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  1. JVC 3-D Coming in 2009
  2. Toshiba Wireless PJ Offers Voice Guidance
  3. PC Review: Samsung SP-A800B
  4. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC6500 1080p Projector
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  7. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC 7000
  8. Samsung DLP turning itselff off when playing xbox.
  9. Mitsubishi HC1500 projector wont show 720p on HDMI from Sony bdp-s350 blue-ray
  10. Mitsu HC7000.. Could be the one...
  11. PC Review: Sanyo PLV-Z700
  12. PC Review: Sanyo PLV-Z60
  13. HD LED Projector - Q4 launch???
  14. LED projector now available.
  15. reputable places to get a projector
  16. Need opinions..New to this
  17. Motorized electric screen
  18. Need some help..
  19. Yamaha LPX-510 and new bulb needed?
  20. PC Review: CEDIA Show 2008
  21. InFocus X9 HD projector
  22. Which Projector Is Best From These Two ???
  23. FREE Sammy HLN507W 50" DLP - pic freezes
  24. HD65 squeeze/zoom feature?
  25. Epson PowerLite 83c, is this a Hi-Def projector?
  26. PC Commentary: Most Important Decision for Your HT
  27. Delta 1080p LED DLP projector promises 20k hour lifespan
  28. Green Blinking Light Mitsubishi wd-52825
  29. Entry level short-throw projector wanted!
  30. What is the best projector for our Theatre?
  31. Outdoor-theater-with-a-twist-of-drive-in-era-nostal
  32. Why don't I have sound with my Samsung DLP?
  33. How do projectors upscale SD DVD compared w/ TVs?
  34. Lamp life on Sanyo PLV-Z5
  35. Need Sound With System
  36. PC Review: Top Five Most Popular 1080p Projectors @ ~$2,500
  37. Short Throw Projector
  38. Opinions?!?
  39. HELP RE HD to Infocus LP850
  40. Any demo sites in the greater Boston area?
  41. A Discussion of FP Screens
  42. PJ506D: Whites Dance On The Wall?!?!?
  43. What's my non-functioning Samsung model HLN507W worth?
  44. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC5500 1080p Projector
  45. hanging projector upside-down?
  46. watching SD DVDs via component vs. HDMI?
  47. Mounting Projector from valuted ceiling
  48. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC1600 720p DLP HT Projector
  49. Anyone use projector for daily use?
  50. Mitsubishi HC1500 on clearance at Best Buy for $599
  51. Help Please
  52. Epson 1810p or BenQ W500??
  53. 1280x720 vs 720p from PC to Toshiba TLP-XD2000
  54. Epson Powerlite 5350 HD?
  55. Buying a new projector - Need advice
  56. Sucessor to Panasonic PT-AX200U?
  57. Zenith Pro 900x 10801 resolution
  58. Bulb replacement on LG DU- 52SZ61D
  59. Advice on a new HD projector for an apartment
  60. Reliability and Longevity of Projectors
  61. 100" screen? thinking about going this route!
  62. what is the best 16:9 projector on ebay for 400-600$?
  63. Help asap please!
  64. Setting up my Sim2 D80 projector
  65. News from TI
  66. TI demonstrates lamp-free 1080p DLP projector
  67. It's arriving today
  68. Gaming Help Toshiba 52HM84
  69. Samsung DLP screen goes black and white, help?
  70. Samsung 67" DLP Brightness Setting Issue
  71. Joe Kane-designed Samsung SP-A800B DLP projector gets reviewed
  72. Canada: OEM Sammy Bulb Cheaper Than Online
  73. which gray Screen Goo - all walls are white
  74. Anybody catch this in the Promotions area?
  75. Plexiglass Screen
  76. Can I get High Def through S-Video?
  77. Reccomendations for first movie
  78. PANASONIC PT-AE900 LCD projector Problem
  79. BenQ introduces dual-lamp Projector
  80. Pioneer introduces High-End projector
  81. Panasonic Announces Wireless Projectors
  82. Proj Screen advice
  83. getting replacement remote control for PLV-Z5
  84. upscaling a 720p single to 1080
  85. upscaling 720p to 1080p
  86. Something happened to my Mitsu 65903
  87. HELP!!..Installing a projector soon..need help BADLY!!..
  88. PC Review: InFocus IN83 1080p DLP PJ
  89. S-Video port vs. RGB on 1080i Projector??
  90. PC Review: Viewsonic Pro8100
  91. samsung 56" @ bestbuy $1399
  92. Sunon for Magnavox
  93. Color Wheel replacement?
  94. Optoma UK (dont think so)
  95. HELP...Phillips Magnavox 50" DLP TV
  96. PC Review: Five Screens For Under $500
  97. causes for ballast to go bad on DLP
  98. favi entertainment
  99. Fuzzy Desktop w/ 8800GT and Epson 1080p
  100. strange line on my PJ ?
