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Rear-Projection TVs

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  1. HDMI Inputs
  2. Screen Protector/Cleaner for HL-R5667W?
  3. if two exact tv models are crt based only one is 43 inches and one is 47inches.......
  4. i have a few questions about DLP tvs
  5. Warranty- where to buy for best price?
  6. Deciding between PT-61LCX65 61" Pany, Toshiba 62" 62HMX942 and Sony KDF-60WF655 60."
  7. Need Mitsubishi service in OC, California
  8. Thinking of Buying a Sony HDTV
  9. found this site that sells extended warrantys cheap
  10. Hitachi Virtual HD Feature
  11. Best TV for watching football
  12. red screen
  13. A/V Receiver connection question
  14. Philips 55PP9753/17 - Need Help
  15. Panasonic PT-50DL54
  16. Advanced Convergence
  17. Should I get a Power Conditioner AND a UPS?
  18. Scrolling through the inputs on a Sony
  19. hitachi 60vs810 lcd
  20. Sony KF-60SX300 vs. Philips 50PF9966
  21. Do you think that the standard 18" stands are too low for a 55"
  22. Using Normal Mode On Rp Widescreen Harmful???
  23. Sony KDF-60WF655 Bulb Hours
  24. JVC Fan Noise.
  25. get Samsung HLR5667W now or wait for 1080p?
  26. Mitsubishi or Sony??
  27. Mitsubishi 1080p DLP's Ship!
  28. Home built rear projection TV???
  29. Sony KDP-57WS655 720p signal?
  31. Sony Dvd
  32. HD Ready to HD Built?
  33. Audio connection
  34. Video connections...what is the impact of going through an AV amp
  35. Is DLP better or cheaper?
  36. just bought Sony Grand Wega LCD 55" & have problem with flickering
  37. Headache
  38. Cooling fan after a power failure
  39. Help! PM from bikernana
  40. New Mitsubishi 62327
  41. Re Lamp
  42. Hooking up PC to Sony 55 inch LCD Grand Wega
  43. Picture not resetting correctly
  44. Another Mitsubishi 52725 question 720p vs 1080i
  45. Hitachi VS Mitsubishi
  46. No Dvi Or Hdmi Connection Do I Need For Hd Dvd
  47. opinions on Samsung HL-R5667W
  48. Set up
  49. Mitsubishi 52725 -- 720p
  50. mitsu rocks
  51. What's the difference between the RCA D52W19 and the D52W20 HDTVs?
  52. TV turns off unexpectedly
  53. Sony KP51WS520 for $848
  54. Toshiba 51H93 problem.....
  55. Setup Recommendations
  56. DLP - any one had problem with wheels going bad?
  57. DLP & LCoS are the only true digital TVs...
  58. What's this?
  59. Does DLP have a delay with video games? DLP owners please chime in.
  60. Toshiba HDMI questions
  61. DVD Player Suggestions for Sony 55xs955?
  62. Help Please!!!!
  63. Sony 65WV700 Blue Stripes
  64. Slimmer CRTs
  65. Difference between HDMI interface and DVI.
  66. Burn in on a rear projection Toshiba
  67. Settings
  68. which company is better samsung or hitachi and is panasonic even considered good?
