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Flat-Panel TVs

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  1. My first flat panel: Panasonic TCP42C2 42" Plasma 720p HDTV
  2. Samsung 46" LCD, Computer to TV, no sound - Help?!
  3. Need some help understanding Panny settings
  4. Cnet's Oct 7th report on 2010 Panasonic black levels
  5. Can't get 1080p - Samsung Plasma
  6. LG LEX8 ‘Nano LED TV’, thinner than iPhone 4, wide as 55″ whoa!
  7. Panasonic Veira
  8. Someone Help! Signal Strenth Meter
  9. Cnet reviews the Samsung PN50C8000
  10. Image retention washers? Are they still good?
  11. Help: Panasonic plasma picture cuts out
  12. How do you prefer your colors?
  13. New TV, help me decide? PN58B560 or TC-P58S2
  14. Panasonic P50VT20 Issue
  15. Break in disk for a new Plasma
  16. Vizio M260VA or Samsung p2770hd
  17. Samsung PN58A550s crackling noise
  18. Any help would be great
  19. Sharp Quatron Composite Video Input (A/V) Problem
  20. Help me choose my 2nd HDTV!
  21. Samsung 8 series calibration settings???
  22. Looking to help a friend...
  23. Signal Strength Meter
  24. Helping my parents pick a tv....
  25. sears friends and family
  26. Samsung LCD/LED 8 Series Vs. 9 Series
  27. POLL: Which Plasma brand to you OWN?
  28. 42" G25 or 50" G20?
  29. Black level setting on Panasonic Plasmas
  30. Vizio wifi set up problems
  31. Lg 47lx6500/55lx6500
  32. My Panasonic G25
  33. On the fence - need help!!!!!!
  34. Just for fun...
  35. Sharp Aquos problem
  36. Questions from a newbie
  37. Motion Blur On PLasma
  38. Tv primarily for gaming, Hz ?
  39. Panasonic Reliability Takes Another Hit
  40. Booster stand for my 65"?
  41. 3 year warranty on sony lcd's?
  42. 1080p panasonic and 1080i blu-ray
  43. Audio query
  44. Sony Bravia KDL46EX 500 vs. 600
  45. Brand Advice: TCL
  46. Bose to release an LCD.. with sound from hell!
  47. Noob... losing... sanity...
  48. Samsung FPT5084X/XAA 50" Plasma
  49. Narrowed my choices down to a few...
  50. Plasma IR & Burn in Question
  51. Wi-Fi for Viera
  52. Looking for a Something that suits my needs
  53. Looking for TV Recommendation (yes, I read the FAQs)
  54. Toshiba 37AV502U - No Power - Green LED Blinks
  55. Bought another Panasonic Plasma!
  56. Sound problem on Philips LCD TV
  57. To Fix or not to fix?
  58. Anything larger than 65" in LCD or Plasma?
  59. TH-P50X20 vs TH-P42S10
  60. looking to buy 55" LED w/ local dimming
  61. Which 22in - 32in LCD TVs can playback HD Video via USB
  62. TC-P46G25 or LN46C670?
  63. Getting ready,,, just a couple questions
  64. Finally got the go for a new TV...which one?
  65. Asus VW246H or the LG W2486L?
  66. Panels with the best video processing chip for SD upconversion
  67. Sony KDL 46Z5100 ethernet port fried
  68. Narrowed to 2 TVs, which one should I choose?
  69. A Plasma with better blacks than Panasonic OR Pioneer?
  70. buying a tv for living room and bedroom
  71. Having some bad time with what I think is IR.
  72. Looking for the best Full HD Monitor $ for $
  73. dark colours turning shiny green
  74. Help calibrating Toshiba 32c100u
  75. Should I return my Panny X24 for Panny S2?
  76. Best Sony Tv
  77. FACT - 2010 Panasonic Plasma Black Levels will Still Rise
  78. HDMI not working.
  79. Plasma better for sports?? I don't notice a difference.
  80. I have some info on the next Panasonics
  81. Panasonic or Vizio - room conditions??
  82. cable box setting?
