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Cables & Connections

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  1. Component Cables Too Long?
  2. Firefighters need help with cables
  3. HDTV Cable Box Connection
  4. Having problems with Composite connection (cutting off edges)
  5. using component cables thru rca switcher
  6. Watch and record in 3 locations
  7. no sound
  8. Upscale s-video to component?
  9. HDMI specs?
  10. Ferrites and AWG??
  11. Which HDMI Cable is better?
  12. HDMI ~> DVI cable
  13. Component looks better than HDMI?
  14. HDMI cable question
  15. Can't get my new LCD/DVD to work, using HDMI connector
  16. max practical length of a component cable
  17. Are old HDTVs without HDMI worthless?
  18. HDMI vs. Component
  19. AC3 over S/PDIF (optical)
  20. Component Switchbox Issues
  21. Connecting laptop to HDTV: VGA to Component connector or VGA to DVI?
  22. Hdmi - Vga
  23. Connecting VCR/DVD, HDTV & HD Cable Box
  24. Can component cables carry 1080p??
  25. HDMI cable question
  26. Need Cable Help Please!!!!!
  27. HDTV Cable Box/DVD Player Hookup Problem
  28. What cables are best for HD?
  29. Best Suggestion for 80' HD Signal Run?
  30. HDMI switch
  31. Question about optical audio
  32. Hd Via Dish In The Closet-
  33. HDMI to DVI audio cable question
  34. problems with hdmi to dvid
  35. connection problem
  36. Longest Suggested Cable Run??
  37. noob question
  38. Monitor Hookup to Moto HD Box - NEED HELP!
  39. Wow! HDMI switcher/$35.95!
  40. Joules and Surge Protection
  41. Component input problem with Samsung DLP
  42. Surge Protectors with Clean Power Filters
  43. Score System Selector Pro
  44. Does HDMI display HD only??
  45. Need help & advice...
  46. Cooling Fan Setup
  47. Monoprice 5X1 HDMI Switch
  48. Need Monoprice HDMI recommendations; AWG???
  49. Running Cables?
  50. Say it aint so
  51. any experience with monoprice component cables?
  52. How to hookup outside OTA antenae to HDTV
  53. what is the best connection for attaching HDTV to computer @ 6meters?
  54. Dvi Question please help
  55. hooking up my HDTV tuner recorder
  56. No sound with HDMI cable?!?!
  57. No picture through HDMI input (DVR --> TV)
  58. Dual Simultaneous Audio connections (Digital & Analog)
  59. DVI to HDMI or Component?
  60. Need To Record While Watching Another Channel
  61. Daewoo HDMI Link 2-Channel HDMI Manual Switch
  62. RGB SCART versus Component Cables? please help!
  63. XGA or SVGA, is there a difference?
  64. DVI splitters
  65. quick hdmi question
  66. DVI to HDMI and digital audio
  67. Please help ASAP !
  68. How to Best Hide Wires Behind a Plasma?
  69. can i use 3 ohm speakers on a 8 ohm system??
  70. Picture Noise
  71. Connecting PC Through DV
  72. Blinded by science
  73. Is DVI to HDMI and optical sound cable as good as---
  74. 50" Pioneer will be delivered this week.....
  75. Optical cable
  76. HDMI connections
  77. DVI/HDMI to Receiver, Component to HDTV?
  78. good places to buy long cables?
  79. hooking up surround sound to a dish 411
  80. Analog 5.1 multichannel audio v. optical audio
  81. Outputting DVD/HD video to 2 monitors
  82. How do I get the best picture for everything?
  83. Component Selector Help
  84. New HDTV Comast hookup?
  85. Plz, Need help with cables and connections
  86. DVI to HDMI - Oppo
  87. 6 way split
  88. HDMI but no 5.1?
  89. Help with Connections
  90. I Need Help!!
  91. Where to attach splitters, the correct way?!
  92. Finished basement
  93. Wireless VGA for component signal?
  94. DVD playback problems using component cables
  95. want to run my PC in to my HDTV...
