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Rear-Projection TVs

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  1. Hitachi 57F710E rear projection no longer turns on after power failure
  2. Samsung DLP S6187W-Shutdown 30mins
  3. Samsung HLT5675S mirror cleaning and more!
  4. Sony Grand Wega KDF-70XBR950 conundrum
  5. Do I need a new lamp or a new ballast?
  6. Samsung DLP Issue
  7. Sony Grand vega
  8. sony KDS R60XBR1 video problem-HELP!!
  9. Samsung 65 DLP TV
  10. Toshiba 50hm66 needs help
  11. Samsung HL-5688W shuts off
  12. Mitsu HL67A750A1F Red lamp not working when image is darker
  13. WD-73838 help
  14. Mitsubishi 65835 no power on/LEDs new p/s
  15. Samsung DLP HL-R5067W Won't Turn On
  16. Hitachi 65F59A Power Problem - Shuts Off
  17. Samsung HL-S6187W won't stay on after color wheel replacement
  18. Sony kdf e55200 picture
  19. No Surround Sound For JVC D-ILA
  20. Toshiba 56HM66 screen bad color
  21. Mitsubishi ws-73713 whites too bright
  22. Sony KP-51WS500 CRT TV
  23. Issue with Samsung HLR-5078W. DMD Board?
  24. Sony Grand Wega KDF55E20A Green Ghost After Replacing Lamp
  25. Mitsu WD-65C9 won't boot!! Green blinking light
  26. Looking for a "new" used RP TV... Choices
  27. Toshiba 50H82 convergence mayhem
  28. Mits DLP with faint horizontal bar?
  29. HLR5667W Issues
  30. Lines in picture of Toshiba model 57h84
  31. Color fluctuations
  32. DVI to HDMI adapter on Mitsubishi Medallion
  33. Help with Samsung HLT5075SX XAA
  34. Mitsubishi WD-Y577 Solarization problem
  35. Toshiba 51h83
  36. Mitsubishi wd-73734 v37 chasis gblod
  37. Gray and white bars
  38. JVC HD-ILA picture problems
  39. Color Wheel for LG DLP
  40. Sony SXRD KDS-R60XBR1 issue
  41. Trouble sharing displays between a tv and computer
  42. Sony KF-50WE610
  43. Mitsubishi WD-73837 Turns On But Will Not Turn Off - Green LED Steadily Flashes
  44. Samsung DLP Suddenly Has Terrible Banding
  45. Mitsubishi DLP wont stay on and screen is dim
  46. Now What?
  47. KDS-70R2000 color alignment
  48. Ws-65511 issue after dm repair?
  49. Mitsubishi WD 73732 Screen Flicker and Horizontal Lines
  50. Mitsubishi WD-65735
  51. wide vertical stripe of tiny black dots on my 65" DLP
  52. Possible color wheel problem on a wd-65638
  53. Sony KDF-55E2000
  54. help me. JVC HD-Z61RF7 lamp light blinks rapidly
  55. Lens cleaning Pioneer RPTV
  56. mitsubishi WD65738 GREEN FLASHING LIGHT
  57. dreaded error code 57 Mitsubishi DLP
  58. LG 52SX4D-UB Question
  59. Help! Sony KDS 55A2000 - Picture does not display,continious green LED light flashing
  60. LG 52SX4D-UB Bulb, LCD, Color Wheel
  61. Mitsubishi WDY-657 Problem after DLP chip replacement
  62. Toshiba tv need help fast
  63. Mitsubishi 65" DLP?
  64. Toshiba 65"
  65. Mitsubishi wd 73c10 color flicker
  66. Pulsating picture
  67. Mitsubishi WD-57731 v33 chassis problems
  68. Sony 60" KDS R60XBR1 - 10-30 minute delay starting - flashing green light
  69. Hdmi port has sound but no pic
  70. Samsung dlp problem
  71. Mitsubishi 938P076010 Lamp Ballast
  72. LG RU60SZ30 DLP Blinking Orange Light
  73. Toshiba 46HM95 HD DLP Projection TV - ISSUES
  74. Mitsubishi WD 60C9 Error Code 66 Help
  75. Panasonic pt-52LCX15 SPOTS ON SCREEN
  76. Samsung DLP black splotches
  77. Mitsubishi wd y577 need to push on screen to be clear
  78. Mitsubishi WD-73740 won't power on
  79. Samsung DLP black horizontal "grain"
  80. RCA D52W23 rptv controls gone wild!
  81. LG 62DC1D-UC Screen Flicker
  82. Samsung 5085W
  83. Samsung HLR5067WX/XAA problems
  84. Resolution of 1080p video on "1080i" 4:3 HDTV
  85. Direct Connection For smart tv
  86. Repair instructions for a Mitsu WD-73833
  87. Mitsubishi WD-73840 DLP HDMI Ports Don't Work After Move!
  88. Sony KDS 50A2020
  89. Sony KDS50a2000
  90. Samsung DLP model HL72A650C1F
  91. replaced the screens on my 73in DLP now theres dark areas??? why?
