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Flat-Panel TVs

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  1. Advice request
  2. Best time to buy?
  3. westinghouse LCD Problems
  4. Screen continually brightens then dims on LN55C650
  5. panny 54" G25
  6. Viore LED24VF60 Input Delay?
  7. Gaming TV Help
  8. Cleaning your plasma tv?
  9. Quick question... is this an LCD or a Plasma? (Pic)
  10. What exactly is "Response Time"
  11. Going wireless for a non-wireless Sharp LCD
  12. Help with Bravia KLV-40BX400
  13. LG 50PK750 vs Panasonic 50G25
  14. Philips 8605 vs 7605
  15. Sony KDE42XS955 plasma has sound but no picture at start up
  16. Replaced capactors still have problem
  17. Sayno LCD video lag with HDMI
  18. Sony Edge-lit LED or CCFL LCD?
  19. Panny VT25 remote control questions
  20. Philips 50PFP5332D for $200 (good deal?)
  21. Need Help buying a 32 inch LCD TV for my son
  22. Panasonic TC-P50S2
  23. Narrowed my choices Panny VT25 OR Samsung 65c6500
  24. I can smell my Toshiba (health-risk?)
  25. TC-P50G25 Issue with color temp
  26. USB webcam in PN50C8000
  27. Just received Panny 42G25!!
  28. PLEASE HELP hdmi problem
  29. Visio vf550m question. Motion blur?
  30. Dumb question about Sony Wega KV36FS13
  31. 96hz vs 60hz for 24p viewing..
  32. Pansasonic G20/25 worth the extra $$$
  33. Sony 52" BRAVIA LCD HDTV
  34. How to Break-In Plasma Televisions Important INFO for newbies or new plasma owners
  35. Wow. Simply, WOW
  36. Looking for new TV
  37. Noob panny Vt25 owner here!
  38. which picture mode to run slides on s2
  39. TV stand with wheels for flat panel?
  40. 2011 CES Predictions?
  41. Is there a difference between a 720p and 1080p TV when watching 720p content?
  42. Just purchased Best Buy's Samsung UN55C6500
  43. Can my TV do 1080p?
  44. Buying First HDTV--Questions About Laptop Interface
  45. Identical Source Material VT25/PRO-101FD Comparison Photos
  46. UPgrade from 42in to a 50in.... Worth it?
  47. Anyway to put a GPS tracker on my TV's
  48. How to reset panasonic tc-p42s1 service nenu to the default settings
  49. Grainy picture on new plasma
  50. Best TV for gaming at $800
  51. Panasonic TC-L42D2 or Vizio XVT42SV3??
  52. Need help choosing an HDTV
  53. Sammy or Panny for around $800, recomendations?
  54. RCA L40FHD41 Problem With the Corners
  55. Is it Stupid to buy a 42" over a 46"?
  56. Game Mode on Panasonic G25
  57. picture problems Samsung LN52A850 LCD
  58. Samsung display loses color
  59. Looking at going to Plasma over my LCD
  60. Experience with Electronics Expo?
  61. Choosing between Sony Bravia KDL40EX500, LG 42LE5400, or Samsung UN40C6300
  62. Black border round my screen
  63. Viera Link wont work
  64. First time buying advice, please...
  65. Looking for tv recommendation
  66. LG IPS Panel LED vs Edge Lit LED of BRAVIA or SAMSUNG
  67. Samsung PN42C430 Vs Panasonic TCP42C2?
  68. Buying new tv - Help Please - 3D??
  69. PS3 issues with Samsung LED
  70. Flickering pixel?
  71. Motion Question
  72. Newbie: Plasma break in
  73. New to HD - Speeding up effect
  74. 1080i 1080p question
  75. Black border around panasonic viera when using hdmi from pc
  76. LG 32LC7D takes looooong time to start up.
  77. Outside TV
  78. Panny Wireless LAN adapter DY-WL10
  79. Where to buy Panasonic P50 or P54 G20/G25
  80. So, what's the secret to getting DVDs to NOT look like crap on an HDTV?
  81. How bad is Dynex?
  82. Noob with TC-P42C2
  83. Samsung PN58C550
  84. Panasonic G25 Questions
  85. New TV Question
  86. quick feedback on a few sets..
