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Speakers & Surround Sound

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  1. Definitive speakers models/worth
  2. Speakers for Yamaha RX-V671
  3. 5.1 surround help
  4. need help
  5. Help with new system
  6. 2.1 surround sound speakers with hdmi
  7. Infinity PS212 Sub-Woofers I've Finally Got Them In Sync
  8. Polk vs Klipsch - Suggestions??
  9. Which TV programs are broadcast in TrueHD?
  10. Sub-Woofer Crawl Questions When Running 2 Sub-Woofers
  11. I'm having some trouble making a decision
  12. Surround Sound Buying Advice
  13. Surround Sound Questions?
  14. Do Speakers Sound Better After Being Used For Awhile
  15. information require
  16. no optical from Rolu 2 XS
  17. Roku Box and Surround
  18. Help connecting a ps3 to a soundbar
  19. only the middle box still works after pacing in new room
  20. Home Theater Direct
  21. Building system(build/ placement help)
  22. Sub-woofers; Which is Better? Two $340.00 Subs or One $700.00 Sub
  23. Onkyo 7.1 system problem with back speakers
  24. Boston MCS 150
  25. Sound drop Outs with Visio Sound Bar & new Samsung TV
  26. Tweaking The Speakers and Sub Output
  27. HELP! Replacing 7 speakers from HTIB.*($300-$500)
  28. Tv Stand That Will Fit Center Speaker Help!
  29. Axiom Audio m22s vs EMP Tek E5ti
  30. Satellite Speaker Install Using "Level Mount" Kit
  31. Swan M808 / Swan M806
  32. Sound Question
  33. HT-Z320 and PS3
  34. 5.1 Upgrade to 7.1 ?
  35. can i switch the front and rear speakers?
  36. Top Of Plasma Speaker Bracket Advice Needed
  37. Center Surround Not Working
  38. What should I buy to play exclusively music?
  39. What do you think?
  40. Hooking surround sound to everything help
  41. Would This Setup Work For Center and Surround
  42. Dolby Digital/PCM issue w/BD Player
  43. OMG New Speakers
  44. OMG New Speakers
  45. Surround Sound System Selection
  46. Help me pick my system
  47. Speaker wire for 5-1 surround fronts and center
  48. Front High Speaker's and Surround Placement Question
  49. Panasonic SS setup help
  50. New System Advice
  51. Sub Woofer On a Budget, Down Firing or Front Firing
  52. Klipsch Gallery G12 and G16
  53. "Traditional" Speaker layout not possible. What options do I have?
  54. Older Sub-Woofer Connection
  55. Need help with HiDef audio with passthrough receiver...
  56. Reusing stereo components
  57. What is best way to play music on Onkyo 706 + Polk Monitor speakers
  58. Samsung HW-D450 AudioBar Home Theater System
  59. Backwards Volume!?
  60. Will these go together?
  61. projector + receiver help - need clarification
  62. onkyo skw 540 subwoofer problem
  63. How to connect 5.1 surround sound to TV, PC, Wii etc...???
  64. Noob needs advice picking a system please
  65. Hooking Up 5.1 to 73"
  66. Looking for speaker setup for less than $2500
  67. Surround Sound system auto dimmer with lasers and motion sensors?
  68. Panasonic 520 soundbar connections...
  69. Recommendations for speakers
  70. In-wall vs wall mount for media room?
  71. Looking for input for new system design.
  72. help a noob 7.1 placement (pic)
  73. In ceiling speaker layout
  74. Rear speakers do not work with PS3
  75. buying my first theater speaker system, need help!
