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  1. Is it possible to burn Youtube videos to DVD or BD?
  2. Video Storage
  3. Vertical blue line in my Planar monitor
  4. Regain formatted, deleted or lost songs, pictures for Mac
  5. RX470 vs RX480 vs GTX1060 madVR
  6. Laptop and Wireless Speed
  7. Computer issues...need suggestions asap
  8. Can I play PC games in 3D on a 3D TV?
  9. Help needed with Laptop to Monitor cabling
  10. Monitor DVI/VGA converter?
  11. Setting up PC as DVR
  12. Small screen in this one site Google Chrome
  13. 4K using Display port HDMI adpater
  14. Advice on internet connectivity problem
  15. No compressed audio with receiver
  16. NEC Display MultiSync EA244UHD?
  17. Recording Cable TV shows on PC
  18. What resolution monitor is the "average joe" using these days?
  19. PC On Smart TV
  20. Help Guys with Internet question/advice with Wireless router
  21. Choosing a TV for an HTPC
  22. Win 10 Preview 9926 Build install.
  23. XBMC and Denon recievers
  24. EsESPN3 crashes in Google chrome in Xubuntu
  25. New Router
  26. hdtv connection to pc failed
  27. Lost channel signals on my tuner card
  28. Latop to HD TV - HDMI?
  29. Lost HD Audio on Assassin HTPC! Was it the recent Windows Update?
  30. Reset Windows 7 Admin Password
  31. One interface to replace three !?...
  32. Right laptop for my HDTV?
  33. Tv tuner hdmi input?
  34. Need help finding a decent surround system for pc
  35. HD in and HD out questions
  36. Can someone walk me thru this Error: No Bootable Device, Please Restart
  37. Freezing on Windows 7 (64 bit) splash screen
  38. On-Line TV shows freeze
  39. My Setup
  40. Reader with Foxit PDF reader is not faulty?
  41. Need help with pc data
  42. New Battery for Dell Inspiron 1545 - Search recommendable providers
  43. Video Card Fan Progect
  44. How to Fix black screen error at Win 8 startup
  45. Programns to clean my laptop once a month or so ????
  46. Emerson LED T.V. will not connect to laptop.
  47. Please critique my HTPC/Gaming rig setup for bluray rips only
  48. Batterie pour Asus X52JC
  49. need router recomendation
  50. What type of Tuner card?
  51. PC just "turning off" possibly related to GPU's
  52. laptop connected to car stereo
  53. Help with network sharing.
  54. I want to create a PCIx16 daughter board for my laptop?
  55. Display on Laptop not as Sharp after hitting wrong buttons typing
  56. Cutting Cable / Using HTPC to record OTA HD TV - Need Advice
  57. Buying Ceton Infinitv on ebay
  58. a defective usb or defective battery?
  59. xbmc+powerdvd12=hair loss
  60. Upstar P32EDT -- Problems with weird lag -- 120hz?
  61. Video Card Suggest?
  62. Best Browser for old Laptop help!
  63. Windows XP RAM issue.
  64. DVI video to Sony Tv from PC
  65. Creative Sound Blaster Zx PCIe Sound Card
  66. Speedy way to rip to a htpc?
  67. HDMI sound on computer question?
  68. Gameing monitor recomendations?
  69. Dvi-->hdmi-->3d?
  70. Video error help
  71. Theme Modifications
  72. sharp aquos / hdmi / PC problem
  73. large icons on desktop
  74. Deciding on a Laptop..............Questions
  75. Does a PCIE sound card matter?
  76. Gaming PC Upgrade TBF
  77. Can XBox 360 act as a DVR?
  78. More Memory for my PC???????????
  79. lenovo ideacentre any good for Windows Media Center?
  80. advice for gaming lap
  81. A New Member Introduce Here
  82. Best $600ish laptop for HD vids,music production,gaming?
  83. what media player software do you use?