  87. HELP!!!! Samsung PN63C8000
  88. New TV help again
  89. Couple questions about G25 break in
  90. Turning on/off Motionflow - 100HZ on SONY vs SAMSUNG
  91. Looking to Buy Panny Plasma
  92. Brand new 42G25 problems =/
  93. Samsung C6200 Led...any good?
  94. Question on Toshiba Regza
  95. Panasonic TC-P50VT25 happy day/sad day
  96. Unboxed New VT25 - Slight Blotch
  97. 42 inch LG Plasma 1080p 600 hz series 2/3 for 500 good deal?
  98. Best 46" TV
  99. Back light issue on Panny 50G25
  100. Recommend a plasma for...
  101. Whats better higher HZ with lower response time or the other way around..
  102. Need help buying my first flat panel TV
  103. Lost Source Selections
  104. BRAVIA Edge lit LED vs Samsung LED
  105. High pitch sound
  106. The Rise and Fall of soap opera effect (HELP!)
  107. Noob with Panasonic P50G25 - break-in
  108. G20 Bad pixel
  109. setting up the new plasma
  110. Vizio XVT553SV: Can it handle 1080p/24?
  111. annoying backlight bleeding on new panny
  112. Samsung lcd sound issue
  113. Help me decide.....
  114. Is it okay to place TV in front of window?
  115. Wierd issue with LG 47LD500 (HELP)
  116. Is the LG 32LD350 720p or 1080p?
  117. New 46" TV Recommendation
  118. Sanyo Plazma goes out but will work again
  119. Should I Buy a Pro-101FD
  120. PN50C8000 help - screen goes black when adjusting resolution
  121. Relatively New Vizio, Won't Turn On
  122. 50" LG plasma
  123. low end vs high end plasma
  124. Opinions on Sharp LC52LE810UN?
  125. Help Fix Polaroid 42" LCD HDTV
  126. When in 2011 will Panasonic models hit the stores?
  127. New TV Help
  128. For the love of God, will somebody help me already?
  129. Possibly a dumb question but...
  130. Weird "Bleeding" on 32" LCD?
  131. Newbie needing help...LED's Full Array or Edge-lit?
  132. No Sound on LG TV with HDMI cable
  133. No SOund from PC to HDTV
  134. Samsung PN50C590G4F software update...
  135. Panasonic C2 vs S2 question
  136. Samsung UN37C5000 remote control delay/lag
  137. problem with a 4 yr old Phillips 42" plasma
  138. 600hz plasma vs 120hz lcd?
  139. C2 or VT25?
  140. USB Port Viewing Photos and Videos
  141. Newbie Here and A couple of questions
  142. Panasonic TH58PZ700U Dimming
  143. Get me started on the right foot with my new Plasma
  144. Panasonic Floating Black Fix
  145. 2010 PC World Reliability Survey
  146. Panny 54 G20 sound question
  147. Please Help - Internal Electrics - Vizio vp322
  148. Help, Help, panasonic TC-L42D2 color problem
  149. Newbie with TV on order but 2nd guessing herself
  150. Sony - KDL55HX800 BRAVIA 55 - Features (Internet, USB Function)
  151. Sony KDL55HX800 BRAVIA 55 - Any Issues?
  152. Sony LED KDL-46NX800-Stuck with a tiny power cord??
  153. Panasonic Plasma Alternate Picture Settings.
  154. Panny P58S2 Owners...
  155. PC output to TC-P46C2
  156. Help deciding between Sony HX800 vs NX800 (Dynamic Edge LED vs Edge LED)
  157. Deciding between three HDTV's: 50" Panasonic G25, 46" Samsung C650, 47" LG LE5400
  158. Is This Motion Blur Or Ghosting?? Problem With Tv
  159. Another Help me make a decision thread
  160. Panny G20 or another Sammy C550 ????
  161. LG 42LD450 Vs. VIZIO E420VL
  162. New user/new plasma owner...intro
  163. Typical lifespan of a HD TV?
  164. suggestions on type of mount..
