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Rear-Projection TVs

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  1. No answers here...please refer me to another site!!!
  2. Can anyone help me make up my mind.
  3. Why has half of my screen gone black??
  4. Samsung HLR5067W Ballast Part Number?
  5. Samsung DLP Shutting off..changed lamp TWICE taped DOWN blue switch no noices HELP!!!
  6. help!!! lamp on my 56' samsung dlp has gone out 3 times in the last 6 months
  7. Need help. 360 HDTV setting issue on DLP
  8. Mitsubishi VS-60707 no picture
  9. HLS 5687W bulb life
  10. JVC 52 DLP help needed
  11. Philips 55PW9363 55" HELP!
  12. Philips 60PL9200
  13. LG 62sx4d blinking red light
  14. Samsung DLP hl-r4667w
  15. scenium dlp ps3 hdmi to dvi problems
  16. Samsung DLP - Screen turns off, Bulb stays on.
  17. Samsung DLP vertical lines
  18. Urgent help, wd 52527 flashing lamp issue
  19. picture problem
  20. Samsung- Nos signal/Mode not supported
  21. mitsu wd 73-738 problem or set up issue?
  22. Great Deal Offer?
  23. Samsung HLT-5687SAX/XAA color & flashing issue.....READ THIS ONE
  24. need help resetting lamp warning msg.
  25. Mitsubishi vs-50803 schematic
  26. KDF-50WE655 issue
  27. Green led blinking 14 times on start up
  28. Issues with a Sammy DLP!
  29. Is it worth getting another Mitsubishi DLP?
  30. need help
  31. different watt lamp in my Sony tv. need help
  32. Mitsubishi WD-60735
  33. Trouble displaying HD
  34. Sony SXRD bad optical block swap went well, but desire service menu manual
  35. mitsubishi wd-52725, dark screen
  36. Samsung HL-T5676S with what looks like burn in
  37. Before and after Cleaning (WIP)
  38. Lights on but no picture..
  39. help! sony 60" lcd projection , 6 red blinks on power light.
  40. Hitachi 55vs69a bulb light flashing
  41. 911!!! Help!!
  42. Defective Tuner board?
  43. Samsung dlp hl-r5667w squealing noise when failing to turn on
  44. LG 52SX4D-UB loses Channels
  45. Toshiba 62hm15a Noise?
  46. vljohnson1
  47. Hitachi 51F710A - no picture/no sound/no power
  48. Replacement Bulb WD62528
  49. JVC 61 Z866 problem
  50. Samsung DLP hdtv picture problems
  51. Mitsubishi Diamond WS-73907 picture jumps on bright scenes
  52. Samsung HLR4667WX Distortion
  53. sony rear projection tv
  54. 42hm66new bulb? new fan?