  101. Replacing component input on samsung dlp
  102. 1080p for gaming query ?
  103. PC Review: BenQ W20000
  104. optoma HD75 ?
  105. sharks tooth gauze
  106. Whats your thoughts on Gaming on a Projector and screen?
  107. Projectiondesign ships 1st WUXGA Projectors
  108. dlp vs lcd: efficiency
  109. Optoma EP 708 menu
  110. What type of screen would you recommend, 1.85 to 1 or 1.78 to 1?
  111. Sanyo PLV-Z5 malfunction issue
  112. 720p DLP projectors with lens shift
  113. Calibration Settings for Samsung DLP HL-T5076S with Verizon Fios?
  114. Dumb Question?
  115. Panasonic LCD Projection with Yellow Tint on Part of Screen
  116. Is 1080/24p really worth it?
  117. Looking for guidance on a projector for 80%xbox gaming and 10%movies
  118. BenQ MP620p projector
  119. No start up on Mitsubishi WS-A65
  120. 90 " image at 24 feet - which projector ?
  121. Epson Pro Cinema 1080 UB Settings
  122. HD-Fury and Barco problem
  123. Need help for Sony bravia 46" XBR4
  124. PC Commentary: The Collapse of 1080p Prices
  125. Can I Find Out How Many Hours??????????
  126. 60 Inch DLP Max 1080i Settings ??
  127. DLP Resolution Question **
  128. PC Review: Sony BRAVIA VPL-VW40
  129. A few beginner questions
  130. PC Review: BenQ W5000 Projector
  131. Free BenQ W10000 1080P HT Projector
  132. TX-NR801 and Mitsubishi WD-57733
  133. Is the JVC RS1 as good as people say?
  134. Blu-ray, 720p and DVI-D
  135. mitsubishi hc 1500 flicker
  136. SAMSUNG LCD Bulb Replacment?
  137. Best way to watch downloaded movies on Optoma HD70
  138. Viewing Distance and Placemnt?
  139. Whats better front projection or rear projection?
  140. Mitsubishi 73" vs. Samsung 72"
  141. PC Review: Canon REALiS SX7
  142. Cleaning RP CRT
  143. The H5350 Projector from Acer
  144. Optoma HD80
  145. HD vs Non HD on a projector
  146. RCA Scenium 50in widescreen & bulb
  147. Sanyo Z3 compared to Z2000
  148. Optoma HD70 issue/question?
  149. Color adjustment and LCD projectors
  150. I know very little...couple questions...
  151. Toshiba DLP
  152. "spots" on my DLP?
  153. Need help geting better quality
  154. PC Review: Epson Pro Cinema 1080 UB
  155. 65" DLP Recommendations
  156. Samsung HL5087, does it support...
  157. Toshiba Dlp 52 hm 84 question on 1080i?
  158. Infocus LP530 M1 to Component cable issue
  159. Sony VPL-VW100 1080p projector
  160. Advice on what tv to buy
  161. LCD screen Advertising
  162. Please help with Viewsonic PJ656 lcd projector!
  163. Optoma HD80 throw distance advice for screen
  164. HD Tuner for Panasonic PTAE700U projector
  165. ViewSonic PJ506D and PS3 Connection?
  166. Warranty
  167. Optoma EP1691
  168. What kind of blinds should I get for my theater room?
  169. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC4900
  170. Advice
  171. Sylvania LD370SS8
  172. New member with a couple questions
  173. To curve or not to curve
  174. 'Advanced Video Settings'
  175. Mitsubishi HC6000 HDMI video sync problem
  176. Old Tv Issues 57swx20b Hitachi
  177. Should I get the extended warranty on my projector?
  178. Connecting KDF-60XS955 via TOSLINK audio out to a Cambridge receiver
  179. Fading COlors in Yamaha LPX 500 LCD
  180. Sorry need PJ hook up advice
  181. Projector screen dealers and economical theater seats
  182. Is the Geek Squad Home theater installation any good? I give up!
  183. DLP scratch
  184. newb question: HD-ready to HD
  185. Dialing in my Optoma HD70
  186. Which projector would you recommend?
  187. Got lucky with my Sami 61" DLP
  188. PC Review: JVC DLA-RS2
  189. Which will give me the best pq- fiberglass matte white, glass beaded, or
  190. Samsung HL -s5087, picture problem
  191. Optoma HD70 vs Dell 1800mp
  192. How important is contrast ratio in terms of picture quality?
  193. Mitsubishi HC6000- your thoughts?
  194. PC Review:
  195. First time projector buyer, ~3k?
  196. Questions about HD connectivity
  197. in home Cinema 2k?