  165. Slight shadows on G25
  166. LG LE5400 Help
  167. Just got a Vizio E550VL and want to know what are the best settings.
  168. An illusion of a dead pixel?
  169. Toshiba Regza Image Retention/Burn In Problem
  170. Samsung PN50C550G1F vs LN40C630??
  171. Panasoinc TC-42LD24 at Costco
  172. Image Retention Question
  173. how to get best quality out of tv
  174. 2 HDTV's, same manufacturer, only one receives basic cable HD broadcasts
  175. So I just ordered a new 42 inch TV have a few questions
  176. Samsung C680 Plasma????
  177. Annoying Pink streak on plasma that appears and disappears
  178. Panasonic Buzzing Service Call
  179. Poll: Who recently upgraded their HDTV and did you switch technologies?
  180. Quick...46 LCD, Sony, samsung?
  181. My Kuro Elite, 24 bit, 36 bit?
  182. Need some input: UN46C6300 vs 47LE5400
  183. Need help picking new set; LG or Samsung LED
  184. Samsung LN40C630 Issues im having
  185. Problem with 37 inch Vizio
  186. 32 inch led or lcd
  187. Looking for an LCD that matches these specifications.
  188. Plasma VS LED Or Samsung PN50C8000 3D plasma vs. Panasonic TC-P50VT25 3D Plasma
  189. Replacing broken DLP TV...But still not 100% sure what to get.
  190. LG 47LX65003D or LG 47LE8500 ?
  191. Electric Bill with Plasmas?
  192. Getting new plasma
  193. First HDTV for the holidays!!
  194. What Size screw for wall mounting Samsung Plasma?
  195. What Kind of Audio Bar could I get for this LCD Monitor?
  196. Confused on LG LE7300
  197. AU/AL Game starting... hurry please!
  198. PN63C8000 halo artifacts...please help.
  199. Samsung LN46C600
  200. Please help me install my VT25!
  201. Problem with LG TV and Cablevision
  202. Is this a good tv
  203. Strange Problem With Panny G25! Maybe IR? Maybe something else?
  204. Panasonic TC-P50G25, strange occurance.
  205. Comparing Panasonic LCD to Panasonic LED
  206. Best TV under $600 to watch sports on?
  207. Total Noob about to buy, But...
  208. Panasonic TC-P42S2
  209. Request for Help -- 4 things & the 11 questions
  210. p, Hz, and color ratio's on 26" LCD's?
  211. Lets blow some money on a Plasma
  212. Is contrast ratio all bull sh**t ?
  213. Samsung 55" 6300 series
  214. Green Screen problems with Comcast Server
  215. What year?
  216. 40-inch Westinghouse 1080p LCD HDTV
  217. Suggestion on Samsung TV (
  218. Sony or Samsung
  219. Plasma help
  220. Panasonic LCD Impressive
  221. Vizio turns off when paused
  222. Samsung tv still good?
  223. Blockyness on motion scenes
  224. How I eliminated mouse lag on Samsung LED 8000
  225. Sharp 60LE810UN
  226. What is 1:1 pixel mapping
  227. 27" LCD Computer Monitor Vs. 26" LED LCD HDTV
  228. Can you recommend a good calibration for sony NX700
  229. 1080i PS3 games on 1080p television?
  230. Got my first LCD, but think I screwed up...
  231. Buying a TV, need help
  232. Contrast - does it really damage?
  233. Dead Pixel on new T.V
  234. My rear projection TV has a slight orangey tinge in the top left hand corner?
  235. Toshiba or Samsung?
  236. Using LCD TV as a desktop monitor
  237. need help, looking for a LED TV
  238. 240Hz TV only running at 60Hz
  239. Buying my first LCD. Coax cable questions.
  240. Panasonic G25 Ghosting? Please check.
  241. Decent TV for Black Friday?
  242. Please help choose between these 50"+ options
  243. So should I even bother with the 40' westinghouse for $298 at target this Friday ?
  244. Panny Viera Cast Screen Wipe
  245. need help selecting a HD TV
  246. A few questions before I purchase my first....
  247. will there be a big difference?
