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  1. Divinity Original sin 40% off this weekend
  2. Gaming and monitors
  3. Victory for Net Neutrality
  4. Evolve pre-order discount
  5. GTAV PC requirements released, real ones.
  6. Dying Light vs. Destiny vs. The Order
  7. New Patch May Finally Fix Halo: Master Chief Collection
  8. Playstation TV
  9. Ot: Are you ready for the football?!!!
  10. Railven - need some more 'Tewch' Support ;)
  11. A Reason to go to a real arcade?
  12. Apple Patents iPhone Gaming Controller
  13. Come Intel, save us!!!!
  14. My new mouse
  15. Ot: Snowmageddon!!!
  16. Having an issue with FC4 help...
  17. OT: Baker sued for refusing hate speech on cake
  18. Elder Scrolls online going subscription free
  19. Next Chapter - Windows 10 and Beyond.
  20. EVGA applying more pressure
  21. Xbox Music Service
  22. Intel Lost Over $4 Billion On Mobile Last Year
  23. Evolve Beta
  24. FFXIV - A Realm Reborn
  25. Paging Railven for Tewch Support
  26. Just close shop and sell Intel your GPU patents already...
  27. Dark Souls 2 New-Gen Remake
  28. 2015 is the year that we stop preordering video games once and for all
  29. No video card...
  30. Who wants a dd code for Thief PC?
  31. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt PC requirements revealed
  32. Double XBox 360 image with connection to new TV
  33. Limiting Jagged Edges? (Xbox 360)
  34. Report: Leaked Destiny image reveals House of Wolves release, major expansion content
  35. Leaks reveal access to 7th core on Xbone
  36. Happy New Years!
  37. Buying a game on amazon
  38. Halo 5 Beta
  39. Steam acting Screwy
  40. Screen Tearing
  41. Well damn...
  42. Merry Christmas!
  43. Dammit Pinoy
  44. Christmas Loot Thread. What Did you Score?
  45. CPU+MOBO for sale...
  46. Ot: Beastmode!
  47. Master Chief Collection Co-op Seems To Be Just As Screwed Up STILL
  48. Flash sales and. Community votes. It's on.
  49. Has Anyone else played RYSE or Evil Within here?
  50. What's Your 2014 GOTY?
  51. Report: Steam Winter Sale begins December 18
  52. PS4 friend online notification feature spotted in new video
  53. Garden Warfare is some FUN STUFF!
  54. Major Discount website shut down
  55. Forza Horizon 2 or GTA V from XB1
  56. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt delayed again, now launching in May 2015
  57. One Happy Xbox One Owner!
  58. Dungeon Defenders 2!!!
  59. French ISP's ordered to block access to TPB
  60. PURE now on Steam
  61. Picked up a new gaming headset.
  62. OT - Family Kept Father’s Corpse in Bedroom 6 Months in Hopes God Would Resurrect Him
  63. Buying Halo: MCC this month will get you $15 rebate, early adopters not too happy
  64. Black Friday Xbox One.
  65. Cyber Monday deals
  66. Head of Xbox JApan resigns over abysmal sales
  67. great article on retro remakes
  68. Steam Autumn Sale
  69. OT - Darren Wilson Not Indicted
  70. GPU Coil Whine
  71. PS4 Vault of Glass This Weekend?
  72. It's been a long time Nvidia.. my old friend
  73. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PC requirements confirmed