  198. Great explanation of DLP projectors.
  199. DLP with Cinmena
  200. Can you get a good screen for an HD PJ for under or around $500?
  201. Can you get a good screen for an HD PJ for under or around $500?
  202. Projection Install - NEWBIE
  203. Which worse? Screen door or rainbow artifact?
  204. Response to PM: Choosing a PJ
  205. "Native" vs "maximum" resolution on a DLP projector?
  206. Do all projectors not have keystone adjustment?
  207. Does the quality of the screen make a difference in terms of picture quality?
  208. Projectors for "presentations" vs HT? resolution? "refresh rate"?
  209. HDMI on my Mitsu stopped working
  210. Checking bulb life Samsung HL-R4667
  211. Optoma EP620 $399 at OfficeDepot - work for HT?
  212. I am looking to get an HD projector- which are the best models/brands?
  213. InFocus Play Big IN82
  214. HC5000 Keystone
  215. Optima EP 749
  216. Optoma HD70 Question
  217. sonly vplfe-110u
  218. HT Shootout: Panasonic PT-AX200U vs. Sanyo PLV-Z5
  219. HT Shootout: Mitsubishi HC6000 vs. Panasonic PT-AE2000U
  220. Which Projector to take to Iraq?
  221. projection help system
  222. Can someone tell me what is wrong with my friend's projector?
  223. Upgrade your projector bulb?
  224. PC Review: Panasonic PT-AE2000U
  225. HDMI picture worse than component?
  226. Excellent Advice Given To Me By This Forum
  227. Samsung 50" DLP's DVI in not working
  228. Are Front Projectors Still Considered High Class?
  229. PC Review: Sanyo PLV-Z2000
  230. Good HD Projector for a Pub
  231. sharp xg-1000, xv-100 ballest repair
  232. Special $999 WOOT VIP Link for a New Dlp SP-7210 dark chip3 with a Carl Zeiss lens
  233. Mitsubishi HC1500
  234. New In-Wall FP installation - cable types needed?
  235. Panasonic launches 1080P home cinema projector
  236. PC Review: Sony VPL-VW60
  237. Epson introduces its new 720p projector
  238. Anyone owners have any opinions of this DLP HDTV?
  239. Using WII with a front projector
  240. Projector Central's latest comment re: Published CRs
  241. Pixilation
  242. Marantz VP12S4
  243. iris speed
  244. Panasonic-pt-ax200u "Gamer Mode"
  245. Projector Central: CEDIA 2007
  246. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC6000
  247. PC Review: Panasonic PT-AX200U
  248. newbie needing screen advice.
  249. Would this work as a HD projector
  250. I am thinking about buying an HD projector, what are some good brands?
  251. Mitsi WD73833 DLP SET
  252. Lcd Color Decay Question
  253. sharp aqeous 32da5u PROBLEM!!!
  254. Closed Captioning, help!
  255. Mitsubishi HC4900 1080p
  256. Toshiba TDP-PX10U projector announced
  257. Where to sell Runco
  258. about Optoma HD70 or HD73?
  259. samsung HLP5685w Problems
  260. noise on Mitsibishi wd65732
  261. JVC offers 2 1080p projectors with 30,000 contrast ratio
  262. I'm wondering how to get the best picture from my BenQ W100
  263. PC Commentary: CEDIA EXPO 2007
  264. Panasonic PT-AX 100U problem
  265. 3 new 1080p projectors from Planar
  266. Screen flicker on HD channels
  267. Epson EMP TW-1000 vs. Optoma HD80
  268. JVC (rear projection) 56" - Pixelation with fast moving white imagery
  269. Need help selecting a projector
  270. Can't Make up my mind...need some advice.
  271. PS3 w/ 720P Projector w/ HDMI?
  272. Newbe question
  273. The new projector from Sanyo, the LP-Z2000
  274. Mitsubishi presents his latest Full HD Projectors
  275. Hitachi introduces 2 3-LCD projectors with ethernet port
  276. How much will a Screen affect Projector Experience?
  277. The new Sony VPL-VW60 projector
  278. Canon launches their XEED SX7 and X700 projectors
  279. Hitachi PJ-TX100 image question
  280. Is this Samsung DLP HD??
  281. What's the $10,000 difference between these two Marantz projectors?
  282. Projector advice please
  283. InFocus introduces 2 new Full HD projectors
  284. Hooking up Projector to components question
  285. Tell if this is a good deal please
  286. toshiba t90 , more black ?