  92. dark spots on my Mitsu DLP rear projection TV
  93. New here, I need help
  94. Mitsubishi WD-52628 Setup Channel ID Issues
  95. Mitsubishi WD-65638 no picture
  96. WD62628 bulb installation problem
  97. Toshiba 65hm167 Picture Off Center on right
  98. Picture is getting darker - Samsung Hl S 5688-w
  99. Toshiba 52hm84 DLP Has weird picture!! HELP?
  100. Sony kds-55a2000 will not power on. green flashing light only
  101. Samsung HLR5067W Noise Upon Power On
  102. Samsung hnl4365w pc audio
  103. RCA Scenium 51" DLP blue lights flash 5 times
  104. Samsung HLP5063WX/XAA Reboots itself
  105. HLR4266 DLP pop sound then dead screen
  106. Panasonic DLP PT-61LCX35B Color problems
  107. Stuck green pixel on new Asus lcd monitor
  108. LCD Monitor dilemma
  109. Samsung DLP Lamp Replaced - Significant picture dimming
  110. Panasonic PT-56LCZ7
  111. Sumsung HL-T5055W Digital connect stopped working
  112. Color/Brightness shift on Samsung DLP
  113. Mitsubishi WD-52725 No Picture
  114. HLS6186WX stays on for 5 minutes then off with 3 lights
  115. Samsung HLN56w Purple "8"???
  116. Screen Problems Sony KDF-60XS955 60-Inch
  117. WS 65819 Wont power on
  118. Samsung DLP No Picture
  119. Trying to adjust Toshiba 46H84 RGB focus pack. Please help!
  120. sony kds-r50xbr1 blinks HELPPPP!
  121. Mitsubishi Lamp error code 66 with a unique situation.
  122. Hitachi TV - Magic focus setup screen is distorted
  123. Solution for Mitsubishi DLP TV with White Spots
  124. Samsung dlp is black/blank
  125. lamp turns off but sounds stays on
  126. Help picking dlp
  127. Need help determining what this sound/issue is....
  128. White lines or hash marks on Toshiba 56HM195 dpl
  129. My Samsung DLP shutoff solution
  130. Toshiba 72MX195
  131. samsung hlr6156wx/xaa Warm power on issue
  132. Jvc hd-56g787
  133. Samsung HL-R4266w people are blue
  134. Samsung dlp flutters in some scenes (not all)
  135. Spiders in the TV!
  136. Samsung 6163W Turning Off
  137. Mitsubishi WD65837
  138. bugs in the tv?
