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  2. HD from pc to TV ?
  3. Jesus christ connecting a PC to an HDTV is difficult
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  9. HD Ready TV
  10. Best PVR card to watch and capture Analog TV?
  11. Assistance to best connect windowsxp media center to my tv, and pc monitor
  12. best way to attach HTPC to LCD 720p
  13. HPz555, Windows MCE & Sony 34XBR910
  14. (from a newb)the best cable connection for my new radeon x700 pro agp vivo card?
  15. Dont Know Can Some1 Help Please?
  16. Windows Media Center 2005 and D*
  17. Taking Computer to tv
  18. New Guy Question - Sammy + 6600GT Problems
  19. Hooking up my HDTV LCD using the VGA output and as a SECONDARY display.
  20. Viewing Digital pictures on a plasma set
  21. 6600GT Question
  22. What Wireless router would i need??
  23. Comcast Broadband
  24. Playing PC games on my HDTV
  25. Need advice on Resolution!
  26. HELP!! my pc to 40"sony hdtv resolutions
  27. PC to HDTV and another TV
  28. What sound card is good 4 my system
  29. HDTV Component Video Adapter
  30. PC DVD or DVD Player DVD
  31. Sharp aquos LC-32DA5u with ati card
  32. Which software player will play HD? Help!
  33. MyHD 130
  34. Building a PVR
  35. What video card?
  36. wxga hi def
  37. HDCP-Enabled Computer Monitor
  38. HDR-HC1 1080i file transfer
  39. Philips Issues
  40. Pioneer PDP-505HD service menue
  41. PC - HDTV ...need a cable for sound ?? help!
  42. Philips hdtv + PC dvi
  43. Signal strength
  44. Crazy idea? Is this possible?
  45. Upconverting DVD player software for Mac or PC
  46. PC >> HDTV --- DVI or VGA????
  47. H.264 Hardware Requirements
  48. n00b questions
  49. VGA only CRT monitor || putting in DVI/HD input
  50. Trying to hook up my PC to TV via DVI to HDMI
  51. HP 500z series digital entertainment center
  52. Need advice for USB TV Tuner for laptop
  53. PC to HDTV using RGB
  54. Fusion5 Lite can it work alone with MCE05?
  55. CRT or LCD the great debate for new system..
  56. Would this setup work out?
  57. How do I run HD resolutions on my 26" LCD HTPC
  58. Hi def video over 2 plasmas 2048 x 768
  59. How do u tune std def channels on any HD tuner card??? i realli need help PLZ!!!
  60. DisplayPort - When?
  61. What is QAM? Do I need it?
  62. VLC aint that bad at all
  63. Sony video products Linux source code -link here--
  64. HD from a PC - recommended specs?
  65. DVI or Component for my PC to Plasma?
  66. Media Entertainment/Home Theater Questions
  67. which card better?
  68. GeForce 5200 via DVI/HDMI to LG 30FZ4D CRT HDTV
  69. PC connects to HDTV fine, but video won't play? Help!
  70. Installation of an ATI Wonder HDTV Card
  71. Need help - DVI output stopped working
  72. Myhd 100 or Myhd 120 or Myhd 130 card which to get? HELP!!
  74. Most Monitors Won't Play New HD Video
  75. WideXGA format.
  76. Limit to how large a TS file can be?
  77. Has anyone tested Intel Azalia Tech?
  78. Putting my wish list together...
  79. NV4 6800GT on Olevia 37HVE--->DVI-I
  80. New PC and choppy video
  81. Anyone know of a good HDTV tuner card for pc?
  82. Getting HD video to play on a PC
  83. Question about HDTV Wonder
  84. PM from esperanto77
  85. Does Anyone own an ADS Tech media link?
  86. How do I DIS able extended desktop for ATI card in WinXP ??
  87. HDTV Antennas?
  88. FusionHDTV3 Gold
  89. WMVHD computer DVI-D to TV HDMI
  90. DRM query
  91. is there any way to get hdtv signal from cable box to pc in hdtv format
  92. Run HD tv on laptop how to Please help!
  93. HP Media Center m1050Y
  94. Media Center Photosmart PC
  95. Anybody hook an Audigy 2 soundcard to their a/v receiver?
  96. Any suggestions on a networked media extender/player
  97. Museum Hi Def Media Center Questions
  98. Native 1360x768 looks terrible....(why?)
  99. Batch software upscale from 480p to 720p
  100. DVI to Sharp Aquos LCD
  101. ATI All in Wonder x800xt and HDTV (overscan)
  102. Flat Panel +40" as PC monitor
  103. VGA to HDMI?
  104. Loop in Mediaplayer
  105. were to buy a transcoder?