  83. major problem with color and volume on my Viera
  84. I lied, I have another question....
  85. A Calibration Disk to fix stuck pixels?
  86. Panasonic G20 external speaker system
  87. Finally got my Panny VT25
  88. Help me decide on a TV!!
  89. 3rd party "enhancement?
  90. G10 and skype..
  91. Did I mess up my G25 Plasma?
  92. samsung ln-t5271f
  93. Need to Buy a Bedroom TV
  94. Help with settings for Panasonic plasma?
  95. Is this place for REAL?
  96. Black Screen - Toshiba REGZA 42HL167
  97. Last question for awhile, please hear me out...
  98. Samsung Black Bar
  99. Lost HD channels
  100. I clean my new bravia for the first time
  101. New HDTV and serious gaming lag
  102. Panasonic G25 break-in question
  103. plasma and black bars after break in, okay or not okay?
  104. Just picked up the Samsung PN50C7000 50"
  105. Any advice for watching football and gaming: SonyKDL40EX400 or Samsung40C530
  106. Ok, about to buy GT25, want re-assurance on the black level issue?
  107. Insignia or Samsung?
  108. Samsung LCD HDTV Problems
  109. A few questions..........
  110. Sharp Aquos LC-37D5U wont turn on
  111. Calibration settings for Panasonic X24 or C2 Plasma TV
  112. best picture quality with a vizio led tv for my xbox?
  113. G25 + 360 Component 1080i Question
  114. Sony comparison ?
  115. 2D to 3D conversion for gaming?
  116. I want the absolute best 32 to 42 inch money can buy
  117. Lg 55lx6500 picture not clear
  118. RCA 55" 1080p 240hz????
  119. 24 Frames per second playback
  120. Lcd or Plasma in 3 Season Sun Room w/Spa?
  121. Panasonic G15 vs G25.....difference?
  122. Dilemma: Viera P42S20 / Samsung LE40C650
  123. new 47inch lg le5400, problems with blur
  124. Sammy Plasma (unbelievable picture)
  125. Best 32 inch 720p tv to get?
  126. Panny Plasma - fuzzy in black bars on bluray and in picture
  127. Philips Plasma Explodes
  128. Help with my first Plasma
  129. Has anyone yet measures black level rises on 2010 panasonics?
  130. Did somebody screw up my tv?
  131. Not sure if its my HDTV (Panny VT20) or the connection (HDMI). Hard to explain...
  132. 120hz Automotion plus on Samsung C610 jerking every 5 sec?
  133. Best TV For watching sports (NFL)
  134. Some UK G10 Owners Saying FW Update Eased Risen Black Levels
  135. Using an antenna but can't get a local channel, help!
  136. question: firmware rollback XBR9
  137. HELP! Really bad IR on G25
  138. Don't like the Soap Opera effect. Am I better off going with 60hz?
  139. 47" LG LED Backlight Issue
  140. Another TV Audio question
  141. Broken plasma screen: to fix or not?
  142. Help with TV/DVD HDMI compatibility issues
  143. Are calibrations worth it?
  144. Help me compare these two LED LCDs?
  145. HELP!! Problem with 52" LCD TV
  146. samsung unc557100wf
  147. Is Ghosting/IR just something Plasma owners get used to?
  148. My best picture...
  149. LG THX Certified 3D Plasma: PX950
  150. VT25 vs G25 vs PK550
  151. Audio question
  152. Proscan 47" LCD 1080p 240Hz
  153. 1st HDTV purchase...
  154. Just got my panny vt20/25, one question though!
  155. Weird thing when trying to fix solarization on old plasma tv
  156. Samsung led cartoonish picture
  157. Purchasing Pioneer KRP-500 for living room
  158. Any predictions for the black levels of 2011 Panasonics?
  159. Will Best Buy give me a new tv? (Burn In)
  160. Sony Bravia 32 inch KDL-32BX300 has a poor picture.
  161. Value Electronic's 2010 Shootout Photos
  162. 42" Magnavox Plasma TV - Turns Green, and has Red and Green Snow!