  248. Help in Sam PS50C490 or LG 50PK550?
  249. Samsung Plasma HP-S4253 Help
  250. Your pick for 42" lcd for HD and Gaming
  251. Toshiba LCD...no contrast ratio?
  252. appreciate some direction in new tv for parents
  253. Anyone ever hear of Evotel?
  254. Decision, 720P or 1080P
  255. Samsung PN58C500
  256. Panasonic TC-P50G20
  257. Plasmas for gaming
  258. the best wall mounting bracket
  259. dual display
  260. Need two 50-60" tv's. Narrowed down to 3 choices. Help me choose!
  261. LCD vs LED vs Plasma
  262. i am going to get a plasma which would you buy.
  263. Vizio XVT553SV 55" or 55LE8500
  264. Sony kdl-55nx810 vs. Samsung un55c7000
  265. Samsung - whats up with your LED TVS
  266. Anyone else uses a Panasonic Viera HDTV
  267. Do NOT buy Vizio
  268. online sales & returns? experiences?
  269. I'm stupid and need help from you pros! 3 TVs
  270. Phillips 52PFL7422D HDMI "conflict"?
  271. tv for my brother
  272. Samsung UN46C6500 NO Film Mode! Help!
  273. Toshiba Regza vertical lines
  274. Samsung UN55C6900 or UN55C8000
  275. Anybody have Unisen Mitsubishi?
  276. Magnavox 50MF231D/37 Logic Board
  277. First time here... Could use some help...
  278. Looking for a new LED/LCD TV!
  279. Time for a new TV (Need Help!)
  280. Black Friday - purchase prep
  281. I'm down to two..... I think
  282. Don't understand the Panny Fever
  283. Samsung PN50C8000, Help with issues Please!
  284. anyone own the panasonic TC-L42U25
  285. Little help with choosing HDTV
  286. Need a little Help please
  287. which would u buy tcp42s2 or kdl40ex500?
  288. Sony xbr lx900
  289. Panasonic G20 vs Everything else @ Best Buy
  290. panasonic LCD good bad or indifferent
  291. 46 Lcd Shopping?
  292. Question about Samsung models at BJ's and Best Buy
  293. Opinions on best off angle viewing LCD?
  294. Vizio VT420M diagnosis help
  295. Westinghouse 40 inch 1080 , what do you guys think
  296. Hanging a flat above fireplace?
  297. Please Help Me Pick First HDTV
  298. Just ordered G25 and have some questions!
  299. Panasonic VIERA U22 Series
  300. Looking for some last minute advice...
  301. Please help me hone in on a Tv
  302. The right TV for me?
  303. White static at top of plasma screen.
  304. decisions decisions...
  305. MY LCD (KDF-70XBR950) is flashing red
  306. Thanks to the forum - love my new tv
  307. Plasma equivalent in an LED/LCD
  308. Looking for a Plasma over 65 inches
  309. Question about Pioneer Kuro warranty...
  310. To paint, or not to paint my silver tv cabinet
  311. Tv right for me
  312. Noob wants a TV for Christmas
  313. Question for anyone on Plasma vs LCD tv's
  314. LG PX950 out now
  315. TV Buying Help Please! (1080 LCD vs 720 Plasma)
  316. RCA L40FHD41 no audio
  317. Is there a difference between cheap and expensive HDMI cables?
  318. Four LED TVs from Costco...thoughts?
  319. Magnavox 42mf531d/37 No Color
  320. Sony BRAVIA XBR-52HX909 LCD 3D HDTV (Review by HomeTheaterMagazine
  321. Vizio XVT553SV LCD HDTV Review by HomeTheaterMagazine
  322. Looking for recommendations
  323. 4:3 question
  324. Another "Help me choose a TV" request....
  325. Can you help me pick a new TV?
  326. Please Help a Noob
  327. advice the new guy who's never had a TV for the last 6 years
  328. help with choosing a new LCD
  329. LCD help
  330. Good price on Panasonic G25?
  331. next year's pannys
  332. Selecting a 32" LCD TV for christmas present
  333. Crackling/static-y noises when using headphones on HDTV?
  334. Is it safe to buy a plasma from Amazon.com?
  335. Looking for Advice on buying a new 42in tv
  336. What do u guys think..Sammy 50c7000 or 50c680?
  337. panny 42 g25/g20
  338. 32 inches 1080p vs 720p and 60Hz vs 120Hz
  339. Better to buy now or later?
  340. Panny G25 and Viera Cast?
  341. Wondering what the best valued TV will be on black friday?
  342. Recommend me an lcd/plasma
  343. Sharp LC-52D78UN ?
  344. are the 3D tvs any good?