  76. Help piecing a surround sound system together
  77. Connect sound to tv
  78. SACD / DVD-A deals thread.
  79. mirage 0s3-fs help
  80. Subwoofer HELP!
  81. Giving parents my old htib, where to place speakers??
  82. Goodmans surround sound
  83. Running Speaker wire around a fireplace
  84. can I hang kilpsch quintet 2 speakers upside down
  85. Keep rca pro sw-120p or get new klipsch kw-100??
  86. Simple 2.1 sound system with a design flavor
  87. Best crossover settings for Monitor 70 set up
  88. How do i connect my amplifier to my bluray & tv?
  89. Resorted to stereo preset for TV sound HELP!!
  90. antiquated surround sound, new HDTV
  91. Anyone know if this receiver has powered down hdmi passthru?
  92. Polk psw505 versus Bic F-12 subwoofer
  93. how to wire rear center on 5.1
  94. Question from a novice - connecting Blu Ray, TV and Surround Sound
  95. Best "all in one" surround system 2011
  96. Help understanding/buying a receiver.
  97. Need Help Picking a Receiver
  98. LG Sound Bar & Blue Ray
  99. Need recommendation for in-ceiling speakers
  100. 7.1 passthrough vs decoding
  101. PS3 to 7.1 problems
  102. Surround Sound Speakers to TV
  103. Using both monitor 70's and 60's at same time
  104. No output from Center channel for HD TV channels
  105. Dolby Digital Problem
  106. What 8 inch sub to go for?
  107. Kenwood receiver
  108. Looking to upgrade Subwoofer -- need help
  109. Pictures of setup with wall plates / banana plugs near speakers
  110. Question about setting up my home theater without audio return channel
  111. Oldest Speaker System
  112. Oldest Speaker System
  113. Internet Apps and HTIB
  114. Monoprice bookshelf speakers vs Bose 201
  115. Subwoofer keeps blowing fuses
  116. Turntable/receiver/speaker issues
  117. Will Energy speakers be a good match?
  118. tv in corner , couch against back wall what is good placement of speakers in 5.1 syst
  119. Need reciever suggestions for surround system..
  120. 5.1 Surround sound help!
  121. Denon vs 663
  122. Bose vs. Bose (really struggling with this one!)
  123. How Much Amplifier Power Do I Need?
  124. Please Help
  125. In ceilings with back box
  126. Fluance or sony towers
  127. Unable to get variable audio out on digital working. Why?
  128. Ultimate noob question
  129. 2.1 System Help
  130. A Beginner Question To Sound
  131. 6.5ohm woofer driver ?
  132. Please help me choose!
  133. Acoustic solutions no dolby
  134. Connecting Sound System
  135. Surround Sound not matching lips through FIOS
  136. Sony Powered Sub awesome
  137. I'm Looking for a Soundbar
  138. Center Speaker, Under 12"
  139. Front Wide/Height Speakers and Klipsch B-2?
  140. 5.1 speakers
  141. 5.1 speaker placement for finishing basement...limited space
  142. Need Music Friendly Wireless HTIB
  143. No volume change on sound system with TV
  144. Suggestions for surround sound
  145. What to replace first. (Also need thin center)
  146. Soundbar or not to Soundbar??
  147. Help explain weird house speaker wiring
  148. Help! No Surround Sound From Receiver.
  149. New HTIB
  150. About to complete my new system a question or 2.
  151. What's the best surround sound speaker system??
  152. rca surround sound
  153. Connecting these devices confuses me
  154. Pioneer Elite VSX-52
  155. PS3 to Panasonic Viera to Harman Kardon True surround sound question
  156. Decent system for around $500 or less
  157. Rear speakers, ceiling mount?
  158. My Rear Surrounds Seem To Quiet.
  159. puzzled
  160. 7.1 Surround Sound Speaker Placement Advice
  161. Accessories4less now authorized Denon dealer.
  162. SS sytem for $5000
  163. Soundsystem for my wife's salon
  164. Converting quadraphonic audio from CD on a PC?
  165. Best surround sound - $1,000 budget
  166. 7.2 Question
  167. Can you fudge a surround sound system with 4 speakers?
  168. Mirage vs Bose Speakers?
  169. Need help with the worlds cheapest surround sound.
  170. Question About Hooking Up a Speaker
  171. The Klipsch Brand
  172. Denon Multi source Multi Zone equipment needs?
  173. Computer to Home Theatre + HDTV
  174. What To Use For Rear Surrounds
  175. Yamaha HTR-6030 Remote trouble
  176. Disney WOW Audio Calibration Problem
  177. Any receivers out there that decode aac codecs?
  178. Energy Take Classic 5.1 vs. RC Micro
  179. In ceiling surround system help
  180. Need help with setup
  181. What Sub Should I Go With
  182. Help requested: PS3 (slim) to Yamaha HTR-6130
  183. Sufwoofer Will Not Work
  184. Replacing my two front speakers?
  185. Need Help Choosing Speakers.
  186. Information On The Fluance Brand
  187. Complete novice.
  188. Polk Audio RTi10 Vs Polk Audio Monitor 70 AM7025
  189. The "Bose" Brand
  190. Wall Mounts For Polk Audio Monitor 40's
  191. DTS not playing on sound system
  192. 3d receiver
  193. Car Audio ?
  194. help requested: denon no longer sounds
  195. Optical Out, No Sound
  196. disgusted with new led televisions and outputs for spkrs
  197. Possibly upgrading my rear speakers.
  198. do i have a 7.1 room?
