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  1. Question on HD PC games
  2. Encode360 2.0b7 Released
  3. Internet Providers Have Teamed Up
  4. PC to Samsung TX-S3082WH (read sticky and searched)
  5. Cant get computer to recognize DVI-out
  6. Aha! It works!
  7. prob with h.264
  8. Receiving OTA Highdef on HTPC
  9. all in wonder 9800 pro - sony kds 60a2020
  10. HD DVD Burning Software
  11. GeForce 6800 DVI to LG 32" HDTV VGA
  12. Good 'ol HDTV and PC hookup
  13. Connecting a laptop to a Home Theater system
  14. Connecting a laptop to a Home Theater system
  15. Netflix
  16. Is there a list of High Def capable PCI-E cards
  17. Introduction
  18. HD DVD Playback on a PC with VGA Monitor
  19. Horizontal lightly shaded bar acending across screen w/ pc input
  20. External Hard Drive
  21. HDTV Looses PC Signal....
  22. Total Newbie Needing Help On Converting Avchd
  23. Radeon™ 9800 XT HIGH DEF?
  24. New office system doubling as a Blu-Ray Player
  25. Can't get my DLP to act as a monitor
  26. What model is the Blu-Ray drive in the Sony VAIO AR Series notebook?
  27. New here and I need some help!!!
  28. How to connect DirectTV to PC?
  29. Media Center, best way to connect to TV?
  30. HP Pavilion DV6353us 15.4" Notebook PC for $899.98 after $250 Instant Savings
  31. Connecting PC to JVC HD-56GC87 HDMI
  32. What are some good 2.1 speakers?
  33. Best laptop for viewing HD material
  34. Stumped
  35. eSATA to EDI ?
  36. my pc will only render 1024x768 at most on my hdtv which is 1366x768?
  37. HDTV sat. or cable box....PVR, need advice
  38. question about connecting to HDTV monitor
  39. Dimension 8300 Htpc?
  40. PC boot screen, BIOS, Safe mode on HDTV?
  41. Video Codecs H264
  42. 320GB Seagate HD at Best Buy for 89.99!!
  43. Viera TH-42PX60B Geforce 7600 Gt HELP please
  44. Media Gate MG-350HD
  45. Italians overclock Pentium 4 to 8.18 GHz
  46. Playing HD AVI files
  47. HD file format
  48. Upscaling to HDTV
  49. PC resolution on HDTV
  50. Problems connecting my laptop to tv
  51. Internet Connection Speed
  52. Burning DTS to DVD.
  53. just got an HDTV & want 2 connect laptop
  54. Wanting to build
  55. HDTV won't play video
  56. Burning music from my CD to blanks
  57. PC to HDTV - No Picture!!!
  58. Netflix Movies
  59. Wireless pc to component input?
  60. Getting the most out of an AGP card
  61. Comcast Internet cutting out?
  62. Dumb Question How do you get into the CMOS
  63. HP Adding HD-DVD/Blu-ray Hybrid Drives to PCs
  64. Samsung 5687W
  65. What stuff can I play with this setup......
  66. My Computer- Is it enough?
  67. Recommendations for <$50 AGP Video card?
  68. Diving in head-first and sinking in HD mud
  69. Upgrade my RAM
  70. HD Conversion - Which is best Application
  71. Problem with playing HD materials
  72. windows vista VS ubuntu beryl
  73. And they say Windows isnt secure?
  74. MyHD MDP-130 on Vista PC
  75. issue with HD playback from Mac
  76. moving vertical lines after pc connection
  77. Folding question
  78. HP Pavilion 9330 as HTPC
  79. NVidia refuses to send 1080P signal over DVI to my TV
  80. Need help adjusting the resolution on my computer to fit my tv.
  81. This Looks Interesting
  82. windows not switching users???