  84. Hauppage 2250 tuner quality
  85. HDTV via older laptop
  86. HTPC and computer use
  87. Network help with Wifi
  88. Settings for Catalyst Control Center 12.8
  89. What would I need to play 3D PC games?
  90. Disable windows key in windows 8?
  91. Is this New Laptop Ok?
  92. Speed Test???
  93. Reinstalling Windows 7 with USB on laptop
  94. Does reinstalling Windows 7 screw up copyrighted recordings?
  95. HELP! w/ media server through PC
  96. Laptop-HDMI-TV
  97. Could anyone tell me exactly how you can pay for home broadband?
  98. Sysfader:iexploer.exe causing issues???????
  99. Can't find some movies
  100. Laptop to Samsung surround sound reciever
  101. AVerTV USB HD DVR (for US/ANZ)
  102. Spotmua Power Suite 2012
  103. Turns on/goes off ???
  104. WiFi Extender issue
  105. Laptop as Blu Iso player. Any concerns?
  106. AMD vs Intel
  107. Less lost - but still desperate and confused
  108. Blue Screen of Death problem
  109. Colossu and Fury 3 Video Capture setup
  110. HDMI from PC to TV cuts out the audio
  111. External HD storage suggestion
  112. Media center won't allow laptop output to HDTV (hdcp)
  113. 3D Photograph software
  114. Photo Viewer
  115. PC Clean-up
  116. [Help]ASUS EAH4350 graphics card + Samsung BX2350+ XP sp3
  117. Problem connecting samsung tv to pc
  118. Laptop connection to tv
  119. FreeNAS FTW!!!
  120. my pc having problem
  121. WD HD 2tb playing Movies on TV
  122. Setting "Live TV Pause Buffer" to another drive?
  123. "Kiosk" Software
  124. OS X 10.5 Leopard DVD?
  125. WMC does not play protected content through Dell HDMI port
  126. FTTH media PC server help
  127. AGP Card & PCI Card
  128. NAS for Streaming HD Content
  129. pc to sharp aquos hdmi problem
  130. can you us a Laptop Pc tas a DVR form a TV
  131. EXternal Hard Drive on Panasonic TV
  132. HTPC build: need advice
  133. Problems sending laptop video/sound to HDTV via HDMI-HDMI connector
  134. a very beginner question!