  96. DVI and HDMI Cables: Cheapest = Best
  97. wiring house for dtv-cable
  98. HD Cable Box Help
  99. FM Antenna for Bose Lifestyle 38
  100. Favorit brands and why?
  101. Opinions wanted HDMI Monster Cable vs. ?
  102. switches
  103. HD TV-Need Two Outputs For Different Components?
  104. looking for quality 12g speaker wire
  105. Optical out to Coaxial in?
  106. How important is bandwidth over cable?
  107. Advice Needed - Proper cable routing
  108. Advice needed - new cable routing plan
  109. Single Link HDMI
  110. JVC LT-32X576 Audio Out/Connection problem??
  111. Component Video Switcher Recommendation
  112. 7-Pin to 4-pin S-Video?
  113. cable question
  114. cable question
  115. optical or coaxial?
  116. HDMI Connection Question
  117. Analyst: HDMI to Replace DVI by 2008
  118. SD Media card reading problems
  119. HDMI cables, brand and price matter?
  120. Comcast Cable Box, HDMI?
  121. Component video switch
  122. HDMI vs Component
  123. Better audio??
  124. Razorvision cable connection
  125. DVI to HDMI or DVI-D ?
  126. Cable Hook Up
  127. computer connecting question
  128. Hdmi
  129. hooking up hd cable box for best picture
  130. Connections for smaller hdtvs
  131. Signal boosters & Amplifiers?! do they actually work?!
  132. installer coming soon...which is better?
  133. DVD, HD digital audio
  134. Help with Set-up
  135. DVI Question
  136. Hdmi spliter
  137. HDMI connected from cable to reciever to TV...PLEASE HELP!!!
  138. HDMI/DVI cable issues
  139. Help with optimal wiring set up
  140. cable from wall to cable box for hdtv
  141. Too good to be true?
  142. HD cables?
  143. Best place to get cheap HDMI cables?
  144. Help with identifying
  145. Up Converter
  146. Help with Digital Cable Box
  147. Are these good Cables
  148. in-wall cable run types
  149. Radeon 960 pro-DVI-HDMI-HDTV
  150. TV has Single HDMI Input - suggestions?
  151. Making sure we have the cables we need/ best setup...
  152. Best Buy
  153. Cable from WallJack to STB
  154. New system. need cables recommendation
  155. Help with HD Cable box to Projector
  156. How important are power filters for HDTV?
  157. HL-R4266W as monitor?
  158. How do I know if my Pc has HDMI imput?
  159. Your tv does not support HDCP message
  160. DVI to HDMI
  161. I'm a Rookie
  162. HDMI from STB to TV - how do you get 5.1 to the receiver?
  163. 24awg and 28awg size cables
  164. Is RF good enough
  165. Rg-6 Hd ?
  166. Connection or HDMI Problem?
  167. I cannot get everything to work!!!!
  168. Upconversion from Analog Audio to Digital Optical
  169. Lengthy HDMI recommendations?
  170. PIP Hookup Question
  171. Splitting RCN Hi-def signal
  172. Fiber Optic for Future?
  173. 1500va Ups
  174. Great Price for a remote HDMI switcher!
  175. hello from hb21l6 (uk) - connection issue
  176. 1080i over DVI on Sanyo PLV Z2
  177. Converting RCA or S-Video to Coax
  178. Can HDMI-HDCP convert to DVI-HDCP?
  179. Question on Acoustic Research Component Cables
  180. HDMI to DVI-D and more help me
  181. analogue to hdmi
  182. H20 Audio Ditgal Cable
  183. DVI-I & DVI-D... different sizes????
  184. cheap optical cables $3 each
  185. Question about Sony Receiver and Optical/Coaxial Input!
  186. digital sound cuts out
  187. Coaxial Cable Quality...Can it Affect HD Signal?
  188. Comcast Cable?
  189. Comcast Cable into STB or HDTV?
  190. Delay in audio in HD
  192. 25' Component Cable run
  193. vga for 360
  194. HDMI and audio question
  195. Help! DVI-D to HDMI gives visual but no audio...
  196. DVI to component HDTV
  197. Best Connections
  198. Component Switch
  199. Coax RG6 as Component
  200. HTR5635 - No Sound from Digital Coaxial
  201. Hdmi signal loss
  202. Converting DVI to HDMI
  203. I Don't Get HDMI
  204. UPS Question from JediLukas
  205. Question re: Crosstalk
  206. Does optical audio out on TV provide surround and Dolby Digital?
  207. DVI out to HDMI in, best audio?
  208. Gefen HDMI Switcher With Cables
  209. What cable for in-wall powered sub?
  210. 5.1 with HD?