  83. ATI DVI - Component?
  84. PC and HDTV Woes
  85. LCD is Native 768 - should source be 720p or 1080p?
  86. Linking 2 computers to one USB printer?
  87. The strange world of anti-virus programs.
  88. Graphics Card Recommendations
  89. Question on Laptop to HDTV (I read the sticky)
  90. raedeon 9250 Questions
  91. power iso vs daemon tools
  92. MKV 720p audio/video syn problem in playback
  93. Intel Xeon E5310 Vs Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6700
  94. DVD Decoder Card Only. Any Suggestions?
  95. dell diminsion 4500
  96. Media Center DVD Player
  97. overclocking
  98. Display Port To Replace DVI and VGA Connections
  99. HDTV tuner cards with CableCard and PVR?
  100. Apple Tv is a rip off
  101. Videos's display in 16:9 but TV and DVD are 4:3? Help
  102. PC TO tv
  103. ATI DVD Decoder
  104. How To Choose Motherboard For Hd?
  105. My HTPC2GO success!, Well, minus timeshifting
  106. HD Performance of Graphic cards and CPU's
  107. Who Needs Apple TV? Here Comes Orb's MyCasting
  108. VGA input supports HD?
  109. pc to hd serious problem
  110. Please Assist in PC Wireless Internet Issue
  111. MYHTPC a question or two, please PM from Wiley
  112. Windows media player won't play on hdtv
  113. problem installing boris CC.
  114. Will my Toshiba Regza be able to play movies from my pc using this
  115. Begin Burning Data or Video to Blu-ray Discs immediately!
  116. xbox 360 add-on, sound and video on a mediacenter pc?
  117. ATI white paper on the H264 codec
  118. Soundcard linkage question
  119. processor or Ram
  120. Installing New Graphics Card
  121. Dimension 2400
  122. router+modem question
  123. PC to HDTV question (read the sticky already)
  124. wide screen monitors
  125. Problem getting tv signal to work on HTPC
  126. Full-screen display on a Sony KDF-E42A10 with a Mac Mini
  127. Unable to resize screen
  128. Wma 9 Pro To Receiver
  129. Wma 9 Pro To Receiver
  130. Samsung Add's HD Burner To Laptop
  131. gpu card
  132. Help setting zoomplayer with purevideo please
  133. 22" widescreen monitor options (2 Acers)
  134. update utilities
  135. Media Center Remote questions
  136. Set Top Box with Media Center
  137. Wireless Router knower abouters in here...
  138. Horiz .. banding on 1080i but not 480p ... please advise
  139. Shockwave errors
  140. HDMI Coming To PC's In a Big Way
  141. dvi to hdmi
  142. No picture when playing video files
  143. ie7 problem with 3 button mouse
  144. choppy video playing hd-dvd downloads
  145. Resolution Question with HDTV
  146. Quantum computer to debut next Tuesday?
  147. MS Vista Impressions
  148. Computer can see tv but no picture
  149. problem with windows vista installation
  150. I can't make up my mind VGA, DVI, Component, S-Video
  151. Samsung 6187w to VGA not full screen
  152. Blu Ray burners @ BB
  153. Newer games and my older system...help
  154. Connect to HDTV... VGA or HDMI
  155. Sling driven mobile HTPC
  156. Is my thinking correct.
  157. Help
  158. MCE help
  159. DVI to HDMI, what about audio?
  160. Issues w/Playing HDDVD Backup On Laptop - Irratic Playback Behaviour...
  161. Adding Memory Problem?
  162. Will Windows XP Home SP1 upgrade to Vista?
  163. xbox 360 laptop
  164. how many of u hv seen these gaming consoles??
  165. Help! Connecting Computer to HDTV
  166. Vista: "It's very consumer-hostile technology that is being deployed."
  167. Nice review of USB HDTV Tuner Stick for Windows & Linux Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-950
  168. Burn a hd-dvd with a regular dvd burner, possible ?
  169. whic procesor for gaming intel or amd??