  135. Best way to get from VGA to RCA on Hi-Def TV
  136. formatted hard drive recovery
  137. Weak TV Signal on HBOHD
  138. Hard Drive failure?
  139. 3D on HTPC
  140. Firefox Optimized for AOL questions
  141. Wtv -> dvd-ram ?
  142. Grid objects blink
  143. Dual monitor (clone) 1 hdtv, 1 lcd monitor resolution problems
  144. How To Hook Up HD Cable Box To PC ?
  145. Data Recovery
  146. Acer S232HL
  147. Photo Recovery Mac
  148. PC to Sony Bravia via Ethernet
  149. Is this Netbook good enough for WMC? (ASUS Eee PC 1018P-PU27-WT)
  150. High Speed USB Hubs vs High speed USB PCI cards
  151. Wireless USB Adapter problems
  152. Do TV's look worse than computer monitors?
  153. Multimedia computer problems
  154. little bricks -- iPhone game
  155. Enquiry about Refurbished Laptops
  156. Download Videos Mac
  157. Need help with HTPC
  158. Looking to build a new pc
  159. Malwarebytes full version vs free version
  160. Does this device exsist?
  161. How can someone sign on or use my PC without knowing my password
  162. Humming, buzzing noise with my pc
  163. Recording to DVD
  164. computer shutting down
  165. What pc monitor size should I buy?
  166. Wireless USB adapter questions
  167. Wireless Keyboard and mouse
  168. New pc needed for photo and video editing
  169. Computer to TV Help
  170. Thoughts on HDHomeRun Prime
  171. Can't connect PC to HDTV
  172. Video playback advice for new PC....
  173. Run Computer and HDTV in different rooms?
  174. What New Pc Monitor Should I Buy?
  175. Laptop hookup via wireless router questions
  176. Video glitches on second (dual) monitor...
  177. 3D for my HTPC
  178. How do I get 120hz on my Mitsubishi WD-60C9 hooked up to my PC?
  179. Edge of Computer Desktop is partially Covered
  180. Hauppauge HDPVR - On a Mac, exporting form iMovie 11
  181. How to reset Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 Password easily if you lost or forgot it.
  182. Looking for a new sound card 7.1
  183. With Mac computers you won't get a virus when downloading mu
  184. PC to Sanyo HDTV HD issues.
  185. What's everything you need for your computer to run nicely?
  186. Need a Cheap HTPC
  187. transfering files from one to another
  188. Stream content 1080p from PC to HDTV
  189. Windows 8
  190. Laptop to Denon to HDTV (Sharp LCD)
  191. WMC in Windows 7 is junk for live HDTV
  192. Problems with streaming HD stuff on my noteboook
  193. PC to HDTV
  194. We need to apply parental controls
  195. Is the HD HomeRun sort of like WiFi, but for cable TV?
  196. PC shuts down by itself
  197. Difference between Vista WMC and 7 WMC?
  198. Does it matter what TV refresh rate you have?
  199. New wireless router
  200. Pad PC with wireless HDMI to HDTV that supports both Netflix and Amazon streaming
  201. HDTV Dual Screen Set Up Issue
  202. Streaming camcorder HD stream on PC
  203. Caut Mouse Wireless pentru Laptop, ce sfaturi imi puteti da?
  204. What kind of info can someone get from my computer?
  205. Help with media server setup
  206. Need help connecting my Dell XPS M1530 to my Sharp Aquos
  207. forcing windows media player
  208. Do you use an HDTV as your monitor, how big is it, and how far away do you sit?
  209. NOOB Wants to get PC on my HDTV
  210. Need help with DLNA.
  211. Laptop vs HTPC or both?
  212. ASUS ROG MATRIX GeForce GTX 580 1.5GB Graphics Card
  213. Need help selecting a video card for my Dell Optiplex 760
  214. Tablet PC/Android/iPad Section?
  215. Llano based Motherboards hitting the market!
  216. Air Play with MAC
  217. Need help recovering email from crashed hard drive
  218. Thoughts on Google buying SageTV
  219. Need help on building a HTPC
  220. simple USB adaptor for older a/v receiver
  221. Jerky HD video - Dell DIM 4550 ATI Radeon 3600
  222. Webcam Home Surveillance System
  223. Help setting up 32" HDTV as computer monitor
  224. hp netbook reviews
  225. New HTPC Build - Intel Graphics Quality?
  226. Advice on NAS to stream to HTPC
  227. No DVI?!?! 3D
  228. signal not supported
  229. Mute sound in media center live TV mutes all Windows sounds?
  230. Internet Explorer 9
  231. Windows Registry Cleaner question
  232. PCI - SATA raid
  233. Content for HTPC
  234. PC turns off when I plug in the VGA cable. Why?
  235. Power supply question
  236. Wireless Router question.
  237. Avermedia M791-B PCIe tuner card- anyone using one?
  238. Laptop to HDTV with HDMI but no sound through TV
  239. Fee Free DVR
  240. hey guys. new member. looking for some tips
  241. HDTV choice for connecting to laptop
  242. HDMI detection issue
  243. Thinking of ditching Sat TV
  244. Need Wireless router help Which One? I am confused.
  245. using normal speakers on PC
  246. New rig, help?
  247. HD-PVR TV-recording Help?
  248. Hello, New to the HDMI scene, looking to build a cheap pc.
  249. Pointless to wait for ISP 3D monitors?
  250. PC system test for HDCP?
  251. PC to HDTV - Mini image freeze every 30s
  252. Help...Color wrong for input on Sharp Aquos
  253. Connectivity speed question Panny VT25
  254. Anyone know the hotkey combinations to launch email?
  255. Archiving from Virgin Media V+
  256. Visual connectivity problem HDTV to PC.
  257. Wireless keyboard/mouse?
  258. Video Tearing and lose of color controls with vmr9. Please Help.
  259. Official XBMC Information Thread
  260. Need suggestion: Windows 7, XP or Ubuntu?
  261. Asus or hp
  262. remote selector
  263. HD TV and 2 computer monitors
  264. No sound on HDMI to my TV
  265. storing videos onto external hard drive?