  345. SAMSUNG PN50C450 - $499 - Good deal?
  346. Questions for buying a Plasma TV
  347. Vizio XVT423SV
  348. Hard decision
  349. Samsung R4252 Plasma Vertical Lines Than Strobe Effect
  350. 42" vizio razor LED any good?
  351. Black horizontal lines across my screen
  352. How much can I get for a like new Panasonic TC-P50S1?
  353. Lightning Strikes! Sharp Aquos seem to be dead...
  354. Need help choosing a budget hd
  355. Troubleshoot my Sony KDL-46W4100?
  356. Flickering "dashed" line on top of TV. Help requested
  357. How does one find cumulative hours of use on G25?
  358. Need help deciding on Plasma sale ends tomorrow!
  359. What Accessories do I need to set up the following?
  360. What causes screen glare/reflection?
  361. TV dilemma
  362. Replacing my busted Panny 850U, any advice? LED or Plasma?
  363. How do you reduce graininess on a LCD TV?
  364. Lack of Panny plasma info
  365. Need Recommendations please - Family Room
  366. Need a 37" LCD
  367. Samsung LN46C630 no sound
  368. HELP! Sony Bravia 32" says INVALID FORMAT
  369. 'Waves' of brightness/darknet on my new LED-LCD TV
  370. Finally Took the Plunge
  371. Which one works best with PC or wifi
  372. Frustrated - Too many options, help
  373. Differences between Panny G25 and G20
  374. Need help deciding which plasma to buy
  375. Advice for Bedroom TV/PC monitor
  376. Split Screen / PIP in Recent Models
  377. Panasonic TC P50G10 won't turn on...
  378. Advice on purchasing Plasma TV (3d not important)
  379. My Sony Bravia and my Video Games
  380. Best TV for very dim viewing?
  381. 1st time HDTV purchase - need advice - netready
  382. I need help with my Panasonic TC-50PS14
  383. P65vt25
  384. New Family Room HDTV: Suggestions...
  385. Bought a new TV, not sure its actually "NEW" :(
  386. Advice/Suggestions for a new Plasma
  387. Panasonic tc-p58s1 burn in new tv. Need Help
  388. F U 3D... Please help me pick a TV
  389. Myth or Truth - Plasmas and Color Fading
  390. Upgrading from Pioneer: What would YOU do?
  391. panasonic tc-p50s2 vs samsung ln46c630
  392. Vizio Sound
  393. Looking for Suggestions:
  394. Vizio picture settings locked??
  395. Which video formats does the G25 support from USB?
  396. panasonic 58s2 better with age????
  397. HDMI inputs no longer working
  398. black bar stuck on my g25... not cool.