  170. Philips LCD TV NEED HELP~
  171. Hd Over Cat5e @ 1080p Anyone?
  172. Do I need this transcoder hardware?
  173. $1899 Blu-ray laptop from Alienware
  174. Proscan Truscan Tb-6001
  175. Help needed with backing up Outlook email folders and settings
  176. in the mood to upgrade...but
  177. Please help trying to connect my plasma to PC
  178. Good program for extracting DVD to MPEG?
  179. Resolutions stuck on 800x600
  180. Best Picture LCD Computer Monitor or LCD TV?
  181. ATI's OCUR HDTV tuner card for Vista
  182. 1080p from pc to hdtv
  183. Need help connecting HTPC via HDMI...
  184. Help: Resolution not right on HDTV
  185. viewing ota hd thru myhd 130 on my dell computer
  186. Mac Mini had trouble with DVI-to-HDMI
  187. Do new Plasmas still have the defects?
  188. Planning HD PC Build | Need some help!
  189. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone help me here? RE: blurry/unworkable resolution
  190. Help with choosing the right tv for my computer?
  191. Sony Vaio to Samsung HLR6167
  192. Apple TV -- 720p
  193. DVD Quality to HD Quality?
  194. G550 gives Blank Screen. Perhaps I need a new card?
  195. PC Input on my HDTV, WHAT DEFINITION!!??
  196. DVI-D Stopped Working?
  197. Which HDTV Tuner for Cable?
  198. Help connecting HTPC to Samsung DLP
  199. USB thumb drives-reliable?
  200. Which videocard should I get (3 to pick from)?
  201. MyHD MDP-130 Capture Modes
  202. CES 2007: Toshiba to ship HD DVD writer in February
  203. A good, cheap set usable with a pc?
  204. Best way to get HP Laptop to Samsung LN-S4696D
  205. xbox 360 hd dvd hooked up to a pc
  206. PC to Panasonic tx-32 lxd600
  207. ATI X800 DVI-out to LCD: No picture at all
  208. So what do I need?
  209. Using as computer monitor, will it damage my LCD TV?
  210. recording problem
  211. Powerful PC, but HD work slowly
  212. How can I watch/Record HDTV in MCE
  213. Lynksys Router problem
  214. Help - can't get 1080 res on my pc
  215. Not sure but,
  216. Laptop to tv????? Picture???
  217. monitors -22in or 26in?
  218. Picture too big for TV using Component on laptop
  219. Fusion 5 Express Audio?
  220. question # 2 20-22 inch lcd computer monitor video inputs hdcp pal support
  221. Playing Games
  222. Does a high der antenna card for laptops exist?
  223. HDTV capture on Mac Mini ?
  224. HTPC testing: Sony KDS-[xx]A2000 series
  225. HD PC Card problem
  226. Overscan With Dot by Dot?
  227. 1080p refresh rate
  228. Dell Moves beyond High Definition with Blu-ray Enabled Multimedia Notebook
  229. HD DVD Rom or HD DVD-RW Drive
  230. Connect PC to HDTV
  231. newbie upgrading a dead computer...
  232. Which Tuner Card?
  233. Help: Vizio 37" HDTV + Dell Laptop
  234. HELP! Hooking Notebook to SONY LCD
  235. HD-Dvd & Blu-Ray On Pc
  236. Is it my PC spec or a possible problem with the HD file?
  237. Please help upgrading notebook
  238. How do I know if I need a better graphics card or processor?
  239. PC to Panasonic TH42P60U
  240. What High Def Stuff are you guys thankful for?
  241. Tearing when watching 720p x264 rips
  242. Recordoing HDTV on computer with Media Center
  243. Pioneer 43" HD Plasma
  244. HD on the web
  245. Who here runs an ATI card?
  246. Graphics Card & PC
  247. Free Sony Vaio SZ Series NoteBook
  248. Anyone know other good forums about computers?
  249. new graphics card
  250. Anyone know if an internal hd-dvd rom drive will come out anytime soon?
  251. Anyone know how to upconvert on a pc?
  252. I need help deciding what cd-roms to throw away.
  253. soon to exist - video cards w/hdmi out?