  287. PC Review: Optoma HD80
  288. Zoom Question
  289. Audio And HD Projector
  290. question on how to hook audio up?
  291. Optoma HD 72
  292. scaler for projector
  293. R2-D2 Projector
  294. Infocus sp4805 loses picture when video flashes or goes to white screen
  295. PC Review: SONY BRAVIA VPL-AW15
  296. WD 52525 Power question
  297. Mitsubishi WD-52725 HDTV Question
  298. Best projector for $1000?
  299. Thin horizontal darker/lighter color shaded bar acending or decending with PC input
  300. panasonic new projectors
  301. hi end outdoor projector
  302. DLP Problem?
  303. Distortion when going through my receiver
  304. Sony Vidimagic - good or bad?
  305. Sony VW-50 vs. Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080
  306. 61" Samsung LED DLP
  307. HDMI to VGA Conversion - How?
  308. Samsung DLP picture settings
  309. Optoma H31 dropped! ;-(
  310. Please help,Investigation on Projector.
  311. 1080p Projector vs. 720p Projector
  312. 1080p Front-Projector or 1080p Flat Panel?
  313. Planar Acquires Runco International
  314. PC Review: DVDO iScan VP50
  315. PC Article: Your Screen: How big should it be?
  316. Anyone with Mitsubishi DLP help
  317. Please help - InFocus ScreenPlay 7200
  318. Cannot view subtitles in H77
  319. Pt-ae1000u & Hc5000bl
  320. Philips 60PP9401 (Trouble getting HD to work)
  321. connect scoring monitor to big screen
  322. HDMI to DVI-M1 (Infocus)
  323. Dwin DLP or Mitsubishi HC5000BL
  324. Epson Home Cinema 1080P > $3k MSRP
  325. Minimum Viewing Distance for Mit WD65732?
  326. Need some assistance
  327. Infocus SP7205
  328. Sony release new BRAVIA Front Projectors
  329. Image distortion after reassembly
  330. PC Article:Epson PowerLite Home & Pro Cinema 1080 PJs
  331. Optoma lamp replacement question
  332. Optoma customer service
  333. PC Commentary - 2.35 Widescreen Home Theater: Should you or shouldn't you?
  334. Samsung Replacing My TV - Good Or Bad
  335. Screen advise for my new Optoma HD70
  336. HDMI-Cable Box Problem w/Projector
  337. Projector use outdoors
  338. Projector VGA to DIV or HDMI
  339. PC Review: Optoma HD73
  340. 480p Projector
  341. Newbie question about projectors... (can u turn it upside down?)
  342. Sony XBR2..
  343. 3" Black Border on Left of Screen (DLP 52" Samsung)
  344. PC Review: JVC DLA-RS1
  345. Bring Cinemascope Into Your HT
  346. PC Review: Nexy's BSB Projection Screen
  347. need info for projector and screen
  348. Newbie needs advice for first high def TV
  349. SONY SXRD OPTIC BOARD A-1168-495-A Question?
  350. Auto Iris question
  351. Sony Rear and LCD questions
  352. The Most Expensive HD Frt. Pj. you can buy!
  353. aspect ratio
  354. Bulb life meter
  355. Sony VPL HS 60 or Pany Ax100
  356. What resolution are movie theater projectors?
  357. InFocus SP 4805 DLP - Low Red?
  358. The practicality issue.
  359. Hitachi PJTX100?
  360. Screen question by newbie
  361. Screen border
  362. Help w/ setting for Samsung HL-S6187
  363. monitor control link
  364. DVR Whackiness
  365. Panny AX100U / Oppo DV-981HD Problems
  366. PC Review: BenQ W10000 1080p
  367. auto volume on samsung dlp
  368. Best Resolution Question
  369. Which projector?
  370. Samsung 3251 W/ Pc Set Up
  371. Problem with Samsung HLR 6167
  372. Mitsubishi HC3000U how good is it?
  373. Received 1000u, thinking of changing to Z5
  374. Compaq mp2800 dvi
  375. Samsung 67" DLP HDTV
  376. screen paint
  377. Multiple projection system
  378. 1080i to 1080p
  379. Sanyo PLV-Z5
  380. Toshiba 56HM66 @ Best Buy $1199 on 23NOV06
  381. First HDTV
  382. Probably not in the right forum but....
  383. Colors out of synch?
  384. I feel like I have a new projector!
  385. Best Price Cameras.com
  386. Bulb cost
  387. Large Room projector question
  388. Dlahx2u
  389. In72 vs HD70
  390. optoma projector ep731 blue color turn red
  391. Is my TV HDCP compliant?
  392. Cinetron Hd-900
  393. Cleaning the Mirror on
  394. Will this routine work?
  395. 480 vs 720 and Ceiling mount questions!