  211. NTSC with Cable and OTA?
  212. Digital Sound, Coax?
  213. Component Cable Construction?
  214. Connecting multiple game systems to HDTV
  215. HDMI Cables: Gold vs Silver???
  216. Does it make a difference?
  217. HDTV/Receiver/Cable hookup - help! w/pics..
  218. Hdmi
  219. will dvi-d to hd15 work for hdtv?
  220. subwoofer cables
  221. Component Problem
  222. Newbie needs help with audio
  223. component adaptor
  224. If my monitor have 5 BNC connection..... ...
  225. Question - DVD/Cable - Reciever
  226. Confused...
  227. Which type of splitter?
  228. What's the difference in Toslink and THX fiberoptic???
  229. Connecting Sony HDR-HC1 to DVI projector?
  230. HDMI or Component?
  231. New HD TV Connection Question
  232. Trying to get a picture with my new xbox
  233. High Def gaming connection help please.
  234. Y,Pb,Pr or Y, Cb,Cr
  235. Out of Sync Audio
  236. DVI (HDMI) Pixelation
  237. Can you offer any suggestions??
  238. running connections through A/V receiver
  239. Belkin PureAV v. MonsterPower
  240. Simple Audio Connection
  241. Monster Cable vs. Generic Cables
  242. FCC mandate on HDMI and component
  243. Hum from Powered Subwoofer
  244. Plasma wall mount - power cord and surge protection
  245. Specialized adaptor?
  246. any help with audio using dvi to hdmi on sa8300
  247. Belkin Pure AV vs Monster HTS 2000
  248. need help with dvi to hdmi with sa hd dvr 8300
  249. Just got my DVI to HDMI cable Hooked it and...
  250. need help please dvi to hdmi
  251. I bought HD TIVO and Plasma and now I have to buy new everything!!!!! it sucks!!!
  252. cable type-picture quality?
  253. dvi to hdmi adapter no sound
  254. DVI digital to HDMI but what about audio???
  255. Help with my set up please
  256. connecting Analog devices to HDTV
  257. hdmi vs component....sdtv compatability?
  258. Way to split a component cable....
  259. component vs s-video hdtv/satelite/dvd hook-up
  260. hdmi to dvi pin outs?
  261. set up help
  262. Composite Or S-video?
  263. The story on upconverting using Component Video
  264. dvd/vcr/satellite receiver/tv cable hook-up?
  265. component 'adaptor' with many 'exits'
  266. Do the new H20 receivers have a digital optical output??
  267. HDMI -- DVI Question...
  268. Component Video Adapter?
  269. Connection Suggestions...
  270. What is the difference?
  271. Which Component Cable for RCA 55" & Panasonic Home Theater
  272. HDMI Cables....is this good?
  273. Help Help Help Help
  274. Dolby Digital DTS Connection Mystery
  275. Monster Cable HDMI800
  276. Component to VGA(pc input) help
  277. Connection Question
  278. how to connect receiver
  279. AV Connection Question
  280. What would happen when you have...
  281. my screen went magenta color
  282. Will hdmi or component cables give me a better picture than S video with SD viewing?
  283. DVI to HDMI Cable
  284. comparing hdmi cables
  285. Do S video cables go bad?
  286. cables with an A/V receiver-tuner
  287. Need help with new HD TV, receiver, DVD and what cables to use?
  288. Single RF Input: What to do?
  289. What is the difference....
  290. Looking for installation info: PM from abcasystems
  291. digital optical vs digital coax
  292. Fire Wire Switch
  293. Let me see if I have this straight..
  294. Newbie Needs Help
  295. Need advice on cables for Tv and PC
  296. Do HDMI cables carry both audio and video?
  297. Bluejeans or Audio Quest..?
  298. HDMI component input converts to RCA
  299. Do all HDMI have HDCP?
  300. Total Newbie needs help
  301. vga to component garbled
  302. High Tech Wiring is Best for High Definition, Says Copper Development Association
  303. 4, 6, or 9 pin firewire for Mot 6412 III?