  74. Utah may reinstate firing squads
  75. A few good game Sales
  76. Xbox One is ‘catching up quickly’ to PS4, says EA CFO
  77. Far Cry 4 | Official Thread
  78. People Are Scamming Walmart With Bogus Cheap PS4 Listings
  79. Grand Theft Auto V Reveals Expanded Radio Station Tracklists for Game Relaunch
  80. Dragon Age Inquisition | Official Thread
  81. Tesla K80: Nvidia's most powerful graphics card 24GB of Ram
  82. G4 officially being shut down Nov 30th
  83. Anonymous Launches Attack on KKK
  84. Playstation TV/PS Nue
  85. Sorta OT: Minecraft/Racing Game help
  86. Ubisoft hate
  87. Bloodborne release pushed back to March 2015
  88. OT: Europeans Land probe on a FREAKING COMET!
  89. I think this Unity comic was written for JR
  90. Glenn Beck reveals neurological brain illness, and shortly after, sun sets in west.
  91. Free Steam key for Metro
  92. Dragon Age:Inquisition review by Polygon
  93. OT - Christian Woman Reveals The Horrible Truth About Energy Drinks
  94. Congrats to two+two
  95. Obama comes out strong for net neutrality
  96. OT:Canadian editorial about President Obama
  97. ORLY - tinfoil hatting....
  98. Futuremark acquired by Underwriters Laboratories
  99. GTX 970 vs GTX780ti vs 290x
  100. OT: Feeler. Anyone interested in my GTX 780?
  101. GTX970 is in.
  102. Ubisoft pulls upcoming games from Steam
  103. OT: Drummer of AC/DC Phil Rudd arrested for hiring contract killer
  104. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt getting 16 pieces of free DLC as a thank you to fans
