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Speakers & Surround Sound

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  1. TV Ears and Speakers together, HELP
  2. Bar setup surround sound
  3. Considering raising the height of my surround speakers
  4. 7.1 not working
  5. 7.2 Content
  6. Rear speakers cut out periodically
  7. 2018 Father's Day Gift Ideas?
  8. How to fix home surround sound setup
  9. Samsung HW 550 sound bar to a MU9000 TV Hook up help.
  10. Sound Bar Options
  11. Crossover Frequency
  12. How to Pair Bluetooth Earburd to iPhone
  13. Looking for Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for the gym
  14. HOW to add a "true" powered sub to Bose Life Style 28 III
  15. Headphones
  16. How to use Headphones to hear a new TV
  17. Need advice - sound system for a $1000 budget
  18. Replacement for infinity pc351
  19. Infinity Primus speakers?
  20. Anyone Have LG SJ9 Atmos Speaker
  21. Help! Sony HT RT3 setup
  22. Rca to optical quality and advice? 5.1
  23. Need help!
  24. Help?
  25. Need New Receiver for Center Speaker with 2 outputs?
  26. Hard time getting mids out.
  27. Atmos soundbar with rear speakers?
  28. Which speakers are better (used equipments)
  29. Banana Plugs
  30. Mixing Impedance
  31. Yamaha HTR 6130 Mysterious Speaker settings
  32. Only sound through subwoofer
  33. Cheap surround sound system with arc
  34. Subwoofer Noise Issue
  35. New Construction; I don't want to mess this up....Need help
  36. Drop in-ceiling atmos 7.2 setup
  37. Quick question about amp and speakers
  38. please help with surrond sound
  39. Speaker Placement - Surround or Back?
  40. Computer Desk Surround Sound
  41. Surround sound
  42. Speaker Placement Help
  43. Denon setup menu?
  44. Yamaha ysp2500
  45. Basic problem about hooking up surround sound
  46. Denon compatibility with Samsung TV Auto Return
  47. Ready to purchase a Dolby Atmos Setup - Please help me decide/advice?
  48. Understanding Receivers and how to choose one?
  49. I'd appreciate help building a home surround sound system!
  50. 12 inch SHARP Subwoofer sound cone help
  51. Back! Seeking Advice in Ceiling Set up
  52. Pioneer vsx 90
  53. Atmos 7.2.4
  54. What to add to Bose ceiling surround sound speakers?
  55. Recorded Music for Handheld Players
  56. Old receiver, chromecast
  57. Receiver Pre Out confusion...
  58. No Surround Sound For JVC D-ILA
  59. Prewired Surround Sound Help Required!
  60. looking for "flat" surround sound speaker options
  61. Good beginner surround sound setup.. 1-1.5k
  62. RCA Surround Sound HELP!!!
  63. Surround Help and Advice Please
  64. In ceiling speakers recommendation
  65. Is it worth waiting... or is Pioneer sp-pk21bs good enough?
  66. Suspect Denon AVR-S910W & A New Hum in my Woofers
  67. Got a hard question...
  68. Have wireless speakers evolved to challege wired speakers?
  69. Sharp HT SB60 error
  70. ps4 bgm surround sound problem
  71. Suggestion for New Home theater System
  72. Bowers and Wilkins owners
  73. Could use some help with this
  74. Need some help
  75. Stumped by Ribbon Cable Connections
  76. 10" Sony SA-2500 powered subs
  77. Reasonably Priced Wireless TV Headphones.
  78. New to surround sound
  79. I'm new Help! NAD T748 - no sound!
  80. Decisions decisions....
  81. Connecting RCA home theatre to LG Smart TV 6300
  82. Can I run 2 maps to this setup?
  83. Which of these bookshelf speakers would u choose
  84. Is it the watts??
  85. Trouble connecting sound bar
  86. Building Custom Home, question about pre-wire, and dolby atmos in wall?
  87. Replaced wired speakers with wireless speakers
  88. Buying new surround sound system. Need help!
  89. How to best combine music in every room & surround sound? Advice appreciated.
  90. Speakers for Denon AVR-1911...
  91. Use Speakers from Old Blu-ray with New Blu-ray
  92. Can I get decent external sound for $300-500
  93. New home - Surround sound
  94. Wireless/Bluetooth Help
  95. Volume Control wiring
  96. Need Help! Whole house speaker set up!
  97. No Audio with HD Antenna
  98. Can I use any subwoofer with Samsung home theater in a box system?
  99. Help connecting Panasonic viera HDTV to LG CM4530
  100. help with speaker wire
  101. Need help with Pa speakers with Av reciever
  102. First time setting up a surround sound.
  103. Which one of these five speakers should I buy?
  104. Sub Fluttering Sound
  105. Help me choose!
  106. Please help with Vizio Sound bar settings
  107. Newb question
  108. 3 tvs on same speakers?