  139. KDS-60A3000 Need help
  140. Best bulb
  141. Pushed in screen
  142. Squiggly lines?
  143. Samsung hl r5067w help
  144. Wrong colors on Mitsubishi WS65905
  145. Toshiba 65HM167 - 65" Frustrating problem! Please help :(
  146. Sony Wega KDS-R50XBR1 - Three Blinks, I've tried everything...
  147. PCB main board Samsung DLP HLS5687WX/XAA versionPF01
  148. Samsung HLT5676SX/XAA Sagging Screen
  149. Samsung HLT5676SX/XAA Starts up, shows picture, powers down
  150. HDCP ready tv and apple tv
  151. Sony Bravia KDS-55A3000 Green Light Flashing
  152. LG 56DCID-AB Problem
  153. Need some help on my 73" DLP
  154. Ballast, or Lamp and white dots Mitsu DLP WD-65733
  155. Toshiba 72" - any ideas????
  156. 70vs810 blinking power led
  157. Inside of Samsung DLP screen cleaning problem
  158. What is a better forum than this?
  159. Best bulb, Osram or Phillips
  160. New bulb for 65 inch Mitsubishi, TV
  161. Help with mitsubishi wd-62627
  162. Lamp hour reading?
  163. Picture seems darker new bulb?
  164. DLPLampsource, New Egg they okay?
  165. Mitsubishi WD-62527
  166. Sharp LC-60LE635E LED TV problem - unequal lighting
  167. wd-60737 mitsubishi dlp HELP
  168. WD-65C9 error code 61 no picture blinking red light
  169. JVC HD61Z575 LED blinking simultaneously
  170. mitsubishi ws-55815 fan will not turn off
  171. To keep my plamsma or to not keep my plasma?
  172. Toshiba 50hdx82 Black Screen with Sound
  173. Testing lamp
  174. samsung hlt5687sax/xaa dlp led has green tint
  175. Extended Warranty Claim Advice?
  176. The set has a mind of it's own
  177. Toshiba 52HM84 Lamp Problem
  178. LG 62SX4D - Deep Hums - Ballast?
  179. MITSUBISHI 52725 720p to 1080 question
  180. Set Up a Partnership in Virginia
  181. Not the "blinking green light of death"
  182. kitkat
  183. How to remove front screen from Sony KDS50a2000?
  184. Sony 51ws500 flicker convergence
  185. Sony KDS-60A2020 Screen turning "on"& "off" on HDMI port
  186. Sony Buyers Beware
  187. samsung HL P5085w - worth replacing bulb?
  188. Intermittent Vibrating Picture Together With Humming
  189. Magnavox 51MP392H Green Flash?
  190. Toshiba problem
  191. MITS WD62530 RED Picture After relacing Lamp
  192. Sony HD RPTV
  193. hitachi 43fwx20b Rookie mistake/ need advice
  194. Samsung TV will NOT stay on...
  195. Hitachi 55vs69A problem
  196. Sony KDL 46X3500
  197. Pioneer 55 inch CRT.
  198. Mitsubishi 62-dlp
  199. blurred motion with dlp projector
  200. WD60737 Help
  201. Is rear projection still alive?
  202. Samsung DLP no red
  203. Mitsubishi wd-65738 please help!
  204. Samsung DLP HLR4667WAX
  205. Mitsubishi WD-73734 Flickering
  206. Mitsubishi Light circles on screen
  207. Blurry / grainy picture ( Mits ) 3 yrs old
  208. HELP! Mitsu 52528 52"
  209. Samsung DLP HLN437W Shuts Down
  210. Samsung HLS5679WX/XAA Distored picture
  211. Samsung HLR5067w DLP - digital board or something else?
  212. Hi guys Hitachi 55VS69A problem
  213. Changed dmd chip now picture isnt centered
  214. Samsung DLP TV picture problems
  215. Best picture quality for Sony Wega KV-29CS60?
  216. Question re: replacement of Samsung Light Tunnel on HLR set
  217. Why does my MAC look so bad on my Mitsubishi DLP?
  218. Interchangeable Parts?
  219. Mitsubishi WD-60C9 Powering off while watching a program
  220. Samsung DLP
  221. 52 RCA Scenum 2005
  222. Mitsubishi wd 60735
  223. Toshiba DLP: New Lamp, No Picture
  224. Mitsubishi WD-62526 - Splotchy Colors on edges.
  225. Toshiba HDMI issues
  226. Toshiba 46HM95 need bulb - D95-LMP
  227. Determining which fan to replace in DLP Mitsubishi TV due to noise
  228. Toshiba 42hm66 picture issue "solarized"
  229. Mitsubishi displays pink static
  230. Image problems!!!
  231. Mitsubishi WD-65732 resets everyday
  232. Toshiba H82
  233. low freq noise in Mistubishi 73 inch DLP
  234. KDS-R60XBR1 4 blinking red lights
  235. Samsung DLP 56" and 50" with same Negative Image Freezing problem.
  236. rear projection hdtv making a revving noise then turns off.