  105. COD: Advanced Warfare
  106. FS: GTX680 SC 1 Owner, Like New!
  107. OT - Instead of Legalizing Gay Marriage, We Should do Away with all Legal Partnership
  108. Anyone got an Intel CPU + Mobo for sale?
  109. Titanfall on PC is cheap, completely optimized and netcode fixed.
  110. Free Ubisoft Game with New Card
  111. OT : MJ - the "grow and give" idea
  112. Do you buy the extended warranty?
  113. Who has a 4K PC Display?
  114. XBox Live question
  115. As of today you can no longer buy Windows 7
  116. Opinions...
  117. Dragon Age Keep
  118. Apple CEO publicly comes out of the closet: "I'm proud to be gay"
  119. Anyone Wanting to play Shadow of Mordor Still Not Have It?
  120. The Evil Within - It Fucking Delivers
  121. Hope you enjoy your current plasma
  122. Get you covert Assassin's Creed gear while you can
  123. Another Price Drop – Xbox One Grasping at Straws?
  124. <<<The Official Master Chief Collection Thread>>>
  125. Lords of the Fallen
  126. Sunset Overdrive coming to PC?
  127. OT - Fusion Power
  128. Nvidia Adds DSR Support For Older GPUs
  129. OT - Climate records are breaking so often now, we’ve stopped paying attention
  130. OT: War on marijuana unconstitutional, doctors testify in federal court Monday
  131. Newegg currently offering PS4 for $360
  132. Game Developer Tweets Death Threat Against Gabe Newell, Has Game Pulled From Steam
  133. Halo MCC to get 20GB day 1 patch
  134. Bloodborne Graphics "Off the Charts" according to Sony
  135. Managing Director of Ubi Toronto leaves
  136. OT - The Most Insane Fundraising Email Ever Sent
  137. Tomb Raider $4
  138. Alien: Isolation
  139. railven Responsible For Civil Unrest In Portugal
  140. New Borderlands Getting Kinda "Meh" Reviews
  141. Dragon Age: Inquisition’s single-player has about 200 hours worth of content
  142. AC: Rogue confirmed for PC early 2015
  143. TOR in a box - new privacy device
  144. VRAM and you!
  145. Driveclub high def forums club
  146. Dragons Age: Origins Free
  147. Halo: The Master Chief Collection is also getting a white Xbox One bundle
  148. OT: Carl Sagan - pro pot & against war on drugs
  149. What you think...save a dollar?
  150. OT: More fun for 5
  151. So installing a SSD was a royal Pain in Ass
  152. OT: Tech question for Railven
  153. OT: Why I am mad at 4K
  154. The Backlog Thread
  155. Someone Beat Ninja Gaiden II's Hardest Setting Without Taking Damage
  156. Pics of Railven & Mase (and maybe Pinoy)
  157. The Xbox One Is Doing Truly Awful in Japan
  158. OT: Stephen Hawking confirms he is an atheist
  159. OT:Eric Holder stepping down as Attorney General
  160. Dolby Digital Live and Headphones(HELP!!!)
  161. Blizzard Cancels Titan Project
  162. Activision moves to dismiss Manuel Noriega lawsuit with help from Rudy Giuliani
  163. Shadow of Mordor
  164. OT - What's More Than Two Handfuls?
  165. OT - New Aphex Twin Album
  166. Play Station 4 dead
  167. Nvidia and the Lame Ass GeForce "Experience"
  168. ot Iphone question
  169. OT Bored
  170. Bloodborne coming to PlayStation 4 on February 6
  171. Final Fantasy XIII trilogy heading to PC, starting with FFXIII in October
  172. Need some advice on 401k
  173. Nvidia 900 Thread
  174. OT - This Is The Best Pre-order Page I've Ever Seen
  175. Gamers making fake 911 calls to harass rivals
  176. Microsoft buys Minecraft
  177. OT: the epitome of 'classlessness' (if that is a word)
  178. OT - Sylvia Thompson Says That Ray Rice Is the "Real Victim"
  179. Question on Forza 5
  180. Five Night's At Freddy's
  181. Kotaku: Destiny's Squads Are Too Small
  182. PS4 Chat Headset?
  183. OT: Must Goodell go?
  184. New pigeons!
  185. Destiny is ‘the biggest new video game franchise launch in history,’ says Activision
  186. OT:Fantastic Speaker Deal
  187. How To Defeat Dark Souls Bosses with a Guitar Hero Controller
  188. GTX 980 May Not Beat 780 Ti
  189. Destiny | Official Thread
  190. Last-Gen Destiny Comes With A Free Current-Gen Upgrade (For Now)
  191. ESPN President States the Obvious - Video Games Are Not a Sport
  192. OT:Professor with concealed carry accidentally shoots self in class
  193. Where Is railven?
  194. Not impressed by the ps4
  195. My crappy PS4 Wifi Part 2
  196. OT: Equal rights set back today in Louisiana
  197. Bungie shares a few details about Destiny’s raids
  198. Lag times for specific panels
  199. OT: World's biggest cave
  200. Reminder
  201. The New Steam Tray Icon is Embarrassing
  202. Getting Up Close with Bloodborne's Combat
  203. Destiny Fireteam Thread
  204. New game on the horizon - pre-orders here
  205. OT - So, Is Christianity Basically Just a Hate Group At This Point?
  206. Walking Dead Season 2 sale
  207. The two best games I've played all year not named DS2
  208. Kind of like a Railven's rant thread, only minus the suck
  209. I'm Pretty Worried About GLOW
  210. Metro : LL currently $5
  211. WTF is going on with cops these days???
  212. This is probably old news but...
  213. Bloodborne Gameplay Footage
  214. OT - It's Now Officially A Word
  215. This is what I'm talking about...
  216. OT:HS rapist back on football team
  217. Rise of the Tomb Raider - Holiday 2015, Exclusively on Xbox
  218. Bloodborne (Essentially Dark Souls 3) Looks Effing Amazing
  219. Metal Gear Solid V Is Coming To PC
  220. Robin Williams commited suicide..
  221. Evolve pushed back to Feb 2015
  222. Metro Redux Trailer
  223. OT: US News & WR-Teen pot use declines after legalization
  224. Watch Dogs Question
  225. Another Xbox One exclusive coming to PC with all paid DLC included
  226. Yet another Ass Creed game to drop this fall
  227. GLOW and kamspy's GOAT HDified and remastered and coming to PC and peasant boxes
  228. Why buy a physical copy for console now.
  229. Some 25% Off Deals @ Green Man Gaming
  230. OT - Obama Building Child Army Which Will Kill People and Confiscate Your Guns
  231. From Gaming Drought To Being Overwhelmed With Games
  232. FPS Level Design - LevelcapGaming
  233. Xbone announces it's own irst MMORPG (F2P) and in China
  234. Kotaku: PlayStation Now Is Still Way Too Expensive
  235. Destiny’s six-player raids can only be played with friends
  236. Naughty Dog Developer Emilia Schatz Talks About Coming Out as a Trans Woman
  237. This thing is extremely cool
  238. Let's talk about JXD S7800B game console
  239. "EA is letting Xbox One owners pay $5 a month to play all its best games"