  163. Black bars on sides and bottom of movie on Panny Plasma
  164. Samsung LED LCD 55 inch SHAKY IMAGE - help please!!
  165. Question about streaming media on Panasonic G25
  166. Panasonic TC-P58VT25 w/ 2D AVR
  167. Toshiba 32C100u motion blur or bad set?
  168. 46" LED Samsung's for Gaming
  169. Bravia KDL-52NX800 or something with local dimming instead?
  170. Plasmas and Extended Warranties - Please Educate Me!
  171. Looking for best deal on 54" G25
  172. Need Help Choosing Low priced Plasma - what are they missing?
  173. Just go my G25 - Manual says nothing about break-in.
  174. bouncy picture?
  175. Vizio LCD TV
  176. Noob..needs help...wife actually wants bigger tv?
  177. Long time/First time HDTV advice
  178. New Products are made to be thrown away
  179. Audio help SONY BRAVIA KDL-46EX500
  180. Panny Plasma P50Z1 (floor model) or P50G20?
  181. I need an inexpesive tv suggestions please
  182. Need help with choosing a new lcd
  183. Initial settings for Panasonic plasma TCP46G25
  184. Panasonic - Viera TC-P50G20
  185. Good bye, old friend
  186. More New Tech from LED LCD's: Toshiba
  187. Which LCD TV will......
  188. Last Minute Buying Questions
  189. Horizontally squished DVDs (things look too skinny)?
  190. Going Insane! VT25/20, G20, UN55C6300
  191. new bedroom tv, recommendations?
  192. Problem connecting to Viera Cast on G25
  193. anyone know what this bubbly problem is? (pictures)
  194. panasonic home theater
  195. LED vs. LCD good quality and motion for gaming
  196. VT25 or not?
  197. Bad HDMI cable?
  198. G25 or S2?
  199. Conflicting advice on Plasma's G25 vs S2
  200. Going off to college and need a TV
  201. G20 or VT25
  202. help! 50in hp plasma problems!