  199. How To Setup Speakers?
  200. Some general Surround questions (Sony Receiver)
  201. Some general Surround questions (Sony Receiver)
  202. NEW Kef 305 Speaker Systems
  203. Logitech X-140 Speaker System-Help
  204. Sound Bar?
  205. Speaker positioning suggestion
  206. Help pls!!! 7.1 surround speakers problem
  207. Klipsch High-End 5.1 Speaker System vs Pioneer SP-PK21BS
  208. What speakers?
  209. Help with Sony plugs to Surround Wall speakers
  210. Question about ceiling speakers
  211. how do you guys think these vibration speakers?
  212. Set Up Issues - Bose Cinemate GS
  213. Blown Sub
  214. Computor Speakers w/ HDTV???
  215. Advice for a modest set up
  216. Analog vs Digital output to my Vizio Sound Bar
  217. Budget HTiB?
  218. side speaker height advice
  219. TV and Sound Bar Installation
  220. vizio plasma tv hooked up to roque. looking for a souround sound system..any help?
  221. Stero Receiver?? Ceiling Surround System
  222. tricky upgrade
  223. Surrond Sound Rear Speakers?
  224. how to get DTS working
  225. Receiver and speakers
  226. Speaker gauge
  227. First time building a dorm room sound system
  228. Need Receiver and Center Channel Speaker
  229. passive sub hook up
  230. this or that
  231. HELP with my surround sound... desperate!
  232. Problem with onkyo s6300
  233. Putting together a 2 channel setup.
  234. Subwoofer Placement
  235. HTIB or 2.0??
  236. Xbox 360 Surround sound
  237. infinity ps210
  238. JBL Northridge E50 problem
  239. Klipsch KG 2.5 as center speaker
  240. Speaker wire quick disconnects
  241. New surround sound speaker setup for my room
  242. Inifinty P363
  243. Building A New Home Theater, Mixing Speakers.
  244. yamaha 567
  245. Confused about hdmi out / optical with new tv and receiver
  246. SS Layout
  247. Speaker Placement problem
  248. Problems w/ Sony W5100 and Vizio VSB200 Soundbar
  249. Will a subwoofer damage my laptop?
  250. Is this a good center channel speaker?
  251. Cross-over setting question
  252. Samsung HW-D550 Soundbar connection question
  253. Need help with a sound system for my friend (newbie)
  254. Vizio sound bar hookup to panasonic plazma tv
  255. Onkyo HT-S5400 - Home theater system - 7.1 channel
  256. I messed up and did something right for a change
  257. Can't hear any dialogue?
  258. Elemental design A5-350 owners need your input
  259. Home Theater Help
  260. 6.1 to 5.1
  261. Surround Sound n00b question
  262. Need your guys opinion once again LOL!
  263. Klipsch Forte II's
  264. The best surround sound systems?
  265. HD Set Up
  266. Are Bipoles good surrounds or overrated?
  267. Front high/wide speakers. Surround speaker placement question.
  268. Dipole surround placement in 9.1 (DSX)
  269. Surround Speakers for Denon AVR891
  270. Need help with Sourround Sound Subwoofer hookup...
  271. Wireless Speakers good or bad???
  272. speaker size
  273. Sony SRS DB500 2.1 PC Speakers
  274. No surround sound from Tron Legacy Bluray
  275. Issues with sound coming from Digital Switch
  276. 3.1 Surround Sound Decoding
  277. SKM-100 Rear Satellite Fell Down, How do I open it up?
  278. 5.1 through Vudu
  279. Need help with center channel placement
  280. Looking for a good Subwoofer and Center speaker?
  281. Sony BDV-E570 and Sony BDV-E770W
  282. 5.1 and Streaming Apps
  283. in-ceiling/ center channel upgrade & what to look for.
