Edition, GTX 790, First Maxwell GPU is 750 Ti in February
  74. Steam Machine Specs
  75. OT: Carwash gate dropped on top of my new car
  76. Rust?
  77. Recommend me some games similar to Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
  78. 14 Most offensive video games ever
  79. OT - The Best Advertisement of All Time
  80. Super Dirty PC
  81. time to upgrade the rig
  82. PS3 Audio Dropping Out
  83. LootTheWorld
  84. OFFICIAL games you have beaten in 2014
  85. Where the heck are all the GOTY awards?
  86. G-OT: We don't all talk like this
  87. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance | Official Thread
  88. Don't Starve, Free For PSN+ Members This Month
  89. Bros, try Nvidia Downsampling with Far Cry 3
  90. G-sync? How about Free-Sync!?
  91. PS3 optical out to Yamaha 6030 av receiver. ??
  92. Slight nip in air
  93. Nintendo guilty of copyright infringement has to pay royalties on future sales
  94. Calif. Crop Circle Mystery Was Nvidia's Doing
  95. Wth !!
  96. Best Street Fighter Trolling if 2013
  97. New year's eve...meh
  98. Witcher 2 Combat Mod
  99. So I (re)bought Pinball Arcade on PSN...
  100. Getting My TV Pro Calibrated
  101. Merry Christmas!
  102. XIM4 released for XboxOne and PS4
  103. OT:Ohio's Gay Marriage Ban doomed
  104. Stay classy Bill!
  105. OT - What Are Some Really Good Blu-Rays?
  106. How do you split a bundle on Steam?
  107. Going Up?
  108. What are you guys playing these days? Hit a rut
  109. PC Master Race Official Thread
  110. 1080p/1440p gaming? Developers already ready for 4k games on PS4
  111. Today I hate Ubisoft more than normal
  112. kharaa – New Tales Game (JR, no need to read)
  113. OT - The Hobbit 2
  114. What the hell happened to FNC
  115. Got some more Steam games to give away
  116. Playstation3 YLOD repair and Silicon termal Compound Past
  117. OT: Uruguay first country to nationalize Pot
  118. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears...
  119. Is Deus Ex HR Any Good?
  120. Railven's Pen...
  121. How to transfer Windows 7 installation from SSD to new SSD
  122. Orcs Must Die 2: complete
  123. OT: Dad tries t oteach son lesson & gets him killed
  124. OT: OSU vs FSU a different (interesting) take
  125. OT: Price of Super bowl seats to double
  126. Unstopabble
  127. Former Duke Lacrosse accuser found guilty of murder!
  128. Audiosurf $0.99 on steam sale
  129. Amazon Digital Games Sale
  130. drinking games for gamers....
  131. SC:Blacklist on Sale for 50 percent off on Steam
  132. OT - Fast and Furious actor Paul walker died in car accident
  133. OT - Wow, People Love Kuros
  134. Black Friday Sales ...Anybody score anything good ?
  135. Twitch removes PS4 Playroom
  136. Man throws away HDD with $9,000,000 bitcoins on it
  137. Back To Big Screen Gaming For Me - Ordered a Bigger Screen
  138. Kams guide to make stuff look better on Nvidia cards
  139. Happy Thanksgiving.
  140. Ultimate Gay Fighter coming soon!
  141. H100i "Quiet Mode"
  142. AA Question For railven
  143. Is There Nothing Good to Play on PS4 For Several Months?
  144. Happy Birthday SOBAY310
  145. Get Owned MASE!
  146. OT: Cool Android. Browser
  147. Welps...I don't regret it as much...
  148. Should I go to Best Buy at midnight or wait until tomorrow?
  149. 1080p vs. 1440p Can YOU Tell The Difference??
  150. We Did It!!!!
  151. OT : SOA episode last night
  152. I Hate To Admit This, But Ubisoft Is Kinda Brilliant
  153. Not Playing Assassin's Creed 4? Die.
  154. New motherboard recommendations?
  155. Van Helsing now playable: Complete Pack coming Nov 20
  156. SLI...my journey...
  157. PC Gaming; The Real Next-Gen
  158. The Best PS4 Launch Title
  159. WTF Sony!!!
  160. Should Have Listened to Rambo
  161. OT: OK HDF, let's get with the times already...
  162. <<<The Official Next-Gen Game Review Thread>>>
  163. Microsoft Windows 8.1 Patch for Mouse Gaming Lag
  164. Cheating - your opinions...
  165. Bioshock Infinite Rapture DLC Getting Bad Reviews
  166. PS4 hard drive ?s
  167. Next-gen Console Graphics | Official Thread
  168. OT - Study: Racist Attitudes Linked To Gun Ownership
  169. OT: New 3d printed gun - entirely steel
  170. Any FFVIII nerds here?
  171. Diablo 3 for PS4 has exclusive features, runs at 1080p
  172. PS3 Trade In
  173. OT - Hair Maintenance Question
  174. Free games
  175. Poll - 2013 Game of the Year
  176. 780 Ti. Best.