  203. LCD under $800
  204. Help Panny 3d tv problem!
  205. Flashlighting/Hot Spots Common in LCDs?
  206. Which 32-37" TV?
  207. question on burn in
  208. Why should I get a Panny S2 over a C2/X24?
  209. How to tell how many hours you watch your Panasonic Plasma?
  210. To 3D or not to 3D?
  211. Hello from Alaska!
  212. Zenith 50" plasma for $580??
  213. Looking for a 60 inch 1080p tv
  214. panasonic 42": plasma vs backlit lcd
  215. HD over coaxial
  216. Contrast question? ...
  217. Day 4 review, Panansonic G20 Plasma
  218. Which plazma
  219. Need Help Picking Out a TV
  220. Panasonic TC-P65VT25 - white line at top of tv
  221. Ignore my previous topic, decided to go with a Panasonic VT25
  222. TV Emergency, time sensitive
  223. Faint White Streaks that seem to come and go.
  224. LG LX9900/LX9500 yay or nay?
  225. I dont know anything!!!
  226. 720p or 1080p
  227. HDTV for computer/ps3/movies in winnipeg, Canada?
  228. PC resolution, HDMI lag
  229. Now It's My Turn For You to Figure Out What I Should Buy
  230. Help finding new TV for porch, Thanks!
  231. Nervous!! About to buy my first plasma!!
  232. Just got my VT25!!
  233. LG LEX8 Nano LED LCD
  234. Looking for new TV for living room
  235. Which Plasma?
  236. Vizio firmware upgrade interrupted
  237. help with first hdtv
  238. Which Plasma for under 1000$
  239. Flat Screen Shootout!
  240. TC-P46S2 Tuning and advice
  241. Panasonic vs Samsung..help!
  242. Can't get perfect TV/give up?
  243. Wanting to buy a new TV between $1300 - $1800
  244. sharp aquos
  245. Panasonic G25
  246. Troubleshooting poor V10 picture
  247. 60 hz vs. 120hz Sony Bravia
  248. Plasma Break in Period
  249. Is Best Buy afraid of plasma's
  250. hdmi vs component cables
  251. Help LED-LCD choices please!
  252. Best Plasma of the 3
  253. Netflix finally on my g20!!!
  254. Cinema Smooth on Samsung C8000
  255. What's a good affordable 50 to 52 tv for Gaming/TV?
  256. Sharp LC52LE810UN or Panasonic G20?
  257. Samsung pn63c8000 white background problem please help <<<SEE PICTURE>>>
  258. New TV time again
  259. Insignia 40 LED vs 42 LCD
  260. 42 inch viore plasma vs 42 inch vizio lcd?
  261. Headphone jack?
  262. Which HDTV gives best quality of 480i ?
  263. Help with selecting new Living room TV
  264. Any luck in ordering from TV Zone?
  265. Just Buy Electronics reputable?
  266. image burn - Insigina 42 inch tv
  267. Ambilight in the US?
  268. Picture settings for Panny TC-P42S2?
  269. Whom to buy from?
  270. Amusing comic about HDTV
  271. Need help on new TV purchase
  272. Sony or Panasonic
  273. Samsung vs. Vizio
  274. 1080p vs 1920 x 1080
  275. need advice on tv for the bedroom
  276. Panasonic S2 - Does the Anti-Reflective filter affect its sharpness?
  277. Help finding replacement tv
  278. 42" Panasonic plasma - S2 or G10?
  279. LG is at the top of their game. New tech!
  280. Does sharpness even need to be adjusted?
  281. SAMSUNG Not Supported mode?
  282. Panny 50C2 Feedback
  283. Custum TV mode vs. Computer
  284. Buying advice - 40" Samsung LCD or 42" Panasonic Plasma?
  285. Website selling TV's at great prices.
  286. sAMSUNG LED UN55C8000 VS. UNC55C9000
  287. Which Aspect ratio on Panasonic G20?
  288. g25 price going down?
  289. Panasonic TC-P50C2 Plasma TV (TCP50C2)
  290. Just bought flat screen have some questions
  291. panasonic viera g25 image problem?
  292. Hdmi connection problem with samsung lcd tv
  293. Need some quick help
  294. Tv design vs tv performance...
  295. 50g25 or 58s2?