  106. Any sony LCD KDF-55WF655 owners hooked up to pc
  107. Need help ASAP
  108. Pc Hookup To Sony Kdf-55wf655
  109. Sound problems with MyHD
  110. DVI to HDMI? DVI to Component? Which card?
  111. HDTV backgrounds for HTPC's?
  112. MYHD archiving shows
  113. DVI to HDMI HDTV input
  114. Help connecting Geforce5900fx to Mitsubishi TV(WS-65809)
  115. Geforce 6600 VIVO Component
  116. DVI to Component with Radeon x300 card?
  117. Processor and Motherboard for a HTPC
  118. dvi pc connection from nvidia 5700le to sharp aquos LC-26GA5U
  119. Windows Vista
  120. Problem defining ACD 23" hdtv capabilities
  121. Dell hook-up to Toshiba 44"DLP
  122. Problem with FX5200 to LCD using DVI
  123. HD"TiVO" tuner...
  124. Am I on the right track?
  126. Needing advice on graphics card
  127. Audio From PC To Receiver Problem
  128. Directv in HD and the PC?
  129. DVI Resolutions on Plasma
  130. Max resolution on PC -> HDTV
  131. Building an HTPC
  132. PC high definition video editing BEST PERFORMANCE
  133. PC for high definition video editing BEST PERFORMANCE
  134. Toshiba 42HP84 / PC Compatibility
  135. ati 9800 pro & video editing
  136. T2 Extreme Dvd - Crack Drm10?
  137. EVGA e-GeForce 6800 GT/Ultra
  138. Getting Live TV to work in MCE 2005
  139. Web Site Designed for 1080p HDTV
  140. Bad quality using PC DVI to HDTV DVI
  141. Laptop and DVR Help Needed
  142. Hyper Threading CPU
  143. Networking a Mac to a Windows XP PC
  144. Looking for a DLP TV that'll work with a PC video signal...
  145. Just a simple question.
  146. pc to sony HDTV
  147. ATI HDTV Wonder and Directv
  148. ATI HDTV Wonder -PC won't boot
  149. PCIe and EIDE
  150. Question about Directv and PC's
  151. Anyone used the MSI 6600GT HDTV out yet?
  152. Automatic Audio/Video on some websites
  153. ATI HDTV Wonder Stuttering
  154. Transcoder Comparison (AA 9A60 vs KD-VTCA3 vs ??)
  155. Joining transport stream file
  156. Media Center Dual HD tuner
  157. realtek HD audio
  158. what video card?
  159. Mouse Question
  160. computer dvi to 26" toshiba ldc HD
  161. Anyone used a Sweetspot card?
  162. Laptop to HDTV - Wirelessly
  163. Newbie: HDTV - PC to TV
  164. Building new HTPC
  165. Toshiba 46H84 with HTPC
  166. Panasonic PT-50LC14 50 in. As a Monitor? daily....
  167. Looking for a HD PVR PCI card for a PC.
  168. Is my HTPC output 1080P?
  169. very stupid hacker...
  170. Hows my HTPC looking so far
  171. how to get good quality
  172. Is there software to improve resolution
  173. If I had a DLP TV?
  174. Computer to HDTV
  175. Outlook for MCE
  176. HDTV on DELL UltraSharp 2405FPW ??
  177. component to ati hdtv tuner
  178. Newbie
  179. screen resolution problem
  180. Need to find good tv for new HTPC
  181. Very new and would like help with DVI to HDTV
  182. x800 and vga adaptor
  183. DVI to HDTV
  184. I-O Data products LinkPlayer
  185. I cant get my monitor to work with DVI
  186. help converting!!!
  187. powerstrip settings for pioneer pdp435
  188. is this good enuf for 720p??
  189. Cable Converter- VGA to RCA Component (HD)
  190. What Custom Resolution Works for Mitsubishi 62725 To Eliminate Overscan
  191. Choosing a video card
  192. Success-HP computer to Toshiba Projection
  193. computer to plasma connection
  194. Is there a card for PC that receives HDTV signal from Cable?
  195. please help... Audio Authority 9A60???
  196. Sammy HLP 4663W and a HT PC?
  197. Pl. Guide me?
  198. Optoma RD65 with PC
  199. HP Media Center to TV
  200. Yahoo Mail Gives a Gig
  201. JVC Av 48wp55 and ATI AIW 9800pro
  202. homebrew rgbhv
  203. 10.0 Ghz CPU, 2GB Ram, 30000 GB HDD
  204. help!!!!!!