  177. i will never understand the nvidia user ecosystem...
  178. OT - Free AMP+DAC, Buyer Pays Shipping
  179. OT: Price comparison website
  180. Shouldn't Treyarch be sued?
  181. 21 games that rocked the industry
  182. OT:So long Mexi-Coke great while it lasted
  183. COD:Ghosts tops $1 BILLION mark in 2 days
  184. Get Yerself Some Batman
  185. F**k you GLOW
  186. R9 290 - $400 faster than GTX 780
  187. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic...
  188. So PS4/XB1 don't play music?
  189. Who Is the Graphics King?
  190. ISP for Xbox 360
  191. Battlefield 4 GPU Benchmarks
  192. The Walking Dead (game) Season 2
  193. Steam passes 65 million users
  194. What Sleeping Dogs DLC is worth buying?
  195. Steam Halloween Sale
  196. Battlefield 4 - Official Thread
  197. Batman Arkham Origins - PC - $20
  198. mytime is awesome
  199. Can't hold me down!!!
  200. PC upgrades
  201. Frostbite 3 - Good Stuff
  202. GTX 780 Ti - $699
  203. Dualshock 4 - Nice Improvement
  204. Nvidia read my thread!!!!
  205. Walking Dead Steam not working
  206. <<<The Official Playstation 4 Owners thread>>>
  207. Torn....and confused....
  208. OT - Gravity (film)
  209. Dark souls Beta test - PS3
  210. <<<The Official Xbox One Owners thread>>>
  211. Xbox Windows Media Center
  212. Disable god-awful Steam Shift+tab notification
  213. Insurance Agency – Kemper
  214. DICE Claims That 15+ Titles Will Support Mantle
  215. Radeon R9 290X - $550
  216. 4 | Official Thread
  217. Path of Exile (POE) releases today
  218. Annoying display problem
  219. GTX 680 for sale
  220. Batman Arkham Origins | Official Thread
  221. The Wolf Among Us - Anyone Playing This
  222. Having weird issues with Nvidia corp in PC games......
  223. 25% Off Batman Arkham Origins at Green Man Gaming
  224. OT: Fantasy Basketball league players needed
  225. If you own Batman AA or AC on Steam, you now own the GOTY edition
  226. Nvidia introduces G-sync
  227. Windows 8.1 Is Out
  228. When GFWL goes down (when MS stops supporting a service they never supported)
  229. Good Metro Last Light DLC Came Out Today
  230. It's Rambo... But Gay.
  231. GTA V - Official SPOILER Thread!!!
  232. poop
  233. Shadow of the Colossus - Free On PSN+
  234. OT - Back From The Crazy House (Again)
  235. Xbox One vs. PS4: Scandals Break Out as Fans Take Console Wars Too Far
  236. 'SteamBox' Controller demostrated.
  237. Xbox One will be ‘best experienced’ with IPv6: How do you get IPv6 at home, though?
  238. Digital Foundry vs. the Xbox One architects
  239. PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics: Watch Dogs Runs on 30fps, Developers Finding HD Difficult