  396. Epson 1080p Tw-1000
  397. Only one cable to overhead projector?
  398. should i get projector for xbox360 and direcTV?
  399. Lines on my screen
  400. Extended warranty - yes or no?
  401. Help for newbie looking for Business/Home Theatre Projector
  402. How much can I get a projector for?
  403. JVC DLA-RS1 blows away SONY Pearl
  404. PS2 as DVD Player with IN72 and other newbie inquiries!
  405. Prices for the holiday season
  406. Projectors - Rear or Front???
  407. My custom screen idea
  408. Is it stupid to purchace an 854x480 res. projector?
  409. Projo relocation
  410. I need some help.. would someone help me please??
  411. Mitsubishi or Samsung
  412. is 1280 x 720 worth $500 more than 1280p ?
  413. DLP Samsung - HLN507w
  414. What are good stores to get a projector from?
  415. Which is faster?
  416. What do all you guys use for screens?
  417. Anyone here ever have a burnin problem?
  418. I need help deciding what to get
  419. Canon Sx6
  420. How long is toolong when running a projector?
  421. Lumens vs. Contrast, what gives.......?
  422. ben q w100
  423. panasonic AE700 4 inch green bar bottom of screen
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  428. InFocus IN72
  429. PC Review: Sony VPL-VW50
  430. Sony's VPL VW-50
  431. quick question on hd with a projector
  432. Getting an HD-ready DLP projector for my Xbox 360
  433. Recommendations Needed Flexible Budget around $7000.00
  434. How do you get 2048 by 1536 resolution?
  435. Mitsubishi HD1000U
  436. Projection Lens Scratches?
  437. PC Review: Mitsubishi HC5000
  438. Dlp hum issue
  439. Is this a cable problem?
  440. help with projection room
  441. Samsung 1080 DLP
  442. 61 Samsung ?
  443. PC Article: Panasonic PT-AX100 vs. Sanyo PLV-Z5
  444. TOUGH QUESTION regarding DVI & my Projector
  445. first series 1080p's can do 1080p
  446. Mitsubishi/D*
  447. Projection or Plasma/RP HDTV
  448. Ati X800 Agp Card Question
  449. Attention SXRD Owners: Please Help!
  450. PC Review: Mitsubishi HD1000U
  451. Question about plasma/lcd stands...
  452. Will The New 720p Panny Fp Have A Better Picture Than My 5 Year Old 1080i Rptv?
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  454. HELP! Brand new TV
  455. PC Review: Panasonic PT-AX100U
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  457. Benq 620mp not displaying DVI-D
  458. Hitachi 50v710 and a receiver?
  459. Projector Central: CEDIA 2006
  460. Sim 300 plus picture quality
  461. Need opinion on Misti HC2000
  462. Will 25 Foot Component Or Hdmi Cable Be Ok For Projector?
  463. $4500 1080p due out in October
  464. Toshiba 72HM195-72 Inch 1080p DLP Tv
  465. Help purchasing a reasonable Dlp Projector???
  466. PC Review: Optoma HD70
  467. $250000.00
  468. $2,000 Front Projector
  469. Is it possible to...
  470. Infocus 4805 only projecting in Black and White
  471. Sim 300 plus picture problem
  472. Off Air Hd Reciever for new Projector
  473. HDTV Tuner
  474. samsung dlp's
  475. What are the Pros & Cons of a front projetor TV
  476. Should I go with the HDMI input???
  477. For the Good of Our Office...
  478. I bought a MP3800 iPAQ for 400 dollars, did I get a good deal?
  479. DLP or LCD?
  480. Samsung HLS-6188 vs. HLS-6187
  481. I took the plunge today. (HLS-6188)
  482. Speaking of Maintenance..
  483. Is there a way to check the hours on a Toshiba DLP?
  484. London Calling
  485. Sanyo PLV-Z4 and 480i scaling
  486. lcd projector degradation? lifespan?
  487. DLP Screen Care?
  488. Theatre to accompany Samsung 5085
  489. Z-4 closed captioning
  490. Help Me!!!
  491. Sony KDFE50A10
  492. BenQ 7700 w/ free Xbox 360
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