  240. OT:The U.S. spends $15B a year to train doctors, but we don’t know what we get in ret
  241. Ass Creed Unity partners with Rob Zombie
  242. OT: What do you think of this
  243. This Is What Gaming Is Like Here In the Future
  244. Report: Gamestop launching a credit card (with extra-high interest rates!)
  245. Dualshock 4 On PC Is Pretty Friggin' Cool
  246. 2K teases BioShock-related mystery on Twitter
  247. OT: Children Exposed To Religion Have Difficulty Distinguishing Fact From Fiction,
  248. OT Itunes is always being a jerk to me
  249. Check this out, panorama of my basement bar area
  250. The Last of Us Remastered Edition | Official Thread | Screw railven
  251. Sony agrees to offer users free games and PS Plus subs as part of $15 million PSN hac
  252. Latest Steam Controller prototype adds a thumbstick
  253. Dragon Age: Inquisition delayed to November 18
  254. OT - "We Should Stop Exploring Space Because the Bible Says Aliens Would Go to Hell"
  255. The Solution to your Couch Gaming Needs?
  256. 17 Codes To Get In-game Destiny Stuff
  257. OT: Living in NJ is more fun lately
  258. Is the (or my) PS4 wifi absolute crap?
  259. OT: JR's new Anthem
  260. OT - Conservapedia Defines the "Homosexual Agenda."
  261. Steam Daily Deal - Strider
  262. Intel wants more money - Devil's Canyon, anyone?
  263. Report: Destiny beta includes four story chapters, four competitive multiplayer maps
  264. So How Much Money Has Been Spent on Your Steam Library?
  265. Day 1 Purchase
  266. Borderlands dev announces Battleborn, a MOBA-inspired first-person shooter
  267. WTF Is a "Grandmaster Zerg??"
  268. Half Life 3, the next Duke Nukem Forever?
  269. Steam Overlay When Playing Modded Fallout 3?
  270. Pillars of Eternity
  271. GTAV PC vs Borderlands Presequel - the battle of the $60 games
  272. Fox News rips off BioShock Infinite logo for some unintentional irony
  273. Burn an American Flag today
  274. OT: Recent "HIGH" court decisions...
  275. 4th of July
  276. List your top 10 Favourite video games of all time and comment on the list above yers
  277. PS4 Slow in Japan
  278. OT:Gaming forum may be insane
  279. OT:greatest Jeopardy answer ever
  280. Comedy
  281. Dirty Bomb Closed Beta Keys
  282. Old Hardware...
  283. Google + Razer = New Game Console
  284. OT: Police out of control??
  285. OT: SCOTUS - Cops Need Warrant to Search Cellphones
  286. OT - Appeals Court rules Utah Gay Marriage Ban STILL Unconstitutional
  287. OT: Pioneer Electronics Selling Off Home AV Business
  288. OT: Geneetic link found between pot and Schizophrenia
  289. Think consoles are where the $$$ are - think again
  290. Games for Windows Live isn’t shutting down, says Microsoft
  291. OT - Earth's Electromagnetic Field is Weakening
  292. Seems like Crytek is having some issues....
  293. MGS5: Phantom Pain
  294. Discussions Here! Until Forum gets Fixed...
  295. Jkk - Free Titanfall for this weekend
  296. Steam Sale, page 2
  297. An Alien game that doesn't insult the franchise?
  298. Steam trophies
  299. ASS. Creed 4 40% off and other steam gems
  300. Unless this forum is getting a complete makeover,there's no excuse for this BS
  301. Watch Dogs May Be Fixed Soon
  302. Steam Summer sale is on (like donkey kong) again
  303. Steam wants me to confirm my e-mail address....
  304. OT: Only in 'Murica
  305. Da forums be boned!
  306. Origin Could be Hacked - Change Your Password
  307. Watch_Dogs original graphical effects (E3 2012/13) found in game files [PC]
  308. If Chuck Norris was human, he would be Matt Brown
  309. Grand Theft Auto V ‘will take full advantage of the power of PC’
  310. Co-op game alert
  311. Tesla Ditches Patents, Releases Technology Open Source
  312. Titanfall Questions (and sale announcement)
  313. Destiny Alpha (PS4)
  314. Aiden Pearce is a scumbag
  315. HDTV+PC Gamers - Good Tip If You Didn't Already Know
  316. Buying Advice
  317. Kams
  318. Something refreshing
  319. Cool new WWII FPS game on Steam. Single Player!
  320. Report: Steam Summer Sale set to begin next week
  321. California teacher tenure and seniority system is struck down
  322. GTA V coming to PC!!!!!!!!! (and PS4/XB1)
  323. From Software’s ‘Project Beast’ is Bloodborne, coming exclusively to PS4 in 2015
  324. E3 2014 Thread - y so late?
  325. REALLY Looking Forward To Feb. 24!
  326. Wired XB1 Controller PC Driver Available
  327. Halo 2 Anniversary Edition (or something)
  328. Dead Rising 3 (Xbox One) coming to Steam
  329. Big News for the xbone / kinectbox