  296. Panny plasma which one?
  297. Plasma 50C450 or LCD 46C530 ... Cannot decide
  298. Which 32-inch LED-LCD to choose? My choices.
  299. WHICH SUITS MY NEEDS: 42" Plasma
  300. Im gonna get a panny plasma
  301. Should I upgrade my current TV?
  302. Some input would be greatly appreciated..
  303. Question about PC>TV connection.
  304. Help me decide 120hz>slightly better image quality??
  305. Image in LED 240 refresh rate
  306. LG 37LD450 v Vizio VO370M
  307. Toshiba 50 inch Plasma--Red Blinking Light
  308. HELP ME PICK: Insignia 120hz -or- Samsung 60hz
  309. Vizio no picture
  310. Buying an HDTV online
  311. Need HDTV Help!
  312. Calibration disc
  313. Well I can not get into picture wizard on the 50pk550
  314. Opimal Settings for Samsung LN46C750 46
  315. Samsung 50' 720p - PN50C450B1D Advice
  316. Help! Sammy Plasma or Vizio LED
  317. Plasma sizes
  318. Sony v. Vizio v. Westinghouse
  319. HDTV Trouble
  320. question about plasma backlight
  321. I want my cake and eat it too...
  322. Toshiba To Launch First Glasses Free 3D TV
  323. I Need A HDTV That Can Wake Up When Needed.
  324. Questions on Panasonic Plasmas
  325. Custom or vivid mode for sunny room?
  326. need advice $2500 budget
  327. Decisions Decisions
  328. Decision time: 60PK750 vs PN58C590
  329. Panasonic Viera G25 Video game picture settings
  330. Faulty LCD screen: two horizontal grey blurs :(
  331. I'm looking at replacing my 32 inch crt
  332. Strange...
  333. Help with a budget 32" LCD
  334. I could use some input on my first HDTV
  335. Where's the GT25??
  336. Vizio VL470M LCD HDTV - WOW!!!!!
  337. Life of a Hi Def TV
  338. Saw a PK550 Today
  339. Samsung PN50C7000YF...Don't know if I can pass this deal up
  340. Any owners of the Samsung 32C4000 LED?
  341. Physical size of LED's
  342. Saved $1000 on my Samsung LCD! Fixed Green Streaks/Power On Issue
  343. Bravia sound problem
  344. Vizio VWlhdtv10a with screen problem
  345. Samsung UN46B6000 Vertical Color Streaking
  346. Panasonic Viera G25 Image Retention/Burn-in?
  347. Samsung PN58C8000 or UN55C8000. Help!
  348. $1500 to spend on new Plasma-Suggestions?
  349. My Impression: The LG PK950
  350. New LED LCD Technology
  351. Audio only device can't be listen to on todays TVs
  352. ANSI contrast ratio
  353. Hepl me decide on LCD TV
  354. G20 tomarrow..
  355. Buying in store vs online?
  356. Two Plasma's. One goal. To get into my living room. Which one should I choose?
  357. Suggestion Needed
  358. Looking for a budget 46-47 120hz LCD
  359. Mitsubishi LT-46164 or other
  360. hdmi 1.4 via ps3
  361. Need help with HDMI cable and HDTV for 1080p
  362. Viera GW20 - lack of anti IR protection?
  363. Panasonic 2D to 3D Conversion Sets
  364. HDTV size
  365. Best price/performance/size tv up to 1100 dollars
  366. Calibration software?
  367. Just Bought a TC-P50G20 and BD85 -- what else do I need?
  368. Panasonic VT20 Review AVForums
  369. Television and Home theater.
  370. someone wants to take my tv!
  371. Looking to purchase first good HDTV - Need advice please
  372. Buying advice — 50" plasma
  373. I have the best TV of all time should I upgrade to 3-D?
  374. Vizio 37" sound issue
  375. Motion blur vs "jitter"
  376. just got a LN40C550 Samsung 40 (not by choice)
  377. Samsung 3D LED tv
  378. Battery powered or USB rechargable 3D Glasses?
  379. Panny G20 'floating blacks' issue
  380. how is this sony bravia 40inch lcd led tv deal?
  381. stuck pixel...?
  382. lg pk950
  383. "outside" the box
  384. plasma image mirroring
  385. 32 inch lcd/led tv
  386. Torn between two plasmas
  387. should i get it 50PJ350?
  388. Vizio 37" screen problems
  389. Help! 32 inch: 720p vs 1080p, Samsung vs. Insignia
  390. Having hard time picking which one.
  391. Panasonic TC-P50G20 dies after one week
  392. Olevia LT42HVI...Help
  393. About to buy a Panasonic TC-P42U2 ...I think
  394. New Samsung Plasma PN58C6500 - Settings Help
  395. No audio output for Panasonic g25?
  396. Looking for a reliable lcd around 37"
  397. Give me some advice for these 3 flat panels.
  398. Panasonic Viera Question
  399. apple tv with a plasma?
  400. Sharp Quattron LC-60LE810UN
  401. New plasma help
  402. Reputable HT retailer in Spring Hill, Fla.
  403. New TV recomendations
  404. please help, can't decide
  405. what is this thing??
  406. Replacing a Pioneer Elite 151
  407. LCD TV not working as comp screen HELP
  408. TV prices 42 inch
  409. In a pickle
  410. VT25 vs G25
  411. Good Deal on 32" Bravia (32ex308)
  412. I bought a Panasonic Plasma
  413. Microwaves and Plasmas
  414. My lovely wife...God bless her
  415. Low vs High black level
  416. Anyone Picture Adjust?
  417. Warranty Purchase Opinions?
  418. newegg open box?