  237. Samsung 50" HLN5065W - Replaced Lamp and now tv will not power into standby mode
  238. pre hdmi samsung gets hi def or low def but not both
  239. Considering Mitsubishi DLP
  240. WD-73842 Image Bug - UPDATE -
  241. Mits WD73842 New Model Bugs w/ Image?
  242. Dull picture on Sony projection
  243. I need help with my samsung dlp off center by 1 inch
  244. Rca - hd50lpw166 - won't come on
  245. 92" mitz HDTv issue
  246. Dark parts of screen - LG RU52SZ51D
  247. Mitsubishi WD-52725 buzzing/humming sound in left speaker
  248. Panasonic DLP rear projection PT-56DLX75, blinking green light
  249. Projection lamp replacement
  250. Mitz 65" wd-y657 broken Mirror
  251. Giving away a non-working Infocus SP61MD10
  252. Samsung DLP 56 inch TV with white and black spots
  253. Large white blotches suddenly appeared on the screen of my Sony!
  254. Mitshibishi WD-65733
  255. Home Theater
  256. DLP takes too long to turn on
  257. Mitsubishi WS65413 Power on issue
  258. Mitsubishi Error Code 57
  259. Scored on Ebay!
  260. Samsung DLP hln5065w
  261. Mitsubishi DLP shuts off after about 1 minute
  262. Hitach 60-SDX-88-BA NO POWER
  263. Sony KDF-E50A10 Blue Polarizing Filter
  264. RCA Scenium Issues
  265. Toshiba DLP Tech thoughts
  266. Samsung DLP problems
  267. Samsung DLP Lamp Panel Safety Switch Wires - PLEASE HELP
  268. Solid Red "lamp" light and error 34 on Mitsubishi WD-52725 V26
  269. Samsung DLP is EXTREMELY dark
  270. Samsung HLN567W Vertical Moving Lines
  271. How to clean the inside screen of a Hitachi 52"
  272. dark area on my jvc 52g787 after installing new bulb.