  109. Newer receiver vs higher watts per channel
  110. 3 tvs same sound and remote?
  111. Wireless Surround Sound
  112. How can I get sound comparable to what I have now when we downsize to a smaller condo
  113. Headphones and simultaneously exterior speaker use
  114. No rear channel output
  115. Need some help with my setup please
  116. Klipsch B20 speaker and receiver pairing
  117. confused need help.
  118. changing to in wall cables
  119. TV & Converter Off - Hear Sound from External Speakers
  120. Moved into house with ceiling surround sound...
  121. Measuring ohms?
  122. Wall speakers?
  123. Confusion around Surround Sound
  124. trying to connect old surround sound to new tv....please help
  125. Sonance?
  126. Selector Switch Box?
  127. Cealing speakers?
  128. Which speaker height option
  129. How would you solve this issue?
  130. Reputable Dealer?
  131. Finding the right Reciever
  132. Surround system for a small bedroom
  133. Am I Missing Something?
  134. Samsung LEDTV 7150+Bose=No Sound
  135. Paradigm Studio Speakers
  136. Subwoofer question
  137. Basic Surround Using Sound Bar and Rear Speakers - HELP
  138. Speaker system not playing audio from Chromecast
  139. HDMI through Soundbar to Projector
  140. hello new member needing help
  141. Energy 5.1 Take Classic vs Monoprice Prem 5.1
  142. 7.2 ceiling placement advice
  143. 5.1 Setup advice for borderline large room
  144. Lag in Audio/Video
  145. Surround placement 7.1 and PLIIZ Height based on room
  146. Need Help in placing home theater
  147. Sound Bar or Surround Sound System
  148. Help With Hum
  149. Help with a new home theater system. ATMOS?
  150. Help with Yamaha 6130 set up.
  151. Subwoofer Connection
  152. Need Help Installing Speakers in Drop Ceiling
  153. no sorround sound.
  154. Def Tech Studio Monitor (SM 65)
  155. Help I Need To be Schooled !
  156. ZxR, X-fi/variation of X-fi, Xonar, or other??
  157. Helping finding/buying some sort of speaker system
  158. Storing Electronics
  159. What is the best surround sound system for a gaming bedroom
  160. Buzzing from Klipsch Speakers
  161. Does surround sound actually work?
  162. Wanted: Advice with ceiling-mounting a center channel
  163. Has Anyone Recovered Speakers
  164. Need a recomendation for a Subwoofer
  165. Looking to Upgrade
  166. Need help with finding correct audio cable (TV to receiver)
  167. basic help for a basic dude
  168. Help with Speaker Placement in Living Room
  169. Questions about new Yamaha Receiver
  170. Advice for surround speakers
  171. Yamaha HTR-6130 Reciever- what speakers to buy?
  172. Need advice on speakers for a very unique situation (studying hyenas in Kenya)
  173. Speakers on Sloping Ceiling
  174. Oppo/Integra/ Paradigm System Upgrade
  175. Surround sound problems, help?
  176. Opinions on Yamaha RX-V675 7.2
  177. Looking to buy a Surround system for house
  178. Considering This Martin Logan Speaker System
  179. Desperate for help regarding surround sound and blu-ray set up
  180. 6-ohm speakers. Why?
  181. Surround Sound Players Question?
  182. speaker wire in attic
  183. How to turn off the speakers in my backyard
  184. Onkyo htr550 help please!!
  185. Surround sound problems
  186. ian
  187. Samsung Pass Thru
  188. Which speaker to buy?
  189. Need help with a whole house system
  190. Piecing together a sound system
  191. Legacy Bose Lifestyle 12 with LG 55LM4600 HDTV
  192. Speakers/AVR with $500 Budget
  193. Sub in cubby-hole behind plasma TV - problems?
  194. Pls Help : Basic Surround Sound Speaker System
  195. surround sound with streaming sevices
  196. TV Sound connected to play through Surround Sound Speakers
  197. High quality Radio w/ bluetooth - BOSE?
  198. Subwoofer Output - Please Advise
  199. Old PC surround sound to TV
  200. help with sound bar
  201. paradigm pw 2200 version 2 subwoofer?
  202. karaoke machine set up with surround sound
  203. If you have to use a soundbar I love the GoldenEar
  204. Greetings! Yamaha RX-v667 and "dual" Polk PSW-110 subs
  205. Soundbars are having an effect on HDTV manufacturers
  206. Review Surround Set-up w/ new Vizio TV
  207. Looking for different tweeter's
  208. Can anyone help?...
  209. is this trade a good deal?