  240. Yippee!! Got a raise
  241. Ass Creed III $12
  242. NO more Panny Plasmas
  243. Off Topic?
  244. Off-Topic: I Need A New Beastly Rig For Work, Assholes
  245. Beyond Two Souls | Official Thread
  246. OT - Sorry, Guys
  247. WTF Is Wrong With You Idiots? | Official Thread
  248. So I happened on a pair of i-glasses...
  249. Ubisoft's new min/rec specs for Watch_Dogs
  250. OT: Supreme Court Justice Scalia says devil is a real person
  251. Uninstalling steam games
  252. Steam Trades (game swaps)
  253. Bioshock Infinite $13.59
  254. Rumor: Radeon R9 290X is $730
  255. Borderlands 2 Ten Bucks
  256. OT: Anybody else been having fun...
  257. Microsoft to unlock more GPU power for Xbox One developers
  258. Hardware "Optimization" - cheating or legit?
  259. OT - F*ck DirecTV, I'm Cancelling It
  260. PS3 YLOD...What now?
  261. OT: Cell phone question
  262. How the PS4 and Xbox One console war will be won: China lifts 13-year ban on consoles
  263. Half Life 3 trademark filed
  264. Hey GLOWman, Check This Out
  265. AMD Crossfire With No Bridges
  266. Microsoft demonstrates Halo 4 streaming from the cloud to Windows and Windows Phones
  267. HDD Noise
  268. BF4 Beta
  269. BF4 Horrible on Xbone too
  270. Sony vows to improve PSN for PS4 following GTA5 issues
  271. For Diablo 3 gamer Francis, Error 37 is the last straw
  272. New AMD GPUs - Leaked Benches
  273. Bioshock Infinite – Amazon DL $19.99
  274. PS4 will match Xbox One’s Kinect voice and gesture control
  275. Steam OS – Steam Box Platform
  276. Halo 5 Release Date News: Plot Details Leaked
  277. The Coolest Way To Put Halloween Candy In Your Office
  278. OT - World War Z
  279. nVidia Releases WHQL Drivers That Don't Totally Suck
  280. The Xbox One’s HDMI Pass-Through Can Put a Console in Your Console
  281. Need A Favor From A Borderlands 2 Player
  282. Extra Steam Keys
  283. Toys R Us Coupon for 20% off: PS4 or Xbone games and controllers!!!!!!
  284. Official Humble Bundle Thread
  285. Dafuq...GTAV - end of civilization?
  286. Diablo3 Real money Auction House to Close
  287. Can an XBR960 be used for the upcoming Playstation4?
  288. AMD expects 'performance advantage' on PC due to console partnerships
  289. Psychonauts on sale. Steam. $2.
  290. The Tomb of the Sleeping Hitman Pack, $13.99 Amazon, Steam Keys
  291. Blanka is a troll!
  292. How Long Until a Mobile Device Has More Computing Power Than PS4/XB1?
  293. GTA V Official FREE R* iOS companion app
  294. Bioshock Infinite + Mafia 2 - Steam Codes - $11 @ Gamefly
  295. Rockstar warns: don't install GTA5 Xbox 360 "play" disc -
  296. Kart Racer $5
  297. New Borderlands 2 DLC Is Available!
  298. Latest Watch Dogs Gameplay Impressions
  299. OT - OT - I'm FaustArp Now, Apparently
  300. GTA 5 | Official Thread
  301. GPU question
  302. Well Here Are The Names of AMD's New Cards, Apparently
  303. Map of GTA 5's Los Santos
  304. Battlefield 4 PC Pre-Order $44.99
  305. Tomb Raider $12.50 this weekend on Steam
  306. "Driver Fusion?"