  254. Please Advice on conections
  255. PLEASE advise on new purchase
  256. Dvd Fab
  257. mirroring 1920x1200 pc to 1360x768 tv
  258. Digitial Audio transmitter and receiver pair?
  259. multi GPU in one PC
  260. multi GPU in one PC
  261. top 10 graphics card
  262. Sony VGC-RC320P
  263. connecting VGA VAIO to Samsung LCD LE40R73
  264. PC DVI-I Out-put to HD DVI-I In-put - TV Koss KLD2700 - Video Nvidia NX6600LE
  265. Sound cards with optical output
  266. Sony VAIO AR11S
  267. HELP: Problems with VGA to Component Cable
  268. any 1080 lcd computer screens?
  269. Turning your laptop into HDTV
  270. Best cable - PC to LCDTV
  271. DVI to HDMI Issues
  272. Ati X800 Graphic Card Question
  273. rgb or hdmi connect
  274. question on pc-hddvd/blue ray
  275. dvi-hdmi
  276. I lose the signal from my pc when i switch inputs
  277. Videos are letter-boxed on my PC to Widescreen HDTV via RGB
  278. Sony Vaio won't connect to Samsung LN-S4095D (1080p)
  279. need help with 5.1 audio
  280. Samsung LE23T51 LCD HD to Leadtek WinFast PX6800 TDH grahpics card
  281. VlC Player over S/PDIF
  282. New HDTV- Want to connect PC To It..
  283. Alternative to Media Center?
  284. 1080i Playback on HTPC+LCD
  285. MCE myths dispelled
  286. Can I convert VCR Video via Dell Desktop?
  287. Coverting dvi to component
  288. Monitor Question
  289. MAC Vs PC - Whats Better For HD Editing??
  290. Underscan issue
  291. 2 processors or one for HD?
  292. PC To HDTV Concerns
  293. I hope this question isnt stupid!
  294. A Once and For all question - PC to HDTV
  295. Building a new HTPC for Sony KDF-50WE655
  296. Vista Build 2600 Pre- Release
  297. Linksys Wireless home network problem.......
  298. Daewoo DSJ-4710CRA 47 in. seamless connect with my Dell Dimension E310
  299. How to question - HD Sat receiver into GeForce 6800?
  300. Simple Question....That is probably dumb...
  301. ATI to HDTV
  302. Transfer from Laptop to PC
  303. Trying to connect my X600 graphics card to my hitachi 55hdx62
  304. Is this possible?
  305. HDTV Card - can hear all sounds but digital
  306. Hauppauge WinTV-HVR1100???
  307. IR Reciever?
  308. MS released another Vista beta2
  309. Gigabyte Announces HDMI Graphics Card (( w/ hdcp ))
  310. Check if your PC is ready for Blu-ray or HD DVD
  311. Stream DVD on hard drive to TV...
  312. Question about WMP10 (Overlay/High-Quality Mode) and Divx
  313. Connecting SONY HDTV to PC
  314. ATI Serves Up New Technology To Watch Sports And New Fall TV Programs On PCs In High
  315. Streaming in HD
  316. Connecting a PC to a 50" Plasma w/16:9 configuration
  317. Trying to use my HDTV as my PC Monitor. HELP PLEASE
  318. Help Choosing a Labtop
  319. HDTV Recording to HardDrive
  320. MAC or PC??
  321. 2560 x 1600 or 1920 x 1080p??
  322. PC to HDTV with 1080p
  323. LG 30FS4D from Geforce6800
  324. HD on PC- no sound
  325. Help Please -- PNY GeForce 5200 Ultra to Sony WEGA (DVI to HDMI)
  326. I'm thinking of getting this cheap monitor
  327. 7.1 Surround Sound from PC
  328. x box and pc
  329. Get the big picture
  330. media computer setup questions
  331. DVI-I to VGA quality question?
  332. New Work Laptop? Where Should I Get Mine?
  333. High-Def videos lagging.
  334. Going Wireless?
  335. help: dvd copy protection with HTPC
  336. How to decrypt Comcast Signals
  337. HD on PC
  338. mp3-player advice, please...?