  330. Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition $5 On Steam
  331. Arcade Question
  332. Naughty Dog working on new project ‘on the scale of Uncharted’
  333. Latest steam sale
  334. Mortal Kombat X
  335. TPB co-founder arrested in Sweden
  336. Luigi is on a rage binge
  337. BioShock series in 2K Marin’s hands, Red Dead a ‘permanent franchise’ for Take-Two
  338. What brand of KB/mouse are you HC gamers using?
  339. Health Insurance Premium going up
  340. Utah smoke themselves stupid...
  341. Ways to solve basement flooding problem
  342. Dead Island: Epidemic
  343. Save game downloads
  344. Watch Dogs Is Ubisoft's Fastest-Selling Game Ever & Practically Unplayable on PC
  345. Meanwhile, In Pinoy's Neighborhood...
  346. For Glow's eyes Only
  347. Occasionally Having To Re-calibrate Gaming PC Gamma
  348. first 4K monitor that also features G-SYNC technology from NVIDIA
  349. AMD SCREWED by Nvidia, over Watch Dogs
  350. Watch Dogs' First Review Laments Xbox One's Last-Gen Graphics
  351. Thinking about some used upgrades for PC
  352. Watch Dogs | Official Thread
  353. Interesting Anti-Piracy concept...
  354. Is Destiny a day one purchase for anyone else?
  355. Evolve looks pretty awesome
  356. Quad for 5
  357. Steam - Play Windows Games on a Mac
  358. Wolfenstein: New Order
  359. Soooo uh, is this next gen?
  360. OT: The Shield actor arrested for murder
  361. (Re)installing Win7
  362. Something every pc gamer needs
  363. Buying non-US CD Keys...
  364. Far Cry 4 announced; looks fabulous
  365. MS will take $100 off the price of its Xbox One gaming console
  366. Networking Question
  367. Preview video released for version 3.0 of popular GTA IV mod iCEnhancer
  368. Darksiders 2
  369. Watch Dogs pre-sale
  370. Is the death of the desktop PC a threat to PC gaming?
  371. Console vs PC...
  372. Killer Sale on Humble Store!
  373. OT: Rambo, pls help me understand how this helps me
  374. Heads-up: Humble Bundle Store Sale today through 5/21
  375. Happy Cinco de Mayo: Official railven Appreciation Day
  376. Reliable external HDD
  377. Next COD: Advanced Warfare
  378. Computer doesn't power up
  379. Bioshock On Unreal Engine 4
  380. Pretty Decent List of Games At E3
  381. jkkyler Responsible For 2004 Tsunami
  382. Bungielands: Destiny - 7 minutes of new gameplay
  383. Dark Souls Developer From Software Bought Out by Kadokawa
  384. GameStop to shut down 120-plus locations, expand into mobile and Apple devices
  385. IBM to Intel: How many pins you got?
  386. Lucasfilm y u no care?
  387. We Need More Marijuana Threads
  388. BioWare details Dragon Age: Inquisition’s character classes
  389. Another marijuana and health risk article
  390. Red Orchestra 2 one-day deal will let you download and keep the game for free
  391. Time for HBO-Go?
  392. Dragon Age: Inquisition launching October, new gameplay trailer released
  393. Ubisoft: Watch Dogs will be ‘one of the best selling new IPs in recent memory’
  394. OT: Marijuana is bad, mmmmKay
  395. Sony selling it's stake in Square-Enix
  396. Bravo MS, Bravo !!!!!
  397. OT: I feel old AND Sad...
  398. Steam Statistics Reveal Most Owned Games, Most Popular Games, and More
  399. OT: Best worst careers
  400. Gaming's future is free-to-play and microtransactions, says Candy Crush dev
  401. 2014 Gaming Drought Sucks So Bad That They Can't Even Get Crappy Games Out on Time
  402. A GTX 780 Ti Will Not Max Out The Witcher 3
  403. OT: Lunar Eclipse tonight
  404. Van Helsing 2 Delayed
  405. Watch Dogs ‘ultra’ PC specs confirmed, Wii U release set for fall 2014
  406. Persona 4 Golden - PS Vita
  407. Buying a PS4 today...
  408. Happy Birthday June
  409. OT - Mathematical Proof That The Universe Can Be Spontaneously Created From Nothing
  410. Tax return time
  411. PSA: Changed yo passwords!!!
  412. A Brief Glimpse of The Last of Us @ 1080p
  413. inFAMOUS: Second Son sold 1 million copies in just nine days
  414. Nvidia gets Mantle Performance in DX11 in new Driver
  415. New Watch Dogs PC Trailer
  416. Leaks leaks and more leaks - GTX 800/R9 300
  417. Ultimate Warrior actually is dead this time
  418. New game-changing update will double Xbox One performance
  419. Here You Go, jk
  420. Why Nvidia’s $3,000 Titan Z graphics card is and isn’t crazy
  421. 2014 Is Shaping Up To Be a Horrible Year
  422. Xbox One's Kinect is "unnecessary" and "a joke," Molyneux says
  423. AMD Radeon R9 295X2 Graphics Card Launching April 21
  424. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor PC requirements revealed