  304. Which cables should I use ???
  305. Component cables VS HDMI
  306. Invalid Mode?
  307. Cable knit-wit
  308. Good place to buy Toslink?
  309. A/V receiver hookup
  310. HDTV Cables Set Up Question
  311. component cable length?
  312. HDMI cable differences
  313. cables-which ones?
  314. Cable $election Que$tion
  315. surround sound
  316. guidence? source programmable guidence!
  317. Monster Component Video Cables
  318. cable delima
  319. Rf cable question
  320. TIVO hook up
  321. Digital Optical or Digital Coax?
  322. Recommend a good HDMI cable
  323. HDMI Switch: Insiders Guide
  324. diagrams on building a vga-component signal transcoder
  325. DVI to HDMI No Audio. Tried rca cables.No Luck
  326. surround sound
  327. Setup questions
  328. dvi to vga
  329. Cable Box to TV - Is DVI causing distortion?
  330. HD-SD and 811 Receiver on dish network
  331. cable recommendatons?
  332. Can a computer monitor's DVI be connected to an TV STB's DVI?
  333. RapidRun and Conduit
  334. Best place for inexpensive audio/video cabling
  335. Newbie: Samsung Confusion!!
  336. Shaky at 1080i
  337. optical audio connection vs digital coax
  338. HELP!! Audio Problems thru HDMI
  339. What power conditioner to get?
  340. monster dvi 400 vs 600
  341. Looking for the Creative Decoder (DDTS-100)
  342. Go from 2 wire to coax?
  343. Two [Same Brand] TVs-different remote codes?
  344. Hookup help for a serious noob?
  345. HR10-250 to PC
  346. How do I get 5.1 for both Cable and DVD since A/V receiver has but one digital in?
  347. Cable signal amp too hot to touch
  348. Quick question about connections
  349. Need Hookup Help - HDTV, Receiver, etc.
  350. speaker connector
  351. How to Conceal Cables in the Wall.
  352. Continuous Power Supply?
  353. HDMI conundrum
  354. DVD Recorder meets Shaw HDTV terminal
  355. Tool Recommendations fro RG-6 QS
  356. any1 hear of Razor vision
  357. HDMI problems no sound:(
  358. Distribution Systems...
  359. Component Cables use Coaxial Wires??
  360. Monster cable
  361. HDMI?? PM from lbmore33
  362. DVI/HDMI problems
  363. Multiple component connections
  364. Toshiba 57H84 & Directv H10 Reciever / HDMI ?
  365. HDMI newb question
  366. VGA in and hdmi
  367. Do signal amplifiers improve the HD signal?
  368. Integrated S-video/Audio cable?
  369. Making your own audio/ video cables?
  370. Component Cable from the cable company
  371. Cant get sound from Samsung Dlp to reciever
  372. MONSTER cables....
  373. Component Video Switcher
  374. Panasonic Viera HD 37 inch Plasma
  375. HD Cable
  376. Is there any benefit to routing Video through the Reciever?
  377. Will A Loop Cable System Ruin My HD or Digital Signal?
  378. Optical Cable Problem
  379. DVI to Component
  380. Recording from Direct tv?
  381. hdmi disables analog audio?
  382. I have 2 Component inputs, but three devices I want to connect!
  383. Switching sources with DVI/HDMI ?
  384. Help
  385. Philips Component Inputs - HD?
  386. DLP Connection (Component vs. HDMI)
  387. VOOM STB to JVC HD40000VCR
  388. New HDMI standard & DVI/HDMI cables for 1080p
  389. little help please
  390. distribution panels for component/dvi
  391. How to burn DVD from Moto 6412?
  392. So far almost so good
  393. Using component, but would HDMI to DVI be much better?
  394. Belkin PureAV™ RazorVision Cables
  395. quick question regarding optical input for audio
  396. HDMI Connection
  397. HDMI to HDMI/ with DVI adapter or ...
  398. Cables and Wires
  399. Sata???
  400. Problem: 2 audio fiber optics out, 1 fiber optic in
  401. AHHH help me hookup my HDTV to my PC Moniter....
  402. going with HDMI???
