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Flat-Panel TVs

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  1. Lost the Image on my Pioneer
  2. Cable Channels are now unwatchable.
  3. 54 v10 Bestbuy
  4. JAGGED EDGES on new games
  5. Buzzing Problem
  6. I finally hooked up new Panny G10 and 5.1 system. Xbox 360 screen problem, is it G10?
  7. Seeing some blur with my Pioneer. Help?
  8. TC-P46s1 ghost effect...
  9. Help with choosing between Panasonics
  10. White Shadows on LCD
  11. Picking up my TCP54S1 Tomorrow
  12. Help me decide on 26 inch
  13. Bravia Remote Code
  14. Calibration: DIY or have a professional?
  15. Problem with lcd tv
  16. Plasma vs. LCD: Comparison of black levels?
  17. PQ question about Panasonic TC-50PS14
  18. Thanks all for the Panasonic reference
  19. LG 60PS11 Should I buy?
  20. Sony Bravia issues - horizontal lines
  21. Plasma vs. LCD: Does source matter?
  22. dam it
  23. Panasonic
  24. Why does HD content still have black bars on the top and bottom?
  25. Apex LD1919 QAM Problem
  26. Thanks to you guys I went from buying a SonyBravia to a Pioneer 500M
  27. First time buying a HDTV (in need of help & advice PLEASE!)
  28. Overscan.....
  29. black bars watching standard def
  30. Do you need to buy a certain cable to use a subwoofer?
  31. How do I hook up speaker cables? Subwoofer, reciever?
  32. 50" LG Plasma? What do you think?
  33. Calibration Tools?
  34. Help Please V10 Plasma or which LCD ?
  35. Samsung LED backlit LCD UN46B6000: Upgrade capabilities to use Medi2.0?
  36. Pdp5010fd
  37. Olevia volume/auto channel search problems
  38. Help purchasing LCD please.
  39. Panasonic Is Shipping
  40. I don't know how to hook up my 360, blu ray, and tv to reciever?! Panasonic G10
  41. G10 Vs V10. What should I get?
  42. Can someone post real-life pictures of the G10 and G15?
  43. LG 42LH50 vs. Toshiba 42ZV650U
  44. Power consumption, plasma vs lcd vs old
  45. Please I need to buy speaker mounts today from Monoprice, please help!
  46. Just set up my new tv
  47. which plasma?
  48. Help!! PRO-151FD with lines on screen
  49. Should I buy the Pioneer Elite PRO-111FD or the Panasonic Viera TC-P50V10
  50. Service Menu Question
  51. 65" v10 pq
  52. New TV not HDCP Compliant?!!!
  53. lcd tv line problems
  54. Humor me with LCD suggestions
  55. newbie just bought tcp54s1
  56. Recommendations for 40" TV?
  57. Panasonic Plasma Warranty?
  58. Insignia NS-LBD32X-10A - Who made it??
  59. TH-46PZ80U - last year's model?
  60. Just ordered a Panny 42G10, questions.
  61. Paralysis by Analysis or Help!
  62. Baffled...truly baffled...
  63. Questions about plasma
  64. low budget lcd noob
  65. Will P50V10 Panasonic Plasma bought in USA work in UK ?
  66. Time Warner HD Cable: Quality and Settings?
  67. Advice needed on purchasing my first HDTV
  68. Not your usual black bar problem...
  69. hi.. what about LED TVs as a flat panel option?
  70. LG Plasma Red Snow Problem
  71. Looking for tips
  72. What an I seeing?
  73. Looking for firmware install instructions for Toshiba 40RV52U
  74. G10 price
  75. My honest unbiased opinion of plasmas after witnessing an LCD comparrison in store.
  76. We bought a Defective G10? :-(
  77. Older Plasma and HDCP problems?
  78. How do I plug headphones into my HDTV?
  79. Samsung - PN50A650 - Internet
  80. I took everyone's advice and bought a.......
  81. Sharp Aquos Picture Problem
  82. Question for G10 (50") owners
  83. 3d and current plasmas
  84. Native resolution
  85. I just got a G10, yet people are saying it can't play Blu Ray?
  86. Panny S1 vs. G10
  87. 52" Sharp Aquos power up probs when cold
  88. HD Reception - Confused
  89. Image Problem?
  90. Sony Bravia KDL-40VL160 or KDL-40Z5100 ?
  91. Interested in some recommendations.
  92. which tv should i buy out of these 2 ?