  210. Matching speakers for Yamaha RX-V773
  211. Pioneer VSX-1023-K 7.1 - Need Speakers
  212. Samsung surround sound probs
  213. Bose Acoustimass 10 Series 4 vs Polk RM 75
  214. Center/Rear Speaker Recommendations
  215. Rear Speaker recommendations for soundbar/sub setup
  216. Will A Soundbar Fix This Problem??
  217. Can't get my new TV to play on surround system
  218. Sound Dynamics RTS P100 tower speakers
  219. Soldering different speaker gauges together???
  220. Sony 65" 4K TV speakers that good?
  221. Need surround sound receiver recommendation
  222. How did I setup 5.1 on my P. C
  223. Sanos Playbar, sub, and Play: 1 or 3 Worth the $???
  224. Need Help ASAP!! Front height vs. Rear Surround
  225. Why can't I get rid of humming noise
  226. Cerwin Vega XLS-28 or BIC Acoustech PL-89II
  227. Hiding speaker wire
  228. Best speaker option
  229. tv through surround sound
  230. Think I scored
  231. Help with eventually wanting to go with more spkrs and am Amp
  232. New Home Construction - Audio System
  233. What to buy:Bose system or something else?
  234. Looking for a new Subwoofer
  235. Pioneer SP-FS52-LR or used Tower
  236. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Speakers Sale
  237. Surround Sound Help!!
  238. PCM audio format
  239. Difference between Denon AVR-1613 and AVR-E300
  240. Inexpensive Home Theater System
  241. What is the best way to power all these speakers/woofers?
  242. Soundbar or 5.1
  243. Keep getting DTS neo 6 with the wii
  244. needs some advise on wall plates, connections, etc..
  245. SVS Ultra Speaker System - Review
  246. Review: GoldenEar Triton Seven tower speaker
  247. Need a sound system for a Hair Salon
  248. Help please! Can't get 5.1 surround sound to work on TV!
  249. Lost Surround with Coaxial
  250. Review: NXG NX-BAS-500 subwoofer
  251. Test Report: Cambridge Audio Azur 751R A/V receiver
  252. My Harman/Kardon is in trouble!!!
  253. Speaker placement for awkward wall please!
  254. Soundbar Solution Help
  255. Dayton Audio T1503K vs 2 PL-200
  256. Newbie: Looking for 5.1 surround sound up to $2k
  257. New guy needs to be schooled! Looking for a surround system under $600
  258. Getting Bluetooth music from phone to Hi Fi
  259. HTPC has no spdif ... help!!!
  260. Car Subwoofer Questions......Help!!!
  261. New Surround sound system - 400
  262. Problem with receiver shutting down
  263. Optical Audio to 3 x 3.5mm RCA
  264. Recommendations/Pointers for indoor/outdoor speaker setup
  265. Yamaha Sound Bar- Onkyo Subwoofer
  266. sr7500 died and now looking to buy new avr and looking for help
  267. Genelec 6010a with 7050b sub and onkyo txnr717
  268. Need advice on wall mounting speakers on the cheap
  269. New speakers for home theater
  270. Do you lose PQ connecting through an auio receiver?
  271. Can't decide between headphones
  272. Help Help Help-- Basement Theater room.
  273. Got a Marantz
  274. Suggestions for a good mid-range sound system?
  275. Box Surround Sound System or Build My Own?
  276. Two Speaker setup information request
  277. Opinions Needed
  278. AV Synchronization
  279. surround sound not working - wrong set up?