  307. Valve reveals Steam Family Sharing
  308. Installed A Sound Card - Want Headphone Suggestion
  309. Diablo 3
  310. OT:Waterproofing your electronic device
  311. PS Vita TV
  312. OT: Is it Tuesday yet?
  313. OT:George Zimmerman in custody after threatening in-laws with gun.
  314. Too many games and not enough time
  315. Sorry to both GLOWspies
  316. Totally 5'd this morning...
  317. Eff You, eiger
  318. OT - SWIM Created a Steam Group
  319. OT - I'm Gonna Leave the Ads on in This Forum
  320. Remember Me - Dark Souls 2 Will Have Some Competition
  321. Resident Evil Cronicles HD Collection
  322. AWOL: awol
  323. Dark Souls 2 needs beta testers
  324. How can I add different kinds of AA to games?
  325. XB1 is now also getting a CPU speed boost!
  326. Xbox One hits stores Nov. 22
  327. Metro Last Light on Sale
  328. THE EVIL WITHIN - leaked gameplay
  329. USGAMER: Cross Plane: It's Like a Wii U Gamepad... X1, PS4 PC and whatever else
  330. Rayman Legends - best platformer since Mario World?
  331. GOTY candidate:you are missing out
  332. What to look for to use controller
  333. Resident Evil 6 - When console performance can actually kill review scores
  334. Effing Mase!! I F*cking Hate You (For Real This Time)
  335. Rage by ID Software
  336. OT - Syria's Use of Chemical Weapons
  337. The Witcher 3 - First Gameplay Footage
  338. The 7990 Is Now A Good Bit Cheaper
  339. Dew and Doritos + Xbox One. Unprecedented experience.
  340. New Mod Will Change Gaming Forever
  341. New Laptop time but...
  342. OT: Author claims you are a bad person if you send your kids to private school
  343. OT - I Need A Tablet or Kindle or Something
  344. OT:Just in :Feds to allow recreational marijuana laws to stand!!!
  345. Dragon Age Keep lets you create save files for Dragon Age: Inquisition
  346. OT:Paul Allen's Theater to debut 4K laser projector
  347. Help w/annoying PC sound issue
  348. Grand Theft Auto 5 - Are You Gonna Play On PS3/XB360 or Just Wait?
  349. GENUINE survival horror coming back with a vengeance next month
  350. Xbox One Vs. PS4: The Console Wars And The Attack Of The Fans
  351. Battlefield 3: Troll Army
  352. (Rumor) Nvidia allegedly working on dual-GPU, GK110-based GTX 790
  353. Need For Speed: Rivals PC version capped at 30fps
  354. [PS4] Battlefield 4 runs at 720p
  355. Half-Life 2: Lost Coast
  356. AMD next-gen Radeon 'Hawaii' graphics cards expected in October
  357. PS4 to release on November 15 in US
  358. 2 steps forward and 3 steps back - I got 5'd
  359. OT: 2017 College Freshman Cultural Background
  360. Amazon trade-in lets you score Xbox One game for $10
  361. XBox One Launch Lineup - Looks Pretty Decent
  362. Close one door, and wait for another to open...
  363. Bioware writer quits after death threats to her kids
  364. NHL 14 official hdf EASHL thread
  365. Samsung OLED TV: Best picture we've ever seen
  366. Humble Bundle - Origin Bundle...
  367. OT: Instructor accidently shoots student in gun safety class
  368. Any PC Games like Mario Kart ?
  369. Router configuration
  370. New internet pigeons are on steroids
  371. AMD Next-Gen Volcanic Islands GPU - Apparently Will Just Compete With GTX Titan (??)
  372. Someone here buy Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition on PC please
  373. Steambox news/questions
  374. OT: The Best (semi) Non-Technical Article on the Expanding Universe On the Internet
  375. Ouya
  376. Gameroom/Theater Room Suggestions
  377. WTF Kickstarter Email - Is This Phishing/Malware or Just How Kickstarter Works?
  378. Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - PC Edition
  379. Deep Silver Humble Bundle
  380. Independent Developers Will Self-Publish Games on Xbox One
  381. Just got an e-mail from EVGA...
  382. Gamers mark your calendar - 20 Aug.
  383. I Want To Upgrade My Gaming PC Audio; Want Guidance From Audiophiles and Gamers
  384. AMD Announces New Titles for Gaming Evolved Program
  385. OT: I Need a Web Browser That Doesn't F*cking Suck
  386. OT: one of the funniest things Iheard all day
  387. Hitman HD Trilogy
  388. Component, HDMI and AV cables...
  389. Murder.
  390. Wow, just found out that Ryan Davis passed away...
  391. How To Clean a Matte Screen IPS Monitor?
  392. Indie Games that don't suck
  393. Kudos, Logitech!
  394. Steam: It's on like Donkey Kong
  395. Nerd loses $9,000 in minutes in video game
  396. Petition seeks to bring back Xbox One policies
  397. Xbone sells out at BestBuy
  398. PC Gamer's Top 25 Shooters
  399. PC-Gaming...still the best...
  400. OT: Ghetto A/C FTW!!!!
  401. Spec Ops: The Line
  402. Kart Racer free weekend
  403. Happy Birthday Kharaa