  399. Panasonic S1 owners who have had their sets calibrated...please come in
  400. 32ld450 worrying
  401. Which 42" Plasma? (Or LCD??) for 450ish
  402. what's a used TC-P50GT25 worth
  403. Screwed by Amazon Warehouse Deals on Panasonic Plasma
  404. Internet or local retail where is the best buys
  405. Looking for a new TV! Gaming and normal use.
  406. help with choosing a plasma tv
  407. Panasonic tc-p58s1 Gaming Settings? Grainy picture
  408. Panasonic TCP50G25
  409. VT25 vs GT25
  410. New Job = New HDTV. Need Buying Suggestions/Advice!
  411. Dropout Dilemna
  412. Plasma's - Samsung vs Panasonic - Need feedback
  413. which panny plasma should I buy tcp54s2 or tcp54g25
  414. When are HDTVs going to drop in price?
  415. Non 3D Plasma...
  416. G25 arrived, what next?
  417. Vizio E470VA
  418. Panasonic U Series
  419. Weird Question... MOST DURABLE LCD HDTV (48" or higher) for TRANSPORT?)?
  420. My 42" hitachi has black lines running down the center.. anyone help?
  421. 42 inch Polaroid LCD problem
  422. Looking for 26 or 29 inch LCD with HD tuner
  423. Can I Transport a Plasma in Box on its Back?
  424. Black Logo Bar at Bottom of TV
  425. Olevia 532 B12 Problems
  426. Time to decide between these two
  427. Thin white line on new Panny G20
  428. My review of the Panasonic TPC-42S2
  429. Just bought my first plasma!
  430. Samsung Plasma red light blinking
  431. Bruising on a LCD
  432. New 40" Samsung LCD and Xbox 360 looks horrible
  433. Stand for 50" Plasma
  434. Help with Setup for 50" Panasonic VT25 Plasma
  435. Vo420E Vizeo Broken Screen
  436. Vizio color problem
  437. Need a mount
  438. problem with dark screen on LED
  439. Visio intermittent Black screen but I have sound
  440. Samsung Plasma 3d or Panasonic 3d?
  441. Panasonic G25 THX mode for break in?
  442. Sony KDL-40EX713 or KDL-40EX503
  443. Questions about Vertical Banding
  444. lcd monitor or hdtv?
  445. Samsung C530 screen setting question
  446. Panasonic TC-P65S2 digital audio out?
  447. If you were me, which plasma would you pick?
  448. Phillips lcd tv
  449. Automatically switch from wide to normal?
  450. Awesom site. Thanks for all the help!
  451. Very quick opinion needed on TV!
  452. Need opinion on a plasma TV
  453. Would you buy an extended warranty for TC-P54G25?
  454. Slight Buzzing Panny Plasma?
  455. Problems with LG
  456. Purchasing an extended warranty question.
  457. Getting my first HDTV, help me choose what's best for me please!
  458. My first Flat Panel, little help?
  459. Sony Bravia Ghosting? Normal??
  460. Looking for a TV Recommendation
  461. New contender in our search, Vizio, question...
  462. Is it bad to pause live tv ,, plasma?
  463. Theater Backlighting?
  464. unable to decide please help!
  465. CNET review of the new VIZIO 55" LED XVT553SV Highly rated
  466. Problem a Samsung 40" LCD HDTV 3 years old
  467. Toshiba Regza 46'' Video problem.
  468. Trying to buy new HD. So confused. Help, please.
  469. Best TV for mostly computer hookup
  470. New 46in HDTV
  471. One month plus report, Pannasonic TC-P50G20
  472. Does it exist: MATTE SCREEN, LED Backlit TV w/ Local Dimming
  473. Panasonic Anti glare coating question?
  474. I need a code for a digital lifestyles 32"
  475. Plasma Brands of 2010
  476. Samsung LE40C530 HDMI problem :(
  477. SAUMSUNG PN5xB650
  478. Question about "Pixel Shifting"
  479. no sound on analog channels
  480. Panasonic using Value Electronics shootout results for advertising
  481. Will Best Buy repossess a TV?
  482. Vizio 50" Plasma from 2007 Christmas
  483. Samsung Plasma
  484. OPTIMUM VIEWING DISTANCE - 720 or 1080p
  485. Jvc
  486. Will this TV work for what I'm going to do? Opinions guys......
  487. Opinions on LG 32LD350 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD TV
  488. Samsung PN50C590 vs Panasonic P50G20
  489. Need help on purchasing new LCD!!
  490. Buying a HDTV!!!
  491. Samsung Plasma buzzing only for DVD
  492. Advice for new LCD HDTV!
  493. Hooking up IPod Touch
  494. Break-In Time and Calibration?
  495. Flat panel ideas for TV that will hopefully swivel 150 degrees?
  496. Anti Glare Coating???
  497. 3D plasma shootout! Who knew...
  498. No sound from Macbook pro to LCD LED Vizio
  499. Choosing a Plasma TV-Help!
  500. problem with my screen, not burn in