  69. just got a newTV need info
  70. JVC HD52Z575 Help
  71. HDMI/DVI Connection Hub?
  72. Panasonic Pt-50LC14
  73. Newbe question on DVI
  74. Odd black bar issue on Samsung HL-R5067W
  75. Need help determine problem with Sony KDF-55XS955 and OTA
  76. Picture problems
  77. Difference(s) between Sony KDF55WF655 and KDF55XS955?
  78. Where can I find????
  79. screen black dot
  80. DLP owners: Happy with purchase?
  81. Sammy 4667 and 4677 ?
  82. Picture drops out...HELP!!!
  83. Where Have You Been All My Life
  84. DLP HDTV .... PAL/NTSC compatible?
  85. How much should I pay for Hitachi 61SWX10B 61" 2001 model??
  86. I know what native res is but what is stb res?
  87. Revisit: Samsung blotches and customer service
  88. DLP Vs. LCD....Hard decision
  89. A picture from my Sony 42WE655
  90. Pink Screen-Hitachi 50v500
  91. Input
  92. Pioneer Elite PRO720 HD Help
  93. Pixilation Problems Sony KDF50WE655
  94. Need help making this work!!
  95. do you feel that dvd players that upconvert to 1080i are any good image quality wise
  96. Release date for 1080p TVs.
  97. Just one final clarification on dlp rp
  98. Samsung DLP
  99. Samsung HL-R5067W or Panasonic PT-50DL54?
  100. Is 1280x720 true hd? and how much better is 1366x768?
  101. Samsung 40' lcd or 46' dlp???
  102. Extended warranty????
  103. TV Stands... Too Expensive?
  104. Any one has Samsung HL-P5663W?
  105. Built-in HD TV Tuner question
  106. i have to ask.....
  107. 480p/i 1080i
  108. Sony KDF-55WF655 Questions
  109. Best In Show.
  110. New, Buying HDTV Sony Dilemma
  111. Planning to buy the Sony KDF-60XS955
  112. A few questions from a newcomer...
  113. Basic question from desperate novice re: seinfeld on dvd
  114. No Replies? Dish Network(RCA) 40' HDTV Issue
  115. natural resolution...help
  116. Mitsubishi HD WS 5510
  117. Buying HDTV on the net?
  118. samsung 1280*720 (PC mode) and (DTV mode)?
  119. Attaching a laptop to a Panasonic PT50DL54 50" Widescreen DLP HDTV
  120. What's the diff. between Samsung HLP vs. HLR series?
  121. do crt based rear projection screens do 480p?
  122. RSawdey, what exactly does "wobbulated" mean?
  123. Mits WD-62327....omg
  124. universal remote - Logitech Harmony 880?
  125. need some help in deciding which samsung to buy
  126. Samsung 67 series vs. 77, please help newbie
  127. JVC D-ILA 52" decided - questions...
  128. hitachi
  129. Samsung HL-R4667W DLP
  130. Hdmi Quandry
  131. Newbie equip. protection question...
  132. Samsung 5667w vs mits front projo
  133. Good price for cables?
  134. Best TV for SD,DVD and HD
  135. Help with HDMI
  136. what are the screen protectors made for rear projection crt based tv's called
  137. do crt based rear projection bulbs burn out and how long does it usually take
  138. if component cables are for hd why do stanard view non hd tv's like sony wega's have
  139. Opinion needed for rp dlp purchase
  140. Characteristics used to define HDTV - newbie
  141. Going HD- Need a sounding board
  142. Philips LCOS REFUND
  143. Sony KDF-70XBR950 LCD.
  144. Help with few Questions
  145. A strange problem with the Samsung TX-P2675WH
  146. What Year
  147. Dish Network(RCA) 40' HDTV rear projection
  148. Sony KDP-51WS550 w/ Pace DC-551P HDTV Cable Box ?
  149. Is the PC port on samsung TV male or female?
  150. Quick 1080p Question
  151. heads cut off
  152. does a cable company supply you with dvi cables when installing hd?
  153. if your tv has an hd tuner will it have a spot for cable cards?
  154. Is it or isn't it HD?
  155. Dish Network rear projection Problem
  156. do good surge protectors actually make a diference...
  157. please explain to me what burn in is
  158. Samsung hlp5063w as a Plug and Play Computer Monitor Resolution Problems
  159. 1394 connection on Mits 52825
  160. what exactley is an hd tuner for?