  280. Sonos - PlayBar Surround Sound
  281. 5.1 vs 7.1 in a 14'x12' room
  282. Putting tv sound output through surround sound?
  283. 42' phillips led tv/sound is awf----
  284. Subwoofer Cone is tore
  285. What is the best way to hook up my home audio for best sound?
  286. Playing 7.1 surround through 6.1 setup
  287. My surround sound only comes out TWO speakers?
  288. Audio help needed.
  289. In-wall surround speakers, and unlucky stud placement
  290. New reciever with reusing speakers?
  291. Question about 'vertical surround' - HELP!
  292. Just bought a speaker selector switch box. Where do you hook up center speaker?
  293. I am so confused about splitting optical audio from TV to two sets of speakers
  294. RCA>mini>AV receiver??
  295. How to let music to come out all speakers?
  296. Speaker Setup - Configuration help
  297. Comparing Surround Sound Systems
  298. 2nd subwoofer making whistling sound
  299. Connecting Sony STR-DE675 receiver - HDMI
  300. Subwoofer Squishy Noise
  301. Surround sound help!!!
  302. Onkyo HT-S6100 took a crap...
  303. Ceiling speakers ?
  304. Onkyo S5500 from accessories4less
  305. Blu Ray discs not playing in Dolby TruHD
  306. Audyssey compatibility for Denon
  307. Subwoofer Cables
  308. Bowers&Wilkins MT-60d
  309. Sound Problems
  310. Yeanother "Best BOOM for the Buck" request. Sorry.
  311. Onkyo TX-SV636 Receiver
  312. Building a home theater from scratch
  313. 4 ohm and 8 ohm
  314. Noob Question: Some TV Shows are quieter than others
  315. JAMO 707i
  316. Would It Be Worth It ?
  317. Uniform distortion in surround speakers
  318. Recommendations for Surround Sound Placement
  319. phantom image with loudspeaker array
  320. Want info on speakers + amp for computer-based system
  321. Trouble getting voices / loudness from Front speakers
  322. Centre Speaker...
  323. Windows 7 and a Sony reciever... help?!?
  324. Sony HTAS5 Wireless?
  325. Best quality audio question! HELP.
  326. Surround sound system set up question
  327. Help! I can hear devices plugged into reciever, but not TV apps
  328. VM Audio? MA Audio?
  329. Onkyo RC360 or Yamaha RX-V373?
  330. Surround sound systems with USB port?
  331. New Sound System With A Budget
  332. Speaker & Receiver question
  333. hd sound on denon avr 590 receiver
  334. Which of the two receivers do you recommend?
  335. Help Setting Up Sound Bar with TV and Box
  336. Can I convert wireless surround sound system to wired?
  337. Help with setting up a surround sound Sony system, dumb receiver outpts
  338. Advice for small room system...
  339. Need advice for center channel speaker
  340. I want matching tower speakers for a 7.1 for a big room(15Wx27Lx14H)
  341. Bose Cinemate II GS vs. Harman Kardon 2.1 Channel Network Blue Ray Theater System...
  342. Best sound
  343. Need help, audio issue
  344. Vizio VHT510 Home Theatre
  345. SVS PB12 Sub Settings...
  346. In Wall Suround Speakers
  347. Newb, need help understanding TV output choices...
  348. Speaker ideas(looking for advise) THX
  349. Trouble setting up my LG surround sound
  350. HDMI Passthrough with optical out
  351. Subless system bass delay. Why?! Frustrating :/
  352. Polk vs Def Tech for Fronts, Center, etc
  353. Emotiva Debuts Entry-Level Preamp for $699
  354. Audio capabilities: Nintendo Wii U (comprehensive post).
  355. LIP SYNC ISSUE Vizio E601i-A3 HDTV
  356. choice between 2 home theaters
  357. Surround with three pc monitors
  358. Advice for dialog issues in setup
  359. Making surround system from scratch
  360. The World's First 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver Revisited
  361. Switching TV input through Remote?
  362. Rogers Speakers
  363. Onkyo TX-NR3010 A/V Receiver Review
  364. New Blu-Ray player...Old All In One System
  365. need some help/advise
  366. Hold My Hand
  367. Center channel cracking/clipping
  368. Procinema 800 & Denon AVR2113CI need help
  369. Rear Speakers volume a lot lower then front? Pls Help :)
  370. 5 Outdoor Speakers and a multizone setup, ON/OFF with multiple inputs control...