  266. BD rom is not recognizing disc
  267. Linux
  268. Connecting laptop to my new HDTV
  269. Comcast RNG150 + Hauppague hd pvr + hauppague IR blaster = ???
  270. dsl vs cable
  271. Post your computer setups here
  272. Best way to view your computer wirlessly on your TV?
  273. Laptop to TV. Video but no sound
  274. dell 4600
  275. Asus notebook with bluray rom...
  276. HDMI Audio Problem
  277. Wireless Stream PC to HDTV
  278. [Help Me]Picking out a TV to use as a Monitor
  279. LG monitor question
  280. Best way to capture HDTV from a cable provider?
  281. Can Someone help me Regarding 1080p/60f
  282. Graphics Card Sound Problem
  283. switching to htpc crops screen
  284. Put computer back to factory settings
  285. Can this run full HD?
  286. Loosing Sound on my PC
  287. DDR 3 ram for 785Gm e-51 MSI
  288. Mac
  289. HD 4650, HD 4670 or HD 5550?
  290. Roku or HTPC build?
  291. Zoomplayer crash, need help
  292. Can i run 1080p with this config. that i'm planing on buying?
  293. Laptop to Plasma - no Audio
  294. Probably a very basic HDCP question....
  295. HTPC to my LG PK950
  296. HDMI muting when switching inputs
  297. ATI card "overscan" feature
  298. Toshiba 1080i HDTV
  299. Asus,LG x2 Dvd-rom problems, speed and reading issues.
  300. desktop monitor resolution problem
  301. Printer / Laptop Question
  302. Windows 7 won't let me save to external
  303. Which video card should i use?
  304. True HD vs. regular 1080p
  305. Asus DvdRom - original dvds - problem
  306. What laptop do yourecommended?
  307. Need help to get back in the game...
  308. www.google-analytics.com
  309. Help with aspect ratio problem...please
  310. cant get bluetooth headset to work
  311. USB port question - works for one device, doesn't work for another
  312. Wi-Fi Protection away from home
  313. Change From 'Bios' Will Make PC's Boot In Seconds
  314. How to split a .TS video file based on time (not file size!) ?
  315. Internet Explorer 9 Beta
  316. Edges are cut off on my screen! :/
  317. Why my Browser stopped doing this????????
  318. HD Video Distribution to multiple HD TV's in different locations
  319. Build my HTPC
  320. Laptop Advice
  321. 120Hz Stuttering every 10-15 sec..
  322. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (SS)
  323. TV and computers
  324. Online tvs
  325. Will this work?
  326. run any app off a USB drive?
  327. Have I wasted my money on a new HD LED screen for my PC
  328. HDMI connection to LCD TV
  329. VGA to HDMI?
  330. Problem Playing Apple Movies In HTPC
  331. NewEgg assistance please???
  332. Consumer friendly HD DVD playback under Windows 7
  333. HD Moniter vs. HDTV
  334. Core i7, GeForce GT 330M Notebook, 1080p support ??
  335. Can't output blu ray or 1080p video over HDMI.
  336. Effin google redirect...
  337. FCP workflow advice: combing HDV with SD
  338. sooooo i barely can connect. need some advice
  339. Mini Museum Theater project
  340. RCA to DVI / VGA Adapter...
  341. help connecting my laptop to 32 inch vizio
  342. ASUS Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe competitor?
  343. Buy new CPU, how to get info from old CPU
  344. Foobar2000 and eAAC+ (HE-AAC v2)
  345. Set up Server thru wireless printer??
  346. When I connect PC to LCD TV the screen is red
  347. DVI -> HDMI Problems (32" Mirai 1080p supported)
  348. Monitor and HDMI
  349. Computer to HDTV-Loss in Picture Quality?
  350. Problem playing 1080p movies from Laptop
  351. nero trying to format dvd+r
  352. Stream HD Video wireless to my HD TV
  353. Anybody ever had a Samsung Laptop?
  354. Help with Decoders
  355. The new Mac Mini has an HDMI Port!
  356. Laptop to HDTV problem
  357. Help? New HD Camera - Long Conversion Time -
  358. Please help!
  359. all in one computers touch screen
  360. I need help!
  361. voip like skype cant connect
  362. Trying to run HD videos on Mac... Problems...
  363. best tablet pc touch screen
  364. Do You Know Any Software ?
  365. pc won't output 120hz on my 120hz hdtv
  366. Older PC and HD editing?
  367. atom/ion 37" lcd, did I give up too soon?
  368. touch screen remote for itunes or media player
  369. Small Problem Regarding My Desk Top
  370. Intel GMA x4500 for full screen HD Streaming?
  371. PC to Mitsubishi DLP
  372. Problem connecting PC to HDTV with HDMI
  373. nVidia 3D?
  374. my hp dv2000 laptop is not turning on?