  161. 55315 Settings
  162. Optimum Viewing Distance
  163. DLP lamp failures
  164. Cleaning the Screen
  165. Hitachi VS SONY
  166. Will new technology TVs releasing in August need bulb replacement as current LCDs do?
  167. Large capacity memory cards in WD-52525?
  168. New LCD's from Sharp
  169. Warrantybynet.com?
  170. Samsung HLR6167
  171. Please help me choose.
  172. Shelf life for TVs
  173. JVC HD-70G886, not very i-link
  174. HDTV Followup
  175. HD TV Warranty & Bad Pixels - What is covered?
  176. Sony Twin View Feature
  177. Hitachi screen issue--looking for advice!
  178. Visa Extended Warranties
  179. Samsung's HL-R5087W vs. HL-P5085W
  180. new amp search
  181. Toshiba 52HM84 ?
  182. Samsung HLP4663.
  183. HD Picture in Picture as well as Split Screen.
  184. WOW factor
  185. LCD vs DLP... Which Has Higher Maintenance?
  186. Component video inputs--Digital or analog?
  187. Samsung DLP HDTV
  188. Samsung Demo
  189. can someone tell me if the samsung hc-r4355 is good
  190. what's a better connection for digital cable set to 720p...
  191. So, why does it work this way...
  192. Best Brands (Besides Sony & Samsung)
  193. HD +2 upgrade for free!!
  194. Sony 1080p
  195. Do I need the ATSC Tuner? and contrast ratios
  196. DLP vs Plasma
  197. Is My Tv HDTV ready?
  198. rainbow effect
  199. Hitachi VS Mitsubishi VS SONY
  200. Recommendations, please
  201. Samsung Reps' Lip Sync Answers
  202. Sony KDF50WE655 question.
  203. sony KF-50WE610
  204. Picture intermittently going black-DLP
  205. Samsung Gen 5 HD Engine ?
  206. fix or toss: mits vs-60803
  207. Samsung HL-R6167 vs. Mits WD62725
  208. best tv under $2000
  209. What does the red light underneath and to the right of the Power light/ button mean?
  210. Watching DVD on Toshiba 62" DLP - poor quality
  211. Sony 60" KDF60WF655 Good or Bad?
  212. mitsubishi vs toshiba
  213. Will cablecard be upgradeable?
  214. HLR owners...feedback please!
  215. Samsung HLP5063W PIP 4:3 Aspect Ratio
  216. Sony KDF-42WE655 42" Grand WEGA LCD VS Samsung HLP4663W 46" DLP
  217. Samsung HL-R5067 connection questions
  218. Is 1080p worth the wait for HD-DVD or Blu-Ray?
  219. How Many of You Will Buy A 1080p Set Within A Year ?
  220. Worth the trouble?
  221. 1080p DLP Frame Rate
  222. Where can I get a lamp for cheap for Sony KDF-50WE655
  223. Attn: Gamers.. WAIT FOR 1080p!.. (PS3)
  224. PIP sucks
  225. DLP Settings
  226. Please Help
  227. WD-XXX25 firmware for TvGuide available!!
  228. 720p or 1080i?
  229. Some basic questions
  230. Please help me choose a tv
  231. DLP VS LCD Rear Projection ?
  232. Slightly curved horizontal line on Sammy HLR 5087W?
  233. hitachi ?'s
  234. My Hitachi 51F510 can only toggle between 1080i and 540p. 720p not possible?
  235. Connection help
  236. Flashcards & Sony KDF-42WE655
  237. Sony KDF-50WE655 50 inch WEGA Calibration?
  238. Sony 50 Inch Grand Wega LCD or Toshiba 62 inch DLP?
  239. Thoughts on Toshiba 62" 16:9 DLP HDTV-Ready Projection Television
  240. Will 1080P strengthen 1080i and weaken 720P
  241. Optoma RD65
  242. Newbee question about widescreen ????
  243. What Are My 1080p Options This Fall?
  244. HD DVR is what makes HD great!
  245. panasonic 53in widescreen
  246. Any input...Samsung lip sync problems still occuring??
  247. HLR 5067w Best Connections
  248. Abes of Maine
  249. Constant red flicker on Toshiba 57H84
  250. Just bought HLR5067 - Use HDMI for DVD or Cable?
  251. Upcoming SXRD models from Sony
  252. Sony KDP-51WS550 51 reviews???
  253. Best TV for SPorts???
  254. 2 Q's - New Samsung HLR's & help with buying online vs B&M?