  55. mitsubishi dlp annoying problem
  56. Toshiba 52hm84 No video...
  57. Convergance problems with Sony KP57WS500
  58. Broken RCA LCD - Channels and Volume Rapidly Change
  59. Need help setting up hd on WS-65905
  60. mitsubishi wd 73 c9
  61. Toshiba DLP 52HMX84 No Picture, No code
  62. Vertical lines through picture in samsung DLP
  63. Best place to buy a new bulb?
  64. lg dlp tv ru-52sx51d
  65. Philips 55pw9363/17f problem with color.
  66. Hi Guys new here and have a problem with my Dlp any help ?:)
  67. False contouring on Samusung DLP - caused by repair?
  68. Need help w Samsung DLP, bulb?
  69. Samsung DLP Color Flickering --- Help
  70. Color Wheel RCA HDTV DLP Scenium
  71. Sony Wega E60A20 went out today
  72. rca scenium HD50LPW175Y has sound but no video
  73. Mitsubishi WD-6268 Error code 36
  74. Toshiba DLP
  75. Samsung DLP need help fixing
  76. Troubleshooting Samsung dlp question
  77. Installing lamp in Misubishi WD-65734
  78. Samsung DLP power up/down (cycling)
  79. Toshiba 65HM176 will not light. Lamp fan?
  80. Screen stripe ?#$?
  81. Used price for a Samsung hlt5076sx xaa?
  82. Hitachi screen replacement
  83. Mitsubishi DLP WD 65733
  84. Panasonic PT-53 Guidance
  85. How does wide screen work?
  86. mottling on RCA rear projection screen
  87. LG 52SX4D-UB bulb indicator blinks 10X
  88. panasonic projection hdtv
  89. Mitsubishi WS-A65 Blank Screen
  90. Looking for capacitors for a Samsung
  91. Trying to find a used widescreen for CHEAP
  92. Hitachi yellow blob attacking screen
  93. Replacing original bulb with > wattage bulb?
  94. Warped Screen RCA CTC 195 Projection
  95. Samsung DLP tv dimming issue
  96. Green screen on my Samsung HLR5067W
  97. Menu will not appear onscreen
  98. Sony SXRD 60A-2000 lamp problem?
  99. need some help with an odd picture
  100. WD 62525 dull picture constant red light
  101. Sony Model KP53s65 fuzzy pic
  102. magnavox 51MP6100D/37
  103. Samsung forum: Samsung HLR5667W Blinking LAMP light
  104. KDS-60A3000 - Bulb finally burnt out
  105. WD-52825 dull picture
  106. Does Mitsubishi Error Code 66 = Bad Lamp ??
  107. Does Mitsubishi Error Code 66 = Bad Lamp ??
  108. Mitsubishi wd-52725
  109. Mitsubishi Diamond
  110. Need some input from the collective group..
  111. KDS-R50XBR1 Sound, No picture
  112. WD-57732 Blinking Green light of death.
  113. Lamp ballast knowledge?????
  114. New Lamp driver problems
  115. shaking lines running accross tv
  116. Need bulb for a Mitsu WL-82913-can't find
  117. Replace screen on a 60" Sony Wega
  118. Calibration help
  119. Mitsubishi 73727 error 37
  120. Problems with my Samsung DLP HL-R4667w
  121. JVC 52G787: No picture, no sound
  122. Where to purchase lamp ballast 4 zenith?
  123. Toshiba DLP loosing brightness
  124. mitsubishi wd-62825g diagonal lines
  125. Samsung 50" HLR5067W No picture
  126. Question!!!!!
  127. browning area on screen
  128. Akai PT4299HD Pic Quality Degrading
  129. Zenith Dlp troubleshooting
  130. Light engine repair
  131. Mitsubishi WD 65837 screen woes
  132. RCA Scenium ballast bad?
  133. Samsung 50" DLP HLT5076sx/xaa PLEASE HELP!!!
  134. Random "Mode not Supported" Error
  135. Toshiba 57H84 57-Inch HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV with HDMI Input
  136. 61" RCA DLP lamp housing light exit glass broken
  137. RCA Scenium M50WH187 no power to lamp!
  138. Sony KDS-60A2020 Optical Block
  139. wd-62825 can you output from internal harddrive
  140. Samsung 56" DLP
  141. Samsung 56" DLP TV PICTURE
  142. help with Samsung hls5686w
  143. Help with DVD player on Toshiba 50H81
  144. RCA Scenium HD50LPW166YX12 lamp 8
  145. Strange Black Line in Corner of JVC HDILA Set
  146. Samsung lamp life question
  147. Zenith Projection TV Dim & shows redish/blueish (Pic inside)
  148. Mitsubishi blinks red occasionally
  149. Samsung HL-R4667WAX Sound Trouble, Any Help Appreciated
  150. Jvc Service Menu Adjustments for AV-56WP30
  151. Lcd tv?
  152. Will my Toshiba 50h81 work with OTA?
  153. Sony Rear projection LCD - KDF-55WF655 power light flashing green
  154. Zenith DLP Model Z56DC1D - Message to Replace Lamp
  155. LG DLP Ru-52sz61d issues with screen turning on
  156. Samsung HLR5067W-analog board?
  157. Mitsubishi WS-55613, How to adjust horizontal hold? (picture rolling)
  158. Samsung HD-DLP, Component Inputs
  159. Samsung DLP or Cox Cable?
  160. Scenium D61W130 Problem
  161. Mitsubishi VS-60803
  162. Removal of Lamp Housing - Zenith DLP
  163. Samsung hl-s6187w Check fan no 1 location
  164. Mitsubishi Diamond 65" Model Wd65838
  165. Zenith DLP How To Replace Bulb
  166. Broken HDMI connector
  167. Help with rca hd50lpw175yx1 PLEASE!
  168. Does the Hitachi 51f500 support HDCP and ICH
  169. Johnny j
  170. Screen brightness flicker
  171. Mitsubishi WD-C657 DLP has white spots on screen
  172. Why does my Mutbubushi C657 DLP TV flicker sometimes ?
  173. Mitsubishi WD65733 Light engine??? help
  174. some one help me!!!!!
  175. LG DLP 52SX4D-UB color issue
  176. Toshiba 46H83
  177. Worth it?
  178. Samsung DLP Problem
  179. Rear projection high pitched noise?
  180. Mitsubishi DLP C Series
  181. RCA Scenum Problems
  182. sony green blob of death.