  93. Burn in
  94. 32 inch lcd
  95. Noob here need advice!!
  96. My Uverse Tc-46S1 Setup issue
  97. SD Dvd tv size and Philips 32" 720p, Sceptre 40" 1080p or Vizio 37" 1080p
  98. How much better is my new HDTV compared to my old one?
  99. Another noobie looking for some recommendations
  100. Panasonic TC-Panasonic P50G15 for $1,099 with free Blue-ray player
  101. Best HDTV Calibration BD???
  102. Panasonic Viera TH-50PX60U Plasma Picture Problem
  103. Breaking in my new Panny V10
  104. lg plasma cleaning help please
  105. Panny TC-P65V10
  106. TV Stand for TC-P54V10 WILL THIS WORK?
  107. Image Retention on a TC-P46S1...
  108. Sears.com (separate entity from the B&M stores) refuses refund on broken Panasonic!!!
  109. Panasonic TC P50G10 horizontal line on screen
  110. Which HDTV from Rent a Center? 4 Gaming?
  111. Extended Warrantees
  112. Just replaced my...
  113. Panasonic 58" TC-P58S1 - be delivered soon!
  114. Toshiba 47zv650u USB issue
  115. Anything I should know about these two LCD's before purchase?
  116. My S1 story today!!
  117. S1 break in questions!!
  118. New Panny 50 Plasma G10, a couple of tech issues
  119. Transporting a Plasma and DTV resolutions...
  120. Question on TCP58S1 Screen Artifacts???
  121. Problem with new Panny TC-P54v10?
  122. Should i have the glass replaced on p42g15
  123. P54s1 $1199
  124. Help With New TV Selection
  125. Need help with viewing distance per size... and optimal hook-up...
  126. Checking out a plasma deal
  127. Samsung pn58b650 Plasma issue with what appears to be a pixel problem.......
  128. PN550 or PS1/PG10
  129. Extra warranty paying with cc
  130. Screen Fit Problem with HDMI on 32" Samsung 540
  131. Anyone watching standard definition on an HDTV?
  132. Newbie here needing quick help.(Please)
  133. Pulled the trigger on S1!!
  134. My Setup
  135. 2 new Panny's ,now what?
  136. Panasonic TC-P42S1 Newbie Here - Dumb Questions
  137. Pioneer PDP-504CMX 50-inch plasma monitor experience?
  138. TC-P46S1 Advanced Features Confusion
  139. LCD-720p vs 1080p
  140. Looking into a new TV, likely Plasma 50"+...
  141. Has anyone bought any of the Terminators on BLU RAY?
  142. Flat panel tv
  143. I need some help choosing between these two models! Anyone?
  144. Worst Buy......
  145. 3:2 pulldown doesn't seem to do anything?
  146. Dead Pixel already
  147. Strange issue with TW cable guide on new Panny
  148. LG vs Toshiba, need help picking.
  149. If I have a tv that has THX, does that mean a calibration isn't necessary?
  150. BLU-RAY on 720P
  151. Just bought a Sony 46w5100 120hz lcd from bestbuy
  152. Panasonic P54V10 Height
  153. Comcast replaced my broken TV! (finally!)
  154. Could someone suggest a tv for me?
  155. looking for a new tv (on a budget)