  284. Dipole question
  285. How far apart should my front channel speakers be?
  286. DSX play back question
  287. DSX "wides" placement
  288. Is this a good center channel?
  289. A couple questions - 5.1 Decoders & Soundbars
  290. Apple iPod Hi-Fi Boombox repair 3 inch speaker.
  291. Higly Unusual Speaker Crackling...HELP!!
  292. DSX Front height and front wide question
  293. Klipsch S-20 Surround placement opinion (Pic)
  294. Speaker "bar" + Sub to Panny 46 plasma
  295. Need help: Mixing component cables with HMDI?
  296. Need help: Have audio, but no video?
  297. Paradigm online retailer
  298. Audio/video sync with surround sound system
  299. Surround Sound Advice
  300. Does anyone own Infinity TSS-1200 speaker system?
  301. Subwoofer to pair with my Audioengine A5's!
  302. CD vs Apple Lossless
  303. Wireless subs - any good?
  304. logitech One Harmony remote - Bose Setup
  305. Need help choosing system
  306. Recommendations on speaker system
  307. Subwoofer flutter....??
  308. Need advise on speakers
  309. Upgrading Speakers For onkyo 9300thx
  310. Can I use this wire for my home theater??
  311. Upgrading Audio On A Budget
  312. Looking for ways to improve my audio system
  313. Stumped on speaker volume
  314. Paradigm Reference Signature SUB 2 Subwoofer How Low can you Go?.... 12Hz Holy Crap
  315. Newbie stumped-help please!
  316. Anyone heard of Paramount Speakers?
  317. Onkyo HTS-6100 Upgrades
  318. Onkyo HT-9300thx calibration.
  319. Wiring an open room. Help!
  320. HULU audio drops out on Panny Soundbar
  321. Phillips MX 5600 D Xbox Connectivity Problems
  322. Cheap speaker setup for cheap tv?
  323. Did Lightning kill my Yamaha HTR-6030?
  324. Bose Speaker Crossover Settings? (I know but it's what im stuck with lol)
  325. Which system is better?
  326. No sound from Panasonic BTT770 system?
  327. Which Amp for a Sub?
  328. Delayed Sound Problem Sony Receiver
  329. Question about DD 5.1 not working as expected
  330. Yamaha 663 problem
  331. several questions about buying a surround reciever.
  332. Bought surround now what
  333. Questions about simple speaker system connection
  334. speaker questions
  335. wireless rear speakers
  336. What is this nube doing wrong?
  337. Sub advice please!!
  338. In wall with plates, any disadvantages?
  339. Front speaker distance apart
  340. Bad idea or good idea???
  341. Recommend some fr+cc speakers (spec inside)
  342. Time to replace the old Home theater system
  343. Mbps question using Dolby True HD
  344. pure acoustics lord set up help
  345. Best Surround system for $1000
  346. What do ypu think of this sub??
  347. BD Player decoding Dolby True HD & DTS HD Master
  348. Headphones
  349. Home Theater system and speakers.....
  350. Bigger front speaker question
  351. This is a awesome deal IMHO!
  352. powered sub ideas
  353. Multi channel Linear PCM Question
  354. Speaker Placement Opinions Needed (Pics included)
  355. Monoprice for rear in-ceiling speakers?
  356. need help with set up please
  357. Putting the surround speakers in the front
  358. RF-52II or RF-62II
  359. Klipsch Quintet SL
  360. How loud is too loud?
  361. Is this reciever to poweful for these Klipsch speakers
  362. Help Needed
  363. No sound out from TV
  364. Help me with my surround system
  365. Speaker Wiring Problem
  366. Audyssey EQ customize??
  367. Proper reciever for speakers?
  368. Bi- wiring....want to make sure I am doing this correct LOL!!
  369. Audyssey auto setting question?
  370. Member Join Date: Jan 2011 Posts: 85 Using floorstanding speakers for surround sou
  371. Help with my speaker setup!
  372. Zone 2 onkyo
  373. Speaker Stands
  375. just recieved a pair of MTS tower speakers
  376. recommend in-ceiling rear surround speakers
  377. Which front speakers.
  378. DTS HD Master Audio and PS/3
  379. Powered vs standard towers
  380. soundbar?