  403. S-Video problem from laptop to LCD TV
  404. help with digital audio input
  405. Cable Confusion!
  406. A Few HD and Projection Questions
  407. DVI and HDMI Explained
  408. Cables (The Basics)
  409. 1 HD Input
  410. Audio Cables, what makes a good opt/cox
  411. HDMI Purchase
  412. H.D. receiver hdmi to h.d. tv dvi question
  413. Rbinck need your assistance
  414. DVI/HDMI connection gives me 'snow'...
  415. HDTV/HDTV Tuner DVI Connection issue
  416. Good cable article!
  417. UPS & surge strip questions ?
  418. VGA (D-sub 15 pin) to Component - heavy green tint picture...
  419. HDMI vs Component
  420. Connection Challenge!!!
  421. TV Pass Through, any quality reduction? -Help with setup
  422. HDMI or IEEE-1394 (aka Firewire or I.Link)
  423. which connector?
  424. 2 DVI's outputs and only 1 HDMI input
  425. TV displays 480P after connecting a A/V Selector
  426. One more reason NOT to spend a lot on video cables
  427. Component video cables too long...
  428. HDMI or DVI switch box opinions
  429. Mitsubishi Mod-WD-52525. Best bang for the buck
  430. Belkin Pure AV Cables
  431. Component Vs. DVI to HDMI
  432. I Need Help Finding This!
  433. Will use DVI, but what about analog?
  434. HDMI/DVI do cables make a difference?
  435. VGA vs. Component ?
  436. HD Antenna + Non HDTV DirectTV - cabling for true HDTV picture
  437. High quality cables: online Canadian vendor?
  438. Question regarding bnc connectors
  439. looking for the best connection
  440. hdmi transfer error??
  441. A short optical digital audio cable?
  442. HDMI to DVI issues...
  443. Connection help needed
  444. DVI to HDMI? for Comcast
  445. Need Some help with HD Cable Box
  446. HDMI cables vs. component
  447. A Cabling Challenge?
  448. HD Cable Box Connection problem....need help
  449. Will better cables help?
  450. Circuit City salesman told me to wire my HDTV in a strange way. What do you think?
  451. Need Help with Connections:)
  452. Video noise: cables to blame? Thanks
  453. Single HDMI input on TV
  454. Digital Audio Splitter?
  455. What GAUGE are the Monster XPMS, XPNW MS wires??-please help!!
  456. Multiple DVI Cables Only 1 Input
  457. HDMI or Component?
  458. Simple newb question ...
  459. Preparing for set-up
  460. Surge protector question
  461. Which multiswitch to buy?
  462. I Want Lower Cost HDMI/DVI Cables
  463. monster hpxp
  464. Wiring configuration: does it make a difference?
  465. HDMI vs Component Video Cable
  466. System and setup help PLEASE
  467. M1-DA to Component
  468. Switcher?
  469. DVD / TV Audio Synch Problem
  470. HDMI Out / 1 HDMI In - 1 DVI In Switch?
  471. a/v red & white with (DVI or HDMI)
  472. Newbie - fritzi: help is needed!!!
  473. How can I locate speaker wire under drywall?
  474. unexpensive cabling
  475. S/PDIF to 3 RCA conector, PLEASE HELP
  476. My Future Setup
  477. DMI to HDMI cable
  478. xbox,sky+,reciever,dvd into HDTV...HOW???
  479. Gold Plated HDMI Cables
  480. CAT 5 For HD?
  481. New DVD connection? How to? Multiple HDMI'S?
  482. DVI Switcher/Audio question
  483. What is the Highest quality Component Cable For High DEF?
  484. DVI switch
  485. is 200ft RG-6 too long from dish to HD receiver?
  486. splitting hdmi jack
  487. signal loss
  488. cables??...need advice.
  489. Your advice please
  490. What's the best connections?
  491. dvi to hdmi
  492. Best Place for Component Cables
  493. Wiring Rec room (New Const)
  494. need help with HDTV connection.
  495. Component or HDMI-to-DVI
  496. HDMI cable with SD-5980
  497. Coax VS. Composite A/V RCA
  498. Toshiba coax output
  499. For Sale Monster DVI to DVI 6.6ft best quality!
  500. Toslink splitter