  156. My Directv remote and Panasonic TC-54PS14
  157. Hd 3d
  158. 40xbr9 or 40z5100
  159. Is this normal (plasma content)?
  160. Looking for advice on certain models
  161. Panasonic TC-P65S1 for $2,185 @ Sears
  162. Picture calibration/adjustment on the G15
  163. Need recommendation for 19-22" TV
  164. LG 55" LCD with bright areas
  165. Which 1080p 22" monitor
  166. Hitachi 42PD9700 stuck in "Full" Mode on HD
  167. Just got a G10! Recommended break-in time? Help!
  168. How the hz??
  169. Finally have a hdtv
  170. Giz Explains: The Ultimate HDTV Cheat Sheet and Buying Guides
  171. Need help with Samasung Plasma & Home Theatre
  172. 52" Samsung LCD with vertical lines
  173. Viera Cast - What's so special?
  174. Hours a TV has been on
  175. Is this a good price for a LG 50PS11?
  176. Samsung 5 series with picture problem
  177. Sony KDL-52V14100 problem
  178. samsung or not
  179. Dynex 32" vs. Vizio 32"
  180. New Member
  181. Panasonic S158 Scratches
  182. Where and how do I get Break-In slides for my G!)?
  183. LCD calibration from Best Buy
  184. Wanted: cheapish, good PQ, PIP Any suggestions?
  185. bedroom flat pannel 32" recommendation
  186. Help with finding the right specs, please. =)
  187. Panasonic TCP58V10
  188. You have 3k , what would you get?
  189. Taking Electronics to New Zealand
  190. Easy Way to Check for BAD PIXELS with PS3
  191. Just purchased Panasonic V10 54"
  192. Break In Slides/Content
  193. Samsung - 46" / 1080p / 240Hz / LCD - LN46B750U1F
  194. Very annoying white dot problem on Sharp Aquos
  195. Delivery inspection questions...
  196. Oh Which TV to get? Need help!!!
  197. The HD Guru tries to burn-in a plasma, but fails
  198. What are the box dimensions of the G10???
  199. Am I Missing Something In This Package?
  200. HELP PLEASEEEEE....Philips Flat screen plasma tv and Blue Ray
  201. When the clock strikes midnight, I buy a TV... (and I need last minute advice)
  202. Plasma or LCD Based on My Specs
  203. I just bought a G10!!! Now, does breaking it in make it look better?
  204. LG42LB5D and PS3 problems
  205. Concerned about my Samsung HP-T4254
  206. Proper break in procedure for my Panasonic TC-P50S1
  207. Problems with a Westinghouse 37" LCD HDMI TV
  208. Vizio lcd not powering on, opinions please!!
  209. samsung pn50b650 vs samsung pn50b560
  210. Panasonic TH50PX80U for $750 - Deal or no Deal?
  211. question about sony40xbr2
  212. Mounting a flat panel TV inside a wood cabinet
  213. Samsung 42 inch , Question about clicking noise
  214. hdtv display quality seems degraded
  215. Sony Bravia KDL 40v5100 display problem
  216. HDTV for watching DVD's
  217. Audio Static! Help?
  218. High pitch sound from New TV
  219. Will this hold up?
  220. Samsung LN46B640
  221. Panasonic P54S1 Buying Strategy
  222. Article: Plasma TV “Burn-In”: Fact or Myth?
  223. P58S1 or P54G10
  224. Took back LCD getting V10 Final Question.
  225. Just bought my new Hdtv
  226. Great Deal On A 32" Toshiba
  227. Weak or No Signal
  228. Need help deciding, Kuro or something else!!!
  229. Lagginess/blurring in video games with 37LH55
  230. Panasonic TC-P50X1
  231. Here it is! (G10 mounted :)
  232. Does everyone use THX on their G10 and V10's?
  233. Pioneer Kuro vs. Panny V10
  234. Looking for a new tv! Competitive Video Game player - HIGHLY sensitive to lag =)
  235. Panasonic 58S1 vs 54G10 PQ questions - I know, I know!
  236. Help - Picture Too Large For TV
  237. cinema setting for p42s1 seems too yellow..??
  238. Plasma for family room
  239. New LCD Sony Bravia (KDL-52V5100)
  240. Mounting tv, please ease my mind!
  241. Vizio 42" SV421XVT vs. Samsung 40" LN40B610
  242. i've tried EVERYTHING! LG 42LB5D "1080p" looks really bad!
  243. P46s1 $897
  244. Part for Sony TV / Wall-mounting a flat screen
  245. Panasonic plasma won't display 625i signal - am I loosing quality converting to 480i?
  246. Sony KDL46V5100 or Samsung LN46B640 package??
  247. standard def upconvert to high def
  248. Panasonic TC-P50S1 --- $898
  249. Whats the best place to buy the Panasonic V10, Klipsch 5.1 surround?
  250. "Secret" deal on 50" Panasonic Plasma
  251. How do you guys feel about onecall.com
  252. Don't Buy Any TV's From WAL-MART ! ! !
  253. Has anyone purchased from Abt Electronics before?
  254. Another S1 Vs. V10 question...
  255. LG 37LC7D 37" HDTV - HDMI Ports don't work anymore
  256. 599 for 50a550 thing is... its 241 miles away.. worth it?!