  371. surround sound on a budget
  372. Any plain (white) speaker cable recommendations?
  373. quick question about speakers and sub
  374. Pioneer receiver/Klipsch speakers - going crazy
  375. Help hooking up receiver for surround sound
  376. L-Shaped Room: Speaker Placement
  377. Surround sound issue. Please help?
  378. 5.1 speakers for ps3
  379. To use old equipment; is it practical ??
  380. Speaker Placement
  381. need help.high pitched noise
  382. Which soundbar should I get?
  383. Will Polk Monitors match with Polk RM6750?
  384. HELP me with sound on TV
  385. Boston Ac. 7.1, Receiver??
  386. Help with a Bose Sub Speaker System
  387. Audio question
  388. Subwoofer advise?
  389. New tv old receiver need help
  390. No Audio Outputs on New TV
  391. Help with projector and reciever set up
  392. Apartment stereo sound to surround sound ?
  393. Optical audio question
  394. any reco's on a wall mounted center channel
  395. any recommendations on ceiling speakers
  396. DTS-HD Master Audio....Meh
  397. Struggling between two Sony model headphones
  398. Need Help With Surround Sound - Video Of Room
  399. Configuring Surround
  400. Poll: Best way to spend $1500
  401. Looking for advice on rear speakers
  402. Issue with my Samsung HDMI output
  403. Surround sound system echoes
  404. Surround sounds and a central components
  405. Trying to compare HTIB...
  406. How to hide wires along floor
  407. Looking to buy a satellite surround system.
  408. Setup of Samsung HT 5.1 to cable box,TV and Xbox
  409. Need Help with Speaker Choice
  410. Best 5.1 surround system for an apartment - $3.5k range
  411. Panasonic sound bar/sub and blu-ray players.
  412. Ceiling fan switch causes surround speaker to "pop"
  413. found old SS system, looking for a reciever
  414. Connecting surround sound
  415. Mixing Bose Satellites as Surround With Klipsch
  416. need some help from an expert Pioneer receiver
  417. Volume Issue A-B setup
  418. Surround Sound Help
  419. New equipment with old receiver
  420. Xbox 360 surround sound problem
  421. How to connect PS3 to surround sound and integrate it with cable and blu ray?
  422. Looking for Surround Sound system
  423. rears and sides
  424. Aperion Speakers
  425. How to Create the Best 5.1 Surround Sound System
  426. Square peg round hole! Optical to analogue issue.
  427. Surround sound system for my bedroom: Need advice
  428. Just got a Hsu VTF-15H
  429. Helo! Wireless cuts out alot!
  430. Surround sound with streaming media
  431. About To Purchase New Onkyo 7.1 Surround System
  432. please help for karaoke speaker
  433. Help with surround sound
  434. New house... Looking for a budget setup
  435. Picture of my speaker placement need some help
  436. Dual receiver setup for multiple rooms
  437. What sub for Klipsch quintets
  438. Question on buying a reciever
  439. Need Help with Surround Sound in an Open Living Room
  440. Good sound system for an apartment?
  441. Need some help on speaker placement
  442. Question on setting up my Samsung system
  443. HT-S9405THX - About to purchase could I have your thoughts please ?!!!
  444. 7.1 Speakers / AMP - Help please - NEWBIE alert!!
  445. Jaton 636?
  446. Klipsch Tower Speaker (RF62)
  447. need help picking out reciever.
  448. Surround Sound Setup with Standard Coax
  449. Best Soundbar ~$700?
  450. Tweeter help for my car
  451. Passive DIY Surround Question
  452. Speakers similar to TruAudio
  453. Setup for Cable Box > Google TV > Samsung Surround Sound
  454. Gemini GSM-1545 using Crown XLS-402 power amp
  455. Noise Cancelling headphones vs Ear Protection
  456. How to properly set this up?
  457. 5.1 plugged into HDTV via Red and white no sound
  458. Recommendations for 5.1 Receiver Sought
  459. Best receiver/speakers for 7.1 surround sound
  460. Buzzing noise from the speakers
  461. Klipsch RC-42 II Center Speaker on sale
  462. New Home Speaker Problem
  463. 5.1 sound from my TV
  464. In-wall/ceiling speakers to put in 12x9 hole and match Paradigm fronts
  465. Infinity P363
  466. Help with new surround system.
  467. Buying Help - Which home speakers would you get?
  468. Debating a few diff sound bars
  469. Any of you using a SVS PB13 or PC13 Ultra?
  470. White van speakers
  471. Voices Are Too Quiet
  472. Can someone proof-check if this surround sound is compatible?
  473. 5.1 speakers to connect to my new Yamaha receiver?
  474. Price/offers/discounts on Paradigm Speakers
  475. samsung home theater + ota antenna [need help]
  476. I need help figuring out my rear surround sound and my ps3.
  477. sound bar??
  478. Internal and external surround system for house- suggestions
  479. Polk monitor 70s front and side?
  480. Any difference between these 2 centers, worth the upgrade
  481. Help With A Sony Model DAV-TZ140
  482. Speaker placement help!
  483. Getting XBox on Surround Sound
  484. Setting up my Yamaha Amp to my Kef Speaker help.
  485. Bose Speakers
  486. Sub noise
  487. Upgrading center channel
  488. Help! Need Replacement Speaker Wire
  489. Definitive Tech review:
  490. 5.1 System Under $1500
  491. 5.1 System for my small computer room.
  492. Ideas on selling my in-wall 7.2 surround system
  493. Sub placement/settings suggestions?
  494. Help with dts sound
  495. Best headphones
  496. Question about speaker placement
  497. Having an issue with my Bose
  498. Need a user friendly Surround Sound Home Theater System - Please advice which brand
  499. DENON AVR-987Problems getting my back surround speakers to work
  500. Definitive speakers models/worth