  183. Magnavox 51inch DLP Help
  184. Settings
  185. Samsung HLS5687W DLP "check fan #2" problem
  186. Sony SXRD 55' red flashing light...
  187. Samsung DLP bad connection at color wheel power connector
  188. On and Off problems with my samsung DLP
  189. Mitsubishi WD-62528
  190. Not another Mitsubishi WD-52631
  191. JVC HD52z575 Replaced blown lamp/flashing lamp and power lights
  192. Sharp DLP error code?
  193. Just installed new bulb but have reset quesitons..
  194. 2002 Mitsubishi WS-A65 Color Off
  195. Sites to replace a Toshiba?
  196. Samsung hcm 473wx
  197. samsung dlp fried out?
  198. Samsung DLP streak of light in center of screen
  199. HDMI "Not Supported Mode" for Samsung & Erratic Lines
  200. Just replaced color wheel—color problems again
  201. Samsung replacement bulb.. Philips or Osram?
  202. How to set multi-point convergence for HD input of Philips 60PP9601 HDTV
  203. Any input/advice ?
  204. Sony kdf-e60a20
  205. need help advice to change lamp in kds 55 a3000
  206. samsung dlp lamp question
  207. color wheel hard startup and annoying hum
  208. Samsung DLP / Solved Lamp Reset But Not the Problem
  209. Samsung DLP Lamp Reset / Lamp Life Question
  210. Samsung DLP (hlp5674) Screen Permanently Damaged? Maintenance?
  211. Heard a lound POP! Samsung DLP HLR5078w
  212. Samsung HLR5067W issues
  213. SONY SXRD DLP TV's and 3D?
  214. Sony SXRD Televisons - replacement Lamps
  215. Motionflow or SONY vs SAMSUNG
  216. Edge Lit LED vs normal LCD vs Plasma
  217. mitsubishi ws-65869 replacement bulbs?