  339. Connecting iMac to RPTV
  340. PC connection to a Sony KDL-32V2000
  341. Sound cutting out .. Analog sound
  342. Bill Gates to Relinquish Duties at Microsoft in 2008
  343. vlc player audio over spdif connection crisis
  344. Adding a plugin in got all media
  345. Will my htpc create a 1080p signal for a HDTV LCD?
  346. zoom player will not play dvds for some reason
  347. H2O and Dell 2405FPW
  348. AVerMedia AverTV MCE Media Expansion Card (White Box) MTVMCEMEW
  349. HP Notebook
  350. Newbie - 1080P from computer to HDTV
  351. Sceptre->1080P->STW3 HBO 235:1 OAR Life is Good
  352. Which HDTV Tuner Card to buy for my MediaCenter PC
  353. indoor HDTV antenna info?
  354. kuraudo - pc dvd upconvert
  355. Need some help with Philips LCD TV + Computer
  356. Best Connection and video card for a Panasonic TH-50PX25 HDTV
  357. Runnings HD movies from a dvdr
  358. laptop movies to hdtv
  359. How to connect HP m7334n to Sharp LC-32DA5U HDTV
  360. Hdtv On Pc 2 Tv
  361. What's need to capture HD programming
  362. Ghosting on LCDTV via component connection from ATi GFX card
  363. .ts (HD) Playback with AC3 & DTS spdif Support
  364. HDTV CRT or LCD on computer?
  365. Connecting to LCD TV via VGA
  366. hdtv overlay not working
  367. skystar2 dvb card with HDtv?? but HOW??
  368. Graphics Card Question
  369. Can't get video to show up anymore on second screen.
  370. Apple G5 HD output to a Toshiba Projector
  371. Why No Free Player!!!
  372. hd movie 720p wmv causing problems
  373. DELL XPS 400 with ATI HDTV wonder card
  374. Mac Mini as media center
  375. HDTV -from- Comp Vid Card
  376. Phillips LCD HDTV Monitor 23PF5320 & Radeon 9550
  377. put 811 on a pc
  378. Problems connecting Philips 32PF5520 to Radeon 7000
  379. Connecting HDTV to laptop?
  380. Upgrade advice, please.
  381. Problem with x800xl and E42A10...
  382. PVR Software
  383. HDMI(HDTV) to DVI(video card of the computer)
  384. DVI to HDMI Toshiba WLT58
  385. DELL Computer Monitor hookup to Motorola Digital Cable Box?
  386. Toshiba HD-DVD laptop inJapan 'May'
  387. Computer as a dvd player to hd lcd
  388. Hooking up a Mitsubishi HDTV to Computer
  389. issues connecting a pc via hdmi-dvi
  390. DVI/Component and AC3 into a PC Help
  391. ATI 9800Pro and Windows Media Center 2005
  392. Hitachi 57F710S 9800Pro Video card Connection
  393. Sony KDF-E42A10, PC input, & Auto Adjustment
  394. Connecting Sky+ Box To Computer
  395. Suggestions on Video Card?
  396. Gyration Wireless Keyboards
  397. 32" Sharp Aquos + connecting to PC
  398. Phillips 42" plasma PC resolution problem!
  399. Hd Tuner Card
  400. Connecting Laptop to Plasma via S-Video
  401. A Discussion On HTPCs
  402. Just got a new graphics card with DVI - should I...
  403. PC to a Sony 36” XBR (4:3) HDTV
  404. Dell Laptop to Sony WF655?
  405. Computer to Sony KDF-E50A10 using VGA cable
  406. Nvidia 6800GT to Samsung LE26R51BD (UK)
  407. Member Needs Help
  408. 6600GT->Tosh. HDTV - works, but wont scale res...
  409. Samsung 56" 1080P and PC
  410. How would I connect this tv to my pc?
  411. Connecting with PC
  412. Connecting PC dvi to toshiba crt hdmi?
  413. which is the best P/Q DVI to HDMI cable?
  414. No video with dvi to hdmi connection
  415. Hd Htpc?
  416. smilies and avatars and various images.