  255. Home Theater Project
  256. I Finally bought a HDTV
  257. Mitsubishi 62327
  258. 1080p please!!
  259. Optoma RD50/H or RD65H
  260. DLP Conumer Rev. sites - any out there?
  261. problem with Toshiba 44NHM84
  262. what is the diff between samsung 5085w and 5087w ?
  263. DLP HDTV - Which is best????
  264. Trying to get prepared for tv delivery
  265. Slightly Curved Framed picture in 16:9 screen?
  266. JVC's New HD 61Z786
  267. Mitsubishi WD 52327 vs. WD 52525
  268. Akai
  269. Need help on Sony TV LCD
  270. Toshiba 51h84c
  271. Panasonic 44" (PT-44LCX65) or Samsung HLR4266W
  272. hd stb
  273. Can't record from atsc tuner
  274. Good old Mitsubishi 55857...!!
  275. JVC HD-ILA Dead on Arrival??
  276. Mitsubishi 62 in WD- 62525- HELP!
  277. Any Ideas???
  278. Rear projection LCD for gaming
  279. rainbow checking
  280. Mits 52725 green hue
  281. Looking to spend no more than $1300 on a rear projection TV. Please tell me the best
  282. Hitachi 57S715 or Sony KDP57WS655?
  283. Samsung fan noise.
  284. Whats the difference between CRT, LCD, DLP, and Plasma???
  285. Tech question from a newbie
  286. Samsung HLR4266
  287. Anyone else notice slighlty curved lines in 3:2 Pulldown?
  288. Mitsubishi WS65909 - Anti Glare Screen?
  289. How long you u guys watch TV in a day???
  290. Is the ATSC tuner on Sony KDF55XS955 bad?
  291. lamp replacement
  292. RPTV on a budget
  293. Panasonic
  294. Is everyone happy?
  295. Samsung xx77 questions
  296. Samsung TV Stands don't fit Samsung TVs
  297. Best engine for analog, digital, and Hi Def
  298. Samsung DLP HL-P5085W Problem--If you own or plan to, read this...
  299. dlp for gaming
  300. Best Choice for 55" HDTV?
  301. 70 inch LCD...Should I buy Sony or Hitachi?