  419. Sharp Quattron 52" Gives Me Headaches
  420. Best Buy Sales Ads
  421. Panasonic VT20/25 Vs Samsung C7000 series
  422. Need some help buying 1st LCD TV
  423. Advice on a 32" LCD.
  424. Help make up my mind. PLEASE C6800-C8000
  425. Another question on the pk550
  426. wanted a plasma, will get a sony led but help needed
  427. Swivel Stand or Base?
  428. Help, HD not working....
  429. Panasonic 3d - USB or Net Access to 3d Content
  430. Image seems to "jump" ahead a split second
  431. LG 32" 720p LCD TV 32LD350
  432. Looking for more info..
  433. New Panny 58" S2
  434. Why does my LCD TV need to warmup before use?
  435. Sony is trying to SCREW ME!! HELP!!!
  436. Another "Help me choose" thread
  437. Can someone help me with a 3d question
  438. Toshiba 32c100u resolution problem
  439. Samsung UN55C8000 3D emitter problems.
  440. Samsung 55 LCD
  441. Extended Warranty
  442. Bravia 32EX400 vs 32EX308
  443. Sony Bravia KDL 46 NX700
  444. Playback issues with blu ray/dvd's
  445. Looking for a new HDTV for about $500.
  446. Please help point me in the right direction: LCD or Plasma?
  447. Lag Issues With PC
  448. Another Help me please thread!
  449. We Need To Add An Important Question To The Sticky
  450. 3D or not?
  451. Newbie in need of some quick advice
  452. Help With Choosing First Flat Screen TV
  453. Brightness problem
  454. 20"-30" LCD HD TV Advice
  455. 58" Samsung 3D Plasma
  456. External Audio control on the sammy 46c650/6series?
  457. False Marketing for this Vizio TV! (not a bad thing in my case)
  458. Recommended surge protector?
  459. Torn between 3 TVs - Opinions needed
  460. Panasonic Plasma TC-P58S2 arrived this AM
  461. High-end flat panel HDTV shoot-out event
  462. streaming video pc to hdtv
  463. new guy here
  464. Trying to find the right TV
  465. Best TV for viewing outdoors?
  466. Vizio firmware upgrades
  467. Can't zoom Picture on Samsung 8000 Plasma?
  468. Panasonic VT25 break in?
  469. Best LCD for roof antenna?
  470. Panasonic 2011 Plasma: Insider Info
  471. Looking for a 32" LCD for a dorm
  472. Contrast ratio question
  473. Samsung vs LG
  474. If you could have ANY HDTV....
  475. HDTV changes screen colors
  476. Has anybody bought or seen the Panasonic TC-L37D2 37" Class Viera D2 Series LED HDTV?
  477. New Samsung Plasma Burn in IR Question
  478. Samsung Plasma Movie Format Type
  479. TV / Receiver HDMI setup
  480. DTV Express Warranty
  481. Which TV would be better for viewing at 6 ft?
  482. Help on purchasing 55 inch LED LCD TV
  483. Sony bravia kdl-46s2000
  484. Advice for gaming LCD down to 2 models
  485. Question before I buy a Plasma
  486. Panasonic Viera TC-L42D2
  487. Lg 42ld550?
  488. Need help with panny green screen.
  489. AmTrust Extended Warranty
  490. vizio screen problem
  491. Samsung UN55C8000 + Soap Opera Effect = gross. Help?
  492. who makes the BIGGEST television?!
  493. Having trouble choosing a TV
  494. help with colour on samsung
  495. Standard TV on LCD best of all worlds : )
  496. I need help figuring out which direction to go in
  497. How dark is the G25?
  498. Help with gaming TV budget of $550
  499. Opinion needed for final decision... Panny 46G25 vs Samsung Ln46c630
  500. Best LCD/LED tv brands?