  417. Gateway PC TV Tuner question
  418. DVI or VGA cable with my Samsung 32T51B (europe)?
  419. ATI 9700 radion AIW
  420. How to convert TS to x264?
  421. Nvidia mx400 to LG 32fz4d-ua Hdtv
  422. is there card accepting either DVI or video compnonet input to record TV program
  423. DVI to Component via 34" Sony HDTV
  424. Dell Latitude D810 to Sony 50" SXRD
  425. which hd tv tuner is a best mate for x850xt
  426. ATI HDTV tuner question
  427. VGA To Component Cable? (Help Please)
  428. Sorry Americans, You Can't Have Avermedia's Hybrid Cardbus TV Adapter
  429. HTPC - Which component is letting me down
  430. PC to Sharp Aquos LC-26DA5U LCD
  431. Nvidia 6800 Ultra-HDTV
  432. Fun with HTPC's and not watching 1920x1080p
  433. newbie help please
  434. HDTV on your PC, which card is the sweet spot?
  435. odd DVI-->Projector problem
  436. Adjust Contrast Using Nvidia Optimization Wizard...
  437. Best Screen-Saver/Monitor Shutdown Settings To Use
  438. Am i seeing HD or not...
  439. Help with Linksys router and Digital Phone
  440. taking stills from HD video
  441. wireless solution needed
  442. Sanyo HT30744 nvidia 6800gt custom res
  443. Adding Hi Def to my home theater
  444. DirectTV on computer
  445. Is it possible to use a pc in place of a receiver?
  446. humax hd 7000
  447. PC DVI -> HDMI problem (Radeon 9250)
  448. Any of you PC-game on your HDTV?
  449. How would you update the video driver on a PC hooked to a HDTV?
  450. Pci Express
  451. How long could I hook my LCD to my computer?
  452. PC to HDTV (s-video)
  453. noHD picture after format
  454. Why does my videos flicker?
  455. burning content from pvr
  456. which processor do I need?
  457. Storage Question
  458. HD, agp and fastwrites
  459. Video stutters when using SPDIF output
  460. H.264 problem offsync
  461. DIVX Video to HDMI TV
  462. PC as a DVR
  463. Toshiba 62mx195 HDMI PCI DVI
  464. Westinghouse LVM-37w1
  465. Force Radeon Component Connection on Boot?
  466. 1080p HDMI inputs and PC
  467. Help Suggestions??
  468. Connecting laptop to plasma...poor picture quality :-(
  469. Mce 05
  470. HDTV at 50hz
  471. Toshiba 56MX195 + Nvidia 7800 GTX
  472. Connecting PC to Toshiba 62MX195 HDMI Input
  473. Connecting my computer to my plasma hdtv
  474. Please, please help - 1080i stuttering problem
  475. Sony KLV-S32a10 resolution problem
  476. Any reccomendations for a HDTV/Monitor?
  477. Sony KLV-S32a10 ATI 9600 pro DVI-HDMI
  478. Have to detect LCD TV every time I use it
  479. HD through DVI on PLV Z2
  480. Sammy 6167W to MCE 2005 PC
  481. problem connecting 7800GT card to PHILIPS 32P 9966/10 HDTV
  482. MCE 05 and DVD Playback
  483. INPUT: Transmitting Content to the Web
  484. Help me figure out how to adjust my HDTV's overscan please!
  485. HD MPEG2 video stuttering on new Radeon 9550 card
  486. Media Center Extender (linksys)
  487. Xbox360 - HDTVPump and charing WMV-HD ?
  488. Switching Audio Tracks on DVD within MCE?
  489. Connecting my TV to my PC
  490. CES '06: HD cable comes to the PC
  491. Read through Stickies and need some Clarification
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  493. video through hdtv card to 32" lcd =NO
  494. Help with HDTV choices
  495. Connectivity on my laptop
  496. Few questions about PC
  497. Sanyo LCD HDTV hooked to pc via DVI-D
  498. PLEASE help me configure my 30" Sony HDTV to work with my PC! (6800)
  499. driving difficulties
  500. massive overscan problems = christmas ruined