  205. IE7 code-named ''Rincon'' Details Begin to Leak
  206. DTV input and RGB
  207. HTPC on a Samsung TXN2798HF
  208. Picasa
  209. anyone able to help?
  210. Understanding Moninfo modelines...
  211. Laptop as a "Remote"?
  212. Software for HTPC, DVD/SAT/HDTV Playback
  213. Help with PC -> HDTV
  214. Intel's new 64-bit P4s.
  215. MSN Remote Record Service.
  216. HTPC advice??? help
  217. Radeon 9800 Pro not detecting my HDTV
  218. FREE copy of Windows XP PRO x64
  219. New nVidia card
  220. AMD 64 Laptop $699 @OfficeDepot!
  221. overscan question
  222. ATI HDTV Wonder
  223. Help plz, minium cpu speed for HDTV
  224. Longhorn = Windows e-XPedition?
  225. can i watch hdtv on my laptop
  226. mitsubishi service code
  227. can I get HDTV on my DELL inspirion 9200 notebook?
  228. Mitsubishi 48" hdtv and 6600 GT
  229. Im going to build a htpc!
  230. Perfect PC PQ right out of the box...anyone?
  231. G-Force FX 5200 to LG-HDTV through the DVI output.
  232. HDTV on Computer
  233. HDTV or Component signal to PC
  234. Video & Games: Same display processing?
  235. New to HD
  236. Is VGA-to-component cable a good solution?
  237. Selecting an HDTV & Video Card
  238. HD Computer Setup
  239. advice on hdtv cards and p.c set up
  240. samsung 26'hdtv crt to atix800pro
  241. Toshiba TSB-H84s DVI/HDMI to ATI X700
  242. capturing hdtv using digital camera
  243. How To? Connect Windows Media Center (MCE) 2005 to Home Theatre
  244. which is better...
  245. for people who have come across....
  246. PC to Phillips Cineos HDTV
  247. very excited but don't now where to start
  248. DVI to component (PM from frw)
  249. HTPC and Cablecard
  250. mobo asus p4c800-e deluxe - Hangs during xp mce2005 install
  251. HDTV 1080i connected to a computer DVI
  252. Building my own HTPC??
  253. Less Expensive VGA-Component
  254. PC Sound very low/hums to TV
  255. WORKS! Mits wd-62525 VGA connector and a PC - perfect picture!
  256. Panasonic DLP Timing Parameters
  257. LG HDTV Timing questions from Sparhawk
  258. NEW HELP WITH HDTV to PC (powerstrip help!!)
  259. Dead PC...need help figuring out a replacement
  260. 1280 x 760?
  261. S-Video From Computer To HDTV
  262. Media Center/HDTV Experiments
  263. is it possible to connect DVI-I PC to DVI-D HDTV?
  264. Moninfo??
  265. 2 questions
  266. WXGA- is that High Def?
  267. ATI HDTV Wonder
  268. PC-HDTV Hardware Compatibility
  269. Recording Satellite HDTV to computer
  270. HDTV and Apple G5
  271. hdmi or component
  272. Gamer!
  273. Powerstrip Timings Sony 42"hdtv
  274. Half-Life 2 on the Big Screen : Radeon X800pro and Samsung HLP50'
  275. Geforce FX 5200 to Sony 51'' HDTV dvi connection problems
  276. My theory on xbox and hd...
  277. Windows Media Center?...or
  278. PC to HDTV issues ...
  279. radeon 9700 pro all-in-wonder and the sanyo HT30744
  280. Can I use my Computer Monitor SVGA 1024x768 for HDTV?
  281. New Pc :)
  282. is this a good time to buy pc to hdtv???
  283. Connecting my video card w/ dvi to a Samsung TX-P2675WH
  284. pc gaming in hd
  285. HP PCs To Include Blu-Ray Drives
  286. hd throu pc - can u help?
  287. PVR software
  288. Cable Box to PC HDTV
  289. Questions Regarding hdtv playback
  290. PC to HDTV warranty question...
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  292. Review: Hi-Def TV May Be PCs' Killer App
  293. High Def. Media Center PC
  294. Sony's DVDirect
  295. Gates to unveil Media Center PCs
  296. Niveus Media Announces High Definition Television Support for the New Niveus 'Denali'
  297. NVIDIA GeForce 6200 GPU Extends Technology Leadership Into the Value PC Segment
  298. DVICO FusionHDTV3
  299. Connecting DVI to HDTV
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  301. Microsoft readies recordable-telly OS
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  308. Overscan
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