  302. Traded KDF42WE655 for KDF55XS955 and now no more channels
  303. Retarded newbie Question about DVI
  304. Moth
  305. Upconverting, Downcoverting, Native...confused.
  306. Which 56" Samsung DLP?
  307. need help with getting the best picture on Samsung hlp5063w
  308. Possible problem with a Pioneer Elite Pro-610hd crt-rptv. Any suggestions?
  309. Anyone view the new 1080p sets ?
  310. PQ with HDMI vs Component cable
  311. New User. Question. Only getting 480 signal.
  312. HELP!!! No Picture from Component Cables
  313. Still Dazzled By Samsung PQ
  314. HD resolution and Video problem
  315. Samsung owners check your DLP. 5085W
  316. BestBuy or Sony extended warranty?
  317. Size of picture on my SONY LCD rear projection HD television - I'm confused (newbie)
  318. New Models For the 2005-2006 Year
  319. Samsung HL-P5085W vs Samsung KDF55WF655
  320. Getting Worried (Looking For First Time Advice)
  321. Another "what is the best" question
  322. Experience with Mitsu DLP WD62725
  323. Search Starting Over...
  324. Have you looked at LG DLP's?
  325. re: my new 42WE655 lcd rear projection tv
  326. Samsung DLP 50in advice - what to buy
  327. Pass-Trough or Upconvert
  328. HDTV buying help
  329. Need a little advice and a couple questions answered...Thanks
  330. Buy warranty or not for KDF55XS955
  331. Week One And All Is Okay
  332. KDF55WF655 No Picture??
  333. 1080i - 720p Cable Box Question
  334. New to HDTV. Thinking KDF-60xs955. Any suggestions?
  335. HD-DVD and 1080p/720p question...
  336. 1280x720 vs. 1920x1080
  337. Should I purchase Hitachi 60VX915
  338. warranty purchase question
  339. New in the market for DLP or LCD.
  340. What would cause vertical bands in HDTV movie?
  341. Help Me Decide - Samsung DLP vs Sony LCD
  342. Black Vertical Bars on 4:3 TV
  343. Dirt and dust and bearing
  344. Switching from DLP to LCD or lcos
  345. PQ Superb On HLP5085w
  346. Blue spot on sony 50" when screen is dark?
  347. HDTV / DVD contrast issue
  348. CRT vs DLP or LCD
  349. Strange problem.
  350. Hitachi 50v500 Redness Problem
  351. Sony KDF-55WF655 and HDMI
  352. Need good site for LCD rptv reviews...
  353. Any Samsung Specialist Know The Answer To This?
  354. MIT 52525 review
  355. what components for my sony 60xs955
  356. SONY 60" 955 or 950 ? vs ? ??????
  357. Video Adjustments on Sony KDF-55WF655
  358. INPUTS on my SONY kdf50we655 480i ? not 720p?
  359. exchanged sammy DLP for sony LCD good choice
  360. Lcd projection or edtv lcd panel
  361. Question about screen door effect
  362. Screen Flicker?
  363. Sound problem (buzz) with Sony Wega KDF-42WE655
  364. Sony Wega KDF-42WE655 picture problem
  365. Best ~60" DLP for Computer Viewing?
  366. Mitsubishi WD-52525 diamond shield, taking it off, trim kit and screen protection...
  367. Sony LCD 70Inch HDTV or DLP
  368. PC, DVD and Sat connect w/ XBR 60"
  369. What should I expect?
  370. Mitsubishi wd-52525
  371. Dlp Hdtv
  372. Has anyone ever heard of this?
  373. Sony kf50we620 vs Toshiba62hm14 @ costco
  374. Question: Viewing Distance
  375. Samsung HL-P5085W Feedback Request
  376. I have a few questions
  377. Samsung DLP - Need help please
  378. Color setting on Mit 52525
  379. Hitachi 60vs810
  380. Samsung HLP6163 for $229.00
  381. Getting New LCD RPTV Today!
  382. Hooking up my PC to Samsung TX-P2764 through DVI
  383. DLP circular lines under the Screen? Help?
  384. Big day is tomorrow and still can't decide Sony 34 HDTV 420 series or Panasonic PT47X
  385. New Toshiba 62HM84 and Standard Definition Reception
  386. Any LCD probems like DLP issues here?
  387. Image quality on Sony KDF-55WF655????
  388. LCD and gaming is it as safe as DLP?
  389. Rainbow effect still prevelent in sam5063w
  390. Ease of use? LCD/DLP/Lcos
  391. Widescreen TV Question