  257. There goes my panny.... NOOOOOO
  258. Samsung T260HD LCD and gaming.
  259. clicking sounds after tv is turned off
  260. Wall mounting depth?
  261. Tc-p54v10 or tc-p50v10
  262. V10 Availability
  263. New Samsung LED-LCD 6000 series help!
  264. What TV Should I Buy?
  265. If I get V10, will I be able to play Madden or Modern Warfare for extended periods?
  266. What can happen if plasma not properlly broke in??
  267. Buying from Amazon
  268. Liking the LG 42SL80... am I nuts?
  269. HD Size and burn in issues?
  270. No closed captioning?
  271. Video explaining Do's/Don'ts of plasmas???
  272. MKVs on Samsung LED Series 8
  273. Quick G10 wall mount questions...
  274. Getting my first HDTV
  275. Frustrated by Fluctuation
  276. Screen dimming and input/audio lag issues hooked up to PS3
  277. Can I put on the G10 stand myself?
  278. Aspect ratios and plasma displays
  279. Panny's ordered from Sears
  280. Is the V10 Panasonics top of the line plasma?
  281. 50" G10...4 year warranty for $269???
  282. Why is there so much panasonic "fanboyism" on this forum?
  283. How do I clean it?
  284. Hdmi cables 1.4 help
  285. Opinions on the new 65 inch LCD's. Sony vs. Samsung?
  286. Problems with TC-P42X1 after firmware upgrade
  287. Which Pana G10,G15 or V10 ?
  288. Samsung optical digital jack
  289. Help - Pulling the trigger today: G10 vs. V10 for BluRay and 24p
  290. Lg 50ps11 ?! Thoughts??
  291. Laptop > Sony Bravia via VGA
  292. How is the Panny v10 for gaming?
  293. Which LCD/LED TV should i get?
  294. What is the best TV for PS3 Gaming ??
  295. New HD LCD...lousy picture
  296. Problem with hooking up HDTV and computer
  297. Samsung 750 240Hz with PS3 help ??
  298. SONY Bravia LCD 120hz V5100? who's Happy with this?
  299. sony xbr3 vs. 5
  300. Captions/Subtitles Going Dim on LCD TVs?
  301. What do you think i should do?? HELP HELP HELP need to know asap!
  302. Quick plasma break in question
  303. Looking into getting my first HDTV (real original post, I know)
  304. Need a few measurements from 50" G10 and 54" G10
  305. Which Sammy? LN32B540 or LN32B360?
  306. Classification
  307. Panny G15 50"
  308. P54S1 - Problem with color between HD and SD
  309. Interesting Break-In period question.
  310. Panny deal at Best Buy
  311. Panasonic S14 vs. Pioneer KRP-500M
  312. Need a TV for under $700
  313. I got it!
  314. 1366 x 768 vs. 1920×1080??