  218. Mitsubishi HDTV
  219. Samsung 56" DLP
  220. Mitsubishi 52528
  221. Kind of a stupid question...
  222. Hitachi 57F710A Flickering Issue
  223. Video noise ?
  224. Phillips55PW9363/17F convergence prob.
  225. Sony KDF-E60A20 problem
  226. Mitsubishi WD 52528
  227. Help me decide - repair or replace
  228. Hitachi 50V500A Lamp Issue
  229. Samsung HLT5075 power problem
  230. Mitsu trans problem
  231. MITSUBISHI WD-73727 Help
  232. MITSUBISHI WD-73727 Shutdown Process Help
  233. Choppy/static-y image on Toshiba RP TV
  234. Replacing lamp on LG RU-44SZ63D
  235. Mitsubishi Light Engine Replacement
  236. My rear projection TV has a slight orangey tinge in the top left hand corner.
  237. Sony KDSR60XBR1 TV won't turn on.
  238. color alignment on toshiba rear proj. hd tv
  239. toshiba 62" cinema hd tv
  240. Mitsubishi LaserVue (L75-A91)
  241. moving tv
  242. mitsubishi ws-65869 for free
  243. DLP Mirrors Locked
  244. JVC HD-55G456 connected to DVR
  245. Did I fry my Samsung HL-5687W HDMI board?
  246. Green tint on my KDS-R60xbr1
  247. Samsung DLP Picture issue....
  248. Dish Netowrks 622 VIP DVR HD to TV-2 (WS-65905)
  249. Rca d52w20 atc221 (i have parts)
  250. Toshiba lamp problem?
  251. JVC D-ILH 56 inch screen yellowing
  252. Toshiba 56HM195
  253. Hitachi 57G500 turns on, no picture
  254. KDSR60XBR1-Need Bulb Replacment-Philipps Bulb Best? Where To Buy?
  255. Samsung DLP - is it JUST the lamp?
  256. Flickering/pulsing in Samsung HL-S5087W only with certain colors on certain inputs?
  257. Samsung HLP5685W Help, No Picture
  258. [HELP] Toshiba 62HM15A
  259. Black Spots on DLP screen
  260. scratched screen protector
  261. Replacement Toshiba DLP Lamp
  262. DLP problem
  263. mitsubishi wd-62527 help
  264. Samsung DLP lamp question
  265. Lamps are not all created equal, right ?
  266. I got reimbursed by Samsung, did you?
  267. Wavy Diagonal LInes - Samsung 61" DLP
  268. LG DLP Projection TV RU-44SZ51D "Issues"
  269. Pioneer Elite Pro 710 HD Rear Projection Problems
  270. Samsung hc-r5245w
  271. Infocus
  272. Sony KDS 55A2000 Video Drops Out - Audio OK
  273. Rca hd50lpw62ayx2
  274. Mitsubishi WD-62527 clattering noise ?
  275. Infocus SP61MD10 HELP!!
  276. LED DLP RPTVs
  277. Discount-Merchant.com....are they reputable?
  278. sony kdf-e60a20 Blinking 'Red' Lamp LED
  279. 50" DLP red dot and blue dot
  280. Toshiba Lamp Hours
  281. Frustrated with my Sony KDS 55A3000 – Need New Lamp, where to buy?
  282. rca hd52w56 problems
  283. Toshiba 56h80 RPTV disassemble?
  284. Help! Audio problems on my Toshiba projection HDTV
  285. laptop hdmi connect to tv dvi no picture?