  273. Mitsubishi WD-52631 vertical lines see pic
  274. Toshiba 52HM84 Touchpad Buttons Overly Sensitive
  275. Samsung DLP, Flashing lights
  276. Samsung HL-S5087wx lamp/ballast issues?
  277. New Mitsubishi WD-73742 - hours?
  278. Mitsubishi WD 73C9
  279. Mitsubishi 65" WD-Y657 flashing green light
  280. Toshiba 57HX81 problems
  281. Samsung Service Menu
  282. TV Resolution Issue When Using As Monitor
  283. LG DLP blinking red light
  284. samsung 5085w possible lamp issue please help
  285. Internet scam for replacement lamps?
  286. Lamp or Ballast?
  287. Mitsubishi wd-52327 flashing red light
  288. Samsung HLR5678WX/XAA problem
  289. Samsung HLS6187W - Weird Problem Occuring - In Need Tech Expert For This One
  290. RCA D52W23 Convertor Box Help
  291. HDMI to DVI but need sound
  292. Sony Model KDF-60WF655 little blue dots/blue shading issue. Photo included
  293. Are DLP TV's still worth buying?
  294. Sony kp-57wv700 for $100- a good deal?
  295. Samsung DLP HLR6178WX flicker central
  296. Calibrated sony xbr960 for sale. (long island/queens)
  297. greyish purplish marks
  298. Samsung 630 LCD grid lines?
  299. Samsung HLT5076SX Beeping / No Picture
  300. SXRD Yellow Stain
  301. Samsung dmd/dlp chip help plz..
  302. Large, Grey rectangle appears on screen of my Mitsu WD-65732
  303. Help trouble shooting colors
  304. Buzzing noise from HL-R5067W
  305. Sony Wega KDF-55WF655 not listing all inputs/displays
  306. Vertical picture Adjustment 50a2000
  307. Interference of Mitsubishi & Converter Box
  308. Powerlight blinks 8 times on Panasonic PT-50DL-54
  309. RCA scenium hdlp50w151 dark picture
  310. Pioneer Elite 520HD
  311. Samsung hlp 5085
  312. HELP! Replaced bulb on Samsung DLP
  313. Mitsubishi DLP WD-60735 Buzzing noise?
  314. dark area
  315. LG Model# RU-60SZ30 61" Rear Projection
  316. LG RU-60SZ30 Problem
  317. 57f59a projection tv hd
  318. Sony KP-57WS500 Viewing Problem.
  319. Video but No Sound Sony Grand Wega KF42We610 and Toshiba BDK33KU
  320. no picture but audio
  321. Mitsubishi WS A-55 HD viewing prob
  322. Mitsubishi WD73C8 Black Horizontal Bar
  323. Mits WD-62628 blinking timer, power on, cuts off
  324. Need Help Diagnosing a DLP Problem
  325. JVC Lamp Replacement
  326. Samsung HLN5065WX/XAA color wheel only spins some of the time.
  327. samsung hls6187w inputs not working
  328. Powerlight blinks 8 times on Pana PT-50DL-54
  329. Couple questions about DLP...
  330. Samsung DLP / HLT5675sx lamp help needed.
  331. Gateway GTW-R56M103 vertical lines on the screen, and dark area at the bottom
  332. HL-P5085w issues
  333. Should I calibrate for gaming?
  334. mitsubishi WD 65000 red and green blinking lights
  335. Digital Output problem
  336. Mitsubishi WD-60C10 is dead.....
  337. Sony KDF e50a10 Turns on/off ?
  338. Mitsubishi wd62531
  339. On screen display for dreaded Mits ws55511
  340. LG DLP problems
  341. Mitsubishi wd-60c10 has a scratching sound and the picture is snowy
  342. Zenith 56 DLP problem
  343. My HLP5674WX/XAA Lost color instantly, is it a bad board or wheel?
  344. Color Engine repair for Mitisubshi wd 73732
  345. Look what I found on the WD73727 color problem
  346. Is My Sammy Lamp Dying?
  347. Double rainbows all the way across my Mitsu DLP...
  348. JVC HD-61FN97 Too dark
  349. Where to buy a lamp for my Mistsubishi DLP HDTV?
  350. Akai 42 rear projection hd tv
  351. Toshiba 65hm167 bulb question
  352. Sony KDF55WF655 Keeps Blowing Bulbs
  353. Cracked mirror? What say you?
  354. Samsung 56" dlp shuts off 1 min after turned on
  355. sony tv that turns off by its self
  356. can a CRT TV be made into an electron gun?
  357. Problem with Samsung SP 67 L 6 H "Service-Mode"
  358. wd-62526 yellow lamp light, solid timer, error code 12
  359. Hitachi 60vx915 vs 60vs810
  360. Samsung HL-T5055W Code
  361. Samsung LED DLP 61 Inch Model HL61A750A1F
  362. Samsung HLR5678 wx/xaa DLP - reddish horizontal bars???
  363. RCA D52W23 default geometry settings
  364. Samsung DLP HLT Issue - No Picture - No Lamp-LED
  365. Baffling DLP problem
  366. Sony Melting Lamp Issue
  367. Sony Grand Wega 42E2000 Inner Door Help
  368. Dark Edge / Replace Lamp?
  369. Problem with Samsung HLP5063
  370. Scenium bulb replacement help
  371. Panasonic CT-30WX54 Service menu help.
  372. Mitsubishi WD-52525 - new lamp, now yellowish picture : (
  373. Mitsubishi WD-65735 Green Timer Light
  374. Finally: A Solution/Fix For Toshiba DLP Bulb Problem!
  375. RCA M50WH72S No Power
  376. Panasonic PT-47WX52F help
  377. Samsung HL-T5055W problem
  378. Mitsubishi 73" DLP HDTV
  379. Hitachi 55vs69a.... Help!
  380. Please help! Samsung DLP hls6767wx not working!
  381. Toshiba 65 DLP lamp exploded.
  382. Need Hep With Sony Rear Projection Lamp Replacement
  383. Samsung HLR 4667W great picture Then it shuts itself off
  384. samsung dlp shuts off- is it lamp, ballast, color wheel, fan(s)??
  385. samsung HLS5086WX bulb replacement
  386. Shadow on Mitsu WDY57 DLP
  387. Sony kds-r70xbr2
  388. Mitsu 55313 help!!
  389. Samsung DLP Shadow
  390. Help with hooking up composite to rear projection tv
  391. Toshiba takes long time to "warm up"
  392. Jvc hd-p61r1u
  393. Philips 55pp93 5217 White is too bright!
  394. Panasonic 47" Rear Proj. w/ Apple TV
  395. Dlp white dots
  396. Mitsubishi WD-60C9 Firmware update problem
  397. Samsung 67" DLP brightness keeps getting set to 45%
  398. LG 52SX4D red blinking light...
  399. Is the Samsung HLS5086wx xaa the same as the HLS5086wx?
  400. Samsung HLN5065W Color/Power problems
  401. Sony 60" SXRD Rear Projection TV Issue
  402. please help with resolutions problem?