  392. "streaking" on sidebars
  393. HDTV TV's
  394. Hitachi 50VS810
  395. Help me build my home theater
  396. Help - I'm Clueless @ Sony Kp65ws500
  397. Hows this TV?
  398. Mitsubishi 52525 DLP Problem. I am new.
  399. Sony KF50WE620 & KDF55WF655 vs Toshiba 52HM84
  400. Newbie...SD picture quality on 52" DLP
  401. Ring of light?
  402. TI Press Release re Shipping 1080P DLP Chips
  403. Hi Def TV's and Hi Def DVD Players
  404. Satellite Installer recommends DLP????
  405. Newbie needs some HD advice?
  406. Need some HELP
  407. Rookie with a new toy & questions :)
  408. Lamp Timer
  409. Best Buy Giving away Home theater system with RP or flat panel HDTV
  410. Just pulled the trigger... HL-P4674W
  411. Resolution Setting
  412. Samsung HD picture cut off on sides
  413. Is it too early for most people to have a hi def tv?
  414. Picture Out Of Picture Operation??? Anyone??
  415. Picture is red
  416. KDF-55WF655 vs KDF-55XS955
  417. Panasonic PT-47X54
  418. Rca Hd50lpw162
  419. Picture Quality of HD Programming
  420. Hitachi 50V710 or 50V715 anyone?
  421. Problem With Mitsubishi RPTV...Cutting Info on Top Screen
  422. Still Audio lag w/Samsung DLP w/HTS setup
  423. Plasma vs. a good lcd projection
  424. Anybody own this TV?
  425. If you own a Sony LCD please read
  426. Advice? Reviews? Hitachi 50V715
  427. Really want HDTV, but not sure if it's right for me...
  428. What's considered "the best" Rear-Projection right now?
  429. Whats the difference -- DVI and HDMI inputs
  430. samsung DLP audio delay w/prog.scan dvd
  431. Is there a DLP without a spinning mirror motor?
  432. First HDTV help
  433. Advice on HDTV
  434. First HD tv's?
  435. Warrenty, Yes or no??
  436. Jvc Hdila?
  437. Toshiba DLP 52 HMX94 colors
  438. Akai 42" HDTV question
  439. New DLP and first 100 break in Question.
  440. DLP Chip Generations
  441. Sony KDP-51WS655
  442. My experience at best buy...Buy LCD!!
  443. HLR4667W vs. HLR4677W
  444. Need some input on Sony LCD
  445. CRT vs LCD/DLP?
  446. Rca Hd61lpw164?
  447. Hitach 57S715 issue
  448. dlp chips
  449. Hdmi Dvd Players
  450. Extended Warranty
  451. Sony LCD Question #3
  452. Please Help Me - Tosh DLP
  453. ps2 green screen trouble
  454. GeekSquad 975VA UPS not cutting it
  455. hitachi Director Series
  456. Sony wega vs. xbr
  457. Samsung HLP5085W
  458. Need advise on best connection option...
  459. Panny DLP w/ Harmony Remote Question
  460. LCD vs DLP
  461. Fotoconnection?
  462. Cleaning CRT based rear projection TV
  463. Sony KP51WS520 51 inch RPTV
  464. LCD Projection Questions
  465. Cleaning your dlp
  466. New to HDTV
  467. How do I setup Sony Tv for HD tommorow?
  468. Where to stick it?
  469. New Sony's this spring and summer
  470. Hitachi 50vs810 vs Mitsubishi 52825?
  471. Buydig.com comments
  472. Which of thsee would you recoommend?
  473. Mitsubishi RB WT-46809 picture
  474. mitsubish wd52725 problems green screen
  475. mitsubishi wd52725 problems green screen
  476. Toshiba 52HMX84 Picture Problems
  477. Mitsubishi RP screen bowed
  478. Normal DVD outputs: 720p or 1080i or 1080p?
  479. Toshiba 51h84 vertical line visible when screen is black?
  480. Color calibration?
  481. HDTV Monitor...What to Buy?
  482. Sony RP LCD question #2
  483. Sony RP LCD question #1
  484. Samsung HL-P vs. HL-R
  485. LCD or LCOS?
  486. Dve?
  487. Looking for LCD or similar technology for $2500
  488. Best TV for DVD and SD feeds?
  489. Why Do We Bother with 1080p TV'S???
  490. Samsung DLP Problem w Motorola HD DVR
  491. Future cost of 1080p's
  492. stupid question but here goes
  493. Jvc HD-ILA
  494. Sony RPLCD Upconverter
  495. Good HDTV for game/tv/dvds?
  496. Toshiba rear projection
  497. PT50LC14 Lamp
  498. just ordered Pan 50 DLP!!!!
  499. "wobulated"chip????
  500. Picture on my Sony KP51WS520