  286. testing led lights for samsung
  287. Anti Glare Coating on Projector Lens
  288. HELP PLEASE(replaced red led on my samsung dlp and still having color grief)
  289. Samsung 67DLP remote stopped working
  290. Vertical White lines
  291. Should i do it?
  292. Samsung DLP Cuts out after a few minutes w/ buzzing noise
  293. Philips 60PP9401 has no picture or audio and shuts itself off
  294. Screen is not black durring start up.
  295. No Picture on Toshiba 46HM94
  296. Green Tint on RCA DLP
  297. Hair-pulling issue with Mitsubishi WD-52725 (regarding DVI)
  298. mitsu ws 65907
  299. mitsubishi ws-65513
  300. Sony KDF-55XS955 Lamp ?
  301. Help mits ws-65511
  302. Replacing a lamp in DLP
  303. Samsung DLP Part-Out?
  304. jvc hd z56rx5 dark patches
  305. Mitsubishi WD 62725 flickering picture
  306. 50v710 black and white
  307. Minor Red, Green, Blue halos on right side of Samsung CRT RPTV
  308. Real HDTV?
  309. 65" Hitachi Screen Replacement - 65F59A
  310. Just replaced Color Wheel on Samsung DLP
  311. SONY SXRD Blinking Power Light
  312. Bad Bulb or Something Else?
  313. Mitsu DLP WD-62725 repair issues
  314. Potential DLP buyer here.
  315. Lines/flickering on Sony TV
  316. To junk or not to junk my old TV?
  317. Samsung 50"DLP shuts off
  318. Cutting Orange Wire Trick Solved!
  319. Phillips HDTV color Issue? Need some help
  320. Samsung 56in DLP - 5 years old - faded image
  321. Voltage reading
  322. wd-52725 issues
  323. Samsung DLP - loud noise, no picture - new lamp does not help!
  324. just installed bulb on kdf50e2000 and having color problem
  325. Sony KDS-R60XBR1
  326. Quick question about my samsung dlp tv (dmd board)....
  327. SAMSUNG HL-T6176S Replacement Bulb, 180 watts
  328. Sony E60A20
  329. Sony Bravia lcd display screen "stretched" look
  330. Md 65734
  331. Damaged Mitsu DLP
  332. Thousands Of Blocks
  333. toshiba 52hm95
  334. HELP! TV won't turn off, and other strangeness
  335. Panasonic 53WX54J HDTV + PS3
  336. My RCA HD61w66 wont turn on
  337. JVC HD-ILA Display Issue
  338. Would you buy a replacement bulb from Ebay?
  339. Help!! Have Samsung 61' turns on but no pic and no sound
  340. Philips 60pp9202117f
  341. Sony XL-2200 lamp. No screens. Fake or the real deal ?
  342. Ps3 1080i "Green screen" with component cables.
  343. need REAL help with DLP TV
  344. XF series 56" HD Panasonic rear projection
  345. Md 65734 main board?
  346. SONY KDF-60XS955 Restarting for no reason. HELP!!!
  347. Anyone worked with this before?
  348. WD-60737 Flashing green lights
  349. Bulb Question and Service Menu question for Samsung TV
  350. JVC H-DILA wont turn on, bulb ok. Ballast?
  351. Here are Instructions
  352. Zenith Z52DC2D Color Wheel Alignment Proceedures.
  353. Mitsubishi WS-55907 Convergence
  354. Problem with toshiba 50 inch
  355. reset lamp meter
  356. Toshiba 72MX195 Red Horizontal Line Over Picture
  357. WS-55857 powers on and then off immediately?
  358. Sony kds-r60xbr1 ballast spark, green blinking
  359. Toshiba 50HM66 lamps exploding
  360. Samsung DLP won't turn on
  361. Samsung HLT5676S powering on and off question.
  362. Blue glow on lower right corner of Sony XS955 rear projection
  363. How long should a Samsung DLP bulb last?
  364. Samsung HLP4663W shuts off randomly
  365. Waiting For My New Baby
  366. sony kdfe55a20 No sound or picture
  367. Optical Block replacement, Now TV is dead!
  368. dlp 5678w samsung
  369. Help with Toshiba DLP 52hm95
  370. Samsung class action suit reimbursement???
  371. BP96-01103A color wheel calibration codes
  372. mitsubishi wd62725 snowy screen
  373. Contrast "washout" from color wheel repair
  374. HD-52G886 Replacement Lamp
  375. Mitsu WS-65517 won't power on (NOT BGLOD!)
  376. Trouble with HDMI inputs on Mitsubishi WD-62628
  377. Mitsubishi ws-73903 power button on/off
  378. Samsung DLP lamp power setting
  379. Samsung HLS5687W Bulb Life (10,000+ hours?)
  380. optical block
  381. Problems with a Sony KDSR60XBR1 - HELP!!
  382. Samsung HLR5667WAX/XAA Powers Off
  383. Samsung DLP Q? Are there any...
  384. JVC HD56FH97 / digital cable question
  385. Tech says blower is working on 62" Mitsubishi
  386. Hitachi 51f59a Problem Please Help
  387. Sony KDF-E50a10 picture problem
  388. LG Model: RT-52SZ60DB (Help Needed!)
  389. Toshiba 55" shutting down
  390. sony kdf-50we655
  391. Toshiba DLP 42HM66 Troubleshoot
  392. Hitachi 46F500 Remote Receiver Board/parts
  393. Samsung HL61A750 problem
  394. 57HM167 Specific
  395. No picture on dlp please help!
  396. Alternative Stand for 73" dlp
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  398. 16 bit color depth?! Help?
  399. Panasonic rear projection image cutoff
  400. Mitsu WD-52327 DVI\HDMI HELP!!
  401. Toshiba 50H13 Help
  402. Need an Urgent Help!
  403. Need help with Samsung HLT5087SX
  404. Mitsubishi WD-62526 lamp problem
  405. samsung hlp5063wx red screen help
  406. Mitsubishi WS-55613 horizontal roll
  407. Samsung DLP Class Action Settlement
  408. LG DLP Problems!
  409. Samsung hl-s6187w turns off for no reason
  410. Mitsubishi WD65735 TV
  411. samsung 67 HL67A750A1FXZA
  412. Hitachi 50V500 RPLCD Red and Blue Blobs
  413. Samsung sp43w6hl...
  414. Just replaced the bulb in a KDS-55A3000 and now I get 6 red blinking lights
  415. Need help with Mitsubishi DLP screen spotting
  416. screwed up convergence, please help.
  417. Help with Sony KDF-50E2000 (green screen)
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  419. Samsung DLP crapped out.
  420. Help!! Samsung Color Wheel
  421. Sony KP-57WS510 and PS3 HELP!
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  423. Help-Mitsubishi WD-60737 Auto Sensing Problem
  424. Help with Hitachi convergence
  425. Replaced lamp in Toshiba 57HM167 Still having Issues
  426. SAMSUNG DLP LAMP Dimming
  427. PT-61LCZ70 problems, lemon?
  428. Mitsubishi DLP
  429. Toshiba 46HM94 Black Box problem?
  430. Sony KP-51WS510 rptv gotten darker?
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  434. EXTRA fan for cooling lamp and tv location
  435. Samsung DLP HL-S5687W HDMI problems
  436. sound but intermit pic rca dlp
  437. focusing DLP
  438. Help with samsung sp50l2hxx 50 inch tv
  439. Please, please help me with my LG 52" DLP
  440. Junk Sharp color wheel
  441. Samsung 42" DLP Burning Smell and blurred picture
  442. Samsung DLP-Intertermittent Horizontal Lines?
  443. Mitsubishil DLP WD-52725 purple/green lines issue and screen glitching
  444. wits end
  445. Samsung DLP Red Screen
  446. Selling a 52 In Toshiba DLP 4 years old... Price?
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  455. 50pl9126d37
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  457. Red out of alignment
  458. TV in 3D
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  462. black and white pic.
  463. Black & white snow only?!
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  467. RCA Foggy Picture
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  470. Is LCoS dead?
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  474. am I 3-d ready?
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  482. will it still diaplay region free dvd's ?
  483. Service menu codes/datasheet
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