  425. Microsoft considering Xbox 360 emulation for Xbox One
  426. Watch Dogs recommended PC requirements revealed
  427. Report: Borderlands ‘pre-sequel’ in development for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC
  428. OT: Math is fun
  429. OT: Marijuana cookie causes fatal fall
  430. New Router Anyone?
  431. Report: Iwata in Trouble at Nintendo?
  432. PS4 User Survey Hints at Reputation System and More
  433. Amazon reveals gaming and streaming video set-top box Amazon Fire TV
  434. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger ––Any good?
  435. Railven, did you get married??
  436. 2014 April Fools' Day Gaming Pranks
  437. OT - RIP Plasma
  438. Oculus Rift Kickstarter backers want their money back
  439. OT: Vaccinations
  440. Witcher 3 dev says PS4, Xbox One and PC allow it to “go nuts” with visuals
  441. Phil Spencer is the new head of Microsoft’s Xbox devision [sic]
  442. Square Enix to Refocus on JRPGs After Bravely Default Success
  443. oh my GOD
  444. So let me VENT about the PSN...
  445. Corsair RMA...
  446. Report: Dragon Age: Inquisition contains 40 possible endings, spans 5 full regions
  447. Ubisoft on annual Assassin’s Creed: ‘We would be very stupid to not satisfy this need
  448. New EA Origin program ‘On the House’ offers free games starting with Dead Space
  449. Scientists find treatment to kill every kind of cancer
  450. Amazon Video [Game Console] Event Set for Next Week
  451. Welcome to Chicago
  452. Dafuq? Halo game on Steam!?
  453. Titanfall PC cheaters will play in ‘the Wimbledon of aimbot contests’
  454. Ubisoft: Watch Dogs delay prevented features being cut
  455. The Last of Us is Coming to PlayStation 4
  456. OT: More Astronomy news
  457. Anti-Violent Gaming Politician Leland Yee Indicted for Corruption
  458. Wolfenstein: The New Order ‘Panzerhund Edition’ doesn’t include the game
  459. OT: Favorite songs thread
  460. Facebook buys Oculus VR
  461. Xbone on Sale
  462. OT: Indiana withdraws from "Common Core"
  463. OT -Curved Screen Televisions
  464. Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Episode 2
  465. 3D games & movies
  466. OT: Frontman Dave Brockie of GWAR found dead
  467. This guy just raised $38,000 to make a video game about being a bear
  468. Infamous: Second Son Causes UK PS4 Sales to Double
  469. Official PS4 Headset ?'s
  470. Microsoft: Steam has been the "backbone" of PC gaming for past 10 years
  471. PlayStation 4 supply will remain limited until summer
  472. Report: Far Cry 4 set in the Himalayas, to be revealed during E3 this year
  473. Microsoft Announces DX12
  474. Ability to dim DualShock 4 lightbar coming in future PS4 update
  475. Bioshock infinite season pass on sale
  476. OT: Netflix and net neutrality
  477. OT: What happened to Malay Air Flight 370
  478. Report: Two Assassin’s Creeds coming this year, one set in 18th-century Paris
  479. Welcome Back Mase!
  480. New Microsoft Killer Game you've been waiting for
  481. Infamous Second Son | Official Thread
  482. Wal-Mart starting video game trade in program
  483. Playstation YLOd repair?
  484. Metal Gear Solid 5 - Ground Zeroes
  485. Xbox One controllers will be compatible with PC, drivers currently in development
  486. OT: GoPro
  487. titanfall
  488. Cyberpunk 2077 development unaffected by Witcher 3 delay
  489. Real life Mario Kart
  490. WSJ / NBC Poll: Americans think sugar more harmful than marijuana
  491. Watch Dogs for PC looks "stunning" on high settings, Ubisoft says
  492. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt set to release February 2015
  493. <<<Official Titanfall Thread>>>
  494. Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 Gets a Release Date
  495. Microsoft wants targeted political ads on Xbox Live dashboard, courting conservatives
  496. Nvidia 800 series (maxwell) Q3
  497. New Speakers.....
  498. Jack Tretton steps down as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America
  499. Infamous: Second Son Pre-Ordered More Than The Last of Us
  500. Dark Souls 2 gets PC release date, dev promises "increased texture resolution"