  375. HD playback not working right
  376. Best adjustment for mpc-hc
  377. Anyone have a mac mini + plasma set up?
  378. CD / DVD RW problem
  379. External Harddrive Questions
  380. Does enyone use VLC Player?
  381. Resolution Problem w/ PC to TV
  382. Blue Ray playback?
  383. Gefen DVI Audio to HDMI Adapter (EXT-DVIAUD-2-HDMI)
  384. laptop to tv using hdmi
  385. 5.1 Sound Card for HP Laptop
  386. Computer with Blu-ray drive to HDTV Monitor and Surround Amplifier
  387. How to restrict user permission
  388. Help with Speakers
  389. HD problem please help me!
  390. Help with new PC to Sharp HD projector
  391. HDMI output to home media
  392. 22" CRT Monitors
  393. Apple HTPC
  394. Looking for opinions on wireless keyboard mouse combos.
  395. Sharp HD ready DVI - HDMI problem
  396. Convert HD movies???
  397. I want to get ac adapter for hp pavilion DV5 laptop
  398. Audio issues with stereo and 5.1
  399. Can i play 1080p mkv with my current setup?
  400. Watching HD TV on Desktop Screen
  401. Simple laptop To TV Sound question
  402. How to burn my 3 DVD's to a BD?
  403. Multichannel PCM and Windows 7
  404. My Hp g60 laptop battery is not working
  405. AVCHD Help + Adobe Premeire CS4
  406. HP dv2000 - battery doesn't work! Help me plz!
  407. TrueHD/DTS-MA playback on PC speakers
  408. PC chugging help
  409. A few HTPC Questions (DVR, Audio Pass-through)
  410. Soundcard issue?
  411. Problem with progress bar during HD video...help please?
  412. newbie question
  413. ASUS EAH4350 graphics card with HDMI to Sony HD TV - No Sound
  414. pc hdmi issue
  415. what do i set the resolution on my ati vid card for my lcd tv
  416. Newbie questions RE PC to TV connection
  417. Disable automatic sync with bluetooth headset
  418. Dish Netowrk and VIP222k and Win 7 MCE Help...
  419. ASUS EAH4350 graphics card + Samsung LE40B550
  420. How best to do new HDTV/PC setup?
  421. Getting Ethernet To TV and Blu-ray Player
  422. Laptop to Plasma via HDMI -> white pixel-y screen?
  423. Connecting a Laptop to Yamaha Surround System
  424. Audio cuts out when I go to HDTV...
  425. Wireless Dongle ?
  426. Firewall Question
  427. Wireless Computer Networking Problem
  428. BSOD WIN 7 Shutdown when idle
  429. windows 7 audio driver problem
  430. AnyDVD (HD) released
  431. Can this computer do surround?
  432. hooking pc /internet to plasma
  433. MediaInfo 0.7.28 released
  434. Possible WMC instability after processor upgrade
  435. Dell XPS M2010 DVI+S/PDIF to HDMI?
  436. Divx through tv USB...
  437. Hauppauge HD PVR learned remote control keys but will not change set top box channel
  438. Usb 2.0
  439. Sony Vaio Hard Drive Malfunction
  440. Compro products sold in US anymore?
  441. New Laptop(blu-ray) To HDTV or Com Monitor
  442. What is H.264 and LiveTV
  443. simple upgrade for non-DHCP monitor?
  444. Ultimate PC Media Center
  445. SD Card reader not working
  446. viewing computer desktop on TV
  447. Using the Hauppauge HD PVR 1212 - Advice and Tips!
  448. Cannot set HDTV component out resolution permanently
  449. New PC advice
  450. Tuner Card?
  451. broadcast video over internet to tv
  452. attention network pros!
  453. Just attached new connection cables and now have PC to LCD lag.
  454. What software can I use in windows 7 to use my USB HP IR emitter to control my 8300 ?
  455. Laptop to Blu-ray to TV: Help Needed
  456. WIN7 - A Battery Eater??
  457. Best anti-virus softaware.
  458. Computer shutting down without warning
  459. HD playback help!
  460. HD camera connection with HD rame grabber
  461. HDMI extend desktop from Gateway NV52(ATI Radeon HD 3200) to Sony Bravia KDL-32S5100?
  462. Access computer from kitchen?
  463. completely lost
  464. Freeware Video Editor for Windows 7 (64 bit)?
  465. Apple Tablet (iPad) announced today!
  466. Quality of recorded TV streamed to an Xbox 360?
  467. Xbox vs Media Center Extender
  468. Does VGA or DVI-D do HD on PC?
  469. How to add DVI to my PC
  470. HDTV Loses Signal When PC Settings Change
  471. Recommendation for home theater laptop?
  472. HTPC > HDTV (wirelessly)
  473. Internet access for a Panasonic blu-ray player via Mac Mini - any experience?
  474. PC to Home Theater and 42" Plasma
  475. HDMI tv on windows xp? how do I do it?
  476. Router from PC to PS3 for video - need advice
  477. Will my computer be able to play HD?
  478. Remote Control for PC?
  479. PC to TV
  480. Intel i7 or Athlon 2?
  481. FCP workflow advice: combing HDV with SD
  482. PC to HDTV connection- is it ever possible with older computers?
  483. HDTV as monitor not going full screen
  484. Remote Desktop
  485. Cable head end from Mac Mini?
  486. Maybe The Last Place To Get This Burner
  487. Determing wether an HTPC is worth it
  488. Why "Video Signals From A PC Are Not Supported"
  489. Sharp LCD as computer monitor
  490. Making a router a hub
  491. Need help hooking my laptop to new plasma TV
  492. Help with hdmi
  493. HDMI Cable Questions
  494. wd tv live
  495. New to this HDTV through PC
  496. Miocrosoft Security Essentials gets high ratings.
  497. HDMI output to PC to monitor?
  498. Microsoft Word sale prohibited as of Jan. 11, fix promised
  499. HTPC video & audio... built-in or add-on stuff?
  500. CoreAVC 2.0.0 released