  315. Screen jerky
  316. Who has the Best Black Friday Deal on a Panasonic 50"+ Plasma?
  317. Which would you choose?
  318. The 5 Best HDTV Deals Under $1000
  319. Thank You Black Friday
  320. Narrowed my HDTV search to these displays...need some additional input
  321. Need help, urgent for black friday!
  322. Advice needed on Panasonic Plasma
  323. Panny Plasma vs Samsung
  324. Best LCD/Plasma TV Review Site?
  325. HDMI Cables - The Battle Is On!
  326. Panasonic TC-P50X1 50" 720p X1 for $699 w/free shipping
  327. just picked up SAMSUNG LN46B500. now some quick question
  328. What do I do when I unbox the G10?
  329. PannyTC-P58s1 deal
  330. Finally pulled the trigger-Panasonic 54S1
  331. Panny plasma owners.
  332. It's a Pansonic TC-P42S1
  333. Going to buy first HDTV and need help/advice
  334. I got a buzzer :/ ............ what to do... pn50b530
  335. Getting first family-LCD/LED tv
  336. Last second help needed! Warranty?
  337. Walmart Sanyo Plasma Help
  338. Seems Like A Bargain
  339. Help me pick a Sony
  340. Panasonic VIERA TC-P50X1
  341. Trouble with Stands for 37"-40" Samsungs?
  342. Anyone else drooling?
  343. Wait for the G15 or choose another?
  344. GOT GREAT NEWS AND HAVE QUESTION! how to protect my tv/ps3
  345. Setting up cable on Sharp Aquos
  346. 54s1 vs 50g15
  347. Need some helpe FAST!
  348. Samsung Plasma Clicking & will not power on
  349. Affordable HDMI Cables - Retail
  350. Need expert advice
  351. How to Connect TV's wirelessly?
  352. Artifacts on my TV or my eyes just playing tricks?
  353. Panasonic plasma vs Sony lcd
  354. Toshiba 720p vs Samsung 1080p LCD
  355. best 26" tv????
  356. 47" Prima LCD TV - $300 Canadian
  357. Great deal - Panasonic P50G15 for $1150
  358. 42 inch vs 50 inch
  359. PN50B530 Vs. PN50B650 Vs. Anything else
  360. Panasonic 46" 1080P or Samsung 50" 1080P Plasma?
  361. Panasonic TC-P58S1 or Sony KDL-52Z5100
  362. LCD or Plasma ?
  363. Why is the G10 more expensive than the G15
  364. Where do I get a callibration idvd?
  365. Pioneer 55" 70" LCD's?
  366. Toshiba 42HP66 Plasma problem?
  367. 32" Polaroid LCD TV picture problem
  368. Noob needing TV and Blu-Ray advice
  369. Looking to buy my 1st hd tv
  370. Panny TC-P58S1 vs Sammy PN58B450
  371. G10 blacks glow in dark?
  372. Just picked up my P50S1
  373. LCD retail setting
  374. Samsung 4661 - Clusters of stuck pixels
  375. higher settings while running the break in dvd?
  376. Got a great deal on Sony SONY BRAVIA 46" (KDL-46S5100)
  377. Samsung OLED Pixel loss
  378. Connecting Panasonic TC-P46G10 to wireless network
  379. Would you ever consider buying an LG or Toshiba LCD?
  380. What LCD-TV Would You Buy?
  381. 52" tv
  382. Ps3 Gaming...24/24 Tv On...Football Watching...Plasma or LCD 40"??
  383. Big difference between high and low end plasmas
  384. latest (and probably final) update on my concierge saga
  385. Crappy SD.. different cabling help?
  386. Black Friday starts early at Best Buy
  387. HDTV Calibration Query
  388. Question about HDMI connection from HDTV to Blue ray player
  389. I finally got the right furniture for my HT/Living room that fits like a glove
  390. Is this web site a scam?
  391. better $250 black friday 32' tv
  392. 720p 332inch lcd tv?
  393. Looking for a 32" Flat Panel HDTV?
  394. 1080i vs 1080p gaming
  395. Help me narrow down 40-42" TV's in my price range
  396. Panasonic Plasma vs Samsung LCD
  397. What lcd tv has best ota tuner?
  398. Best 1080p 40"+ Gaming LCD under $800
  399. Panasonic G10 vs Pioneer KRP-500M vs. Panasonic V10
  400. First HD tv
  401. LG 42" 42LH30 60 Hz LCD HDTV - $497
  402. Best 42-46" LCD with low/non-glossy screen, good SD playback, and wide viewing angle?
  403. Last Thread sorry for all them. Heres whats going on..
  404. i think i have a buzzing problem...what should i do?