  381. Sony HT-CT350 Soundbar HDMI Ports Question
  382. Receiver?
  383. Paradigm Signature 4's V.2
  384. Surround sound distortion?
  385. no surround sound
  386. Apple TV (2nd generation)
  387. Sony Sa-Va3 self powered surround sound speakers
  388. Surround Speakers
  389. Velodyne Optimum-10 or Epik Empire Subwoofer?
  390. Best surround path
  391. AVR 591 popping noise, a little help?
  392. All in one speaker system
  393. Speaker setup -- have subwoofer
  394. why no surround sound sometimes? ps3 youtube
  395. What Speakers to Pick?
  396. Wall / Ceiling mounted system
  397. Best headphones for $60?
  398. Onkyo Receiver / Apple TV 2
  399. AC3filter showing MP3 audio INPUT AS 4 channels.
  400. still need help with my harman kardon avr 130
  401. FS : 2 x PIONEER CDJ-1000MK3 & 1 x DJM-800 MIXER DJ PACKAGE
  402. Are these any good?
  403. Anyone truly impressed with a sound bar
  404. Looking to purchase surround sound system
  405. harman kardon avr-130 no audio output
  406. VSB200 sound bar?
  407. HT CT350-Set Up and How To Get 5.1?
  408. something i've always wondered with 7.1/6.1 sound
  409. Subwoofer
  410. Front soundstage advice
  411. Klipsch HD500
  412. Need help setting up my PC 7.1 Surround
  413. connecting onkyo 3300 through the TV - Samsung 58C8000
  414. SPDIF - what speakers can be used ?
  415. Onkyo TX-NRx09's ready to rock soon.
  416. 7.1 sound question
  417. Thinking of putting up AL 5.1 on my comp.
  418. Confused
  419. Problems with Vizio Sound Bar and Panasonic TV
  420. Onkyo TX-SR608 - New Speakers?
  421. Audio Output Trouble
  422. Stud in the way of center channel. Options?
  423. new HDTV-new Blu-ray-new receiver
  424. looking for a proper reciever or amp setup to drive my speakers
  425. Subwoofer question
  426. Need some suggestions...
  427. Help troubleshooting
  428. 20-28" HDTV with headphone jack
  429. trying to understand subwoofers
  430. Am I Stupid???
  431. In Celing vs On Wall Speakers...
  432. In Celing vs On Wall Speakers...
  433. Looking For Sound Bar (Speakers)
  434. new surround
  435. Audyssey Setting Questions
  436. Hooking up Logitech speakers to Sharp HDTV?
  437. Noobee's confused!
  438. Question regarding in-ceiling speakers
  439. LPF setting??
  440. Noob here, Need some help. Will this work?
  441. Adding Extra Klipsch Speakers?
  442. Soundbar integration
  443. suround sound suggestions
  444. Subwoofer connection question
  445. 5.1 Speaker placement Opinion (pics)
  446. HDTV Surround Sound Support
  447. Need help with Def Tech Supercube 3
  448. LFE+Main question
  449. phono cable help!
  450. Can I Add Martin Logan Speakers
  451. Onkyo TX-SR608 quality
  452. Rear subwoofer wires
  453. looking for new system
  454. Correct Speaker Configuration
  455. Recommendation on polk audio surround (bookshelf) speakers
  456. 5.1 Speaker Placement (Computer use)
  457. 7.1 Surround Rear speaker placement
  458. Should i upgrade?
  459. Need help with my first HT set up?
  460. sony soundbar issue
  461. Denon DHT1311XP vs Onkyo HT-S6305
  462. Surround Sound question??......Final Piece of the Puzzle....
  463. HELP - what kit do I need?
  464. Surge Protection
  465. Look for side surround speakers
  466. I need help with surround system
  467. Jamo S606 owners
  468. What speakers are better?
  469. How To "Match" Speakers ?
  470. Help with center channel speaker
  471. Distance between speakers
  472. Question about speaker connectors
  473. Boston Acoustic PV600 issues
  474. I need a new Sub
  475. PS3 / DTS Master Audio- DD TrueHD
  476. Pioneer VSX 816 k overload
  477. Boston Acoustic Center channel speaker
  478. Need Help
  479. Def Tech vs. Klipsch Systems
  480. Receiver / Bluray Player Decoding Blurays
  481. Help - Using in wall speaker wire to connect to a Samsung Surround System
  482. running sound from tv to receiver
  483. Had no idea that the built-in speakers would be so horrible!
  484. Looking for under 300 blu ray/surround. HTIB only option?
  485. complete new surround sound set up
  486. SLS speakers...any good?
  487. yamaha rx-v667 and mirage mm-6 subwoofer issues. please help?
  488. True 5.1 for xbox 360
  489. Home Theatre Upgrade: Speaker Questions
  490. Video processing delay on new Samsung LCD TV-audio sync issues
  491. replacing dvd player
  492. comparing 2 subs
  493. Dipping my toes...
  494. Definitive Technology C/L/R 2300
  495. Wood for speaker stand
  496. In Wall Speakers, Niles Or Artison
  497. Good Decoder and Amp, Cheap Speakers?
  498. help plz
  499. New setup: Should I start out with a HTIB?
  500. Surround Sound For A Bedroom - Please Help