  404. OT: Dry Cat Food
  405. Happy (early) B-day kharaa.
  406. UBISoft has been hacked...
  407. Happy Birthday MYTIME!!
  408. And this is why I will never believe the talking heads in the gaming industry...
  409. OMFG - Awesome game for FREE!!
  410. 360 gamepad support for any game
  411. OT: Need a new Flat Screen MOUNT
  412. GMG Devilish deals
  413. Google to aunch gaming console accrding to reports
  414. Xbox One memory performance improved for production console
  415. a t-shirt for 5 LOL
  416. Your top 5 games this gen
  417. Tomb Raider Survival Edition $19
  418. I'm Going To Beat Diablo 3 Inferno Solo
  419. OT. Forum update?
  420. Magic The Gathering 2014 - Now With Custom Deck Building
  421. Borderlands 2 for $10 At GetGames
  422. OT: HUGE day for Marriage Equality - SCOTUS got it right
  423. Steam Summer Sale 2013 - Possibly Starting Very Soon?
  424. Tiny Tina: Borderlands 2 DLC Drop
  425. I need some Xanex... or Help with my 3DS
  426. OT: Concealed Carry gunman kills robber
  427. OT: To my HDF forefathers...I seek your knowledge...
  428. All games powered by Frostbite 3 engine to be AMD/ATI optimized
  429. Doom 3 BFG edition
  430. Dead Island : Riptide
  431. Half-Life 3 Officially Announced - Q3 2014
  432. The Witcher 2 Combat Mod Available Now
  433. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - NICE! :D
  434. OT: Mens Wearhouse boots founder
  435. The Xbox One Just Got Way Worse, And It's Our Fault
  436. Sony pulls buggy PS3 update after user complaints
  437. Infinite Crisis Beta Code
  438. MS changes mind about XBox 1 (3) "Always on"
  439. Steam to do game sharing? (Rumor)
  440. Question About Blizzard Battle.Net Account
  441. All Frostbite 3 Titles to Ship Optimized Exclusively for AMD
  442. 2014 Haswell-E: 8-core, DDR4
  443. PS3 and budget surround sound speaker system sans receiver
  444. InFamous Second Son gameplay footage
  445. Spartacus Legends release date finally announced
  446. The Real-Life Fungus That "The Last of Us" Is Based On
  447. The Last of Us - $44.99 on eBay free shipping no tax
  449. OT: Merry Christmas Texas Schools
  450. Tools to combat PRISM
  451. OUYA crashes E3 starts feud with ESA
  452. Origin sale up to 70% off PC/PS3/Xbox 360
  453. You Can Make a Game For Xbone in Poland, But You Can't Play It
  454. Does anyone have experience with Nintendo Wii component cables?
  455. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
  456. So PC Won E3
  458. Seagate ftw?
  459. PS4 bundles on GameStop + ?s
  460. Eiger Landing in LAX.
  461. Which sony plastation is best ?
  462. Xbox One preorder
  463. Watch Dogs
  464. OK, Well I'll Go Ahead And Be The First Person To Say It...
  465. Tom Clancy's The Division - Open World RPG
  466. E3 2013 Thread!
  467. 25% Off Pre-purchase games over @ GMG!
  468. Press Reacts to Xbone
  469. Microsoft finally clarifies Xbox One online requirements and used game policy
  470. Respawn's (ex-Infinity Ward) major Xbone exclusive is also coming to PC
  471. OT:Billionaire offers $1 Million to solve math puzzle
  472. OT:NSA/FBI collecting all phone records of US calls daily from Verizon
  473. Baldur's Gate ported to NWN2 Engine
  474. The Last of Us Official Thread of the GOTY "Citizen Kane of Games" and perfect 10's
  475. AMD Prepares to Launch a 5 GHz stock 8-Core CPU with a 220W TDP (!!)
  476. Did You Guys Know That Intel Offers Overclocking Insurance?
  477. Andrew Scott Reisse has died.
  478. SUpreme court says states can take DNA w/o a warrant
  479. Do you guys think deodorant would be a good substitute for thermal paste on a CPU?
  480. Haswell now available
  481. Former Microsoft exec to start National Marijuana Biz
  482. Xbox for WMC7 media extender
  483. Digital Foundry rains on Xbone's Cloud with real facts
  484. That's It! I'm Done With PC Gaming! GLOW - Stay Away from PC!!!
  485. For all you WoW freaks (MMORPGer's)
  486. So GLOW, Have You Got Your Gaming PC Parts Picked Out?
  487. Is this amazing eBay deal real?
  488. Microsoft to "reverse course" on Win8
  489. So, the GTX-770 is going on sale Thurs....
  490. Happy Memorial Day Bitches!
  491. Report: Xbox One Used Games Will Not Require A Fee, Will Require Authentication Check
  492. German federal commissioner for privacy protection: "Xbone is a surveillance device"
  493. Xcom: Enemy Unknown - Who wants it
  494. mobo+Sandy-E now OR mobo now + another mobo + Ivy-E later?
  495. PS4 can be used completely offline.
  496. Tomb Raider for $13.60!
  497. Once Again, My Gaming PC Is Bricked
  498. OT - Need some smartphone advice
  499. Xbone Will Use Visual DRM via Kinect
  500. nVidia ShadowPlay