  405. update on my panny G10 concierge saga
  406. Sony W5100 vs Sammy B750 vs Panny G10.. Techlord?
  407. Q for specialists: HDTV for regular PAL broadcasting
  408. So i have some questions about my pn50b530 i have on the way.
  409. Questions re: TCP50G15 vs. PN50B650
  410. questions on break in formats and precautions
  411. Need Help choosing LCD TV <= $2500
  412. HD tv's and low temps
  413. Newbie Question - crappy SD
  414. Changing Inputs on new Panny Plasma
  415. I Hate Motion Blur! (Time to choose a new TV)
  416. Frustrated HDTV shopper
  417. Need Help Choosing a LCD in the $500 Range.
  418. G15 substituted for the G10?
  419. Why don't plasma manufacturers break TVs in themselves?
  420. Packing & Moving a 50" Plasma
  421. Panasonic TC - P50U1 VS sammy on50b530 !?! ASAP
  422. lg 55lh90
  423. tv i just got
  424. OK everyone, I think this may be my last question.
  425. p42s1 vs pn50b530 ?? both same price..
  426. 42" plasma model vs 40" LCD models
  427. checking hours on an Panny s1 series plasma
  428. 32 inch tv suggestions
  429. I'm a gamer; Is the Panasonic Viera G1 TC-L37G1 (37') a good HDTV choice for a PS3?
  430. 42 inch dynex 60hz vs 100$ more for 120hz insignia both 1080p
  431. Just got 54V10! Here's my story
  432. Samsung 1080 50" price increase
  433. Panasonic Plasma Deals!
  434. New Panny was delivered today!!
  435. got the v10!!! 54" need help with break in
  436. Plasma: G10 or B650
  437. Panny 50 Plasma...G10 or G15..what the difference...
  438. I need a little guidance...today please.
  439. LCD Mild clouding normal/common/acceptable?
  440. Where are the best DEALS on flat panels online?
  441. Sony Bravia (W Series) vs. Panasonic Viera (G10 Series)
  442. Whats all the fuss over LED flat panels!!???
  443. So many tv choices, what to get?!
  444. How to professionally calibrate my plasma TV (besides Best Buy)
  445. I don't get why all the LCD bashing. Plasma not THAT much better!
  446. 60hz - 240hz HOW TO? Please Help
  447. Is this a good buy? Sharp LC45B57UN
  448. Pics of your setup...
  449. Size vs Quality?! What should I do?
  450. Should I buy the warranty?
  451. black circle in lcd
  452. Break in
  453. Used Plasma's
  454. Stuck in a crossroads...
  455. What Samsung LCD TV model line has a matte finish screen
  456. LCDRUS legit?
  457. Where are all the plasma TV's?
  458. Panasonic vs. Samsung PQ
  459. Frustration...BB
  460. Sony Bravia XBR Pic Format Question
  461. Using Panasonic 42" Plasma as Computer Monitor
  462. Difference between Panasonic series
  463. Where does Dell ship from?
  464. Lost :(
  465. 08 Panasonic VIERA Plasma. Do I have IR or burn in?
  466. Off to get my new P54S1 YAY!!
  467. Using 2.1 computer speakers in digital audio output on hdtv
  468. Which is Better?
  469. plasma screen size and it's relation to heat
  470. Refurbished Sony?
  471. Trouble Mounting Flat Panel to Wall
  472. Great G10 deal or wait for V10
  473. Looking to go 50 to 58
  474. Possibly getting a Panny Plasma. Is 1080p Necasary?
  475. First HDTV
  476. SONY W5100 40 Inch - Your advise needed
  477. 46g10/g15
  478. Plasma Burn In - The Facts
  479. Viera Cast question
  480. I need some help :(
  481. Flat panel tv cleaning
  482. Need Opinions: Philips 42" 1080P 60Hz LCD HDTV, 42PFL3704D/F7
  483. samsungs bad for video games?
  484. Can't pull the trigger, maybe wait a while?
  485. One day only at Best Buy TC-P50X1 $687.99
  486. Samsung LE32B450C4 calibration
  487. Sony W5100 or Sony XBR7
  488. Is this pre black friday Pana-Plasma worth the deal?
  489. I need some recommendations for lcd tvs
  490. What would you choose to do?
  491. Question about Comparing Energy Consumption
  492. EA break in dvd problems....
  493. P54v10
  494. HDMI question and plasma question
  495. Got my Panasonic g10
  496. Is My TV Overheating
  497. Buying P50s1 tommorw, what will I miss?
  498. UN55B6000 or what?!?
  499. Couple questions about sharp aquos
  500. new plasma... need some input