  403. new lamp doesnt light up
  404. Toshiba 51H83 projection TV - Internet
  405. Panasonic LCD Projection Blue Dots
  406. Replace a color wheel ?
  407. Problems with samsung dlp hl-85086w
  408. RCA Scenium 61" Rear Projection Dark Shadow on Screen
  409. 50 inch Samsung DLP slim model 1080p problems?Need a pro
  410. Blurry/oversized picture on DLP?
  411. Toshiba
  412. HELP!! LG dlp projection TV 52SX4D-UB
  413. Samsung hlt5076sx DLP Power Cycles
  414. DLP went black and white, now won't turn on
  415. Mitsu WD-65C9 won't turn on...help please
  416. What are the Samsung DLP Error Codes?
  417. Mitsubishi WD-62530 Blue-ish blotch covering a large portion of screen
  418. WD-57734 Mirror Help!!!
  419. Got a FREE Hitachi Aspect! Need advice/suggestions!
  420. Help - trying to fix my toshiba 62mx195
  421. New Mitsubishi WD-73C11 DLP
  422. Toshiba 65 hm167 dpl
  423. Help please..Mitsub. Rear Projection Blinking Green Light
  424. WD-62525 Unable to get HDMI to work
  425. Ballast or Lamp failure?
  426. Samsung HL67A750 Stopped working...any ideas..
  427. question cant adjust color in my projection tv
  428. Mits. WD-62525 DLP issues... need help
  429. Samsung HL-S6187W keep turning off
  430. Samsung DLP - dark colors blocky after color wheel replacement
  431. Whining noise from DLP
  432. mitsubishi WS-65819
  433. LG 52SZ8R vertical lines on screen
  434. Samsung DLP picture adjustment
  435. samsung dlp shuts down
  436. Kdf-e60a20
  437. Hello...new to DLP! Buying Samsung HL-S5086W
  438. Sony KDS-50A2000 will not turn on
  439. Sony KDS-R50XBR1 Circuit Board F100
  440. Sony Model # KDS-50A2000 picture dim after bulb replacement
  441. LG DLP not recognizing new lamp
  442. Need Help Mitsubishi WD65c9 Color Wheel
  443. Lg 52sx4d dim screen
  444. Toshiba 72HM196, Possible Light Engine Problem?
  445. Sony WEGA Green Screen Problem
  446. JVC HD-61Z456 Troubleshoot
  447. Help finding Mits Lamp Ballast
  448. Help! Samsung DLP
  449. Changing Bulbs on Sony DLP before light comes on?
  450. what lamp to buy?
  451. WD-62725 Image issue
  452. Mitsubishi WS-65712 not working. Need feedback
  453. Samsung HL-S5687W color streaks.
  454. Streaking...does this mean my DLP TV is dying/dead?
  455. KDF60WF655 Firmware
  456. Mitsubishi ws-55315 zooming hd signals
  457. Lg dlp 52sz8d
  458. Need help with RCA DLP HDMI
  459. Samsung HLT 5675S Lamp Problems
  460. Sony KDS-55A2000 . slight color shift
  461. Samsung DLP Black Screen-Just Replaced Color Wheel
  462. Where to buy replacement lamps for Mitsubishi WD57734
  463. mitsubishi wd-62825 DVR not working
  464. 46" sammy rear small vertical lines 5 in series
  465. How Long Before DLP Totally Replaced by Flats
  466. Samsung DLP-No Response to Remote
  467. Sony KDF60wf655 Cable Card
  468. I have a DLP tv by Samsung that just shut down on me. After about 30 seconds it turns
  469. RCA Scenium HDTV please help!
  470. mitsubishi ws-65809 to lg blu ray
  471. JVC HD-61G787 darker on left side
  472. Mitsubishi DLP Upconverting possible?....
  473. Samsung HL-S5687W, won't start from remote or front panel power button.
  474. Sony SXRD KDS-60A2020 Picture problems
  475. Sony Wega HDTV- please help!!
  476. Jvc dlp tv
  477. Lg dlp ru-52sz61d
  478. samsung hlt5076sx/xaa lamp or ballast
  479. Lg dlp
  480. Phillips DLP challenge
  481. Cured the GBLD now noisy video on Mitsubishi DLP
  482. DLP for PC gaming? Advise me.
  483. Panasonic customer service
  484. TOSHIBA 52HMX94 Flickering
  485. Hitachi model # 50ex8k
  486. Mitsubishi WD-73736 Shadow bar problem
  487. MITSUBISHI L75-A94 (Lazervue)
  488. Advice for a first time buyer considering an RPTV
  489. Sony - KDS-R60XBR1 - Six Blinks and +B OVP
  490. Mitsubishi WS-55807 Dtv Input has no blue
  491. Sharp rptv model 56dr650
  492. Samsung s turning off
  493. Help phillips60"9200
  494. Replacing Lamp Bulb on my KDS55A200
  495. Sony KDS-50A2020 Problem
  496. zenith dlp 44inch
  497. Perfect picture but blurry text
  498. Sony KP-53HS30 Problem
  499. Help new bulb in Sony melted at the connector
  500. Mitsubishi WD-Y57 DLP